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Abracadabra! You're pulling the rabbit out of where?!?!

Not really a fuck anybody but a positive story that I really wanted to share with you all. It’s a bit long but worth it. TLDR at the end.

I have 2 rabbits. I was told they were both female. They are not. Now I have 11 baby rabbits. One of the babies is quite a bit smaller than the others and he had squirmed out of the nest so he was really cold and stiff when I checked on him this morning. I was running late for work so I grabbed him and tucked him inside my bra to try and warm him up and then I forgot about him.

I got to work and was talking to my manager when all of a sudden the rabbit woke up. He stopped mid sentence and said “Did your boobs just squeak?” And he just looked so alarmed it was hilarious. So I explained why I had a squeaky baby rabbit stuffed down my shirt and then he called all of my coworkers over to come see the baby and we all had a good laugh.

He said that I could keep the baby with me while I was on register so I bought some kitten formula and a dropper and fed it whenever it got noisy. Animals are allowed in the store so nobody minded.

All day long customers would see my shirt randomly squirm and I’d show them the baby and they’d laugh. One guy saw me pat my boobs and say “Calm down I just fed you, you’re fine.” And he just looked so confused. 😂😂My manager said that if it survives it can be our unofficial store mascot and come to work with me everyday. It was pretty much my best shift ever.

TLDR: I freaked a bunch of people out with my boob rabbit. 🐰🐰

Abracadabra! You're pulling a rabbit out of where?!?

A positive story that I really wanted to share with you all. It’s a bit long but worth it. TLDR at the end.

I have 2 rabbits. I was told they were both female. They are not. Now I have 11 baby rabbits. One of the babies is quite a bit smaller than the others and he had squirmed out of the nest so he was really cold and stiff when I checked on him this morning. I was running late for work so without thinking I grabbed him and tucked him inside my bra to try and warm him up and promptly forgot all about him.

I got to work and was talking to my manager when all of a sudden the rabbit woke up. He was hungry and made his displeasure known. My manager stopped mid sentence and said “Did your boobs just squeak?” And he just looked so alarmed it was hilarious. So I explained why I had a squeaky baby rabbit stuffed down my shirt and then he called all of my coworkers over to come see the baby and we all had a good laugh.

He said that I could keep the baby with me while I was on register so I bought some kitten formula and a dropper and fed it whenever it got noisy. (All friendly animals are allowed in the store so nobody minded. )

All day long customers would see my shirt randomly squirm and I’d show them the baby and they’d laugh. One guy saw me pat my boobs and say “Calm down I just fed you, you’re fine.” And he just looked so confused. 😂😂My manager said that if it survives it can be our unofficial store mascot and come to work with me everyday. It was pretty much my best shift ever.

TLDR: I freaked a bunch of people out with my boob rabbit. 🐰🐰

I recently designed a basic website for a client. I did it for free as a favour, trusting that he would not be too choosy. Today I received some revisions from said customer that came in the form of: handwritten notes in an image file on a scanned photocopy of a photo of the website on his monitor. 

Me: We need to go deeper.

Client: What? 

Me: Never mind.

bakery au (oldie but a goodie)

Part 1

“He hates me,” Bitty moaned, flopping on his couch. Holster was raiding his kitchen, listening to his rant about Jack Zimmermann.

“I don’t even know what I did wrong! Maybe it was because I told him that he played a hard game last night the first time he came into the bakery? All he does is glare at me and say stuff like ‘Eric, the coffee is too sweet,’ or ‘Eric, you need more protein.’”

“Brah, maybe Zimmermann just has a total resting bitch face,” said Holster as he pulled out a leftover pie from Bitty’s fridge. “Guy seems fucking intense. At least he’s good for business.”

“He keeps on glaring at me! And he comes in, like, three times a week. Orders a coffee and just drinks it in his corner, ignores my attempts at conversation even though, mind you, he has already said some pretty rude stuff!”

“The guy’s a celebrity, he probably has his head so far in his ass and doesn’t care about shit, and also just wants some privacy. Bits, you haven’t been taking pictures of him and posting it on twitter have you?” Holster asked, alarmed.

Bitty gasped, “Adam Birkholtz! I would never!”

“Then just treat him like an antisocial customer, he can’t be the only one going to the bakery who doesn’t want conversation and just wants service and food,” Holster said, dropping down next to Bitty on the couch with two tins of pie.

“I know,” Bitty sighs. “He’s just…so handsome. And he was so nice to Nursey when that fool tripped. And he tips generously. And he’s just so gorgeous, even when he’s glaring at me and speaking in grunts whenever I ask him how his day has been. I just want him to like me!”

Holster navigated the TV to a rerun of Golden Girls and handed Bitty one of the pie tins. “I think that’s your problem. You’re an amazing person, Bits, but maybe you can be a bit too friendly for resting bitch face robozoid Zimmermann. Maybe stop asking him about his day and just let him chill.”

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Father’s Day

I just wanted to write a little feel-good fic for Father’s Day. I know not everyone will get/want to celebrate it, but I hope this will at least make you smile. Enjoy!

WARNING: spoilers ahead. Please read at your own discretion.

Note: This is going to take place post-game, the summer after everything happens. This is also an AU where everyone’s alive and well because I want them to be happy lmaoo. 

The last thing Sojiro expected when he trekked into Leblanc was a bunch of teenagers greeting him, especially when it was this early in the morning.

