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1D Hiatus: Day 591

* Louis does interviews/promo, meets fans in Leeds and keeps asking them for opinions on his new haircut

* Louis posts a selfie on Instagram with the caption “On the road again”

* Harry will perform in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge on September 13

* Pictures and videos of Liam at the HQ in LA yesterday come out

* Liam arrives in London 

* Liam posts a video on Snapchat

* Pictures of Harry, his mum, Cindy Crawford, Rande Gerber and their children having lunch somewhere in Canada yesterday come out

* Liam posts a selfie on Instagram

It’s Jul 26th, 2017.

On this day a year ago: #226

a bunch of theme stuff masterpost

so i love theme decorating and i have WAY too much of this stuff saved so i spent hours putting together this post of (almost) everything i have unecessarily saved to my computer. i hope you all enjoy these goodies (◠‿◠✿)

this post includes:

  • 110+ banners/dividers/sidebar frames
  • 130+ cute pixels
  • 60+ bgs for redux themes (+ HD scenery)
  • 50+ drawings for sidebars/update tabs
  • 16 transparent 1D-related images

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Sigh….I really don’t mean to sound like a bitch. But this “If you don’t believe Harry is a pure unadulterated angel, you must be a brainless , vile person” is wrong. People are afraid to post stuff on their own blogs because they don’t want to be called out.

I spent a few years in a religious cult…and contrary to what some would have you believe, the last few months in the 1D/Larry fandom has felt exactly the same, and recently a certain blogger, who was around for years, was so abused for thinking differently she deleted. She was always polite. So much for the “we are not a hive” mentality.

When certain “big blogs” have to silence everyone who asks questions and thinks differently, they really aren’t very secure in their beliefs, are they?

1D Hiatus: Day 321

* Liam posts a 60-second snippet of his song on Instagram

* Liam’s sister Ruth has a cute Twitter conversation with fans about Liam

* Niall is in London, meets a fan

* Chloe Burcham posts a throwback picture with Harry and Liam on Instagram, taken exactly two years ago

* According to IMDb, Harry’s character in ‘Dunkirk’ is named Alex

* #1MonthOfThisTown trends on Twitter

It’s Oct 29th, 2016.

anonymous asked:

It's interesting bc I was just talking to someone about Skam bc a lot of people are getting pissy that the actors don't post as much private stuff anymore. And sure, I get it a little, but they have a right to privacy and when they post personal things and then get 900 comments being like "your girlfriend is ugly and doesn't deserve you!" Uh, why would they want to keep posting? I do miss the early days of 1D when they were sillier etc but I get why they don't anymore. People have no boundaries.

i never watched skam but i feel this so hard. this is why i never get ppl raggin on harry for not posting on social media like if you knew one simple post was gonna get so many negative responses why would u ever bother posting anything ever again. i have like 400 insta followers and i get nervous posting a selfie imagine being harry w like 48475485 million

anonymous asked:

You're literally my favorite blog. I have notifications for you and I regularly like and reblog stuff. I love how diverse everything is and how much 1D there is at the same time. Thank you for existing 🌈

oh my god??? thank you so much???? honestly having notifications for me sounds like a NIGHTMARE but omfg im glad u seem to enjoy what i post!!!! i have too many interests to be an exclusively 1D blog but i come close hahaha and thank YOU for existing and sending me this???? youve made my day THANK YOU 


MARKIFART ART Heyo! I am back at it again with da markifart. (I srsly like that name idk why xD) BUT HERE. I am gonna start posting some stuff about One Direction too. I’ve known them for years and I’m starting to get back into them. I’ll still post Mark and Jack but Ill be posting 1D related stuff. Who saw the Solar Eclipse? IT WAS FRICKIN AWESOME! We had 95% totality, BUT IT DIDN’T GET DARK! There was a little line of light (according to the glasses I had) and it was totally bright outside! It’s crazy how that much light can light everything up. So cool tho!

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From Aug 2013 to Nov 2013


August 2013

Sophiam : After teasing her for a few months, Liam finally confirms he’s dating in time for the This is Us premiere. The very private couple shows up together and stops for some photobooth pics in which they’re kissing, used for the film’s promo.

