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i don't know who else to complain to about this but everydayfeminism just posted an article saying trumpcare was inevitable and we should all be focusing on 'ancestral medicine' instead, including asking our ancestors for healing and going outside more (while being careful not to culturally appropriate of course) and i'm just... honestly floored? some of the stuff that has crept into the 'mainstream sj' collective consciousness is so unbelivable i wanna die

Oh My Fucking God

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Why was Joan in your Thomas Answers video? Were they there just for company/morale support? Or did they read you the questions? I'm not complaining, I love it when Joan is in your videos (especially your most recent short) XD

Ahah Joan is getting to be more of a helper and, of COURSE, friend through my vlogs. They’ll be popping up a bit more here and there. I don’t think many people mind 😂

Natsu Flirting

Have some soooo corny comic folks!
Excuse me for the Filipino/Tagalog language. LOL

N: You know, you’ll get lucky for love in this year
L: Eh, really?
N: Yes, of course! once you become mine.
L: *blush* If that how it is, I won’t complain. I’ll accept that luck you’re talking about.
N: …
L: Hey Natsu, are you okay?
(M&H: *Alright!*)
N: Ha? I-I’m okay! You’re such a weirdo!
L: Haah?! Me? A weirdo? You are!

In the box: Mirajane and Happy taught Natsu to say pick up lines.

  • Astrid: *holding her 3-month-old son* I want another baby. I mean, look how cute baby Stoick is.
  • Hiccup: Of course he's cute. He's half yours.
  • Astrid: I'm serious, babe. I mean, doesn't he just make you want more kids?
  • Hiccup: *flashbacks to Astrid's air sickness, morning sickness, cranky mood, complaining, etc during pregnancy* *flashbacks to Astrid complaining in labor* Don't you remember how much you complained when you were pregnant, and how you said you'd never do it again?
  • Astrid: *flashbacks to seeing baby Stoick for the first time* It wasn't that bad. And it was worth it in the end.
  • Astrid: *gets pregnant* Why did I wish for another baby? The gods must hate me.

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Had a surprise visit from my dog today. My mother brought her to the pet store next to where I worked. Evidently my dog saw me go into my store after a buggy run, twisted out her collar, and hauled ass inside. My manager ended up letting me leave early since my dog showed no sign of budging from my side. Of course he wanted to pet her first, as did a few others. Not a bad way to end a shift. Even if it was early. Though I'm not complaining, I got to nap before class.

I get why “self-documenting code” is a dirty word. On the other hand, I feel like (for example) public protocol = "https://"; is not substantially clarified by adding a comment explaining that it is The protocol of the request. And if it’s adding lines, and hence reducing the fraction of the relevant logic that I can view on my screen at time, it’s probably net reducing readability.

“When did you start to *fancy* me, Swan?”

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I wonder, do Emma and Killian ever talk about their first few months after meeting? pillow talk style? like how months into a friendship or relationship you might confess that “actually I thought you hated me at first”, but a la storybrooke life? “remember that time you cuffed me in the giant’s lair? honestly, I was a little turned on” or “you totally had a thing for cora, don’t even try it” or “’that kiss in neverland…….. top 5 hottest moments of my life’ ‘only top 5?! wtf killian’ ‘hey, you did somewhat kill the mood by assuring me I wouldn’t get a repeat performance!’” or “‘that time you turned up at my apartment in NY and tried to kiss me when I had no memory of you, omg you dumbass’ ‘ah yes, the week I discovered my being cuffed to things was just par for the course with emma swan’ ‘I don’t see you complaining now wise guy’” etc

aka acknowledging what has happened before while simultaneously accepting development and the fact that they love each other but hey, they didn’t always. I’d love to see some of that. <3 

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I'm so done with twitter. I've seen ppl complain about Alec not telling Magnus about the sword, then ppl whining about Magnus apparently offending Alec with the 'runs in the family' line. Like wtf have ppl smoked today?

ppl are just weak THIS IS THE GOOD DRAMA HERE. real politics! interpersonal relationships affecting the course of a war! complex choices! arguments that have nothing to do with love triangles!

tbh idk why ppl expect things to play out clean when magnus is juggling a relationship with a Shadowhunter while working to protect his people as he drags 400 years of baggage with him. meanwhile, alec is 23 years old running an institution responsible for upholding systemic racism, struggling to make some kind of change but when he isn’t tripping over himself like a fool, he’s being undermined by the clave.

anyway [matthew voice] they’ll find a sort of calm in that shared development of mess and history of mess.

