not that i love that she needs them

She is working now, in a room
not unlike this one,
the one where I write, or you read.
Her table is covered with paper.
The light of the lamp would be
tempered by a shade, where the bulb’s
single harshness might dissolve,
but it is not; she has taken it off.
Her poems? I will never know them,
though they are the ones I most need.
Even the alphabet she writes in
I cannot decipher. Her chair–
let us imagine whether it is leather
or canvas, vinyl or wicker. Let her
have a chair, her shadeless lamp,
the table. Let one or two she loves
be in the next room. Let the door
be closed, the sleeping ones healthy.
Let her have time, and silence,
enough paper to make mistakes and go on.

Jane Hirshfield, “The Poet,” The Atlantic Monthly (vol. 280, no. 9, 1997)

ily u guys. He used me. He used me to prove to himself he was over his ex. He dumped me the minute he realized that I might be going to the school with the threats she had made and that the school would separate them. 

He let her bully me because he loves her in some sick way. She abused him and isolated him and he feels like he needs her.

He’s allowed to text and communicate with her, but not with me. As say the school’s rules. My friend texted him last night and asked if he had anything to say to me. He said no. She asked if he ever really liked me and he said he didn’t want to answer.

I’m still confused. I still don’t really know what happened, but I’m heartbroken about the way this ended.

(Photo by Douglas Kirkland, I believe. I mean no harm and claim no ownership in borrowing it for this ficlet.)

Come Alive

“I love it here,” she murmurs as they stroll along the grounds. The place is in need of TLC – the grass hasn’t been mowed in a while, and the old house probably needs more repair than Kate cares to think about at the moment – but it’s still beautiful. Peaceful and quiet. Everything they had jet-setted off to Europe to find after spending the last year fighting to put another conspiracy behind them, after nearly losing each other in the process.

And it could be theirs if Rick agrees. If he sees what she sees and thinks it’s worth it. If he wants to make a little piece of Italy their own the way she does.

Her husband squeezes her knuckles, allowing her to lead him deeper along the property. He’d seemed amused when she asked to stop after seeing the “for sale” sign, but he’s gotten into the tour too, exploring with his hand in hers, never straying far from her side (except for when they found the ladder pretending to be a staircase leading to the attic and she had staunchly refused to put her feet on that rickety thing).

“What do you think?” she asks when they stop to admire the small cluster of trees she thinks might be fruit - olives, and maybe figs – she’ll have to look closer in a moment. Once he knows where she stands, how much she wants to do this with him. She’s willing to put in the work, for them and for the house.

His lips touch hers quickly, simple and sweet, but she feels the buzz of energy just beneath the surface. Oh, he feels it, too. He feels the way they’ve come alive just by being here.

“I’m in,” he breathes, slipping his fingers into her hair, tugging her closer. She comes without protest, rocking into his chest, lips opening under his, her hands gripping his back through his t-shirt. “Whatever it takes to get this place, let do it, Kate.”

“Entreat Me”, by Grace Draven


  • FEMINISM all over the book
  • The conversations here are SO IMPORTANT and SO ON POINT
  • Consent
  • A woman who confesses to her lover that she pleasures herself thinking of him
  • Talking about the menstruation openly
  • A man respecting the woman because all of the above
  • Talking about women’s worth beyond virginity/reputation
  • disfigurement/diseases/curses/magic
  • Love… oh so much love here
  • I mean, it even has cursed roses
  • and THE MIRROR to watch over her father!
  • Maedieval-ish setting (Fantasy)
  • A castle that’s protected by sorcery
  • A woman willing to support her lover through his “crisis”
  • Tears… my tears!

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MBTI as people I know IRL

Yeh yeh yeh like 34945684569 MBTI blogs have done this but hey I’m jumping on the train

INFP: low-key obsessed with fires, escapism escapism escapism, can’t cook for the life of them

INFJ: disillusioned by the education system but still has dreams, everyone likes her but she does NOT like everyone, surprisingly sporty

INTP: Insatiable CuriosityTM, will literally write scientific essays for fun, mum friend or crazy friend there is no inbetween

INTJ: needs intellectual stimulation or will melt, thinks about the meaning of life on the daily, in love with writing but not so much reading

ENFP: acts confident but secretly a bit of a mess, UnashamedTM, has a different obsession every week

ENFJ: okay this is literally my Grandma, she is the sweetest and we give each other book recommendations, honestly just wants to spread the love

ENTP: always has a witty comment up her sleeve, jokes about fragile self-esteem, literally nobody has figured her out

