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Wasn't Expecting That (Peter Parker x reader)

This will most likely continue into a two part story if anyone actually likes this. I would say that Peter is around 18 in this. WARNING: swear words and minor mentions of sex Part 2 ~ •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Music was blasting throughout the whole room. Sweaty bodies were pressed up against eachother, and this was definitely, most likely NOT how Peter imagined his weekend. In fact, Peter doesn’t even know why he is here, but thanks to his friends, Spider-Man himself, is now off duty. A reminder that Spider-Man should never, not ever take a day off in a city like New York. This was worse than what he could be doing right now. Music that Peter didn’t even like, was playing as everyone was dancing to it. At this point, Peter lost he’s friend in the crowd. He couldn’t tell if Ned was even here or ended up leaving without him. Peter hoped that he were still somewhere in this ‘party’ if you could even call it that. In all honesty, this was more of a 'get laid’ type of thing. You could see all the people mingling, getting drunk, leaving with strangers…. all the steps of getting laid. Peter wanted absolutely nothing to do with this. For all he knew, the police could be on their way. May wouldn’t be happy about that since, Peter told her he would be hanging out at Ned’s house. After all, Ned’s exact words were, “Pete, we are about to get wild tonight!” Peter, never hearing those words being said to him before, thought that Ned meant they would be pulling an all nighter to fix the lego Death Star that Ned dropped. The wildest that Peter has ever gotten, would be staying up on a school night to watch all of the Star Wars movies. That was a HUGE accomplishment in his opinion, even having to fight off bad guys wasn’t nearly as satisfying as being able to state facts while watching the latest Star Wars movie, Rouge One. But as of now, tonight was by far the most insane night Peter has ever faced. Finally getting up, and deciding that instead of self pitying himself like he has been doing since he got here, Peter went to find Ned. Peter spotted Ned in the middle of a conversation with the prettiest girl he has ever seen. Ned looked over at Peter and yells over the music, “hey man! Thought you would have left by now!” Peter diverts his attention from the beautiful girl to Ned and manages to stutter out weakly, “n-nope… still here…. as you can see…” Ned smirks at Peter, “Anyway, I’m glad you’re here! Y/N, this is the guy I was telling you about.” Y/N looks Peter up and down with a smile on her face, “Peter, right? I’ve heard quite a bit about you.” Peter, who is starting to get more confident, smiles back, “oh really? Wish I could say the same.” Ned starts walking past Peter and towards the drinks, “well… This is probably my cue to leave and let the magic happen! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do and use protection!” At this point, Peter was a blushing mess. While Y/N was merely giggling. Over the loud music Y/N called out to him, “hey Peter?!” “Yeah?” Y/N started getting closer to Peter, she could now feel his hot breath covering all of her body. She leaned closer to him and whispered in his ear, “wanna get outta here?” Peter started shaking, “o-ok…” Damn, this was not at all part of Peters plan. He may not have ever been laid before, but this was definitely one of the steps. Seductive voices being whispered into one another’s ear. Peter mindlessly walked through all the dancing body’s, following Y/N’s lead. She was leaving the party. Peter, who was still in a daze, followed her out of the party without any questions. After 10 minutes of an awkward silence and continuous walking, Peter finally started to snap out of his cluelessness, “w-where are we exactly?” Y/N halted, “we… umm… we will be there shortly. I promise!” He nodded, “ok. So, Y/N, tell me about yourself?” After a few seconds of silence Y/N finally answered, “there’s not much to say. My name is Y/N, but you already know that. Hmm, my mom died a few years ago so it’s just been my dad and I.” Y/N cocked an eyebrow at Peter, “you know what? I think you would like my dad!” Peter chuckled at her, “oh really?” “Mhmm” Peter frowned lightly, “my parents died when I was about 4. They were pretty cool. Anyway, what’s your dad like?” Y/N’s eyes widened, “I am so sorry! I didn’t know, I swear! We can stop talking about this if you want to.” Peter smiled, “it’s ok. If you think I would like your dad, I want to know what he is like. So, continue.” “Well if you insist. I don’t reallly know why I think you would like him, I kind of just have this feeling! You know? Oh, we are here!” Peter looked around but all he could see were dark, scary, alleyways. Nothing he couldn’t handle! Y/N smirked to herself as she started to drag Peter into one of them. Peter was getting worried, “are you sure th-?” “SHHH!” Peter rolled his eyes but whispered nonetheless, “are you sure that this is a good idea? It’s pretty sketchy around these parts.” “Yeah, yeah… it’s my house, so calm down.” “Oh. Sorry, didn’t think you would be familiar with these parts,” Peter whispered back. “Annnnnd, here we are. Spiders first.” Y/N popped a door open. Peter slowly started walking in but came to a stop, “what do you mean? I-I’m not Spider-Man! That’s absurd!” Before Y/N could answer Peter, he was knocked out from behind. Above him stood Wade Wilson, “well fuck me! I didn’t think he would actually follow you! I didn’t even think he would look at you!” Y/N scoffed, “apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, am I right? Whatever, that’s besides the point! Why did you even want me to bring him here? He is way too cute for any of your bullshit! I for one, feel slightly guilty.” Wade teased, “awww, does wittle ol’ Y/N wove Peter? Yes she does! Yes she does!” “Shut it and answer my question!” Wade and Y/N have now dragged Peter into their living room. Wade sat on one couch, while, Y/N sat on the other. Wade looked at the boy who was propped up on the wall and then back to his daughter, “remember that friend of mine-?” “Last time I checked, I am your only friend.” Wade faked a hurt expression, “that hurts!” He pointed to his heart multiple times, “right here.” “Yeah, I know. I’m an evil person, yada yada. Can you just spill the details already?” Wade sighed, “ok, fine! I’m normally easy going about getting killed and whatever, but this is fucking serious!” Y/N interrupted, “serious enough for you to forget their name?” “Hell yeah! There is so much detail that the name is irrelevant to this. Just shut up and listen!” His daughter laughed at him, “ok, ok! You were saying?” Wade looked oddly satisfied, “ok, there’s this guy right-” ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• TO BE CONTINUED. How was that? Tell me if you liked this or not! Remember, requests are open (even for anonymous people).

