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161204 // yixing comforting a boy at his fansign, who was crying over seeing his idol for the first time (*´∀`*)

This is a partial translation of an interview KENN gave for the magazine ‘TV Guide Person’ which was released two weeks ago! I only translated about a third? of the questions, since it mainly focused on the Magic-kyun! Renaissance anime, and if you’ve been following all the seiyuu events for Magic-kyun KENN doesn’t really say anything new about the series/Aoi that he hasn’t already said before. So I just translated the questions/answers that I thought were most interesting and revealing about KENN… enjoy!! ^^ (photo)


[In this interview] we hear about KENN’s role in the currently airing ‘Magic-kyun! Renaissance’, about his works, and about being a voice actor. With his gentle smile that brightens up the room, you can feel his charms in this interview.

I wanted to expand my expressiveness in songs, and I jumped straight into this world.

Q. Suminomiya-kun is the type to get immersed in something, KENN-san, has there been anything that you’ve been immersed in lately?  

A. Hmm… It’d have to be cars! I received my driver’s license around two years ago, but I only just bought a car a year ago. At first although I worked really hard to [learn to] drive I didn’t really understand what was so fun about it. For instance, in the city areas and on the roads it’s complicated and there are a lot of cars around as well so you have to work really hard. However, recently I’ve gotten more used to it and now I find driving enjoyable. I still don’t have any experience taking long trips out, but there are a lot of different places that I think it would be nice to go to.

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blacksun shippers

salty bumbleby shippers will always be salty bumbleby shippers

if they shit on blacksun because of illogical reasons, leave them alone because they are clearly not worth your time

instead talk to positive and civil bb shippers who love the show just as much as you do

and i’m aware many of you even do

lets make friends here, not enemies

Full Moon Names

November - Snow Moon - Scorpio brings in the dark season and winter begins. This is the death of the season, a time to dispose of the dead wood of the year and analyze what is healthy and unhealthy within our lives. 

December - Oak Moon - The mighty oak withstands the cold hardship of winter. The oak is revered for its longevity and the fact that such a mighty creature comes from the smallest acorn. Now is the time to remain steadfast in convictions and principles as plans are made for the coming year. 

January - Wolf Moon - The wolf is a fearsome creature of the night and a companion to the witch and shaman. The wold protects and guards his home and family, This is a time to protect what we have as we consider new options. 

February - Storm Moon - A storm is said to rage most fiercely just before it ends, and the year usually follows suits. The end of winter, death, and darkness is coming. It is a time to plan for the future and what we will pursue in the months to come. 

March - Chaste Moon - All is new, fresh and virginal as life begins anew. The antiquated word for pure reflects the custom of greeting the new year with a clear consciousness. Now we can begin to plant the seeds of desire. 

April - Seed Moon - Spring is in the air. This is the time of sowing seeds (spiritual or physical), the time when we physically put our desires into motion. 

May - Hare Moon - The sacred animal was associated in Roman legs with Springtime and fertility. All life is blossoming forth. Now is the time we use the creative spirit to reaffirm our goals. 

June - Dyad Moon - Dyad is the latin name for pair, the twin stars of castor and pollux. This is a time of equality, union of opposites, and duality, It is the time to seek balance between our spiritual and physical desires. 

July - Mead Moon - Mead was the traditional beverage in old Europe. This was a time for working to preserve some of these crops (mostly for wine and ale making) for winter and future use. It is the time to plan for what we will do when we reach our goals. 

August - Wort Moon - Wort is the Anglo - Saxon term for herb or green plant. This is the first harvest and a time to celebrate. It is a good time to plan for persevering what we have attained. 

September - Barley Moon - We enter the sign of virgo, the virgin who carries sheaves of barley and grain. This is the great harvest, a time for celebration and the realization of desired goals. 

October - Blood Moon - The moon marks the season of hunting and the slaughter of animals for winter food and clothing. Blood is the force of life. Now is the time for thanksgiving, rest, and reflection. 

Blue Moon - Variable - This occurs when the full moon appears twice in one month. A blue moon is considered to be extremely lucky and is used for magical rites that are in alignment with luck, prosperity, and good fortune.


Adam Driver as Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

And again PS crapped out and froze on me mid set, so it seems there’s another half assed attempt of making some quality. Honestly I’m at the end of my tether, I’m thinking of reverting back to good ol’ CS4 at this point. Sorry. Thank the Force he’s pretty.

