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Ahahaha angst idea for Kabuto-as-kakashi's-long-lost half brother! Look Sakumo didn't mean to. But he was drunk and tired and so very very lonely and she looked so much like his wife and his son who just graduated doesn't talk to him anymore, so he slept with kabuto's mom (who was having fertility issues [really it was her husband having fertility issues, but he blamed her]) and then nine months later, right before that mission having almost forgotten the feeling of niggling guilt, he runs (1/?)

Into this civilian couple and their adorable baby with bone-pale hair who smells like wolves and looks almost exactly like Kakashi as a baby. And they’re smiling, they’re laughing and happy - *kami he has another son and she didn’t tell him; they don’t need him, not even this baby need him he already has parents* and that just adds to the guilt spiral. And then right after he commits suicide kabuto’s parents are killed and he’s left in an orphanage. (Drat just realized this works better if kabuto is born after the mission but before sakumo’s suicide b/c guilt). td;lr Sakumo gets drunk and sleeps with a civilian woman before his disastrous mission, he comes back and sees bby!kabuto in the market (with a family that obviously would have no place for him) which sends him further down his depressive spiral. He later commits suicide not knowing that kabuto’s parents have died and the baby is in an orphanage.

This is more or less where my brain was headed, though minus the angst part of Sakumo knowing. But it makes sense, right?


linstead appreciation week ♡ day 1: most underrated moment

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For a while post-jailbreak seemed like she was more openly emotional, like she smiled more and stuff but you're right it's very shallow. She doesn't get to have "ugly" emotions anymore.

Yeah. I was so in love with garnet being happier and more expressive but if it’s at the cost of her losing her endearing quirks then I’m okay with keeping her serious for the rest of the series


lucaya appreciation week | day three: favorite scene

When he gets kicked in the balls
  • Eren: You'd think that you're with a wild animal if you were to kick his balls. He wouldn't be able to contain himself from yelping and rolling all over the place, since he think that'd distract him from the pain. When he gets back on his feet, he'd start a dramatic monologue about how that was completely rude and uncalled for.
  • Armin: Nothing would be able to calm him down once the pain starts to hit. The whole time, he'd be clutching his area as he screams in pain. A few tears might escape from his eyes, and he'd manage to squeeze out a "please call an ambulance" in between his distressed sounds. Once the pain ceases, he'll just continue to lay down and rest away his trauma.
  • Reiner: He would keep saying that he's okay and there's nothing to worry about, but the tears and redness on his face would scream otherwise. To hid his embarrassment, he'll just try to walk it off and carry on, but the pain in between his legs won't let him. In the end, he'd give up and just accept that he's "injured".
  • Bertholdt: He would only be able to think about the pain, and whatever did he do to deserve such treatment. He wouldn't say much, instead he'd just lay on the ground, and roll over so that his face would be covered. During his little moment there, he may shed a few tears and sniffles, but most of all, he would mumble his apology since he may have triggered such action in the first place.
  • Jean: As much as he's livid and burning up inside, he wouldn't be able to say anything because he could only think about the pain. He would attempt to curse and express his anger, but it would be suppressed by his whines and whimpers. It would take him a good 30 minutes to mope about it before the attacker should start running for his life.
  • Marco: For him, it would definitely hurt, but he'll just assure everyone that he's fine and keep that angelic smile plastered on his face. The kicker would immediately regret it once he/she sees how Marco's hiding the pain with a smile. When no one's looking anymore, he'd limp back to a bathroom and find a way who can take care of it himself.
  • Connie: He would start panicking and running around as he looks for a quick solution to stop the pain. His carelessness may lead him to get into other accidents, but that'd be up to him. Once the pain is over, he would swear on the moon and the stars that he'd definitely fight back next time.
  • Levi: If you were to kick him in the groin, pray that he doesn't grab onto your foot in time... or worse, injure your foot. It would be pretty difficult to hurt him that way, considering he has quick reflexes and all. However, if he's completely caught off-guard and does get kicked down there, his face would still be void of emotion, and he'd slowly sink down to his knees.
  • Erwin: Through his yelps and cries of pain, he'd still scold the attacker. His main concern would be not being able to bear any children, since he was told that getting kicked in that area may cause permanent damage. He wouldn't be able to let this issue slide, and he'd bring it up in every argument because he was that hurt.
What Happens when you kill yourself.

SO MANY PEOPLE I KNOW AND CARE ABOUT ARE TURNING SUICIDAL! I can’t stand it anymore! I was loosing faith to! But I found something that kept me alive for this long! This paragraph broke me in a million pieces. Repost if you feel the same.

