not that im not gonna draw anymore lol

Anxious Zombie Boy, soft edition™

me: yea im not that into voltron anymore lol idk im over it

also me: anyway here are my fucking sneeze headcanons for the paladins fuck yuo


- when they’re really fukcing loud he breaks into song at the end usually Sia or Mariah Carey


- the Smallest Sneeze of Them All he doesnt wanna scare anyone!


- those really cute high pitched ones girls do yall kno the one


- like a demon is being ripped from her throat, loud and agressive, her glasses usually go flying and everyone within 5 yards is horrified


- he tries to hold them in but he also has sneezing fits so he Suffers, those sneezes that leave u with migranes


- alternates between small and polite to those loud Dad sneezes to ward off predators from their young


- idk but when he stops he says smth like “great googly moogly”


Kobold, also known as the Pale Goblin. 

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Thank you for making this beautiful art!! And curse you for it too!! lol I made an email and Tumblr account just to follow you, YOU are the reason I've been pulled into the black whole known as Tumblr! So, is there going to be anymore Fam AU stuff in the near future? (I'm that trash too :P ) I know you're busy, but thought I'd ask.

Omgggg, thank you as well! And lmao sorry not sorry, im proud of it :3c

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You mean, Family AU? If so, yeah, sure, im gonna keep drawing it, because i just really love it and it cheers me up! ‘3′

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I remember that post as a spoiler of the thing you were working at long ago... It was about Eremika, so I wanted to know if you're going to finish it, since you don't draw ships anymore as you said...

I was actually thinking about that thing last night and now I got 2 reminders about it today, what a timing! lol Truth is~ I was gonna post it for that EM week I did a while ago but lost interest in finishing it from one day to another, which super sucked bc I was super hyped about it and kept adding more things to it till I decided it wasn’t worth the effort and I haven’t opened the archive ever since :’v
I think I’m gonna finish it someday since the idea wasn’t half bad lol just gotta get back in the shipping mood

im getting excited again about the keychains!!!!! id been in a slump and pressuring myself a lot and the result was less than satisfying but now im trying to approach it differently, im starting some stuff over and i finally feel like im getting somewhere!!! im so happy im figuring out the colors, the inking for the five kids (the most detailed ones) is dONE!!! (just gotta draw olivia puckett’s face lol fjsjshs)

and i feel more excited than just overall stressed about them!! im glad that the feeling came back, i was not having fun lately fkshsjs id rather have fun on these than finish them in a rush for a self set deadline

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OK but it's painfully clear you referenced from dovahs drawing to spite her. You even drew the little planets and stars in the background lol. Just because you have tons of people blowing smoke up your ass doesn't make you right.

i kind of..just said i sketched it a week ago…lol… I do see why you would say that though. But that’s literally just involving myself in more unnecessary crap–the opposite of what i want to do. youre..telling me i referenced off of something that was referenced from me. Literally why would i do that. even to spite someone. why

yikes smoke up my asshole sounds not cool. not painful, but not cool either rip

!!! look @ what is painfully clear! stars/space related backgrounds..:

u can look in my gallery to see that almost everything w/ a background has stars in it, so im gonna show you my stored stuff.

yes yes it is painfully obvious i did something i’ve done for a long time to spite her, u got me

in all seriousness though, i put stars on this drawing because im not going to stop doing something i’ve done long before this even started. (Some of those have planets on them but they’re really badly drawn because 15 yr old me thought they’d look better like that. 15 YR OLD ME WAS WRONG)

i’d show the drawings i did that resemble the one I just did but i dont think i have anymore space. lol.

• two as one •

aaeeyyyyyy!!! yo yo yo im back! :—D winter break is here and waw what a good time to make a story. >:—D hahahahah so the title is said above, “two as one”, and it’s a story about a strong bond between a master and her pokemon put to the test in trust, love, and acceptance. yiieee that sounds cheesy but it’ll be pretty feelsy.>:D

im gonna be posting the whole first part soon along with the same drawing but it’s just gonna be the drawing. with vintage effects. lol and im not gonna be spoiling anymore! :D please look forward to it! i really hope that you’ll support this story because i’ve been brainstorming about it really hard in the past few months. >∆

heyy im kinda outta ideas to draw rn so id like to kno if anyone would like a sketch of their ff character ;;

reblog with a ref of your character ( n name pls so i can kno ;; ) and ill hopefully get to all of them !

edit: pls see this post  , also im gonna cut off anymore character requests on July 30th !