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Are you doing the b99 head canons still? (I'm sorry I saw in in some tags and thought it was a really great idea, but if I'm too late that's ok:)) Cause I'd really like to see someone write some head canons for when Amy's pregnant and her and jake go to get the ultrasound and everyone's just really proud and happy and it's just a nice idea :))) You don't have to though, don't feel pressured if you don't feel like it!!

• Amy looked at every ultrasound clinic in town to find one that had an open slot at a time when nobody would be working. She was determined to make sure she could share this moment with everyone.
• Amy scheduled the ultrasound at 2pm. Jake was afraid he’d be late as usual so he made get there at noon. He was afraid Amy’d be uncomfortable in his smaller car so Terry offered to drive them in his minivan.
• Terry offered to give their child Cagney, Lacey, and Ava’s hand-me-downs. They don’t care if it’s a boy because honestly who cares if a male infant is wearing pink clothing. Jake: “F*** gender roles!” *puts hands on Amy’s belly* “I’m so sorry our baby had to hear that kind of language, but I feel very strongly about this issue”
• Since they showed up so early, they stop at a coffee shop near the clinic. Amy drinks water, and so does Jake. Jake gave up alcohol and caffine while Amy’s pregnant so she won’t be the only one suffering.
• Amy: “Jake, you can order coffee. You’re doing more than enough to help.”
Jake: “You’re about to squeeze a tiny human out of you. I should ask Charles to kick me in the groin as hard as he can while you’re in labor so we’ll be suffering together. The pain you’re going through is worse than anything, even worse than growing up without a dad.”
• Jake gets quiet and starts thinking to himself. Then he starts whimpering, then full on sobbing. Amy panics, asks what’s wrong. Jake chokes out “I always hated my dad for leaving me and mom. I know I’ll never do that to my family. I’ll always be there for my kid.”

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Animorphs October: Found Family

Set around a year after the war. Read on AO3.

I’m way cooler than all the other hawks in the forest, and it’s not just because of the whole sentience thing. What was way more important was my phone.

It wasn’t a phone as much as it was a very small, very light, very tight thought-speak capable device that people could call when needed. Cassie sort of forced it on me. I didn’t really want it at first, but she’s kept her promise to never give anyone but Loren the number. I always keep it on my ankle, and it zips into z-space like a morphing suit.

It’d gone off twice today, which was really weird. I mean, if only two people ever contact you, then it’s pretty wild when they do so at the same time. I called Cassie back, but got her answering machine. She was probably busy. I called Loren, and she answered right away.

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#92 - For isle-of-flightless-josh & vanswritings

Filling the prompts “can you write Single dad Van? Taking his 5, 6 years old daughter on tour with him? And maybe him taking her to meet the reader for the first time?” from @isle-of-flightless-josh and “Can you write about Van as a dad ?” from @vanswritings

Note: ONE FOR MY GIRLSSSS! I really like this one so if you do too, pls let me know! 

You walked around the corner of the hallway and stopped in your tracks. There was a child standing in the middle of the room, looking around confused. She was in teeny tiny jeans, and her t-shirt had little cats and love hearts printed on it. Her brown hair was a mess and she was barefoot. She looked up at you with big blue eyes. You could see she was upset but wasn’t at the crying stage just yet.

“Hey, honey. Are you okay?” you asked, crouching down but not stepping closer to her. She closed the space herself, walking the few metres to stand right in front of you. She had freckles across her nose.

“I can’t find Daddy,” she told you. Her little face was contorted into the saddest expression you’d ever seen. She was holding her hands together, twisting her fingers in anxiety.

“Okay. We can find him. Can’t have gone far,” you said. She nodded. “Do you know Daddy’s name?”

“Daddy,” she replied. It was cute, but you didn’t laugh at her.

“What do other grown-ups call him?” you tried again.


A convenient coincidence. You hadn’t met him yet, but you knew Van. You were on your way to a meeting to lay out the plan for their tour. Their usual tour manager, Mike, wasn’t available. You were handed Catfish and the Bottlemen, and the opportunity to prove you could run a really fucking successful string of shows.

"I know exactly where he is. Let’s go,” you told her standing up. She held up both hands, and you realised she wanted to be picked up. You complied and sat her on your hip. She cuddled into you. The kid was clearly used to strangers and you didn’t know if that was good or bad. “What’s your name, honey?”


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Hi, I'm v confused about the hunters situation and I'm just trying to understand it more. Because Apollo is obviously against the rule that hunters can't date, is the homophobia coming from Rick? Or is this a literal Artemis thing? I'm not trying to offend or anything honestly, I just don't understand and because I am straight, I'm just trying to figure out where you're coming from because I can't really empathize. I hope I'm not saying anything wrong

this is the most coherent synthesis of my thoughts. as to whether i blame rick or not…i mean it’s a more complicated thing?

like, obviously homophobia is a real actual thing that exists and while i (and many lesbians) might be sick of reading stories about lesbians dealing with trauma and tragedy (because we get that enough in real life & sometimes you just want some lesbian-affirming escapism) emmie and jo have obviously…lived a long and happy life together and are really a beautiful couple, and i am ultimately beside myself with joy that they exist.

and (i would really have to read the book bc i need more context for this) if canon truly does present it like “artemis is pretty much a raging homophobe for doing this but at least they’re happy” then i will be…pacified, i guess.

but i think that canon is vague enough that it doesn’t really comment on whether or not artemis’ rules are terrible either way, even apollo thinking that he disapproves doesn’t do very much because obviously apollo doesn’t approve of swearing off sex or romance and he and artemis have always argued about that. so i think it’s probably less of “my sister’s a homophobe and she sucks” and more of “i’ve always thought these rules were stupid and this is just Extra dumb.” which is just too vague and not satisfactory enough. if you’re going to write homophobic characters and characters dealing with homophobia, then you’ve got to call it what it is. and like, obviously if rick had presented it like “this is homophobic and bad” then there wouldn’t really be any of this discussion in the first place because all the readers would have reached this same conclusion immediately after reading the book, and us lesbians wouldn’t have to tiredly pick through it and be like “actually, guys, this is Not Great”

there’s also the fact that um…he didn’t have to do this. like we could go back and forth for how artemis is presented in the myths, there’s plenty of different opinions on what she actually stood for and interpretations of her character within greek mythology. there’s a couple myths that paint her in an atrocious light, notably the myth where she banished callisto from the hunt because zeus had raped her and gotten her pregnant (there is no way to present this story in a way that doesn’t make artemis look disgusting) and the one where polyphonte ran to artemis for protection from aphrodite, aphrodite got mad and cursed her into falling in love with a bear, and artemis was so disgusted that she kicked her out of the hunt and made all the beasts in her domain hunt her down as punishment.

so anyway, i’m not under the assumption that artemis was a great intersectionalist feminist or anything like that, because she obviously has her messy history, just like the rest of the characters in greek mythology. but that’s where revisionism becomes fun: she is an ancient character with tons of different myths and forms, and considering there’s so many different versions of myths and most of them were created in oral tradition and then finally recorded by numerous men (greek men, who were sexist by default), so it’s really not all that hard to say ‘this didn’t actually happen and artemis would never do that bc, let’s be honest, who wants to read about someone who is this undoubtedly horrific?’

the pjo series is all about that. like, the idea that the greek gods could be children’s characters is practically unthinkable. so much of their personalities and behavior is watered down and reshaped to make it kid friendly. plenty of the myths are scoffed at by the gods themselves within the series, hercules whines about his disney movie being bad, our heroes can mouth off quite a bit without facing half the consequences ancient greeks did. the gods are imperfect in the series because they’re just too much of a moral basket case to totally fix up, and the heroes deal with the ramifications of that (that’s literally…what the series is about), but certain issues need more sensitivity than others and homophobia is definitely one of them. i really liked pjo artemis. i thought she was great. now her whole character is ruined for me. i really don’t see why it was necessary to present her as this badass patron goddess for desperate girls and then turn her into this mess down the road. and that’s all on rick.

which is like, not to even mention that the core of artemis really is protecting women and defending them from men, even if some of her myths are…bad. so i just think it’s a bad interpretation of her to assume she would have any problems with her hunters dating each other, and i don’t actually see what the connection here is to why the hunt exists and why lesbians can’t date and still be part of it. it’s like “artemis, artemis, my dad is trying to sell me to a husband three times my age that i don’t want to marry, can i join your hunt??” “yes, of course, that’s what i’m here for!” “okay cool! i have a crush on this other girl in your hunt, we’re gonna start dating.” “UM NO THAT’S NOT ALLOWED WE DON’T LIKE ROMANCE DIDN’T YOU TAKE THE OATH.”

