not the air force

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I was tagged by: @usafraptorpilot He’s the good kind of Air Force, so when he grows up he could be Navy 


A - Age: Too damn old for people to ask this 
B - Biggest fear: My life going back to how it used to be  
C - Current time: 0009
D - Drink you last had: Mountain Dew Black Label 
E - Every day starts with: Spending an hour trying to drag myself out of UWP’s arms and a can of Coke or equivalent so I can get some quick calories to put up with bullshit
F - Favorite song: Insanity by Oingo Boingo 
G - Ghosts, are they real: Depends on how much you done fucked up 
H - Hometown: Hill Air Force Base, where the Captain “retired” from the Navy
I - In love with: @unrepentantwarriorpriest duh
J - Jealous of: Nothing. I have everything I want 
K - Killed someone?: Cause I’m putting that in writing 
L - Last time you cried: Early January-ish/Christmas. Brings up some rough memories.
M - Middle name: Which one? 
N - Number of siblings: 8
O - One wish: That the VA would pull it’s head out of it’s ass. It would help UWP be a lot less angry 
P - Person you last called/texted: Alienware Customer Support
Q - Question you’re always asked: How do you know all this stuff?
R - Reasons to smile: UWP’s goofy smile, a good storm, being wrapped up in comforting arms, soft blankets, with pizza and drinks, watching a favorite movie, roughing it in the back woods, WHEN INVICIBLE’S REIGNS FINALLY FUCKING DROP (one day I’ll know this outside of dreams).  
S - Song last sung: Point of No Return from Phantom of the Opera 
T - Time you woke up: 2300 ish. My sleep cycle is fucked
U - Underwear color: UWP needs some social security numbers, addresses, names, and current pictures
V - Vacation destination: Disneyworld in October when all the villains are out, Italy, the Baltic, ISIS headhunting  
W - Worst habit(s): I could teach a mule how to be stubborn and I will fight you,  

X - X-rays you’ve had: A lot on my ankle, a few for each hand, a lot of my face, couple chest…. I’ve had a lot. I used to not only be stubborn and willing to fight, but also reckless, rough and tumble. 

Y - Your favorite food:  Tirimisu 
Z- Zodiac sign: Gemini 

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Things that rustle in the undergrowth

Flesh pokemon, perpetual twig engines, mole rustlers, unopened presents, leaves that are leaving but not quite fast enough, rummagers, things in their tunnels, antique woodland porn, the secret parliament of rooks, next door’s cat, trees that are dreaming of paper futures, trees that are waking up, tiny queens in green taffeta ballgowns and their tiny skeletal horses, the echo of the crunch of distant feet, rustle crows, history in the act of passing by, green shoots growing faster than you would like, ley lines that have become knotted around branches, bibblers, bin snakes, the breathing earth, incompentent spies, air force ants looking for their little planes, it must be bunnies.