not that jet would ever wear suits

nurseydex couple costume hc

alternatively titled: costumes nursey tried to get dex to wear

  • bert and ernie
    • “the most iconic gay couple ever, dex, c’mon.”
  • disney princes
    • “how awesome would it be if people walk into the party and see prince naveen mackin’ on prince eric?”
  • catdog
    • “i feel like you’re just saying no because you would clearly be cat.”
  • chippendales
    • “don’t even try to act like that wouldn’t be the hottest thing ever.”
  • pikachu and ash
  • angel and demon
    • “your hair is red, dex, you have to be the demon.”
  • kay and jay from men in black
    • “ok, yes, i realize that wearing a suit to a kegster isn’t a great idea, but…”
  • batman and superman
    • “you KNOW there was a shit ton of gay subtext between them, dex. you KNOW.”
  • tom and jerry
    • “but you’d look so cute in mouse ears, dexy!!!!!”
  • benny “the jet” rodriguez and smalls from sandlot
    • obviously i would be benny!”
  • harry potter and ron weasley
    • “i know for a fact you have a gryffindor scarf in your closet right now, don’t front.”
  • the wolf and little red
    • “really? that’s the one you go for?”
Avengers Preference #1: A Night Out...

Tony Stark/Iron Man - 

Originally posted by iwantcupcakes

He would take you any where you wanted to go, as he had access to a private jet the world was yours to explore and it was all paid for by the millionaire. He would have to get a pilot for the plane as both of you would get very drunk and he could not fly like that. After a tour around where ever you went, you spend the night at Stark tower watching Tony goof around in his suit.  

Steve Rodgers/Captain America -

Originally posted by supersoldiers

He would take you out dancing but not at the club but at a ballroom. He would wear a fetching classy suit, and you a y/f/c dress. You dance the night away before walking around the city hand in hand talking about all the things he has missed.

Bruce Banner/Hulk -

Originally posted by phanitori

 He would take you to a park with no one around you would walk around sit and have a picnic then walk around talk about anything. He would wait until it was dark before dragging you to a hill top where he would lay out a blanket and look up. You both would spend a good part of the night looking up at the stars as he pointed out all the constellations.

Thor - 

Originally posted by thorvalkyrie

Thor would take you to a fancy restaurant and do anything you asked him to do as he would treat you like a gentleman should. At the end of the night he may steal a kiss or two but only if you deemed it okay, as that is how they treat women back in Asgard.

Natasha Rominoff/ Black Widow -

Originally posted by themarvelnerd

she would take you on a girls night out, as you were her only girl friend and every night out meant she could be a girl and do what girls do. Only as the night drew to an end both of you got bored with all the stereotypical girl stuff and ended up going home and playing Call Of Duty.

Clint Barton /Hawkeye - 

Originally posted by stevie-pinkie-pie-rogers

every since you found out that Clint is Hawkeye you have been pleading for him to teach you how to shoot. He had planned the whole night by first watching Robin Hood, then brave, then tell you his big surprise. He had given you his training bow! You had a night full of training with a lot of hand on hand guidance.


Originally posted by annagahan

Would plan a whole night of pranks and childish things to do that includes sneaking into a cinema to watch a film with out paying, and getting a sleeping Thor to look like a drag queen when asleep. You would run off into the sunset laughing while a shouting Thor says he will get revenge.