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As I told you recently, I’ve now been formally diagnosed with an Autistic Spectrum Condition - in other words, it’s now been coded onto my medical record that I’m autistic. I should know - coding medical records is my job.

This video goes through the process of being formally diagnosed under the NHS, and then my own feelings on the matter.

It’s obviously very personal, so if I get any negative comments, I will be blocking first and asking questions later. But I hope this is useful to someone out there.

Drarry Secret Santa
  • It’s decided that the Eighth Years should do a Secret Santa gift exchange to continue the newfound effort towards House Unity that was started at the beginning of the new term.
  • So of course, because Harry can’t catch a break, he managed to draw Draco Malfoy as his person.
  • He’s stressed AF and wracking his brain to think of something that Malfoy would even want, something he won’t spit on. 
  • Harry gets annoyed when Malfoy plays it off like it’s going to be super easy to get his person a gift, which makes Harry even more Determined™ 
  • Except, secretly Draco is also stressed AF because holy shit everything he thinks of is stupid, what can he possibly get the Boy Who Lived??? Fuck, fuck!
  • Draco trails through Hogsmeade looking at Quidditch supplies, expensive leather-bound journals, and fine bottles of goblin wine before deciding that all of those gifts wouldn’t matter to Potter — with the exception of Quidditch, obviously.
  • But he’s certain that gifting Potter something Quidditch-related won’t have enough of an impact.
  • He wanted to get a gift that meant something, something to thank Potter for saving his life.
  • Harry nearly gave up as the day to exchange their presents drew nearer, but then he found Malfoy’s wand in the bottom of his trunk.
  • He knew it was the perfect gift.
  • After a few false starts, Draco finally figured out something clever to gift to Potter, something that no other Secret Santa would have thought of.
  • He was proud of himself for figuring out the puzzle, and he’s actually eager to see Potter’s face when he opened Draco’s gift.
  • When the time finally came to exchange gifts in a circle around the Eighth Year common room, they each went last to give their gifts.
  • When it’s clear that they had presents for each other, they both nod to leave the room.
  • Malfoy insisted that Harry open his first.
  • Harry fully expected something over the top, expensive, and uselessly ridiculous.
  • But his breath caught when he opened the leather-bound text, engraved with a family crest on the cover with the name Potter emblazoned on a scroll in the center.
  • As he flipped through the pages Malfoy explained that he tracked down a complete family history of the Potters for Harry.
  • And holy shit, Malfoy’s present made Harry’s heart pound in his chest while his throat went all tight and dry???
  • Harry got choked up over his gift as the reality of it sank in. He carefully ran his fingers over the engraving while Malfoy shifted his weight from foot to foot nervously, blurting out facts about the gift that Harry only paid half of his attention to.
  • Harry wiped at his eyes roughly, a little embarrassed, but Malfoy gave him such an important gift.
  • He took a breath and held out his own gift for Malfoy.
  • “I thought it was about time you had this back. It served me well, so, er, thanks.”
  • Draco didn’t even speak for a full minute, his eyes were just locked on his wand in Harry’s outstretched hand.
  • Harry could see his hand shaking at his side.
  • When Harry finally handed Draco the wand, he hugged Harry really tightly and whispered thank you.
  • Draco kissed Harry’s cheek as he pulled away, startling Harry.
  • His lips felt so soft and warm against Harry’s skin.
  • They stared at each other until Harry slowly, carefully pulled Draco back to him, and lightly kissed his cheek in return.
  • They smiled tentatively at each other, each clutching their gifts, as they reached for each other’s hand.
  • Absolutely no one was surprised when they walked back into the common room holding hands.

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did someone say they share hotel rooms and push their beds together?? :0 I haven't really kept up in any recent interviews or anything with kubo

There’s nothing from an interview that officially confirms either point … but is the shared hotel room thing really up for debate?

I mean, do you just randomly shower in someone else’s hotel room and then sit there in a loosely-tied robe and slippers while you dry your hair?

(Sorry for the ugly screencap, but I had to brighten it to make the second suitcase more evident.)

You can see Victor’s suitcase in the lower left-hand corner, not to mention the gloves and scarf tossed onto the bed. (That looks like the same scarf we see Victor wearing in the beach scene with Yurio.)

