not that they ever would because they love each other too much

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Hello! I just found your blog and I already adore it, so, if it was okay with you, could you write headcanons about the RFA+V+Saeran with an MC who loves giving hugs and being hugged? (if you don't want to do this request, it's okay, you can make your won request and write it, I would love to see anything you write, honestly)

That is the sweetest thing ever oh my goodness. Thank you sooooooo much <3
This is me. I loves hugs. I love hugs a lot. I’m a hugger. Kinda explains the url I guess. I needs hugs.

-He’s a hugger too
-You guys are never not hanging onto each other.
-There is never a time you aren’t in each other’s arms.
-And honestly it’s great for both of you.
-He really loves that you enjoy hugging him because he loves hugging you too :)
-There’s been so many incidents at RFA parties where the other members tell you to get a room because you’re just hanging all over each other.
-If he’s having a rough day, remembering that you’ll be at home with arms wide open is the biggest comfort that gets him through the day.
-He’ll just come home and immediately cling to you.
-You don’t mind.
-You guys are like puzzle pieces.

-Yes please
-Give me all the hugs yesyesyesyesyes
-He loves it so much
-He loves when you hug him and he has all of your attention and love because awww you’re so cuuuuute~
-Zen loves it so much that sometimes when he’s busy he just lets you wrap your arms around his neck and your legs around his torso and just carries you around.
-Or he’ll give you a piggyback ride. Either one is okay with him because he just doesn’t want you to let go of him even when he’s busy.
-If you’d be in the way doing that, you just stand or sit next to him and hug his arm which he loves just as much. (did I mention I love arm hugs? because I do.)
-Your hugs are the best hugs and nobody can convince him otherwise. No one else’s hugs make him feel that special.

-Your hugs are her favorite thing in the world.
-She’ll just be going about her day and she’ll feel your arms slowly wrap around her waist and your head gently press into her back.
-It’s just the cutest and sweetest thing EVER to her.
-If she’s in a bad mood, she finds herself missing the warmth of your hugs.
-She’ll come to you with a frown and just quietly ask for a hug.
-You tackle her in the biggest, warmest, most comforting hug ever.
-No more sad Jaehee.
-It’s magical.
-Cuddle sessions are a daily thing, of course, and she looks forward to it all day.
-If you’re not around, she’ll hug one of your shirts or jackets (or maybe just wear them) until you come back. It’s not the same as hugs, but it can suffice until you come home :)

-Everyday, when he comes home from work, the second he steps in the door, you tackle him in a hug.
-It is the cutest thing ever.
-Somedays when he comes home, you can tell by the way he stands gloomily in the doorway that he’s had a bad day.
-So instead of tackling him, you walk over to him and gently pull him into a hug while humming quietly.
-You whisper “welcome home” and rub his back.
-His day is no longer bad.
-Seriously, your hugs could cure diseases. They could create world peace.
-He truly believes that you are actually an angel.
-That’s his favorite thing to call you btw
-Jumin’s favorite pass time? Hugging you.
-His favorite is when you wrap your arms around his torso and rest your head on his chest.
-You’re just so cute and precious it makes him want to never let go of you.

-It made it even more difficult for him to ignore you in that one part of his route because you just wanted to hug him and he really wanted to let you but he couldn’t.
-After that’s all over though,
-He will let you hug him whenever you want.
-He likes having your arms wrapped around him. It’s comforting.
-You’ll sometimes cling to him as he’s on the computer or watching TV with your legs around his waist and your head and arms on his shoulders.
-It’s his favorite cuddle position.
-100% down to be the little spoon when you guys sleep or cuddle. He actually prefers it.
-If he’s ever super busy and you can’t hug him without getting in the way, you just kind of grip the end of his shirt because it’s better than nothing.
-It’s adorable to him.

