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I Have A Girlfriend

Pairing: Peter X Reader
Warnings: Language, Underage Drinking
A/N: I am still in awe over all the love I’ve been getting on my imagines, thank you guys so much for reading them and giving me feedback! I wanted to remind you guys that I do not have a tags list, but I do have a posting schedule and masterlist.


“Sorry babe, I have a girlfriend,” Peter slurred against you, his entire body weight leaning for support on your smaller frame.

“Peter, you don’t have a girlfriend,” you rolled your eyes, helping him up the steps to your apartment.

You had never seen your best friend drunk before, much less in such an intoxicated state that he couldn’t even go up the stairs on his own. Your parents were out of town for the weekend and you were afraid of Peter getting in major trouble with his Aunt, so you made up a cute story about how Peter fell asleep on the way home from the party and you decided to just stay at your place and have a sleepover. May loved you and ate the story up, much to your relief and slight guilt.

So here you were now, dragging up an incredibly delirious and quite heavy boy to your apartment, where he could pass out on your couch and wake up with a hangover and not worry about Aunt May finding out at all.

“Yeah I do,” he protested, his words getting jumbled as you two reached the top, “She just doesn’t know we’re dating yet. I loooovveeee herrrrr!”

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That anon was way too rude? There are loads of portrayals of HP characters in art/fic I can't stand, but I don't go into the creator's ask and tell them! That's when you quietly unfollow. I appreciate your art because of your obvious understanding of the characters--and I'm sure loads of others do too! You manage to capture Ginny's fire and feistiness where the movies failed.

Thank you! :) Agree with you, I would never say that too. But the Ginny Weasley defense squad is bombing my inbox now so thanks anon because it’s beautiful haha

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do you have a tip to make your coworkers believe you're working hard instead of waiting desperately for any info from the shooting ? because I don't know how I will manage the next 5 months without loosing my job !! TGIF ...

Haha! Yes, I do! Look overly concentrate all the time while you’re actually just scrolling your dash. If someone calls you on the phone, get pissed off because you were doing something really important. If someone asks you a question tell them to wait a second so you can finish your email. If you’re a manager, give your coworkers and interns all the work and tell them you want them to learn.
Also, download the panic button Chrome extension so when your boss comes by you can close all your windows at once.

Yes, I’m a professional.

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My friend just called me and he immediately said: "Why you sound like you're asleep?" haha I said that I read until 7 am and was sleep deprived so he wanted to know what was the book about... I started to tell him about "Gang AU" but I didn't said names, just the story and he was like "😱😱 Give me that f* book" and I was like "😳 😳 I can tell you the story, tho" and he just called me again (2 hours later) to see if I find out what "the girls do when they find out about muscle&thesister".

Lmao that’s hilarious! One of my supervisors asked me if I wrote anything lately and I actually gave that to her a few months ago and she was like hey you should script this and pitch it so funnily enough there’s a script of it in my drive rn!

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How do you tell the twins apart when they're not together? I'm still confused haha I know that they have certain hair partings but sometimes, it looks the same. That and the way they act is different too.

Honestly, sometimes I can’t tell them apart straight away! If they’re pulling a neutral expression and the wind has brushed their hair to the side it can be kinda hard to tell the difference. I actually didn’t believe the hair difference was a legit thing before CH129 because it’s never consistent! But turns out it is.

Really it’s as you said: all you have to go by is the hair and their behavior, but sometimes a panel appears like this one:

And you have to stare at it for 5 minutes trying to figure out which boy Yana is showing us. Pretty sure it’s RC! But I didn’t know at first, I have yet to find a panel where I truly couldn’t tell the difference though… for now. Oh sometimes they also have very slight colour differences too, if you look at CH95 you’ll see that RC has a (very subtle) lighter coloured ribbon than OC. However, it’s pretty hard to actually notice that difference!

A picture I drew of Uncle Aax. Sorry if it’s not that good, I tried my hardest. XD Hope you like it. :3


Thanks for the submission!!! awww! It’s so cute! He looks great! A lot different than what I interpreted! But great all the same! If I didn’t suck at art horribly I would draw how I see him but alas I am terrible haha. Anyway, this is amazing and so so cute! He looks like tom! You can tell they’d be related! I love that little attention to detail!