“Happy Father’s Day!” they cheered.

“Whoa, what’re you kids doing up so early?” 

“We came to celebrate, duh!” Futaba explained.

Haru’s dainty voice chimed like bells. “You did so much to help not only Akira, but us as well, so we wanted to express our gratitude!”

Sojiro shyly rubbed the back of his head. “You don’t have to do that; it was nothing.”

“C’mon, Boss, don’t be like that. You covered for us, so we gotta do somethin’ to thank ya for savin’ our asses,” Ryuji insisted.

“We agreed on Destinyland as our location, did we not? Perhaps I should have brought my sketchbook…”

“Dude, focus. If ya keep tryin’ to draw everything, you’ll miss out on the moments that matter. Plus you always end up gettin’ lost when ya run around sketchin’ everything…”

“Hm, you have provided me with some valuable insight. Thank you, Ryuji. I will carefully ponder over your words,” Yusuke mused.

“Y-yeah, go for it.”

Sojiro shook his head. “Now just hold on a minute. Nothing’s been decided yet. What about the shop? And how are we supposed to afford tickets?”

Ann spoke up next. “Don’t worry, the shop will still be here when we come back! And we all saved up from our summer jobs, though Haru and Akira contributed the most…”

Futaba nodded. “We even have enough for food and souvenirs! Pleeeease Sojiro?”

The manager crossed his arms. “Well…”

Just then, the tinkling bells from the front door of the cafe interrupted, and everyone focused their attention on the visitor.

Akechi stood at the entrance, analyzing everyone’s reactions. “Oh, am I interrupting something? My apologies; I have the day off, so I was going to enjoy a cup of delicious coffee to start the day… I’ll be off now.”

“Wait,” Akira demanded just as Akechi turned on his heel. “I was just about to text you.”

The detective’s curiosity was piqued. “Really? Is something the matter?”

Akira nodded, his ebony hair bouncing from the action. “Yeah, and it’s something only you can help with.”

“…Very well. Please, go on.”

The bespectacled boy procured a slip of paper from his pocket. “There’s a ticket to Destinyland with your name on it, so we were hoping you’d join us to celebrate Father’s Day.”

Akechi’s chestnut eyes widened. “F-Father’s Day? And you wish for me to accompany you all…?” He fidgeted from his internal conflict. “…Is that truly wise?”

Sojiro peeked at the boy for a moment, then he sighed. “I don’t like that everyone’s just deciding everything, but you’re just as much a part of this family as any of these rascals.” Sojiro smirked. “If you don’t like that reason, then consider it as thanks for your loyal patronage.”

“It couldn’t hurt to have one more level-headed person assist me with supervising you all to make sure you don’t cause trouble,” Makoto added.

“Hey! We ain’t gonna cause trouble on Boss’s special day,” Ryuji scowled. He turned his attention to Akechi. “So whaddaya say, man? You in?”

Akechi was speechless. He waited tensely for the bellows of laughter and a ‘just kidding!’…

But it never came.

He glanced around at everyone, desperately attempting to uncover the hidden practical joke, but all that greeted him were their sincere faces and encouraging nods. Akechi took a deep breath. “…All right. I accept your invitation.” He hesitated and smiled bashfully. “…I hope we’ll make good memories together.”

The group erupted into a thunderous cheer, and Akechi was baffled yet again from their enthusiasm; he had expected disappointment. Sojiro placed a hand on his shoulder. “Glad to have you on board, son.” He turned to the rest of them. “You all brought the van, right? C’mon, I’ll drive. Oh, and can you get my camera from behind the counter, Futaba?” He shook his head as he pivoted to open the door. “Jeez, I can’t believe you troublemakers are dragging me into this.”

Futaba reprimanded him. “Quit your whining, old man! Now let’s make like a rocket and blast off to Destinyland!”

“H-hey, who’re you calling ‘old man’?” Sojiro chuckled. “Never thought I’d have so many kids to look after.” He turned to Akira. “This is your fault, you know.”

Akira mischievously smirked. “Love you, dad.”

Sojiro sighed yet again. He was used to Akira’s shenanigans by now. “Yeah, yeah. Just hop in the van before I change my mind.”

“You guys are so lucky,” Morgana complained.

“Don’t worry; we’ll be sure to purchase souvenirs and take lots of pictures! Maybe we could have sushi delivered here and have our own private celebration tonight!” Haru reassured him.

Even though he acted tough, Sojiro was deeply touched by their gratitude and admiration for him. He didn’t think he did anything to warrant such feelings, but he definitely wasn’t complaining either.

The group chatted and played in the van on the way there, and Sojiro thought he was going to go insane. He nearly turned back when Ann and Ryuji were bickering, and they both nearly toppled out of the vehicle.

“Who’s the genius that thought it was a good idea to have those two next to each other?!” Sojiro exclaimed.

Makoto brainstormed punishments for the group’s inevitable misconduct with Akechi. “I-isn’t that a bit extreme?” he implored.

“Not at all. Would you like to hear the more severe ones I had in mind?”

Akechi gulped. “…You truly are a formidable woman.”

Futaba was teaching Yusuke about the aesthetics of memes.

“Interesting. Amphibians and cartoonish sea creatures seem to have great appeal to the people of the Internet. Shall I incorporate this in my next piece…?”