-It’s so calming to have you clinging to him.
-Feeling you against him is the best feeling ever. He can’t see much and he gets a bit anxious if he can’t feel you with him. Lucky for him, you’re always hugging him.
-He’s always so soft and warm too, and he smells nice, and sometimes he likes to stroke your hair (I really want to hug V)
-Sometimes you just latch onto him and refuse to let go.
-“_____, sweetie, I need to go-”
-He really would rather stay and cuddle you all day but he’s got things to do and places to be.
-You fight him tho
-Like excuse you no you’re staying my arms all day you have no say in this
-You usually win and you hug and cuddle him for as long as you want (which is basically forever)

-You held back when you first started dating because you knew he wasn’t comfortable with lots of contact.
-He warms up to the idea though fairly quickly.
-He never regrets it.
-Your arms make him feel safe. Just something about knowing your body is right by his makes him feel completely at ease, like nothing bad can happen because you’re here.
-If you see him looking sad or angry, you just slowly ease him into a hug and it makes him feel so loved and happy.
-He looks back to those moments and smiles.
-He finds himself needing to be in your arms any time he’s upset.
-Nightmares, intrusive thoughts, anxiety, all that mess.
-You can make all of that go away by holding him in your arms.
-No matter what mood he’s in though, he loves your hugs. They’re the nicest thing he’s ever experienced.

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have you ever written any secret relationship mckirk aus where the relationship isn't actually meant to be a secret but no one knows/everyone thinks they're just pining for each other and if not would you be able to because they're literally my weakness and you write the best things I swear

  • Getting together was never exactly planned. It’s over 5 years of close friendship and then a drunken night or two - or six, and by then Jim was already spending so much more additional time with Bones, they might as well be dating. Though Jim has very little experience with relationships, he finds it’s actually nice to have someone to wake up next to. To have just one person to fall back to. One person to kiss, and Leonard is such a great kisser too. Jim’s never been in love before, but he’s fairly sure that’s what he’s feeling nowadays. It’s weird and pleasant at the same time.
  • The best thing about them being together too is that nothing ever really feels different. They don’t behave differently in each other’s presence, or so Jim thinks anyway. But Uhura sits down next to Jim in the rec room, huddled on the couch to watch a 20th century movie. Uhura’s not giving him the satisfaction of actually watching it, because she’s sitting next to him with a small smile. “So, how about McCoy?” she asks, and Jim turns to look in her direction. “McCoy’s a pain in my ass,” Jim says, though with a small grin. “You two seem closer than usual,” Uhura points out. Jim briefly hesitates, because should he tell her? But then, he has no idea how Bones thinks about telling other people. So he just shrugs it off. “Not really,” Jim says, “I mean, no more than usual?” There’s mostly a lot more sex now, but he’s not about to tell her that. “Well,” Uhura says eventually, “Spock and I are hosting a movie night tomorrow. You should come.” “Sure,” Jim says, “sounds fun.”
  • “Where is Spock?” Jim asks when he gets there a day later. “Oh, he’s taking over Sulu’s shift,” Uhura explains. Jim shrugs that off, but he’s noticing candles, wine instead of beer, blankets on the couch, and there’s a bouquet of fresh roses on the table - though upon closer inspection, they’re really just a hologram. The whole setting seems oddly romantic. When Bones walks in, he sits down next to Jim. With a safe, friendly distance between the two of them, though, and Uhura is eyeing them curiously. “Oh, I gotta go,” Uhura says eventually, “Spock needs my help with something.” Jim frowns at that. “You wanna reschedule?” “Nah,” Uhura says, “you two enjoy the movie. I’ll be back later.” Jim watches her leave, and then turns to look at Bones instead. “What’s that all about?” “I dunno,” Bones says, “but it means more popcorn for us.”
  • Jim watches most of the movie slouched back in the couch, his head resting on Bones’ lap. Bones just runs his hand through Jim’s hair absentmindedly. They don’t really touch the wine at all because gross. But they do eat popcorn, and then a heated discussion about the dumb movie ending. Enough so that Jim sits up straight so he can talk to Bones properly. And then, when Bones is losing his argument, they mostly end up making out for a while. Bones presses him into the couch and Jim happily wraps his arms around Bones’ shoulder to keep him close. By the time Uhura returns, though, they’re just sitting next to each other again. Just quietly talking, though a little closer to each other than before. “So sorry I missed the movie - was it a good one?” she asks, and Bones shrugs. “t Was alright,” he says. The two of them leave together shortly after. 
  • It happens a few more times over the next few weeks. They agree to hang out with friends; and then Sulu suddenly has to leave and the two of them are left alone. Chekov’s called back to the Bridge and somehow refuses to let Jim join him. Uhura cancels a hangout before she even arrives so it’s just the two of them again. Always the two of them. And Jim doesn’t mind, he loves Bones’ company even if he disagrees with him a lot, but it is definitely strange how the others are constantly canceling their plans. 
  • “Spock, what is all this about?” Jim asks when he catches Spock in the turbolift. "To what are you referring?“ Spock asks, "if this is about the reorganized archives, I figured it was about time someone sorted out your logs.” “You sorted out my– no, that’s not what this is about,” Jim says, “I’m talking about all of you abandoning us on nights out.” Spock raises an eyebrow at him, and then he turns his gaze back toward the lift doors. “Uhura seems to think you and doctor McCoy should be closer,” Spock finally says, and now it’s Jim’s time to raise his eyebrows. “Closer?” “Yes,” Spock says, “you can’t exactly deny the lingering looks, smiles, and… touching,” Spock says. Jim snorts, a little confused because surely Bones and himself hadn’t been that obvious about it.
  • But then Bones steps into the lift, too, and rather than actually speaking his mind to Spock, Jim reaches out to grab on to Bones’ uniform. He pulls him in closer, pressing his lips against Bones’ for a kiss. Bones let’s out a noise of protest, but he’s not actually pulling away. Rather, Jim feels those steady hands settle on his  hips, and Bones is definitely kissing him back. “What was that for?” Bones asks when Jim pulls away, throwing Spock a small smirk. “Is that close enough?” He asks, and Spock clears his throat. “I- yes, I suppose so.”