What Goes on in the Kitchen

requests: Can you do a newt smut where it’s really kinky and you two end up “doing it” on the kitchen table?… I am so SRRY for this ahah 😳😂

KINKY SMUT !?!??!??? PLEASE unless you feel uncomfortable writing it xxx

warnings: smut

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Kol Mikaelson: Are you offering?

Words count: 1166

Warning: Kissing, blood-sharing, mention of sex?

Summery: You are kidnapped, Kol comes to the rescue and then some interesting things happen. (NOT MY BEST DESCRIPTION)

Dating an original comes with its burdens and hardships. You knew that. Dating Kol Mikaelson comes with even more danger, Kol is compulsive and piss a lot of people off. Being one (if not only) of his weaknesses, made you an instant target, but as time went on you always knew that Kol will come for you no matter how long it took him he always comes for you. If he was ever daggered someone from his family got you.

So when you were kidnapped you were pissed, scared but you knew that you’ll be free soon enough. Especially that the stupid vampire took you while you were on your way to see Kol for a date night. You’re sure that when you didn’t show up Kol knew something must have happened, and with your phone ringing in the corner it was only a matter of hours maybe even minutes until Kol comes.

“You know it’s a big mistake, right?” You asked the blonde vampire in front of you.

“How is that puppet?” You cringed at the name he gave you.

“A lot have tried to lure Kol out and do just as you have done, and all have failed.” You informed him, even though you know he knew that already. “What makes you think you’re different?”

“I have a few witches on my side.” He smirked and walked closer to where you were tied to a chair, the robes holding you were laced with Vervain making your skin burn and sizzle.

“As if that’s gonna help.” You smirk just to piss him off, you wanted to get under his skin and make his last hours like hell.

“Well it’s going to and, when he comes my witches will kill him.” The stupidest vampire alive said.

“God! You really are dumb, you need to get your brain checked. In all my year as a vampire I have never met a more retarded vampire than you are.” You told him, you can tell he was getting angrier as you talked. “I thought us vampires got smarter as the years went by, but I guess not all of us do.”

“Well you shut up!” He shouted at me and glared. I only smirked and he moved in even closer to me, suddenly his face cleared and he was the one smirking. “You are such a beautiful thing, I know why Kol keeps you close, but I think it’s unfair that he doesn’t share, so what do you say? Are you up to some fun?”

You jerked away from him as his hand got closed to your face by the second. “GET. AWAY. FROM. ME.” You seethed out each word, you were furious.

“Now why would I do such thing?” Just as he said that the door was slammed open and Kol stood in the door way with blood on his hands, mouth, everywhere really.

“Because she said so.” Kol said and vamp speeded to the stunt vampire and in one move his heart was on the floor, and his body joined soon after. “Now darling.” Kol turned to you and smiled. “Why do you always get yourself in such difficult situations?”

“Well you are the reason I am in danger, in the first place.” You told him as he ripped the robs off, his hands burning for a second, you sighed in relief the pain was getting on your nerve.

“I guess I have to keep you in my sight 24/7 then.” Kol smirked at you while you rubbed your sore hands.

“I guess you have, but first I need blood to hear.” You told Kol, as you took longer than usual to heal. “So are you offering?” Blood-sharing is such intimate thing, but and Kol have done it before.

“You know I always am, but let’s go to our place first.” Kol said smiling down at you, since he was taller. “Here I’ll carry you.”

“I can walk just fine.” You told him but wrapped your hand around his neck none the less, you can never say no to being close to him.

“I know, but I love holding you.” You nuzzled his neck and sighed, feeling safe in his arms. It took you Kol a few minutes to get to your rented flat in Italy, where you two were spending a holiday away from his family, it was supposed to be drama free but there’s no thing as drama free time when you’re a Mikaelson or living with one. Kol sat you down on the bed gently, and vamp speeded to the bathroom to wipe all the blood off. You took off your leather jacket and throw it on the floor and leaned on the headboard. Waiting for Kol to return and he soon did.

“Now well you feed me.” You asked your handsome boyfriend.

“Now I will do more than that.” Kol said and sat next to your legs, but still very close to your face, his legs were on the floor. Kol slowly rolling up his sleeves. He raised his wrist to your mouth and your eyes turned red with vines around them and fangs came out, you bite into his wrist and moaned as the irony substance hit your tongue. You held his write with both your hand and bite harder, Kol groaned in pleasure.

