not that i could make it

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‘ The resident witch of Halloween town. When not tending to her own craft, she’s not far from        helping the terror king with some helpful advice or  assisting  Halloween town’s mayor.  ‘

What do you mean it isn’t Halloween? Hello - suddenly I appear with some new NMBC AU content. This time around, I got around to finishing  Aqua - The water witch. I was pondering over what I could draw for the AU before I took note of the WIP I had sitting around of her. So, she now joins alongside Terra & ventus whom have their respective designs for the AU.

McHanzo fics that are like “Hanzo is a girl in this!!!!”: Congratulations bitch you’ve just ticked the homophobic, sexist and racist boxes. See you in hell you stale piece of white bread.

Imagine this; Jung Daehyun and Moon Jongup officially saving 2017 with their Project album, releasing new songs as well as prior studio versions of their solos. B.A.P finally getting the recognition and appreciation they deserve, thus souring in the charts and continuing to make an impact on social justice as well as mental health issues. Me casually slidin’ Bang Yongguk a crisp™ ten pound note for a comeback of Bang&Zelo including a live version of Pray. All is right in the world.

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i just have SO MANY FEELINGS.


I saw your tags for the Suliet post yesterday (today? I don’t time difference is confusing and it’s already almost Friday here) and you were saying how not since Suliet have you shipped anyone so much AND I AM RIGHT THERE WITH YOU!

I was a Jate shipper and it consumed my life in every way possible! And then for five years after that nothing came close. Hell, no one was even in the running and I had thought that that was it, a once in a life time ship that could make me feel like that. Honestly, I know how this sounds, but I’d given up on ever finding another ship that I could love as much and care about as much and have it take over my life and every waking (and sleeping) thought the way Jate did. And I was ok with that. I was happily living and reliving Lost/Jate over and over and it was perfectly ok.


They quickly found themselves up there, sharing that pedestal with Jate while all those other couples are like specks of nothing in comparison and I honestly have forgotten how I am supposed to function because I never thought this would happen again.

Riddle me this? What is after every question and before every answer? Art by @epicwee

It’s gorgeous, look at all these little details matching the riddle perfectly. The answer is all over the place. I love it.

Sudden random impulse to switch my otp tag over to being a purple heart emoji

just “#💜“

I don’t know why I want to do this all of a sudden

(I’m not actually going to. It could cause broken links, and it’d be a pain to copy-paste it all the time, and I don’t even know if it’d work as a searchable tag on a tumblr blog, etc. But still… weird, random impulse)

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Imagine, no one knows yet that Ambar has feelings for Simon, tho they have intereacted more lately, then she heard Luna saying that Simon is going back to Mexico and that she is going to miss him, and then Ambar look for Simon and cries telling him that he can't leave, he can't leave her alone with all the other loosers, and then Simon will be "Hey, I'll go for my mom birthday, I'll be back in a week"


oh yeah I hate people making money off of others hard work especially since so many youtube animators I know are students or aren’t earning much at all

but i think even with compilations you wont end up making much at all

because it takes animators so long to make things usually longer than other content creators  and to really make an earning off of you tube you need to be uploading  10 minute videos at least once or twice a week.

and since speedpaints don’t garner many views either we are kinda stuck.

plus there’s the whole “your videos wont show up for subscribers if they havent watched your videos in a while) so if youre an animator and dont post for a couple of weeks when you do post less people will see it

I get comments all the time from people telling me on videos I uploaded months ago that they never got notified, youtube is a mess

This is another reason so many artists are turning to patreon its kind of a god send for animators. (Im so dang grateful for my lil handful of patreons you have no idea they help me save up for art equipment and getting my art made into prints and pins) 

but even then a lot of our subs dont have the money to support us directly on patreon  so its  like being between a rock and a hard place trying to earn money from your art, unless youre really famous or have a good job in industry or get a partnership  3rd party