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So this was part of a not!fic challenge but it ended up as more of a fic than a not!fic, so I’m posting it here. The challenge was to put a trope in my inbox and I’d tell you about the story I’d write. (Honestly, I’m tempted to adapt this and try to do it as orig fic, haha) So enjoy.

It’s harder than you think to get a job in a little podunk town that’s mostly home to fishermen. Dex takes what he can get, and what he can get is a job dishing out lattes and scones at the little pretentious coffee house that vacationing yuppies love to frequent on their way to Maine’s outlet malls. It’s barely a living, but Dex doesn’t need much.

He serves coffee one day to the preppiest of the prep – a luxuriously coiffed writer who tells him that the coffee shop has the perfect atmosphere for inspiration. Dex snorts. This is a guy who wears his stubble purposely rough, to achieve some kind of effect. He probably wears “pre-distressed” clothing (although right now his outfit’s actually really sharp, with this vest over a fuzzy, tight-fitting sweater.)

The writer challenges him. “Come on, you have to have a little poetry in your soul?”

“I sold my soul for a three-dollar latte,” Dex replies.

The man laughs, and goddamn, even his teeth are perfect.

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Next Ep, probably.
  • Roan: Your move, Wanheda.
  • Clarke: I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my Bellamy go now, that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.
  • Roan: Whoa....chill out girl....this is literally a ploy to get you two to discuss your very real feelings for each other....

justwannaseesomegoddamnlolfanart  asked:

So this is for a school project,as an artist, how much money do you get a month?Also,do you have any side jobs?

Honestly? nothin’ . ㄟ( ・ө・ )ㄏ like 15$ thanks to redbubble. 

imah still a student and i don’t have time for a part job or takin’ commissions .Also i’ll have a huge loan to pay back after i finish studyin’. 

Howeveh,eh. I can definitely tell u i’ll have to get multiple jobs lateh haha //cries// ⋋(‘Θ’◍)⋌ :.。✯*

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A HC where Lilia is supposed to take care of Yurio, but she treats him like a toddler. Like her walking into Yurio's room, taking away his phone and saying "It's naptime", then walking out. Also her trying to spoon-feed him.

HAHA, could you imagine Yurio though? He would be so annoyed.
Lilia does look like the kind of person who would be useless with kids, basically treating anyone under eighteen like a really little kid.

Could you imagine salty little Yurio being told to take a nap? Or being spoon fed? He would be LIVID!

I can imagine him ranting about it to Otabek, going on and on: ‘what the hell is she doing, telling me to take a nap, I’m freaking fifteen, I flew to Japan on my own and won the goddam GPF and she treats me like a baby…“

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I'm perpetually out of the loop these days- what's going on with Matt Daddario and a tweet if you don't mined explaining/telling me where I can find one? Thank you =)

haha there’s nothing going on with Matt Daddario and a tweet. Matt Daddario is enjoying himself on a farm with a 100 cows around him. 

but there’s drama around Matt Hasting (The director of the show) and a tweet that he liked, if you go on his twitter and then go into his likes you’ll find it. 

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I have a secret! Like the book anon, I can easily create a story with Jack, Mark, Ethan etc. when I listen to music! It can be adventures, chill, romantic moments, or sad stuff, I always think about them when I hear one song or another haha ^^

omg. this is what I do. Honestly. If I hear something then I can picture where it would fit in a story. Often my brain will spin an entire day dream off one say which can go on for days.


Oosh out
Thank you for existing

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Okay, but can we stop telling people that they can't love other people if they don't love themselves?? Like, maybe you're fucking working on it? It doesn't just happen over night. It can take years to do that.. Why should you put your life on hold for that? Also, it's your blog. If you want to be considerate of your followers then who are we to judge? It's really not anyone else's business.. They pick apart every little thing you do and it's so annoying. Sorry, that anon made me really mad😂

I am working on it and true it is gonna take a while considering my past, but that’s nothing to do with anyone else and nobody knows how truly deep my scars run, so I really don’t think it’s up for others to comment, so thank you for saying this it means a lot.  I don’t believe in that “no one will love you till you love yourself” bc people do love you even when you’re not v fond of yourself

Sleeping with cross gene

Shin and takuya: when spooning you at night it’s like there another blanket covering you they’re so warm and soft

Casper: you sleep facing each other he has an arm around you and you have an arm around him he says he likes sleeping this way because he gets to see something beautiful when he wakes

Yongseok: even though he’s an ass towards you most of the time you can really tell he loves you when sleeping he has a tight grip around you like he doesn’t want to let go

Seyoung: he would have a tight grip around you and he would also snuggle his face into your neck when waking up its like waking up but in a castle and he’s your prince

Sangmin: I feel like he snores haha so sleeping with him isn’t so peaceful when he’s snoring in your face constantly

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((I'd also like to thank you for that french language chart! though I'd probably be the one weirdo who uses "vous" no matter who I talk to lmao))

(You are welcome ^^

Haha well if you are not sure then it’s better to use “vous” indeed, people will like it better and they will tell you gently that it’s okay to use “tu” if that’s the case (If you always use “tu” then it’s more difficult for someone to ask you to use “vous” ^^)

The only moment when you 100% can say “tu” is if you are talking to a kid ^^

-mod lili)

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From your blog alone, I can tell you're busy and sarcastic. Plus, you have great friends. You're caring as well, with all that you post for other people and have fun with their characters. Just from your blog, the impression makes me want to be best friends with you.

Originally posted by fuckyeahthenotoriousbig

Anon you sound like you’ve been following me for quite a while haha. I care a lot about my friends and enjoy seeing what they do with their creations. I wish i had more time to interact with more people on here tho. Everything’s pretty on point, especially the busy part =3=;

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do you have any idea what boots Jeongguk is wearing during GAYO track 11? I'm wondering because I just bought myself a pair of Redwing Iron Ranger boots two weeks ago... and I can't tell but they look exactly the same. I'm gonna geek so hard if I have the same as him haha

i dont know if those are the ones he’s wearing in gayo track 11 but guess what………he does have a pair and wore them a couple times before they’re so nice (x) (x)


Harry and the little sleeping boy. 💛 

“We’re gonna sing, very quietly, You & I.”

Man, I love Kubo Mitsurou’s (creator of Yuri on Ice) tweets. Like, take this one:

“It’s good that in the venue (ice rink) for the Cup of China, the place from which the skater starts their program and the spot where the kiss and cry takes place are quite far away from each other so that the coach has to run after the performance (to greet the skater). In other venues the exits and entrances can be either close to one another or can be the same place, but it’s the distance that makes the difference.”

(Please correct me if my translation is wrong.)

I love how they thought about the smallest details and the mounting suspense of the fact that Victor would have to run, to somehow decrease the distance between himself and Yuuri which finally culminates in the kiss (and cry haha). They really pay attention to the small stuff here.

You can just tell how much she loves this production and I adore that.


Intuitions are not to be ignored. 

We are not sure what’s wrong. But something is. 

You guys were talking about/reblogging the theory that part of this episode is in Sherlock’s dreams - a recurring dream. Everything is off on purpose and Sherlock tells us that our intuition is right. This isn’t real.

This whole episode is too fast, we can’t even process everything after watching it multiple time. The cases are too fast, the musical score is too fast, everything.

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