ENTJ: work hard play hard live hard, either scaring the shit out of people or making them laugh, secretly v sensitive

ISFP: the definition of indie, all the hair dye, has an aesthetics blog but more concerned with living her life

ISFJ: asdfghjkl so sweet, continually overachieves by working her ass off, not so innocent as you perhaps might assume

ISTP: such a badass, is that smile threatening or warm?, probably picks locks in spare time

ISTJ: AmbitionTM, honestly needs to talk about emotions, knows what they want and goes for it

ESFP: where does she get that energy from??, takes naps between (or at) social events, always has a story for every convo

ESFJ: wants to know everything about people, cries at Downton Abbey, cooks like a pro

ESTP: who are you??, are you into politics or parkour??, frightening??

ESTJ: work work work work work, all about proving them wrong, low-key finds life overwhelming

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an AU where Aerys II pulls an Aerys I and refuses to sleep with 12 year old Rhaella after they are forced to wed. He is a Good Big Brother and will get the marriage annulled when he can. Rhaella needs someone who actually loves and looks after her.

“Simpering little Rhaella? Father, you can’t.”

Rhaella listens with her ear pressed against the door, her heart pounding. Mother and Father had always doted on Aerys; she’d never heard them get in an argument before. Though, of course, she’d never heard this marriage proclamation before either.

“Aerys, you must. It is foretold. What is your qualm? Marrying brother to sister is tradition in our family.”

“In the last century, it’s only been you. Besides, Rhaella’s twelve, Father, I won’t marry a child. Just look at her, with all her dolls, and her stupid knights, and her weakness. I won’t marry…that.”

“You will,” says Father, using the voice he rarely uses but which always scares her. “I am your father, and I am to be your king. If I decree it, it is so.”

“But you’re not the king yet,” Aerys protests. “Grandfather is. What does he say about all this?”

She can’t see him, but she can imagine Father’s face going hard. “Your grandfather has washed his hands of his children. He cares not.”

No, Rhaella thinks in horror. No, not Grandfather. He can’t! 

He and Grandmother have been so good to her, had shown that love was important, too, not just alliances. They’d let Uncle Duncan and Aunt Jenny follow their hearts, and Uncle Daeron, and even Mother and Father. Why would he not let Rhaella do the same? Not that anyone has her heart, not yet, but one day they might! She can’t imagine being married to Aerys. He’s her brother, and he pulls her hair and calls her names and even if he were nice, she doesn’t want to be married now. She doesn’t want to have a husband and she doesn’t want to have children, not when she’s half a child herself. Aerys is right about that, at least.

“Then Grandfather is weaker-willed than I thought. But it doesn’t matter. I don’t care what you say, I’m not marrying her.”

“You will,” Father repeats. “Some things are bigger than you. This is one of them.”

She runs to her room in tears.

A hand over her mouth wakes her in the middle of the night, and her eyes fly open in fear. “Hush, damn you.” Aerys’s long hair is pulled back, a hood over his head.

“What are you doing?” she whispers back.

“Leaving,” he says. “Father’s got it in his head to marry us, and I’d rather die than be wed to you.”

“Where will you go?”

“Somewhere. Anywhere. What’s it to you?”

“Nothing,” she says. “Are you sure? Father will send men after you.”

“Let him,” Aerys shrugs. “When someone asks, you’re to say I wanted time to myself and will be gone hunting for three days. I’ve done it before. By the time they realize I’ve not done so, I’ll be long gone.”

The gravity of what he’s doing is slowly dawning on her, and she’s sure there’ll be repercussions even if she doesn’t yet know what they are, perhaps even repercussions on her, but if Aerys is gone, then they can’t be married no matter how much Mother and Father rage.

She nods, and then darts her hand out to touch his. “Be careful, brother.”

“I will.”

He hurries out of her room, a silver shadow. She wonders if it had been a dream, the next morning, except then a servant bursts into her room and asks if she knows where the prince is. He’s done it! she thinks to herself, victorious. He really did it.

“Oh, he said something about going hunting,” she says. Her voice is steady, the lie easy. “He’ll be back in a few days.”

The servant believes her, and when she’s alone in her room once more, she smiles.

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As a stelena fan myself, I think everyone knew that Elena and Damon were going to hook up at some point in the show. I remember Kevin and basically the entire saying Elena and Damon would be together but only for Elena to truly realize that Stefan is her true epic love. Would you have changed and how would u change the relationship of Elena and Damon in season 3/season 4(sire bond) or do you think after Kevin left Julie just tried to make Damon seem better than Stefan?

