not that..most of you would get that reference

so recently in our skype femslash chat me, @hellobeau @seagrot @frantastically and @roses-ebottles PLUS A BUNCH MORE I CANT REMEMBER created and curated what is possibly the cutest and most wholesome post-game earth c lovechildren AU that has ever existed


rose and kanaya have a daughter named lilith (like the demon), a ferocious human girl who gets a buzzcut in 5th grade and also has inexplicable glowing powers, because why not. vriska and terezi have their accidental trollbaby whose name is “spider” (it fits the troll naming conventions ok……. would their hypothetical child ever have a serious name anyways) affectionately referred to as “spiders” who will eat anything if you dare her to, wears kids glasses goggles because her vision is so bad, and is the most sensitive child alive

such shenanigans ensue as:

- spiders and lilith make a blood pact to become “blood sisters” by stealing a staple from the 3rd grade teacher’s wastebasket
- lilith makes up some bullshit about how ladybugs are red because they taste good and spiders not only believes her but actually eats the fucking thing
- lilith buys a sword at an anime convention when she’s 11
- lilith starts learning to fence and spiders assumes she has taken up beekeeping
- spiders gets grounded for collecting rolly pollys at school
- spiders asks terezi 500 questions at 2 am after she couldn’t sleep and terezi answers all of them but the answers become more and more ludicrous. spiders eventually catches on
- lilith and rose practice “screaming exercises” where they go down to the basement stand on the table and just scream and jump around to let off emotional stress. it works very well, but not as well for kanaya
- lilith takes an immediate shining to the sewing work that kanaya does. kanaya starts teaching her and she’s so thrilled until lilith immediately asks her to make her and spiders cosplay for the next anime convention
- whenever spiders can’t sleep vriska tells her “stories” but she makes them all about herself + tells them in the first person and pretends it really happened to her. spiders spends many years believing these stories until one day she asks terezi about “the time mom fled from two troll cops and one human cop while riding two motorcycles at once” and terezi just takes off her glasses and holds her face in her hands
- davekat has a kid too. they’re around. the first swear spiders ever said was because vriska gave her $5 to say “fuck you karkat” to his face and she actually did. terezi grounded both of them. dave and lilith get along pretty well though
- roxy callie and jade are all like Cool Aunts to lilith (and spiders too by proxy) and teach them all sorts of neat things, like how to shoot a gun and clean out an NES cartridge


truly the adorable nonsensical “your otp has kids” AU femslash fans (read: probably just me) have been waiting for


Hello there!

This may sound familiar, in these week I lost my job and till now I didn’t find anything, and didn’t called me back from nowhere. I just got the message, that I have to pay the rent for the place I live and if I don’t pay next week, I have to move out, who-knows-where. My family won’t/can’t help me out so I need to get money somehow.

So I will make commissions, hopefully this will be enough to pay the rent and the bills, so OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS!!

Reblogs are most needed and appreciated! :3

If you want a drawing:

  • Send me a private message (note or chat) with the following:
    • Type of commissions (samples):

Rough sketch: 6$ (additional characters +5$)

Lineart: 10-15$ (details!) (additional characters +5$)

Full color: 20$ (additional characters +5$)

    • Character reference: (visual reference would be the best, but I can work with a written reference too; also a few words of the character’s personality)
    • Additional Info: (anything you would like in the commission, like specific poses or expressions)
  • Payment through PayPal
    • In USD or Euro, whichever works best for you
    • If it’s easier, there’s a “Buy me a Coffee” button on my Tumblr page. You can use this too. One coffee costs 3$. How much coffee you buy, dependes on the price of the commission.
  • Things I will draw:
    • Hardly every or most things I can (OCs, Fan characters, Fanart etc.)
  • Things I won’t draw:
    • Explicit, sexual content

Everything else is up for discussion :3

Please help if you can! If you don’t want or can’t pay this much for a commission, please click on the “Buy me a Coffee” button and buy me one coffee if you can! 

Thank you for any generous donations! :3 Love you all!!

funkytown67rh  asked:

I'm writing a sword-fighting scene where both parties are fairly adept at swordplay. What would be the most realistic way for one of them to injure the other so they are mostly incapacitated and bleed out? I have ideas, but I'm not sure if they are realistic.

Getting stabbed comes to mind.

I’m tempted to leave it at that, but I should probably go into some very basic anatomy.

Your soft tissue (muscles, tendons, and ligaments) form what you could describe as a kind of pulley system across your skeletal structure. They contract and expand, based on electrical impulses from your nervous system, and this is what allows your joints to move, and tie your skeleton together.