like, obviously that’s just plain and simple homophobia but what i actually mean is that there’s really no reason that artemis should be homophobic and i can’t think of a good reason for any writer, including rick, to write her that way when it makes a lot less sense for her to be. lots of lesbians identified with artemis.

in short: emmie and jo are great, artemis and the hunt are butchered and there was no good reason to do that other than to make emmie and jo suffer and/or laziness on rick’s part and that sucks, also if THIS is the only lesbian representation we get in all of rick’s books out of all the main characters who could be (and are, whether he knows it or not) lesbians, i will be furious. like yeah it’s great that emmie and jo exist but 1. they’re side characters 2. you don’t have to introduce brand new characters to have more lesbians like hello didn’t you get the memo when all of us lost our minds over nico coming out?? you can do that more than once you know……reyna and rachel are RIGHT THERE,

I'm rereading Harry Potter and I have some burning questions
  • the book starts with Vernon Dursley going to work in the morning and all the wizards are already celebrating, so presumedly it’s November 1st. Hagrid drops Harry off at Privet Drive that night, and Dumbledore’s like “sick bike where’d you get it?” and Hagrid says, “Sirius.” two things: 1) Hagrid got that bike from Sirius when he got Harry out of the ruins of the cottage at Godric’s Hollow the night of the 31st, and obviously didn’t see Dumbledore until he dropped Harry off the following night. what did he do with Harry all day? fly all around the country with a baby? did they drop in on Order members? if so, who? I need to know this. and 2) when Hagrid mentions Sirius, he doesn’t say anything about him having betrayed James and Lily/been captured, so Sirius obviously hadn’t caught up with Wormtail yet. did Hagrid maybe take Harry to Sirius’s? why doesn’t anyone seem to care that Sirius is Harry’s godfather and should have gotten custody?
  • speaking of godfathers, McGonagall at one point says “what in the name of heaven” and, like, does she use this phrase because she’s a half-blood (with a minister for a dad), or are all wizards religious? they seem to take Merlin’s name in vain rather than Jesus’s, and religion is never mentioned, but Sirius is harry’s godfather, so Harry must have been christened/baptised. is that just cos Lily’s a muggleborn? did they have to explain the concept of godfathers to Sirius? did Lily have to explain religion to James? do they cover that in muggle studies? I need to know about wizards and religion and I need to know now.
  • so Petunia is like a year or two max older than Lily, right? so 23/24 in 1981, probably. in 1981 Vernon Dursley is the director of Grunnings, has a moustache and thinks “young people!!!” when he sees wizards wearing cloaks. he has got to be like 15 years older than Petunia AT LEAST. and I know that JKR is all like, “oh, Petunia took a typing course where she met Vernon and they went on dates to chip shops and got married in ‘77.“ but let’s be real here: she was his secretary, they had an affair, she got pregnant, they got married. the only other explanation is that they got married at 18 and a man in his early to mid-20s somehow convinced the world he is old enough to be a director of a drill company.
  • it’s no secret that the Dursleys are walking piles of humanoid rubbish, but I’m reading this series from the beginning for the first time in like 7 years (the Dursley stuff is played down in the later books) and I am agog tbh. people always try to play it off like "it’s magical! it’s for kids, it’s not meant to be taken seriously!” but Vernon literally says that he thought he could have beaten the magic out of Harry, and on September first he drives Harry, an 11-year-old child, to the busiest train station in the centre of London AND ABANDONS HIM THERE. the Dursleys did some fucked up shit but that is another level.
  • when Harry and Hagrid meet Quirrell in the Leaky Cauldron, Hagrid says something like, “he was fine when he was studying out of books, then he took a year off to travel and now he’s terrified of everything including his students.” which implies that Quirrell taught DADA for more than one year. I mean, you could read it as him taking a year out after finishing his education and then coming back to teach, but saying he’s now scared of the students makes it sound like he’s taught before. is this just a slip up or did turban Voldemort fix it so the curse didn’t apply to Quirrell? because now I’m just picturing AVPM Quirrell and Voldemort and feeling fond.
  • when Harry and Draco meet for the first time in Madam Malkins, he says that his dad’s off doing something and his mum’s looking at wands, and then he was dragging them off to look at broomsticks. my literal first thought was, “oh my god, Narcissa is buying Draco’s wand for him” and I really, really hope that’s true. I don’t even know why, I just really want mummy’s boy Draco to have gone to Ollivander’s and to have had to choose from a selection of suitable wands Narcissa picked out. cool, pureblood wands. no unicorn hair nonsense, for goodness sake, Draco.
  • why does Hagrid tell Harry that the only witch or wizards who went bad were in Slytherin? he knows at this point that Sirius betrayed Lily and James to Voldemort (supposedly). like, this is common knowledge. it can hardly have slipped his mind while he’s sitting talking to Sirius Black’s godson, can it? get your shit together, Hagger, and stop spreading discord. interhouse unity! togetherness!!!
  • Ron says that one of Molly’s second cousins is an accountant but they don’t talk about him. this isn’t really that relevant, I just like stuff that reminds me of how pureblood the Weasleys are. like there’s a squib in the family and they’ve completely cut him out. xcore Weasleys go hard for pureblooded prejudice.

anyway yeah I’m only 30% of the way through the first book so prepare for more posts like this, probably. I’m reading the SORCERER’S Stone instead of the PHILOSOPHER’S Stone and lemme tell ya, it’s agony. I feel bad for being shitty about Americanisms in HP fic when you guys were clearly so fucking misled by the publishers. Petunia Dursley would never say vacation. I’m so sorry.

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With regards to hale children /siblings, I always kind of thought there was a human brother between Laura and Derek. I agree with previous statements that Derek is totally a middle child, and I can just see the brother being older and Derek not feeling like he measures up except that he's a wolf while the older brother is human. Just my thoughts though. Also probably one younger sibling (probably before Cora since she seems like she could be the baby to me)

You know, I can’t quite figure out why, but I keep wanting there to be an older Hale brother. Maybe it’s just, as you said, since Derek seems like such a middle child I can’t really justify there being a couple of younger siblings and not any more older ones. Since Derek and Laura are probably, at most, two years apart though, it makes it tricky to imagine fitting another sibling in between them. (There definitely could be, but that would mean Talia would have had to be pregnant for basically three years straight and most families tend to want some sort of break between kids.)

But what if the brother was older than Laura?

We always assume Laura’s the oldest because (we assume) she was destined to be Alpha. …Which is honestly not necessarily true, I don’t think canon ever actually said anything of the sort, that’s just the impression fandom as a whole has about her character (and isn’t that kind of cool that fandom has constructed just such a solid idea of who this character with like three seconds of screentime is? But anyway) Back on topic though, we assume Laura was the oldest but what if she was just the oldest wolf? If the older brother was human like you say (and I enjoy that idea a lot) he could easily be the oldest sibling, fully grown up and just living back at home after college or just working instead of going to school.

In fact, if we take into account the fact that we don’t know Laura was destined to be Alpha, Derek could have had multiple adult siblings, some or all of them wolves… maybe even with spouses and children of their own, and that’s why there were so many Hales in the house during the fire. After all, a young couple just starting out, especially with wolf children who crave a strong sense of pack and community, could easily decide to stay with their Alpha for a few years before getting their own place. Maybe the children who died in the fire weren’t Derek’s younger siblings, but were nieces and nephews.

And not to mention, Derek being one of the youngest children, rather than the second born, would explain why he had no training as Alpha and is completely unprepared for the role. You’d think the second born would usually be given some leadership training even during peaceful times, just in case of an accident or something. I can’t see Talia and Deaton not considering that possibility and taking precautions, considering the huge responsibility if anything happened to their eldest at some point. Also, Laura not actually being the intended Alpha could explain why her response to the fire was to just “run run run as far as possible and hide” instead of seeking out any of the more local packs that apparently existed at the time *side-eyes Satomi* or seeking out Deaton. She might not have had all the information about local resources and alliances, because she’d been given less training at that point than her elder sibling, who everyone expected to become Alpha.

