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So probably been asked before but tumblr and my phone hate each other with a passion most days. What sre your thoughts about the "great dnd debate" between 3rd, 4th and now 5th editions?

5th edition is the spiritual successor to the first edition that I loved so much, so it’s my personal favorite. 3rd has too many crunchy rules that I could throw out with a fair amount of work, and 4th (which has a fantastic DMG for new DMs) was too much of a minis game with all the goddamn powers and cards and things that just got in the way of everything.

So I like 5th. It gets out of the way and lets me tell a story with my friends. But you know what? Edition Wars are boring. Everyone likes their own edition for their own reason, and nobody is forcing anyone to play a game they don’t want to play. It’s not a zero-sum situation, so you do you and play more games.

I am a brave and fearless soul (she does)

I told mom and the bros they were welcome and if they went digging too deep and struck TMI they should just click exit and never mention it to me :p

Also since mom likes to keep journals of pictures that make her happy I thought she would really like tumblr (she does)

The centrist/alt-center thing that’s cropped up lately is pretty interesting because left-wing and right-wing tumblrs have obviously gotten bored of fighting each other and are now lashing out at anyone who isn’t 100% like them.


hi its elaine and just letting everyone know that im going to be on a hiatus until the end of the week and into next tuesday or something
i really just want to focus a little more on school and i have some important things coming up that i have to divert all of my attention to :(
ill probably be on a semi-hiatus until my spring break, which is the very beginning on april!
thats when ill have time to finish requests!! and if you really think about it i’ll be gone for less than a week before im partially on but just something you should know in case you were wondering why i’ll have disappeared 

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Hi! I've seen a lot of these posts and I was wondering, how does the "100 days of productivity" work?

Helloo! 100 days of productivity is a challenge to help increase your daily efficiency! You try to do something productive, it doesn’t have to be study related - it could be organising your emails, culling your wardrobe or clean your bedroom - each day for 100 days. Most people will document their progress in one way or another. Some will use a tracker or calendar to tick off each day and others will post photos to Tumblr or Instagram and use the hashtag #100daysofproductivity. A lot of people have great success with it, so if you want to, you should give it a go!! x
Jump On My Saddle - Etwas_Schlau - Doctor Who (2005) [Archive of Our Own]
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While Ian’s at work, Rose decides to spice up her cleaning.

Prompt fill for Caedmon. Based on “Pony” by Ginuwine.

When you see Tumblr suggesting other tumblrs which are listed as “fitness and nutrition” but suspiciously full of photos nothing of rail thin white chicks showing off their backbones interspersed among some fucking Instagram smoothies in mason jars.

Then you see that post nestled deep down there that says “that’s why I hate fat people.”