“Go for it, Inari. Oh, and show me when you’re done!”

Haru was discussing her ideas for her cafe with Sojiro, and he even offered some advice and tactics to earn loyalty from customers. 

Akira merely chuckled and teased everyone whenever he joined in on their conversations. Everyone laughed and played car games together until they arrived.

Eager to get things rolling, they assembled at the entrance and were guided through the bag check. After they made it through, they went all out.

The very first thing they did was purchase animal ear headbands, somehow managing to convince Sojiro to wear his. They stayed together as a group by holding hands or linking arms the entire time, and they took turns snapping pictures of each other. 

Yusuke was inflicted with motion sickness from the spinning teacup ride, and Akechi felt queasy himself, so the duo leaned on each other and moped while everyone else purchased ice cream; they even returned with extra for Akechi and Yusuke. The two refused at first, but when Futaba threatened to eat their share, somehow they were magically cured from their ailments, and they had no further qualms with digging in. 

Ironically, the kids had to look after Sojiro at one point due to single moms hitting on him. Akira and Futaba cringed together and pried him away.

“Hey! The adults were talking!” he complained as he was dragged away.

“Can it, dad. This is for your own good,” Futaba replied.

“D-dad?” One thing Sojiro couldn’t get used to was his nickname. Everyone in the group had called him that at one point, including Akechi.

Speaking of which, while the group took a brief bathroom break, Akechi stayed behind with Sojiro to thank him for allowing him to tag along.

“Don’t worry about it, son. You’re one of us now, so feel free to come to me if you’re ever in a tight spot, all right?”

Akechi felt his throat clench as he nodded, and he was exuberant beyond words to finally say that he had a ‘family’, as well as a ‘father’.

Sojiro felt something similar. He joined the merry laughter of the kids; he tag-teamed with Ryuji and boldly sat in the front seat of the roller-coasters; he protected the girls from leering creeps that approached them; he discussed fashion and gave advice to Akechi; he photographed everything so that Yusuke could use it as a reference for his art; he ruffled Akira’s hair whenever he sassed him; he even carried Futaba on his shoulders so she could see the vibrant parade. 

Sojiro honestly surprised himself with how much he treasured these kids. They spontaneously paid for an extravagant celebration to simply thank him for doing what any decent father would do.

Father, huh?

He glanced around at the kids’ beaming faces as they linked arms with him and wandered about in search of their next target: the water ride.

…Heh, not bad.

The group played for hours ensuring that they rode on everything, and they were absolutely drenched from repeatedly riding the water attraction. They purchased all the pretense shots from the rides, and they snickered at their ridiculous poses and faces. In one of the shots, they all agreed beforehand to appear completely unamused and stoic, and the result was completely worth it. 

As soon as they were seated in the van, everyone passed out, and they slept throughout the journey home while leaning on one another. Some of them quietly snored and snuggled with each other. Sojiro impulsively smiled at the sight and shook his head.

Jeez… it’s Father’s Day and I’m the one doing all the work.

He also thought about how these kids never had a proper father figure in their lives, and he felt indignant for their sake. 

It’s their loss for missing out on these kids. But I nearly did the same since I didn’t think it was my problem…

Sojiro recalled the exciting events of the day, and he peered at the sleeping kids once again. His eyes began to tear up.

What a stupid way of thinking… They were looking out for me even when there was a chance that I wouldn’t have done the same.

He wiped the tears spilling from his eyes.

Thank you. I’m honored to be your father.

Need some help

I’ll make a proper sale post later, but now would be a great time to place an order if you’ve had something on your mind. Maybe a niffler, or a merbunny, or a doll of your favorite character that there never seems to be merch for? You see, for the past three years our gas company Eversource has been sending our bill to the wrong address, though we have been repeatedly trying to wrangle it. We finally got a bill for $800 when they showed up yesterday to turn off our gas, even though we’d already made a partial payment. Finances have been pretty much terrible anyway, to the point where I’ve been contemplating shutting down the shop this year, but I managed to reverse the switch off by basically emptying my account, since we can’t get an actual person on the phone to work out any leniency for their error (and not to mention two ex roommates worth of bill, as well)… So I need help. Share a link to the shop on FB! Reblog some favorite designs! Talk about how neat your purchase was and how I’ll make *anything* custom to your little corner of the internet.

The Stitchy Button on etsy
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Of Tiger Diamonds & Dripping Gold (M)

word count: 7.1k

genre: smut; slumlord/pimp! au + established relationship

pairing: reader/jooheon

warning(s): mentions and depictions of murder, blood, drugs, prostitution, slurs, very rough sex and all else that comes along with being a pimp/slumlord. please don’t read if this or anything along these lines bothers you, thank you.

a/n: there are several warnings with this fic, it is drastically different than my usual writings and therefore i feel as if i should warn readers before hand so please make sure to read them before reading the fic.  


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anonymous asked:

If you do not mind, it would be appreciated if you showed us most or all of your custom brushes, because when you start, they're rather bad. (Thank you.)

Here are all the brushes I use, some brushes I use do come with sai but I usual change them a little to be better so I added them in here as well. I hope this is helpful!


You know when you think you’re out of a hellhole for good only to fall right back into it due to some small character that keeps being stuck on your mind? 

That is you, Connor.

