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One of the things I love about TV shows, is the ability to re-watch scenes with the click of mouse. Especially after learning something new. I like to re-watch with my new knowledge and see if the story was leading there all along.

This scene from 2x13 of Supergirl gave me that opportunity, but in a new perspective.

With just a few heartwrenching, well-acted lines the writers gave us a look into the Maggie Sawyer backstory we’ve been screaming about. An idea to why she’s so guarded. An explanation for her patience and understanding with Alex’s coming out.

The best part for my giant fangirling emotions? Re-watching the Sanvers’ scenes knowing she’s lying about her parents acceptance and she’s hiding the pain for Alex. Seeing how truly happy she is that Alex told Kara with no negative repercussions and wondering if it stings a little. Understanding these lines better, “I heard everything you said.” “I don’t meet many people that I care about.” And simply understanding Maggie Sawyer a little better. From one scene!

I’ve said it before and will continue reiterating, this is my favorite show since Buffy. It’s not perfect. But it has kickass female characters. Played by fantastic actresses. And a lesbian storyline I’m loving. I’m excited every week for a new episode.

Do I want more Sanvers? Always. Especially if it’s more opportunities to showcase the acting of Chyler Leigh and Floriana Lima. Especially especially, if it’s angsty, meaty, heart-felt content. What can I say, I like my drama in fiction not real life.

This season feels a bit all over the place, but I’m still in love. I’m here for the kickass women. The strong acting. And the lesbians help.

Ps, if you think my over indulgence into the significance of one scene for Detective Maggie Sawyer is bad; come talk to me about
Meredith. Fucking. Grey.

I just…I just can’t even believe how amazing that episode was? So we have:

  • Mac openly talking about how he’s worried if his sexuality is bothering his best friend and trying to start an open dialogue with his other best friend about it
  • Dennis finally admitting he has feelings, BIG feelings (and apparently they hurt which is something I could have gone without but beggars can’t be choosers)
  • Mac getting Dennis his first Valentine’s Day present and it’s the one thing he wanted more than anything else in the world and Mac fucking knew it because Dennis is his best friend and he knows him better than anyone excuse me while I go sob
  • DENNIS ADMITTING HE HAS FEELINGS I need to say it again because it’s just so wonderful
  • The Macdennis was strong in this episode, as was Serial Killer!Dennis (so I was a pretty happy camper especially since they came together in the most marvelous way)
  • Hell, there was even some Chardee, which I something I can always appreciate
  • Also, Dee was amazing, just throwing that out there
  • We didn’t have soft-hair!Mac, but we did get swoopy-hair!Dennis, so I think it evened out
  • Dennis was Mac’s Valentine. And the look on Mac’s face when Dennis opened the crate and found the RPG was beautiful. As was Dennis’ face when he saw his very first present, second only to his breaking voice and watering eyes
  • “I love it. You figured out the one thing I wanted more than anything else in the entire world, and you got it for me, and it’s perfect” <– That is a fucking canon quote and you can rip it from my cold dead fingers

Yo I don’t care what anyone says… me and my roommate both looked at each other and immediately agreed that it was one of the strongest episodes overall. Not a lot of Bellarke obviously, but the show needs to be good outside of a ship. After a subpar 2nd season and horrid last season… it’s finally returning to its S1 roots. 

- I hope they spend a good amount of time rolling around in the possibilities of the AU but I also hope they come back to the real world in plenty of time to resolve it well (wedding/Perthshire cottage in my fantasy, but even just some kind of satisfactory resolution for everyone). Just in case, you know. If they play these last several episodes right, I won’t even be that sad if (when?) it gets cancelled - it feels like a series finale scenario.

- I loved how IDC just switched between Fitz and LMDFitz so flawlessly. He played some of that really cold, too, which was super fun to watch.

- I doubly love how once Jemma knew he was the LMD, she did not hesitate for a second. Yes, it caught up to her, as of course it would, but she learned the hard way how to be a survivor.

- OK, seriously. I have to go to work.

This may be a bit salty, but I honestly can’t take the argument of “But they’re just bringing him back for ratings!” as a reason I shouldn’t watch.  Because, DUH.  THAT’S WHAT SHOWS DO.  THAT’S THE POINT OF THEM.  To get ratings so they can sell commercial time, so they can make money.  AoS’ ratings have been tanking for a long time, so it’s very understandable that they would want to bring back an actor and character that served them well in the past.  Ward is a super polarizing character for the show and Brett Dalton is just a pure ball of sunshine wrapped in a stubbly, tortured face.  I understand if, from a story-telling perspective, it feels cheap and unfair.  It IS.  But it’s also not surprising, for any show, let alone this one.  It’s a pretty solid business tactic.  So I’m going to happily splash around in my trash heap and enjoy Brett being back and daydream (happily and angstily) about all the possible scenarios that could play out.  And just think…..with him back on the show, and an apparent Skyeward relationship in The Framework, not only are we going to get actual moments of Benneton together on screen, which will be marvelous from a gif/photo fanworks perspective, but we get FAKE RELATIONSHIP and probably BED SHARING.  That’s enough for me.

I am well aware of the history of telepathic gorillas ‘speaking through’ humans as opposed to PROJECTING THEIR VOICE INTO EVERYONE’S MIND in comics but i’m also like ‘this totally happened because they didn’t want to draw any more fucking gorillas than they had to’ and now it’s ‘because they don’t want to have to CG any more gorillas than they have to because budget’

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1. Jim Halpert - The Office

2. Ron Swanson - Parks and Rec

3. Stiles Stilinski - Teen Wolf (but they’re all cinnamon rolls and I love them all)

4. Phoebe Buffay - Friends

5. Luke Danes - Gilmore Girls

6. Jack Pearson - This is Us

7. Betty Cooper - Riverdale

8. Maggie Rhee - The Walking Dead

9. Eleven - Stranger Things

10. Karen Page - Daredevil (lol Lily’s faceclaim. nbd)

tbh zuko in his Prince Zuko™ phase was the most dramatic character in the history of fiction, i mean he just went on ridiculous rants and speeches constantly. they seemed so well prepared too, like did he practice?? who remembers when he shrieked and sobbed at lightning?? who remembers when he decided to rant about his feelings to aang while aang was literally in the spirit world and physically incapable of hearing him?? who remembers when iroh was like “calm down my guy” and he screamed “I’M COMPLETELY CALM” then set his room on fire?? he’s so unsubtle, not a lick of slyness in his body, he literally told everyone about his daddy problems constantly it was unbearable