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why doesn't lavi just QUIT being bookman and go LOVEE EVERYONE LIKE HE CLEARLY WANTS TO?? MY HEART MAN

Lavi, better known as the polyamorous mess who thinks literally all his friends are freaking gorgeous and he cannot concentrate to save his life.

Everyone is beautiful, and Lavi can’t handle it. XD

Honestly, Anon, I really really REALLY want Lavi to give up being a Bookman and just stay with his friends. You can see how much it hurts him to choose, especially after he’s taken his 49th persona. This poor boy, I just ache thinking about how hard everything must be for him. I just want him to be happy.

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Bob is so sweet and pure honestly. You ship Bellarke? Rock on girl! You ship Murphamy? Yass they are endgame!! You ship Becho? That is a really interesting ship and would be interesting to play! You ship Rellamy? POWER COUPLE OF THE WORLD! Like honestly, he is so supportive and doesn't bash anyone for shipping anything. He acknowledges and supports all of his fans equally and he is just an amazing human. Not to mention his campaign for mental health. If I ever got to see him in person.... gosh.

I knowwwww

I love Bob so much!! He’s just so kind to all of his fans and you can tell he really loves the character of Bellamy.

He’s coming to Fan Expo which I’m going to so I might get to meet him which is super exciting!

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adding on to you having chases powers, you're really enjoying the phantom limbs, so much so that you kinda forget that chase is even there. He's getting more and more irritated because he knows he can fuck you better than those phantom limbs will ever please you. Chase tries to break free from your new magic and easily does it since you're distracted. The next thing you know all the phantoms are gone and you open your eyes to see chases pitch black eyes staring into yours.

and he’s not happy with you teasing him

Sinful Sunday™

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Hi! Can I get a headcanon please? With your headcanon of Sanji being a virgin, what if his S/O blind folded him so he wouldn't pass out but they could still screw and do much more? Thank you!

Omg I love this! Warning NSFW!!

• being blindfolded and laying down on his back is his fantasy.
• he doesn’t want to give you all the control, he’d grab your hips and rock into you.
• he is hella into body worship, so not being able to see you kind of bums him out.
• he still reaches up and connects his lips with whatever part of skin he can.
• he can get really sweaty And the blindfold might get uncomfortable on his face.
• “oh my Y/N! My sweet, lovely Y/N!” He cry as he thrusts up into you.
• afterwards he gives you one of his shirts, and the best aftercare ever

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I love your writing and headcanons so much, do you think you could hmu with something about bossuet? He doesn't get nearly as much love as he deserves imo

You are so right! (And thank you! Both for being so kind and for giving me a much needed distraction.) So Bossuet:

  • Is the definition of happy-go-lucky, even though he is really only half that.
  • Insists every bad thing that ever happened to him has such a solid silver lining it can hardly be called bad anymore.
  • Has enough chill to calm down Joly when he’s anxious, cheer up R when he’s down and distract Chetta when she has a Mood. 
  • Loves cycling. He has a bike with a rack on the front so he can take both Joly and Chetta with him. (Bossuet met Joly by nearly hitting him with his bicycle the week Joly started uni and in avoiding him drove into a sign post instead.)
  • Shares a nice apartment with Joly. (They wanted to drag R along and live all three together, but it was really hard to find something for three people. Bossuet and Joly were still looking when Grantaire announced he had found a loft for himself because he needs Peace and Quiet and Space to be artsy. They compensate by running in and out of each others houses all the time.)
  • Studies law and is actually good at it, but is taking an age and keeps failing classes through no fault of his own.
  • Has a great constitution. Honestly, all that cycling pays off. He’s not as strong as Bahorel or R, but he could probably outlast them when it comes to endurance.
  • Is the ultimate keeper of the peace. It’s really hard to stay angry around him.
  • His parents both live close by, but have been separated for a while. (They’re on reasonable terms by now.) Bossuet visits them both regularly.
  • Works in customer service. Is very good at it. Is even better at telling funny stories about awful and hilarious customers to his friends.