Zerrie : Of course, it’s the This is Us release and the famous premiere at which Perrie sports an engament ring. Despite that, we only got a short and weird video of a very staged kiss between them. So much apart management had to photoshop a HD picture to have them together, replacing Zayn’s mom by Perrie.

So, even if Liam seems ok around Sophia (I mean, it’s still better than Danielle for him and it’s just the beginning, just like Louis was ok with Eleanor at first) he posts this the month Sophiam and the Zerrie engagement are confirmed :

Zayn who seems pretty much fed up with Perrie. I personally think he is the one who released the cheating scandal to undermine the engagement narrative for example.

About This Is Us, the film in itself is pretty interesting :

The most important parts :

During the premieres, they act like a settled-down couple. Zayn acts with Liam like he probably should with Perrie instead of avoiding her :

August - November

On stage, damn, Liam is all over Zayn. All over him !! Even he says it :

And it’s true :

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i'd written the cheryl popularity post w no intention to shade their relationship but simply bring up how sm popularity works. its how celeb fame status is assessed. it wasn't to erase what she has done in the past. i also get that world markets might have different stats. i'm sorry u took it as a nasty ask about cheryl, i'd like to apologize. i try to have healthy discussions and don't hide behind anon to post useless nasty stuff.

Sorry I misinterpreted! I know you wanted to build up Liam, but it came across in a way that seemed to really put Cheryl down. And I’ve seen so much negativity towards the women in 1D’s lives that I’m pretty sensitive about it. 

Larries act like Cheryl is some nobody who needs Liam to save/make/advance her career. And of course that isn’t happening and it’s not why they’re together. But people bring up Cheryl’s fame because unless she suddenly wants to try and break the US market, which I see no evidence of, then it’s absurd to talk about her using Liam for fame. Because within the UK, where she has been working and is likely to continue to work, she’s very famous.

Thank you for coming back to clarify, I hope that answers your question. And I share your pride in Liam’s success! I just don’t see it as something that needs to be compared to Cheryl’s. 

Hi there!

I’ve recently reached my first thousand followers, which is crazy because I’ve only had this blog for a bit less than 3 months so thank you so much! 😍 This is a follow forever to say thank you to my lovely mutuals. I actually follow back even more people, because I like my dash to be pure chaos, so if we are mutuals but you’re not in this follow forever, it’s probably because you’ve been inactive for a while or you post a lot of non 1D related stuff. I still love you though, please come talk to me, I really love making new friends 💖 
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And as always, all the love to my outside of tumblr friends @hellolarrylou and @tocreateoneself ily 💖

You told me you loved me so why did you go away? - Harry Styles One-Shot

*This is the part 2 for the ‘All that I know is I don’t know how to be something you miss’. You don’t need to read the first part to understand this one. 

Part 1

Harry had got home from a long and exhausting day at the studio. All he wanted to do was sleep for the next twelve hours. But, of course, that wouldn’t be happening.

Laying on the floor of his apartment, right in front of his door, there was a letter.

He didn’t need much to know who had send it. The only person who would ever send him a letter would be you. It almost made him cry right on the spot, to see that you had taken your time to write him a letter even after everything he put you through. 

‘Letters are special. I would only write one to someone I really loved or I really hated.’ you once said to him and in the moment he could’t help but think that you were writing because he was the later. 

 So Harry did what he thought it was right. He grabbed the letter, sat on the couch and started reading. 

Dear Harry, 

How formal and old do I look by sending you a handwritten letter? But again, you always told me that my soul was probably really old and wise. Something about the way I love letters, books written by someone who has died a long time ago and anything that is related to at least 200 years ago.

I wanted to believe you when you told me that we were meant to be. When you pulled me closer to you and told me stories about how you knew how our love was written in the stars. 

I should’ve know better than believing you. 

I was so sure that you would never hurt me or lie to me, that never crossed my mind you had been telling me child’s story. 

Love written in the stars? Old souls? Meeting through time in different lives? None of this is true.