Prosecute my heart - a sasnar fic

Summary: When Sasuke comes into work and finds his office decorated in all things Halloween, he knows things have gone too far. Unfortunately for him, Naruto is all about taking things further…

Rated: T (but mentions of M-rated stuff)
Word count: 4.3K

On and ao3!

A Halloween/prosecutor au/office romance fic bc I had to!



Sasuke liked to think that he was neutral about Halloween. Actually, scratch that. He liked to not think about Halloween at all, but right now he found it very difficult to keep his brain free of the (fake) holiday considering his work desk was completely covered in all things Halloween.

It was Monday.

A Monday that so happened to be October 31st, and had he expected this he would have called in sick for sure.

But Naruto? Naruto was never expected, and Sasuke fought down the urge to wonder just how early the idiot must have clocked in to manage this disaster. If Naruto wanted to prank his co-workers then that was his problem. In fact, Sasuke was sure that he must have done the same to some of the others. Sasuke wasn't special, and the little flutter his heart made was simply pathetic.

You hate Halloween, Sasuke told himself, hanging off his coat and placing his bag on an extra chair. You told him as much last week. This is just a way to get back at you for being a slave driver.

For the past three weeks, Sasuke had been in charge of introducing Naruto to the wonders of being a prosecutor. While the younger man was doing a good job so far he was also all sorts of incredibly annoying, irritating, loud, and most of all too thrilled with the idea of them being friends outside of work. Sasuke had already been roped into several lunches (though often in the company of other colleagues so it wasn’t entirely suspicious), one after work drinking session (and boy was that a mistake he would never think about again), and an accidental accepted facebook friend request. He didn’t even use facebook, his brother had just forcefully made him one and he kept forgetting to delete it.

Shaking himself out of his miserable thoughts, Sasuke rolled up his sleeves and mentally prepared himself to rid his computer of fake cobwebs and spiders so he could at least work. There were decorative pumpkins spread across his desk, a black cat plushie perched on his windowsill, as well as several ghosts and skeletons hanging from his lamps. Not to mention the cut-outs taped all over his walls, and-

“Happy Halloween, Sasuke!”

