not that you have to kiss to be in a relationship

A Way to You Again: Part 12

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count:  1826

Catch Up Here

Summary: Bucky and Y/N have been fairly successful at keeping their relationship hidden from the rest of the Avengers. That is… until Nat walks into the kitchen one night and finds Bucky kissing Y/N. While Y/N is relieved that their relationship is out in the open it soon becomes more complicated than she could have ever imagined.

Author’s Notes: Thanks to the lovely @melconnor2007 for the request! This chapter has a little bit of angst and fluff.

I edited this while I was like 50,000 shades of exhausted – so if there are errors please ignore them :|.

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“Bucky, where are we going?” I asked breathlessly as we exited the subway station.

“Patience is a virtue, doll,” he smirked as he looked at me. I chuckled to myself as I shook my head – when Bucky set his mind to something it was next to impossible to get him to budge on it. He casually caught my hand in his and laced his metal fingers delicately between mine. “This is nice,” he sighed to himself as he gave me another smile.

“Yes – it is,” I smiled back.

We walked in silence through the Brooklyn streets until Bucky stopped in front of a Starbucks. “Here we are,” he announced as his face lit up with excitement.

“Buck… did you bring me all the way to Brooklyn to come to Starbucks? There’s literally at least three within walking distance of the tower,” I said bewildered. Bucky wasn’t a huge fan of fancy coffee drinks – I always pointed out that his inner grumpy old man came out when I ordered a Frappuccino.  

He snorted at my bewildered face. “No doll – this is where I lived until I left for the war. Not the Starbucks obviously – but the building,” he answered as he motioned towards the building in front of us. “I lived right up there with my folks,” he explained as he pointed towards the second floor.

“Oh wow,” I murmured – mainly to myself. Bucky had never been much of an open book about his past. I had never pushed him, because I knew it was painful for him to remember all the things he had lost.

Bucky looked down at me and smiled. “It wasn’t much, but it was home. Steve got beat up down that alleyway, and that one, oh and over there too,” he explained as he pointed to the various areas. “Honestly, now that I think of it – Steve probably got beat up everywhere in a two-mile radius. He was such a little shit,” he chuckled to himself. “We would play on this street when we were kids,” he smiled to himself before turning to me again. He could read the lingering questions so clearly on my face. “Let’s go – I have a few more places I would like us to visit,” he whispered into my ear as he grabbed my hand once again.

I followed beside him as we walked several blocks to a nearby cemetery. Bucky seemed to know the path like the back of his hand. As we neared a small hill we parted from the paved walkway and maneuvered through the tombstones. Bucky slowed to a stop in front of a newer stone. “I had it replaced when I came back to New York,” he explained to me as he looked at the stone. “I thought I owed it to them.” As I looked at the stone I read the names of Bucky’s parents with their respective dates of birth and death.

“It’s beautiful,” I whispered as I kneeled beside the stone to wipe away a wayward leaf that had rested upon it. “The daisies?” I asked as I looked at the fresh daisies adorning the grave.

Bucky shrugged sadly. “They always reminded me of my mom. She loved flowers. I bring a new batch by weekly,” he explained as he kneeled beside me.

“They’re beautiful,” I murmured as I traced my fingers softly on the petals.

“My biggest regret is knowing that they died thinking I had died a hero,” Bucky added as he placed his hand affectionately on the stone. “It’s better they didn’t know the truth, but I feel like I failed them in so many ways.”

I placed my hand softly on Bucky’s as I watched the emotions play out on his face. “Bucky, they would have loved you regardless. It was never your fault,” I whispered as I laced my fingers between his.

A ghost of a smile pulled at the corners of his lips. “My mother would have loved you. I wish she had been alive to meet you,” he whispered softly as he looked at me – affectionately tucking my hair behind my ear.

I swallowed hard at this. “Bucky, why are you…” but he cut me off.

“You said you loved me,” he remarked as he returned his attention to the stone.

“Yes,” I whispered softly.