When the soft tissue tears or is cut, then the system starts to fall apart. The classic example of this is the Achilles tendon, which, if destroyed will make it impossible to walk on that leg, you simply cannot control the ankle anymore, but even just cuts into the tissue will impair you.

So, getting stabbed or slashed will cause you to lose some function in that limb. How much will be determined by exactly where and how deeply you were hit. But, it doesn’t really take that much damage to the wrong places to completely immobilize someone.

This is a large part of why “first blood,” is such an important concept with sword fights. It’s not just that one of the combatants is losing blood, and at a disadvantage from that. Their injury will also (likely) impair their ability to fight. Inflicting the first injury in a duel is very significant.

As for bleeding out, all that requires is that you lose blood faster than your body can clot the injury. Usually we think of this in the terms of arterial bleeds, where you’ll be dead in minutes at most, but, it’s important to remember that blood loss is cumulative. So someone can bleed to death from non-arterial injuries if they can’t keep the bleeding under control, and their body can’t clot the wound.

This is why sword and knife fights don’t always focus on getting a single killing strike. It’s entirely possible to wear an opponent out through bleed induced attrition.

We’ve discussed hypovolemic shock before. It’s worth remembering, once you’ve started losing serious amounts of blood, you’re not going to be particularly coherent. So, if you were planning for a character to have some deathbed confession while bleeding to death, that’s not really the way the human brain works when it’s losing that much blood.

Incidentally, this also applies to the fight itself. As a combatant loses blood, they’ll pass through those same stages. (Anxiety, transitioning to confusion and disorientation at ~30% blood loss.) These have immediate implications in a fight, where their opponent is looking for ways to exploit any weakness or vulnerability. Also, because the fight is constant physical exertion, they will lose blood faster than they would if they were resting.

Also worth remembering, it’s entirely possible to “win” a duel and still bleed to death afterwards.


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Being Best Friends With Jughead Would Include:

Originally posted by evenstoast

  • Watching old movies together and adding your own humorous dialogue 

  • Him stealing all of your snacks

  • You would offer ideas to help his writing and be happy about how enthusiastic he gets towards what you’re saying 

  • Sarcastic banter that scares everyone off with the intensity of it all

  • He would make the most disgusted facial expression if anyone ever spoke negatively of you 

  • Despite being stubborn, he would try his best to take your emotions into concern. He would still be pretty insensitive at times but he would try

  • You guys would share inside jokes and references that no one else could understand

  • He would watch BuzzFeed Unsolved with you

  • You would buy him food and he would still steal fries from your plate

  • He would ask for your opinion on what he’s writing and want you to help with issues he’d be indecisive on

  • He would trust you more than anyone

  • You would be really protective of him and defend him no matter what

  • He would jokingly make fun of you for reading fanfiction all the time

  • You guys would snoop and investigate together

  • You would force him to watch your favorite TV shows, movies, and videos with you

  • He would give you book suggestions to things he could see you enjoying

  • Memes, all the memes

  • You would offer him food as a bribe to stop his pessimism or disinterest 


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  • They would instantly become obsessed. 
  • They’d find some loophole that would allow them to blast Hamilton in the corridors at max volume
  • They would sing all the songs horribly off-key but with such enthusiasm they soon have the entire school addicted 
  • Dumbledore is soon making Hamilton references in his speeches
  • He becomes known as G Wash
  • The marauders immediately take characters for themselves
  • Remus claims John Laurens faster than blinking
  • Wormtail is Aaron Burr (the foreshadowing is real)
  • Sirius and James have an epic fight over who gets Hamilton. 
  • This ends with Sirius’ broken nose 
  • Sirius realizes he’s being an idiot cause LAFAYETTE  is still up for grabs and he’s the coolest one of them all
  • He learns Lafayette’s Guns and Ships rap and KILLS it
  • James(Hamilton) tries to serenade Lily with That would be enough
  • She sings “I hope that you BURRRRNNNNN” back at him in the most beautiful voice, he never knew she could sing
  • Peter, Remus and Sirius sing Story of Tonight Reprise at James’ and Lily’s wedding
  • When Harry is born Dear Theodosia becomes their anthem
  • Before every mission for The Order James whispers “best of wives and best of women” into Lily’s ear
  • Remus tells their story

hijo-de-oshun  asked:

in the video you made about racial preference you asked something about how people could prefer an old white man like harrison ford over someone like cristiano ronaldo. You do realize that by that statement alone you just perpetuated white supremacy/beauty standards even further.. Cristiano Ronaldo is a white European, and he has the look that most Europeans would hail ideal in a white man.... you couldn't think of an actual man of color?