I am not saying I will update a lot but god dammit these Assassin’s are going to be the death of me. 

how easier Connor’s life would have been if he only had Yellow pages to help him

Gorditos Pt. One

“ Gordito’s has it all, and we want you to know that we’re becoming known for something more; we are on track to be the world’s first ZERO WASTE restaurant!”

             Working while going to school was never an ideal setup, but most of Brad’s friends were in the same boat as him: getting some help from their parents, maybe some financial aid, but still coming up short every month. He could probably stand to party a little less, and perhaps drink fewer beers. Lucky for him, Brad already had an in for the job at “Gorditos” – the assistant manager was his old frat brother Travis. Not only that, but Brad and his rugby team had eaten there more times than he could count – he probably had the entire menu memorized already.

             “These are your shirts. Make sure they stay clean.” Travis had definitely gotten to be a bit more of a hard ass since becoming assistant manager and graduating university. He was always the one egging on guys to do body shots and take beer bong hits, and now he was the guy who would get on your case for having a stain on your shirt. His actual ass was now anything but hard, too. Since the year or so of working at a greasy diner like Gorditos, he had swollen up like a berry, though admittedly Brad was a little bit softer than he had been Freshman year. That’s where Rugby came in for him.

Brad took a good look at his new shirts. They were the brightest red he had seen, almost like a clown nose, or a very ripe cherry. The titular “Gordito” was a cute Cactus, who had been lovingly embroidered onto every one of the shirts’ breast pockets. It might have been worse if the owners were not, in fact, from Guatemala, but it was still not very PC. Despite that, Brad was just thankful he might actually have a way to save up money before trying to move out on his own, sans roommate. As it was, living with someone who he wasn’t dating didn’t really appeal to him. Some space would feel so nice.

             The store was located in a perfect spot – sandwiched right between the campus and downtown, so it was busy most of the day. There was a near-constant drift of all sorts of people in and out – lots of the same families, or people who came and ordered the same thing every day at the same time. There was a sort of communal feeling that Brad had always appreciated, but the food had always been less than good for you, even if it WAS delicious after a night of drinking. It didn’t seem like Brad would have much trouble gaining sway there.

             The first day came, and Brad was as ready as he was ever going to be. He made sure that his rather long, wavy black hair was well tucked into his bun: Travis made it clear that his hair was fine, but would need to be put up at all times. He slipped himself into one of his new shirts, satisfied that it made it look as if he did not have just the tiniest beginnings of man breasts. He still looked like what he was, though ; a burger flipper. But dammit, he was ready to be a burger flipper with a paycheck.

             By the time he got in, things were already rather lively around the joint. No one seemed to even notice that he was new – one patron even asked him where the ice machine was. “Brad!”

Looking up, something the size of a king mattress was approaching. The man coming towards Brad looked like the Jolly Green Giant, but if he started eating cheesecakes every night and maybe weaned off the actual veggies. Massive, but friendly looking. He had the same shade of red in his shirt, only his looked like the world’s largest water balloon, filled to the brim. He extended a thick hand, which Brad gave a shake.

“I’m so glad to have you on board, son. We’ve got some exciting new ideas that we’re just about ready to share with everyone!” As it turned out, ‘everyone’ really wasn’t that many people. No wonder it was so easy for Trevor to get him a spot. Everyone looked pretty cool, and Brad even recognized a girl that he had Chemistry lab with. Once she seemed to notice him, he gave a wave, which made her seem a little flustered. Despite that, she gave a small wave back.

             The boss coughed. “I think this is good. Johnny’s not here, but he hates this crap.” ‘So do all of them’, Brad thought. Still, a special announcement on his first day of work was pretty exciting. Or as exciting as working at a burger joint could be. Soon everyone had been led into a sea of red shirts, all wriggling to get into the back room. Brad hadn’t been there before. In fact, the ‘door’ to the back room didn’t even look like a door. It was as thought someone craved a door shape out of the frozen metal of the freezer and built a conference room. Pushed up against the fastest wall was a massive tarp that covered what Brad could only assume was related to this big announcement. Once the chattering had died down, the boss started.

             “I’m thankful you all can be here for this – this is a historic moment at our location and for our future.” The silence wasn’t an uncomfortable one, exactly. But you could tell that the employees were hanging on their bosses every word. Brad already felt like part of the team, even if it was only out of mutual confusion.

             Boss spoke loud and steady. “Our location has been selected to be Gordito’s first ever Zero Waste Restaurant.”

The boss let the phrase hang in the air for a while before anyone spoke. A girl with curly hair and braces raised her hand.

“So…we aren’t going to throw stuff away?” She squeaked. She summed things up pretty well. That’s what it sounded like to Brad, too. Zero waste…it sounded like the kind of Eco-friendly Green stuff the school was always trying to implement. But how on earth was that possible?

             “This brings us to the big event.” The giant tarp behind him fell away to reveal…Brad wasn’t sure exactly what it was. It looked formidable, like something that could press a soda can into a tiny metal cube, but there was only several small chutes and a large, gaping opening on top. It was a shiny and impenetrable steel. It had, in huge emblazoned letters, “Z.W.M.”

             “The Zero Waste Machinery will be able to process anything into edible matter.” At first the sentence made grammatical sense, but Brad still wasn’t understanding. “It processes things into stuff you can eat? So are we going to sell it?” He thought. Restaurants these days were always trying to come up with some new gimmick to lure in customers. He had worked there long enough to know that nothing was going to change the customers minds unless it was very convincing indeed.

