not that they wouldn't but


i think it’s time for people who prefer drake or hana to get the option to tell liam about it, and it’s not because i don’t like him and i’m tired of the forced scenes with him (but that too tbh xD) but mainly because i don’t want the ending of book 2 like: 
liam: we can finally be together, my queen!!
mc: about that… i forgot to mention i realized i don’t love you, and actually i’m in love with your best friend!! 
liam: oh… cool :’D 

it’s really not fair and i feel like the worst person every time he invites mc to those secret dates and she’s like “i’ll think about it” but she NEVER GOES BC SHE’S HAVING FUN WITH DRAKE akfkahghg h e l p 

If Taylor doesn’t bring the choir to SNL or to the Grammy’s in February and destroy this song with big vocal accompaniment someone will have not done their job.
—  Joe Coscarelli, NYT pop music reporter, on Don’t Blame Me (x)

Aight, I figured out led the assault on Phantomhive manor, or at least was apart of it. This girl right here:

She was staring right at Tanaka in this chapter, and with all the time we seen her she’s only been around him. I think she could have been the knife guy who attacked Tanaka, or at least, may have been the first to attack him (she’s also a chef? So that grants her easy access to knives). I also assume that this guy was also apart of the assault:

The way he’s positioned like that, found by o!Ciel right after he found his parents laying on the ground dead, makes it seem like there is more to this guy than shown. I mean, look at him:

Shadowed? In a panel? That spells evil. When Tanaka was being attacked, he told o!cCel to look away since “it’s too awful for you”. If it was the servants leading the attack, then it would be such a tragic betrayal to Phantomhive family, that Tanaka would avoid saying who it was to o!Ciel later, not wanting to hurt the boy further.

  • Yukimura: Hey wanna hang, Sasuke?
  • Sasuke: I’m busy.
  • Yukimura: You’re not allowed to be busy you’re my only friend!

Me: Wouldn’t it be fucked up if Real Ciel has the ring, but eventually, within the month he was captured, he couldn’t hide it anymore– so he swallowed the ring to keep it safe, and that’s partly why he was stabbed or something? lol! and our Ciel had to wear it afterwards, haha 

Real Ciel: Who Stole the candy from my tummy?

Me: *hysterical* WOULDN’T IT BE FUNNY ?!

hey guys, i was planning on doing a long ass post about this, but i’m already known for Oversharing and i’m not really sure how to do this.

anyway my name is now Milo