truthfully, i wasn’t familiar with Cristiano Ronaldo at the time, so i didn’t get the reference when he was originally included in the script. ignorance of course isn’t a valid excuse for an error and we were rightfully called on it when we first released that video. 

as i’ve said before, while it’s a small team that produces our show, as the host the mistakes on MTV Decoded fall on my head, so I take full responsibility when they occur.  in the 2 years since that episode we’ve worked to have better checks in place to make sure those types of careless errors don’t happen. even so, our show isn’t perfect so i appreciate it when/if something slips through and it’s brought to my attention. thanks for your message. 

THEORY: Willy Wonka is secretly George Weasley from Harry Potter. After the events of the books, George used wizard time-travel technology (that is, the Time-Turner, a device that is used once and never mentioned again) to go back and start a new life under a new identity. And before George’s brother Fred died (uh, spoiler?), the twins opened a successful toy and candy shop called Weasleys’ Wizarding Wheezes. One of their most popular items was the Skiving Snackbox, candy that would give you a temporary nosebleed or vomiting fit so you could get out of class. In other words, the Weasleys had mastered magic that lets candy physically alter a human being. Like, say, this:

Aside from their candy-making capabilities, there’s also their physical similarities. They’re both redheads with a showman’s sense of fashion. And there’s this little aside Wonka makes to Mike Teavee:

Maybe Wonka’s just being snarky … or maybe it’s a reference to the fact that George lost an ear battling Death Eaters. He may have been able to alter one of his Extendable Ears to serve as a prosthetic, but he couldn’t repair all the actual hearing damage.

5 Fictional Universes That Overlap In Mind-Blowing Ways


Okay this is a really odd request, but would you mind writing an imagine were the reader is really ambitious and goes through a phase were she feels like nothing gets done and he comforts her? Thank you!!!

I did a lot more research for this fic than most but it was fun. Also, if you can catch the reference I will sell you my soul. Just kidding, I don’t have a soul

You walked into one of the only places you felt at home. The library. You had a mountain of books beside you just waiting to be read. You snuggled into a chair and opened the first book. You were s couple chapters in when your friend rushed up to you. 

“Y/N! Where have you been, you promised to help me on an essay for potions” they exclaimed. Of course, how could you have forgotten 

“So sorry, let’s go” 

You give one last look to your books sitting on the table before being dragged away to the common room. 

“Okay, so you’re studying the Draught of Peace correct?” you ask your friend. 

“Yeah, So I have the ingredients down but it’s the uses that I can’t figure out and we’re supposed to write what other uses the ingredients have.This is absolutely ludicrious!” they shout, earning a few stares from other students. 

“Well Moonstone is used in some other love potions, Porcupine quills are used in the cure for boils. This really isn’t difficult” you explain. 

“Easy for you to say, your basically passing ever class” they retort back. You raise your hand in defense. 

“Okay okay, how can I help?” you ask. 

“Look in my book and find the instructions please” the tell you. You pick up their book and start flipping through pages. 

“Okay, then you have to add powdered unicorn horn until the potion turns pink.” you tell them. 

“What step is that?” They ask. 

“11″ you respond. 

You’re still searching through the book when your house quidditch captain, Griffiths, walks through the common room door. 

“L/N! We have practice in 5. Ready?” They call. You jump out of the seat. “Uh Comming”you yell back. 

“I know I promised to help so when I get back ill write some of it for you okay?” You ask. Four friend nods their head and you rush up to your dorm and grab your robe and broom. 

“Ready!” you say breathlessly. 

You walk down to the field. Still trying to remember the other uses for powdered unicorn hair when you crash into someone. 

“I’m so sorry” you say standing up. You look and see Newt. 

“Newt! I haven’t talked to you in ages” you say hugging him. He smiles that typical Newt smile. 

“Hi Y/n, um would you like to catch up maybe?” he asks. 

“Oh I’m so sorry but I have quidditch practice and then I have to help someone write an essay and then I have to finish my own homework. But maybe tomorrow?” you reply in a rushed voice. 

“Y/N!” your captain yells. 

“I’ve got to go but see you later” you yell to Newt before rushing down to the quidditch field. 

“Uh Yeah, See you later” Newt yells back. 