And then there’s the matter of the obviously slept-in second bed. The sheets are pulled down.

There’s no denying that Victor and Yuuri shared this hotel room. We don’t need confirmation from Kubo-sensei on that.

Now the space-between-the-beds thing … I can actually understand if there’s doubt about that. Because in looking at that screencap above, there’s a definite gap there.

But then we see this a second later in the same scene.


It’s like the bed magically crawled over all on its own. Like it manifested consciousness and decided, “Hey, these boys need to cuddle,” and took matters into its own hands. Er, feet. (Legs?)

(Thank you, second bed. We appreciate your service.)

To me, this looks like two separate artists had different impressions about what was going on in this hotel room. I would definitely like Kubo-sensei to give her thoughts on this.

But come on. Have you ever seen hotel room beds arranged like that? There’s normally a night table between them. I did a previous post on the actual hotel this is based on, and they don’t even offer twin beds.

A Letter to the Sherlock Fandom

You may think that this is a lot of text and too long to read but I implore you to try so that you can better understand these points of view.

I apologise if this isn’t as eloquent or measured as I intended it to be but I am honestly so angry at the Sherlock fandom right now. Not all, obviously, many are conducting themselves amazingly no matter their opinion on the episode. However, there are a large (and loud) number who are not and not only are these people making the rest of us look bad and acting as if they speak for the fandom as a whole, I fear that they are doing (and may have already succeeded in doing) irreparable damage to what could have been a great community.

There are several points I wish to address in this post so I will try to dissect each one individually to the best of the ability.


No matter what you thought of the episode it is NOT okay, or even productive, to harass members of the cast or crew in any way (whether it be through social media, through official complaints (which can actually have further effects on their professional lives also which are definitely not yours to mess with) etc.). It started with Amanda back when season 3 was announced and that was just downright cruel and now it seems the lesson has not been learnt. They have worked hard on this show and even if it did not turn out as you personally expected it or wanted it to you cannot hate them for having a different view of where things should go than you. I have seen many people on Tumblr saying things along the line of ‘it our show anyway we can do what we want and it can be what we want it to be’. No. It is their show, we merely enjoy it - they created it and they have final say on what happens. I for one would not wish to see a world where the fans get to decide what happens as that would only ever cause further divide in communities and result in one section of a fandom having superiority over the others which is already happening in the Sherlock fandom with some Johnlockers/TJLCers.This harassment also extends to the harassment of other member of the fandom - labelling someone as homophobic because they don’t ship a same-sex ship is not only detrimental to the LGBT+ cause it puts up further barriers for the normalisation of non-traditional relationships.

On a similar topic, complaining to the BBC because you didn’t like the episode is not only petty but also counterproductive - these people are not asking for change in doing so they are calling for an end to the show and a witch-hunt in which those who created it are to be mocked in a public sphere. I have seen many people proudly posting images of their complaints and encouraging others to do the same and even petitions to a similar effect and it saddens me that people have become so arrogant in believing that the show is theirs and they were owed more that they would stoop to such levels. You were not owed anything. You didn’t like it, deal with it, move on.


I cannot express how much I dislike this term. Sometimes, yes, the teasing of fans with a potentially queer couple is done in an interpretably malicious way. With Sherlock, this is not the case. The cast and crew have said from the start that Johnlock (the main ship brought up in such discussions) was not going to happen. If you missed that and were not aware - fine; but if you knew this and then continued to be upset that it wasn’t happening - that is on you.  It is not queerbaiting if there was never any potential for the relationship in the first place - especially when neither character has been canonically stated to be queer.

Fetishisation of Gay Relationships and the Anti-Straight Trend in the Progressive Community

Wow, that was a long title. I have seen many of the aforementioned complaints to the BBC, petitions and Tumblr posts claiming that by not making a ship such as Johnlock canon they have let down a large portion of the community who are LGBT+ and have not given them the representation they deserve. Whilst representation is good and everyone does deserve to be able to see someone like them on television, as I said before, we have known from the stat that this was not going to happen with these characters. If you didn’t understand that clear message - again, it is on you, not the creators who have always been honest about the future of such a ship. You can be upset that they did not become canon in the same way that you would for any other ship but you cannot claim that you have been robbed of representation, misled in any way or owed better because you were never promised it in the first place.