…Man, there are so many possibilities here, honestly.

Rami Malek x Reader: Blackstone’s Ratio

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A/N: Hey motherfuckers, the binch is back and better than ever. This is my contribution to vday, basically I think vday is a load of capitalist bullshit and I’m also a very unromantique person so I hope that sets the tone for what you’re about to read. Praise be to the most high (me).

 Also I’m trying something new with the whole reader pov thing. Roast me if its bad.

Warnings: I hate warnings because it always gives half the fuckin story away so basically don’t read this if you have any issues with unconventional pregnancies, one night stands etc.

Finding out I was pregnant was a lot of things, but it was also not a lot of things, if that makes any sense? For starters, it wasn’t a joyous moment where close friend and I jumped up and down with glee. There wasn’t any squeals of excitements and phone calls made to family members. There wasn’t any ridiculous announcement on Facebook.

There wasn’t any hugs or kisses shared between myself and the father of my child. There wasn’t a wedding, well, there wasn’t even an engagement. He wasn’t my boyfriend; he wasn’t a close friend. Neither of our friends or families knew about our relationship, if you could even call it that. Can you call a few fucks in a hotel room a relationship?

We met in some bar, I was at a friend’s birthday party, well, the pre-drinks of said birthday party. We got to talking over our drinks, he drank gin and tonic and I drank vodka and coke. He told me he was an actor and was delighted that I didn’t really know who he was. I made him an empty promise to watch something he was in sometime.

It didn’t matter that we didn’t have much in common, we gravitated towards each other. I gravitated towards his hotel room and his dick gravitated towards my pussy. There wasn’t anything romantic about it. I left in the morning with his number and no intention to call it.

But a few weeks later, on a whim, I did. I was horny, in need of company, and so was he. We fucked again after some drinks in a different hotel. We drunkenly complained about our lives and dissatisfactions, then came all over each other. That time, I managed to escape before he woke up.

There was a sick kind of humour in the fact that I thought that I’d left without any trace of him, when in fact I had his child inside me. He called me a few times, but since he wasn’t of any use to me unless I wanted sex, I didn’t pick up. We didn’t have any obligations towards each other, at least none we were aware of.

But when I stared down at that positive result, I began to ponder the real definition of an obligation. That evening I’d actually lain in bed and laughed hysterically at the term “positive result”. How the fuck was this a positive result in any way, shape or form? I guess for some people it is, those people that have fiancés or married couples, people who have been trying for a long time.

Oh fuck, I’m an ungrateful bitch. I thought back to a friend I’d known since high school, we’d met for coffee and she’d admitted that she and her girlfriend had found out that neither of them could conceive. I guess adoption is on the cards for most gay couples anyway, but it’s still a shame.

And here I was, vegetating at home and feeling oh so sorry for myself over something some people could only dream of. I’d feel guilty if I wasn’t so busy being resentful and pissed off at my own poor decisions that led to this situation in the first place.

But I had so many important decisions to make. Was I supposed to tell him? Probably. Was I supposed to ask someone for advice? Probably. Was I supposed to visit a doctor? Probably. Was I supposed to tell my parents? Probably. Was I supposed to keep it? Probably… Not.

Eventually I settled for calling him. I was a grown woman, even if just barely, and if I could pay my own bills and have unprotected sex, I could deal with the consequences. Possibly. I could just feel it was going to be the most awkward conversation of my life, but I wasn’t about to be one of those idiots on soaps who keep it totally to themselves until it’s far too late and something awful happens.

But as I laboured through the beeping on the other end of the call, I really struggled to see how it could get much more awful than this. When he finally answered, I mentally tripped and fell over my words.

“Hi, hello, Rami. I needed to call you, well obviously because I fucking did that, anyway I need to talk to you.” I winced at my own painful awkwardness.

The second I heard the smooth chuckle of amusement rumble through the phone, I was reminded of why I liked this guy. He was cool.

“It’s been a while, Y/N. I didn’t really expect to hear from you.” He didn’t sound mad, maybe a little disappointed but he masked it under his calm drawl. I sighed in response.

“Yeah. I’ll be honest, I didn’t really expect to be calling you but-“ I was interrupted by Rami laughing again.

“You’re too honest. Sorry, continue.” I actually find myself smiling a little, despite the situation, a wry one none the less.

“Um, I don’t really know whether you’re supposed to tell people these things over the phone, I feel like you’re not but… Yeah I’m just gonna cut to the chase, I’m pregnant.” I bite my lip as I wait in silence for his response. It doesn’t come for what feels like hours. “Rami?”

“This isn’t a prank, right?”

A spark of rage ignites inside me.

“I don’t know what makes you think we’re anywhere near friendly enough to be joking around about pregnancy.”

“We were friendly enough to sleep together multiple times.” He snaps.

“Twice. Don’t be so fucking optimistic.”

“Optimistic, right, was it optimistic of me to put my-“ He halts abruptly and sighs. “You know what, this is really juvenile.”  We’re quiet for a few moments before he speaks again, seemingly cooling off. “Get a cab to my place, this really isn’t something we can talk about properly over the phone.” I don’t know what to say to this. I was hoping a five minute conversation would cover it.

I half hoped he’d yell at me, tell me to get rid of it then hang up. I knew damned well Rami wasn’t going to do that, that just isn’t the type of person he is, and I could deduce that from two sexual encounters alone.

“Y/N?” I realise I’ve been sitting there, lost in my own head for several minutes.

“Is that really necessary?” I ask timidly.

“Y/N, I thought you were aware but you’re fucking pregnant! Don’t you think a potential life growing inside you deserves a little more discussion than a damn phone call?” Well, when he puts it like that it makes me sound like an asshole. He does that grownup sigh again. “Go get ready or whatever, text me your address and I’ll call you a cab.”


About half an hour later, I’m sitting outside a pretty nice apartment building in the cab, Rami is waiting for me by the door to the foyer. His hair is all over the place and he looks tired, but I think part of that is just his look in general. He looked like that both times we met, just a little more put together.

I reach into my purse to pay for the ride, but he’s already leaning in through the window with a handful of bills. The driver takes them, and smiles gratefully when Rami tells him to keep the change. I’d roll my eyes if he didn’t sound so stressed out rather than suave. I get out and follow him towards the building. I feel extremely awkward as we get in the elevator, Rami waves at a passing neighbour.

I find myself wishing I made more of an effort with my appearance when I catch sight of myself in the mirrored walls of the lift. I remind myself that unfortunately, that’s not why I’m here so it doesn’t matter.

We reach his floor and he leads the way to his apartment. He left the door on latch, so we go straight in and I shuffle from one foot to another in the hallway. He’s already started walking to another room, but my mind is racing with questions. Am I supposed to take my shoes off? Do I take my coat off? If I do these things where do I leave them? God this is fucking nerve wracking.

He turns to see me still dithering by the door.

“You can keep your shoes on if you want, I’ll take your coat in a sec.” What the fuck? When did he become a mind reader? Am I just thinking irrelevant things to distract myself from the fact that I’m here to discuss my pregnancy? Highly likely.

We go into his kitchen and he offers me a drink, frowning when he retracts the offer of anything caffeinated.

“It’s still like, a ball of cells at this point.” I protest, desperately wanting coffee or something alcoholic.

“A ball of cells that will quickly become a baby depending on how this conversation goes. You’re not damaging it before we’ve made any decisions.” That shuts me up pretty fast.

“I guess I’ll just have a glass of water then.” I mutter, feeling like a scolded child.

“Good.” Thankfully, he doesn’t tease me by having coffee himself, he simply pours two glasses of water and indicates for me to sit down at his table for two with him.

“So, nice place.” I joke.
“Don’t do that.”

“Do what?”

“Distract from the matter at hand. You know exactly what you’re doing, Y/N.” This irritates me greatly.

“Don’t act like you know me.”
“Don’t act like a child.” He retaliates. “We need to talk about this.” He rests his hands on the table top, fingers intertwined. “First of all, the obvious question, do you want to keep it?” He’s looking at me so seriously it makes me want to laugh, but that is absolutely not appropriate.

“My immediate thought is no?” He cocks an eyebrow. “I don’t know! It’s a fucking baby, Rami! No single woman my age wants a baby! I live in a tiny apartment with a job that nicely covers everything I need. Note my use of the word I? As in there is no room in my budget for a child?!” I can feel myself quickly becoming hysterical. Now that I’m actually talking about it, it suddenly feels very real, like I’ve been yanked back down to earth.

