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Prompt no 14. “First Kiss” - Kind of a Sequel to this pic. Have a shocked/surprised Mattsun. <3

Took surprisingly long before that prompt got claimed. @harvestmoonpeoples grabbed it for more MatsuHana. (I promise the next pic will be a different ship lol)


And I think the only one that can actually kills me in the recent episode besides the kiss is the way they look at each other >///< LOOK AT IT THEIR GAZES ARE JUST SO FULL WITH AFFECTION AND LOVE IF THIS ISNT LOVE THEN I DONT KNOW WHAT LOVE IS

RFA reacts to MC’s phone breaking and she can’t get on the chat.




  • Yoosung doesn’t worry about it too much at first. 
  • He just gets absorbed into LOLOL again so that’s all he’s thinking about. 
  • Until hOURS LATER.
  • Starts to seriously get worried. 
  • Rapid fire spams her phone with messages, pretty much close to tears.
  • Did he do something wrong?? Is MC okay??
  • Can’t go to class, he’s so worried Not that he would’ve gone anyways.
  • So relieved when she finally messages him back, although he feels a little silly for overreacting.
  • Never tells her just how bad his overreaction got.


  • He was so proud of the selfie he sent her. He looked gooood  ͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ – ✧
  • Wasn’t too worried about her not replying immediately. She was probably just so blown away that she was speechless. 
  • After awhile, though, he starts to feel a little bit hurt. 
  • He didn’t think she was annoyed by his selfies…but maybe she was?
  • Starts to feel bad about all the selfies he’s swamped her with. He should’ve toned it down…
  • Can’t focus on his acting practice. Can’t remember his lines and starts to get annoyed with how much he has to look at himself. 
  • MC probably thought his picture was annoying so now it’s annoying him too. 
  • Finally, a couple days later, MC sends him a selfie of herself and her new phone, explaining everything. 
  • Sends her another one of him totallynotfreakingoutatall
  • Hewaschillthewholetimewhatareyoutalkingabout.


  • Can barely reply to messages herself thanks to how much work she has Thanks Jumin
  • So when MC sees her message and doesn’t reply, she’s not too worried about it. 
  • She’s probs busy and Jaehee 100% understands. 
  • But after a couple of days, she’s worried MC’s hurt, not busy. 
  • Starts asking around the RFA to see if anyone else has heard from her, no dice. 
  • Keeps working so she doesn’t worry, but can’t work as proficiently as usual because she can’t shake off the worrying. 
  • Remain calm Jaehee. She’s probably okay. Don’t freak out. 
  • But what if she’s not?? She wants to help her but she doesn’t want to overreact…
  • Right as she’s about to call the police or the hospital, MC messages her on her new phone and apologizes for worrying her. 
  • Won’t admit she might’ve overreacted a little, but sets aside time away from work so they can go for an extra long coffee break. 
  • So relieved her bae’s okay ♥


  • Immediate possessive-panic mode. 
  • She read it and just…left?? What even?? Did he just lose her??
  • Not even a day later, he’s convinced she’s dead. Or seriously injured. 
  • CRUSHED that he couldn’t convince her to stay by his side where it was safe. 
  • No work that day. Nope. Gotta worry about MC Sorry Jaehee…
  • 1000% ready to start a nation-wide search like he did for Elizabeth the 3rd. Ads on all the websites. Commercials on television. Calling everyone he could. He didn’t care, he just wanted his MC. 
  • Jaehee only convinces him against it when she gets MC’s address (Other than Rika’s apartment) from 707 so he can go visit her himself. 
  • Doesn’t even feel silly when MC explains what happened, just INCREDIBLY relieved. MC’s pretty embarrassed, tho. 
  • Buys her the nicest phone possible and the most protective case he can find so it doesn’t break again. 
  • Treats her to a nice dinner that night, glad to see she was okay.
  • MC turns off the read receipts, though (´・_・`)