I remember this boy from my elementary school. 
He was really pretty, he looked just like a girl and he was really delicate and had a really kind smile despite the other kids were constantly making fun of him because he was abandoned by his mother. we’ve spent 5 years in the same classroom, but we barely ever spoke to each other. I was the little bookworm,extremely quiet girl that would have done anything to please the teachers. He never did his homeworks, was very loud, and he would do the exact opposite of what the teachers told him to do.
We had nothing in common,despite those moments we shared twice a week, when we had to eat at the school dining hall. We both didn’t like to eat much, and the food there was awful. But while the rest of the class, after finishing their meals, went back to the lessons, we had to stay there, alone, untill we would have finished everything that was in the plate. We would just sit there silently, staring at our unfinished scrambled eggs (but they tasted more like sawdust) untill we ate it out of frustation. 
I remember one day, outside was snowing and this time in front of us there was some of those disgusting fried sticks of fish. They were cold and looked really sad, I looked around me and the boy was crying. He didn’t really make any noise, the tears were just sliding down his cheeks while he was staring at the snow falling down outside the big windows. For a moment i felt really uncomfortable,like an intruder in his private life. I started crying too. He looked at me like he just woke up from a dream, dried his tears with the sleeves of his jumper, stood up, took my plate and throw it out the window. So i run over the window, and looked down shocked: our sticks of fish disappeared and just left some holes in the snow. For some reasons we found it really funny and burst out laughing holding our hands while we were still looking down the window. A teacher came in that moment, she gave us a mark for bad behaviour: “the two students throw their food out of the window and laughed while holding hands. They wouldn’t stop laughing when the teacher scold them ”. That was the first bad mark i’ve ever had in my life and also the first time i felt accepted just for who i was.
We never really spoke again after that day,but i still think about that boy sometimes…

I think a lot about the conversations I would want to have if I saw you again. I think a lot about the things I’d want to tell you.

I’d want to tell you that I miss you so much that it hurts sometimes. I’d want to tell you that I think about you most at night when no one but me can hear the way my breath shakes every time the thought hits that I’ve spent another day without you. Sometimes I think I’m just lonely and sometimes I want to scream because I don’t think I’ll ever love someone the way that I loved you. Sometimes I’m not sure I want to.