I can’t think of an actual drabble story right now, but I will totally write one if I do. And if you have a request yourself please send it in and I’ll do my best! <3

BTS Reaction | comforting their s/o after pet loss

request: “Hello, just recently my first pet passed away and I’m really heartbroken about it and keep blaming myself and wondering how things would have turned out if I took care of him differently. How would the bts members comfort their s/o?”

Kim Seokjin 

“I wish I could fix this. I can’t bear seeing you crying.” And that’s true. There was nothing he could do to bring your loved pet back but what he can do is to be by your side and give you as much comfort with his presence as he could. “I know your strong, I know you’ll get over this just keep going.” He would pull you into a hug and let you cry, while gently stroking your back.

Min Yoongi

“Do you want to go for a walk? Get fresh air?” He would know that everything around you just reminds you of your loss, so he would try to get you out of here and help you get your mind free. Outside, he would hold your hand, give you his jacket if it’s windy and would listen to you, if you feel ready to talk about it.

Kim Namjoon

“Do you want to talk about it? Or do you want to me to just hold your hand?” He would know that it’s hard to talk about it, if it just happened recently. So he would hold your hand, cuddle you and try his best to make you comfortable again. He would start to talk about something, like about a tv show he saw or his band members to distract you, till you feel okay enough to talk about your feelings.

Jung Hoseok

“We don’t need to talk, if you don’t want to.” He would pull you into his chest, rest his chin on your head and let you cry it out. “We’ll get trough this together, you’re not alone.” Later, when you feel a little better, he would cook something nice for you and watch your favourite movie together.

Park Jimin

He would go get some ice cream and cuddle with you till you feel better, carefully listen to all your feelings and try his best to cheer you up again. “Everything will be ok, believe me.” He would take good care of you the following days and stay by your side, to make sure you’re really okay.

Jeon Jungkook

At first, he would be overwhelmed too. Seeing you cry really breaks his heart so he would hug you tightly and try his best to comfort you. “I know you’re feeling terrible, just know that I’m by your side whenever you need me.” Jungkook would stay the night and cuddle with you till you fall asleep and wake you up with breakfast in bed the next morning.

Kim Taehyung

He would let you cry for as long as you wanted to, even though seeing you cry is the hardest for him. Taehyung would do everything to cheer you up again by making silly things and trying to cook something for you what would end in him having to buy takeout food. “I know I’m not a good cooker but I thought it would be easier, how could I know that it burns that easily?” With his bubbly personality, he would make you smile again.

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serious question, but how angry can he get? like I understand he doesn't do touch or hugs but would he do fist-bumps?

(I really don’t believe people are understanding the problem Bendy has with hugs and touching, even after all this time; it doesn’t matter what the act is, if he doesn’t want it, it’s a violation of personal space. I don’t know how many times I have to say this. He’d shake hands with someone just fine if they wanted to show him respect and that was the implication, but if you see it as a sliding scale of touch and are trying to calculate how “angry” he’d be per physical act, you’re still just using him. Trying to see how much you can get from him. It’s really selfish, gross and just plain weird.

You can’t… approach people that way. It’s dehumanizing. I really hope that you don’t treat the real people in your life like this. He’s not a toy to play with or an animal you have to approach slowly so he won’t bite you. He’s just a person. I don’t know why it’s so hard for so many of you to just simply show him basic respect. He’s more than happy to entertain you, that’s what he loves to do, but he doesn’t exist for your personal pleasure. Why is this so hard to understand? -HG)

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please don't hurt the kitty...

Hey honey, I would never ever hurt this kitty, or any kitty on purpose, ever. This cat is young and very hyper and playful, so when I said I was “spinning him in circles,” I meant that he had playfully grabbed my arm and my sleeve and, with my hand on the ground so I wasn’t tugging him up, I spun my arm around with him grabbing onto it- there’s videos online of people doing this to kitties, it’s very gentle and they aren’t hurt.
I’m very very careful with my pets and I would never purposefully hurt any of them, and I’ve dm'ed people pictures of my pets so if you’ve spoken to me personally you can see how much I love them and treat them like babies.