  • Sent MC another reeeally lame joke. Maybe even a pun. He wasn’t surprised that she didn’t respond. 
  • Tries to lighten the mood with another joke. But now she’s not reading that one??
  • Was his first joke really do bad to start ignoring him? Probably but still.
  • Finally hacks into the CCTV, just to check on her. Sees the broken phone and understands everything. 
  • Sends her a new one, along with a kitty cat case (◕ ワ ◕✿)
  • But the phone wasn’t without a few…alterations 
  • He makes sure it’s got a lot of storage and even some good graphics if she wants to play some mobile games Like Mystic Messenger, but that’s not all. 
  • ALWAYS autocorrects 707 to “707, DEFENDER OF JUSTICE!!!” no matter what. Although MC starts just calling him 7 to get around this. 
  • Changes all her contacts to “It’s a mystery~ (・o・)
  • But the most important thing is that he basically gives it NOKIA level sturdiness. Just to make sure it doesn’t break again  ♥
Kino as your boyfriend
  • Best friend kind of relationship
  • You found out he had feelings for you when he got jealous over someone flirting with you
  • “Why are you so grumpy?”
  • “Because I should be flirting with you instead.”
  • And you’re like ‘what’ but he’s dead serious
  • And then it slowly progresses into a relationship
  • Nose kisses
  • Ice cream dates
  • Shows you his choreography
  • “Cool right?”
  • Cuddles after schedules
  • He lies in your lap and you stroke his hair
  • Then he falls asleep peacefully
  • Wants to make you smile all the time
  • Looking after kids together
  • Encouraging each other to do well
  • Lots of 'do we really have to let go’ hugs
  • Since he doesn’t have time to talk a lot on schedules, he’ll send a text only saying '❤’ to show you he is thinking about you
  • “Tell me I’m your only one.”
  • “You’re my only one”
  • Lots of backhugs
  • He holds his arms around you
  • You’re stuck now
  • This also happens a lot, he’s just embrace you and you’re unable to escape
  • Btw you should really try tickling him, he’s ticklish
  • He’ll probably cringe and fall to the ground, begging for mercy
  • Coffee dates at cafes
  • You’ll sit at a little round table by the window and talk about mundane things
  • If he brings you roses, he’ll never bring red ones because he feels like that’s a bit too grown up for him
  • He usually picks either light pink or peachy toned ones
  • One time he was away with Pentagon and he sent a giant bouquet to your door with a card saying “I love you”
  • Let’s you wear his giant jackets
  • “Oh my you look adorable!” *more squeezing*
  • You bring out his squishy smile every time you talk about something you’re passionate about
  • He just finds your enthusiasm so amazing
  • Likes bringing you to the dorm to hang out with the members but always stays quite close to you just in case
  • You always jam out and dance to bops together
  • Especially when making food, you’ll use the spatula as a microphone and Hyunggu will make rhythms with two spoons
  • Would always support you through anything
  • Loves giving you compliments and making you flustered
  • He would care so much, he’s always looking after you
  • Slowdances with you to your favourite song, never losing eye contact
  • Lots of dates at the dance studio
  • He would always want to touch you in some way, it could be him holding your hands or having his arm around your waist
  • He’d love to go on late night walks with you, telling you stuff from the most serious to the silliest things
  • You’d bring out his beautiful laugh
  • Loves sending you cute selfies
  • Prepare for lots of make out sessions where he holds you really close to him
  • All over just the sweetest, most comfortable relationship in the world

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I remember the way you used to text me at 3am asking if I thought vampires were real. I remember how you always hated the way your hair fell on Thursday mornings and would never let me tell you that it looked amazing. I remember what your nicknames were for me, and how anytime anybody else called me them, you got angry. I remember the way you used to chuckle at my idiotic jokes and the way your eyes disappeared when you smiled. I remember how your voice sounds and how you used to sing random pop songs mockingly under your breath. I remember every detail of your favorite sweatshirt, I remember every second we spent laughing at nothing in the middle of the night, and I remember how much you used to hate it when I spammed your phone with 103 texts while you slept, but I did it anyway. I remember the way it felt to love you, and I remember the feeling I got in my stomach when I realized you loved me, too, but in the end, I would still want to forget your name and every stupid inside joke we had and everything in between, because the memories of you only ever make me realize that I lost you and I still don’t know where things went wrong.
—  E. Grin

just as he does every summer, crosby returned home. where he’s no more a hockey player than a son, brother, friend, philanthropist and hockey school instructor. this is a first person account of a kid named sidney. in the town that helped him become sid the kid. (watch here)


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★ Yuri on Instagram, or, How this story lives in snapshots ★

This post wasn’t originally meant to happen; I wasn’t planning on writing for YOI, and it’s always a little hazardous to write extensively about shows that have yet to end anyway. But sometimes I get ideas that refuse to leave my head until I type them down, and I’ve spammed my twitter enough as is. So here’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while now; namely, a quick post I call Yuri on Instagram, or, How this story lives in snapshots.

I’ll try to contextualize a little: it took me a while to warm up to YOI. I’m the type of viewer who likes slow build-ups, to really witness dynamics evolve, but much of YOI’s pacing seemed to work on fast-forward. It wasn’t that I disliked it, but the show didn’t initially engage me as more than a casual viewer. However, halfway through the show that started to change. At first it was hard to pinpoint the reason; I’d always liked the themes and atmosphere, but also understood why some people felt the execution didn’t deliver. So why was I suddenly being pulled in by the narrative that left me somewhat detached before?