As for the title of this section, I have seen a common trend in fandom communities towards making canonically straight characters gay, which whilst harmless if not taken to the extreme (as I feel some members of the Johnlock community have) actually highlights a double standard and serious problem that must be addressed. If one were to take a canonically gay character, strip them of their identity and make them straight they would be called homophobic in an instant. However, when it is the other way around, no one complains. Heterosexual is an identity too and to keep classifying it as separate from the others, in a class of its own, is only going to slow down progress and make it harder for true unity to occur. By stating that two characters, one of whom has categorically stated that they are not gay (and of course only one would be enough) have to be gay because of they way they interact (via your personal interpretation - often though tinted lenses) you are not only arguing that two men cannot be simply very good friends without harbouring romantic feelings for each other, you are also denying John of his own self-proclaimed identity.

The Bad Side of TJLC

(The previous paragraph is also relevant to this section and thus again I must state that whilst shipping two characters is fine, outright ignoring their identity and labelling them yourself is not.)

On paper, TJLC (The JohnLock Conspiracy) is not too harmful, you can speculate as much as you want. Where it becomes harmful is where people delve into the realm of delusion. There are many TJLCers who wholeheartedly believe that Johnlock is already canon or has to be canon and it is these people who appear to harbour the strongest negative beliefs about the recent episode and who are doing the most damage to this community.

I have seen countless posts recently along the lines of the following: 'clearly we know more than Moftiss’, 'how could they not see it was so obvious’, etc. Such arrogance as to your own beliefs is extremely harmful to the wider community. You do not know more than the creators of the show, the show is as they intended it to be - anything that you find within the show (with your TJLC-tinted glasses) that supports your predetermined theory is simply you putting two and two together and making five. It was not intended and therefore not symbolic of your beliefs and so your interpretation is no more than that - an interpretation not fact.

Believe it or not, for those of us not in the TJLC community, JohnLock was not obvious - for someone like me, when I first heard of this ship and TJLC I was incredibly surprised because I saw no romantic connection whatsoever - just two friends; and that was all that they were intended by the creators to be. If you were aware of the cast and crews comment of the subject and still deluded yourself into believing that TJLC was true - that was on you. No one else is to blame for your beliefs not lining up with the facts of the show.

Your ship does not rule this fandom and you do not speak for the whole fandom so those of you saying they didn’t give the fandom what they wanted - you are wrong. They didn’t give you what you wanted. You don’t speak for me and you don’t speak for the countless others like me who actually enjoyed the episode and/or are not in any way JohnLock shippers.

Sherlock Holmes and the Delusion of the Fake Episode

For those of you who still believe in some way that the episode was a fake one, that a  new episode will come out and say that it was all a dream etc. Again, you are deluding yourself and this is not healthy and will only lead to disappointment. It is what it is. Failure to accept reality for what it is and move on from there, living in a constant state of denial is a serious problem.

I have so much more to say and honestly not the words to say it without going off onto too much of a tangent right now. I may add continuations (in fact I most likely will once I can formulate sentences again) to this if I think of anything.

I know that one post on Tumblr isn’t going to make a whole lot of difference and the fractures in this community may never heal but I honestly could not hold this in any longer.

You are welcome to ask questions or for clarification on any point made or any point you wish me to address.

an autistic person might be able to do something easily one day but run up against severe inertia with the same task on another day. Autism isn’t something constant and steady-state but rather something variable, more like multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, or lupus. What we can do one day, we can’t do every day. What we can’t do one day, we might be able to do on another. This, in my experience, has been one of the hardest things for people around me to grasp. People seem to expect some sort of constancy and consistency in the people around them and I’m just not able to provide that steady, constant level of skill and ability. Some days I easily “pass” for non-autistic while other days I am quite obviously Autistic, no matter who you ask.
—  Thinkingautismguide
Hands to yourself

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Warnings: mild smut, too much fluff

Word count: 1702

Request: by anon, Could you write an imagine where bucky celebrates his and y/n’s anniversary and he can’t keep his hands to himself in a fluffy/smutty kind of way?