Okay not gonna lie, I did NOT see that hot Bughead scene coming! Damn!

So hot…almost a little too hot? For Jughead?

No listen, I’m not complaining - AT ALL! ;)

It’s just that…I kinda expected Jughead to be a bit more…shy and unsure? lol

But nope, this boy seemed like he knew what he was doing… 😏🔥 (or maaaybe Cole couldn’t help himself? 😜🙈😆)

And I’ve never said this before, but I’m really glad that Betty and Jughead’s relationship is so well written or otherwise I‘d be a little bit disappointed, too that the writers didn’t take the chance for an asexual aromantic character. Because now especially after that scene - but already before - I don’t think he is…
(I’m here for some kind of demisexual Juggy though because if you ask me that’s still possible?)

[gifs by @stilinskikissme]

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I love your hp art work, but I'm curious do you think Remus lupin and Tonks relationship in the books was rushed? Because I found it cute but a little rushed. Same with Hermione and Ron, beautiful ships just not enough time.

Thank you ^^
In my opinion it wasn’t rushed, it just didn’t happen in front of our eyes. Rowling have so many wonderful characters but the book’s about Harry and his close friends. Of course secondary characters won’t be developed the way the main ones are. People complain that this or that character deserved more attention or something. It’s not about them, it’s about Harry Potter, and the story’s generally told from his perspective, we know what Harry knows.
Hermione and Ron’s relationship was developing throughout 7 books! We forget that we don’t really think about romantic love and relationships when we’re 11 and there were a lot going on that those kids had to deal with. The book isn’t a romance :) All those romantic stuff starts when? in the 5th book? and it’s all very subtle, but subtle is nice! There are many moments when you can notice Hermione and Ron’s feelings for each other (moments I won’t show you because I read the books ages ago…)
Anyway, I think good frienships and romantic relationships don’t consist on constant kissing, cuddling, heated gazes and neverending I love yous, they consists on being together, supporting each other, fights and saying I’m sorry, and normal, everyday things like stressing over too much homework and brewing polyjuice in the bathroom :)

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So there's this show called Wh*n We R*se that has really obvious bi erasure (and I think trans erasure) and as a bi person I'm really hurt and slightly offended, but of course all the gay men and lesbians are getting pissed at the bi people "complaining." I mean we're a part of lgBt history too y'know? Anyways you have any advice? Should I just get over it? Thanks jaxx.

i haven’t seen it so id have to research more to formulate a proper response but here’s my 2¢

any lgbt activist movie or show that blatantly disregards the contributions bisexuals+ and trans+ people have made towards the movement isn’t a fully, well rounded movie or show accurately representing the full picture/scope. period.

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What has it been like to have an online long-distance relationship turn into "hey I'm staying at your house" after so long?

Tbh everything feels like it happened super fast. Ive heard about couples waiting literally years until they finally got the chance to meet up. Of course I’m not complaining about the results I had~:33

Relationships are hard,and I’m kinda inexperienced myself in romance and sometimes I have a hard time showing emotion hehe but if the two parts want to make it work out it will work out~

It feels unreal at times how a few months back we were like..watching movies online and skyping and now we’re in the same place together and cuddling.
I actually woke up earlier thinking it was a dream but then I opened my eyes and i saw everything happening here is 100% real

going through the kpop smut tag lately as been
- complaining about underage smut
- a meme
- a fluff with no smut
- someone else complaining about underage smut
- another meme
- fluffs, angsts, series
- no actual smuts
- a decent smut plot appears
- but it’s a bts smut
- of course

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What would Kid,Sabo,Marco & Ace react if they saw their s/o is feeling pain ? ( girl's period ) I want to know their reactions cuz rn i'm having it ! 😭

This is destiny I’m having them too !

