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dearest gemma,first your fics light up my dull life and make my anxiety ease n writing flow,I'd hug u tight seriously Second,would u do the ask thing for Max/Anne/Jack in orange verse?How they raised the kid,idk. And damn I love orange verse with all my broken heart

Thank you so much!!!! i’m so glad i ease the anxiety <33333

Let’s see…….. Jack/Anne/Max + Baby Annie:

–They had originally thought about going North but Jack can’t take the col,d so instead they move to French Louisiana, even though Jack’s just like “great a swamp,” but at least here he can feel his balls.

– Max tries to teach them how to speak French and Jack is very proud of how fast he picks it up, but his accent is so terrible most people don’t understand him. Max has to quietly spread the rumor that he suffers from a head injury which is why his speech is so garbled. Anne refuses to learn and so she never speaks in public, not that she’d want to anyway.

– They have a ranch and raise sheep, which Max has able to turn into a profitable wool business. Jack is surprisingly adept at wrangling and herding sheep, because it’s not that much different than serving as Quartermaster for Vane’s crew. Max and Anne think he just likes wielding the big stick.

– Anne insists she will be responsible for Annie’s education, and the other two are slightly wary of that at first, until they see Annie already able to read by three years old, write by four, and is supremely gifted in music, something of which even Jack didn’t know Anne could do. Although Annie seems to prefer painting, and playing with the sheep.  She and Anne also go into the woods surrounding their ranch, and Anne teaches her how to hunt and fish (and, secretly, fight. Just in case). 

– Max teaches her French. Jack teaches her how to shave a sheep.

– A lot of the people in town don’t really….understand the relationship….at all. Do they own Max? Is she a caretaker for them, a mute and a brain damaged sheepherder? Whose daughter is Annie? But the parish is small, and everyone keeps to themselves, and as long as they keep providing quality wool and don’t cause any trouble, no one looks into it very hard.

 – Their sex life is….also complicated, because the ranch is small, and Annie is right there, and sure. One day they’ll have to explain it to her, how exactly they all love each other, but they are the ones raising her, after all. She won’t ever learn that kind of prejudice. Annie will never grow up thinking that it’s wrong to love someone any way they want. She will know that love comes in every and all forms, and she will know that everyone deserves to be free. That women have the right to have a place in this world, that she can achieve anything she wants to, as long as she is smart and strong and loves and is loved. 

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You don't need to respond, but I saw your post about depression and I'm proud of you as a person. I remember your story from a while back and it makes me happy that you've grown so much! I'm sure you still have bad days, but your consistent positivity and happy demeanor is an amazingly uplifting. Stay determined, pdab!

Thanks Anon =‘D

though i have a feeling of who this anon is~ huehuehue

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it's like "guys make sure to not hate on the album uwu" like it's okay if they change music styles. they're 4 grown men we don't need to coddle them. we haven't heard a note of new music and we're making paragraph long posts about not sending the band hate?

Yeah because it’s of the last album hate, and the concept of hate with folie that made them go on hiatus in the first place. I know they’re grown men but it’s folie hate that led to them breaking apart. Also, you have to think Pete has anxiety / depression…comments like “I hate u” and “I’ll fight you” put him down even though he knows they’re jokes, so if he’s worked really hard on something and is proud of it, and all his fans go off it on twitter (bc that’s what twitter fans are like), he’s gonna feel like shit. It happened with folie, it happened with soul punk (remember Patrick’s heart-felt letter on his site in 2012?? Yeah). THATS why we’re posting this. They may be grown men but they can get hurt still, and after last era and all the shit said about them by “fans”, we’re trying to stop that happening again and spread positivity only, because there’s been rumours that it’s very different to previous work, and that’s where hate comes from bc certain fans don’t like change. But if you don’t like me trying to prevent that then feel free to unfollow, because I can post whatever I like

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Puzzleshipping 16 :0

Ah, that would be “aaah I can’t stop blushing… No you’re not helping at all!” Awesome, and you know what? Let’s throw in a nod to the second place prompt I got for the 1,000 follower gift fic – "yugi and atem go to a game convention and yugi gets mobbed. atem is proud but later on he revels in the fact that only he gets to cuddle and smooch aibou"

Hope you enjoy!


Celebrity Couple

“Thank you so much for your advice, Mutou-san!!”

“Good luck tomorrow, Kiku-chan- Though you won’t need it. Just trust in the cards you picked,” Atem assured, handing the kid’s deck back to her as he stood up straight. “Whatever happens, you’ll have nothing to be ashamed of if you do that.”

“Right!” The young girl beamed up at him and waved farewell as Atem finally turned to leave the junior championship kids’ side of the hall- Walking away to a chorus of thank yous from young duelists and parents alike.