Interestingly enough, when trying to explain my new-found fondness for YOI irl, what came out was this:

“The show makes me feel like I’m watching snapshots. There are all these glimpses at themes, elements, personalities, dynamics – almost as if it’s not about a single, in-depth story, but several stories in snapshots instead. And so I can fill in all the gaps, however I see fit.”

Filling-in-the-gaps is, of course, a method often used to draw in the fujoshi audience. Its success often depends on the creator’s ability to recognize when and how much subtext and/or ambiguity to use, in order for the viewers to run off and transform the original text. Of course, this might accidentally make the pacing come off as confusing: isn’t leaving all these gaps between the extravagant scenes only a sign of bad writing, if the actual development is only referential on screen? Well, sometimes it can definitely be. But what I’m proposing is that with YOI, employing this snapshot-like subtext is actually a rather deliberate narrative choice through which to tell the entire story.

The first thing most of us noticed when we started watching was YOI’s gratuitous use of internet and social media, mainly Instagram. Shorter scenes are expanded through the use of “behind the scenes” material shared by Phichit and co. This relies on the way we’re taught to interpret social media: we understand that there is more to the image than we see. Moreover, we love the snapshots because it leaves that room for our imagination – a glimpse at someone’s photo feed only ever alludes to the real story behind the picture, one that’s ours to construct in our head.

In this manner, you can take almost any episode, any scene and apply the same logic: there’s more story behind these characters and their dynamics, their dreams and aspirations, even the training that goes into their skating programs. What we see isn’t the full picture, surely, but is it even meant to be? Or is it meant to give you a glimpse into this world, like a snapshot scene, just enough to cultivate thought and feeling before moving onto the next?

In this regard, I found episode 10 even more proof of the idea that YOI is intended to be told in snapshot scenes. We literally go back a year in history playing out in the images of a photo roll, and the stories they share are more incredible in our heads than they ever would be on screen. How long did this danceoff take? Did Yuuri drink all those champagne flutes? Who first pointed out the stripper pole? This is the world fanfics are made of, the world of imagination that fujoshi love. This is the real subtext of Yuri on Ice, and evidently very successful in what it’s trying to do.

For a story that takes place in so many countries and the minds of so many people, it makes sense for the narrative method to employ this kind of subtext/ambiguity. For example, my ultimate favourite JJ comes off as either a legendary egomaniac or a friendless loser depending on the scene you catch him in. This leaves it up to the viewer to construct how these identities work together, much the same way we piece people’s identities together through social media every day. Another example is my other favourite, Yurio, whose true loneliness was always hinted at (through the scenes with his grandfather, or things like being hung up on Viktor’s promise); yet when Otabek asks Yurio to be his friend, the scene is effective depending on how long you really think he’s been waiting for someone to ask him that question.

Admittedly, at the beginning of YOI it was tricky to suspend my disbelief at the rapid-fire rate everything was taking place. By the time episode 10 rolled in, though, combined with everything I’ve since learnt about Kubo-sensei’s fondness for ambiguity, I realized I had actually been following a pretty consistent internal logic all along. The end of that episode confirmed this for me, because when the audience learns of the memories Viktor has that Yuuri doesn’t, everything you’ve constructed in your head rearranges. A single snapshot is all it takes, because the expectations we’ve cultivated over Viktor’s motivations were based on snapshots too. The more ambiguity over this, the more our expectations are taken by surprise.

Still, in order for that twist to work, you’ve had to fill in the gaps between these snapshots with some sort of meaning in the first place. In other words, the success of constructing narrative in such scenes calls for voluntary participation. This is ultimately also the reason why this kind of style does not work for everyone; if the script relies on the willingness to imagine how the rest of the story happens, not every viewer is going to want to do that. If the chosen themes, characters or dynamics fail to strike a chord, not every viewer finds something worth imagining at all.

Even so, I would claim this ambiguity remains Yuri on Ice’s biggest strength. Not only does it piece the multifaceted narrative together (for such a character-oriented show, a good chunk of an episode can be spent on the sports alone), but it also doesn’t dictate how the story should be consumed. The way the show is structured really encourages that active participation: just jump right in! Here you’ll find enough solid content to get your imagination going, and enough freedom to interpret it as you see fit! Sure, you can turn down that opportunity if it doesn’t seem suited for your needs as a viewer, but like an Instagram feed, at its best it can turn into a colourful, vibrant platform – to be inspired, to be entertained, to dream.

Moni’s 2.5k Follow Forever!(?)