I’d want to tell you that I’m sorry that we made so many promises to each other in the light when we never knew if we could make it through the dark. I guess we couldn’t, and I’m sorry for that too. I’m sorry everything fell apart and I’m sorry that it blindsided me so much that I couldn’t see the idea of us lasting but God, I was so scared. You were everything to me and I didn’t know how to handle loving someone so much that every morning felt like a sigh of relief from the loneliness the days used to be. I really tried to give you the world, but it turns out I didn’t even have any skies to give after you stole my heart. Turns out I didn’t even need to give you anything spinning on an axis, because she gave you a whole universe.

I was so sure that you were mine, so sure that I had you and that it was stuck in the concrete and flattened to the permanence of the sidewalk. I was so sure that I never even considered how wrapped around you I was, or how easily you had me sitting in your palm. It never occurred to me that you’d need somebody else’s love, because I was so sure mine was enough to fill the weight of my heart against your sleeve.

I think a lot about the things I’d tell you if I saw you now, but I don’t think I’d get a word in edge wise over the sound of my heart cracking all over again. I’ve never been good at letting go of things, but I swear it would’ve been easier to rip my own heart out than see you love her the way I loved you.

—  Some things you can’t say to anyone but your bedroom ceiling
Fake Chats #100
  • Jungkook: you ever stop to think about how we're always together?
  • Jimin: why would I stop and think about it? I remark on it quite frequently and you never have an answer.
  • Jungkook: isn't it because you like me too much?
  • Jimin: no, it's because you like ME too much and I don't want to deprive you of my company.
  • Jungkook: oh please, you're always hanging on me. Literally.
  • Jimin: and you're always hanging on me. Maybe we both like each other too much.
  • Jungkook: okay, going on with that theory, since we like each other so much, why do we tease each other so much?
  • Jimin: supposedly it's because we're in love.
  • Jungkook: I thought we worked out that we weren't in love.
  • Jimin: are you clarifying or stating a fact?
  • Jungkook: I'm getting a little uneasy, so please do clarify.
  • Jimin: of course I love you, you're my baby, my baby Kookie.
  • Jungkook: okay.
  • Jimin: Kookie.
  • Jungkook: and I love you too, happy?
  • Jimin: Yep.
  • Jungkook: see, this is why people believe we're in love.
  • Jimin: don't care. My baby loves me. Wheee!
  • Jungkook: *under his breath* how am I the baby here?

give me a toxic plot between muse a and muse b. they love each other unconditionally, would do anything for each other but they just ARE NOT MEANT TO BE. MAYBE THEY’RE COMPLETELY OPPOSITE. MAYBE THERE’S TOO MUCH BAGGAE IDK BUT THERE IS JUST SOMETHING ABOUT THEM THAT WONT EVER MAKE IT WORK. THEY ARGUE. ALL THE FUCKING TIME. THEY FIGHT PHYSCIALLY PROBABLY. THEY SCREAM, THEY CHEAT. it’s horrible and there’s always a fight and muse a just feels so broken and alone and doesn’t know what to do, but loves them too much and muse a knows he’s hurting them and ruining them apart, but can’t make themselves leave because they really do love him. and they get into fights and somehow it leads to sad sex like sex is the only way they really know how to make up to each other. and then the next day they try to be cuddly and cute but it’s just wrong and then there’s more arguments and more fighting. 

and one day muse a is just like “I CAN’T FUCKING TAKE THIS SHIT ANYMORE.” and packs up their shit and gets the fuuuuck outta there and muse b is like “AIGHT THEN BITCH BYE BYE HAVE A GOOD LIFE BYE.” and a few weeks go by and they’re both completely miserable. more miserable than before. and they’re trying to avoid each other and muse a find someone else. doesn’t like them at all, just needs someone to fill the hold. and muse b just drinks more and does a little bit more drugs and fucks around a lot more. and one day they both see each other on a date and they’re both kinda pissed but muse b is like LMFAO NOT TODAY BITCH and somehow they run into each other that night and muse b grabs them, throws them into this room and just starts kissing them and they make out and end up fucking against a wall or a sink ( idk they’re in some public place ) and they’re like wow we need each other. i miss you so much. love me. i love you. all that bullshit and they get back to being together and everything’s fine for the first week, but then the cycle starts again. 

and some other angst shit happens that is discussed between the muns 


Okay so I was in the shower right and I believe I’ve come up with the best potential Mercy ship ever, as well as basically the best possible overwatch ship possible.