I was so happy to finally get my happy ever after, that I’ve became blind to what was truly happening. I was blind to see that these kind of stuff only happen in fairytales. 

But this is over now. 

It was over the minute you walked out of my life, four months ago, without as much as a goodbye. All that I got was your key above the kitchen table and the sound of my heart breaking. 

Do you remember when we were on our second date? I do. 

You asked me ’(Y/N), what would you be if you could be anything in the world?’ and I told you I had always wanted to be a writer. 

But I guess the reason behind me wanting to be a writer was because I wanted to give someone the happy ending I knew I would never get. And to think that for a minute I actually thought I was going to get my happy ending. But we talked about this already. 

I guess you could say I don’t really know what I’m doing here. All I know is that, right now, is currently 2AM and it’s raining and I missed you today more that I missed you the day after you left.

I think I’m bound to miss you more and more until I die. Because I tried moving on, I really did and guess what? It didn’t work. 

You ruined me to everyone else as cliche as it sounds. 

Every time I go on a date or hook up with some stranger, part of me can’t help but feel disgusted with myself, because they are not you. 

I know I should not compare them to you, because you never compared me to anyone. In fact, you didn’t even think of me, did you? I mean, if you really thought of me, you would have turned your back on that girl right when you met her, but instead you took her home. 

Answer me truthfully. You told me you loved me, so why did you go away?

Because this is all I can think about since you told me you wanted to break up. It’s what I was thinking when I left you that stupid voicemail you never bothered answering, the same way you will never answer this letter. 

For so long I wanted to believe this was all my fault. But it finally hit me. It’s not my fault. It’s yours and only yours. 

My only mistake here was wearing my heart on my sleeve. I am afraid that this the reason I will never fall in love again. Because, Harry, I always wore my heart on my sleeve. Until there was nothing left to use. 

You took the last piece of it even after I had warned you. I told you that I wouldn’t be able to take another heartbreak. Even after this, you still went out of your away to make me fall for you, only to hurt me. 

Now I’m left alone and not knowing what to do. 

I’m only a shell of the girl you met and for that I can only blame you. I hope you are happy with the girl you left me for. I hope you read this. And I hope that when you do, you laugh at me for being so pathetic. 

Because the thought of hurting you makes me sick and I don’t want that. I don’t know what I want. 

In the end, this is me, babbling again like I did two months ago over the phone. This is me showing you that I don’t know where to go from here. 

’(Y/N), I love you. I will never, ever leave or hurt you. I promise.’ you told me once. I guess I was blind to all your lies too. 

But before I end this, I will tell you a story. 

Once upon a time, there was the sun and the moon. They were each other’s everything, one not being able to shine without the help of the other. Until one day the sun realized that he didn’t need the moon to shine, that he could do it all by himself. But the sun liked knowing someone needed him, so he stayed. That was until he found another planet that needed him as much as the moon did. So he left the moon. He left her alone and in the dark. Without the sun, the moon had no power to shine and was slowly dying, while watching the sun shine as bright as ever. In the end, all she could do was stay there and hope setting her sun free was the best choice she could make. All she could hope was that he would shine so bright that it would rub off on her even if just a little bit. 

This time I meant it. I’m letting you go. 


Yours truly, (Y/N). 

Tears streamed down Harry’s face and his sobs were so loud, he thought the neighbors could hear. His heart was breaking and never once had he regretted something so much in his whole life. 

“What have I done?” he asked himself, the letter long forgotten in the floor and his mind racing with horrible thoughts. 

He wanted to call her, reach out for her. But could he? After everything he put her through, could he really do that?

Maybe the answer was no, but he did it anyway.

And as he waited for her to pick up her cellphone, the only sound you could hear besides his sobs was his voice cracking as he repeated like a broken record:

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

Masterlist / Request

*I think it’s pretty obvious by now that I love writing sad stories. Okay, so I got a few requests about doing a part 2 for this story and I didn’t quite know what to do. I felt like giving them a happy ending was a bit too much so I decided to throw at you more sad stuff. Please, give me feed back on this. It means a lot when you guys do.

