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anadiangelo said: “This is perfect!! WBP’s method of recruitment has been bothering me for years and I love any and all things that dhow how wrong it was:

Well yeah, it’s one of the things that made me go WTF and also suspect Bad Things were going to happen to Ace. I didn’t expect him to die, since even the villains survived every fight, but… well. That event certainly hammered home that the WG were the bad guys in OP, given that they’re the only people we see aim to kill and succeed in canon.

Anyway, the lack of agency and control Ace had over his own choices when WB kidnapped him made me rage because Ace wanted to be free and they subverted that and branded him. It just… I hated it, and it didn’t even work. WB said he wanted to heal the rage in Ace’s heart, but look at what Ace did, how he died. Joining the WBP did jack shit for Ace’s mental health, and I’d argue that it actually made things worse because the strongest man in the world had told Ace that his best efforts weren’t good enough. And then the WBP took everything Ace had gained through his own efforts away from him, up too and including his ship, his crew mates, and his authority as a Captain. And then they told him that he should be grateful because now he got to be one of WB’s sons.

It made me sick, and the number of people who glorify that theft of Ace’s agency and control over his own person left me disgusted.

I recognize and acknowledge that this is a really dark take on Ace’s recruitment and that WB had the best intentions in the world. That the WBP really did love Ace like a brother. But intentions mean nothing when it comes to how people with emotional trauma interpret your actions. “Your actions speak so loud, I cannot hear what you say.” Ace did his best and it wasn’t good enough. That’s what WB taking him in told Ace. All that happened was that Ace hid his pain even deeper, where it festered.

Which, you know. May be why I have a few drabble ideas where it’s Ace who betrays the WBP. I’m especially fond of the one from the KHR crossover I’m working on. I combined the ideas of the 100 bout limit, and loser serves the winner. Ace never calls WB Pops in this verse, b/c he just serving him under the edicts of Mafia Tradition. Then WB dies, and Ace immediately goes and grabs his Spades and leaves. The other Commanders are so fucking confused, but Ace is like… “You kidnapped me. What made you think I’d stay after the old man died?” And it turns out that the WB tat was a Mist construct and I’m just… so in love with the idea of Ace not conforming to the macho fantasy world the majority of OP Pirates live in. It’s beautiful.

(Wow this got long. Whoops. I have feelings about this topic, okay?)

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How do you, kitty Ace, and the revs celebrate thanksgiving?

“Simple. We just eat and enjoy each other’s company!”

((Hap Hap Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it lolol If you dun um <.> Happy dayyyyyy lol I don’t really celebrate it either whoops I just take the days off that are given to me gladly

Man: Hey, did you see that stylish blonde walking around town?

Man: Did I! He’s cute - and has a nice camera!

Man: I know - I’m so jealous. I wanted to ask where he got it, but just can’t work up the nerve to talk to him. 

Prompto’s Gay-sass-in Festival :) 

“You only like them because of their looks”


I love them because they are hardworking
I love them because they are passionate at what they do.
I love them because they make me smile
I love them because they work their butt off just to make fans happy
I love them because of their personality
I love them because they can make me smile like no one else could
I love them because they make me feel wanted

Yes, they are good looking af 
but that isn’t what drew me in. 
I love them because they inspire me to be a better person than I am today. That’s why I love them.
Get your facts right.


apollo had to get his chords of steel from somewhere

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