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Luck of the Dork - Chapter 1

As I shuffled my feet around my desk, I looked at the clock ‘3:40’ it read. When can I get out if this hell hole? I glanced around, half of the class was asleep. Mrs.Suanders lectering about some war back in the 1600’s, that killed almost 100,000 people. Whatever.

I took out the keychain and looked at everysingle tag, key and his school I.D, that had his picture on it. I couldn’t help but stare at it. His smile was driving me absolutely insane. And his beautiful brown eyes. Don’t even get me started on hi-

“K-Kaylee?” A voice whispered.

I looked up to see ..well Matt . I didn’t even know he was in this class. He took a seat next to me . ‘Play it cool’ I thought.

“Matt? Oh,  hey umm nice to s-see you!” I stuttered. 

He blushed looking down.

“So, you come here often?”
‘Come here often? ’ Kaylee get your game on. Hes just a guy. A cute nerd tha- Okay Kaylee stop this madness he’s a nerd, you have every guy on the football team practicality drooling for you.

“Um well its school..” he giggled .

“Yeah it is” I nudged him with my elbow. Kaylee! Stop acting so weird!

He flustered pink once again. He’s adorable, just as he is in his I.D picture. Oh yeah..

“Um here you go, you dropped it when we fell into eachother.”
I handed him the I.D., “Yeah I couldn’t find it at lunch so.. my girlfriend had to pay for me .” When he said Girlfriend, he kinda looked down.

“Oh your girlfriend? ” I felt a lump in my throat. “Well how about we go eat after school then?My treat. I mean its my fault I bumped into you.”

“ Yeah shes the football manager .. weve been togather for 3 months. and I couldn’t possibly let you pay and I’m just a nerd and you’re the most popular girl here I don’t even know why you’re tal-”

“Oh how nice… and Matt, that doesn’t bother me that you’re a nerd.”

“It…. doesn’t?” he questioned unsure.

“Of course not. ” I smiled falsely. ‘He has a girlfriend Kaylee just be a friend’

“Then Ill meet you at your locker?”

“Yeah.” I smiled.

He smiled back and turned away trying to hide his rose cheeks, but I saw them anyway.

‘Then its a date.’ I thought, but sadly I knew it wasn’t going to be.

The bell rang signaling the end of the day.

“Ill see you right now?” I ask.

“Of course ” he shyly smiles.

We both walk out going our seperate directions, him to his locker and me to mine.
“Hey gorgeous ” I hear as someone wraps their arms around my waist. I turn around to find Nash Grier, captain of the football team. Or in other words ‘Leader of the guys who have had heart eyes for me since freshman year ‘

“Hey Nash ..” I say as I pull his arms away from my waist.

“Hey babe s-”

“Naassh that’s not my name.”

“Kaylee, ” he corrects, “do you have any plans for this particular Friday night? ”

“Um No not really..”

“Well how about we go to Cameron Dallas’s, my best friend. ”,  he winks and emphasises ‘bestfriend’ “party tonight? and when I mean we, I mean you as my date.”

“Um I kind-” wait, Matt has a girlfriend “Sure why not?” I correct.

“ Great ill pick you up at nine? ” he grins excitedly.


“Aight see you later babe- I mean Kaylee” he winks as I as I put my books away in my locker.

“She said yes!” Nash jumps towards the jocks.

“Score man! ” “You got the hottest chick in school!” “You got game Bro!” I hear as I roll my eyes shutting the locker.

“H-hey Kaylee” Matt says coming up to me.

“Hi, lets go?” I give a shy smile.

“Yes.” He shyly smiles.

Today has been one hell of a day.

Hay guys :) here’s the very first chapter! I hope you like what’s going on! Ill probably have Chapters 2&3 out during Christmas break!  Maybe even. Chapyer4? idk. But I really want to be schedualed this fan fiction because my first one was all over the place!  but I hope you guys like this one!
I was read ‘Because you make me smile’ all over again from begining to end and I don’t know how you guys liked the book it was horrible so I’m trying hard to make this one REEAALLYY good!