Right, the two most popular Mercy ships that I know about (and that I love) are with Pharah and Genji. So I would like to introduce you to


A love triangle you say?

No no my friend. In this potentially perfect hypothetical world, instead you have Genji and Pharah being best armoured assault pals who both love Mercy, and Mercy loving them both in return. But instead of a bunch of jealousy and horseshit, you have two totally supportive friends supporting each other in their mutual love.

So instead of a love triangle, you end up with something more like this

Now let’s throw something in there to indicate the friendship between Pharah and Genji. A straight line would probably make it look way too much like a triangle so let’s go with a curve instead.

Yeah there we go. Though I dunno if that really displays how cool those two are with each other. Let’s throw in another curve, only Mercy would kinda be in the way of a curve of the same size so it’s gonna need to go all the way around her. Like them both hugging her at the same time. Embrace the love.

There we go. And just to embellish the fact this is the perfect ship, we’ll throw a sign indicating the fact at the top.


The reason I can’t highkey ship Guts/Farnese is because all everybody talks about is Guts/Casca. I mean…..fuck, poor girl….she likes him but he likes someone else and even if she tells him it’s gonna lead no where. She even helps babysit the woman he loves, I’m sure she gets some comfort from having his gratefulness but if she didn’t I can’t imagine it would be anything but fucking painful to keep caring for Casca.

Sure she might like Roderick but she still currently likes Guts and Guts is too singleminded to actually notice that there’s a rather nice girl pining after him (let’s not get into Schierke’s crush too mkay?).

This is why I say it’s difficult to ship Guts and Farnese together, because the majority of fans are already rooting for Guts/Casca and see them as the perfect couple that deserve each other so much and compliment each other perfectly, they can’t see any other option that’s not Casca and honestly Farnese has her merits too.

She obviously cares about Guts a great deal, she did some crazy bullshit before but she’s come really far in her character development. She’s obviously willing to help out and make herself useful, not just sit around and be a damsel in distress. She’s brave and kind and she’s no longer ruled by her emotions so much. She’s been discreet about her love for Guts and even willing to sacrifice her own freedom to help the group go across the sea to Skellig Island.

Unrequited love is painful. It’s so much easier to just ship Farnese with Roderick or Serpico (which is itself a whole ‘nother can of worms), it’s so much easier to just deny her feelings or wave them off like just a crush but…..she’s gonna be so heartbroken if Casca returns and immediately goes back to Guts.

The squad were saying how they loved that we we’re all so chill and were always mean to each other but no one was ever offended because they know how much they love them. 

 ESFJ: [INTP] is always mean to me.
ESFJ: *starts dying of laughter*
INTP: *laughs too but is also genuinely confused*

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what do you think alec loves most about jace? what made alec fall in love with him?

first of all Jace is pretty wonderful. he’s a great warrior with virtually unmatchable skills, the looks of an angel and a heart of gold. so at first sight Jace Wayland is pretty much perfect, but if you get close to him, if he lets you in and you get to see behind the cockiness and the bravado and the tough act he puts out to the world you’ll see the cracks in that armor, you’ll see that Jace is damaged. he was raised a warrior too soon, taught love is a weakness and death a glorious send off, he was abused by a father he also devoted himself to and he had all the reasons to break because of that, all the reasons to be cold and ruthless and mean, but he never did. i think at the end of the day what Alec loves the most about Jace is his fire, this passion, resilience and absolute refusal to give in or surrender. Alec is not a passionate man, not the way Jace is, he’s used to repressing his feelings while Jace feels everything so intensely and is still, somehow, able to fight and exist and push through. they say we love in other all that we are not and the fire and courage he sees in Jace is something Alec not only admires but something that gives him a reason to feel that intensely as well, regardless of how wrong it is.