“That’s darling.” He whispered his voice raspy. Kol’s hands wrapped in your hair and pulled you away from his wrist only to crash his lips to yours into a hungry kiss. You moaned and titled your head to the side to deepen the kiss, your hands ran up and down his chest slowly feeling his muscles under his shirt. Kol had one hand in your hair while the other was on your thigh.

Kol nipped at your bottom lip and you opened your mouth slightly, only for his tongue to pass your lips and massage your own. You pulled away to take a deep breath but Kol didn’t stop his mouth moved to your neck, he sucked and kissed and bite at your neck then moved to your sweet spot, and sank his fangs there only for you to throw your head back and for you to let out a loud moan. Kol sucked your blood, the feeling of the blood leaving your body gave you a pleasurable tingle all over your body, it was one of the best feelings you have ever felt.

“Kol.” You moaned his name and you hand move to his shirt, and you ripped his shirt open, literally. Kol pulled back and you moved his face back to yours just for your lips to meet again. “I” kiss. “Love.” Kiss. “You.” Kiss. You felt him smile against your lips.

“I love you too darling, but now is time for you to lose everything you’re wearing.” With that you spent the rest of the night and part of the next morning, making love and showing each other just how much you loved each other.

Hunk and Lance waking up on one cold morning and just staying in bed. Getting closer and cuddling cause it’s too cold to get out of their warm little blanket cocoon, along with untangling their legs.

Hunk and Lance sitting at their kitchen table with one hand occupied by something (maybe like eating or flipping a book page) the other hand is intertwined with the others, firmly sitting on the table with no sign of letting go.

Hunk and Lance just casually shopping at the local supermarket and making food related puns. Hunk purposely making certain brand names sound completely off from how to say them making Lance burst into crying tears.

Hunk and Lance just sitting in their car with the heat up and the radio low, talking about life and some of its hardships and emotions. Each listen to each other and comfort the other because they love each other so much.

Hunk and Lance going to bed at night and say “I love you” three times, while climbing into bed, while shutting the lights off and while getting into each other’s arms because that is the ultimate truth between them.

These planets often cause hardships wherever they’re found:

Saturn in a house can make it seem like it’s out of our reach, it causes struggles, insecurities and it takes us longer to grasp the house it’s in.

Neptune in a house can drown everything. It dilutes everything in water and makes the house murky…everything then becomes confusing and distorted, maybe even dreamy…like an illusion.

Uranus in a house is sudden, like lightning. It can feel like one minute you have a full grasp on the house it’s in and then the next, it has slipped through your fingers, again and again, always changing erratically.

Wherever Pluto resides gives clues to your deepest and darkest secrets and it is the area in your life that will repeatedly crumble and disintegrate in flames, but then rise from the ashes to be born anew, and repeat. It’s a power struggle–over and over again.


Here it is….. my 6 selfies of 2016. (i’ve been tagged to do it 5747474 times) ANYWAYS this year has been the best and worst of my life and has changed me entirely as a person. I also turned 20 (yay adulthood) and moved to florida. It’s been wild but i appreciate the changes its brought to me through some…. pretty insane hardships.
On a lighter note i tag @encisor @animeadult @theoriginalgenome @maxandchloevstheworld @sunpoof @gurokiid

its ok, im used to hardship. ive been punched in the face by my father for turning down my MIT scholarship in order to pursue my dream of making maps of all the layers of hell

Is anyone noticing a lack of women empowerment and feminist speeches on Supergirl this season ? 

When I’m At Home

Originally posted by yituans


Dating an idol came with its fair share of hardships. Your relationship was kept as quiet as humanly possible (dates were, unsurprisingly, a very difficult event). There were times you would go a month, if not longer, without seeing your significant other. Texting, calling, or video chatting took much more time and planning than it should. There were very few opportunities for actual, true alone time.

But, despite all of the hardships, there were also upsides.

Being an idol meant that the person was driven and focused. It meant that they were willing to put in massive amounts of effort into something that they were passionate about. It meant that they were willing to do whatever they needed.

