not that it's a czech movie


The above poster, with its sinister art, was made for the Japanese run of a 1970 French movie titled L'aveu, aka The Confession. It was directed by Costa-Gavras, who often delves into political themes, and here Yves Montand stars as a Czech communist party official named Anton who is one day followed, arrested without warrant, and thrown in jail without charge or access to legal counsel.

I love it when people claim beauty and the beast shouldn’t have been made into a live action movie because it makes the romance weird (which let’s be honest, it is), as if there hasn’t been TONS OF LIVE ACTION BEAUTY AND THE BEAST ADAPTATIONS BEFORE:

La Belle Et La Bete (1940s France)
Panna a Netvor (Czech, 1970s)
Beauty and the Beast (1980s tv show with Ron Pearlman)
Fairy Tale Theatre’s Production (with, get this, Christopher Walken as the beast I shit u not)
La Belle et la Bete (2017 France)

And those are just the versions I know, I’m pretty sure there are more.

Yeah. It’s a weird story. Lady falls in love with a Beast thing. In some versions it’s feline in others reptilian and in several versions a boar and in one adaptation it’s a tiger. ITS WEIRD. Technically the original fairy tale (well, second version by Beaumont that we are all most familiar with) is using the story to address the foreignness of arranged marriages.

I mean if the concept of beauty and the beast bothers you you’re gonna have a lot of fun experiencing musicals like Bat Boy.