You wanna know what happens once you kill yourself? Your mother comes home from work and finds her baby dead and she screams and runs over to you and tries to get you to wake up but you won’t and she keeps screaming and shaking you and her tears are dripping onto your face and your dad hears all the screaming and runs into the room and he can’t even speak because the child that he loved and the child that he watched grow up is gone forever and finally your little sister runs into the room to see what all the fuss is about and she sees you dead. The person she looked up to and loved. The person she bragged about to  her friends, the person she wanted to be just like when she grew up, the person that made her feel safe. But she’s never really going to get to grow up and smile and laugh and love because she’ll always be consumed with this feeling of missing you. And now there’s something missing from your family and they can barely look at each other anymore because everything reminds them of you but you’re gone and hurts more than anything. and you think that your mom never cared because she was always busy and yelling at you to finish your homework and clean your room and forgot to say I love you sometimes but really, she loved you more than anything and she doesn't  leave the house anymore, she can’t even get out of bed and she’s getting thinner and thinner because it’s too hard to eat. Your father had to quit his job and he doesn’t sleep anymore, every time he closes his eyes he sees his baby dead, and the image never goes away no matter how much alcohol he drinks. And at school your best friend sees that your seat is empty and she gets this sick feeling in her stomach and that’s when she hears the announcement. You killed yourself. And suddenly she’s screaming and crying in the middle of class and no one even bothers comforting because they’re all  busy sitting there staring at your empty seat with tears dripping down their cheeks and all she wants is for you to hug her and tell her it’s gonna be okay like you always did, but this time, you’re not there to do it, everything is dark now that you’re gone and her grades are slipping, she barely goes to school anymore and she ended up in hospital after taking too many pills because she wanted to see you again. the girls who used to make fun of the way you dressed feel their throats get tight, they don’t talk to each other anymore, they don’t talk to anyone, they’re all in therapy trying so hard not to blame themselves but nothing works. and your teacher who always gave you a hard time stares blankly at the wall, she quits her job a few days later. And then your boyfriend hears the news and he can’t breathe, he still calls you a lot just to hear your voice and he talks to you on facebook but you never message him back, he can’t fall in love again because every girl he meets reminds him of you, he’s never going to get over you, he loved you and he cries himself to sleep every night, hating himself and slicing his skin because he couldn’t save you and he’s never going to hold you in his arms or hear you laugh again. Now everyone who knew you, whether they were a big part of your life or someone you passed in the hallway a few times a week, they carry this aching feeling around inside them because you’re gone, and they miss you, and they don’t know why you left but it must’ve been their fault and they should’ve stopped you and they should’ve told you they loved you more and that feeling is never going to go away. And so you killed yourself

but you killed everyone else around you too. 

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she's always been a little sharp, like the tang of a citrus treat, but that's okay. she doesn't have to show her defensive claws anymore; now she's leaning on one arm, that teasing glint in her eye with an amused half-smile, and my heart flutters like my fingers do when i reach out to hold her hand

  • Orihime seeing Ichigo finally getting with Rukia
  • Orihime being sad, walking home alone under the rain
  • Ishida running over to her with an umbrella, as he's the only who's noticed
  • Actually, Tatsuki has noticed as well, but after seeing him has decided to leave it for today
  • Orihime turning to Ishida, clearly not understanding, a little tired
  • Ishida saying a few words, smiling, while shielding her from the wind
  • Orihime nodding, with a faint smile of gratitude
  • The two of them walking home together, but just because she keeps forgetting her umbrella
  • And at some point, she's not so sad anymore
  • She can't quite explain why
  • Has it taken days, months, maybe even years?
  • She can't tell
  • And at some point she's forgotten the pain love can cause
  • And she's started to remember to pick up her umbrella before going out
  • But on some rainy days, she purposely forgets it
  • Because the rain is not so bad after all, is it?
  • It doesn't just make you cold or sad, it doesn't make you want to shut in forever waiting for it to stop
  • And neither does love
Most profound conversation I've ever had with a kid about FROZEN and potential HELSA/ICEBURNS:
  • So my mom left me eating in a cafe while she buys some grocery, on the table beside us, there was a little girl (around eight or nine, I think) waiting for her mom who's in a long line, to get their order.
  • Kid: *plays a song from her mom's phone* *song is "For The First Time In Forever"*
  • Me: *mid-way through the song* Hey, that's a really nice song you're listening to.
  • Kid: *smiles* Thank you. I like this song.
  • Me: I'm starting to like it too. *smiles back*
  • Kid: *with wide eyes* Do you know what it's about?
  • Me: No, but I'm sure you tell me. *smiles*
  • Kid: <i>It's about two girls. The first one is singing about how she's not gonna be lonely anymore, and the second one is singing about how she's has to stay lonely.</i>
  • Me: Really? Why does she have to stay lonely?
  • Kid: <i>Because she doesn't want the first girl to get hurt. They're sisters.</i>
  • Me: That's kinda sad, isn't it?
  • Kid: Yeahhh, I guess so. *then she takes on this cute, deep-in-thought expression* <i>But I think she's kinda happier even if she's lonely.</i>
  • Me: Why?
  • Kid: <i>Cause she can do whatever she wants without hurting anybody.</i>
  • Me: Oh.
  • Kid: *shows me a picture from the phone* See? This is the first girl. Her name's Anna. Then this is Elsa. This is Kristoff and he likes Anna like my dad likes my mom. This is Sven, he's Kristoff's best friend. <i>And then this is Hans. He's a prince. But he's really bad. But I kinda like him more than Kristoff.</i>
  • Me: Oh, really? *genuinely surprised* I thought he's bad? Why do you like him?
  • Kid: *stares at the picture for a long time* <i>Cause I kinda think he's lonely and he needs more people to love him.</i>
  • Me: That's really nice of you. *then a couple of seconds later, because I couldn't resist* Do you think Elsa and Hans could be together?
  • Kid: *shrugs* Guess so. <i>They're both lonely. *pauses* But Elsa's not lonely anymore. She has Anna, and Kristoff, and Sven, and Olaf, and Marshmallow— the last two are made of snow. But Hans is still lonely so maybe Elsa can help him not be lonely anymore.</i> *nods to herself* <i>Uh huh, if they can forgive Hans, I think it's not gonna be so bad. I think Elsa's gonna be good for Hans, and Hans doesn't have to be lonely anymore.</i>
  • Before I could speak again, her mom arrived and apologized to me because she thought her kid was bothering me, but I smiled and said no. Halfway through their meal; my mom arrived. I didn't have my phone with me then, so I pretty much types our conversation as accurately as I remembered her saying.
Gillian on relationship with David