I’m sorry for the long answer, this ask just really broke my heart, I would never ever do anything to hurt one of my pets and I’m so sorry if what I said made it sound like I was hurting one of them, it’s never something I would do, and this kitty is my baby. Okay bub?
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So um, I know you support the Keith being Korean headcanon so I wanted to ask you this. Keith's father is very clearly white so I dont really see him being Korean, so is there like a conspiracy that he's adopted?? Or what? (I'm honestly just curious I'm not trying to be cheeky or smug I promise tbh I really want Keith to be Korean)

well he can’t be adopted bc he’s actually half galra

but honestly what if his dad is just white passing ??

like 90% of the asians i know dye their hair brown and honestly he pretty much just looks like shiro who’s asian

and also i don’t really remember what his dad looks like 100% so he’s asian in my mind lmao my boi is asian ok

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Lokane - "Don't trust everything you see."

“Don’t trust everything you see.”

“Really?” Jane’s rejoinder is too breathless to be sharp. “Don’t trust the multiverse mirror dimensions and the fact that I can see a world without the color red? Not any other color, mind you…just red. And a world without shrimp? Never mind the fact that a world without red and yet every other color is a scientific impossibility! That’s what I shouldn’t trust?”

“Perhaps we shouldn’t have come. I should have suspected this would be too much for your mortal mind to bear.”

Jane shoots him one of her patented looks. “Listen buddy, my mortal mind is as strong as yours. I can handle this…I’m just struggling with the details.”

They stand in silence for a moment, their still point in the center of six dozen or more inter-connected universe a bubble of calm in a storm of multiplicity. Maintaining that bubble costs him some effort, but Loki has surfed these dimensional waves before. He brought Jane there to marvel at the vastness of creation…but he would have been lying if he did not also wish for her to admire him for his power, his skill.

She raises shaking hands and browses through dimensions as one would rifle the pages of a book. Images fly across the sky; a flock of birds, a bright green eye, a child’s weeping face. Jane slows. It is overwhelming, even for him. Tears well in her eyes, dancing with colors from the light of many, many stars.

“Loki, this…this is…”

He strokes a tear from her cheek. It is hot and alive under his thumb, like her skin, like her wide, wide eyes. She turns from the sight of infinity and touches his hand with trembling fingers.

“Thank you. I can’t…I don’t…” it is so hard for her, his Jane, to be in one place and let herself stay. He can taste her need to quantify what is happening, her experiences, her emotions. Her eyes cannot connect with his; they are darting from sight to sight, spilling more tears down pale cheeks.

Then, she stops. She focuses.

On him.

“Thank you.”

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Hey DW, I just wanted to pop in real quick to clear something up with the whole wolfsbane/aconite thing in TW. Technically the show did address the plant's toxicity with humans in Season 1. After Derek had accidentally clawed Jackson in the neck and he started having the various hallucinations he went to see a doctor (Posey's dad) and was told he had aconite poisoning. That combined with all the other info led Jackson to werewolves. Part 1/?

Now that is probably from the dropped Jackson is a Hale storyline though. Plus you can’t really credit Teen Wolf with planning things out. As far as Victoria goes, I swear that woman is a masochist (sadist?) because in the scene with Scott she tells him how much she likes the scent, it gave the impression on regular use in a diffuser type device. Also, remember how quick she was to injure herself to get into a situation where she could question Mama McCall? Victoria was scary. Thanks! Part 2/end

Oh, I have no doubt that the wolfsbane stuff with Jackson was all about the dropped Hale story line. 

Why did Derek even have wolfsbane on his claws though? And if Jackson was a human, any contact with it should have straight up killed him. TBH, i have no idea what inhaling aconite smoke would do, but humans can die just from having skin on skin contact with the leaves, let alone actually ingesting the stuff. 