I wouldn’t mind Damon and Elena getting together for a period of time because Elena needed to get that out of her system but I would actually do what the show said it would do and make them a dark relationship. If Elena becomes a vampire and that’s supposed to be a game-changer then she has to change internally. I would want Elena to feel constrained by Stefan and have a reason for it, like if Stefan is all about here is how you control your urges, here is how you appear as human as possible, then I would want Elena to realize that she’s actually curious about losing control, curious about the blood, curious about the freedom of vampirism and Damon gives her that.

The show thinks it did that but it didn’t because Stefan did everything right. He taught her how to hunt, how to defend herself, he stimulated her sexually, he took her to parties so she could learn how to socialize while being oversensitive, he provided opportunities like the motorcycle so she could relish the power of vampirism and he looked for the cure secretly, he consistently told her she would make it through this period, he even celebrates her being alive with champagne, like Stefan was actually perfect, the ONE thing he couldn’t do was teach her how to feed on humans, that isn’t enough of a chasm. And Elena constantly said how she didn’t want this life. If Elena didn’t actually say any of that and did things like, Maybe I should learn how to feed on humans and he shut her down, or if she compelled someone and he was like Elena, I know it’s tempting but you need to not do that and she just felt stifled then I could see why she would go to Damon.

Then when she’s with Damon, he encourages all of her worst impulses. She no longer looks at her friends as friends but as food and it’s not something that Damon helps her navigate because she’s a vampire and this is how vampires feel, they feed together, they drink like crazy together, they drive like maniacs together, she leaves school because fuck it, she has eternity, why does she need to be confined by human rules anymore? And Elena’s increasing chaotic behaviour would cost her her friendships. I think I would have them try to do an intervention and she basically tells them all to go to hell and I would have Stefan be like, when you’re ready to get back to who you really are, I’ll be here to help you and then I would have Elena go deeper and deeper in this hole that Damon helps her dig until she wakes up one morning with a bunch of bloodied bodies around her and Damon after a night of feeding and sex and whatever else and the novelty of being a new vampire who’s invincible wears off and she freaks the fuck out and tries to work her way back towards who she was with Stefan helping her trying to make amends with her friends and family and they would eventually find their way back to each other.

That’s one route.

Another route is OK if the sire bond happened and we’re in season 5, I would have them both struggling to make a relationship that doesn’t work work, which is basically what season 5 was anyway but I would really lean into that. First of all, for the consuming toxic relationship they’re supposed to be, Damon and Elena didn’t fight nearly enough, they didn’t have passion, passion that can turn to rage or lust or desire or hate  or highs or lows, they didn’t have that, that would have to be there. And every time Elena and Damon fight and he storms out I would have Elena basically freak out and start texting or calling all of her friends to be like, Damon and I just had a fight, if you see him, don’t provoke him, and have her actually demand Jeremy to be like in her sight at all times since Jeremy is a consistent target for him. I would also lean into the fact that Damon feels stifled by trying to reign in his impulsiveness for Elena. If Enzo drops in, then I would’ve made Enzo an old partner in crime and him look at Damon like wtf happened to you and Damon being like … …. yeah I miss it, I miss who I was. And I would have Elena consistently rely on Stefan for emotional support (which she did anyway) but have Stefan sort of distance himself from her every time he feels like things are getting too personal and then they have a blow up about that where he’s like, look every time we get close I want to ignore the fact that you’re with my brother and I can’t do that Elena so I need some space, these are the kinds of thing you should be telling him anyway.

So those are a few ideas of what I would do.

Electric Love

“Baby, you’re like lightning in a bottle,

I can’t let you go now that I got it,

and all I need is to be struck

by your electric love.”

The song starts to flow into Dan’s ears as he raised the volume of his phone. It’s a more modern pop song, something Dan wouldn’t usually listen to himself, but a fan had recommended it to him, so he said he would try it out for the sake of them.

She’s sweet like candy in my veins
Baby, I’m dying for another taste.

Now, Dan hadn’t ever considered himself in love before, but he would be lying if he said some ex-girlfriends didn’t pop up in his head.

And every night my mind is running around her
Then it’s getting louder and louder

Slowly, the memories of those girls slowly shift into a familiar face-Arin Han//son. His dear friend, the man that forever changed his life and helped him become what he was today. Oh, Dan could never repay Arin for all the things he ever gave him.

