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shrek the third actually parallels star wars where, in the absence of power, a blond kid who happens to be an up and coming leader meets a green creature who teaches them about the world and hardships to come. the government is overthrown and its up to the blond kid to bring back balance and set things right


161204 // yixing comforting a boy at his fansign, who was crying over seeing his idol for the first time (*´∀`*)

i guess the thing that draws me to persona so much is how the themes of the games are very much tailored to humanity’s shared issues

persona 3 is a game about death, about hardship, and how you crawl out of it with bleeding hands and exhausted bones, but you still do it. its about finding the strength to continue to live even after severe hardship, and overcoming the desire to simply give up. every social link surrounds a character going through a hard time, the most extreme probably being akinari coming to terms with his own inevitable death. each character feels hopeless and wants nothing more than to give up and cease trying, but all overcome it with help from the protagonist. the end of the game sees you fight nyx, the effective personification of this desire of humanity to succumb to hardship and simply end it and die, and you overcome it with the equal of humanities desire to overcome and survive. 

persona 4, comparatively, is a game about acceptance, about recognizing your own flaws and accepting that they are as much a part of you as your skills, and coming to peace with that, and learning to not worry about what others WANT you to be, and simply be happy with who you ARE, showed best by kanjis complex about his reputation as a thug, and his actual interests being traditionally female, which he learns to just accept and embrace as himself regardless of what others think. you fight izanami, a goddess trying to enact what she believes humanity wants, influencing them to be something theyre not, when the protagonist allows humanity to choose their own fate by fighting her off. 

persona 5, however, is a game about rebellion and denial. its about seeing the hand youre dealt, and deciding, fuck this, flipping the table in the dealers face and telling him to fuck off. every character is in a situation they resent, but accept, as they feel they have no other choice. the game follows them learning that they DONT have to simply accept it, and to find the strength and drive to reject how things are, and change their own situation. in the end you literally shoot god in the face with satan, the ultimate rebel, cause god wants to kill humanity and fuck that noise son. 

idk where i was going with this but i just…. love the themes of the persona games.

before we go, there’s one last thing i want to do on our vacation…

Silver Lining| Min Yoongi

Life has its hardships especially being fresh out of college luckily you have a gummy smiled friend to help you with your struggles. You managed getting a shabby apartment with a shared bedroom and when worst comes ends up having to share a cold shower as the warm water is shut off. Things arent going so pleasant as the electricity follows off too but the most treacherous of all, you being able to face what your feelings might actually hold. But your just friends right?

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Warning: Smut, cursing, stuff, Best friend Yoongi!, So much friendly bickering like damn just fuck already

Genre: Smut and fluff

Word count: 13.2K Got a little carried away..

A/N: A wild update appears. Okay this damn comeback needs to back the fuck up. Yoongi looks like a meal and bighit is now becoming a jin stan everything it beautiful. School sucks thats the main reason my updates are late as hell. also i found this promt on pintrest but switched some shit. ALSO i am supposed to be doing homework but needed to update please pray for my grades. ALso my teacher was talking about college and im not even a senior so you need to calm the fuck down with that damn word. Okay im done

Oh and you know i had to get a blue hair yoongi on the screen.

Having a longing companion was a necessity to a longing life. Having someone to share the necessitates you were used to sharing alone. The feeling of having another comforting body against your side defeating the odds always seemed appealing. It was often rare for something to come along like so. You would rather find a needle in a hay stack then finding something as extraordinary as other couples demonstrate so. It was never an easy task to accomplish as everyone seeks for so, making your chances limited.

I soon accepted this fate and decided on second best, another companion that seemingly resembled the same. A best friend was well suited for my need, as they held the same traits but still remained rather different. A significant other held the qualities of love and romance as a best friend held the traits of honesty loyalty and bundles of fun. No argumentative sides or going a long period without talking as being away from the seemed like the end of your whole soul. I needed someone to rely on and cherish without that sexual desire yet it seemed almost impossible to find. I was hovering over ever possibility i could get, still lost in the endless hay stack.

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isn’t it fucked up how harry and louis are vocal about how their relationship has its hardships in their songs but their love for each other trumps all of them and harry has even gone so far as to say he’d give everything up if louis just asked him to i think that’s fucked up


Greek Gods Series
Prologue Poseidon Ares Aphrodite Apollo Hades Hermes Zeus
Ship: Pirate!Mina | Pirate!Reader | Merman!Jimin
Description: Pirate!AU | Beginning your new life as a pirate had its hardships- and it all started with something called Fate.
Warnings: Fingering, Oral, Dirty Talk, Exhibitionism? Violence, Assault, Angst, Death
Word Count: 15,257
A/N: Cover finally up! Enjoy the first part of this series! It took me forever to write.

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My trauma is not “brave” it is not “strong”. I, and other trauma survivors are not here for you to look to for strength.

What we have been through has hurt us, for some the pain has been a cause of death. I want to repeat to you, we are not strong, we are not brave. We are hurting and this is not a romantic notion.

We do the only thing we can, we persist, we keep living our lives, we seek justice, we seek healing. This is not strength, its resilience in the face of hardship. Because if we do not keep going, then what other option is there?

People who are brave continue in face of danger, they see the danger and step in anyway. A brave person would be someone who saw me being abused and then stepped in. I am not brave, because I didnt ask for what happened to me.

All I want, all we want, is for people to recognize that we are hurting inside, for someone to ask if theres anything they can do to help us cope, or to help us get help, or to just recognize that what ive been through makes me react differently to most other people.