- At first he would be like “Are you telling me that you are peeing blood?”
- Will tell the doctor like “ Hum S/O is peeing blood sir ”
- All the crew will laugh at time of course
- And it will take time for him to understand
- at the end of the day he will be like “you’re just peeing blood, the world is not turning around you, stop complaining”
- And he will tell all his battle stories about how he was bleeding everywhere and was still alive blablabla


- he knows exactly what it is.
- So he will make sure that you are not hurt too badly.
- he will ask you what you would like to feel better
- If you ask him to be with you for the day he will run ask permission to Daddy Whitebeard and stay with you
- special massage for the hurt stomach huhuu

- don’t really understand what it is but if you want to spend the day with him well Hell yeah !
- will give you a lot of chocolats because “chocolat can heal anything”
- you understand now why he hasn’t made Harvard
- in fact he will be your pillow for the entire day
- will spend most of the time in bed, cuddling and talking


- Will be a little bit lost at first like “What do I have to do”
- he will ask Koala huhuhu
- And she will tell him all the things HE HAS TO DO. Like this is his job.
- Of course she tells a lot more than she should. She is a great friend…
- Sabo will be scared and act like you have an internal bleeding (“Hemoragie?”)
- Cute little Sabo is too cute for this world.

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To my beloved kimbap mom. Today I had a pretty tough day and now I need a parent who can tell me a bedtime story (since I'm too old and too 17 biased for my real parents to do that ^o^). So would you like to do a 17's reaction to you overstraining yourself? You don't complain though and when s/o is asking, you would say that everything is fine. But of course the colour of your face is saying the opposite. (I'm so sorry for being so chatty (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵))

S.Coups, Jeonghan, Hoshi, DK, Mingyu & Dino would stop you from doing whatever you’re doing and make you rest. They know you’re not all right, and they’d want you to take time to relax instead of continuously stressing yourself. If you really do insist on continuing, they’d make you take a quick break or nap. They wouldn’t be able to bear seeing you this way.

Joshua, Jun, Wonwoo, The8 & Vernon wouldn’t say anything afterwards, but be worrying the entire time. They’d be concerned over your health because they’d hate to see you get sick because you aren’t taking proper care of yourself. They’d calmly bring it up and tell you to stop stressing yourself so much because your health is the most important to them.

Woozi & Seungkwan would argue with you. You’d tell them that they should rest rather than worrying about you because they must be tired from practice, but they’d say that they won’t get a wink of sleep unless you stop over-working yourself. There’s just no winning against them when it comes to your well-being.

i’m one day late, but i hope you’re feeling better, dear!! thank you for your request!!

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Is there any particular reason you decided to write a new trilogy about Ronan? Not that I'm complaining of course :)

Dear fangirlwithcookies,

Back in the day, I was given two pieces of writing advice: “write the books you love to read” and “write the books you wish you could find on the shelf but can’t.”

I loved to read the award-winning fantasies that my mother gave me and that I found in the library — Narnia, Wrinkle in Time, Dark is Rising, etc. etc. 

But I also loved to read the shoddy and terrible action thrillers my father handed down to me — pulpy things called SHOT DEAD and POINT BLANK and MAN ON THE RUN. 

So as a teen, I’d try to write fantasies about magic that felt so real that you felt ill and I’d try to write thrillers with hitmen with hearts of gold, but really, what I wanted was a series that did both of these things well.

That’s what I was thinking when I began the Raven Cycle when I was 19. 

And that’s what I’m still thinking as I begin the next trilogy. Let’s see if I can get a little closer to the books that teen me wished she could find on the shelf but couldn’t.