not that they're dumb right now

Don’t you just love that scene where after the boys get back from Wills “Funeral” and Mike was explaining to Eleven about the acrobat and the flea, and talking about the gate and figuring it out, and Mike being the smart geek he is just like “How would Will get there right?” And Eleven slowly says “ri-ght” like she’s thinking (I have no fucking idea what you just said Mike. I know nothing about this whole science bullshit) I honestly don’t know why but that scene is just so cute.

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T my old job we had these things called fried clam strips. Pretty self explanatory, right? One day this couple comes in, in the middle of dinner rushy, and asks me what fried clam strips were. At the time i had just stasted and it was my first job, so i was a little flustered. So i look her in the eye and said, "they're strips of fried clam" and everyone who was working heard me say that so for the rest of the shift they made fun of me. In all fairness it was a dumb question..

Well, damn, now I’m hungry. lol -Abby

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I think some people are being extra nasty towards Reylo shippers because they're feeling threatened. Back in Dec 2015, Reylo was hated, but it was also largely treated as a stupid crack ship to make fun of and lecture "lesser" fans about. Now? Reylo actually has a good chance of being canon and Reylo shippers have canon sources to back up their theories. Reylo's popularity has risen too. I think ant/is are getting scared that it's not a dumb crack ship anymore and lashing out because of it.

You’re right, you said it all. Now that we’re getting closer and closer to TLJ there’s panic in the air.

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honestly i think harry is dragging antis at this point and they don't even realise they're being dragged like lmao all those headlines about him talking about his exes to nick and then all they got is the vaguest "umm" unrealistic answer about dating. harry's truly out there going stfu antis y'all dumb every day.

things can’t be too good in anti land right now harry is stepping all over their already withering crops


Based on a conversation between leviathanteacups and myself earlier this evening. I TOLD YOU I WOULD DO IT.

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hlp the epilogue just started playing on my computer and now im listening to every version i have (there are seven) pls happy headcanons where no one dies and they're all just dumb happy college kids

Pppfftt I’m so sorry this took so long!!

  • The first time Grantaire saw Enjolras, he was trying to give away leaflets about student rights and living conditions in uni residences. Grantaire took a flyer cause a) Enjolras didn’t really give him a choice, the bastard has one well-oiled crab dance to get you from the side and b) He’s Sriracha hot. Thing is, Enjolras came every day to give the same leaflets and every day R took one. Turns out Grantaire made a magnificent collage on his wall out of the 84 flyers. The first time Enjolras stepped foot into R’s room, he gaped at the thing for 5 solid minutes. That earned Grantaire the most intense make out session of his life
  • Bossuet met Joly in a bar. Joly was celebrating his first med school year graduation, which involves being hammered as a nail. They flirted all night but never exchanged names. Joly fell asleep in the midst of giving his number to Bossuet, so Bossuet asked for his name and all that Joly moaned was : “the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell“. Long story short : Joly was “mitochondria” in Bossuet’s phone for 2 months
  • Feuilly didn’t get enough money to pay for hot water at the end of the month so he used the uni gymnasium’s showers instead. Except he didn’t expect to step into a sausage fest of after-rugby-backrubs. And it’s very hard (aHEM) to focus wit hot water running down your skin and well defined meatstacks all around. His vision a bit blurred by the steam, he took the first towel available and started to wrap himself up but he heard : “"That’s my Beyoncé towel you’re stealing there Nutmeg!“. It was, of course, Bahorel

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Soft dex who, once he got a good friendship with nursey, opened up to him and just talked to him about everything like nursey was so shocked at how sensitive he was when he opened up, he crawled into nurseys bed one day and put his forehead on nurseys shoulder and was like "why are dogs so good and pure" and was truly distressed and nursey was like "!?????? Oh my god?????" I bet they have had sleepovers and when it's like three am and they're buzzed on boxed wine that have deep convos about life

excerpt from Breakfast and Boxed Wine, a fic I’ll never write:

“Remember when I told you the first time I watched the Breakfast Club I thought it was dumb?” Dex says, even though Sixteen Candles is on the screen right now. Nursey nods anyway.