Baby you’re like lightning in a bottle
I can’t let you go now that I got it
All I need is to be struck
By your electric love
Baby, you’re electric love
Electric love

Dan smiled to himself. He and Arin would be friends forever, he would make sure of it. Arin was someone you were just so lucky to even know, and Dan was still amazed that he was friends with this wonderful human being.

They were meant to be, and for just a split second, as Dan thought that phrase, his brain shifted it into a different meaning. “Meant to be”-not as in destined to meet, not as in meant to be together as friends, but…meant to be together…as something else.

You make my heart beat like the rain
Surround me
Hold me deep beneath your weight

Dan can feel himself getting nervous as he thinks about it. It’s probably the song messing with his brain as he’s going through memories of them spending time together, but he recalls a handful of moments where Arin just walking into a room made his heart race.

A certain fond memory of Arin holding a crying Dan pops up. He forgot what he was crying about, but he’d never forgotten how safe, warm, andd flustered he felt underneath Arin.

He’s realizing that’s how he’s been feeling around Arin all the time lately.

And every night my mind is running around her
Then it’s getting louder and louder and louder
Baby you’re like lightning in a bottle
I can’t let you go now that I got it

His heart’s beating faster and faster as he starts to situate that maybe what he wasn’t feeling towards the other man wasn’t platonic.

He swears his heart skips a beat when he finally realizes that it’s never been platonic.

All I need is to be struck
By your electric love
Baby, you’re electric love
Electric love

Dan thinks about Arin all the time, and he’s just always assumed it’s because he had so much love for his best friend.

Surprisingly, Dan doesn’t freak out. He’s calm, and he figures a part of him subconsciously knew he was…in love with Arin. Dan had managed to accept it before he even knew, and that alone was amazing.

Maybe it was because he and Arin had such a strong bond and connection, and Dan knew if he ever told Arin about his feelings that it would turn out good.

Arin always made things good again-that’s what Dan thought, anyway.

Rushing through me
I feel your energy rushing through me
I feel your energy rushing through me

At that moment, he’s already opening the messaging app and finding Arin’s contact.

Need to talk. Meet me at the space?

A buzz comes from his phone and he looks at it.

Finally going to tell me what I think you’re going to tell me?

Dan smiles to himself; of course, he thinks.

Baby you’re like lightning in a bottle
I can’t let you go now that I got it
And all I need is to be struck
By your electric love
Baby you’re electric love
Baby you’re electric electric

By the time the song ends, he’s already in his car. He pulls out his headphones and puts his phone on Bluetooth, connecting it to the car.

As he’s pulling out of the driveway, the song starts again and he smiles.


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Asterin Blackbeak💕

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life 

hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang

best quality: her devotion, loyalty and love for Manon. Seriously people who have ‘Asterin’ in their life are lucky as fuck

worst quality: Asterin and worst quality can’t be in the same sentence. She’s perfect let’s be real

ship them with: GAVRIEL OMFG! Gavriel is such a dad to cadre and Asterin is kind of mom to Manon and Elide. And they both needed to leave their loved ones (and then they lost them) because of stupid Maeve and Matron and ugh. Plus the image of Asterin being a step mom to Aedion is the best thing ever. I NEED THIS! 

brotp them with: Elide and Fenrys

needs to stay away from: what she needs to do is to cut Matron’s head off

crack ship: Kashin. He’s my second choice if Astriel doesn’t sail!

send me a character!

My boyfriend and I used to have several ratite babies over the past four and a half years we’ve been together. The first time he raise a rattie from a little bean I think his heart was able to open up all the way for the first time. I had my first one when I was in college after I went through a really terrible time, and she was usually the only reason I would get out of bed, because I could see her little nose twitch at me and I knew she needed me to take care of her. We loved them so so so much. The last one passed about a year and a half ago, and it just wasn’t a good time for us to get more (and of course we wouldn’t get just one). We miss them all the time. One was named “lil bit” and when one of us would answer a question with “just a little bit” the other would always joke “no silly, she’s in the cage!” lol. Your blog makes my day and makes remembering them easier, and the hurt of missing them a little less.

Submitted by  fallinglittlebat. I’m so sorry it took me forever to post this… I read it when you first submitted it and it warmed my heart. It still does, thank you so much for sharing. I never knew when rats came into my life how much they would change things for me…they are incredible little creatures with endless love and gifts to give. I love hearing tales of other people experiencing that… Thank you <3

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Can I get a neil x reader where they bump into each other and drop their books and accidentally pick up the others diary instead of their own and neil finds a bunch of unfinished and unsent love letters and confessions addressed to him? neil needs more love. plz and thank.