as for what made Alec fall in love, I guess it was the way Jace saw him, the fact that he saw him at all. you see Alec wasn’t particularly skilled, he wasn’t talented like Jace or smart like Izzy and everything he achieved has been through extreme hard work and hardly enough to quench his low self-esteem. so he saw Jace, golden and wonderful Jace, and he realized how being close to someone so brilliant made him pale in comparison, how even his parents were more impressed by Jace than he felt they would ever be by him, and he believed that, he believed like everyone else did that Jace was better than him. the one person who didn’t believe that was Jace himself. Jace who insisted on training with him, on befriending him, Jace who asked him to be his parabatai because despite everything he was taught about love being a weakness still believed that they would be better together, that Alec made him better. Jace believed in Alec more than Alec had ever believed in himself and that was the reason Alec fell in love with him.      


now the thing i have feels about is that ben and bea were only dating for like three months before they realized ben was going away to school and bea was (eventually) going to travel the world, and their reaction to realizing they would have to contend with distance was NOT “we’re young teenagers at a tumultuous time of life and long-distance is unrealistic, let’s break up.” Oh no. They are WAY too stubborn for that, so instead they both went “wow we’re in love and there’s no way I’m breaking up with you now, long distance is clearly the only option” and proceeded to actually STAY TOGETHER for almost a whole year while living in different cities. They never ever lose touch, they literally Skype every single day, and when they’re not on Skype they still never shut up about each other. They make it through the rules and a near-breakup and still decide to travel the world together, because that’s just how serious they are about working on this relationship. At like 19 years old. And then they stay together for the entire rest of their lives, according to the headcanons of tcw, the actors, and also shakespeare himself. THAT is how committed to each other my otp are. they completely adore each other. they are so in love. incredible. 

For the love of Lightis❤💙

Noctis being the shy cutie he is would most likely be the one guy that always stares but turn when you catch them

I think he would at first find lightning bossy and boring because she doesn’t joke around like he does.

Noctis would love her strong personality and as he watches her,she helps him to mature too.

Noctis and Lightning will absolutely clash at first because they would misunderstand each other’s personality.

Lightning would think that Noctis is a “spoiled cocky jerk that’s always trying to act touch.” She would be annoyed with his “cool guy” act and totally call him out for it.

It would take the Chocobros to make these guys stop with the petty arguments. Who ever starts it has to help Ignis cook.

As much as Noctis is annoyed with her, he can’t help but realize how beautiful and amazing she is. He wouldn’t state that at first but the guys start to see him act a bit more”manly” around her.

He’ll show off, gets pissed at guys that stare at her too long and/or try and flirt with her, get all protective of her and do some embarrassing things too. ( I mean it’s Noctis. He’s gonna do something dumb while trying to impress her.)

Lightning would get to see how much of a dork Noctis truly is and deep down may find it pretty cute. She would tell him that “He’s just dork but is still spoiled nonetheless.”

I picture them slowly starting to get to know each other and actually enjoying their company.

I absolutely see Noctis falling first and he wouldn’t be good at hiding it ( is he even trying to?)

They’ll be friends but the Chocobros will know that Noctis would like to be more than that and they may “help”him.

Gladio and Prompto would try to give him pick-up lines that just doesn’t work coming from Noctis. I can see him trying to use one and getting absolutely embarrassed.

“Hey Lightning, I was struck by your electric personality and stunning beauty. I promise to treat you like a princess. So why don’t you just Noct yourself out and give my a shot?” He says with instant regret thinking of ways to kill prompto. Que The classic Lightning stare and head tilt.” Are you trying to get on my bad side?” She’ll ask in an annoyed but almost amused tone before walking away.

I keep thinking about what HoO would have been like if Piper had figured out her powers, or at least gotten better control over them, before heading to the wilderness school. Because imagine Piper, who hates her beauty because of how people see her for it- who hated the idea of toying with other peoples emotions, trying to suppress the ability to make other do what you want. A Piper that would have spent the first book barely speaking not because she’s afraid of forcing them to do things against their will.

A Piper that promises never to use her powers on Leo and Jason, even if she’s going to have to betray them to the giants because they’re the first two people really there for her. A Piper who is afraid to tell Jason how she feels because it will force him to feel the same way. A Piper who uses her powers to bring Jason back to life and feel so guilty and relieved because of it.

