not that i'd ever sell them

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I saw an article about a girl who sold her panties online for $10,000 so I was like damn I gotta get into this. I knew people would pay more if I met in person so I posted a craigslist ad and started selling. Dudes would pay $65 a pair for some $2 panties I got from Walmart. Sometimes I wouldn't even wear them I'd just put lube on them LOL. And sometimes they'd wanna pic so I'd only get one kind of underwear and use the same pic over and over. best hustle I ever did. 10 minutes of work for $65+

wow wtf! YOU SO SMART

JAKE: I dont know how i feel about romantic pursuits if im being honest. Maybe im just not cut out for them? Or maybe its that im too insecure to imagine it its hard to say.
JOHN: jake, romance is fake and made up by the holly wood people to sell more movies. have you ever seen anyone “in love” or “married”? 
JAKE: Well no but i mean i grew up alone on an island so
JOHN: that’s what i thought. 

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It's super possible someone already suggested this/you were already thinking it but your art would work great as enamel pins! There are companies you can send your designs to and they'll produce legit enamel pins of them. A lot of people sell them through etsy, and you can promote on here or a relevant subreddit. I'd love to buy if you ever do this! Keep it up :)

i was JUST talking to my sister about this!! i REALLY want to make enamel pins!! 

thank you for the suggest and your support/interest!! :’) 

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I saw you commented that you got those brush pens from hobby lobby and I just wanted to let you know that the company owners are super Christian and they've donated money to anti-lgbt+ things and I guess they partially endorsed Trump. They also refuse to sell products for non-Christian holidays like Hanukkah and the like. After I found this out I felt guilty that I ever bought anything from them since they don't support equality whatsoever. Sorry for the rant, but I figured I'd let you know. <3

oh damn… :/ thats a shame cause they do have a lot of good art/craft-related things. i did hear they were quite christian but i didn’t know it was that negative type. i’ll try to avoid it, i already don’t go too often in general but its good to know! thank you

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How do you sell crystals without feeling sad giving them up? I get emotionally​ attached to every rock I've ever had I'd cry if I sold any

The way I look at it is like this:
They’re not mine. I’m just helping them get to who they’re supposed to get to 😊

Very rarely do I keep any, but it happens when I just can’t bear to see them go haha!

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I have some leftover heart rock candy from the stores I was selling them to if you want some hearts and hooves rock candy trixie lulamoon.

“That would actually be nice Maud, considering Trixie is yet to try any.”

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I'm currently watching Diancie and the cocoon of destruction, and I thought of something that I'd like to know. What pokemon movie are the team skull members' favorite out of the ones you've seen? Also, how would team skull react if M/C(the female one) had a Diancie and decided to give them diamonds that her Diancie made?

GUZMA’S is Jirachi Wish Maker.
PLUMERIA’S is Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea.
GLADION’S is Lucario and the Mystery of Mew.
8′S is The Rise of Darkrai.

~ They’d just flip their shit. Like, “BOSS MAN WE’RE FAHKIN’ RICH!” They’d run out and sell them, and then buy the stupidest stuff ever, like a slurpee machine or a car.

~ Guzma wants to buy a bunch of new stuff for him, but Plumeria gets him to instead spend it on revamping and fixing up the Shady House for the grunts. And to make him fix his room.

~ But you know Plumeria’s buying herself makeup in the background, and Guzma’s getting a bunch of stupid new bling. Gladion’s in Hot Topic. The grunts are having a field day because they rented a tow truck to rip the bus stop out of the ground.

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I saw a fuck employer question and i thought i'd add to that. The place i worked at sold nazi flags and as a jew, i'm uncomfortable with selling that so i talked to my boss and explained why im uncomfortable and if someone else would be able to take over if anyone ever came in looking for them and she told me to "forgive nazis"... She also told me to "stop acting so gay" when i brought up that one of the other employees was homophobic and had a habit of ignoring me

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How did you get tickets to the Mockingjay Part One premiere? I would really, REALLY love to go next year but am clueless as to how to buy tickets. All Google searches just lead to competitions, but I'd rather pay so it's guaranteed! Thank you!! :)

Premier’s don’t sell tickets, I’m afraid that’s why you can only find competitions to win them! They’re an invite only kinda thing for cast, crew, celebrities and people who have done work on the film. I did a couple videos for the PR company who do Mockingjay but unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances the videos never made the internet but the PR company were kind enough to still invite me! I’m a very lucky lady and ever so grateful that I was invited along! :)