“I know we’re not together or anything, we barely know each other in fact…-“

“Yes thank you for reminding me of that.”

“But just because we’re not in love or getting married or whatever doesn’t mean I don’t care about what decisions you make, I mean at the end of the day it’s not my body so it doesn’t really matter that much what I want but-“

“Rami, we’re both rambling like fucking idiots.”

“You’re right.”

We sit in silence, staring at the table. We’re not making any progress, we haven’t even established whether or not we want to keep it. I don’t even really know his moral stance on abortion, I’m not really sure of my own to be quite honest. And then, a thought pops into my head.

“You know, it kinda makes me think of a murder trial.” Rami’s head shoots up, a look of shock on his face.

“I’m sorry, what?”

“You know, like Blackstone’s ratio.” His expression relaxes a little as he ponders the analogy.

“I think I see what you’re getting at.” He says, a small smile quirking at the corners of his lips. “Burden of proof.” I nod in agreement.


It’s funny how we always think we have so much time to do things, but the day of reckoning always comes around far faster than we anticipate. Hence why eight months later Rami is trying to assemble a fucking IKEA crib in his bedroom that only really accommodates a double bed and a closet among other bedroom furniture.

“We’re idiots.”

“Idiots that’ll be getting dressed in the living room for the next few weeks at this rate.” I snort, handing him a screw.

“How did we remember to buy Babygro’s with puns written on them but forgot to get back to the estate agent.” He sighs.

“Priorities.” I grin at him, reclining a little on the bed.

“Half of them won’t even fit him for another six months.” He shakes his head.

“Did you just assume our child’s gender?” I gasp sarcastically.

“Make that joke ever again and I will never change a single diaper. At least not until he’s one.” The sight of Rami rolling his eyes makes me crack up.

We’d decided to piss my mom off by not finding out the sex so she couldn’t bombard us with pink or blue baby paraphernalia, because god forbid the little boy or girl have anything that was the ‘wrong’ colour for its gender. Rami however, is convinced that it’s going to be a boy.  

“Have you thought of any names yet?” He asks absentmindedly, that’s another kinda crucial task that we put on the backburner.

“Hmm, I was thinking something really meaningful, like an ode to a prominent figure in history.” I explain, feigning pensiveness.

“Oh yeah? Such as?” Rami replies, eyes on the screwdriver he’s using to fasten one of the legs to the crib.

“Harambe. Or maybe Donald.” Rami bursts out laughing.

“Remind me why I’m letting you bring a child into the world?”
“Okay fine maybe those were a bit extravagant. Bush?”

“What, and his middle name be ‘Jet-fuel-can’t-melt-steel-beams’?”

And in that moment, I knew that even though we didn’t have a real house, or a professionally assembled crib, or even a highchair- fuck I meant to remind him to get that in IKEA the other day.

We’re so fucked.

But it’s okay I guess, at least I have him.

anonymous asked:

Can you tell me why do you enjoy Glee? I'm not one of those who hate on the show for being LGBT-friendly, it's just that the characters are so inconsistent, the pairings are often forced and the storylines can be cringeworthy to really bad. Not that there isn't talent on the cast. I liked the earlier seasons, but I thought it became so nonsense later on... Maybe I'm not watching the way it should be watched, idk...

I’ve been sitting on a similar message for months now, trying to figure out how to respond. The problem with these messages that always leave me in a bind is that I do not think my answer would be really satisfactory to you. We all respond to media in different ways, have our own lines in the sand as to how much we can suspend our belief, like different things, etc. So I don’t know if I can really give you a different perspective on the show or anything; all I can offer is my own viewing experience.

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Laughing at the Rain ~ Hakuouki Vignettes ~

by ImpracticalOni
4th Entry in Hakuouki Vignettes

Words ~ 1700 | AO3 Link | Fanfiction Link

Author’s Note:

For @thesweateristoobig ~ Happy Birthday! ~ I hope you enjoy this!

Prompt: “can you give me a little Heichi fluff… based around this song: Fireflies by Ron Pope”

Quote (verse 1 & chorus):


When the street lights come on and the fireflies flicker
I am walking her home
Making plans

With her shoes in her hands I am watching her dance
As the hem of her dress gently kisses the grass

It suddenly rains on us
She is laughing and turns up her hands

Like autumn turns leaves
Winter will breathe cold on our necks
Snow in our paths
Wherever she goes
All that I know about us is that beautiful things never last
That’s why fireflies flash

Laughing at the Rain

It had been a strange afternoon. Shinpachi had come to see them, and at first Heisuke hadn’t been sure quite how to behave or what to say. After all, he was still a fury—more or less, although it seemed to be rather less than more these days—and Shinpat had been against the furies, even against Heisuke’s taking the ochimizu to save his life. But without the ochimizu, Heisuke could not have defeated Sannan-san. He couldn’t have sat in a sun-dappled garden with his friend drinking sake almost a year after the war had ended. He wouldn’t have Chizuru.

Chizuru had put things right, as she so often did. She had cried when Shinpachi had arrived, looking curiously about him as though unsure that he had arrived in the right place. When the two men had greeted each other awkwardly and traded cautious smiles she had laughed at them and scolded them and dropped everything to make Nagakura-san (“please, just Shinpachi is fine!”) comfortable so that he could talk with Heisuke. She had cried again, of course, when Shinpachi had told them that Saitō was alive. They had heard the news of Hijikata-san’s death, but not the news that Hajime-kun had somehow, miraculously, survived the slaughterhouse of Aizu. Heisuke had wanted to cry as well—it was such an indescribable relief to know that they weren't all dead.

They had invited Shinpachi to stay the night, but he had declined.

“I have other business in the area,” he’d told them, although it was unlikely to be true. “I’ll come back another time, though.”

Chizuru had believed the last part; Heisuke wasn’t so sure. He’d walked quite a ways down the path toward the road with Shinpachi when he’d left. Away from Chizuru, they were less at ease, but they could drop the pretence. They could discuss the fact that Shinpachi had been a fugitive for over a year, although he was likely to be pardoned shortly, along with Hajime-kun. And Shinpachi could ask him directly how he was finding life as a fury. The question had been hovering between them all afternoon, really.

“Not so bad, I guess,” Heisuke had told him, shrugging. “I don’t mind the sun now, which is great, but I get tired pretty easily during the day still, which kind of sucks. Also… I’m not sure how long I’ll be around, you know? So I worry about Chizuru.”

“Do you want me to keep an eye on her?” Shinpachi had asked, accepting the truth of Heisuke’s situation without wasting time on exclamations. His tone had been sympathetic, and as genuine as Heisuke had ever heard it.

For a moment, Heisuke had wrestled with unexpected jealousy—he didn’t want anyone to look after Chizuru but him. But he’d overcome it quickly.

“Yeah… I’d appreciate that. She’ll probably be okay though. And who knows? We may still have a lot of years ahead of us. You know me—I like to venture into the unknown kind of thing.”

“Still Master Forerunner?”

“Yeah, kind of. We have a good life, though. Don’t really need to chase stuff much these days.”

“Yeah, I don’t know how you’ve stayed so scrawny, really, with Chizuru-chan feeding you up like that and nothing to do but loaf around!”

The rest of the conversation had deteriorated into inconsequentialities. Important inconsequentialities though, if there were such a thing. It was still a little weird. Those last two years had changed everything—their lives, their livelihoods, their goals… Japan itself. Only after Heisuke had said his final goodbyes and turned to go back to Chizuru had Shinpachi stopped him and told him, haltingly, that at some point in the future he thought he’d like to at least dedicate proper monuments to Kondō-san and Hijikata-san.

“We didn’t always agree,” Shinpachi had muttered, as though dedicating monuments was somehow shameful, “but they were damn good warriors. They… they deserve to be honored like the samurai they wanted to be, you know? It’s too bad that they—Kondō-san mostly, I guess, but Hijikata-san was his man through and through—well, it’s too bad that they kind of got to be a little bit too much like the old samurai if you know what I mean.”

Heisuke had just nodded. His own time with the Shinsengumi hadn’t exactly been without its difficulties and differences of opinion. But he had grieved over Kondō-san’s merciless beheading and Hijikata-san’s death in the far north on the isle of Ezo. They had been titans, and they had also been men that Heisuke had known personally, had obeyed loyally and had admired deeply.

