not that it isn't in pieces already

Important Things:

Remember that when Mads signed on to do King Arthur he hadn’t done a single American film and his biggest role was on a Danish TV show that just ended.

Remember that Hugh was a rising star, having already done Ella Enchanted with the distinct potential of becoming the next English-accented teen heartthrob, having already done a number of other period pieces too.

Remember how they met on this set and became best friends for life.

Remember how even today Mads sometimes flubs his English and is VERY self-conscious about this. Remember how Hugh is the nicest, most patient person in the world with fans.

Think about how Mads didn’t know anyone on set, was older than all the star actors and with way less experience, and had a language barrier to combat.

Think about Hugh seeing a costar sitting off to the side by himself and Hugh taking it upon himself to go over and try to make friends.

Think about Hugh helping Mads with lines and giving him someone to talk to. Think about Hugh realizing that if you give Mads a chance and if you’re patient with the language thing, he is an AMAZING and fascinating person who you can’t help but love. Think about Mads realizing he can make Hugh laugh and spending every second of every day, especially on camera, attempting to do this.

These are just some things that I… can’t honestly stop thinking about. And now you can’t stop thinking about them either. I’m not sorry.

Sometimes I think I came out of the womb with a broken heart. I’m not sure that can really happen, if you can be born already broken. But maybe I was. One baby girl, 5 pounds 3 ounces, brown eyes, heart in two pieces. I at least wish it was that way. It’s a lot easier to think you started fucked up than to know someone had the power to fuck you up.

“No one on this planet knew him then. No one is left,” Evans says. “He doesn’t have any peace with his youth. He doesn’t have any peace from his life, so Bucky and whatever happens with Bucky in this movie…” Evans trails off. “That’s a big piece in terms of him kind of finding his own purpose in what he’s fighting for and how that friendship can come back to life. Not just as them as soldiers, but them as friends.”  - Chris Evans on Steve Rogers & Bucky Barnes