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Malá Mořská Víla // The Little Mermaid (Czechoslovakia, 1976)

In the wake of tvN’s Surplus Princess, which is, actually, a fusion of the elements of the original and the 1984 movie Splash starring Tom Hanks, I suddenly remembered another adaptation, and probably the best and most accurate one, of the old tale story of the Little Mermaid based on Christian Andersen’s unforgettable, heartwreching story about the little sea nymph who dared to fall in love with a human. A story about a love that lasts until the end, a love that overcomes death; about the courage to fight for the chance to be with someone we love despite the hopelessness of it all and being selfless in our selfishness. Little Mermaid loses her voice and her feet bleed because each step hurts like she is being pierced by hundreds knives and needles - a price she has pay to be with the man she loves; a man who can’t see that the woman he’s been looking for is right by his side. The only difference is that this Little Mermaid (perfectly portrayed by the ethereal Miroslava Šafránková) doesn’t have a fin. She is the princess of the sea kingdom and the beloved, youngest daughter of its king who despises humans while she is interested in everything about the human world.

Being it probably the most faithful adapation of the original, there is incorporated the aspect of the relative immortality of the sea nymphs, who live for 300 years and then they are doomed to turn into sea foam/bubbles because, unlike humans, they don’t possess the immortal soul. However, even in her tragedy there is a hope/a reward for the poor Little Mermaid who couldn’t win the love of her beloved mortal and so selflessly sacrificed her own life to save the lives of the very two people who caused her death - if she spends 100 years saving humans and doing good deeds she will gain immortal soul. There is this amazing scene at the end when she saves the ship with the prince and his new bride from crushing on the cliffs right after she turns into sea foam, her last selfless act of love. The interesting thing about this adaptation is that the Princess is portrayed by the actual sister of the female protagonist so there is an actual similarity between LM and the Princess so the Prince’s confusion and mistake is more realistic and logical. The entire movie feels almost like a set of fantasy-like iconic imagery with its beautiful cinemography, stellar storytelling, deft directing and great actors. 

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FO reference movie list

This is list of movies I somehow connect with the fallout franchise…

Six String Samurai .. Movie about postapo samurai Buddy Holly, who wants to be the next King in the city of Lost Vegas… its absolutely nuts but also hilarious 

A boy and his dog - Apparently one of main inspirations on the beginning… I really dont like the movie.. there might be some interesting ideas but there are also things that i just HATE about it.. maybe it is satire but that doesnt change anything for me

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb - Ok this is probably one of my most favorite movies and also my head canon on how the war started. 

Mad Max Quadrilogy… its the law to watch who havent in this fandom?

Waterworld … you know…like Mad Max except on water

The Postman… interesting idea..some interesting scenes..but ended up with lots of boring filling.. Kevin Costners character fakes to be a member of “renewed” courier(postal) services to get food n shelter…resurrects the services by accident because people believe him. 

Cherry 2000…. Dude breaks his sexbot and goes on a journey to the wasteland for spare parts. 

El Topo by Jodorowsky… highly spiritual and weird..if you know some other works by Jodorowsky you know what i mean. If you dont…well.. check the description on wiki or somewhere else because you might not like it.

Planet of the Apes(1968) … Its a classic 

The treasure of Sierra Madre.. Western movie which kinda inspired Dead Money

Lemonade Joe.. Czech musical western parody.. About lone cowboy called Lemonade Joe who tries to convince citizens of  Stetson city that non-alcoholic soft drink Kolaloka is much better than alcohol. shenanigans ensues 

Casablanca.. somehow it fits also its a classic

Bonnie and Clyde (1967)… 

Monty Python’s Life of Brian.. or basically anything by monty python

City of the lost children..  Kinda surreal french movie. Ron Perlman is in it and its apparently one of the aesthetic inspirations for fo1 and 2.  