Even a mild dose of aconite can kill a human within an hour. You really don’t want to fuck with the stuff. I refuse to believe that Victoria’s been smelling it! It’s not a question of being badass–Victoria certainly wasn’t afraid of anything–it’s a question of the sheer toxicity. 

Just another moment, I guess, where access to google might have really, really helped the writers out! 

Apparently there is such things a as good luck, I actually got something done for Spacedogs Week, and am crying tears of joy!!


A man, drunk and slow, stumbles his way out of a bar. He doesn’t pay attention to the faces around him, or the people he pushes past. What he does know is that he needs to piss, and he’s climbing up the ladder to the roof. Oh, well. Not like anyone is going to be up there anyways. He grunts, pulling his own body weight onto the roof, huffing a little as he sits up. He really has to piss.

Stumbling to his feet, the drunk makes his way to a corner of the roof, then pulls his pants down a little so he can piss. Sighing in relief, he doesn’t notice the small footsteps behind him, although he does hear a voice.

“It’s sad to see how much light pollution there is now. You can’t get a really good view at the stars…they say Ursa Major is supposed to be out tonight. Although, their calculations are off by a couple of weeks, they get the hang of it soon.”

The drunk stumbles a little, before turning to see someone sitting on the ledge of the roof. ‘What the fuck is this guy doing? Shit. Is he gonna jump?!’ The drunk starts to panic a little, but is startled again by the stranger sighing to himself.

“Hey, kid…why don’t you just come over here, get away from the ledge.” the drunk says, motioning for the stranger to come towards him.

“Are you David Reeds? Leader of the human trafficking on the Lane Street? Kidnapping young kids, and woman off the street, drugging them and then selling them? That’s not very legal, Mr. Reeds.”

“Wh-Alright, kid, who the fuck do you think you are. FBI? Well, I’ve got a little friend for you, ya little fucker.” David sneered, grabbing for the gun in his back pocket. No, one was gonna take him in, he was paid good money for his job and he was not not gonna let himself get caught.

“That won’t be necessary, Mr. Reeds.”

Suddenly, in a flash, David felt himself falling backwards. His body slamming into gravel beneath him, he couldn’t breath air was a loss, something sticky was flowing on his chest. When he lifted his head up he screamed, only for nothing to escape as he watch pale hands pull his own lungs out of his chest. He watched in pain, in silence, and when he died the last thing he saw were blue eyes, and the night sky.

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I have a question. I am a roleplayer and I found interest in your Dadsona, Vince. The question is, is it alright if I by any chance can roleplay as his son, Damian if we credit you? I understand if you wouldn't like that, but if it is alright, could we by any chance get a bit more information on him?

I have a bit mixed feelings to be completely honest but if you credit me I see no harm. (: 

Sadly I can’t tell you that much about him as I haven’t really started to flesh him out as a character but I can say a couple things: 

- he likes his dad a lot and takes care of his sister when he’s working
- he bugs vince a lot to teach him how to cook more things
- he does that bc he wants to help when vince is having crazy shifts to take the cooking for the family off of him
- acts tough but is actually a sweet kid 
- when he’s thrown in a crowd he can be pretty open and socialize pretty well 
- his wardrobe consists half of the old-add band-shirts his dad used to wear in his youth 
- paints his nails black regularly and also paints his sister’s nails when she finds new colors bc he already has experience with it HEH
- usually he wears his hair open but at home either a bun or he braids it really messily 
- he can be surprisingly dismissive and lazy about things he has no interest in (even if it’s school stuff) 

You know, for all I really love the episode “Crystal Venom” I can’t help but see how rough it was on Lance. And he doesn’t hide it, not one bit. It starts with getting locked in the healing pod, he obviously isn’t very thrilled about that. But we get to see how much it really affected him once he gets out of it:

He’s on an alien ship with fancy advanced tech that just froze him and locked him away. And he’s Lance, he can roll with the punches, but that’s a little much. He’s fine as long as Coran talks to him, but as soon as he leaves he just-

-and runs. He’s still hugging himself when he walks along the halls of the castle before the lights go out:

And I don’t even need to provide screenshots from how freaked out he was when that happens, we all remember that. But while he’s screaming for help there are moments where he looks positively defeated - he genuinely thought he was going to die there:

Once Keith saved him, he just sits like that for a while:

Close to the ground where the wind can’t reach him, legs still in position to run away. Just looking at that I can feel how shaky and weak he must be feeling. And once he meets Pidge and Hunk, he actually legitimately gets angry at them for “floating around” while the castle was trying to kill him. He’s agitated, he’s shaken up, he is fucking done with everything:

But the most important part is probably when they run to Allura after the alarm has sounded. He has reached his limit, he is done, he can’t deal with even more weird stuff that’s trying to kill him. As soon as he catches sight of a pretty much sleepwalking Allura, he hangs back:

No more. Lance loves his friends, he has proven in the exact same episode still that he would run down a haunted hall to save Coran - but that turned out to be a trap, so he’s not taking any chances anymore. He is scared enough that he doesn’t join the other paladins in running forward to help Allura. And once he finally tentatively catches up-

-he’s still in the very back, body turned away, ready to run. Just. I hope he got a lot of sleep after this episode was over, he deserves the rest more than anyone D:

jungkook does this thing i really love, and it makes me very soft, and is actually reason #1 why i adore this kid: he actively listens when people talk. like he turns as much of his body toward them as he can, and he makes eye contact, nods, tilts his head; you can see him considering what the other person is saying, and in that moment that person, whoever it is, is the most important person in the room to him. i just am so soft for the way he pays attention to the people around him.

Victor’s Bad Days...

Yuuri will easily come right out and say it.

Some days, Yuuri Katsuki does not want to get up. He doesn’t want to exist, he wants to disappear and never be seen again no matter how wonderful his life may end up. People close to him have known about his anxiety episodes for years. The closest of those people know how to deal with it; when to give him space and when to support him.
He’s satisfied with that group and knows how to cope on his own, accepting that those bad days do not define him. Everyone deserves to take time off sometimes to just breathe…

Everyone, Victor thinks, except himself.

He won’t admit it to anyone, even himself, that a Living Legend can have bad days.

When those days would come before, he’d shut his mind off and focus solely on his skating career. It’s not like he was close enough to anyone for them to notice that something may have been “off”; all his rink mates saw him as a man married to the sport and considered his aloof behavior normal. Little did they know how often Victor wished someone, anyone, would just tell him that he’s not okay and that that fact was okay.

The only person who undoubtedly can see right through him is Yuuri Katsuki, and he always knows when he’s having one of those days. It can be frustrating for someone so used to being alone, but he’s learning to accept the concern and open up a little more when he feels depressed.

Still, it’s difficult, and he almost always denies the real problem.

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Natsu didn’t friend zone Lucy!

I’ve seen lots of debate in the fairy tail tag today over whether NaLu is actually canon or not, so I wanted to share my opinion!

*WARNING: This is a long one!*

Personally, I believe NaLu is canon, but not in your stereotypical “I love you” “I love you too” confession and makeout session kind of way. Ever since Natsu and Lucy first started acting like a couple and were shipped, we know that the pair have zero experience with love. Neither have ever been in a relationship, and therefore don’t really know how to act when confronted with the idea of one. Lucy has a slim idea, after her early fantasies of a “knight in shining armour” figure, however Natsu is completely oblivious. I think Natsu and Lucy both share an idea on what love is, but neither can properly tell when they are in love unless when the moment is right.

So here comes Chapter 545! Of course Lucy got incredibly emotional when thinking back to the jobs:

Which is only natural, the poor girl has been through so much and just at the thought of going on another job brought back so many memories and tears to her eyes.

So what does she do?
The only thing she can do:

Embrace and thank the man who made it all possible; Natsu.

At this moment, with all the memories flooding back into her, Lucy is finally coming to terms with her feelings for Natsu. She loves him. She loves him out of pure gratitude for everything he’s ever done for her, and for being her first ever friend. As Lucy said herself, if she’d never met Natsu, none of her life would have been possible; she wouldn’t have joined Fairy Tail, she wouldn’t have made friends, she wouldn’t have grown stronger, and she probably wouldn’t have won the best writer award!