A/N: Hope you all like this! I’ve been busy all weekend but I managed to get this out! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated <3

Originally posted by bucha-nan

It was hard to believe that you had been married to Bucky for a year. Time seemed to fly, being attached at the hip to the love of your life. Your wedding was small and simple, held in a local church. There were not many guests or many decorations but it was everything you ever wanted and more. All that mattered was Bucky. Today was your anniversary, so obviously Tony would be using it as an excuse to throw a massive party. 

You and Bucky were set to arrive at the tower from your off site apartment in an hour. The steam fogged up your bathroom mirror and you swiped at it with your hand to help it dissipate. Removing the towel from around your body, you wrapped it around your hair and twisted it until it sat on top of your head. You poked at your face for a minute but then decided to get dressed before fixing your makeup. 

The bathroom door creaked open and the cool air made goosebumps appear all over your naked body. You shivered and immediately went to the dresser to find some underwear. You hadn’t noticed Bucky standing in the doorway of your bedroom until you felt his firm hands grip your hips from behind. 

He leaned forward and you could feel his breath fan across your skin. He placed a hot open mouthed kiss to your neck. A different kind of shiver racked your body. His lips were relentless as he trailed down your spine. Taking his time making sure to worship every part of you. At that point, finding underwear was long forgotten. He sucked on your hip for a moment, being sure to mark you and then turned your body around so you were facing him. 

The sight of him kneeling before you was so erotic you almost collapsed. He kissed and licked the front of your left hip slowly coming closer to your core and then moving farther away, teasing you.

 “Buck please” you moaned. You could feel his smirk on your hip as he obeyed you and kissed his way to your center. Your hands found their way into his hair and you guided him where you wanted him. You were lost in him, and he was definitely lost in you. That is until you remembered that you were supposed to be getting ready.

You held both the sides of his face and gently lifted him off of you. He grumbled at the loss of contact and looked up at you curiously.

 “Love, we have to get ready. Tony is expecting us in less than an hour” you smiled guilty down at him still kneeling in front of you. He looked disappointed but stood up next to you and kissed your cheek.

 “Do we have to go?” He whined and gave you his best puppy dog eyes. For a moment you were considering pushing him over to your shared bed and letting him do whatever he wanted to you. Quickly you snapped out of your irresponsible thoughts and looked at him sternly.

 “Yes darling we have to go. The party is for us after all.”

“Well if it’s for us we should be able to decide whether we want to go or not” Bucky persisted. 

“Come on it’ll be fun! Besides, we’ll have plenty of time to finish what we started after the party” you winked at him and took his large hand in yours. 

“Now help me pick out something to wear.”

20 minutes into your outfit search and you both had come up empty handed. You held up dress after dress but each of them didn’t sit right with you. Bucky wasn’t much help. He said that same thing each time you tried one on. ‘You look beautiful’. You would roll your eyes playfully and then you’d be back to square one. 

Frustrated and running out of time to get ready, you settled on a knee length champagne silk dress. It had a halter top and more of a babydoll fit. It made you feel beautiful. Bucky was no longer paying attention to you because he was getting himself ready. His snug dress pants made his ass look fantastic but you pushed away those thoughts and walked over to him. 

“So how do I look?” You asked waiting for the same response you got for all the other dresses. 

“Wow- okay you can’t wear that to the party” he groaned. His pupils were blown and he licked his lips. 

“What do you mean? I like this dress” you said clearly disappointed. 

“Doll, trust me, I love this dress. It’s just that if you want to actually get to the party you’re going to have to change. I won’t be able to keep my hands to myself with you looking like that” he smirked at you and you laughed at his coy remarks. 

“Well I think I’m going to wear it anyway and you, Mr. Barnes, are going to have to find a way to control yourself” you purred and placed your hand on his chest. Now you were teasing him. 

“Darling, you are going to be the death of me, I swear” he huffed with an exasperated look. Obviously your teasing had its intended effect on Bucky and you were pleased with yourself. You giggled at the expression on his face and leaned in to kiss his jaw. Seeing how flushed his face was, you turned away from him to fix your hair and makeup. 

