not that i hate matt smith or anything

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When did everyone decide to start hating on Matt? I have seen quite a few posts lately just trashing on him, which makes me so sad. He has always been one of my favourite characters on The Leftovers.

I have no idea. I don’t really follow anything about The Leftovers. The only reason I’m interested in it at all is for CE. Honestly I barely pay attention to the episodes unless Chris is on so I have the smallest idea of what’s even going on in the show. 

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I know you're probably drunk and don't want to deal with this, but do you have any indication that ADC is coming back for S4 or that the CoL will be in existence after the finale? Hedaswarrior is somewhat giving false hope that ADC's attendance at the con in Brazil must be confirmation that she'll be returning for S4. I just know she has a lot of followers and I hate to see people get their hopes up (even though I hope she never returns to 1OO) only to be crushed again. Any clarity on the issue?

Yes, I’m drunk. No, I’m not throwing shade at anyone. Do you really want Lexa back in the hands of writers who have shown absolute disregard for this entire community time and again? I don’t think Alycia going to that con means anything. Does Matt Smith going to cons mean the Eleventh Doctor is coming back? No. I’ve seen the girl that played Beth at cons. Does that mean she’s coming back? No. Cons book actors that will attract audiences and sell tickets. In this case it also conveniently serves the show because they will probably get her to say something like Ricky did. “Watch the show for my friends” and some people will fall for it. Clearly they already are and she hasn’t even opened her mouth. Bullshit. Absolute utter bullshit.