And Natsu knows this.

Of course initially he pulls his signature “o shit” face because Lucy is crying and he’s not really sure what to do. 

But this isn’t necessarily a look of “o shit” because he’s uncomfortable or feels awkward. Both him and Happy look incredibly concerned, from their creased eyebrows to the bead of sweat dripping from them. So why is he pulling that face? Because he is confronted with love.

As I said before, Natsu has had no experience with love before, therefore when Lucy hugs him and tells him how much she appreciates him, he doesn’t know how to react.

Now, the next part I think is the most important:

Of course Natsu has never been one to give Lucy any form of personal space, and here is certainly no exception. But this scene is different from all the others. Natsu respects Lucy more than anyone else in the guild, therefore if he were to tease her or invade her personal space, it’s purely in a jokey scenario. This scene here though? This isn’t a joke. Natsu and Lucy are being serious. So that merely means that Natsu leaning in is not a way to tease her, he is being serious with her, a trait rarely shown by the dragon slayer unless in combat.

Now, you’d all be lying if you said you didn’t think Natsu was going to kiss Lucy on the next page, because at this point I was screaming at him to kiss her and this is the point most people believe Natsu rejected Lucy. But in my opinion, it’s the complete opposite.

As I said, Natsu has had no experience with love, so the time he is actually faced with it (right now), he’s not joking around, he’s not teasing, because he has finally realised how Lucy feels. Granted I don’t think he’s absolutely certain, and here’s why:

When Natsu leans in - I promise this isn’t my NaLu senses taking over - I believe he was actually planning to kiss her, like many of us hoped. However, I think he changed his mind at the last minute, purely because he doesn’t want to hurt Lucy. He knows she’s in a vulnerable situation, and he would hate more than anything to make her more upset and tearful than she already is. Natsu knows that he loves Lucy, and is starting to think she returns those feelings, but he doesn’t want to confess when she’s in such a state and all emotional. He doesn’t want to hurt and/or confuse her.

Now let’s discuss Lucy’s feelings towards all this. Throughout the entire Alvarez arc she’s being toying with her feelings towards Natsu, as to whether they’re strictly platonic or whether there’s something more. This is the point where she’s considering perhaps there is something more. She’s so overwhelmed with gratitude and emotions she’s finally putting two and two together and deciding she is in love with her best friend. When Natsu leans in, she thinks he’s about to kiss her. How do we know?

This. The face she makes. You can interpret this however many ways you like, I’m definitely not saying mine is the correct way, but I’ll explain my theory.

Lucy’s contemplating her feelings again when she says “Wait”, but stops in the middle of her sentence. Why? Because she’s panicking. She - much like Natsu - has never had any experience with love, never had a boyfriend, and never had her first kiss. She thinks Natsu is going to kiss her, so what does she do? She closes her eyes and leaves her mouth open. She’s waiting for him to kiss her, so she can properly decide how she feels. She wants Natsu to kiss her.

Need more evidence?

She thought he was going to do something interesting.

What kind of interesting thing were you thinking, Lucy?  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

However, what really ties the knot, (see what I did there), about Natsu’s feelings towards Lucy is this:

He wants them to be together forever.

Natsu and Lucy wouldn’t have a stereotypical love confession because they are not a regular couple. Natsu saying he wants to be with Lucy forever just about proves that he loves her. And let’s not forget who else said they wanted to be with their significant other forever:

And who are together and trying for a baby in the final chapter?

From the words they speak to the expression they make, Natsu in no way friend zoned Lucy.

I believe he confessed to her, but in his own sweet, dense little way! He’s too inexperienced to know how to properly confess, and although he initially considered kissing her, it’d be far more like him to aggravate Lucy but confess his love at the same time. After all, he can’t resist teasing her!

Hopefully this put some of your minds at ease, let me all know your opinions and theories, I’d love to hear them! <3