He watches as you sprint towards your teammates. A small frown on his lips, he’s noticed how much you’ve been doing and it worried him. You were one of his first friends but lately, he hasn’t seen you due to your very busy schedule. He decides to just go back to his common room and hope to catch you at dinner. 

“Okay, L/n, we need you to stay low, we’re trying a new technique and you’re our best at scoring on this team” your captain tells you. You set off and follow the quaffle below your teammates. 

“Broadmoor! look out for the bludger!” Griffiths yells. Broadmoor dodges but the bludger comes straight towards you. 

“L/N!” O’Hare, the seeker yelled at you. 

You were lost in thought about your classes and Newt that you didn’t see the bludger until Morgan came chasing after and hit it away from your face. You yelped in surprise and fell off your broom. You gripped it by your hands and struggled to get your feet back on it. You slowly floated to the ground. the rest of your team joined you. 

“Y/n, are you okay? you seem so off. Usually, you’re on top of things” Griffith asks concerned. 

“I’m sorry, I just have a lot going on” you apologize. 

“Go back to your dorm and relax. You clearly have too much on your mind” they tell you.

 “But-” you start to protest

“No buts, we need you with a clear head for the match this weekend” they demand

You sigh and trudge back to your common room. You fall on the small couch in the corner before getting interrupted once again. ]

“Y/n” they say quietly. 

“What” you groan out. 

“We have class. Muggle studies”. You hear them walk away. You roll off the couch and run back up to your dorm and grab your books. 

“Glad you could finally join us Y/n” Professor Quirrell says. 

You put on your best fake smile before sitting down next to Newt. You almost forgot you had this class with him. While most thought it was boring, you thought muggle studies was interesting. You usually took very detailed notes but today you just couldn’t focus. 

“Your homework, will be a 7-inch parchment on muggles newest invention, electricity in homes” Quirrell announces 

“and y/n, please arrive on time next time” he says curtly. 

You nod before dashing out of his class. Newt tries catching up but he watches you run back to your dorm. You sit back in the library. It’s quiet and peaceful, you breathe a sigh of relief. You pull out your friend’s essay and start writing. 

“also, if too much of any ingredient is put in the potion, it could cause the drinker to fall into a deep sleep, possibly one that would be irreversible” you murmur to yourself. 

When you get stressed you tend to say what you write out loud. You glanced at the clock and saw it was dinner. You sighed and looked at the mountain of homework still left. You keep working deciding that missing dinner one day would be fine. 

Newt thought otherwise. He kept looking around the great hall for you. When he couldn’t find you he got curious. He slipped out of dinner and walked to the place he thought you would be. The library. It was virtually empty besides a strong candle light in the corner table. He walked over and saw you scribbling down words on parchment. Your hand cramped and you dropped the quill. 

“Y/n, you need to take a break” he says walking closer and sitting across from you. 

“Newt! why are you here, it’s dinner time?” you ask, going back to writing. 

“I could ask you the same thing” he replies. He sees your hand shaking as you write. He swiftly takes the quill from your hand. 

“Newt! Give that back!” you yell, reaching across the table. 

“Not until you come to dinner with me” he says, holding the quill out of your reach. 

“I can’t, I have way too much work to do” you whine. 

“Y/n, you’re always pushing yourself so hard. Just come to dinner, please” Newt begs. 

“But Newt, I have so much. I have to finish this essay for my friend, then i have my own homework including the essay Quirrell assigned and I have to do well on it because he seems to hate me which by the way I didn’t take sufficient notes on because I was stressed about Quidditch, I have a game soon and I need to practice strategy and I haven’t done anything I need to!” you exclaim resting your head on the table. 

“Oh y/n, you don’t have to do someone else’s essay, it’s not your responsibility and Quirrell doesn’t hate you. I heard he’s just stressed. He might lose his job, a new teacher might replace him. And, you’re the best quidditch player I’ve ever seen. You need rest.” 

Newt says softly as he scoots his chair closer to you. He rests his hand on your back and rubs soothingly. 

“I-I just, i’m always so on it.” you say. 

“I know and that’s amazing but everyone needs a break once in a while love.” Newt says. He stands up and takes out his wand. 

“Come on love, let’s go to dinner” he says reaching out his hand. You look up at Newt who put on puppy dog eyes. 

“Fine, but after dinner. back to Homework” You say taking his hand.

“Mhm” Newt replies. Newt points his wand at your books. 


Your books and papers neatly stack themselves and float into your bag. Newt picks up the bag and takes your hand. 