A: “Do you think a relationship with David is ever a possibility? We got this so much for you”

G: “Really?”

A: “Everybody wants the two of you together”

G: “Huh that is interesting”

N: “Like in private, like..”

A: “Like in life, yeah”

G: “Yeah, that’s interesting”

A: “yeah”

G: “yeah”

A: “okay”

G: “yeah”


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Are you 100% sure Stydia isn't one-sided? I had hope for what seemed like a second. In 3B, I was sure that she loved him too, quietly. But now, it honestly feels like she doesn't care about him anymore. The only thing we got from her was a smile telling him she was fine and talking to Scott about calling to check on Stiles. That's it. Out of all the times Stiles has shown he's cared about Lydia this season, she hasn't reciprocated. She's stone cold to him and I think their connection's fading.

I’m pretty certain. First off, because Lydia is not the kind of person who would outwardly show her emotions– especially if they are not reciprocated, which they aren’t, in her eyes. There’s no way Lydia is going to make herself even more vulnerable than she already is by allowing herself to be that open to Stiles. She’s backed away, partly because she feels that he deserves someone else and partly because she feels like she’s unwanted at this point. 

  • We got jealous Lydia in season four, and I felt that the car scene was edited really significantly. Stiles glances back at the mirror to check her reaction and she’s making that face.
  • In season four, we got him telling her to focus on his voice and her closing her eyes, trying to sink into it even though she was crying and afraid and emotional. 
  • Their friendship didn’t just drop off for nothing. There’s a reason. 
  • We got Lydia reaching for Stiles’ hand in Eichen House. She grabbed him like that for comfort. Lydia. Who only needs herself. Who never initiates random physical contact– especially not with guys. It’s not in her nature to do that, but she’s done it with Stiles more than any other character. 
  • In 5a, Stiles says something to Malia, Lydia makes a face, which is then registered by Theo. Why would he notice her noticing that if it meant platonic
  • The whole season, Lydia has been noticing things about Stiles that nobody else has been noticing. This is on purpose. Because Lydia doesn’t exactly take the time to notice random shit about people. She is too smart and too busy for that. Does she have the capability? Yes. Does she hone in on it for every person? Nope. 
  • I think the most important thing is how angry Lydia has become at Stiles recently. Because she wasn’t quite like this during season four. And she wasn’t like it at the beginning of 5a. But at some point after 5x05, Lydia became kind of… really bitter towards Stiles? 
    • All of her dialogue is really angry and biting, but it’s not biting in the way that the two of them are used to. 
    • It’s not the comfortable anger. Lydia seems to be really angry at Stiles. 
    • So what changed between s4, when she was sitting back and letting him be with Malia, and 5a, when she is suddenly embittered towards him? 
    • I would hypothesize that Lydia thought something might change after 5x04 when she was bleeding, and after he held her in Eichen. And then she doesn’t see any progress, and she starts getting genuinely angry the second Stiles starts to try inching back to her. 
    • It’s like those moments acted as a catalyst for the both of them, but in opposite directions. 
  • Also, I’m sorry, but from a television show perspective, there’s no way Jeff Davis makes Stiles’ feelings so clear and then leaves him like this in the end. Stiles is Jeff’s favorite character. Recently, he has been playing way more into Stydia from Stiles’ perspective, which proves to me that he assumes that the audience also has some stake in Lydia’s feelings for Stiles. 
    • He wants us to know that, despite the fact that Stiles is with someone else, he’s reciprocating
    • There’s no chance Jeff leaves his favorite character in the same place he was in season one– still in love with a girl who will never love him back. 