I dont want to open up just so I can be praised for being “brave” when Im not. I want support, I want help, and most of all I want you to understand.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.

BTS Masterlist

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Taehyung x reader [10/28]

Hypnotic pt.3???

Accidental pt.2???

last updated: 10/8/2017


Facade [m]

◌ When you must fake date your sisters boyfriend but didn’t incapacitate for it to end up like this 

Mystery Girl

◌ Two sick people on a quest to find the true meaning of life in each others dark themes

Min Yoongi

Bad Things [m]

◌  All they knew were bad things but they didn’t know the tragedies that could later occur due to these things

↠ Bittersweet Tragedy (Hiatus till I get my shit together)

 ↳ One

◌ When the two of you don’t make such a perfect collision causing an irritated environment but you long to work everything out and try to get him to open up. Does Yoongi really want that to happen though.

↠ Silver Lining [m]

Life has its hardships especially being fresh out of college luckily you have a gummy smiled friend to help you with your struggles. You managed getting a shabby apartment with a shared bedroom and when worst comes ends up having to share a cold shower as the warm water is shut off. Things arent going so pleasant as the electricity follows off too but the most treacherous of all, you being able to face what your feelings might actually hold. But your just friends right?


↠  Chewing Gum [m]

◌ When she is on a quest to ridden her purity for someone but they have other plans rather than that

 Nervous Touch [m]

◌ Jimin is a flustered person over all but maybe a small occurrence will change his ways 


↠ Hypnotic [m]

◌ Jungkook being the obvious fuck boy he is, is longing for one last fuck. The worst part is you don’t think that’s such a bad idea

one | Two


Flux [m]

◌ Namjoon is the new foreign exchange student and you cant deny the sexual tension and how irritating he is



◌ You had pictured your evening being spent with your lovely boyfriend while communicating over food,however it didn’t turn out this way as he never arrived. Peers begin to notice and before you can leave with a heavy heart a presence swoops in pretending to be your boyfriend


Kingdom Hearts [m]

◌ Your sister is getting an arranged marriage to bring two kingdoms together as one. This has been tradition since the beginning of time and stretched out into modern day. What happens when you fall for your sisters future husband’s brother and stray away from the tradition?

My Kinks

⇒ Yoongi’s raspy voice

Jimin running his hands through his hair

Yoongi playing piano

⇒ Jimin drinking water

The worst part about experiencing past wlw representation on television and watching wlw play out now: at the first sign of trouble/conflict in the relationship, we fear the worst.

@ supergirl writers, please help change this mindset and show that not every wlw relationship breaks from a little trouble. That real wlw relationships have their problems but they are able to face those troubles head-on and work them out like any other non-wlw relationship.


Pairing: BTS Jungkook X Reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Word Count: 1,123

A/N this one is sorta different to other ones I’ve written, idk where the collage idea came from but yeah… also would anyone like it if I made a masterlist?

You sat alone on the couch in front of the television, scrolling without purpose through social media feeds. Jungkook should be home soon, you thought to yourself, glancing at the time. The exciting stage in yours and Jungkook’s relationship had never seemed to die down, a gentle buzz of butterflies fluttering at the pit of your stomach when you thought of seeing him soon. Just being in his company, hearing him, touching him, breathing him.

After you’d whirled up a daydream in your head of welcoming home Jungkook in a variety of different ways, you hardly noticed him emerging from the front door. His body seemed to slump over uninvitingly, the hood of his jacket masking a shadow across his eyes, darkening them further. You swallowed slightly; you’d encountered sulky-Jungkook many times.  

Concerned, you pulled yourself up from the comforting grip of the couch and made your way over to Jungkook. Ignoring you, he brushed past you and threw himself into the singular chair adjacent to the sofa and buried his head in his hands, groaning slightly. You followed him and leant against the back of the chair, gently kneading your hands into his shoulders.

“You okay?” you murmured. He sighed heavily in reply. You began to massage his shoulders before leaning close to his ear and inquiring, “want to talk about it?”

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Establish A Secretive Relationship With Allāh

“Every single day you say seventeen times:

إِيَّاكَ نَعْبُدُ وَإِيَّاكَ نَسْتَعِينُ

Translation: ‘You (Alone) we worship, and you (Alone) we ask for help (for each and everything).’ Sūrat al-Fātiḥah (1:5)

By Fardh you say it seventeen times. Every day you say seventeen times, You alone we worship and You alone we ask for Your help, and tens of more times other than that in Sunnah you say them. Every time you say it, remember to renew your vow that you are only doing this for the sake of Allāh and make it as secretive as possible. For this Ramaḍān, plan and make your deeds secret and establish a secretive relationship with Allāh. Worship no one knows but you and Allāh, sincerely for the sake of Allāh. Keep it hidden, Salah, prayer, Zakah, reciting of the Qurʾān, Tarāwīḥ, charity, knowledge or Da’wah. You yourself try to forget it, wAllāhī you are going to be reminded of it on the Judgment Day, Wallāhil-‘Adhīm you are going to see its affect in this life. If you are inflicted with a hardship years and years later, raise your hands to Allāh and say Yā Allāh I got up every single night of Ramaḍān, no one knew that but me and You. If I did that sincerely for Your sake and Your sake alone, then grant me riddance of this trouble and trial that I am facing.”

Shaykh Aḥmad Mūsā Jibrīl, Gems of Ramaḍān (Secrets With Allāh)