             Without thinking too much Brad raised his hand to ask. “Aah, Bradley! I knew you would be the one to step up.” Confused, Brad kept his hand in the air, thinking that maybe he would be asked his question now. Instead, two men ushered him up to the front of the pack rather forcefully, until he was at the front. Up close, the machine looked much more menacing…like something that clearly served a function, but did so at a high cost.

             “Our employee Brad will be our first Receptacle. We will let you know how things are going in a few weeks, but are very optimistic that this will cut the costs of our garbage and recycling services to zero!” Brad look out at his new coworkers, who all had the same expression Brad could feel forming on his face; confusion, and a little fear. Some of them clapped, but most of them stood frozen.

             “I’ll be…did you say…a receptacle?” The word sounded as foreign as a word from Micronesia right now. That was like a damn trash can, right?!

“I’m going to become…a trash can?” The boss laughed so much his belly bounced around like a gas molecule. “No no no, my boy. That’s the beauty of this here contraption.” He stroked one of the knobs with his mighty hand. “It produces food that might taste even BETTER than a normal burger! By rearranging the molecules, it could be possible to make any and all refuse convertible to fuel…or in this case, food.” The boss was looking at Brad with something strange in his eyes. It wasn’t malicious, at least not obviously so. But it was mysterious, if nothing else. Maybe this job was too much for him.

             “Thank you again for your attention – and Brad, if you would.” He motioned for Brad to follow him back into his office. Still fairly numb from the whole experience and accidental admission of volunteer, he followed dumbly. He wasn’t sure why there was more, or why he hadn’t bothered to just explain it all back in the room with everyone. Once they made it to his office, he noticed how considerable the dent marks were where his boss’ considerable ass cheeks nestled in once he had sat down.

             “There’s something important we need you to know about the ZWM, Brad. OR rather, a couple things.” Brad sat up a little mores traight in his chair. He had been expecting something banal and technical. Now things sounded serious.

             “We think this thing has the power to completely revolutionize the way we run restaurants, even homes eventually! The fact it was made at all is already a miracle…but…” His voice trailed down uncharacteristically. “…I’m afraid we’ve not had any chances to run actual tests.”

             Brad should have stopped right then, and realized this was something bigger than he had thought. Much bigger. Still, in his innocence, he was curious.

“So you don’t know how well it works?” The boss frowned. “No, not quite. We’re near positive the results will cause satiety and energy, but shouldn’t inhibit sleep or cause any sort of weight gain outside of eating normal burgers.” The boss now wore his usual smile again. “And there’s somethin’ big in it for ya. You agree to be the first receptacle, and your tuition is covered.”

That was a big load to suddenly drop! Brad felt his heart start beating madly, jumping up into his throat. The state university tuition was on the cheaper side of things,but that by no means made it cheap. Already Brad was bogged down with a few thousand in debt…

The boss stood up straight, looking accomplished. “And from the look of ya, you look like you can stand to have a burger or two. I hope you don’t feel too nervous about all this, it’s mostly about getting data so that we can get even more funding. You’re really doing something amazing.”

             Brad was smiling now. It wasn’t as crazy as it sounded. It was a chance to try something new, and as much as he sometimes hated to admit it, he did still love the food at Gorditos. If this lead to something good for the company or the future of fast food, why not give it a shot?

It was that curiosity that ended up getting Brad into what many would call big trouble.

Red Dragon con 3 recap part 3

PART 1 - 2 

Hugh and Bryan Q&A panel summary (well, only Hugh in this post though)

Poor Hugh had to start the panel alone, because Bryan was still taking his time doing his autographs! In the end, the whole panel lasted close to 1hr extra, but I’m not sure anyone really minded! (Also, once again, apologies for possible inaccuracies, but I tried to make this as detailed as I could!)


-The panel started with Hugh announcing he would not planning to do any one man reenactments of BDSM practices :’D 

-The first (oh god haha) question was if he did any preparations for his role in Hysteria? Well, he did hand exercises…also, some guy in customs in Israel asked him “did you do that vibrator movie?”

-Dream project? “Besides the obvious?”. Hugh trusts Bryan, and would take part in any of his projects. 

-Will presenting to be “on the spectrum” was a defense mechanism!

-People kept telling Hugh “thank you for being here”, and he just had to emphasize that HE is really happy to be here. (aww)

-Role models: directors who went the extra mile, family, friends.

-Cal is a “very lonely man”. “The last thing I would do would be to practice in front of a mirror”.

-Hugh and Mads joked about Will finding Hannibal’s notes on him, and wondered if Hannibal had a “don’t show this to Will” folder.

-Hugh about Hannibal: Hannibal is an evil genius, getting dressed up in the morning, preparing food etc. “When does that man sleep?”

-Will Graham would be the world’s worst Christian Grey like billionaire: he’d live in the same house, buy more dogs, upgrade his fishing equipment, build a wall around the house…and he’d never take off his glasses.

-Hannibal & Will relationship: To Hugh, when Will asks “is Hannibal in love with me”, it’s weird it hasn’t occurred to him before. Before that question, he saw it as platonic obsessive love. “For both of them it’s a relief from loneliness. Is that not love?”. Meeting a person who answers all your questions, even if they create more questions in the process. The world makes more sense when they’re together. (I really wish I could give a direct quote about this!)