**Also, I know that I haven’t been posting much, but my life is upside down right now. So expect more sad stories because this is how I feel. 

***I AM WRITING A BOOK!! Just wanted to share. 

Love you <3

underbree  asked:

Oh OK, you don't have to do it now but some blog recs fanfics and timelines would be helpful :) thanks!!

This is so unorganized but I’m publishing because it’s probably helpful and I do not want to lose it because I put a lot of work into it. 

I can only help with Larry, so if you want a different point of view I don’t think I can help, soz. I know some Larry blogs follow non-Larries for a different perspective, but I am too petty to do that lol.

Okay, I’m going to start off with fic recs, because that is by far the easiest for me. I’ll link to the authors tumblr account too, even if don’t follow them. I figure you see if they are someone you want to follow:

The Dead of July by Whimsicule aka an amazing winter soldier AU where Louis is Bucky and Harry is Cap! I haven’t read anything else by them, but based on this fic she’s really amazing.

A Promise Lives Within You Now by sarcasticfluentry is a Middle Earth AU that I adored when I read it. I love this author, so I also suggest going through her page, too!(I recommend YAtB which is a great Harry Potter AU.)

And Then A Bit by Infinitelymint. It’s an amazing non-AU AU canon complaint type fic with the mother of all publicity stunts. Also, another one of my favorite fic writers so I recommend all of her fics, too. 

Landslide is a very interesting fic that is defintely on the more unique side of plot lines. It’s a 70s AU where Harry is a FBI agent sent to investigate a “cult.” 

Anything by LoadedGunn although I will say half of her fics have daddy kink if that’s not your cup of tea lol. Her tumblr.

Escapade by dolce-piccante. I just - it’s just really amazing. Also, read RNTM by her because it’s really good from what I hear, but it’s a WIP and I don’t read those (no matter how much larryappreciation tries to force it down my throat lmao).

Basically the go to blogs for fic recs: intenselouis and modestmgmntofficials. I think theboyfriendstagram could go on that list, but she does more of like a search for fics. Like if people need help finding a fic, she always tries to help. Honestly, they’re all like fic encyclopedias. 

Almost every organized blog out there has a tag for fic, so that’s also helpful.

As for timelines: 

bulletproofhalo does amazing timelines and has very organized tags

I… I honestly thought I had more blogs that had good timelines. Since I don’t, I can recommend blogs that have extensive tagging systems. Lapelosa, bulletproofhalo, bromanceshomance, worshippedlove. Probably more but I can only remember them atm.

Okay more blog recs (some might be mentioned twice. I’m not the most organized and I’m just going through my follow list lol): 

These girls iworkedinabakery, larendipity, and wellingtoncursewhy are my “squad.” We’re in a group chat for iMessage that basically consists of us crying over H&L headcanons, a lot of loving arguments, and a bunch of fic recs and talking about blogs we don’t like lol.

blogs that fanart: datjonah (I think baby gate had her taking a step back though) prettytruthsandlies cyrilliart stillatraceofinnocence (which is prettytruthsandlies nsfw blog) pass-the-pencil akisdoodles … and larry-newbie and yourssincerelylarry do manips

blogs that fan fic: loaded-gunn isthatyoularry infinitelymint 100percentsassy fuzzypurplestuff mizzwilde supernope worshippedlove zarah5undercover (who is, unfortunately, finally leaving her blog :(((() 

blogs that are very heavy on discussion: areyougoodwithyourhands lapelosa vansandburberry diggingandfluff genuinelybelieve tellmethisisnotlove worshippedlove jaw-drops scrufflecake bulletproofhalo bromanceshmomance verily-i-say gossip-candy (who does all the charity stuff which is really effing awesome) lornasaurusrex harrybirthdaytoya sundy srslycris and thisiskatsblog (some of these blogs have very busy personal lives so they don’t post a whole bunch, but they’re helpful)

blogs that are very helpful when you just woke up and don’t know what the fuck is going on: larryappreciation anchoredlou vansandburberry ohthefond stylesforstiles

Now some blogs that I just really like: evancl twerk-it-larry harrybirthdaytoya scrufflecake fuzzypurplestuff laynefaire usa-nglophile nofuckyeahzarry larryappreciation youknowtheendgame cyclonelouis haveyouquitefinishedlouis uptownlarries a-compass-for-his-ship areyougoodwithyourhands jaw-drops …. Everyone I follow. I just listed some of the first people I saw on my dash. I wouldn’t follow people if I didn’t like them.