“Allons-y love!” he says. 

“Allons-y?” you question. 

“Um, it’s french. for Let’s go” he explains. 

You smile at him and start walking. 

“Allons-y Scamander!” you giggle walking towards the great hall. 

Dragging the hufflepuff behind you who has a big smile on his face, satisfied he got you to relax for once. 

I’ve never related to the reader more tbh. Hope y'all liked this one


Raven symbolizes death.

So when his the sketch slips out of Jungkook’s hand..

We are flooded with two things..

Images of a burning piano. and constant references to ravens.

Music. Its the first thing you would associate with Yoongi.

When you see the burning piano we can infer..

It is referring to the part where Yoongi is burning him self in the room.

Which due to their friendship, Jungkook keeps getting signs of.

So while he witnesses the painting burn. Yoongi’s sketch fall out of his hands andd is replaced with that of a RAVEN.

This picture of the raven is then safely kept with Jungkook and the shadow of a raven appears behind him.

Again symbolizing someone death.

Most likely Yoongi.

How Gaara Thinks

Hello everyone, welcome to Gaara-obsession-blog’s School of Red-Headed Character’s Who Control Sand. Our first lesson was inspired by @sophiewolf15 who was chatting to me about this fella right here:

Surprise! It’s Gaara. 

I’ve been helping a few of you over the past couple months with your fics, and helping some of you to really get to the core of what goes on in this character’s mind. Whether I have been successful or not, who knows, but it has come to my attention that I have been a little negligent on covering the most important question: 

How does Gaara think?

Hard. Gaara is a hard thinker, who doesn’t leave any stone unturned in his internal thought process. This is difficult to see because most people would refer Gaara to be “simple” and “to the point,” which he is, but that’s only in what he says. 

How he thinks vs what he says:

Do you ever have a thought that pops into your head, and you think to yourself “gee, I really shouldn’t say that,” and then you don’t? It’s more then likely that you have some sort of filter that prevents you from spilling out everything that pops into your mind, and it’s a damn good thing too. Gaara is the exact same way, but his filter runs more of a tight ship. 

No matter how you look at it, Gaara is shy to an extent. He is more reserved and proper in his speech because he cares very much about how he appears to others, and the impression that they get from him. He is not the type of person to talk about the weather simply to just fill space, but it doesn’t mean that he isn’t thinking about how the wind is blowing pretty hard today. 

Everything Gaara does or says is debated to some extent in his head before he decides to share it. He is not one to willfully speak out, or act on, his emotions, and all situations that he’s in, he takes a moment to analyse and consider all sides. We may call his responses simple, but behind those lovely, watchful, eyes is a complex assortment of gears turning, and thoughts forming.

Gaara would not have been able to do a complete 180 in his life if he did not have the intelligence to actually sit, and think about what Naruto was trying to teach him. Not to mention that he was probably seeing that his “evil ways” were not the right path, but was just looking for someone to prove it to him. This also probably helped Gaara to come to build a strong relationship with his siblings, and convince the Elders to let him be Kazekage. He watches, analyses, and then acts very carefully. He is not the type of person to stick his foot in his mouth, and he rather say nothing at all, and leave an awkward silence, than to look like a fool. 

Because of this way of this intense, and elaborate way of thinking, I would consider Gaara to be a perfectionist. He does not like being caught of guard, or surprised, and he will internally reprimand himself for acting on his shock. I guarantee that if you were to speak with Gaara, and he was on friendly terms with you, he probably wouldn’t need to talk very much about how you feel about certain situations- he already knows.


Because he’s considerate, and careful. If there was something that he needed your feedback on, he would be delicate, but still to the point, in bringing it up to you. He would then consider your response, and store it into his memory to reference later. This not only helps him to understand you, but to also get more insight on the different views of the world. Gaara would not refer to his own past as often as he does if he could not sympathize, and understand things from all ends. 

The boy may be simple, but he’s incredibly smart. Don’t forget that!

