not that they're dumb right now

  • GMW Writers: “Riley and Lucas will go through what we hope will probably be one of our most important lessons.”
  • Me: Finally! I sure hope its the lesson where Riley tells Lucas that two people dont tease and bully each other when they like each other because that's really toxic for kids to watch, right? And the sub-lesson where you don't date a girl and then tell your bro you think said date's friend is “a blonde beauty” because that's kinda shitty. And the extra special part of the lesson that you can't expect a girl to go to a dance with you just because you kissed her because something that happened in the past is not consent. God, those lessons are super important. Can't wait to watch LUCAS grow up ;-)

June 26 || 1:20 AM Hello again!! It’s been a while since I posted something. The end of the year was crazy! I finally got home this week. Let the summer studying begin!! Also that’s my makeshift planner because my computer is being dumb right now, so far it’s been working out great! Maybe I’ll make a printout later :)