not that i don't love the cast

a little too fast: a wally & linda mix
songs for when it’s complicated because you’re way too into a younger guy who’s also your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend’s cousin… and the (second) fastest man alive.


i. classic - MKTO // ii. sweet piece of candy - someone’s little sister // iii. can we dance - the vamps // iv. froot - marina and the diamonds // v. my racing thoughts - jack’s mannequin // vi. fast as you can - fiona apple // vii. girls chase boys - ingrid michaelson // viii. drove me wild - tegan and sara // ix. did it again (feat. kid cudi) - shakira // x. all the pretty girls - fun. // xi. nuclear seasons - charli xcx // xii. if i go - ella eyre // xiii. adios - serayah mcneill // xiv. be good - emily kinney

"50 Shades is a great love story, I cried!!!"

"I wish I had a Christian Grey of my own!"

"It’s not abuse, Christian and Anastasia are in love!"

"Saw 50 Shades with my bae for date night! So romantic!"

"Learned a few things from 50 Shades, can’t wait to try them out ;)"


“I’ve been really, really lucky because whole, honest roles for young women don’t often exist. But now people are like, ‘Whoa, you’re such a feminist! You play such young, strong women.’ It’s like, if I were a guy, you wouldn’t be saying that to me. If I was a guy you wouldn’t be saying, ‘Wow, you play such strong young male roles. The question wouldn’t exist.”


I think you were. We were all just completely naked.

(feat. a v. concerned looking ki hong)

make me choose anon asked: Twilight Princess or and Skyward Sword

Get to know me meme | (1/5) actresses → Rose Leslie

You know what? I don’t necessarily want to shed my Ygritte character. I absolutely love her; I really, really, really did love her. She holds a special place in my heart. I think that’s an obstacle that any actor who’s fortunate enough to work comes across; it’s really making sure that you play characters that vary, and that you’re able to show your range, and do something that’s not predictable.”


I’m getting more fond of you

♫ “I know that you’re much older, and you’ve had many lovers, but there’s no place I’d rather be than underneath the covers next to you.” ♫
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