Dating Calum would include...
  • Staring at your ass whenever you walk away
  • Forehead nuzzles!!
  • Constant hand holding and hugs
  • Standing behind you and holding you in his arms whenever you guys are talking to someone
  • “Babe, can we get a dog?” 
  • Stopping for every dog you see on a walk so Calum can say hello
  • Doing everything you can to make him laugh and smile
  • Seeing him naked most of the time
  • Music always playing in the house
  • Singing in funny voices just to see you smile
  • Getting to hear him writing and practicing new songs
  • Always referring to you as “my girl”
  • Tracing his tattoos when you’re lying in bed together on a day off
  • Leaving little sticky notes on the mirror when you’re in the shower that remind you how much he loves you
  • Being shaken awake at 3am so Calum can tell you about this amazing song he just thought of
  • Spending the next four hours just lying in bed and thinking about the future
  • Bad pick up lines
  • “I think I should call heaven because they’re missing an angel.”
  • Catching him reading and exchanging book recommendations
  • Being blushy and shy about PDAs
  • “I just want to keep you all to myself. No one else’s.”
  • Lovingly squishing his cheeks. Sometimes both sets of cheeks.
  • Hearing him sing in the shower as he gets ready in the morning
  • Tickle fights!!
  • Kissing you when you’re on a rant about something just to shut you up
  • “Babe, I was on a roll.” “I know you were, you’re just so cute when you’re babbling.”
  • Tugging on your belt loops when he wants a hug
  • And pouting his lips when he wants a kiss
  • Movie marathons on the couch when it’s rainy outside
  • Working out together and motivating each other
  • Leaving hickeys in the most visible places so everyone knows you’re his
  • Date nights where he is a perfect gentleman because you are his world
  • Piggy-back rides!!
  • “I know I forget to tell you sometimes, baby, but you’re the best thing that ever happened to me.” “What about the band?” “I guess they’re okay.”

Luke | Michael

So I know some of you have already seen this but it’s come back into my feed and I realized just how fucked the formatting was so here I’m posting it again


- oh my god this would be an absolute nightmare lemme tell you
- Poor Leo is the only one who gets the pop culture references
- *plays the ‘Daniel Radcliffe’s delicious asshole’ card* *silence* “NONE OF YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY?!?!”
- Someone will play the BEES? card and then there’s just a chorus of guys saying “BEES?” In various accents and tones
- Guang Hong is know to play the most sinister cards and it’s a bit concerning
- He always seems to have the “kids with ass cancer” card and always uses it at the worst time
- “What is a Mormon Tabernacle choir?”
- Christophe plays ‘same-sex ice dancing’ in response to “why am I sticky?”
- (Viktor played ‘Japanese handjob’)
- Phichit: “what is the most Emo?”
- Everyone in unison: “Georgi”
- Phichit also always plays the most sexual cards? He’s that guy who’s played the game so many times he’ll say “ugh I wish I had the ___ card rn that would have been better.” every damn round
- Two midgets shitting into a bucket keeps on coming up over and over to the point where everyone suspects there are multiple copies of it in the deck
- Yuuri: “_____ is a little different in Russia.”
- Everyone but Viktor, Georgi, and Yuri: *sweats nervously*
- “What is disturbing yet oddly arousing?”
- “A salty surprise.”
- “Im sure it must be, Yuuri.”

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Supergirl // Zootopia

No matter what type of animal you are… I implore you: Try. Try to make the world a better place. Look inside yourself and recognize that change starts with you.

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Imagine (for one reason or another) Zarkon starts hunting down Shiro with a furry fit for a god so they need to hide him in a place Zarkon will never look/go. So Lance suggests the Underworld (bcuz Zarky hates going down there right?) and just, Shiro having to spend an undefined amount of time with Hades

If Zarkon were to hunt Shiro down it would probably be to reclaim his arm, most likely after Lance has already sworn alliance to him because hunting down Lances friends is a terrible way to get Lance on his side.  

Don’t know if this would actually happen, but if it did I imagine a Shiro that is incredibly awkward and trying not to take up too much space and trying really, really hard not to upset Hades (1 part because he’s Hades, one part because he’s Lance’s father) and Hades finding that incredibly amusing and actively making it worse.  

‘So you are the one using the magic of my realm without my permisson?’ (in reference to Shiro’s arm)

‘My apologies Lord Hades, I meant not disrespect.  The power was forced on me.’

‘You mean to say you would not choose to use my magic?  Do you think me weak boy?’

“That.. no sir, that wasn’t I meant sir.’

‘Then speak what you mean halfblood!’ and so on until Pidge or Lance arrive, both of whom find the situation fucking halirous.

it’d be worse for Shiro in a Shance situation, because Hades would defs ask why Shiro thinks himself worth of his son and Shiro would freak because how does he know (Pidge is how) and Hades would have him do ridiculous things to earn his blessing (which he already has because he makes Lance happy, but wheres the fun in telling him that?).  