- Will was plenty dark before Hannibal’s influence. Will was born with his mental makeup, as was Hannibal. “It doesn’t matter what kid got eaten”.

-What does Will listen to? “He could be a Deadhead and listens to 70s rock. He could also have a deep love for Austrian chamber music”. Will could be one of those people who are full of surprises, so maybe he played the piano in his house, but it probably came with the house.

-”You could think about these things more in depth. I’m very aware the characters are not real, except Scott’s performance which was rooted in reality”

-”If Will and Hannibal survived the fall…”, “Oh they did”. Maybe Hannibal had a magic toolbox that saved them? The fall was real, not a metaphor. It was a deliberate decision for Will to go off the cliff, he was convinced they both had to go. After the fall, there would be a lot of recuperation going on, and it would allow a kind of character reset. However, a show without Will’s empathy would not the show anymore. 

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"Mmmm, chocolate! D'oh!"

I worked at a certain chocolatier that may or may not be associated with a lady who rode naked and bareback.

I didn’t have a job as easy as it looked. It was okay, but not a walk in the park. But anyway, the customers could be such turdsacks. They get their nasty fingerprints all over the glass, get their greasy nose prints on the windows, they get the boxes out of order, and mess up the place in general.

There was always some snobby rich douchnozzle who would micromanage how we prepared the order, and then change his/her mind CONSTANTLY, then decided to cancel the order.

People brought their screaming little demon spawn in with them, and demand a free sample for themselves and their evil seed before placing an order, or simply expect a free sample despite never buying anything.

One pervert “customer” who is a tacky buttworm of a man had the cajones to say to me “I’d like to place an order with YOU coated completely in chocolate!”. To that I replied with “Excuse me, I need to throw up now!”. He said this to two other female coworkers of mine. We complained to the boss, but he just made excuses like “He spends a lot of money here, stop taking it so personal!”. Actually, he doesn’t spend THAT much, he just makes it look like he does, but he just comes in to bug the ladies, hangs around, buys a lower priced item, then leaves. But he does it 3 times a week.

Halloween and Christmas were apeshit crazy, and these customers were extra nasty that time of year. Fighting, line cutting, bratty kids having epic meltdowns, and people trying to haggle with us or lamenting over the high prices.

I hated the kids smearing their chocolatey hand prints EVERYWHERE! They made messes like this, when they weren’t littering, but I really hated their scummy parents because they never called their kids out on those awful habits. The kids were extra messy on the holidays, as were some of the parents.

The entitlement minded customers thought that they could haggle, but our prices are what they are. These are designer chocolates and candies, they’re gonna cost more! We’re not a used car lot! If any candies are on sale, then they are clearly marked as such, if that is the situation.

The browsers who never buy are irritating. Stop blocking the line area for costumers who are actually here to buy something!

Most of these people who visit our store have a lot of money, but no class.

anonymous asked:

Hi there! I would like to change Isabelle's character model to wear a dress or kimono. Would you mind pointing me in the right direction, please? I have read the custom NPC tutorial posted by Mayor fuu, so I have a general idea. I'm wondering if it is as simple as replacing textures of normal Isabelle with those of Isabelle wearing a dress? Thanks!

Replace the model, shes gets some new ones in the update. Rename the one you want to sza.bcres (her normal spring-summer outfit). If you don’t have the new update files you can ask me for them

sza_h is her casual
szb is her fall-winter
szd is her yukata
sze is her puffy dress

So my dad had extra material to try out–
Which also means that i got to print some old art on tshirts!!
D’ont mind the art, i didn’t know what else would be suitable so i went with this pfff– and I might redraw this, since I really liked it and I need to make it less blue-

It’s really coolio tho and i kinda wanna start selling customized shirts maybe??

Bellatrix Lestrange would have been the kind of customer who you think is going to be reasonable and as soon as you tell her she can’t return a product she bought a year ago without a receipt she loses her damn mind. She wants to speak to the manager (and lord help you if you are the manager/manager on duty). And by speak she means scream.

Andromeda Tonks would have been reasonable and understanding and so nice you’d go out of your way to try to find some kind of solution for her. And she’d be grateful for the coupon or whatever you scrounge up for her.

Narcissa Malfoy would never have lost the receipt to begin with.


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It took some procrastination work, but I’ve finally managed to finish a new recording for my project. The text is a fragment of the lyric poet Simonides, PMG 543; I found it in a book one of my teachers sweetly lent me, and I loved it at first glance. I was particularly struck by its similarity to the Welsh lullaby Suo Gân. I hope I have done it justice!

The poem tells of how Danae, after giving birth to Perseus, is placed in a wooden chest with the baby and thrown into the sea by her father. As the waves crash around her, she cradles little Perseus, and she sings a lament….