And imagine jasiper. Piper who doesn’t speak and uses body language and gestures and Jason ‘Raised By Wolves’ Grace who understands. Not just what but why. So they build themselves a language of touch and gesture and knowing each other so well that they never have to speak. So Piper never has to say the words ‘I love you’ to him, because he knows. He feels it in the way her hand lingers in his, how she curls herself into him, how her fingers play on his arm and chest and back. And how he says it back in the curl of his fingers on her hips, the way his nose presses into her neck and his breath dances on the fine hairs of her neck, and how his eyes never stray from her.

Imagine a Piper that realized how much absolute power she has, and decided to let it go

sunnydaleslut replied to your post: sunnydaleslut replied to your post: …

I find it funny though when people talk about soulless vampire love being “selfish.” Because love IS selfish a lot of the time, soul or no. If it weren’t, then the person in love would be living entirely for another person which isn’t healthy and puts too much pressure on that person.

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeees. There seems to be this perception in a lot of fandom that the only ‘real’ love is totally unselfish, pure, and self-abnegating. That 'real’ love means you never hurt each other in any way, ever. And man, that’s no healthier (or achievable) than the opposite.

Love is selfless, and selfish, infinitely patient and passionately urgent, frightening and comforting, inconvenient and messy and glorious and terrifying. The people you love will drive you crazier and hurt you more than anyone else could precisely because you love them. And at the same time, they will give you more strength and hope and comfort than anyone else, for exactly the same reason.

Love doesn’t fall into neat boxes. It’s as powerful as it is because it rips through boundaries and drives people to extremes, for good and for ill. It’s no coincidence that most of the so-called great love stories end in tragedy. You do not fuck around with love; it’s a force of nature, something to be reckoned with. But if you can befriend it, harness it, work with it, temper it with reason, there’s nothing on earth that can take you farther.
IwaOiKage Headcanons

HQ OT3 + WEEK // Day three // Victory or Loss

Once again I am a little late and this time with some headcanons for victory and loss. Also, this is kind of a continuation of my previous post.

  • Kageyama, Oikawa and Iwaizumi went to different universities, but they still play volleyball and every time they have games against each other mild drama ensues.
  • Iwaizumi has never won any of the official games against Oikawa or Kageyama and he tries to be mature, but he’s actually really salty and frustrated.
  • However, he doesn’t take his anger out on his boyfriends unless he gets teased too much (by Oikawa).
  • He holds one victory over Oikawa in a practice match and he is actually really proud of it, but he can’t admit it because he knows Oikawa would tease him even more.
  • At least neither Kageyama nor Oikawa were ever able to beat him in arm wrestling.
  • The volleyball rivalry between Kageyama and Oikawa is way worse and no matter how much Oikawa loves Kageyama, he is still bitter that he’s less talented than the younger boy.
  • He somewhat got over it and they often practise together in their free time but an official game is still a very serious matter for both of them.
  • In their first game against each other Oikawa’s team won against Kageyama’s team and Oikawa kept rubbing it so much in Kageyama’s face that he didn’t want to share a bed with him for a while.
  • The three of them ended up all alone sleeping in their own rooms because Iwaizumi didn’t want to decide and prefer one over the other.
  • Oikawa and Kageyama reconciled about one week later when Oikawa’s team lost before they could reach the nationals and Kageyama came home just to find him crying.
  • Kageyama laid down next to Oikawa on the couch and cuddled with him. They both fell asleep and only woke up when Iwaizumi came home in the evening.
  • And yet Oikawa only apologised properly after Iwaizumi had scolded him because he hadn’t of his own accord.
  • Kageyama’s team won their second game against Oikawa’s team and Kageyama was really surprised that Oikawa still wanted to go home together with him.
  • When he asked him about it Oikawa said, “I just wanted to give you the chance to go to nationals, Tobio-chan! And with this it’s only two losses and two wins!”
  • Kageyama knew that Oikawa only tried to play his feelings down for the sake of their relationship, so he mostly left him alone for the rest of the day and let him and Iwaizumi share a bed without him.
  • It took around a week until Kageyama was woken up in the middle of the night by Oikawa who climbed into his bed to cuddle with him.
  • Kageyama’s team made it quite far and actually went to nationals. Iwaizumi and Oikawa went to cheer him on as often as possible.
  • Oikawa complained a lot but whenever they were actually watching a game, he was totally mesmerised and Iwaizumi knows that Oikawa secretly loves to watch Kageyama play.
  • They lost in the semi-final but since it was only his first year and he has two very loving boyfriends he got over the loss rather quickly

All I have is my humanity.
I am so soft.
I am so soft.
I am so soft.
I often repeat myself.
As if I am trying to convince myself of what I am saying.
As if I am running from my words but they are stones in my shoes and I am falling after every breath.