He returned to find Chizuru waiting for him, her face calm, but her eyes a little worried. He’d wound his arms around her and they’d stood like that for several minutes, enjoying the very last rays of sunlight and the touch of a cool evening breeze.

“Let’s walk, Heisuke.”

“Yes.” He leaned his forehead against hers. “How do you feel?”

Chizuru smiled at him and pushed a stray piece of hair behind one ear, a futile gesture, as she well knew. He was happy that she cared; so very happy that she wanted to be with him. He straightened and pretended to frown, which only made her laugh.

“I’m fine, just fine. I even managed a short rest once you and Nagakura—I mean Shinpachi-san—got to talking in earnest.”

“I’m glad,” Heisuke murmured, trying not to feel guilty that they’d ignored Chizuru for long stretches of time over the afternoon. Not that she would have minded; if anything, she was probably pleased that they’d managed to relax together for a while—he and Shinpat-san, that is. However… “I can’t help but worry.”

“I know. But I feel perfectly well, and quite rested, and I want to see the fireflies down by the river.” Seeing that he still looked a little uncertain, she tucked her hand into his. “I expect the baby would like to see the fireflies too…”

That made him laugh, even though the idea of Chizuru being pregnant still scared him whenever he thought about it too closely. Especially since if anything went wrong—and things did go wrong, sometimes—it would be his fault. Well, his fault that she was pregnant in the first place. Involuntarily, he glanced sideways at the girl beside him. Even now, she looked too young and too innocent to be living with him like this and especially too young to be a mother.

Chizuru tugged at his hand. “I know what you’re thinking. But you know, Shinpachi-san didn’t call you a ‘kid’ once this afternoon. That’s pretty amazing, really.”

“Well I'm not a kid!” Heisuke replied reflexively. He grinned ruefully. “Yeah, I get it. Even old Shinpachi-san could tell that we’ve grown up a bit. Alright, let’s walk. But it’s not a river. A creek at most!”

It was a long-standing and entirely amiable argument. They held hands the whole time, picking their way along the now-familiar path to the river-creek that provided Heisuke with the water that seemed to have partially reversed at least some of the effects of the ochimizu. When they got to the water, they walked along the bank, greeting their favourite trees, admiring the way that the flowers grew especially well in one particular place, pointing out the birds heading home to their nests for the night. Fish leapt into the air from time to time, feeding on softly buzzing clouds of insects.

Eventually, they saw the fireflies, dancing around one particularly gnarled white willow. With a quiet hum of delight—as though she hadn’t seen them many times before!—Chizuru started to hurry forward. Heisuke caught her up short and put his arms around her waist, pulling her close.

“A kiss for good luck first.” He’d gotten better at telling her what he wanted, and it had worked out well for them. An unexpected flicker of desire made him blush when she tilted her face up towards him without hesitation.

Soft lips, soft skin… the scent of the day’s warmth in silky dark hair. The mood shifted as his kiss became more passionate and less playful. They’d learned each other’s needs and wants over the past two years, and Chizuru obviously sensed his unsettled state. Her fingers stroked his neck and wound themselves in his brown hair. After several minutes, they broke apart slightly.

“Ah… the fireflies will be here another night,” Heisuke suggested tentatively.

“Impatient?” Her teasing was always very gentle, and he loved the fact that he was the only person that she teased.

“A little.” He was about to say more, when the breeze suddenly carried the scent of rain to him and he noticed that the fireflies had disappeared. “I think we’d better hurry—because of the rain, of course.”

Chizuru looked puzzled for a moment and then she blinked as a drop hit her cheek. “Oh!” With a laughing glance back at her lover she darted away toward the house. He caught up to her with ease, thanks to her rather confining kimono, and swung her up into his arms.

“Now then. Home!”

Chizuru laughed up at him. She was so much more open with her smiles now that it was just the two of them. He loved it. He loved her. He wished that they could be together forever and then set that thought ruthlessly aside. Right now he had everything he wanted. Why waste time demanding more?


A/Note: All comments here or on FF or AO3 are much appreciated!

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Just bros havin’ hot pot

Phichit and Yuuri are very clearly good friends. Friends who have history and who facetime. Friends who haven’t seen each other in a long time. 

Which makes the scene where they’re all having hot pot so much more in-your-face Viktuuri. 

Viktor and Yuuri are just 2 bros eatin’ n chillin’ at a 4 seat table. Viktor’s taken off his grey jacket which is folded over the free seat beside him. Got a full bottle of alcohol in front of him. He’s comfortable, relaxed. The boys are seated against the wall with the other two chairs keeping them and the rest of the restaurant apart. It’s more private and intimate that way, so that they can chill in peace. 

Why did Yuuri not think to message his other good bro Phichit and invite him to join? Well, it’s the night before a competition and Yuuri’s already feeling nervous, it’s fine that he just wants to keep things cool with Viktor for now.

But Phichit shows up all the same, so might as well all sit together and have a nice meal, right? Right.

And oh look-y here, there are two free seats right by Phichit, it’s going to be real easy to just sit down. But wait, Viktor’s jacket is over one of these seats. That’s a social no-no, a sign that says ‘seat-sorta-taken-unless-you’re-pregnant-or-injured’. No biggie though, the other chair is free and yey, it’s right by his buddy Yuuri!

Hang on a minute. 

When Celestino “Ciao ciao” Cialdini shows up to join the party, Phichit is seated where you’d have expected but Yuuri has moved?

That’s right, Yuuri changed seats.

Instead of just staying put, and having his pal Phichit sit down next to him with literally zero fuss, Yuuri thought ‘hey no, I’m gona go sit next to Viktor now that I have the excuse to since there are more than 2 people here’. 

And wait, what’s this? 

Viktor has taken off his black shirt at this point, and it’s folded over Yuuri’s (occupied) seat beside him. But then, what happened to Viktor’s grey jacket that was there before?

So basically, when Phichit arrived, Yuuri: 

  • got up, 
  • shuffled over the empty seat beside him,
  • moved around the table,
  • removed Victor’s jacket from the chair,
  • and then sat down.

Socially, this seems like a lot of obstacles to go through just to sit next to Viktor. But hey, it’s just sitting next to Viktor. It’s not like anything special happened from Yuuri being next to him. I mean, who knew Viktor was gona get hammered? The bottle of alcohol on the table that Yuuri had no intentions of drinking before a competition certainly wasn’t a sign of that. Not like Yuuri had any idea how Viktor behaved drunk, he’s obviously never drunk anything back in Japan…

And Yuuri was surprised by the pic Phichit uploaded? How could the boy not when Yuuri was being so obvious? Clinging and naked he may have been, but Viktor had the ‘drunk’ card in his arsenal of excuses for this. Viktor wasn’t the one who moved round the table in a clear effort to sit next to you. That was all you, Yuuri, and Phichit couldn’t ignore that when you were being so very obvious about it. He couldn’t! He your bro.

And bro got your back. Now you’ve got a picture of yourself with a naked Viktor Nikiforov. There’s something you’re gona wana frame and put by your nightstand. You’re welcome.


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Mark | 2178 words | fluff
anon requested: You’re on your period and having really bad cramps and feeling really sick and Mark comes to take care of you after practice

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youremythief  asked:

Modern AU Bellamy/Clarke: "i have your Christmas present but delivery is gonna take like 9 months.... surprise i'm pregnant!"

In terms of legitimate things to complain about, Clarke is pretty sure “my husband is too good at giving presents and makes me feel inadequate” is really not up there. It’s on about the level of “my diamond shoes are too tight” or “my flawless golden ring is too shiny.” And, really, the problem isn’t even that Bellamy is so great at giving gifts, it’s that he’s both great at giving gifts and impossible to shop for.

Little things are fine. She can almost always find a book he wants to read or a weird toy that he can put on his desk to confuse his students. And he’s always happy with whatever he gets, which is, in some ways, worse. Somehow the fact that he neither notices or cares that she is categorically worse at gift-giving than he is, so she knows she is the only one stressing about this and he will be happy no matter what.

Her diamond shoes are way too tight.

Last year, she solved the problem by consulting with Monty for weeks, making several pros and cons lists, and finally getting him a Playstation, which he really enjoys. And, as a bonus, it got her through his birthday too, because she just bought him games.

