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“Exclusionists” like: “Ace tumblr™ is so bad about (thing society as a whole is bad about, often very clearly including the anti-ace/aro crowd), wow aces and aros are so horrible, what terrible groups of people, but I’m not bigoted I’m just stating facts lolol.

My own crowd? My own crowd is this close to perfect. We’re so perfect ppl here get to call out Ace Tumblr™ on everything ever regardless of whether it’s an -ism that personally affects the exclusionist in question. Aces and aros always have more privilege than other ppl, no matter what axis of oppression we’re talking about. Also they’re privileged groups so stop this “not all men” shit okay. Idk why inclusionists don’t know how oppression works”

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You know what we need? More fluff! May I request some headcanons for the following: Ace, Sabo, Law, and Zoro's reactions when their s/o sleepily admits they slept well because the sound of each guy's heartbeat lulled them during the night? (◡‿◡✿)


Reaction to S/O saying they slept well because of them:

Ace and Sabo:

  • HELL YEA, they would be ALL OVER this. LOL
  • Though at first, they would be SO FLUSTERED. Most likely catch on fire, too. May need an emergency bucket of water for these dorks.
  • They would be so touched, and mentally squealing, if not actually squealing at how adorable/sweet they think it is.
  • May try to hide their smiling face in their shoulder or something. Awwwww~
  • C U D D L E S
  • CUDDLES 24/7 for the next year. LMAO

Law and Zoro:

  • PFFT, these two dweebs would probably be even more flustered than the fire bros above.
  • May not be able to look them in the eye, but OMG, THEY’RE S/O IS FREAKING ADORABLE.
  • Also hiding their face into their s/o’s shoulder, but most likely pouting. LMAO
  • “Why do you have to be cute NOW?”
  • Once they finally manage to calm down, instant teasing. Law more so than Zoro.

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You can totally delete this, but thank you so much for your response to my aro/ace question, you validated most if what i had gone though in realizing that i may be ace and that it was okay for me not to go further than hand-holding or kissing someone and i was not alone in feeling the way i did. Thank you for the links as well, you were such a great big help to me, thank you so so much :]

no prob no prob!! we in the aro / ace community gotta help out one another

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Aaa I love your 2nd generation paladins! I especially love that one of them is asexual! I love seeing ace representation in anything because it seems like people don't really understand it

I’ll admit, even I don’t fully understand it. I don’t understand a lot of things, but that doesn’t mean I’m not willing to try and work hard to learn more and help include them. I made him Ace (specifically aromantic asexual) because it felt right for his character? And also because I wanted representation, and he fit. Plus one of my very best friends in the entire world is asexual, and she always talks about lack of rep!

And thank you! I’m really glad you liked my Paladins :)

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I've identified as aro ace for a long time but I was singing with one of my friends yesterday and I kept getting the urge to kiss her. I didn't, but is that normal for friends? To feel the urge to kiss them?

Society says that kissing friends is not “normal”, but the way I see it, society’s definition of “normal” is made up and kind of baloney anyways. You can have entirely platonic intent while wanting to kiss someone, kissing and things don’t have to be inherently romantic or inherently sexual like society says. In other words, you’re no less aroace if you want to kiss someone unless you decide that you are. 

Not to mention, there are multiple kinds of attraction beyond romantic and sexual and many people class their desire for kissing to be under sensual attraction. 

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When I said your blog makes asexuals look bad, I meant to non-asexuals. Cool the autism, buddy. I'm not "insecure" just because you misinterpret things.

1. Ain’t autistic, my friend. Cool the ableism.

2. You are insecure. You felt so worked up about this that you had to send us anon hate, of all things. That’s what insecurity looks like. If you’re really that worried about what non-aspecs think of aces as a whole because of one little blog, you’re insecure. And now you’re trying to backpedal and throw more baseless insults at us because now you’re just more insecure. Just give it a rest.

3. Has it ever occurred to you that I really don’t care what they think of us? That’s their problem. I’m just taking submissions.

–Mod Mercy

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Maybe something with timetravel? Post-timeskip Garp traveling back in time to when Ace was just a baby and changing things because he wants his grandsons to live, and live happy fulfilling and long lives, not just survive, whether they're marines or pirates or whatever. This idea has been haunting me for almost two years but I can't write it no matter how much I love it.

Garp grins, holding Ace securely in his arms as he leaned back in his chair thoughtfully, ignore the quiet noises that he was making to entertain himself.

Dadan was still his first choice. The first person that he wanted to take Ace to and let them hide him away where no one would ever think that he was the Pirate King’s son. Except, he knew how that life ended for his grandson, murdered by Akainu saving his youngest grandson. He didn’t want that, not this time.

“What am I gonna do with you, brat,” Ace grabs the finger Garp used to tap his nose, burbling happily. “Yeah? I can’t do that either, what ever you just said. And I don’t steal peop-” Garp stops.

That grandson stealer had been one of Roger’s men and everyone and their mother knew that Rayleigh was Saboady with his wife, Garp pauses, was Rayleigh even married to Shakky at this point? He didn’t care. They were both talented fighters and good enough at haki that Garp was sure it could make a difference for his grandson in the future.

“What do you think, brat?” Garp asks. “Think it’s a good idea?”

Ace doesn’t answer, still distracted by Garp’s finger. Adorable, Garp had forgotten how cute his grandchildren were as babies. Well, at least Ace and Luffy, he hadn’t known anything about Sabo’s early years for the longest time. Actually.

“I have to steal your brother too, don’t I?” Garp sighs tiredly. “Or make sure you grow up on Dawn. Eh, we’ll figure out how to get your little brother later. I’m an old man who wants his grandchildren to grow up to be old men, I’m too old for all these little details.”