Dune… by David Lynch..It has sand, it has sand worms, it has Kyle Maclachlan what more do you need

From Dusk Till Dawn

The dollars trilogy… classical spaghetti western might also go check Dirty Harry if you are at it

Goodfellas.. for the mafia aesthetics of the Strip…also  The Godfather

Threads… Interesting document-like movie depicting what would happen in case of nuclear holocaust in england. And its long term effects upon people. interesting but kinda depressive 

Zardoz… ????  

Blade Runner.. the older one but now also 2049 

Escape from New York. Dude called Snake is supposed to save the president in dystopian New York.


Terminator Salvation


Westworld..both the tv show and the old movie

Logan’s Run.. no midlife crisis  if you dont live long enough

Tank Girl

The Silent Flute 

Conan the barbarian (1982)

I think I will add more… and also a music, other games,  literature, series.. and comics list. 


The good, the neutral and the bad: Christine’s maid/Serafimo costume

This too is a category where there aren’t really any stinkers. “Il Muto” is a scene most productions handle well. Possibly because it is familiar opera/rococo terrain? Basically all productions to a combo of an ambiguous blouse/shirt and/or vest with breeches under a rip-off-skirt. All versions make sense; some are really good, and a lot of them are good ideas but maybe with some not-so-well solutions in execution. So here goes:

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10 Things You Don't Need To Know About Slovakia And Slovaks

1. Many Slovaks call capital Bratislava shortly Blava and its inhabitants (Bratislavčania) Blaváci. For some reason they don’t like to be called like that.

2. Movie Hostel, which has plot set in Slovakia, was actually filmed in the Czech Republic and Germany.

3. Both parents of Andy Warhol were Slovaks.

4. Protected areas are covering almost one quarter (23%) of the country surface.

5. Folk costumes in Slovakia were so specific that just by looking at it you could tell from what village person is, what is their religion or how many children they have.

6. There is said to be one of Marína statues of Slovak sculptor placed in North Korea.

7. People from Eastern Slovakia and Western Slovakia generally dislike each other.

8. ESET Company comes from Slovakia.

9. Popular Japanese song おお牧場はみどり (Ō makiba wa midori) has melody based on Slovak folk song Horela lipka, horela. Some argue that it was actually based on Czech folk song Ej, lúčka, lúčka with same melody.

10. Term “small talk” is unknown in Slovakia, and it’s very strange there to start conversation with stranger for no apparent reason.

Source: internet
Some of the pictures are purely illustrative.


Favourite non-replica christine costumes, as requested by anon: 

SLAVEGIRL: There hasn’t really been a non-replica version I’ve been crazy about. But I like the Hungarian one for the ornamental “bra” combined with the torn fabric skirt. It moves well, and has cool details. 

ELISSA: The Czech ones all the way! So unbelievably grand. 

DRESSING GOWN: A tie between the Czech one with a corseted waist, and the 2004 movie (mirror) one for its delicate details. 

IL MUTO MAID/SERAFIMO: I like the nice period flair of the Polish one, and the palette is kinda… muddy yet fresh. ’t is cool. 

ROOFTOP: I’m not really crazy about any versions here either. But I do like that both the Hungarian and Polish versions feature Christine still in her boy costume from the opera (with a cloak on top). Nice nod to Leroux. 

MASQUERADE: Honestly, I don’t like a single non-replica version. 

WISHING DRESS: Not really a fan of any of the dresses here either. But I do like the tailored, hooded jacket for the Managers office in Poland. 

AMINTA: I can’t stand any of the non-replica Aminta costumes. UGH. 

WEDDING DRESS: They don’t even have a Christine wedding dress in Hungary and Poland. Neutral to the Czech one. However, I ADORE the 2004 movie one. Wonderful silhouette, use of materials + period flair. 

Former EXO member Kris Starts Filming Chinese Movie in Prague

Rumors of former EXO member Kris (Wu Yi Fan) starring in a Chinese film is finally confirmed as it was known that the young singer-turned-actor is staying in Prague, Czech Republic for the movie.