But she wants to get him the kind of nice, thoughtful presents he gets her. The things he wants without knowing he wants them. That’s his big strength, and that’s where she always feels inadequate.

“That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard,” says Raven.

“Yup,” Octavia agrees. “We’re talking about Bell here. Agreeing to marry him was basically a present for the rest of your lives. Anything else you do on top of being his wife is just icing on the cake for him at this point.”

“Wow. You’re romancing Clarke for your brother,” Raven observes. “Nice.”

“I am not. It’s gross, but it’s not like she doesn’t know. This isn’t news.”

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Can’t Go Back (Part 3)

Word Count: 2,284


Warnings: Uhhh if you find any let me know :)

Request: Can you write a one shot where Dean and the reader have hooked up numerous times in the past. Then Dean tries to meet up with the reader and she keeps blowing him off and finally he finds her only to find she has a growing baby bump?

A/N: Well it looks like instead of Sam it’s gonna be part 3 cause I got some inspiration for it and just couldn’t stop writing.I’m completely overjoyed that you guys wanted a part 3….so here it goes! Don’t get too mad at me ;)

Part 1

Part 2

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say the word, and we’ll find a way [fic]

Here’s another fic for my birthday week! This is a single parents AU bc duh. Don’t forget that I’ve got a new multi-chap fic coming out Wednesday, and you can find sneak peeks somewhere in my writing tag for it!

Thank you so much to seawedebrain for being a hella awesome beta. I would be garbage without you, Shay.

say the word, and we’ll find a way


It must be the hormones that are driving her crazy because she’s not usually one to openly drool over a very hot guy.

But goddamn, this guy is gorgeous. He’s tall, and he has black hair. And good god, he must work out every single day because he’s fucking ripped and she wonders what his arms would feel like if they were holding her up against the wall while he—

She takes a sip of her water. Yep. It’s definitely the hormones.

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anonymous asked:

WHOAA THE BOX IS OPEN! I'm in a mood for fluffy established destiel oneshots with alpha Castiel and his mate Dean. Preggo Dean would be an awesome addition! Love you guys <3

The Box was open and then it wasn’t again. Right at the second I saw this ask I thought that what a nice question for me you’ve send to us. Nice and easy. Until it turned out it wasn’t. Who would’ve known there were so few established Omega verse fics with Alpha Cas and (pregnant) Omega Dean. I also thought you’d want some pretty short one-shots and that was the part in which it all turned out bad. Seriously, I only had a few of these already and I think those few were the best ones. I also skipped all the Verses (if the part that fit wasn’t the number one and I’m telling you, most of them weren’t) and only took one-shots into this list. Hope some of these are what you were looking for.

I just gotta say, I’m kinda dissapointed. I was expecting so much for these fics but I only found a few and pretty much all of those were so full of mistakes with grammar and/or punctuation marks that it gave me headache. Like seriously, I needed to take some pain killers. Byt anyway, please, write more of these, authors! And beta-read your stories before publishing, because stupid mistakes like those are so easy to fix. It’s okay to make mistakes when writing online and all but it’s not cool to read a story full of mistakes! – Admin J

Title: Preparing for Heat

Author: thewinchesterlifestyle

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 1,024 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: You remember me complaining about all the baby Marys? In this one there’s not baby Mary but kid Grace. Awesome! And there’s also Cas having weird kinks. Not sure if that kink is sexy or just weird. In this fic there ain’t pregnancy, but it’s very domestic and they already have a kid so there’ve been pregnant Dean. Or at least we can imagine that.

Summary: Cas paused in the doorway watching Dean cooking. Breathing in the scents of food and home and mate. Everything filling him with calm and happiness as he allowed himself to focus more on Dean. On the green apron their daughter picked out for his mate and how Dean effortlessly moved around the kitchen. His mate is humming under his breath and Cas can feel heat pooling in his belly. Want climbing through his veins.

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Title: Take A Chill Pill

Author: Nikolaus_Chaser

Rating: Mature

Words: 4,818 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: I didn’t like this one. I’m sorry, I don’t wanna be mean to anyone, but it’s just… Neither Cas or Dean of the fic wasn’t the way I like them. Cas was too protective and asshole Alpha for me to like and Dean… Well, I want my Dean in very bitchy and manly man package, even though he’s an Omega. Not my type in any rates, I’m sorry. But there’s pregnant Omega Dean having domestic relationship with his Alpha Cas, so… Maybe you like it more than I did.

Summary: Possessive Alpha!Cas has a lot to adjust to during his Omega’s first pregnancy. Of course, Dean and Cas can handle anything the universe throws at them, so it all ends well in the end.

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Title: It’s a Fight

Author: superchester

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 1,871 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: In this fic Cas is just my favorite kind of an Alpha! Love him, love love love love love. It also presents perfectly how me and Admin A would be while pregnant. We would devour mudcake and then sit in front of a mirror crying for being too fat.

Summary: Dean’s pregnant, achy, and depressed. Sometimes.

He’s just going along and everything is okay, great even, and then something triggers it and he just gets really low. Like there’s a weight pressing him down and keeping him there and sometimes he can’t get back up on his own.

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Title: The Most Beautiful Things I’d Ever Seen

Author: Casei_Solus

Rating: Explicit

Words: 2,691 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: This one is actually very angsty, to tell the truth, so if you’re looking something that makes your stomach twist in a good way then I think this isn’t what you’re looking for. However, Cas speaks so nicely to Dean I can’t take it. And there’s also pregnant Dean and many babys and domestic Destiel.

Summary: Dean’s goes into early labor.

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Title: Five Times Things Weren’t As They Seem And One Time The Truth Came Out

Author: Super_Secret_Slash_Agent

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 1,524 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: This is hilarious! It’s kinda rushed through but I think it hadn’t been the author’s point to create something deep and long. It’s funny and it made me smile. Poor Cas and Dean!

Summary: Dean and Cas are together, everybody knows that, but no body seems to get that Dean is the Omega and Cas is the Alpha, at least, not until it gets shoved in their faces.


Five times Dean was mistaken for an Alpha and one time everyone realized it was Cas.

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Title: Baby Bump

Author: littlemistmatchedteacup

Rating: Explicit

Words: 5,986 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: In this point I don’t think I’ve anything new to say about these fics. Damn it, it’s hard to try to think something new to say when each and everyone of these have the same basic idea. Well, there’s pregnant Dean and I think I’m starting to have unrealistic images about how it is while being pregnant. Destiel is ruining my life!

Summary: Turns out, late-term pregnancy has its perks, especially when you’re mated to 6 feet of hunky, besotted, (and, most importantly, horny) Alpha.

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Title: Just the Cowboy Hat

Author: thewinchesterlifestyle

Rating: Mature

Words: 1,082 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: I can forgive almost all the punctuation mark and grammar issues because the set-up in this fic (once again I wrote dick instead of fic…) is so awesome. Seriously, I love Cas and Dean and their kids and that son of theirs… Oh GOD! A little kid with those gorgeous blue eyes. Where’s my Alpha Cas and perfect babies?! I honestly would’ve wanted to rate this higher because of the atmosphere and the chemistry the characters were having, but this could’ve used more betaing. I’m a mean, mean person right now.

Summary: Cas and Dean take their kids out trick or treating. The kids might be tired but their parents aren’t.

Dean stood several steps into their bedroom wearing nothing but the cowboy hat and a cocky smirk. It took seconds before Cas was crossing the room and pulling him into a kiss. Tongue pushing past Dean’s lips and exploring his mouth. “I love your costume.” it was grinned against Dean’s lips as he pressed close. “A great improvement from earlier.”

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Title: A Gift From Dean

Author: Ryvchan

Rating: General Audiences

Words: 1,489 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: I can’t take the poem Dean writes on top of the box. That’s me trying to be romantic lol. And Cas of the fic is like all the men while being sick. Sick men are worst than a bunch of sick kids, that’s the truth. So, in this fic there ain’t pregnancy or babies but one over-sized baby (aka sick man). And just like that I made this fic to fit on your ask!

Summary: Cas is sick with the flu for the first time and Dean thinks about the happy memories of Cas.

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Title: Down the Aisle

Author: thewinchesterlifestyle

Rating: Explicit

Words: 2,657 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: The reason why I want ABO to be real. I want this relationship. I could live in a world like that. With an Alpha like that. Yes. I want that. I want my own ABO world where I can be the perfect Omega and have my perfect Alpha and no, I’m not starting to sound sad at all. Or pathetic. Oh, and the fic: no babies but a wedding aka pre-babies, right?