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stop fucking glorifying pain. there is nothing beautiful about sitting up alone in bed at 2am with tears streaming down your face, begging yourself to hold on for just one more day. there is nothing pretty about sticking your fingers down your throat just to feel clean, to feel good about yourself again. there is nothing fucking admirable about scarring your skin. there is nothing gorgeous about hating yourself. my scars are not beautiful. my pain is not fashionable. my mental illness is not something to be put on display and worshipped. pain is not something to think of as beauty. its pain. darkness is not made to be idolized, struggles and hardships are not romantic. they’re painful and fucking cruel and i am sick and tired of seeing people say how pretty people’s struggles are. they are not pretty. you wanna know pretty? go look in the damn mirror. YOU are pretty. stop making people think their pain is something that’s normal and cute. it’s not cute. it hurts and it’s something no one should have to go through. // don’t you dare tell me pain is pretty it’s not. fighting for your life is not pretty, it’s brave. you are brave and im sorry if you haven’t heard that enough.

anonymous asked:

Hey Milly, I just had to end up a relationship with my boyfriend who was my first everything. Tell me It will be good. I hated my life before him, I thought I will be forever alone, I don't want my life to be like that again :(

hey, sometimes we have to move on from things which were once the most important things in our life. they can still be important, but this only means we will find new means of importance in our already important lives. this means you can experience things from a new light. you can say, i went through this - and i survived. these experiences accumulate and make us stronger beings. life will be so good. there is even better out there to experience. leaving things behind means we can move on and find new things. this is reality. life isn’t one long stream of beautiful togetherness. we find ourselves through breakups, through hardships - its a reminder we need to be strong within. which you are! keep going. hold your head up. this is time to move on

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Of course. I am very much an advocate for both bio parents being involved but honestly she clearly doesn't care for her, so it will only bring Charlie more harm to keep talking about her and pretending she is in her life. She's at an age where she can either make bonds for life or the very bonds will be broken and forgotten if not maintained. I can imagine that despite its obvious hardships her not being involved makes it a lot easier to live your life. Best of luck friend. Xx

Thank you so much ❤️ I agree with you completely and I have a plan to remove her permanently from Charlie’s life and make sure she’s always in good hands. I take Charlie’s future more serious than I do my own so I’ve made plenty of choice and sacrifices to make sure she gets everything she deserves growing up.

“No mourners. No funerals. 

Among them, it passed for ‘good luck.’”

For anybody already familiar with Leigh Bardugo’s wonderfully written YA series Six of Crows, then you already know where this request is going. For those of you who haven’t read it, fear not! Without giving anything away, it’s about six diverse characters (most of them criminals) that attempt to make a near impossible heist. This request is going to be for something right along those lines - just minus the heist.

The characters in this request don’t necessarily have to be criminals - but it would work so much better (and be much more fun) if they all had some kind of illegal dealings in their past. The six of them live and work together in one of East Erie’s oldest, but not necessarily most popular, hotel, the Grand Garnet Inn. The inn experienced quite a bit of hardship several decades ago when one of its rooms was the site of a grisly murder crime, and since then it has been known to be…well, rather unwelcoming. For lack of a better term.

The hotel really doesn’t receive any visitors these days, leading the residents of East Erie to wonder how the hell it’s still open, but it basically just serves as a home for these six individuals in the meantime. They’re known as something like a gang around East Erie - as gang-like as a group of people in a creepy small town could get - and it’s no secret that they all take part in shady dealings and illegal activities (it’s just that nobody talks about it, or cares). But for all of the slack that their reputation brings them, these fools are essentially a family; an incredibly dysfunctional collection of (mostly) horrible people that act as a family, but a family nonetheless. At this point, it would seem like all they have is each other, and through thick and thin, they stick together.

Now, since the original characters in Six of Crows are so beautifully diverse, I want this request to reflect that - so all of the original character’s defining traits (Kaz’s handicap, Jesper’s dark skin, etc) should stay. No race or gender bending, please. I’ve included their important traits in brackets below, and if you have any questions, please ask me! The relationships that the book presents between the characters are entirely optional, so don’t feel forced to have a plot with the Matthias if you make the Nina. 

Kaz Brekker/Dirtyhands: Atticus Mott [Handicapped, Male] [Taken by Jessica]
Inej Ghafa/Wraith: Harleen Kamala [Indian, Female] [Taken by Kayla]
Jesper Fahey/Sharpshooter: Shiloh Jarreau [African American, Male] [Taken by Mickey]
Wylan Van Eck/Wayward Son: Open [Dyslexic, Male]
Nina Zenik/Heartrender: Magnolia Hollins [Curvy, Female] [Taken by Minni]
Matthias Helvar/Drüskelle Traitor: Open [Male, Falsely Accused Felon]

do people know that the 4 Things Show began because its producer was inspired by rapmon’s rap about the hardships of being an idol rapper? the producer cried after listening to his rap and decided to make a show about putting individual rappers under a different light..and that’s why rapmon was the first to appear on that show