“And yet you know nothing about me, because I was too afraid to share my past with anyone but Steve. If you’re set on loving me – you deserve to see all of me. When I didn’t respond the other day –it wasn’t because I didn’t feel the same…” he explained as he stared intently at the stone. Before I could respond he stood up and offered me his hand. “Come on, there’s someone I want you to meet,” he said as he pulled me up beside him.

A thirty-minute cab drive later I found myself standing in front of a memory care facility with my hand secured in Bucky’s. I stared at him inquisitively but this time he did not return my gaze—instead he led me into the large brick building where we strolled up to a solid oak reception desk. The woman working at the desk looked up and, upon seeing Bucky, smiled warmly. “Good Morning, Mr. Barnes. She’s been asking for you,” she replied sweetly. Bucky nodded his head in acknowledgement as he led me from the desk down a long hallway. I followed him silently to a room at the very end of the hall.

“James, is that you?” the woman laying in the bed asked as she turned her eyes away from the television.

“It’s me, Rebecca,” he answered softly as he walked to the side of the bed and kissed the top of the woman’s head. I immediately saw the striking resemblance between the two even though one was so young and the other towards the end of her life. I watched silently at the softness that overtook Bucky’s features as he interacted with her – seemingly forgetting my presence in the room.

“And who is this?” the woman asked as she turned her head politely towards me. Before Bucky or I could respond she continued. “Y/N, I presume?” she asked with an eye-crinkling smile – the same as the one that sometimes graced Bucky’s face. I nodded my head – forgetting how to speak for a moment.

“Y/N, this is my baby sister, Rebecca,” Bucky explained as he looked at the woman affectionately.

“Tsh! I’m not so much of a baby anymore,” she added good-humoredly. “It is quite nice to meet you, Y/N. I have heard so much about you.”

“It’s nice to meet you as well,” I beamed as I neared the side of her bed.

We spent most of the day with Rebecca – talking and laughing. As is the case with most family, she had some embarrassing stories to tell about a much younger Bucky that caused him to snort and roll his eyes while dishing it back. It seemed normal – natural even. I hadn’t known about Rebecca, but I understood why. She was one of the last links that Bucky had to his old life – one of the last shreds of normalcy, and she was incredibly important to him. I couldn’t be mad at him for keeping her a secret – I understood the importance of a sister.

“You know – he thinks he’s a bad man,” Rebecca remarked after Bucky had left us alone so he could speak with her doctors. “I’ve tried to convince him for years that he isn’t, but he’s too stubborn.”

“I know – once he has his mind set on something it seems damn near impossible to convince him otherwise,” I remarked sadly. I felt the warmth of her hand over mine and looked at her.

“You’ve changed him,” she added with a smile.

“Me? How?” I asked shocked. Bucky had kept our relationship a secret from even his best friend until very recently. If Steve couldn’t tell – how could she?

“He never smiled until a few months ago. I hounded him until he finally told me about you. He talks about you constantly. Some days it’s all we would talk about. He loves you.”

“How can you tell?” I asked nervously.

“I’ve been around a long time, dear, and I’ve seen all types of love. When you see it – you just know. It’s the genuine article, but he’s too damn stubborn for his own good. He’ll never think he’s the right man for you… but I can tell by the way you look at him that you love him too. You’ll have to fight for him… you’ll have to lay yourself bare and vulnerable, but when you do you won’t regret it. Trust me,” she added with a soft squeeze of my hand and a warm smile. “Now if you’ll excuse me – I think this old woman needs to use the facilities,” she blushed as she pushed herself up from the bed and used her nearby walker to aid her as she walked out of the room.

I mulled over the things she said. Was is possible? Could we both be so stubborn that we were sacrificing our happiness in the process? Or were we both just scared? We had both suffered so much loss in our lives – could either of us risk falling in love and being left brokenhearted? “Where’s Rebecca?” Bucky’s voice floated through the room causing me to jump.

“Oh she went to the restroom. Is everything okay?” I asked noting the concern on his face.

“I’m not sure,” he muttered before disappearing back out into the hall. I sat in puzzled silence as I waited for the two to return. Suddenly I heard Rebecca’s voice from the hall.