Summary: He just wants Cas. Just wants this whole thing to be done and over with because he’s been Cas’s since the Alpha first laid eyes on him years ago when they were children. Dean had known that if he was ever going to have a mate, belong to an Alpha, it was going to be Cas. Cas who treated him like an equal, who stood too close to him and who baked him pie for his birthday. Cas who had gotten down on one knee. Stared up at him with those blue eyes and asked softly, “Will you marry me?” voice full of emotion and love.

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Title: You and Me, Plus One

Author: Soulhearts

Rating: General Audiences

Words: 1,544 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: Yay, no punctuation mark problems or any huge mistakes with grammar! I’m so happy! This is also the first part of Baby Love Series so it ain’t the only thing you’ve to read from this author.

Summary: Omega Dean is mated to Alpha Castiel and both are expecting their first-born. Except Dean’s fed up with all the little bits of advice people keep giving him and he’s done having everyone poking their noses in his life.

( Read here )

Oh, and please remember our Omega Dean tag in HERE and also our pregnant Dean tag in HERE. There’s always time for some ABO fun, isn’t there? Just browse those for more fics.

Finding out they are going to be teenage parents:
  • Makoto: Hearing his partner telling him they're pregnant would send him off into a state of panic. He wouldn't process the news perfectly at first, he might need to hear it again and when he does he would just freak out. He would try to control his nerves for the sake of his partner since he knows they're scared too and probably more since they're the one carrying the baby, but the anxiety from hearing the news would absolutely shake him. Although scared and clueless, Makoto would stand with his partner 100% and support whatever decision they make. Even if he's terrified of what will happen next, he'd take responsibility and try to handle the situation as maturely as he possibly can.
  • Haruka: When the words leave his partner's mouth it would be the only thing resonating in his head like an echo for a while. He'd slowly process the information therefore his reaction might seem calm when instead he would be freaking out inside. A million thoughts would be circling through his head.. 'Aren't we too young?' 'what about their future?', 'what about my future?' 'I don't know how to change a diaper'... 'Can babies eat mackerel?'. Despite his fears he would listen to what his partner has to say, he would support whatever decision they make and he would put their needs before his own. If his partner decides to keep the baby, albeit eccentric, Haru would try his hardest to be the best father he can be, and changing a diaper isn't that difficult.
  • Rin: Rin wouldn't have the best reaction. He would be extremely shaken by the news. The anxiety would eat him alive. Since Rin has a set goal for his future, having a baby as a teenager would definitely push him off track and he'd feel like he'd have to give up his dream. Rin wants to be an Olympic swimmer just like his father wanted to be, and now he has to give it up to be a responsible father just like his father did. Although Rin cares deeply for his partner and would cross oceans for them, being put in this situation might make him regret some of his choices. Despite his feelings, Rin would respect their choice and support them no matter what happens. Although he might think of giving up his dream, his partner would not let him and having just one more person to win for might motivate him more.
  • Nagisa: Nagisa might think his partner is trying to trick him or is joking around. He'd laugh it off and tell them not to joke with those kinds of things. When they tell him they're not joking and he sees how truly serious and scared they are all the blood would drain from his face and he'd have a rare serious look on. He'd be so shocked be wouldn't know how to respond at first. He know having a baby so young isn't easy, he knows all the troubling times that will come their way now that they are going to be teenage parents. Nagisa would worry about what would happen if his family found out. He'd be worried about his partner and how they are taking this. He'd be side by side with his partner no matter their decision. Despite of it all, a little bubble of hope and joy grew after he thought about it a lot, maybe a tiny Nagisa wouldn't be so bad.
  • Rei: Once they tell Rei, he would be thinking back to see when he screwed up so bad. He'd beat himself up for not calculating things right, not using enough protection, not checking his partner's ovulation dates. He'd try to be rational and calm but he wouldn't be able to sit still. He'd be extremely worried about his partner and their health, he knows how dangerous pregnancy can be for a teenage body thanks to sex ed. He'd do a lot of research about anything and everything pregnancy, he'd take care of his partner very well and wouldn't let them stress themselves too much. Rei would be very involved when it comes to his partner and his child. Although he'd still be worried for both their futures, he'd strangely be looking forward to being a father.
  • Nitori: All the blood would leave his face and leave him as pale as a ghost when he hears 'I'm pregnant'. The anxiety he'd feel the moment his partner says they have to 'talk' to him would not compare to the anxiety he'd feel after finding out the news. He'd feel so overwhelmed he'd have to lie down and process it, all the while freaking out. He would need help calming down and even after his small freak out he'd still be very restless. After processing the situation Nitori would let his partner make the decision of what they want. He'd be supportive in whatever they choose and he wouldn't really object to anything because it's their body and honestly he wouldn't know what to do or say anyway, even though he wouldn't be ready to be a teenage father it's not his choice. If they end up having the baby he would take full responsibility and would be a pretty good dad, albeit clumsy and clueless.
  • Seijuro: He'd be pretty levelheaded about the whole situation, and instead he'd be the one calming his partner down. He wouldn't sweat how it happened since well, it happened and now here they are. Seijuro would think about every possibility now that he might end up being a teen dad and he would talk it out with his partner. He'd be responsible and mature about the situation, and for him the hardest part would be breaking the news to both his and his partner's parents. He'd be with his partner every step of the way no matter the choice they make, and he'd honestly be looking forward if only a little to a tiny Sei.
  • Momotarou: It might not make sense to Momo at first, so he might think his partner is joking. He would think that it isn't really possible, that they're just kids but when the reality comes down on him he would need some help calming down. Momo wouldn't know what to do and he might be the one to look for help and guidance, probably from his brother who might not be too thrilled at the news but would stick with his little brother nonetheless. Momo would take responsibility despite being terrified because his partner is terrified too. He'd stand by them and be there for them no matter the outcome.
  • Sosuke: He'd keep his cool really well, and he'd hear everything his partner has to say from the beginning. He'd understand their worries since he'd be a mess too but he'd be able to keep his anxiety at bay. He would talk about all the possible outcomes with his partner and if they choose that path, he'd be ready to take the responsibility of being a father. He'd be supportive of his partner and who knows, maybe this could be his new dream, a family.
  • Kou: Finding out she's pregnant would be very frightening for Kou. She wouldn't know what to do and would start crying. Chances are she'd keep it quiet for a while until she can't handle the pressure anymore and tells her partner. Figuring out what to do after that would be a very tricky thing for her, but she'd have the support of her partner. She'd be most scared about telling her mother and Rin, especially Rin since he might not react kindly to the news. Kou would talk out all the possible choices with her partner and her family, knowing she has their support no matter what her choice is.

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This is my first ever headcanon ask and I'm strangely nervous! XD What would the BMP Princes do/How would they react if they found out that, due to some complication, MC's life would most likely be in danger if she got pregnant? Assuming that they've been actively/excitedly trying for a baby when MC's medical report came in.

warning: angst

Wilfred: Wilfred would try to hide how upset he was all the while, he would try to convince her that he’s okay and they would be fine.
“That’s fine. Your health comes first,” he stroke her hair lovingly.
But sometimes, in the middle of the night, he would sneak out from the bedroom to go to the abandoned nursery room that they had prepared together. And just sat there.
The moonlight shone inside the dark room, casting shadows on his beautiful feature. He stared at the mobile toy hanging above the empty baby cot. It spun slowly while a gentle melody played from a musical box.

Keith: Keith seemed indifferent about it. He’s trying to digest all the information because your pregnancy wasn’t planned at first. Then as he started to enjoy the idea of being a father and building a family with her, his dream was shattered. The little angel was taken away easily as she was given to them.

She actually insisted on keeping the baby. They got into shouting arguments. A lot of times, there would be throwing away some stuff at each other. The staff knew about all of these but they kept quiet about it.
One day, they were arguing like usual.
“Why don’t you understand?” she screamed at the top of her lungs.
“You’re the one who don’t f-cking understand how I feel!” he yelled back. “Can you imagine how I feel if you left?”
She dropped the pillow to the floor and covered her face as she sobbed into her palms. He took long strides and gently wrapped his arms around her like she’s a fragile thing. She moved closer to him and he buried his head on her.
“We’ll stick together through all of these. Please don’t say that you prefer to die than killing the baby. I’m sorry for the baby too but I can’t live without you,” his voice cracked and she could feel her hair damp with his tears.