Ace giggles and Garp grins.

“Sir,” He glances up at his assistant. “We’re on approach for Saboady. Are, are you ever going to explain where you got the baby?”

“My grandson?”

“Dragon reproduced?”

“Hm,” He doesn’t answer. “I expect you can keep this quiet, can’t you? He’s just a child, a baby.”

“Of course sir.”

Garp is still proud of his second, the man had seen him take in Ace, bring Luffy to Dawn, and visit both of his pirate grandsons and said nothing to anyone about them.


Rayleigh is on his feet the moment that Garp steps into the room, his feet unsteady, but he’s upright and that’s what mattered.

“I didn’t expect you to be drinking yourself to death,” Garp frowns at him. “Don’t think I should let you two meet while you’re this drunk.”

“It’s only you,” Rayleigh says blinking until he’s only seeing one Garp. “Here to take me in?”

“No,” Garp answers. “Here to introduce you to someone. Come on, you’ve been making noises the whole time, why are you so quiet now?”

Rayleigh looks down from Garp’s face, blinking slowly at the bundle of blankets in his arms, two tiny fleshy things waving, “Is that a baby?”

Garp laughs, “That’s right. This is my grandson. Say hello.”

“How old is that kid? I don’t think it can talk.”

“You gonna come look at the kid? I’m not here to arrest you, I swear on,” He pauses. “I’ll swear on anything you think is appropriate.”

Rayleigh sighs, stumbling slightly as he moved to peer at the baby, “Hello?”

“Ace,” Garp answers the unasked question. “Portgas D Ace. Well his mom gave him his father’s last name, but Portgas is less likely to get him killed.”

“Monkey would get him killed?”

“No,” Garp snorts when Ace finally starts cooing and making tiny noises again. “Gol would.”

Rayleigh’s heart stops, “What?”

“You knew Rouge, I know you knew Rouge.”

“I knew Rouge, I didn’t know she and Roger were having a kid!” Rayleigh hisses staring at Ace with new eyes. “Why do you have him?”

“Because Roger asked me to take care of him and Rouge died making sure he wasn’t born until last month,” Garp answers. “I want you to help me raise him. You and the kid.”

“You want me and Shanks to help you raise Ace? Is this a trap?”

Garp frowns, “It’s, it’s not a trap. I… Ace is going to be his parents’ son. He’s going to become a pirate one day, I’m sure of it. I want him to live, to grow up and to never worry that he won’t be able to care for himself.”

“You mean that.”

“He’s my grandson.”

Rayleigh laughs, “Alright, alright. I guess I’ll help raise the kid. If he’s anything like either of his parents he’s going to be a little monster.”


Shanks isn’t actually sure what he’s doing on this island. Rayleigh had asked him to stop by not too long after he had made a name for himself, one of the Yonko.

“Brat,” Garp states meeting them on the dock. “I see you made it.”


“Come on, Rayleigh is in the mountains, I’ll lead the way.”

Shanks glances at Benn, who shrugs, hand staying on his gun as they follow him. The path is far too long, but Garp doesn’t stop once, not until they reach the top and he falls to the side.

“Got ya, Gramps!” One of the tiny blurs that took him down laughs excitedly. “Got ya!”

“We did!” The other grins.

Garp laughs, “I see. Is this what you’re teachin’ my grandsons, Rayleigh? To attack their old grandfather?”

“Marines are to be surprised,” One boy says brightly. “Right Uncle Rayleigh?”

“That’s right, Ace.”

Okay, but seriously, being trans is so hard due to so many reasons. But I think the worst part about being trans is the impending, dreaded feeling that no one is ever going to love you because you’re trans, and you’re going to end up alone your entire life. I find I often say to myself, an afab trans man without the means to transition (currently, anyway), “Gay men and straight women aren’t going to want me because I don’t have the right parts, and I obviously can’t be with straight men and lesbian women because I am not a girl.”

Of course, this leaves out the bi/pan/ace folks, but honestly, in my experience, finding one of you guys is like finding a damn unicorn. And then, finding someone who is bi/pan/ace that you have chemistry with that you would want to pursue a relationship is an even MORE DIFFICULT unicorn to find. And even rarer sometimes is finding a fellow trans/nb person that is one of those orientations, or otherwise romantically attracted to you.

Being trans can really make you feel like you’ll never amount to anything. Constantly.

But…. I want to believe that there’s someone out there for everyone. The world has changed so much and is continuing to change and educate and lobby and even fight for the rights and equal treatment of trans people. It will never happen overnight. But I know there are people out there that will see me and love me for who I am, just as there will be someone out there that will see you, and love you for you, my friend.

To all my trans/nb family out there… Please don’t give up.

I was surprised there r so many pieces of shit circulating my post with the bullshit+vile additions but then it occurred to me… at the center of the crapcourse, you will find mostly ppl being active who like. Generally care about social justice and are somewhat aware of basic shit? Like on average, regardless of stance? More or less? Something like that.

But then when ppl start plain mocking aces and aros and talking about bullshit such as how “cringey” aces/aros individual or in general are, making fun of and only trying to hurt us, you know who’s really quick to join in and be 100% on board with this? Yep, people who do not really care about social justice, and also people who think -isms are fun

So now I am no longer shocked at plain nasty anti-ace/aro posts like that circulating so much. Everyone who hates aces and aros thinks it’s fun, not just the ones who claim to hate us for Totally Good Reasons

lol and I bet that’s often why “exclusionists” plain mock and hurt aces and aros in posts that have basically no other purpose, they can get word out on their bullshit and spread hatred of aces and aros a lot more easily that way.

Bc they’re reaching all kinds of ppl who hate us, even the really really really extra horrible ones