Pidge almost dies laughing when she finds out


Being in Scott’s Pack and being a Vampire would include:

• Being closest to Scott

• The pack knowing how to deal with you when you get thirsty

• You only drink animal blood, so they’re not scared that you’ll hurt them

• Being an amazing addition to the pack

• Especially since you have super strength and super speed

• Scott having Stiles drive you into the woods when you’re thirsty so you can feast on animal blood

“Wait…you’re HOW old!?”

“I was alive in the 1800′s. That’s why I’m so good at history, I lived through most of it.”

• SOOOO many Twilight jokes/references

• Malia not trusting you at first, but she eventually warms up to you and you two become great friends.

• Lydia being like a sister to you

• Scott helping you regain control when you go too long without blood

• Liam being slightly intimidated by you (though he would never admit it)

• Being insecure of your powers at first. You thought the pack would look at you as if you were a monster

• But they assure you that they don’t mind and they completely support you.

• The pack offering to watch TV shows like “The Vampire Diaries” or “My babysitter’s a vampire”

• It amuses you how they try to make you feel at home but it also irritates you slightly.

• When Stiles pisses you off with his sarcasm, you hiss at him, showing your fangs, and laugh as he falls out of his chair in fear.

“Is it true that you’d die if I stabbed a stake through your heart?”

“Well, wouldn’t you die if I jabbed a giant piece of wood into your heart?”

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Who among the GX crew would have a vlog for ridiculous stunts?

Okay but are we absolutely positive that Fubuki doesn’t already have one of these in canon?

Kaiser is a reluctant guest star on some of them, and he spends most of his time trying to talk Fubuki out of the stupid shit he’s about to get into

Fubuki: I will now drink 8 glasses of milk in five minutes

Kaiser: -pulling the glass of milk out of Fubuki’s hand- no you will not because you will die

What do morticians do?

First, just to clarify a bit, a mortuary science degree most often refers to a degree pertaining to becoming a funeral director (mortician) or embalmer or both. The schools that are offered around the U.S. are mostly two year Ass. Degrees and there are a handful of four year bachelors degrees. I chose to get a bachelors degree at Southern Illinois University Carbondale in order to also try other potential fields, but I stayed in mortuary science. Typically, with this degree you would be working in a funeral home. Mortuary science touches on a lot of fields, but it currently tends to emphasize business and the art of embalming.

I feel lucky that I work at an independently owned funeral home. Most days I go in, I don’t necessarily know what I will be doing because death has no schedule. Also, there are so few of us running the funeral home that we all have to do a wide variety of things to keep up. If we are slow we may just be cleaning, gardening, organizing, and preparing for the next call. Otherwise, I would be helping a family through the funeral process- arrangements, body preparation, paperwork, communicating with all involved and basically, hosting and arranging an event. Ninety percent of my job is dealing with living people and not the dead. At a larger funeral home or in a funeral company you may just do one of these jobs repeatedly (like embalming only) because they have made it more like an efficient assembly line. The best way to get into this is by starting at the bottom, asking to shadow, offering to help in daily tasks like cleaning or gardening. Getting your face and name out there are key in connecting with any field.

There are also many other fields that deal with death and dying. A pathologist is a doctor that studies the dead, a coroner is a political figure elected to certify deaths under investigation, a lab assistant or pathologist assistant would help measure, weigh, and dissect bodies under investigation and all of them typically work in morgues of hospitals or government facilities. Forensic anthropology is the scientific study of people involved in crime and I know the least about that field, though it is very interesting. It is much different from what I do in a funeral home. Its pretty common for people to mix all the names up, because they deal with death and dying, but they are all very different. Most of these, I would think, you could get into especially if you are already showing interest in school. Just like if you were in mortuary science and wanting to help at a funeral home. However, not a ton of information is blasted about these fields because of our sensitivity toward death and privacy concerns.

My YA Novel Romance SNAFU: A Solangelo Fanfiction

So I just totally love theย โ€œdonโ€™t know they are on a dateโ€ trope, so of course, I had to write it for Solangelo. This is basically a fic where these sweet innocent boys have possibly a great or terrible first date depending on what you consider a successful first date. Also, cookies for whoever gets the reference in the title.



ย โ€œBut, and this is all yet to be proven, it sounds like you do need a few things,โ€ Will told him with a grin. For a moment Nico looked downright flustered before giving a look that would have needled him in the side.

ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  โ€œYou are ridiculous.โ€

ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  โ€œBut not wrong right?โ€

ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  โ€œIโ€™ll come with you on your trip,โ€ Nico conceded. โ€œBut only because Iโ€™m not sure you would make it back by yourself in one piece.โ€

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Karasuno, Nekoma, And Fukurodani React To: BokuAkaKuroKen.
  • Requested by: Damschistyreferences
  • Note: It should be known we do not know a lot about Fukurodani? I am completely caught up to the recent manga, and they do not get much time to show any characters besides Akaashi and Bokuto, so I will try my best! Fukurodani may not get the most time to react, and they may seem bland compared to the other teams reactions. So I apologize! Also a surprise guest appearance by a certain someone~ If you haven't read the manga, I am sorry and you might not understand the references!
  • -
  • Karasuno:
  • -
  • Daichi: Well, that's sure a lot of people for a relationship..
  • Sugawara: As long as they don't neglect Kenma-kun, I think everything will go well~!
  • Tanaka: Man, that would get a little confusing right? Like, who to make out with who an stuff.. Like, just, wow.
  • Tsukishima: ...I'm just glad Kuroo-san won't be bothering me anymore.
  • Yamaguchi: Are you sure about that? I think now, that they've come out, it might be even worse!
  • Tanaka: Yeah, they might like, make out in front of you an stuff!
  • Tsukishima: ..I need cat, and owl repellent.
  • Daishou: I give you them reeeaaaallll cheap. I always have those stocked up..
  • Daichi: When..How..Why?
  • Yamaguchi: Honestly, I think I'm more worried about Akaashi-san..
  • Kageyama: Why?
  • Yamaguchi: He'll have to be around both Kuroo-san and Bokuto-san! They're all dating, right?
  • Sugawara: Somehow, I think he'll cope.
  • Daichi: Yeah, he's gotten that far just being friends. Worst case scenario he kills someone.
  • Everyone: DAICHI WHY.
  • -
  • Nekoma:
  • -
  • Yaku: .....
  • Lev: Is something wrong, Yaku-san?
  • Yamamoto: Yeah.. DON'T TAINT OUR SETTER!
  • Inuoka: W-What about Kuroo-san?
  • Yaku: He can handle himself.. Pretty sure he's googled boobs before so he should be fine..
  • Lev: What.. How does that have to do with anythi-
  • Shibayama: This is why everyone thinks we're a gang..
  • Lev: YEAH!
  • Inuoka: Why am I on this team..
  • -
  • Fukurodani:
  • -
  • Washio: Well, perhaps if Bokuto-san is with them he might not be as loud at practice..
  • Sarukui: I think that's wishful thinking, Washio-san..
  • Konoha: Yeah, and what about being with them would make him quieter?
  • Washio: You've never noticed how, when he hangs around Kuroo that he drains a lot faster?
  • Komi: So like, they bounce off of each other really well?
  • Onaga: So, unlike Komi-san who is almost completely like Bokuto-san, Kuroo-san is different enough to drain him somehow?
  • Washio: Exactly, he seems more tired, and only practices an extra two hours instead of three or four.
  • Konoha: Huh, how observant. Do you think Kuroo-san could suck the life out of him in some weird way? Perhaps he'd shrivel up.
  • Sarukui: *Snickers* Oh, Konoha-san, don't think so far ahead! Nekoma might get mad if they mess with Kenma-kun too much like that.
  • Konoha: W-Wait! What do you mean?
  • Onaga: What's happening here?
  • Washio: He.. Doesn't realize the opportunity he just had, does he?
  • Saruki: Haha! No way!
  • Konoha: Grrrr I'm gonna hurt you all!
  • Onaga: B-But I didn't do anything!
  • Konoha: Collateral damage!
  • -
  • Bonus:
  • -
  • Akaashi: This is.. Mayhem..
  • Kenma: I'm certainly glad we're not in the middle of it..
  • Kuroo: Well, we are indirectly...
  • Akaashi: True, but being in front of everyone while they react in such a way would be.. Tiring to say the least.
  • Bokuto: Oh, speaking of which, what were they talking about when Konoha got so confused about Kuroo-san sucking the life out of me?
  • Kenma: Should we...?
  • Akaashi: No, no explaining. Or he'll me asking me to do it all week.
  • Kuroo: That's true, you still have to go to school with him..
  • Kenma: Let's not make Akaashi-kun's life harder than it is.
  • Kuroo: Sorry bro, it's for Akaashi's sake.
  • Kenma: No one cares about that.
  • Kuroo: Ooohh sick burn!
  • Akaashi: Don't encourage him, Kuroo-san.