In conclusion: Just because Lydia is protecting herself by not showing too much emotion– which is a strong character trait of hers at this point in the show– does not mean the emotions are not there. 

Here is a post listing reasons why I do not think Stydia is one sided. 
Here is a post about why I think M@rrish is still IC for a Lydia who loves Stiles.
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That Maria and Steve post where he doesn't like to talk due to being stuck on 1940s lingo is adorable! Imagine how Maria reacts to Tony and/or Clint making fun of Steve's drawl and "vintage slang" when he tries to open up more.

Previous one

Maria sits drinking her beer, listening to Steve talk to Tony. Turns out, they both liked working with cars and machines, Steve specifically with motorcycles. She smiles, happy he’s starting to open up.

“I was thinkin’ of gettin’ a bathtub for mine but I don’t know if they do those anymore,” he says earnestly. “I don’t wanna end up the in can for that.”

Tony blinks and snorts. “I’m sorry, what? Bathtub? Can?” He snorts again and Steve flinches very slightly, going quiet again.

“Tony,” Maria says, voice steely. 

“What?” Tony huffs. “No one says that shit anymore.”

“There are lots of things you say that no one understands. At least you can understand Steve from context, unlike with you.”

“Maria,” Steve says quietly.

“No,” she says. “He shouldn’t make fun of that. Your inability to find a shirt that fits, maybe,” she huffs. “But not that. It’s not your fault.”

“Thanks,” Steve says after a pause, looking grateful.

Tony mumbles an apology and spends the next few days giving Steve all of the appliances he needs for his motorcycle. 

Can we talk about the fact that Akane doesn't really smile anymore?

I mean, seriously. Sure, she smiled a very little bit here and there in season 2, but nothing compared to how she did in s1.

The pics at the top are all ones from s1. The ones on the bottom are obviously s2. I know she’s grown as an Inspector, gotten stronger, blah blah and so on….but look at the difference. One of the things that really saddened me about season is the fact that she wouldn’t smile…not like she used to anyways (and actually, I think it natural that this happened. The poor girl’s been through hell and back again and keeps being sent back to feels-train hell)

It’s not just a matter of age difference or character development. It also isn’t just the fact that her smile isn’t nearly as bright as it was before. HER EYES TOO. Look at them. I don’t know about anyone else but to me, those eyes of her look….for lack of a better term “defeated” or maybe “I just don’t care anymore”. Of course she’s still going to do her job and defend society and peace and so forth. Akane would keep fighting even if she lost all her limbs and was coughing up all her organs from the mouth. That is simply the type of proud tough woman Akane is. But that doesn’t change the fact that the poor girl just looks like…she’s given up hope. Well, part of it at the very least. She’ll do her job. Protect the people she cares about to the best of her ability no matter what. But as for feeling happiness…having hope for a wonderful future…I think that ended here:

Kougami was her hope. Her happiness. Her frigging reason. Her future (or he should have been dammit).

Remember in episode 21? She told Yayoi:

She told Yayoi that right before Kougami left her side forever. She still believed she could change things and stop Kougami from murdering Makishima and therefore leaving her and the MWPSB forever. In the pic above you can still see that determination and hope in her eyes. But in season 2, her emotions/expressions are just…not as bright as they once were. Of course, Akane was never that emotional to begin with. But she’s become even more…“robotic” since the ending of season 1. She will do her duty but she’ll be damned if she feels any sort of happy feeling. She’s also a little more careless/reckless. Ginoza always worrying about her and telling her as such and she’s just all like “I’ll be fine. Don’t worry so much.” ….I have a feeling she’d tell him that if she had her stomach torn open and her guts were spilling out. Like I said before, it’s just how Akane is now.

There was one time Akane got REALLY upset, like close to the level of emotional she was in season 1…and that was when she first learned her Grandma was murdered. Course that ended as fast as it came (don’t misunderstand. I don’t want the poor beautiful heroine to cry and shit. The opposite in fact)


I don’t know….perhaps it’s just my way of seeing things. But I do think Akane lost something vital at the end of season 1….and I doubt she’ll get it back. Unless Kougami returns (movie) but we all know he’s not going to be staying by her side like he was before.

Gahhhh….Hinakawa-kun…Ginoza….give Akane hugs in Kougami’s place TT.TT