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A little design for a Patient Care Paramedic since I’ve seen a lot irl at the moment heh

A List of Animals I would really like to see in Jamaa someday:

Currently living animals:

  • Cows/Bulls/Yaks
  • Pallas Cats
  • Snakes (or really any new reptile, there isn’t enough!)
  • A large species of frog or toad? (I like ‘em owo)
  • Sand cats
  • Dogs? (not entirely sure how it would work or what breed to use, maybe I’ll make an edit someday with how I personally would implement them.)
  • Fennec Foxes, Grey Foxes, Blanford’s Foxes (any small fox would work, really.)
  • Moose (Hopefully the pet is a sign!)
  • Puffins (Kinda because of the flash browser.)
  • Walruses
  • Tasmanian Devils
  • Dholes
  • Maned Wolves (They’d probably look incredible in AJ’s style.)
  • Galápagos Tortoise (Or any tortoise, I just want one!)

Extinct Animals (How cool would these be?):

  • Thylacine/Tasmanian Tigers
  • Dodo birds

(della voice) something went wrong. something went so very wrong

disney doesn’t really care what disney comics do i don’t think. they certainly don’t publish them. but it’s only implied and it’s not like it’s meant to be… edgy. it’s just in line with donald’s characterisation as a dramatic depressed bastard

i cannot but i’m posting your plea because that does sound wholesome.

what are you doing reading my private public reply conversations

but really like i said girl ducks suffer from Girls Need To Be Pretty And Are Always Described By Their Eye Colours syndrome, it doesn’t make any actual sense. kildare really has Permanently Contracted Pupil Syndrome.

sitting on… but yes that certainly is a bit of a running theme. just think back to rota making scrooge and grandma siblings who raise donald together.

that scene is pretty generally acknowledged as… weird. anthropomorphisation strikes at strange times. i guess laying an egg could be like going into labour?

anon have i got news for you


Technician: So this one is the final one we need?

Caretaker: She is the final one of the infant to set age initial testing that we needed back. And her progress is just like the others so far…..

Technician: Good. The child to set age tests were a success; and I hope that this one also has good results as well.