Bucky stood directly behind you the whole time and occasionally brushed his metal hand up and down your back, making you shiver yet again. Your eyes met his in the mirror in front of you. He smirked at you, knowing that his close proximity to you was the reason you were biting your lip. After you were finished with your hair and makeup, he snaked his hands around your waist and rested his chin on the top of your head.

“You are so pretty” he remarked as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Even though you had been married to him for a year and had been dating him for 3, his compliments always caught you off guard. Your face broke into a smile and your eyes flitted away from his, clearly flustered. You craned your neck to face him and leaned up to kiss his jaw.

“Come on darling, let’s go. The cab should be waiting for us outside” you beamed and fluffed your hair one last time before slipping on your shoes and gripping your husband’s hand for balance. He chuckled at the clumsiness you possessed in which he had fallen in love with, and made sure to keep you upright. After you were settled in your shoes Bucky lifted your hand to his mouth and left a gentle kiss there. He then led you to the door and out of your apartment.

On the walk to the cab you realized that you should’ve brought a jacket and were visibly uncomfortable. Bucky noticed and shrugged his jacket off and draped it over your shoulders. You smiled in appreciation and he reached forward to open the car door for you. 

You were about ten minutes out from Stark tower and Bucky’s hand was resting on your leg. He had been cracking jokes to whole ride and for moment you stopped listening just to study his face. It was still a wonder to you, how effortlessly handsome he was.

Bucky became slightly worried when you didn’t laugh at what he had said and only looked at him with a curious expression.

“Y/N? You okay doll?” he questioned and rubbed your knee with his thumb.

“How did I get so lucky?” you responded absentmindedly and with a new surge of spontaneity, you reached into your purse and grabbed your phone. 

Hey Wanda, let Tony know that we’re not gonna make it tonight. Tell everyone to take a shot for us and have a good time! ox’ 

“Driver?” you called and Bucky quirked an eyebrow at you.

“Yes ma’am?”

“Can you bring us back to where you picked us up? There have been a change of plans.” You winked at Bucky. His face split into a smile and he reached over to hold your hand. The driver made a quick U-turn and you were on your way home. 

“I was thinking it over and I decided that you were right. The only person I need with me to celebrate our anniversary, is you.” his smile grew until his nose was all scrunched up in that way you love and his eyes seemed to sparkle.

You pulled up in front of your apartment building and Bucky ran around to the your side of the car to open the door for you. You chastised him about opening doors for you all the time, claiming that you could open the door for yourself. He always responded with the same phrase, ‘Old habits die hard doll’ so eventually you had just gotten used to him doing it.

He took your hand as you climbed out of the cab and then wrapped his arm around your waist. You walked inside like this and once you reached your apartment, you started to dig through your purse for your key. 

Bucky, standing slightly behind you, grabbed your ass with both of hands, after making sure there was no one in the hallway. You grinned at him over your shoulder.

“I guess I don’t have to keep my hands to myself now” He smirked at you.

“I was hoping that you wouldn’t. If you thought I looked good with this dress on, you should see me with it off” you sang and pulled him into the apartment with you. He moaned and bit down on your shoulder lightly before picking you up and placing you gently on the bed.

He looked down at you with admiration for a moment and then finally spoke. “I love you.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know. Now come here” You giggled and began to lift your dress over your head and you pulled him down to you.

when i think about the killer clown / the crying blood paintings / the short man dressed up like a girl to scare mycroft and sherlock going “hey BRO” im like, wtf, y’know?? obviously this is fake

but then no matter how hard i try i just can’t come up with what motivation mofftiss could possibly have for a prank this magnitude

the first protest i went to was a white led, white majority anti-trump protest and the vibe was just… not there, from the white women and their drawings of uteruses and their chanting of, ‘pussy grabs back!’ or, ‘this pussy grabs back!’, to the overwhelming cries of ‘my body my choice / her body, her choice’, it all felt like mouth service, a small fraction of the crowd screamed black lives matter for white feminine voices to screech over them, ‘trans lives matter!’ because obviously we’re excluding black trans lives from the BLM movement, obviously.