If you have a twitter, the only account (besides the boys) that I feel is of the utmost importance to follow is LaundryDay1D. They only update when major shit happens. I’ve only gotten a few notifications from them, and it’s handy if you don’t have a phone tree.

These two girls dimplesonfire and allegedlymags run the twitter account Whathappen1d which is an update account that mocks update accounts and it’s awesome. 

takemehomefromnarnia is a nice blog that is basically about showing support for the LGBT+ community in the 1D fandom. They post a lot of history and cool facts about the community and head Rainbow Direction. They have a twitter account too.

I’m just going to stop here. Lmao this definitely got out of hand but there you go lol. I know I still forgot stuff lol.

I ALMOST FORGOT THE MOST IMPORTANT LINK:  The Harry & Louis Treatise will truly make you want to scream with how obvious they were in the beginning. It’s basically one giant HL timeline.

anonymous asked:

I was just reading your big Niall post from a couple of months ago and the stuff about people not realising how hard Niall works reminded me of when a friend told me that they knew a choreographers from when One Direction was starting out and apparently Niall was the only one who actually paid attention. Take it with a pinch of salt (the friend didn't know much about 1D and only Harry, Zayn and Niall's names), but still related to the post and i thought it agreed with what you said about him.x

Hello!  I think the part you’re talking about is when I said that he was so nervous during the X Factor that he came off as loud and too chill instead.  It’s interesting to hear about your friend and the choreographer.  Of course third or fourth hand information should always be taken with a grain or two of salt, but in this case I’ll just keep it as a headcanon because it’s not a negative thing.  I think it’s well established that Niall is extremely biddable and since he was so devoted to music ever since the very beginning, I can imagine him being super attentive to make sure he didn’t lose his chance.

I saw a post the other day from someone who had worked with One Direction on filming commercials or something in the US.  He was complaining about how One Direction was constantly cracking jokes and laughing instead of just doing the takes and how one of the guys broke “bathroom code” by talking to him while at the commode.  He was unhappy because he felt they weren’t being considerate to the people they were working with and explicitly said he wasn’t going to give them any slack for being young.  Other people have said similar things, but I think they’re missing the point completely.

  1. Yes, the boys being rowdy might be a little unprofessional and inconsiderate to the other people trying to do their jobs.  However, they ARE young, even younger when this story took place.  With the hours we know they work, they deserve to be silly and blow off steam.  If they don’t, they’ll burn out far too quickly.  Them joking around prevents the things they have to do from being an unending trudge.
  2. Being a little silly and unfocused is about the least offensive bad behavior stars can have.  Being arrogant, demanding, doing drugs or being drunk on set, not showing up at all, consistently being hours late, refusing to do what’s asked completely, having tantrums, intentionally bullying crew, or sexually harassing crew members are all seriously disruptive behaviors that artists have engaged in before.  If one of the boys wants to tell jokes and another wants to say hi in the bathroom, then deal with it.
  3. The most important thing, though, is that this is THE appeal of One Direction.  It took me a bit to pin it down, but I think I have now.  The reason One Direction feels different than a lot of other boy bands is that they focus on each other.  They never play to the camera and rarely to an interviewer.  Their best interviews are always when the members not talking get sidetracked and start having conversations or mucking about, the ones when they’re talking over each other and the interviewers can’t rangle them for anything.  The whole charm of One Direction is that they’re focused on each other first and everything else second.  If you take that away, if you insist they think first about not mildly inconveniencing other people, you’re killing the appeal of the band.
  4. I have a lot I can rip into the guy who told the story about, but let’s just say his perspective is one I think is very narrow and biased, so it’s not worth talking about.

