not that i would actually be doing anything in boston

General Danvers ‘The Heat’ au, from a discussion with @alittlelesspain

Astra as Shannon, the detective, and Alex as Sarah, the FBI Special Agent. Alura as Astra’s despairing Captain. Hank as Alex’s superior officer.

So, Alex and Astra are forced to work together in an attempt to take down the local drug cartel. The plot is pretty much the same, except its gay.

But basically, think of specific scenes.

Astra, the leather jacket wearing, Rosa Diaz aesthetic detective, meeting Alex, with her proper suits and dead straight short hair, and thinking, I am not working with this incredibly attractive incredibly irritating looking woman. Going on the ‘where are the captain’s balls’ rant when Alura explains that they have to work together. Alura sitting there with her head in her hand while Astra prowls around the office looking for her balls, and when its finally over, she stands up, puts her hands on her sister’s shoulders, and says, ‘are you done now? Is it over? Do you feel better?’

Astra grumbles and lets her sister hug her and agrees to work with Alex, but threatens that she might end up destroying those stupid suits.

Alex, in turn, seeing this tall, athletic, beautiful detective with a scowl like thunder, seeing her methods and her attitude, and turning to Hank to say, ‘I can’t work with her’. Hank asks if its because she’s unprofessional or because Alex finds her attractive. Alex turns bright red. ‘Me? Why would you say that?! Maybe you’re attracted to her, hA!’ ‘I am a married gay man, Agent Danvers’.

On their way to stake out a night club, a car beeps, and Alex sees a small, well dressed woman turn in her seat, her fingers splayed in a V over her mouth, her tongue stuck through, and Astra flips her off as she goes past. ‘Who was that?’ Alex asks, thinking that perhaps it was Astra’s girlfriend. Astra grumbles. ‘Our DA, Lucy Lane. And my sister’s girlfriend’. Astra tells Alex that unless she wants to watch Alura freak out in the middle of the precinct because she’s shy and wants to keep things professional in the work space, she should refrain from mentioning her relationship with Lucy. (‘How dARE yOU detectIVE iN-Ze I AM yOUr suPeRIOr ofFICER!!!’ ‘Sister you’ve been going out for two years’ ‘mE slEEP wiTH a LAWYER??’ Alura learnt a lot from her mentor, Captain Holt)

At the club, Astra fits in easily, and takes it upon herself to ‘fix’ Alex’s look so that she fits in. Alex being flustered and irritated in equal measure when Astra takes a knife to her favourite shirt, rips her pants off, insults her spanks and ruffles her hair so that its no longer straight. Foreshadowing.

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What to do after subMITting the app? ;-;

Things I did: 

  • Pick up a senioritis project–something to do in the time that you procrastinate all of your other work. Mine was learning to longboard, a couple friends of mine tried to learn elvish from LOTR. 
  • Search “things to eat __(your city)__” and go to all the places and eat the things :3 (I actually am doing this now, in Boston, not back in Denver, but I should have!!) 
  • Go to whatever downtown, small or large, that you have, or take public transportation somewhere you’ve never been and just waste time. Window shop. Get some ice cream. Whatever. 
  • Use a countdown app to countdown the remaining days until winter break/school ends/this one class you have ends
  • Try to write a short story or a serial 
  • Invest more time than you previously would into extracurriculars–I put extra random effort into Robotics and Chinese Club :>
  • Write!! About anything and everything. Write badly. Laugh at it. 
  • Make a reading list. Try to finish it
  • Read book reccommendations from friends
  • Ask your parents lots of questions–ask them things you have never asked before, however meaningful or totally random as you wish. 
  • ^same, but with your siblings
  • Try drawing 
  • Listen to lots of different music
  • use whatever mode of transportation and go everywhere. I didn’t have a car in high school, or a license for that matter, and I even lived in Colorado, which has decent but not the best public transportation. I took the lightrail, and then longboarded or walked. I explored downtown Denver thoroughly, and took a road trip with my friends to go camping over the summer.
  • In the winter months, watch TV shows and movies. 
  • Have lunch by yourself on top of the school bleachers and wonder about life. 
  • Have coffee with a friend and wonder about life
  • Realize that existentialism is not the way to go. 
  • Have adventures with friends at night (e.g., suprising another friend at their music performance)
  • Hang out at friends’ houses and wonder about life
  • Talk to friends about wondering about life
  • Mutually agonize over the future
  • Eat pizza
  • Pet dogs
  • Hang out with the little kids and tweens
  • attempt exercising
  • Cook something interesting (I made bao zi with my mom)
  • Cook something interesting with friends (we made a buttercream cake!)
  • Cook something interesting with friends part 2 (kim bap. So good.)
  • Go to the movies! 
  • Realize that  you’re so over your 12 year old self and some of his/her past interpersonal relationships. U don’t need them gurl. 
  • Realize that you wish you stayed in touch more with friend who moved away.
  • Get to know people completely different from you that you have never hung out with before
  • Hang out with the freshmen (they are so cute) and the underclassmen in general
  • Vent to someone
  • Be vented to, and comfort the vent-er
  • Cry a little about things/academic and life pressure (TBH still happens every year of college at least once….^^””) (but it’s honestly healthy once in a while) (I am generally still a happy person :3)
  • Stay up til 3AM just talking and playing games
  • Be even better friends with your friends, or the people on the “fringes” of your friend group
  • Plan an extravagant senior trip, which may or may not happen. 
  • Plan a much less extravagant senior trip that actually happens