“Where is this?! Who are you? I want to go home!” she yelled. The desperation and confusion in her voice caused me to jump from my seat and run into the hallway where I found Bucky, with the aid of a wheelchair, returning her to her room. “Who are you?” she demanded of me as she stared at me blankly.

“Stay here,” Bucky whispered as he rolled the chair back into the room – followed by several nurses.

Bucky emerged from the room several minutes later, and immediately bee-lined to me. “Are you okay?” he asked softly as he reached for my hand.

 “Are you?” I answered. I could tell by his changed demeanor that he wasn’t. “The… the doctors said that the disease is progressing. Today was one of the best days she’s had in awhile… and they’re likely to get fewer and farther between,” he paused as he looked over his shoulder sadly. “Let’s go home,” he finally muttered as he wrapped his arm around me.

As we left the facility in silence I began to understand just how hard it was for Bucky to allow himself to be so vulnerable, and I decided it was time for me to do the same.

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Everyone is posting about how they'd want Clarke and Bellamy to bang in that bed, but I can't honestly see them just after showers collapse on the beds together after a long day. They'd talk and just kinda be looking at each other, and then Clarke will move towards Bellamy and naturally he will just pull her in and kiss her forehead and then they can just finally nap together. Like I'd love a banging scene, but our babies need a nap together. Just had to say that to someone 😂

As much as I’d love a Bellarke Bang scene, their more intimate relationship that they have would really work with that nap scene you described. I honestly think that they could start about like that then work their way towards banging! You can totally tell Clarke was thinking about him in that scene ;)

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UT UF SF with a queer platonic relationship/best friends headcanons please



  • Everyone ships you two, but it’s never going to happen
  • You’ve seen each other naked more times that you can count
  • You and him tried to kiss each other before, but it’s too weird
  • Hangouts include going to his house, not talking to each other, playing on your phone and laptop, then leaving. 
  • Basically this vine


  • You two are ultimate workout buddies
  • Need to go to the gym at 2 am for some reason, call up Papyrus and he is there
  • The Positive Motivator Friend™
  • Will make you feel good about yourself no matter what
  • He’s the type of friend that shocks everyone when he cusses
  • Never ask him to be your wingman. Not that he is bad, but he’s such a precious angel that your crush will fall for him instead

Underfell Papyrus

  • Fell is someone you can always bitch to, no matter how irrational
  • Everything’s a competition. You two have a small rivalry going on
  • You can do 5 shots? He can do 10. It’ll keep going until it escalates
  • If someone pisses you off, they will face the wrath of Papyrus. And vice versa
  • Hardcore training sessions that will consist of trying to kill each other

Swapfell Papyrus 

  • Ultimate wingman
  • He’s usually calm, but with enough alcohol, he’s a real party animal
  • Mom Friend
  • If you plan on doing drugs or get really drunk, he’s there to watch over you
  • Sends you memes and cute cat videos
  • Shoulder to cry on

Swapfell and Underfell Sans

Can be found here

both my friend @fireloom​ and I hate shipping wars

and while I ship johnlock, and they ship Adlock we both get along rather well

anyway, we started talking about a poly-amorous relationship between the three of them because we thought how cute they would be

why have shipping wars when you can make them all kiss

Sherlock looks so done 

Changed John’s design to a Scottish fold

Sherlock is a malanestic Siamese

and Irene is a javanese

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lol the sc goodbye was so bad. paul looked like he did not believe saying 'i love you so much' he said it so fast lol. their kiss didn't look like a goodbye kiss, it reminded me of a weak 2x12 stelena kiss which didn't work in this scene. then she vamp speeds away while with stelena they hold hands and watch each other leave slowly like? who is the romantic relationship here?

I think that’s a key question, “who is the romantic relationship here?” 

The SC goodbye really reminded me of the SE goodbye in 2x21, which actually emphasized how muted and bland it was because:

compared to:

Stefan looks mildly inconvenienced having to leave Caroline but when Elena is about to leave he looks like he’s dying inside.