“That was a lie. I didn’t even sleep that night cause I was so worried over whether or not they would’ve talked to each other on Monday, y'know?”

Derek feels his Adams apple bob in his throat as he swallows and says, “Yeah, I know.”

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Ooh but if they HAD kept Rowanstar a girl and do exactly what they're doing right now to him, wouldn't that make female leaders look weak and dumb? To the clans, I mean!

oh no,….imagine having….well rounded characters….bad female leaders….good female leaders….imagine

Three kinds of Kingdom Hearts fans right now
  • <p> <b>1:</b> Unchained is dumb and probably won't add anything to the plot. All I want is 3, I don't play side games they're dumb and unnecessary.<p/><b>2:</b> Unchained is so cute! This is my avatar and they have such cute clothes! It's really fun!<p/><b>3:</b> I have no friends left. I lost my job. I sold my family for gems. People have died.<p/></p>

June 26 || 1:20 AM Hello again!! It’s been a while since I posted something. The end of the year was crazy! I finally got home this week. Let the summer studying begin!! Also that’s my makeshift planner because my computer is being dumb right now, so far it’s been working out great! Maybe I’ll make a printout later :)

Quotes for the signs from the Cry Baby album
  • Aries: I don't give a fuck about you anyways Whoever said I gave a shit about you? - Play Date
  • Taurus: I love everything you do When you call me fucking dumb for the stupid shit I do - Training Wheels
  • Gemini: You won the spelling bee now, But are you smarter than me now? - Alphabet Boy
  • Cancer: Cry baby, cry baby I just let them drown - Cry Baby
  • Leo: Do you like my cookies? They're made just for you A little bit of sugar, but lots of poison, too - Milk And Cookies
  • Virgo: Uh-oh, there it goes, I said too much, it overflowed Why do I always spill? - Soap
  • Libra: Right, right when I'm near, It's like you disappear, Where'd you go? - Carousel
  • Scorpio: Someone told me stay away from things that aren't yours But was he yours, if he wanted me so bad? - Pacify Her
  • Sagittarius: I'm peeling the skin off my face 'Cause I really hate being safe - Mad Hatter
  • Capricorn: Can anybody hear me when I'm hidden under ground Can anybody hear me when I'm talking to myself? - Tag, You're It
  • Aquarius: Pill diet, pill diet, if they give you a new pill then you will buy it If they say to kill yourself, then you will try it - Sippy Cup
  • Pisces: I'll cry until the candles burn down this place I'll cry until my pity party's in flames - Pity Party

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I'm saying exactly what you just did "This isn’t a case where an intrepid reporter is out there doing the legwork. This is the Hollywood PR/gossip machine at its finest." They're regurgitating press releases. That's all TMZ does. It's an aggregate of paparazzi videos where their camera people ask celebs dumb shit, press releases, and stories picked up from other gossip sites, with an added bonus of ~newsroom discussion while Harvey slurps Starbucks. I'm not underestimating. I know how it works

Yes, TMZ has never broken a story. You’re absolutely right. They’re just regurgitating press releases. They’re right up there with Inquisitr. 

If you couldn’t detect it, that was sarcasm btw. 

Anyway, if they’re just regurgitating press releases, apparently they’re regurgitating Louis’ right now. Wonder what his next few are going to say?

agent may,

you look nice today. the enclosed is a cd lovingly professionally prepared by us for the team to enjoy. we believe a good mix played over the loudspeaker before missions would greatly boost morale. and since the p.a. system is in the cockpit and fitz is too scared UNWILLING to mess with it without your permission OUT OF RESPECT NOT FEAR, we are submitting this to you for your approval. did we mention you look nice today?

love respectfully,

trip & fitz

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Imagine spamming Woozi with pictures of cute baby animals just because you find them adorable.