Most importantly, hang out with your friends and family!!! Appreciate them being here, with you, in this snippet of space and time in the infinite universe. It will never be quite the same again, even if you do dislike high school (which I often did lol).


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Bellarke competing against each other on a cooking show (I'm thinking either Cupcake Wars or Cutthroat Kitchen, but whatever).

When Octavia suggested they rebrand their family bakery as a cupcake shop, he honestly thinks she’s fucking with him. They’re struggling as a full bakery, so how could taking out most of their stock and switching to cupcakes possibly save them?

In his sister’s defense, she doesn’t just give up on the argument. She does her research, presents her numbers, and Bellamy has to admit, cupcakes might keep them afloat for a few years. If the bubble bursts, they can still rebrand again. It’s worth getting some new furniture and a paint job regardless, and that’s not cupcake-specific. It’s just logical. They need a new look.

Plus, they’ve always been pretty good at cupcakes. Bellamy’s got the technical skills, and he started Octavia doing frosting and decoration as soon as she could hold a pastry bag, happy to give her something to occupy herself so he could focus on his own work. Even he’ll admit she’s not as skilled as the best decorators, but her work is solid, and the taste can’t be beat. If overcharging hipsters for fancy cupcakes is something that’s profitable now, Bellamy has to admit that they could probably make money off it.

And they do. They change Blake’s Bakery to Blakes’ Bakes, which makes his eye twitch when he thinks about it, but he’s deferring to his sister on all branding decisions. She could scam hipsters on a professional level.

“This is scamming hipsters on a professional level, Bell,” she points out, and he rolls his eyes.

“You know what I mean.”

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Do you feel like you did anything differently before nationals last year when you qualified for worlds for the first time? Any advice for someone trying to qualify for worlds at nationals after not qualifying at oireachtas?

I definitely feel like my sister (yes, the fierce one in the gold and black dress) pushed me. She is u14 this year so she is two years younger than me. She has qualified for worlds every year possible and it was actually making me jealous. I decided to turn my jealousy into determination when I saw her dance at the worlds last years in Boston. I knew that it was my turn when she had recalled. Once we got home, I worked my butt off doing anything I could to make myself the best I could be. She inspires me to be my best every day.

Pre-nationals I would definitely recommend working on your fitness and making your dancing spotless. My tc reminds the class everyday that unless everything is spotless, the judge isn’t even going to consider you for the top.

At nationals, I would focus on you and no one else. Who cares about that perfect girl with the gorgeous dress and hair and make up with the extraordinary feet and body? You only need to worry about yourself. I like to set up worry times aka 10 minutes to freak out. After that you CANNOT worry.

Onstage, I wouldn’t think too much. The only thing I would think of is “Wow, I made it this far.” After you are finished dancing it’s out of your hands.

At awards, don’t even worry about the outcome because it’s out of your hands. Everything happens for a reason. Maybe it was your day. Maybe it wasn’t. Life is a roller coaster full of trial and error. The true champions are the ones that handle both trial and error gracefully and come back with determination.