He gave them a thumbs up as he left, but didn’t aim for the adult competitor’s side of the room. He moved instead for the door that led directly to the hotel side of the convention center. The meet up was formally over for the day, and he had spent too long with the kids as it was.

He was late- They were supposed to meet a good ten minutes ago.

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Ladies and gentlemen, DC Comics is proud to give you, straight from the mind of James Tynion IV… SCIENCE Jaguar!

I totally want to play that guy in an rpg game one day now.

Kamandi Challenge #4 surprises me with one thing – consistency. We’re at one-third of the series and so far one thing was consistent though every issue. Namely that this book is batshit crazy! In the span of 4 issues we had robot Jack Kirby, nuclear warhead used as a Trojan Horse to hide a gun-toting gorilla, society of animal people growing plant people they can eat, jaguars worshipping giant jaguar god who turns out to be a a machine piloted by a mad scientist jaguar and then we end this part with a society of kangaroos hunting for sport. This book is awesome.


Hello there,
My name is Ruud Jolie and some of you might know me from my main band Within Temptation or maybe from my acoustic Iron Maiden side project Maiden uniteD. Or maybe from my work with Anneke van Giersbergen. 

I have recorded quite some albums as a session guitarist over the last 15 years and I am proud of each and every one of them. But I have always had the dream of releasing an album containing songs that I wrote and produced from start to finish. So six years ago I released the first For All We Know album. For a self-released album it has done pretty well and I am still extremely proud of it to this day. Of course the urge to write and release more of my own music was too strong. So a while back I decided to do it all again and started working on this second album. Even though it takes A LOT of time and also quite some money I love doing this. I am really lucky to work with some amazing musicians again (the same people who also played on the first album): 

Wudstik - Vocals/Screams
Léo Margarit - Drums 
Kristoffer Gildenlöw - Bass 
Marco Kuypers - Piano, Rhodes & Wurlitzer 
Thijs Schrijnemakers - Hammond 
Myself - Guitars and some additional keys/programming 

These days crowdfunding seems to be something that is working. It is a way that supporters of a band can know exactly where their hard earned money is going. I really hope that by doing this campaign I can get as much exposure as possible.

During the making of the first album I did not know whether or not there would be people interested in my own songs. This time around it’s different; I have kept all the people who have supported For All We Know in mind during the making of this album. This doesn’t mean I wanted to make a copy of the first one. This new album is quite different. How do I know? Because the album has already been recorded and is being mixed and mastered right now. I am extremely happy with the end result!

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While I agree that they treated John's character horribly in s4, I wonder if the actors view things differently than us fans? I feel like the John we saw in s4 was a lot like Martin's other recent roles (i.e. a bit of a douchebag) and he clearly seeks out those kinds of roles and enjoys playing them. (Can't blame him tbh, after being typecast as the 'everyman' for so long). So maybe he did like the way John was portrayed in s4? That being said, he may well be bored with doing Sherlock though.

(I think this ask was inspired by this post here)

Hmm, perhaps Nonny. I think I’ve seen that theory floating around. But then why go to the lengths of destroying John’s character completely? I always thought Martin was proud of his portrayal of John, and maybe when he read the script for the first episode he was a little peeved off. Who knows. We can’t really say what’s true or not without their own input, and until we hear about why everyone and everything was changed so much, it’s only speculation and hearsay that we can really ramble on about.


Roma, proud: Hey, I actually made that shape! I didn’t know bodies could bend that way.

Danny: And don’t you feel calm and, at the same time, energized? It’s a crazy feeling, right? Dahlia never gets it..

Roma: Now that I think about it, yes…But you and Dahlia do yoga together? That’s pretty cool..

Danny, sighing: Yeah. She doesn’t like it, though–which is fine. It doesn’t always do things for people, but it helps me relax.


Manchester Marathon 02/04/2017

This was the best race I have ever done. It was also one of the hardest things I have ever done but I am really proud to have completed it - 4:44:49

This is my first marathon and it’s not put me off , as soon as I finished I wanted to enter another. The super critical in me wants to get a better time. I learnt loads and know now what to do and what not to do for the next one

On reflection I will wait until next year as it is taking longer than i though it would to get back to normal running whatever that is now

Sorry about the grainy photos … too stingy to pay for them 😃

Okay. I’ll sleep already. Did you know that I just answered 63 TAs today? All with the url thingy. Whew. I enjoyed it though. This is really such a hype. Shout out to the someone who started it all. Hahaha. I’m so proud of my neurons and fingers. I hope you appreciated my answers. I’m also sorry if I haven’t satisfied some of you. The fault’s all mine. Good nighty.

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Today I felt proud because about a year ago I had to stop being friends with someone very close to me and I've been grieving that whole time and that's been really hard. But today I realised that even though we might be friends again someday I don't need them to be happy and I decided to work on loving myself and being my own friend, and what happens with them happens but either way I'll be okay.

It’s so great you are able to move on!