hey everyone! so school is just right around the corner for me (and probably for some of you as well) and i figured i should make another follow forever since it’s been a while. thank you for making this a very tolerant summer vacation, despite all the drama that occurred within the last few months in the fandom. but most of all thank you to those to kept me smiling through it all – i love you very much and you’re all appreciated!! going to start this off with a few honorable mentions, and italics means i admire you from afar, probably.

jackhemmingz (gen) you’re always gonna be mentioned in my follow forever posts tbh. we’ve been mutuals for idk how long but omg meeting you not too long ago has got to be one of the highlights of my summer. thank you for letting me tag along with you to the 5sos concert, i had so much fun and i wouldn’t have wanted to go with anyone else. deadass it felt like we were already hella close and i’m so thankful to have you in my life you don’t understand!!! 

dammitharrehh (kellie) honestly k who else would i be able to freak out with over 1d stuff?? you’re the first mutual i’ve ever met from tumblr and thank you for making it such an amazing experience. whenever 1d come to the bay feel free to hit me up whenever bc WE’D BE OUT SO QUICK!! #KarenPayneSquad2k15

thelouisyears (carolina) we don’t talk much but i see you on my notifications a lot and idk it makes me smile bc you’re like a frequent on my blog i guess?? but you’re so cute and i love you already too gtg

drakesidebae (judy [ho]) tbh 10/10 bms you cute or whatever. tbh you should hmu don’t be a stranger. tbh i don’t know how we became mutuals but i remember almost shitting myself when you followed back. anyway you’re gorgeous judy!! even tho i wanna fight still like i’d let you kick my ass anyway. thank you to tolorating my niall stan ass ://

mgcilfford (helica) i’m sad we don’t talk as often as we used to and it’s mainly on my end :( but i’m so glad you’re back on tumblr boo i’ve missed you!! i still wear the choker necklace you mailed me haha. if you ever need anything i’m here for you still! also stay in your calum lane bc i’ll kick ur ass if you swerve into luke’s again ily!!!

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I really need some variety on my dash. It’s literally just SPN and Sherlock. So reblog or follow me if you post the following (in a list of what I need/want most):

  • The Wanted
  • Doctor Who
  • Welcome to Nightvale
  • Once Upon a Time
  • Teen Wolf
  • Youtubers (Pewds, GassyMexican, SeaNanners, ChilledChaos, basically the Bros Angels.)
  • Bands (like The Neighbourhood, Fall Out Boy, Marianas Trench. No 1D)
  • Divergent
  • Avatar; the Last Airbender
  • Harry Potter
  • THG
  • LotR/Hobbit
  • Disney
  • Percy Jackson
  • Horses
  • Funny stuff
  • and pretty much anything else. I will check out your blog as long as it is fandom, unless in a non-fandom category above. SPN blogs feel free to reblog, but I am going to be pretty selective now for SPN blogs.

1d has opened my eyes to so much stuff and ruined me for everyday conversation. Like no I don’t think Blake Shelton and Gwyneth Paltrow are dating. No I don’t think Niall Horan and Selena Gomez are dating. And no I don’t think Susan from my 3 o'clock lecture is really in Cancun. Like nice try Susan. But I can pay 6 random strangers to take a picture with me two months ago and wait a few weeks to post them. Now go back and pretend that Susan is Louis Tomlinson and Cancun is London.


(Requested by anon: can you please do a gif thing about what Niall thinks about you while he’s talking to the other boys :) thanks love xx)

AU: Niall confessing his feelings about you in front of the other boys asking for advice, telling about how much he loves you. The boys support Niall so much and whenever he asked you on a date, the boys all cheered giving couple of advice hoping the date would work well. 

“She’s like…different from other girls, she has this something which makes me crave for wanting to know more about her and to spend time with here. Whenever I see her talking to other guys my heart squeezes wishing I was the one who would hold her by her waist and pull her close kissing her on her lips and do other stuff boyfriends do to girlfriends. She’s my princess and I wanna be her prince, it’s like a story where the Prince tries his best to get the Princess to marry him. She’s way too perfect to me, I love her so much and I’ll make her realize it soon enough” - N


please do not re post or steal these gifs

- X