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HAPPY BRE DAY . @brekineee . 000925 

HI BABY!!! First of all, happy birthday to you and secondly, SURPRISE!!! Oh gosh, where do I start — thank you for always being so patient with me throughout these months and almost a year of friendship! I cannot describe how grateful I am to you despite the many ups & downs that we have experienced separately and individually. But at the end of the day, when you close your eyes, I want you to know that I will be there for you no matter what. The things that you’re doing; editing, school, dancing — you make me proud in every single way. Your words have always been a source of light for me & I will never forget how much you’ve been there for me. In return, I will be your support. I love you! You deserve a lot of happiness!    — Rica. 



All other husbands have to step up their game.

Because this is what Werepenguin just gave me. He saw the commission that the amazingly-sweet and wonderfully-talented @yliseryn did for me of Allura in my wedding dress, and this idea began to form in his mind.

And this? This isn’t just Allura in my wedding dress. It’s Shiro in Werepenguin’s suit & tie. That’s OUR cake with OUR cake topper. And then Louise, being the utter sweetheart she is, added the b&w images. And then Werepenguin asked her for color versions of THOSE.

And, on top of all of this, I now have a 20x30 METAL PRINT of that top image that I can hang in our home so everyone can see it. Because this is how happy the memory of our wedding day makes him, even 8 years out. (Well, almost 8 years; he gave this to me as an early anniversary present because he couldn’t stand to sit on it any longer.)

I cried when he gave it to me. I’m crying a bit now. I married the most wonderful man and he is absolutely the best thing in my life and if there’s anything that proves that it’s that I cannot come up with the words to describe how I feel.

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“It’s pathetic to lose against a single child.”
Todoroki Shouto for @miyukei; happy birthday to the lovely Dan ♡

Letters Split Audio
Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 Original Cast and Original Broadway Cast

Split Audio for Letters from Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812, requested by anon

Wear headphones! The Original Cast is in your left ear, and the Original Broadway Cast is in your right ear.


a summary of kim himchan in Episode 1 of JUNG DAE MAN


Are you sorry yet? Sorry for what? That you came with me.

Nobody has to agree with me on this since I understand everyone has their own opinion and such, but assuming that all Western artists have ulterior motives when it comes to their interactions with BTS at/after the BBMAs is kind of … unnecessary? 

Sure, I get that is how the industry works and making connections is the way to gain a bigger audience worldwide. But literally claiming every snapchat or collaboration or mention of BTS by another Western artist as the artist being obsequious in order to weasel their way into Eastern culture and reach a wider following makes it come across that you only think BTS are worth the interactions for their money and status. Remember that these Western artists are musicians too, and so, of course, they are going to pay their respects and perhaps try to learn more about BTS, the first Korean pop group in history to make it as nominees, nonetheless win an award on the Billboard Music Awards. That does not mean that they are prying for an opportunity to take advantage of the boys’ fame for their own sake.

Let BTS have their moment. Let them be respected by the artists that we all know they respect without having to assume every little detail. They deserve this time to shine and make an even greater name for themselves in the Western world!

i’m just drawing things out of boredom at this point?? still love these boys tho


au where jungkook is a gaming youtuber and taehyung is a model/vlogger. 31/?