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OKAY, that's it. I'm done. I am fucking DONE with all the haters.

Look, I’ve tried to be respectful, but I seriously just cannot take it anymore. If you don’t or refuse to support: -Jared Leto/The Joker -Jargot (Jared x Margot) -Joker x Harley Then honestly, just unfollow me. If you can understand that people have different views and opinions on things, feel free to chat with me and continue being an awesome person. But if you can’t, well then…

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As this lovely anon requested, here is my take on the churros quote from SDCC this weekend! There is a colored version with a watercolor look and a plain white version. Both versions are available on my Redbubble account.


Guys, it was brought to my attention when a bunch of people ask me about the post where I said ‘Star Trek 2017 tv show’. Well, here’s a teaser/logo reveal of a new Star Trek show that is to be aired on May 18th of next year. Apparently it’s supposed to be free and not?? I’m not really sure, not a lot of information is out, but here y’all go.

someone talk me out of buying the force awakens soundtrack and the jane eyre the musical soundtrack in the same week. my wallet doesn’t want it but my heart doesss

My mama heard me talking about Ricky Whittle and asked me who he was bc I want to watch American Gods. When I mentioned the 1oo she said, “wow you really love that show!” and when my immediate response was “FUCK THAT SHITSHOW IT AND JASON ROTHENTWIT CAN FALL INTO THE VOID” she asked me why. Safe to say my mom got an hour and a half long rant/education on why Clexa is bae alongside the gems that are the cast of the 1oo.

I want to take a moment to write a love letter on the chemistry of the cast of Wynonna Earp and how it affects fanfiction writing.

Honestly, every single cast member has their own crazy sort chemistry with each of the other cast.  I’ve never seen another show with this level of chemistry between all manner of pairings, regardless of the scene.  

They have top notch sister chemistry/friend chemistry/lover chemistry/enemy chemistry, and anything else you could think of.  And as a person who likes to spin tales and create content beyond canon, this is truly the most delightful gift.

I went heavy (and will ALWAYS go heavy) with the Wynonna/Nicole Brotp in my first story and current story, and Doc/Nicole is also really important in the current story, and it just works (imho). 

I feel like a different friendship or different pairing scenario could be highlighted in ever single story written, and it works because of the onscreen chemistry.

Partner cops in a city investigating the paranormal that have a somewhat tense working relationship but a begrudging respect for each other?  Throw Nicole and Dolls in there.

An AU set in the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer with Doc as Spike and Waverly as Dawn?  Works great, because they have that same kind of great chemistry.

Crazy private detective duo that constantly winds up in places they shouldn’t be, having to shit talk their way out of situations and do things like throwing each other over fences to get away from an attack dog?  Wynonna and Haught are your girls.

Con Artists Doc Holliday and Wynonna Earp are the perfect duo for taking people for all they’re worth, but problems arise when Officer Haught starts investigating them (and manages to be terrible at her job by falling for a suspect’s sister)?  You could make it work.

Bobo as the leader of a biker gang that cast Doc out for not being hardcore enough?  Sure thing.

Point is, bless this cast and their crazy chemistry, and bless Emily Andras and the casting department for taking the time to find the perfect people for the roles, and then writing those roles so damn well.  I salute you.

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Since teen wolf isn't coming back until November I want to start watching The 100 and just wanted to know is it worth the watch?

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