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I'm kind of feeling overwhelmed with what's happening in America right now. There is so much information and so much to support. I'm finding new feminist, lgbt+, and etc. blogs and learning how so many things/issues go deeper than I thought and I am just learning so much. The weight feels crushing. I don't know what to do sometimes. I apologize for the random message, but I needed to tell someone this and you are comforting. Hope you're having a good day/night haha. Sorry again

I agree it can all feel out of your control and hard to help but just the fact that you support minorities & are aware of everything around you is a great start! Don’t let all the negative media however affect your mood too deeply baby :( anyways i love u and i hope you’re alright, msg me anytime

My dad: I can always tell when someone’s queer

Me: oh can you now? >:3c ( in my mind: haha you fool, you buffoon we’ve lived in the same house for 21 years and I’ve still got you fooled. My queer friends have fooled you. My trans friends have fooled you. My datemate has fooled you. You’ve been punked. )


*drops off doodles of the kiddos*

it’s the anti-antisepticeye protection circle!

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9/10 Doctors recommend this as the best method of preventing anti-infestation.

And that 1/10 Doctor definitely should’ve had one when he had a chance!!

Reblog your own anti-antisepticeye protection circle today! :D

*off in the distance* “f*ckin circles…”


Harry and the little sleeping boy. 💛 

“We’re gonna sing, very quietly, You & I.”

Au where Draco commentates a Gryffindor match in 6th year
  • Draco: And here comes the Gryffindor team: Girl #1, Girl #2, two dudes that replaced the weasel twins, the Weasel King, Weaselet, and Saint Potter as captain.
  • Mcgonagall: [squinty chihuahua face]
  • Draco: Players are in the air and the balls are flying. There goes Potter with his stupid hair getting even stupider with the wind as he flies higher and faster than the other players, the bloody show off.
  • Mcgonagall: Malfoy, the game?
  • Draco: Yeah sure, some Gryffindor player passes the Quaffle to another Gryffindor player, who passes to girl Weasel who is intercepted by a Hufflepuff, HAHA how bad can you be to lose the Quaffle to a Hufflepuff?!
  • McGonagall: [raises eyebrows and looks indignant]
  • Draco: Erm anyways nothing much is happening, this is so boring… Look at Potter not doing anything, just there gliding in the air, Famous Potter, everyone knows he just got the Seeker position because he’s Dumbledore’s golden boy.
  • Draco: Oh wait, Potter dives, did he spot the Snitch or finaly found a comb?
  • Draco: [loudly] Don’t fall off your broom now Potter, no need to add another ridiculous scar onto that ugly face.
  • McGonagall: MALFOY!
  • Draco: What? I’m just telling him to be careful.
  • Draco: As I was saying before being rudely interrupted... It wasn’t the Snitch, Potty was probably just showing off, can’t stand two seconds without being the center of attention now can he? I wonder how he can fly so fast with his huge ego weighing him down.
  • McGonagall: That’s enough Malfoy, will you please concentrate on the game? It’s already 74-43 to Gryffindor.
  • Draco: Yeah well, what a shocker Hufflepuff is losing, everyone knows Gryffindor will win, Potter will definitely catch the Snitch sooner or later, don’t know what’s taking him so long though I’d have finished this game ages ago, and HE is the youngest seeker in 100 years, go figure.
  • Draco: Oh no, the huffdypuffdy Seeker, whatever his name is, has eyes on the Snitch. OI SCARHEAD TO YOUR LEFT.
  • McGonagall: Malfoy!! You can’t help the players, that’s against the rul-
  • Draco: [on his feet, flailing like mad] YAS, HE DID IT, THE GORGEOUS BASTARD DID IT [screeches]
  • McGonagall:
  • The audience:
  • The players:
  • Harry:

Does mod g have a crush? who the hell knows

star-child-skies  asked:

I am crying at your wife's comments to your cat, because as someone who loves, and has had cats I understand completely lol. Do you also have a picture of said cat?

Hahaha! That’s the funny thing– I can always tell (because I read the tags like a loser) who has cats and who doesn’t. The non-cat-owners are always like “that’s so mean!?” and the cat owners are like “yeah mine’s a little shit too.” and I know it’s in a loving way haha! 

And yes! Allow me to share our babies with you!!!

This is the cat that my wife usually real-talks. Anything that has to do with heaven or hell is usually directed at this fluffy nugget of screaming joy. Her full name is Miss Clover Cleopatra, but she goes by Miss Cleo or Miss Kitty:

Then this little angel is Lord Byron Fitzwhiskers, more commonly referred to as Cat Cat Byron Cat. He’s my special son whom I adore and would kill anyone to protect. Usually baby just says normal things to him, but any of the quotes that use the word “bastard” are usually in reference to this bundle of love.

Thank you for asking about them!!!! I LOVE MY BABIES.

Unknown: (grab his nose or boop it?)

Yoosung: What are you d– oh!

definitely boop it