Λάρνακι ἐν δαιδαλέᾳ,
ἄνεμός τέ μιν πνέων
κινηθεῖσά τε λίμνα
δείματι ἤρειπεν˙ οὐδ’
ἀδιάντοισι παρειαῖς
ἀμφί τε Περσέϊ βάλλε φίλαν χέρα
εἶπέν τ’˙ ὦ τέκος, οἷον ἔχω πόνον˙
σὺ δ’ ἀωρεῖς, γαλαθηνῷ δ’
ἤτορι κνώσσεις ἐν ἀτερπεῖ δούρατι
χαλκεογόμφῳ, νυκτί τ’ ἀλαμπεῖ
κυανέῳ τε δνόφῳ ταθείς˙
ἅλμαν δ’ ὕπερθεν τεᾶν κομᾶν βαθεῖαν
παριόντος κύματος οὐκ ἀλέγεις
οὐδ’ ἀνέμου φθόγγον
πορφυρέᾳ κείμενος ἐν χλανίδι,
πρόσωπον καλόν.
Εἰ δέ τοι δεινὸν τό γε δεινὸν ἦν
καί κεν ἐμῶν ῥημάτων
λεπτὸν ὑπεῖχες οὖας.
Κέλομ’˙ εὗδε βρέφος,
εὑδέτω δὲ πόντος, εὑδέτω δ’
ἄμετρον κακόν˙
μεταβουλία δέ τις φανείη,
Ζεῦ πάτερ, ἐκ σέο˙
ὅτι δὴ θαρσαλέον ἔπος
εὔχομαι καὶ νόσφι δίκας, σύγγνωθί μοι.


In an artfully made chest,
the blowing wind
and the heaving sea
cast her down into fear;
with drenched cheeks
she threw her arm around Perseus
and said: My child, how deep my sorrow is!
But you have no cares, and with a suckling’s
heart you sleep in this sad chest of wood
and brass rivets, in the unlit night
and dark gloom, lying here;
above your head, the deep seawater
of a nearby wave does not trouble you,
nor the howling of the wind,
as you rest in a purple blanket,
your face beautiful.
Were this distress also distressing to you,
to my words
you would lend your little ear.
I urge you: sleep, little one,
and may the sea sleep, and may
these endless troubles sleep!
And may some change of mind shine out,
Father Zeus, from you.
That I pray with daring words
and words far from the custom, please forgive me.


  • οὐδ’ ἀδιάντοισι παρειαῖς, translated as “with drenched cheeks”, literally means “with not unwet cheeks”
  • οἷον ἔχω πόνον, “how deep my sorrow is”, is literally “I have such deep sorrow”
  • γαλαθηνῷ, from γάλα “milk”, refers to a child still at the breast, but can be extended to mean “young” or “tender”
  • πορφυρέᾳ, from πορφύρα “purple-fish”, also has the meaning “dark-coloured, surging, gushing”, from πορφύρω “surge, swell”. In this way, Perseus’ purple blanket nicely echoes the setting.
  • εὑδέτω is a third person imperative - an order given to the third person (he/she/singular they) instead of the second (you) - something English can’t render. In Greek, Danae is directly commanding the sea to sleep.
  • φανείη, from φαίνω, means both “shine” and “appear”. I chose the first meaning here, because to me, it evokes the sun rising and chasing away the clouds, as Zeus will take pity on Danae and chase away her troubles. I like this idea even more given Zeus’ origins as a sky God. Φανείη is also not in the imperative, like the previous verbs, but in the optative, which expresses a hope or wish rather than a command. Danae may give orders to her child or to the sea, but not to Zeus.
  • Danae’s words are “far from the custom”, νόσφι δίκας, because they are not expressed within the usual framework of Ancient Greek prayers
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I’ve reached 900 followers!! :D Thank you all so much for following me, I hope it’s been fun, seeing all of my weird art and stories :p

THIS MEANS I’m doing another followers contest!! Everyone who likes or reblogs this post from 03/30/17 to 04/07/17 will have their name put into a list randomizer and the one that comes out on top will get a customized BillDip OR Yuri on Ice one shot :D It will likely be about 2k - 5k words depending on what you want of course, but can be shorter or longer (not to exceed 10k words).

How long it will take me to complete it is entirely up to what you want, and how busy I am at the time. Also, please start thinking of what you would want as soon as you like/reblog this!! The sooner you tell me what you want, the sooner I can write it!! I don’t mind giving you some time to think about it, but after a week or so it becomes less of a priority to me, and I will have less time/focus on it.

Some things to know:

  1. The winner must respond within 24 hours of my message and have their messenger open so that I can notify them. If they do not respond within that time, a new winner will be chosen.
  2. I will NOT write the following things: Underage, incest, noncon, or any kind of toilet kinks. I also have every right to tell the winner “no” if they request something other than those that I am also not comfortable with.
  3. I WILL write pretty much anything else, and I don’t mind adding or taking away specific things if you request it. Again, I can tell you no if you ask me to do something that makes me uncomfortable. If the winner is rude/pushy about things, I will not hesitate to pick someone else.
  4. Please do not be rude/pushy about when it will be finished! You have to understand that I have work and a kid so it may take more than a week for me to get it out, especially if it’s something a little more complex.
  5. For the YOI fic, please know I’m new to it and am only really comfortable writing for Yuri/Victor and Yurio/Otabek. This doesn’t mean I won’t add other characters in, though! :p

I am doing this on my own time, and I’d like us both to have fun with it!! :) If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to shoot me a message or ask, I’ll pretty much always answer :p

I look forward to speaking with the winner, and good luck to you all!! :D

So done.

Right, ? Employee here, I’ve posted many fuck customer stories, but here is a fuck managers that I just really need to vent out.