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okay but hear me out

what about Sally giving Annabeth her mother’s old wedding ring

  • Sally’s uncle gave it to her before she died–saying that her mother wanted her to have it and it only made sense for her to keep it. After all, she could use it one day when she got married.
  • It’s a very beautiful ring—it has a gold band, with a small diamond in an oval on the top of it. The oval is lined with smaller diamonds too, and Sally hasn’t ever seen anything so beautiful. Jackson is engraved in the inside of the band, and Sally hasn’t ever been so proud to be a Jackson before. She can’t believe that it was her mother’s ring. She doesn’t have anything from her mother and—now she does
  • She wears it for a few years, but after she meets Poseidon and her belly starts swelling, causing her hands and her feet and everywhere to swell too, she puts it away—into a jewelry box that she tends to keep in the top of her closet. She only takes it out on the nights where Percy is sleeping soundly in his crib and she actually has time to day dream about finding someone she could be with for the rest of her life. 
  • Gabe doesn’t buy her a wedding ring. She still keeps her mother’s ring locked away in the box because she doesn’t want to taint it with representing a loveless marriage. Especially not with him.
  • When Sally met Paul and they started dating seriously, she thought that she might finally get to wear it. But when Paul proposed suddenly with a really beautiful ring that Sally loved, she didn’t want to exchange it for the other one.
  • Percy found it once when they were moving into their new apartment. Thankfully, Paul hadn’t been there, so Sally had explained that it was her mother’s. Percy stared at the diamond with wide eyes, holding his hand out to look at it. Sally teased him that he could have it when he found someone he wanted to marry.
  • (She never really thought about what she had said that day until Percy disappeared and Annabeth started coming around more. Sally knew that they were serious, but if there was anyone that Percy was going to marry, it was going to be Annabeth.)
  •  When Annabeth starts coming to see her when Percy disappears, there are days where Sally has the ring tucked into the pocket of her jeans, ready to pull it out and present it to her. But. There’s always something that stops her—she thinks that she should wait until Percy gets back and when Annabeth doesn’t look so broken. 
  • She ends up waiting two whole years after Percy and Annabeth are back. Things had been tough at the beginning, and Sally didn’t want to put more pressure onto Annabeth.
  • But it’s a normal day—nothing out of the ordinary is happening. Percy brought Annabeth over to hang out for a few hours before they go on their date tonight. Percy has been sitting on the couch watching TV while Sally and Annabeth were in the kitchen talking. Sally was making cookies, and Annabeth was sitting on the counter beside her, asking her about her new book and how it was going, and it just hit Sally that Annabeth was her daughter as much as Percy was her son.
  • The ring flies back into her mind for the first time in a few years. Sally thought that she had decided to wait until they announced their engagement, but for some reason, Sally sees Annabeth that day, and she wants to give it to her so badly, that she excuses herself to her bedroom to grab it from the box where it’s been for so long. Sally holds it close for a few seconds, parting ways with it silently because really—Annabeth is as much of a Jackson as the rest of them.
  • When she comes back out into the living room, Percy and Annabeth are sitting on the couch. Percy has his arm tossed around Annabeth’s shoulders, and she’s tucked into his side. There’s a smile on Percy’s face, and whatever Annabeth is talking about must be funny because he looks like he’s about to start laughing.
  • Sally watches them for a second, her hand tightening on the ring before she tucks it into her pocket and asks Annabeth to take a walk with her.
  • She agrees easily, despite Percy’s whining, and they walk downstairs together.
  • It’s just starting to turn into fall, and the wind is cool. Sally sits down on the steps of their apartment building and pats the spot next to her for Annabeth.
  • They talk for a few minutes, but when Annabeth asks if everything is okay, Sally pulls out the ring and holds it in the palm of her hand.
  • Annabeth leans closer to get a better look at it, and Sally watches her gray eyes widen.
  • “It was my mother’s wedding ring. My uncle gave it to me when I was older, and I wore it until I got pregnant with Percy. After that, I kept it in a box. Percy is the only one that knows I have it, even though he probably doesn’t remember, and I was going to wait until you two got engaged before I gave it to you.”
  • Annabeth’s eyes are wider now. She’s glancing back and forth between the ring and Sally’s face. “I can’t take this, Sally. It’s yours.”
  • “No. It’s yours. You’re a Jackson, and I want you to have this—even if you don’t want to wear it. I just—“
  • Annabeth interrupts her. “I want to wear it. It’s beautiful.”
  • Sally carefully picks up Annabeth’s right hand and slides the ring onto her ring finger. It’s amazing how it already fits perfectly.
  • Sally pats her hand. “Beautiful. Just like you, sweetheart.”
  • Annabeth is crying when she looks back up.
  • “Thank you,” she cries, leaning into Sally and tossing her arms around her.
  • Sally’s crying too, holding Annabeth against her until she calms down enough to pull back and stare down at the ring.
  • “Are you–are you sure that you want me to have this?” Annabeth’s voice is small, and she looks up at Sally hesitantly, like she doesn’t really want the answer.
  • “Of course I’m sure, sweetheart,” Sally presses a kiss to her forehead, brushing some of her curls behind her ear. “It’s yours, and someday, you can give it to your daughter.”
  • Annabeth doesn’t say anything about that, but Sally knows that she’s thinking about it because there is a small smile on her face and she’s running her fingertips over the diamond on the top of the ring.
  • They go back upstairs a few minutes later, and Percy jumps up from the couch when he hears Annabeth sniffle as they come in the door. He’s staring at both of them instantly, hovering around Annabeth and staring at his mom like What did you do?
  • Annabeth holds out her hand wordlessly, and Percy looks down slowly, eyes widening when he sees the ring on her right hand, just opposite of the one that her wedding ring will go on someday.
  • He stares at it for a few seconds before he glances up to his mom. His green eyes are surprised, but there’s a hint of a smile in his eyes.
  • He pulls Annabeth into a hug, and she curls against his chest, tucking her head under his chin while one of his hands rubs her back comfortingly.
  • “I forgot you had that thing, Mom,” Percy says. “Now how am I supposed to give Annabeth a better proposal than you just did?”
  • Sally starts laughing just as Annabeth reaches up to cuff him on the back of the head, and Percy smirks as he tugs Annabeth closer, tightening his grip on her.
  • Annabeth is murmuring something against Percy’s chest, and Sally leaves them by the door, holding on tight to each other while she brushes her tears from her cheeks.

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I'm not a writer so it's not like I'm gonna write a fic or anything but I really wanted to talk about Everyone Lives AU headcanons and I thought that hey! Stacho is always cool about asks! You see, I really hate the idea of Joseph cheating on Suzi Q and Caesar and they would kick Joseph ass for that (I headcanon all three of them getting married and fuck historical realism, it doesn't rally exist in JoJoBA world), but at the same time I love Tomoko and Josuke so I kinda changed things up and

instead of having an affair Tomoko befriended Joseph and Caesar while they were doing a job for SPW and asked Joseph to get her pregnant because she wanted a baby but she didn’t want to to get married and she also wanted the baby’s father to be someone she trusted and cared about. All of them had a serious conversation about it and in the end both Caesar and Suzi Q agreed to that. And then a few years later Dio started stirring shit up, a bunch of people of the Joestar bloodline started getting

Stands and while Joseph and squad went to Egypt, Caesar went to Tomoko to check if little Josuke got affected too. And when everything was said and done, Kakyoin, Avdol and Iggy were all on life support (Avdol re-appeared after Vanilla Ice was defeated, don’t ask me how, it’s just a Stand thing I suppose) and even all the medical advancements SPW had, the doctors said they won’t make it. And they have almost given up when suddenly Caesar barges in with a little kid who he says is Jotaro’s uncle

and tells them that the kid’s Stand can heal everyone. And it does. Josuke saves Kakyoin, Avdol and Iggy, Tomoko learns about the supernatural bullshit going on and is better equipped to handle her son’s exploits eleven years later and when shit hits the fan in Morioh, Jotaro goes there with Kakyoin at his side (they leave their daughter, which they had through a surrogate, with Holy) and Kakyoin is immediately adopted by the Cool Hair Squad. Everything is good and no-one has to cry ever again.