not that other dude

Ya know bisexual characters can be…bisexual….you don’t gotta write them in fanfic like they’ve been Straight™ all their life but this One Person is the exception….like I know it’s wild….but their partner doesn’t have to be the only person of the same sex they’ve ever Noticed™ ever

Okay real talk… If the Power Rangers writers were trying to make Kimberly seem straight (trying being the operative word)… Why did she have a girl’s nudes in the first place??? 

Not to mention her having the Bisexual Bob and having a date with Trini in Krispy Kreme

the biggest fuckup in the marvel universe is canonically wolverine because he had a chance with squirrel girl and he blew it

that is not a joke

squirrel girl who has even tried to talk it out with doctor goddamn doom

who has successfully bro-ed out with all-consuming intergalactic entities

would really rather just kick wolverine’s ass

wolverine somehow managed to fuck it up so unbelievably badly that one of his most secret sexual fantasies is a perfectly innocent doreen being happy to see him

logan what the fuck did you do