And Paul tried with the kiss:

He’s squinting his eyebrows in the way he does to show intensity but it just doesn’t work and the way Candice hunches her shoulders just gives off the impression that she’s trying to make the scene more intense rather than a natural hunching of the shoulders? Like in 2x21:

The way he clenches his jaw and how his eyes stay closed because he’s still reveling in the moment and then after he says I love you to Elena, he kisses her one last time:


I don’t know, it just doesn’t scream tragedy or longing or a desire to stay together but having to part, I’m just like … I guess?

And then compared to the SE goodbye in the same episode:

Steroline are so dry-eyed and perfunctory and there’s such a sensuousness to SE, the way he strokes her cheek and they’re both teary-eyed.

I’m just like… friends, you guys are friends.

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So I'm ace and I'm in a relationship. But the thing is that sometimes I feel like there's too much romance. I wish we would just have a various relationship, like one time we would have fun like kids, then cuddle, then have fun again, then kiss and so on. But all we do is just being romantic and I kind of get annoyed of that. Am I maybe aro too?

Maybe? I mean it depends what if you defining as romance. You could have romantic feelings but loathe flowers and candle lit dinners or really whatever romantic activities are going on. Since on the flip side aromantics could adore the aesthetics of all of that but be like yeah, there is no romance here.

Hey y'all, I need to say a thing.
I keep seeing posts in the allenbert tag like “Barry and Iris broke up!! Now allenbert can be real!!”
Look. Barry and Iris are one of the healthiest canon relationships I’ve seen in a while.
Please, you can respect their relationship while still shipping allenbert. Talking about how Julian should have kissed Barry in the musical ep instead of Iris? That’s not respectful of Barry and Iris.
I just need us to remember that we can still have fun with this ship without being anti west@llen.

Writer (Rossi x reader)

10 Days – 10 Stories: Day 6 – David Rossi

Summary: David finds something on your desk… which leads to a change in your relationship. A good one, for that matter.

A/N: I really liked the idea I had for this one, hope you do too!

Word count: 1,527

(Y/N) = your name

Warnings: a hug + kiss, seriously it’s super cheesy


* * *

Keep reading

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I usually use queer if I can because gay was more a slur than queer ever was where I grew up. I usually use sapphic more than lesbian just because my a-spec identities give me a complicated enough relationship with attraction that I feel like lesbian doesn't fit me very well? Like, I feel like the term tends to still be too sexualized outside the lgbt+ and queer communities for me to feel all that comfortable reclaiming it.

It definitely is. I mean, remember that one time tumblr apparently tried to get rid of porn and made the lesbian tag only available if you turn off safe search?

Another big point in my opinion is also that “gays”, as in mlm doing anything remotely affectionate, are still seen as perverted, while “lesbians”, as in wlw kissing and having sex, are seen as hot (even my 70 year old father kinda believes this!)

anonymous asked:

When did you have your first "oh shit, I'm gay moment"? And what caused it?

First one I had and didn’t realize until I was older? Or first one I had where I realized I might be gay?

The first was when I was like 8 I think. We went to the movies for my little sister’s birthday and we seen Catch That Kid. I had this weird obsession (for lack of better word) towards the character Maddie, played by Kristen Stewart. Realizing she was the same girl after Twilight, it clicked to me.
I had one a few months after that when I first seen D.E.B.S. I didn’t remember what it was called but the movie always stuck with me growing up. More specifically the character Lucy Diamond and her relationship with Amy Bradshaw. I remember watching it and seeing them kiss and I had this moment where I felt like that was something I could like. But I pushed it aside and didn’t realize until I was older.

The one I had where I started actually thinking I was gay, I can’t place exactly. It was somewhere when I was around 15, after I first joined tumblr on my personal blog but before my first boyfriend. I just found girls more attractive than guys. But I had never been with a guy so when the ex-boyfriend and I got together I didn’t feel anything and I knew for sure that I must be gay

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When you say 'I fully believe they'll have been having an affair the whole time' who do you mean?

