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(I’m still recovering from the comeback show)


Yoongi is suddenly pulled from sleep by a pair of small, cold hands sliding up his shirt. His first reaction, of course, is to pull away with a groan. Once his eyes are semi adjusted to the darkness, he turns to you with a scowl.

“What the hell, ___” he mutters.

“I miss you,” you whisper, scooting closer to him and cuddling into his chest. You once again slip your hands under his shirt in an attempt to warm them. He hisses a curse and pulls away again.

“You miss me? Seriously?” Now he’s fully awake, and more upset.

“Baby I just,” you trail off and just turn your head down to look at his chest. “I’m sorry.”

Truth is even you don’t know why you miss him either, considering he’s right next to you. But you woke up suddenly, wanting to be close to him and wanting him to cuddle with you. You didn’t think twice before waking him up but now you feel guilt. He has been working very hard the last few days, which means he must be extremely tired. You pout and turn back to your side- your back to him- and close your eyes. You would see him tomorrow anyway, fully alert.

You lie there for a couple minutes before you hear a sigh and the bed creaks. Arms wrap around your waist and drag you backwards against his chest. Yoongi wraps you in a full body hug, legs wrapped around yours.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you, I’m sorry,” he whispers into your ear and your lip wobbles.

You untangle yourself from him and turn so that you can face him. You take in his features, slightly puffy from sleep, and smile. He smiles back then with a hand on each side of your face, pulls you in for a soft kiss. When he pulls away, he places a kiss on each of your cheeks and your nose before pulling you close to him again.

You fall back asleep surrounded by Yoongi.


It’s Sunday and now Sunday means spitpaint uploading day.


I saw seven birds: the Twins, the Lover, the Protector, the Lonely Journal-keeper, the Peacemaker, and the Wordless One.