We changed our manager about 8 months ago, our old manager was an amazing guy. He was so sweet, and would try to be as flexible as he could be with his employees. Especially when it came to school, if he knew you had exams coming, he’d ask if you wanted two days before off so you could study.
Well, he was promoted and moved to a different store and he brought in another manager, we’ll call her J.
Now, J seemed very nice, and I already knew some of the other managers would be iffy with her since she was our new “Leader”.
In the span of about 4 months, one manager quit and another was fired by her.
One, I understood. I had posted of him before, he had huge anger issues.
The other, was both the manager who Trained and hired me, so I was really sad to see him go.
We had another manager named A, who was the mother of the store. She brought us food, helped with homework or home issues if she could, tbh she spoiled us.

A quit before Christmas, then we had two people walk out.
Since J was hired, we have not made the month of sales we should be doing, we haven’t made the day at all either.
She has threatened to write us up during December if we asked when the schedule would be out. [ she had a HUGE habit of not posting it until Saturday night, THE NIGHT BEFORE THE NEXT WEEK STARTED ]

In December as well, I posted about this. I asked off days for Jury Duty, a doctors appointment and to visit my grandmother who came from Mexico. When I did so, she said “Don’t complain about not having hours, your taking your own hours away.”

In January a lot of us got the stomach flu, like me I got the flu and the cough was so bad I ended up getting bronchitis too.
She threatened to write us up if we didn’t provide doctors notes. Mind you, some of us don’t have the best insurance, I would have to wait till March for the next doctors appointment, but managed to get one from the hospital when my coughing was so bad I threw up.

We’ve gotten 3 reviews in the last month only about her and her shitty service. She has an awful habit of calling out customers across the store about how they’re wrong and they don’t know what they’re talking about.

I had to train the new manager she brought in, after I had asked about a promotion, having been with the company 3 years.
When J and M [new manager] are together, they spend their time in the back and don’t come out unless we need them. We can hear them laughing through the vents, so clearly it’s just to hang out.

I’m left to attend to helping my associates and the customers, doing everything from ringing people up, to cleaning the store and filling out paperwork up front.
But now I’m here working 13 hours for the past month.

I have been so drained to the point where I’ve come home and just cried, and I’m hating the fact that I have to come in the next day. My dad recently had surgery and since he’s the family provider, I can’t afford to quit since I need to help all I can. The stress is beginning to show in my school work, I’ve failed two exams and in myself, since I’ve been breaking out like crazy.

One silver lining I have is that the manager that was fired is trying to get me a job where he works, where it’s super flexible and just a better enviorment. Fingers crossed guys!

Short story, my manager is an absolute bitch and I’m drained because of it.

Weekly Fanfic Recommendations 137

Originally posted by jiminrolls

i love me some jimin, yes to the hair sweep, yes to those clothes yes to his face yes to everything basically

okay so by this time i would have finished my gruelling mid terms and im back on track with these fic recs wahuuuuu

do checkout my selling post with #fafsells !

lets start~ 

1) The Cat’s Cradle

by @kimtrain

a yoongi x y/n fic 


cat shifter au 

you work as a professional cuddler, and your recent customer was a cat shifter 

2) The Promise

by @gotsevenheaven

a taehyung x y/n fic 

demon au 

ongoing series with part one out 

you really should mind your words when youre drunk especially when you offered your soul to none other than the devil himself

3) Sugar? yes please

by @btsfiles

a yoongi x y/n fic 

sugar daddy au 


being a college student with a passion for journalism was something you looked forward to but being broke wasn’t and so you had to make ends meet even if it means being a sugar baby 

4) If it’s you

by @aichan11

a hoseok x y/n fic 


frat boy au 

going to a party was one thing but making a connection with the notorious frat boy hoseok was another 

5) Open up 

by @xtaexhyungx

a yoongi x y/n fic 

ceo au


honesty is the best policy and of course you do agree

6) Initiative

by @btsfiles

a jimin x y/n fic 


who knew that your employee could take some initiative especially at the boring christmas party 

7) Wrapped around your finger

by @seoulscapes

a namjoon x y/n fic 


grading papers was certainly not your cup of tea but if it meant an opportunity to get back at your rival, kim namjoon, it was worth it 

note: this fic is part of a sub bts collab among @sugajpg , @taeverie , @seoulscapes , @floralseokjin , @pantaemonium , @itsrainingmin and @jheartseok  ( all members except for seokjin and yoongi’s ones are out )


8) The Devil’s Offspring

by @kimthwriter

a taehyung x y/n x jungkook au 

devil au 

ongoing series with part one out 

you should have known better that you weren’t crazy and the fact that the devil is real and so were his sons especially if you technically belonged to one of them

this is all for this fic rec, another one up soon~

skam spin-off

to keep with the theme of positiveness for this blog, i wanted to talk a lil about the US version of skam ! admittedly hopes for the show aren’t the greatest, but rn there’s heaps of love in the tags for some really promising outcomes for the series and where it could be set. and it got me thinking, what if in some alternate universe we could have an english spin-off of skam that wasn’t set in america ?? i, as an australian, think skam would translate perfectly into a quaint little show set in australia, and below i wanna list why !

Most of what I’m going to say below is applicable to southern Australia (Melbourne and surrounds) so if you’re a fellow aussie and this doesn’t make sense, this is the geographical context !

also this is kinda long (….2440 words….) bc i got super passionate about this so if you wanna chuck me a like (even if you didn’t read it) it will make me feel better for wasting the past hour of my life AHAHAH

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