When it comes out that she’s “pregnant” Aaron and Robert break up because Aaron can’t keep robert away from his child but he can’t handle being involved in this mess. They’re apart and miserable. Robert tries to be the man for Whorebecca but he’s miserable. It’s a relationship of duty, he won’t have sex with her, will barely even kiss her. This is troublesome because she’s not actually pregnant so she uses Ross to try and get so. Aaron and Robert are constantly drawn to each other, tension building until they can’t take anymore and they’re kissing madly in the portacabin. Aaron tells him he doesn’t wanna be a secret lover anymore, that he doesn’t ever want to be Roberts bit on the side again and Robert tells him that he’ll happily give up Whorebecca and the child for him but Aaron tells him he can’t do that to a child. They try and stay away from each other again but they can’t resist the pull toward one another for long and they embark on another “affair”. When it comes out that she’s not pregnant at all, Robert’s world falls apart and he turns to Aaron who tells him they need to leave. They take Liv and they go, leaving everyone hating Whorebecca.


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What are your feelings on Jean Grey? I so badly want to love her, but from what I seen from what few comics have her, there's... just... nothing. What even is her personality?

my feelings for her are kinda complicated.. 

i think that shes often a victim of sexist writers who neglect and/or mischaracterize her,and normally that would make me root for her, but then there’s fandom’s reaction to her which is ??

 like throughout her whole relationship with Scott she pretty consistently flirted with and even kissed other guys, and like, maybe its cause i only read stuff from tumblr but i don’t know if I’ve ever seen anyone mention her getting mad at him for not wanting to have sex when he was still recovering from the traumas of apocalypse ? and she immediately when to Logan to comfort HER instead of being there for him ?? Even if you blame that 100% on bad writing  its not fair that Scott is constantly demonized for cheating (read:being taken advantage of my his ‘therapist’) while her actions are never even discussed.

then there’s the fact that she never gets blamed for her actions as the phoenix, which is great ! she shouldn’t be blamed for that because it was totally beyond her control… except, Scott DOES get blamed for the 1 guy he killed, vs the planet of people she killed. This one i do see discussed in fandom at least somewhat but its still really annoying. 

i guess i just don’t like that shes treated (in canon) like shes so pure and good and the best and most important person ever when like.. she was flaws,, its okay. 

that huge rant might make it seem like i dislike her, but i really don’t. i want her to be happy and alive and married to Ororo. her personality ? im not good at these kind of things uh shes caring and snarky and kinda pervy (in a fun way)? theres a lot to like,over all.

I wanna see

I wanna see a cute little fic where Dan is the one who just watches cute little Phil from afar, and then one day finally gets so courage to talk to Phil about how he feels. But something happens and Dan doesn’t have time/isn’t able to tell him. So he kinda just gets fed up and kisses Phil while Phil is doing something fucking adorable, and Phil is all cute and shy like, “D-Dan?” And Dan is like “awe shit sorry-” and Phil just gives him those ocean eyes and says, “It’s okay Dan, I think I like you a lot too” and Dan just diES. LIKE PHIL JUST GIVE HIM HIS MILLION DOLLAR SMILE AND DAN JUST MELTS. I wanna see CUTE LITTLE SHY PHIL WHOS AFRAID OF PDA BECAUSE HE DOESN’T KNOW MUCH ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS.

anonymous asked:

hi Alice I am to be 18 soon and I am starting to feel the pressure to be in a relationship quite a bit... (never even kissed anyone). Noone is consistently bringing it up but I fear it a lot, I don't know how I should react if someone brings it up again... gah, so annoying... and when my friends share their experiences I just feel like there is something wrong with me and it won't go away. how do you deal with friends/family?

this is something that can take you a long time to come to terms with. understanding the reasons why you haven’t experienced these things is an important part of that - do you not want it? are you unable to feel those sorts of feelings? or have you simply not had the opportunity yet? it doesn’t matter what the reason is, but understand why this is who you are can really help you start to accept it.

plus obviously you should know that not having been in relationships or had romantic/sexual experiences doesn’t make you a lesser person, inferior, less mature, etc. there is absolutely nothing wrong with you at all. you are just you. not everyone is the same or feels the same about romantic/sexual relationships.

find good friends who accept you. my friends don’t look down at me at all for being like this, though there have been people in the past who would sneer at me for it. i don’t know what to suggest with family, though. i counter their pressure by making jokes about it lmao.