YESYESYES- (Okay so I tried looking up cheesy science themed pickup lines and they were so bad that I couldn’t put them in I’m dYING) 

WARNING: Foul Language 

“Why so many books Neil?” Nikki asked, as she and Max caught up with Neil, who was walking to science camp with a stack of books in hand. 

“I finally got these babies in the mail today- I’ve been waiting to read them forever!” He said, excitedly. 

Max rolled his eyes, just before Neil bumped into (Y/N), who also happened to be carrying a stack of books- though this was a smaller stack of older volumes. The books scattered, and they both turned red like the nerds that they were. 

“S-Sorry!” They stuttered, in unison as they got down to pick of their respective books. 

“Sorry- wasn’t looking where I was going and I-” (Y/N) chuckled nervously, looking at Neil rather than her books. 

“Y-Yeah I-” Neil swallowed nervously, not taking notice as he picked up a book that wasn’t his. “-M-Me too.” 

They stood up, smiling awkwardly. 

“Well, I- I’ll see you at science camp tomorrow!” (Y/N) stuttered, walking past.

“B-Bye!” Neil responded, mentally hitting himself for the stuttering response. 

“Well that was fucking hilarious.” Max said, smirking teasingly. 

“Shut up Max.” Neil said. 

Max laughed. “Come on Nikki, let’s go eat or something.” 

Neil made his way back to science camp, setting his pile of books on the table. He looked over each of them, smiling to himself, until he realized one of them wasn’t his. It was a simple leather-bound journal, with ‘KEEP OUT’ scratched into the cover. 

Curious, he ignored the cover and opened it to a random page. 


I like 

I love

Starting letters is hard, so I won’t write a start. The point is that I “like” you. I know you probably won’t feel the same way because I’m kind of an idiot for writing a stupid fucking letter

Neil’s eyes widened as he flipped to the first page. 


“Holy shit.” 

He couldn’t resist- he flipped back to the letter. The page was covered in scratched out lines and frustrated scribbles. Some things were written so hastily that they were unreadable- clearly thoughts she wrote quickly so as not to forget. 

I like you. Fucking deal with it. Nerd.

He laughed to himself. 

If I ever get the guts to send any of these then you’ll probably think I’m crazy and pretend you didn’t get it. Which honestly is ideal don’t bring this cringe-y shit up to me ever. 

He laughed harder. 


Neil jumped, yelping. It was (Y/N), rubbing her arm and looking very embarrassed. 

“Oh! (Y/N)! I didn’t- I didn’t see you-” 

“So, long story short- I may have left my diary with you…” 

Oh. She hadn’t seen him reading it. Most likely because she had been staring at her feet as she approached. He handed it to her, closed, as if he hadn’t even touched it. 

“S-Sure no problem.” He said, answering her unasked question. 

(Y/N) took the book, sighing with relief. “Thanks, I’m gonna…” 

“Wait- I uh…” Neil swallowed nervously. “…Do you wanna like- take a walk sometime or something? L-Like just the two of us?” 

She paused, turning red at the question. Then, she smiled. 

“Y-Yeah I’d love- I’d love to!” She said. 

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I have to say, one of the things I love about you Rosaline is that, once she decides that she likes you, she is 100% ON YOUR TEAM. She's a ride-or-die, Hell Yeah let's team up and destroy your terrible uncle kinda lady and I LOVE IT.

Ahhh thank you! I mean, that is ACTUALLY CANON though! Benvolio shows up at her balcony late at night, tells her he needs her and that no one else can and will help him and she, knowing he’s innocent, decides to help him, and that’s that. She sees someone, someone she considered an enemy until that point, suffering and about to be punished for something he didn’t do and she’s like, ‘Yup, I’m gonna help this person. I may not even like them but damn if i’m not going to fight for them with all I have.’ You’re right: Once she’s on your side, she’s on your side. I’m really happy that comes across in the fic because it’s something I love about her so much. 

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is my abuse valid if it happened a few years ago, but it still hurts me? my mother would tell me that no one would love me because i'm fat & ugly, that she feels sick upon seeing my face & that she wished she never gave birth to me. she would hit me on the head a lot.

honey: there’s something you absolutely need to take to heart. and that is, that anything you have experienced is valid, and that you should never feel guilty for these emotions, especially ones pertaining to abuse. you and your feelings are absolutely a hundred percent valid, and i am so, so sorry you had/have to endure them. but just because something may have happened awhile ago, does not make your feelings about them any less real. wishing you the best; you deserve only love - don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. ❤️

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May I requests the boys (all aged up appropriately of course) reactions to their wife telling them she's pregnant? I love your writing!!!