On June 23, Chinese press reported that the filming for the movie, “Somewhere Only We Know” (有一個地方只有我們知道), will start in Prague, Czech Republic on June 24, according to a Weibo post made by its directorX…

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Upper map: countries where “Phantom of the Opera” has been performed as per August 2014. 

Lower map: Countries where “Phantom of the Opera” will have been performed by the end of 2015. 

Countries marked in the second map: 
United Kingdom (hereunder Scotland and Northern Ireland) 
The Netherlands 
Czech Republic 
United States of America
New Zealand 
South Korea 
China (hereunder Taiwan, Hong Kong and Shanghai) 
The Philippines 
South Africa 

The map is obviously a bit deceitful, as for example Russia will only have had the Moscow production and yet the whole 17,098,242 km2 empire is marked off in the same way US, with is multiple-sit-down productions AND tours is. Similar with Canada - though there was a Canadian tour visiting many parts of the country, they never went to its Arctic neighborhoods. But in large, the map gives an idea of Phantom demographic, so to speak. 

As for languages, to my knowledge these are the existing ones: 
German (different ones, but all with the same basis) 
Flemish (rather similar to Dutch) 
Spanish (Spain) 
Spanish (Mexico, Argentina) 
Portuguese (Brazil) 

For the movie the songs were also translated into French (one for France, one for Canada) and Italian. 

And by 2015 there’ll also be a Czech and Russian translation out there, as well as (assumedly) Mandarin for China. I’m not sure what’s the case with Estonia, but I know the Finnish production will be in English. 


SCANDAL; On “7 Pia” (Interview on “Sisters”)

The single, “Sisters”, which will release on 9th September as well, displays the band’s current mode and disposition towards music. A follow up from “Stamp!”, its energetic ensemble comes with a pop breakdown. Its sound producer is Tamai Kenji and it is mixed by Tom Lord-Alge. Inspired by a movie which RINA likes, it’ll be displayed in a danceable, open fashion.

RINA says, “I was shocked by the Czech film, ‘Daisies’. Even within the cold Second World-War, the girls were having fun, being happy in all liveliness. I think it is, as girls, how they countered against the world. The times now are very peaceful, but I thought it’ll be nice to be able to live even more freely. This isn’t simply an encouragement song solely for girls, but also how we view the world that has few girl bands, as we’re one ourselves. We also wanted to link it with how we’ll like to compete in the band scene.”

With cuteness as their female weapon, and them cherishing humour, MAMI thinks this, as she write the song, “As these lyrics are muffled with power of all sorts, we’ve let it all out at once during the hook (of the tune).” HARUNA says, “The demo that the two of them sent us was thrilling. The expression in the lyrics, ‘Living out one’s life well’, I think it’s something that only girls can do. There’s definitely also trickiness, but even though so, to live and move ahead strongly, I think it’s something that can only belong to the girls. That’s why I feel this (song) can only be sung right now.”

In the coupling tune that TOMOMI has produced, titled “LIFE IS A JOURNEY”, was again, a song that was born from the girls’ experiences from the world tour. TOMOMI remarks, “This was relative to ‘Stamp!’s’ period. I couldn’t write songs at all as I was going about on the world tour. After the end of the tour, instantly once I got past my troubles, I thought I could probably write and so I wrote.” RINA says, “To see a band that is changing, it’s also interesting for us.”

Scans by 2xCantarian-san @ G+, translations by fyscandalband. Translated only information regarding the “Sisters” single, excludes write-ups on “Stamp!” and the arena tour.

8 months were spent scouting locations for The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, including Ireland, China and Argentina. Although parts of the film were made in New Zealand like its predecessor, the majority of shooting took place in Czech, Slovenia and Poland because of the larger sets available. The stone prop was flown from New Zealand to Barrandov Studios in Prague, Czech. In a remote Slovenian location, everyone had to be checked for ticks on a regular basis, since infestations in the cast and crew’s hair were common. Because of tax credits, post-production was based in the UK to qualify the movie as a British film.