Do I really just want a friendship?

That’s a question I’ve asked myself quite a lot .
I mean I’m always thinking about him, want to talk with him endlessly, get jealous when he’s with other people, try to look “good” for him, stalk him on Facebook, try to get his attention, dream about him and so on …

Are those really feelings you have for someone you just want a friendship with ?

In my case yes, I do am attracted to him, really attracted but that’s not the “love”. I love him in a different way. I don’t want to kiss,fuck,marry him. I just want to spend time with him and just talk. I want to get to know him better. I want to tell him everything and would love him to also trust me so much. That’s the key word : TRUST.
I trust him more then myself and I don’t know why.

I am a dude with a boyfriend.

We’re both Asian.

We went on a bus and sat in front of two girls.

I kissed behind his ear (and then he punched me in the arm, he’s shy in public) and I heard one of them whisper to the other something along the lines of “We get to see close up yaoi on here!”.

(Neither of us are even Japanese)

I was kinda offended, so I took my boyfriend by the hand and left.

It made us feel very uncomfortable.

I just want to say:

Our love and relationship isn’t for your entertainment.

Nor is it here for you to fetishize and sexualize.

Please just keep your “yaoi xDD” to just fiction, and please do not call us “yaoi”.

Many dismiss this as not a problem, which I find rude as they have never experienced this so they don’t really have much to say against this.

Thank you for reading.

- Submitted by Anonymous

* ^^^ Sorry to hear that anon D: that’s pretty terrible.



Because I have it up to HERE with all the people on this fucking trash site that keep shitting on YOI the anime and its staff because the ending didn’t meet their WESTERN’s expectation of how a “real gay relationship should be represented”

@ People that STILL say YOI is queerbaiting and the staff are silencing YOU just because they didn’t show the final with a wedding or ANOTHER kiss: Read

I crave affection. Not sex, but the most innocent parts of affection. I crave somebody to cuddle with me, and lay their head on lap. I crave kisses. I crave holding hands and running my thumb across theirs. I crave somebody to hold me while they tell me their thoughts or issues. I crave just looking at someone and wondering how on earth I got that lucky. I crave the feeling of having someone love me just as much as I love them..

okay so the refusal to kiss the silver medal scene is really cool because is a throwback to how they each “met” each other. 

first is viktor all up in yuuri’s space. he really wants to kiss yuuri, because they clearly have a physical relationship, but yuuri is not into it at the moment (i wanted them to kiss too, but like, they’re surrounded by people who are staring at them). so viktor gets no kiss.

anyway, it is a direct throwback to this: 

where viktor is in yuuri’s space because he is under the impression that there’s mutual interest, clearly about to kiss him, and then yuuri scuttles backwards into the wall. it takes months of trust building after that for yuuri to let viktor touch him without nearly dying. 

but at the grand prix final something kind of surprising happens, and oh man, it made me so happy. yuuri turns the tables, pushes viktor back, puts his arms around his neck, and makes a request of him.

you know, like this:

the best part are the reactions though. the first time yuuri asks something of viktor, we get this, blushy, breathy sign that viktor is kinda smitten:

the second time? holy fuck. only tiger sweatshirts have elicited this sort of passion in this show. viktor’s never been this excited about anything.

the time limits for this episode were drastic, and i think a confirmed second season also kind of twisted things around a bit plotwise. but even though i kind of wanted them to retire, the juxtaposition in this scene was perfect.

i love it, and i want viktor to make that face every day (and also never again because it’s terrifying)

edit: okay so the ending did not mean the second season was confirmed (who knew) and apparently the ending was planned all along (side eyes episode ten) but i stand by the rest of this post.