Someone told me I should write a book.
I looked at the clouds and counted how many looked like the way your lips would feel across my neck.

I am tearing out pages of the bible and strangling God with prophecy that is my soul.
I know the moon too well for her to spill my secrets.

I thought we would grow old together.
Birth babies like laughter together.
But I am waking up in the middle of the day to see your face screaming voicelessly and I would rather run straight for the fucking edge of this earth than never hear you say my name.

I am shaking, darling.

People are staring at my paranoia and my suffering is so loud.

Last night I had a dream that we were standing in a room of mirrors and I tried to reach for you.

Last night I had a dream that we were standing in a room of mirrors and I tried to reach for you.


Last night I had a dream that we were standing in a room of mirrors and I tried to reach for you.

I could see you cracking open your ribcage and I wanted nothing more than to hide your hands in mine and kiss you back together.
Kiss every broken bone created by you and by me and by me.

I know you are scared of my hands.
They have always been so destructive.
But for you,
I would break them back and make them as soft as Beethoven’s fifth secret.

I know you are scared of my heart.
It has always beat everyone who has tried to turn me into water.
Something that flows so easily.
No rough edges.
No cracked centers.
But for you,
I would break it open and make it as holy as the verses you whispered into me the night you told me you loved me.

—  There is a dream stuck in the head of every lover. A dream of about to be hit. But even God will expose her bones if it means she gets to sleep inside of hands forever.

Being in love with Dean would be a rollercoaster I’d never want to get off.

We’d have trouble sleeping because we couldn’t keep our hands off each other once we managed to find a bed to rest in.

Serious moments would be rare, we’re both too damn funny to take anything too seriously.

Heaven forbid we both get serious about something at the same time. No one stands a chance against us then.

I’d wear jeans and t-shirts on a regular basis and feel more sexy than I ever felt in a dress and heels.

Look out when I wear a dress, though. There would be copious amounts of sex. So, so, so much sex.

I’d never get enough of those sinful lips, looking for any reason to make out or simply steal a quick peck. The minute that tongue invades my mouth, we are getting nothing accomplished for a solid thirty minutes. Period.

Having Dean constantly at war with the need to keep me safe and protect me and simultaneously knowing that I’m perfectly capable of handling my own.

He’d never want to let me go because he’d realize what he had been missing all this time.

I’d be his weakness and he would be mine, but neither of us would have it any other way.

After all, family don’t end in blood.

“Do you think he ever actually
loved me?” She quietly asked.

“I think you both actually loved
each other. I think you were each
others first real love. But there
was one day when I realized you
weren’t you anymore, because of
him. And I think he realised that
too.” He told her.

Confusion was written all over her
face when she asked a follow up
question, “What does that mean?”

“I think he loved you so much that
he had to set you free, and I think
he hoped that the you that went
away, would come back. But you
didn’t come back to him, you came
back to the ones you love and the
ones that love you the most.”

She was dead silent when he
said, “the real loves of your life
were there when you needed to
be reminded of who you were
before him, so please, don’t go
back to him. Because I don’t want
to lose you again.”

—  conversations from a night
I wanted to come back to

“We loved each other so deeply,” she says,

“Our love was something only we’d ever understand. Our friends said it was silly, silly of us to continue running back to each other when we knew exactly how it would end. The same way it always did end. You drowning yourself in liquor and ending up in a new girls bed at the end of the night and me crying myself to sleep. We hurt each other so much, in numerous ways, for a very long time. But it was a special type of pain, the kind of pain you know is going to hurt like hell but you continue to go through with it anyway because it’s worth the rush. He made me feel alive. He did love me, and God knows I loved him too, we just didn’t know how to show it to each other until it was too late.

—  Excerpts of a book I’ll never write