the first two chants really irritated me because of cisnormativity first off, and the fact that white women can’t seem to grasp the fact that more than just misogyny “won” the presidential election, when the White Feminists™ talk about misogyny and women rights, i know they’re not talking about my black ass, it’s always about the white woman’s wage gap and the right to their body’s, they’ll never discuss black and non black women of color, they’ll never voice our issues or lift our voices when we bring these issues to the forefront, are they wrong for bringing up the wage gap and the right to self ownership? no, but it does get annoying when you know it’s all bullshit if you aren’t a white woman like they are, and that got annoying extremely quickly

from the women and the men, all of whom white, the entire walk from union square felt like mouth service and i wasn’t impressed at all, if anything the entire time i was uncomfortable, being surrounded by white people yelling and screaming just to yell and scream while cops trailed us was not a fun experience, especially while having a conversation with amira during the protest about how white women are bullshit and getting dirty looks from white women and men in close proximity, that was… a lot

this was really long and formatted like a 5th graders essay with better spelling but like it all boils down the point that white led anything is always an odd and uncomfortable affair when you’re not white, being a black, bisexual 20 year old toting a camera bigger than i am and not chanting along while getting side eyes from the cops and the white people outside of the march was a lot, even unintentionally, when in function to raise awareness and protest a literal monster who has been elected as our president, white people still made me, and probably everyone like me, extremely uncomfortable

I always wondered about the significance of Yashiro’s affair with one of Hirata’s men in one of the flashback stories. I could never really figure out why it was included and what was so important about it until recent plot developments. So here is my theory about the mysterious man from Yashiro’s early yakuza days.

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BTS Reaction to You Coming Home Drunk After An Argument With Them [Maknae Line]

I decided to make this lighter than the other scenario. I still think it would be completely immature to walk out and get drunk because of an argument, but honestly I feel like if you came back within an hour or two, the boys would be okay. Sorry if this wasn’t how you wanted this reaction, but if I did a reaction similar to the getting high one, the reactions would have been too similar. That’s not too fun :D Plus, I can handle so much angst that I get sick of it. Too dramatic for my taste.

*Note: Relationships are about communication. It’s okay to fight, but it’s not okay for it to turn physical and it’s not okay to get high or wasted. Your safety should matter <3 Oh, also, I don’t own the gifs [obviously, I state this EVERY time].


Part 1

xoxo- MelodyBaby

Jimin- To say you were a little drunk was an understatement. You were so plastered that your best friend, Eunmi, was dragging your drunk ass home. But even plastered you wasn’t pleasant to be around. You cried and moaned about Jimin and your argument. It was simple. You were tired of being the only one that cleaned up when two of you lived in the apartment. You understood he was an idol, but damn it, you were an editor. Sure, you didn’t make as much as he did, but you worked just as much through the week, if not a little less. Still, when he did have the day off, the house would be a mess and who was expected to clean it? Not him.

The argument got out of hand. You were both yelling at each other. It got so bad, you said you regretted moving in with him; which he countered how he regretted asking you out. That was it. Your argument stopped. You grabbed your shoes, jacket, keys, and phone and left the apartment.

However, two hours later, you found yourself leaning against the front door of your apartment with Eunmi opening your door. You weren’t as plastered due to the fresh air, but boy did your head spin. You took your keys from Eunmi and entered the apartment. You bid Eunmi night and shut the door. You locked the door and looked down the dark hallway. Did Jimin leave? Did he really regret asking you out? Your back slid down the door as loud sobs escaped your lips. Your head tucked into your knees.

Jimin was asleep when he heard the crying. He was just falling into the realm of sleep. He stumbled out of the bedroom and followed the sounds of the cries. When he noticed your figure on the ground he stared at you for a moment. It took him a while to realize you were on the ground and he would be worried you were hurt, so he made his way to you. “Are you okay, babe?” When you shook your head, he’d flip the switch and look over you. He rubbed your back trying to help ease the crying, so you’d speak to him. “What hurts? Should we go to the hospital?”

“He broooke upp with me. Eunmi, whh-wat will I do? I lo-ove him and heee hates me.”

(insert gif) Jimin realized that you didn’t storm out from the argument because it was too heat, but because he told you he regretted asking you out. Honestly, he had forgot he said that. He was just so heated, but he cooled off after working out for a while. A wave of guilt rushed over him. He wanted to tell you that he didn’t mean it, but you weren’t sober enough.