Thank you so much, that means a lot to me!!
David probably cried because he was so happy. He tries to do whatever he can to make you feel comfortable during the pregnancy

Daniel: time to start buying baby supplies and decorating the nursery! Everything has to be 100% perfect

Max automatically worries about you and the baby’s wellbeing. Don’t you dare lift anything remotely heavy!

Neil is happy, he’ll spend as much time as he can with you. Also needs to know every single time the baby moves

Space Kid is overjoyed, he’s going to be a father!! Probably takes him a while to fully realise this is really happening

Harrison: showers you with gifts and love, will go to every single ultrasound appointment with you, he’s the proudest father ever and this child isn’t even born yet

Preston squeals in delight and nearly faints, this is the best day of his life!

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U know what my favorite thing is!! Buying stim toys for my brother and dad who have ADHD and anxiety like I do. I already know I'm getting my brother a chew necklace for Christmas (but I might give it to him earlier) bc he has a habit of ruining his shirts by chewing on the collars and sleeves and I love it bc I get so excited giving them the stim toys and they're always really happy to get them?? I love it!! I hope ur having a good day and if ur not I hope it gets better soon!!

yessss!!! i bought a chewy necklace for my qp and she loves having it she was so excited about getting it. i love getting stim toys for other people when u know they need them

Gone, But Not Forgotten (Modern Royalty AU)

Oh look another modern royalty AU, which seems to be a theme with me lately. Although this is just a one shot that came to me when I was stuck on a plane for a few hours. Hope you guys like it! 

Summary: Princess Emma needs to get out of Misthaven. Really she needs to stop being a Princess. She’s always wanted to be normal, so for now she’s running away. She’s running away from a lot of things. 




This wasn’t the first time Emma ran away; not even close to the first time actually. It’s not that she hates her home or even her parents. She loves them dearly. They just hold such high expectations for her, expectations she’s not sure she can live up to. All she wants is a normal life and she can’t have that when she lives in a palace with guards. She can’t live in a apartment that overlooks the river and have friends over. So she’s running away not forever just for a couple months to clear her head get her priorities straight. She’s running away to get over him. She’s running away for a lot of reasons.  

Keep reading

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I am so SICK of seeing Tay fans on here body shaming her 😡 It makes me so freaking mad to see them call her huge and how sad it is that she is hiding her body ... Grrrrr... Can they please STFU ... As if Taylor is not getting body shamed enough by haters now her fans have to do it to?? Just don't understand this behavior. So disgusting!!! Rant over... Love your blog!!!!:)

Tbh I haven’t seen fans body shaming her much??? I follow nice people so ya know

But I agree people need to stop commenting on her weight, she looks healthier than ever. Obviously her weight is going to fluctuate when she is and isn’t on tour

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can I get a ship too I'm cancer sun, aries moon & libra rising. love this blog lots 🕊💞

I’ll ship you with Jisoo.
She’s a Capricorn and a good match for you as a Cancer. Even though these two signs are quite different they still complement each other which makes them compatible again. Practical and hardworking Capricorn can provide the needed security and safety to Cancer, whereas Cancer might be able to help serious Capricorn to open up more. Similar values such as stability (generally and financially), family and loyalty make this combination a harmonious one.

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Remember that group dance Meryl did on dwts to la vida Lica with all the girls in red? Kaitlyn should be wearing one of those outfits. The thing today looked like a poor attempt at this style (and also made it look like she picked up a fruit of the loom undershirt along the way). Love them but just no to those outfits.

When I first saw them I liked them - I think because of the vibe they sent - i.e 2 regular people dancing in the streets in Cuba during the day. A casual vibe compared to the intensity of the luxury ballroom costumes. 

So I think they are part way there - but the execution needs some developing. A skirt like this would give the same effect and would move better (to be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if that skirt actually threw off Kaitlyn’s balance during the twizzles). 

I wonder if these costumes were put together in a big rush after they got to HPC and perhaps realised Kaitlyn’s original peacock dress looked extremely similar to Piper’s and that all the Canadian ladies would be wearing the same cut of dress. 

I like the vibe of  the costume I posted above. I think that K needs to soften the skirt and probably loosen her crop top, make it one shouldered and make it as short as is possibly allowed in the rules. 

Here are the DWTS costumes