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20161117, an iconic day for tumblr user @zeungkwan! Literally shitting myself, I cant believe there’s 2,500 bloggers reading my posts and following mine + also Seungkwan’s life! CRAZY! NUTSSS!!! Honestly seventeen has given me such a niche and I’ve met so many absolutely fantastic people on tumblr since their debut. I can’t use words properly because I’m a frickn meme but I really truly do love you, regardless of whether you’re on this list or not. It means so much to me that you all love my boy enough to follow a spam blog like me!! of him!!! HAH!! HE DESERVES IT I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!! I cannot believe… anyway I wish I was less of a meme and could tell you something much more profound than that I LOVE YOU AND AM HERE FOR EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE 2,500 OF YOU but I can’t so just know and remember that and keep reading my tags and lame love letters to my boy because you keep me going 💕💕💕 

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boyf! jaebum

- photog couple; snapping pics 24/7 

- always brings u to new places for impromptu photoshoots

-thinks u take too many pics of him 

-smiles for the camera anyways 

-extra smiley and cuddly with u

-spams u with selfies while on tour

 -“this is so u won’t forget me”

 -“I miss you so much" 

part 1

this is my valentines gift for my lovely @maumauxmau

Aaah I said i am satisfied but i struggle with judars shoulder and hakuryuus strange face a lot. (what are proportions and where have they gone??) >_< But I hope you like it anyway! 

So that’s how judar and hakuryuu gonna enjoy valentine’s day. Naked cuddling under a fluffy blanket <3  >D (do i need to tag this pic as nsfw?????)

I LOVE YOU MAU ! SORRY FOR SPAMMING AND TALKING SO MUCH OKAY? please tell me if i am a bother q-q I wish you to be happy and healthy and everything. you deserve it because you are a very precious and good human and I treasure you for that ! The world needs more people like you. 

And thank you for listening to me even though I am a blablabla and thank you for always asking how I am !! ^0^ and yeah… sorry (for what??) I don’t know. I always feel guilty no matter what I do. It’s part of my personality lol. :<



I can`t believe it! Our VM family has grown to over 333 members!

But thats not the only thing to celebrate.

I proudly announce that Voltage Messenger is currently undergoing a major makeover AND requests are soon to be open! *Throws heart shaped confetti everywhere*

To celebrate this all we are hosting a mini giveaway!

ONE lucky randomly picked winner will have the chance to choose and recieve one of the following prizes,

❤one $10 itunes or google play gift card (US residents only)

❤a digital fully colored chibi style portrait of themselves or any Voltage character (Don`t worry they will look much happier than my grumpy patootie. Btw yes that’s me!)

❤a 850 word one-shot/drabble about you or an oc and your favorite voltage character from ANY game (I will write any topic except smut)

Nice little prizes arent they?

Anyways to enter all you have to do is to reblog this post!*

Each reblog will be counted as an entry, but please dont spam your followers! You also don’t have to follow this blog to enter but you are always free to hit the follow button especially if you support what we do! (We “deliver” special pick me up messages from voltage characters to their lovely fans who need some encouragement or love)

I will pick a winner on November 25th -PST

Good luck everyone and don`t forget to spread the love!

~Admin Tally

*Giveaway blogs are automatically excluded from entering. I will be checking!

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In this last few days… I don’t even have the words (awesome for a writer, right?) I’m a little overwhelmed with the followers - I know, not a lot to some, but wow… to me, for my little nothing writing blog??

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You guys keep spamming my inbox with love, I CAN’T HANDLE TOO MUCH . My DOCTOR SAID SO. Anyways, thank you all so very much for being very supportive! I never knew that all you guys would actually like my art :D And check this out :


THIS IS BONKERS. AHH I can’t stop thanking all of you for being my motivation to draw everyday! Thank you! Oh, and feel free to ask my anything! You guys don’t always have to compliment my art :) But don’t stop huehuehue. Just refrain from asking too personal questions like what’s my name, etc. 

Love y’all pacapeeps!



so instead of spamming yall with these asks that are so beautiful to me, I’ve decided to make a huge post with all of them :3

Anyway here we go <3 (Submissions not included here)

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Tiny bit from our second shoot this weekend. Yep we did KHR too~
And I feel just so comfortable being Hayato xD
As much as I love Kikyo it’s REALLY hard for me to take good pictures in his cosplay so I’m really stressed when I do him, even tho I don’t really want to stop doing him? But when I do Hayato, still there are crappy pics but I’m like ‘chill’
It’s so weird cause even tho I like this guy he’s nowhere near my favs and is easily one of my two fav KHR characters to cosplay, or maybe even the favourite. And my favourite characters actually suit me much less ;-;
ANYWAY XD I’ll be spamming with cosplay for a bit. Please forgive me xD

Eiki Cosplay as Yama
Pompous Cosplay as our photographer :)