Your cries died down as you began to fall asleep. You always fell asleep after you got plastered. So, he took the opportunity to pick you up

“Don’t leave, Jimin.”

He lied beside you, his heart broke seeing how fragile you looked. “Don’t worry. I won’t leave you.”

Taehyung- Taehyung fucked up. Like, there was no other way to put it. He knew that what he did was double standards. You both had exes and you both agreed that they were in your past and that was it. After a year and a half together, you never doubted the love Tae had for you. At least not until his ex went over to his dorm while you were spending the night. That part bothered you of course, but not as much as the next part did.

Tae’s ex confessed their love to him and then kissed him. You stood there, jaw dropped, and the feeling of betrayal. Tae shoved his ex away, but it was far too late. You stormed off to his bedroom and started throwing your stuff in your night bag just as he came in to explain. However, you weren’t hearing any of it which caused him to get angry. If it wasn’t for Jin and Yoongi breaking up your yelling match, you were sure that it never would have ended. You slung your bag on your shoulder and left the dorm ignoring the guys’ calling to stop you.

Before you headed home, you made a stop at a small restaurant. You ordered drinks and some kimbap, but once the kimbap was gone all you had were the drinks. You weren’t wasted. Buzzed, sure, but you were a responsible enough drinker to not get too drunk. A buzz wasn’t so bad. Sure it was a step above tipsy, but you still knew what was going on… kind of.

You made your way home in the quiet fall night. You weren’t wearing enough clothes for the chilly weather, but you knew once you got home you’d just bundle up in covers. However, once you entered your apartment and threw the keys on the side table, a wave of sadness hit you and the tears you didn’t want to fall did.

Taehyung heard you from the kitchen. He got in with a spare key and he was going to prepare a breakfast for you for the next morning. However, hearing your cries, the breakfast preparations were left forgotten and he rushed to your side. He knew he needed to get you to stop crying and he was going to stop you by any means necessary.

(insert gif) “Why don’t I tell you a story about an idiot boy who made the one person he loves cried?”

“That sou-nds like a-a terr—terrible story.”

Taehyung chuckled, “Well, he was a pretty terrible guy, but don’t worry. There is a happy ending. Now let’s get ready for bed and I’ll tell you the story!”

Asdfghjkl I’m not sorry. Just look at this alien! You can’t stay mad at him.

Jungkook- Overworking and friends. Yup, of all things to argue about with a popular idol like Jungkook. But in your defense, you weren’t even at fault. He didn’t tell you he was coming home early and for the last week, Jungkook was pushing late hours and staying at the dorms. So when you got home after a night out with your friends, you expected to shower and go straight to bed.

However, that wasn’t the case as Jungkook was waiting for you in your bedroom. There was no ‘hi’ or ‘love you’. Jungkook immediately questioned where you were and who you were with. You knew Jungkook, he was insecure and easily jealous. To you, he was out of your league and to him you deserved better. He didn’t like his insecurity, but he couldn’t help the times that his jealousy reared its nasty head.

So there you both were, arguing about spending more time together and less time working [mainly you to stop working so much because he couldn’t since he was an idol]. That’s when it all just fell apart. You were both stubborn. You hated to admit you were wrong and because of that, it wasn’t odd for one of you two walk out once realizing that the fighting would get nowhere and that was why you walked out and went to a bar.

You had a hard time blaming yourself for the argument, you knew it wasn’t your fault, but you also couldn’t just blame Jungkook. A relationship worked as long as the two communicated. The fact you were still finding logic in feeling partially at fault pissed you off. You needed more drinks if you were going to get the argument off your mind.

Jungkook knew he was at fault, but he was stubborn by nature. He hated to admit he was wrong. That part of him wasn’t going to change overnight, even if he walks out of the bathroom after a shower to find you crying in the hallway. Though admitting he was wrong was a pill he didn’t want to swallow, seeing you cry pushed all that to the side and went to your side. He smelled the alcohol on you as he held your hand. “What’s wrong? Was it the fight? Baby really don’t wor-”

“i’m ma terrible human pbeing. why arte you wieth me?” You cried.

