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Well well well, would you look at that. Another cis white straight guy being all preachy about SJW issues. Guilt much?

lmao this is rich, dawg. first of all, im neither cis, straight, or a dude, so, y’know, thanks for that, and second, i dont think being any of these things disqualifies anyone from saying relevant stuff about racism, transphobia, homophobia or sexism. if you have a point then you have a point. i know i can easily pass as these things you said about me, so im using them to be vocal about issues.
thats called using your privileges, son

I went to the drive thru and the guy workin looked so pumped on life I was like yes my man and then when I got home and checked my food he had given me so many bonus fries like there was a whole medium fry in the bottom of my bag I swear I was living large 

I have never felt more blessed in my entire life than I did in that moment 

when u almost get hit

don’t any of y'all be mad at me for moving on. everyone knows that I had been grieving for months before this. hell, I’ve been grieving since the Popestar tour had FIRST STARTED when Omega was gone. but like. I’m sort of comforted by the fact that I know they’ll be fine? they’re all majorly talented dudes, and we know they have other projects. to me, they’ll always be my first Ghouls. Era 3 Ghouls will always have a place in my heart. but right now, I gotta make room for the new crew.

 and to people saying “omfg they suck” “they’re so stiff” “they messed up the notes”- are you really trying them rn? 

this is their first night playing and I guarantee you they’re gonna get better. it’s the exact same thing with Water Ghuleh from the beginning of this tour. and. reality check. they’re probably nervous AF because this is their first night playing with the big bad skele-Pope-man. it’s the same thing with Water Ghuleh at the start of this tour. they’re only going to get better and keep improving. 

some of you are going to end up biting off more than you can chew with this salt


“So, uh Julian this is my roommate Rosemary… but uh- you guys obviously already know each other.”

So that’s what the strange dude at the parks name is… Julian and now I’m just wondering how Adrian knows him.

“Ha- yeah what a small world I met her the other night in Willow Creek, after she rudely ran into me.”

“Oh haa…”

getting real pissed off at straight people skirting around obviously canon gay relationships just because thee show doesnt state ‘they’re gay’ in bold neon lettering

cases in point:

- sir and charles in a series of unfortunate events

- yuri and victor in yuri!!! on ice

in neither of these cases is there someone going ‘yeah they’re gay’, but its a canon relationship and to suggest otherwise would take a huge amount of reaching. PLUS given the contextual clues nobody would question their relationship status if these were straight relationships. Like, looking at sir and charles:

- call each other ‘partner’ (with romantic connotation as clarified by lemony)

- relationship is stated by narrator

- one character goes in for a kiss (and only doesnt get it bc the other is preoccupied)

- one character says - in an endearing tone - that they care for the other

like, bam! if it was a dude and a girl, you’d be saying ‘yep they’re going out’. and in yuri on ice’s case its even more obvious:

- they kiss

- they buy and wear engagement rings

like…….. theres literally no question. None. Zero. Zilch. Yet s o m e h o w people jump through mental hoops to convince themselves that oh, they’re just good friends! like…. r e a l l y  h a r o l d

ed nygma is not the first guy oswald cobblepot ever was in love with and he will not be the last my dudes. he might have thought ed was His One True Love bc circumstances made this the most practical and therefore possible relationship so far which made him think it was right and destined but he’s gonna fall in love with some other dude i know it in my soul

Oh my gawd I was trying to be chill while getting dinner because the woman who works at the restaurant is UBER cute and a man came up to me and was like, “Oh wow!!! You look like Superman! You look like Clark Kent!!! You could literally pass as twins! Are you a woman??? You’re a woman though?”

I…have shoulder length hair and huge boobs? What?

Anyways he left and the woman was like… I hope he doesn’t come back. He’s too loud.

I guess this story has no point other than this dude made me feel hyper self-conscious at my favorite Mexican place in front of a cute woman and that sucks

There’s a cute five year old kitty named Sandy at the animal shelter.

I don’t think I have that much gender preference for cats. I’m not sure it really matters since I haven’t got other cats and I doubt Pooki being a dude matters to the cat. 



When I was playing dualies, there was this other dude playing dualies….and we were curling bombs at eachother but not hitting each other we were there for a bit

Then he went into inkjet

And I went into inkjet

And we both bombed each oTHER LOL

it’s like

Two inklings rise to the heavens then hey just

Explode like fireworks and you don’t even know what happened /shoT

when you’re watching band of brothers for the first time and you don’t know anyone’s name except like 3 guys and you get so mcfreaking attached to the funny dude who tried the krout cheese and hated it and the funny dude’s friend and the dude who wants a luger and that one dude who fought the other dude and the brass knuckles dude and the guy the redheaded dude told not to gamble who got shot in the ass then ep7 comes along and it’s just like



hurricane // panic! at the disco