(insert gif) He hugged your drunk self. No, it wasn’t good you were drunk, but boy did your drunk self always entertain him. “Because you’re the only one who can put up with my shit and stay with me. Plus, you are hilarious when you’re drunk.”

If you thought this shit was going to be all cute, you were wrong. Maknaes are evil.




In the new issue of DIY, cover star Kevin Parker of Tame Impala chats all things 2016 - including, obv’s, that huge link-up hook-up with Lady Gaga.

Mark was telling me he was gonna work on the Lady Gaga album, and just asked me if I wanted to be a part of it, he says matter-of-factly, So obviously I did! It was so left field for me, but because it was Mark I had no hesitation in just diving in headfirst. There was no fear, I knew the project was in good hands with Mark. So yeah, it just went from there.

Luckily it wasn’t a room full of people, it was just Gaga and Mark, he says, looking back. Leaping out of his comfort zone and into Gaga’s megastar bubble brought about an epiphany of sorts, mind.

She is now the first person I’ve ever written lyrics with, he confesses. It was getting towards the end of the day, we were deep in that zone, writing lyrics for Perfect Illusion, and I suddenly realised it was the first time. Gaga commented that I was easy to work with lyrically, we’d bounce ideas off each other really well, and I was like, Y’know this is actually the first time I’ve written lyrics with another person! Its the first time I’ve verbally, physically voiced ideas of how to put lyrics together, and the first time I’ve had a conversation about how this verse, or this line, or this rhyme is going to go together. Its the first time Ive ever had that out in the open  normally that whole conversation just happens inside my head. It was quite a weird sensation.

There’s definitely a few other things coming up, he also teases of those A-list collab’s. You don’t have to be switched on to realise that if I do this, and then this happens its just the way the music world works, you know? So there’s going to be other things happening, but I think Id be ruining it if I mentioned who.

By Tom Connick on 31st October 2016 and cool photos by Pooneh Ghana / DIY.

Go Kev.

Yeah , but homie, look at Richard’s face when he realizes Daryl ain’t fucking around about Carol. Empathy. He looks empathetic and understanding that Carol means something to Daryl and nothing not even saving the lives of others matters. Richard had obviously lost his family and now he’s got a grudge to settle. And he thought that was Daryl too until he saw his face upon finding out it’s Carol and his reaction. That’s why he said he would die for the kingdom. To let Daryl know he’d make the ultimate sacrifice for the Kingdom to survive.

But Daryl ain’t hearing that though because he won’t ever sacrifice Carol. A nameless faceless person, yep. Random people they just met? Sure. His family that want to fight against the saviors? Their choice. But Carol. Naw. Nope. No thanks. The fuck you think? Richard saw it. His eyes said everything. His posture changed and he looked defeated because he knew Daryl wasn’t like him. He had something to lose. If fucking bum ass Richard can see it, Why can’t others?

Reasons I ship Kyoutani x Yahaba and find their dynamic so compelling:

Starting off with the skin-deep, “obvious” reasons:

1) The classic “bad boy” meets “good boy” trope. From basic aesthetic to exterior personalities to voice (anime-wise), they embody this. Most people thought that these two couldn’t be any more different from each other.

2) …which is then subverted with our realization that the “bad boy” probably isn’t so bad after all and may be more of a softie inside, and that the “good boy” is a freakin’ firecracker on the inside. The latter is what makes this dynamic so compelling for me, tbh. Let’s face it, we know lots of tsundere characters. It’s prevalent in manga/anime, but it’s rarer to find characters, especially background/tertiary characters (at this point in the manga anyway) to have that inner spark that subverts classic generic/good guy expectations without going into yangire territory.

3) Show of hands! Who here wasn’t honestly surprised the first time they read chapter 141 or watched episode 23 when this seemingly generic Seijoh benchwarmer, goody-two-shoes looking kind of guy shoved the freakin’ Mad Dog against the wall and gave him a huge piece of his mind? Who here didn’t suddenly sit straight up and paid lots of attention to that scene? Who here didn’t feel excited or tense or in awe? And for those of you raising your hands, why y'all lying?

Those are my top “superficial, easy to understand reasons from the available manga material we have so far” bracket.

Delving deeper into it though, from reasons 4 to 15 with consideration to future possibilities, plus some extra stuff:

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