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ACOTAR Fandom Problems

Do you ever just lie awake at night at 3am, or wake up suddenly, or catch yourself remembering when you’re supposed to be working that out there, lurking in the shadows of AO3, is a fanfiction labeled:

Bone Carver/Azriel.

Because I do. I do, and one day, I shall read it. One day, my day shall come. And when it does, I hope you shall all remember that I died as I lived: For The Crack, and nothing but The Crack.

im so happy w my art improvement though like… im looking back at previous art, both on and off of this blog, and its just super weird to see the contrast between new and old. im still far from perfect, and i have a lot i need to improve upon, but im p. pleased with myself for sticking with something for as long as i have, and its super gratifying to be able to see the results 

i dont have any good comparisons (since ive never redrawn anything / have similar pictures), but look under the cut if you want to see some old -> new progression from my first digital drawing ‘til now >:O

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Ah, yes… one of *those* days.

On the Sander’s Sides

I love these videos.

How much people connect with them, how much Thomas, Joan, and Talyn set out to teach us, how much they can make people smile.

I just wanted to thank Thomas for them. They are a terrifying vulnerability. When I watch the Sander’s Sides videos (especially the most recent one: Nostalgia ½), my heart goes out to him, and I pray he is feeling as great as he could possibly be feeling at the moment.

Just, like. The Sides have become their own characters in our minds, but they represent feelings their creator has chosen to share with us. They are the “back-to-back dilemmas.” He has the pain Patton feels, the frustration Logan experiences, the desperation Roman suffers, and the panic Virgil has trouble controlling.

So. I just wanted to step back for a moment from the fandom aspect of the characters, and say thank you to their creators for sharing them with us and letting us learn from your research and experiences.

Thank you so much. @thatsthat24 I hope you are all having an excellent day and a better rest of your week.

How the last episode of Naruto should have gone.

“His name should be there.”  

Naruto joined him, gazing at the memorial in silence…Sasuke didn’t need to ask him who he meant. Eventually, Naruto had more to say (he always had more to say) 

“We could make one for him, huh?”

 Tsunade and  Kakashi  pored over the preliminary plans.

“Sakura, this is a brilliant idea. It would help so many children, we should prioritise it…”

‘Naruto is so annoying because he doesn’t have any parents’, no I was stupid for not recognising his pain. And Sasuke too. If they’d had somewhere to go, even just to talk to someone, to not feel alone - I’ll try and fix it so it wont happen to others. I can change how we do things in Konoha.” 

It was just a small white stone with his name carved into it. They found a place that was kind of pretty, with the light filtering through the trees. Naruto watched Sasuke, wanting to say so many things, tell him how he understood - but he knew Sasuke just wanted to be quiet right now. 

“Naruto.” Sasuke finally broke the silence.


“Next time you go to see Jiraiya , I’ll come with you. If you want.”


Sasuke twitched. Naruto remembered where they were and lowered his voice despite his excitement. 

“That’d be so great to have company, I got like a million stories to tell about him, he did some crazy stuff - that old man really got around! But how’d you know that I go  see him? I didn’t think you noticed.” 


“Where have you two been all day?” 

“Just meditating in the woods.”


“Uh huh…what are those? New jutsu?” Naruto pointed to the rolls of blue prints that Sakura was holding. 

“No - just a rough idea for something.” 

“Sakura presented us with some ideas for a way to help all the children affected by the war,” supplied Kakashi. “A specialist centre for all the children in the village to use whenever they need help.” 

Naruto grinned widely “That’s great! What, like a whole building for it, you planned that? That’s really impressive Sakura.”  

Sakura felt her face redden a little - and then a lot. Her eyes moved to Sasuke’s, to see his reaction, hoping to hear his opinion - but he wasn’t looking at her, he was looking past her, at something far away. She felt disappointed, but this was normal; he so rarely spoke.  

Funny scene where Team 7 do the bell test again for old times sake, Kakashi say’s he’s getting too old for this and thinks to himself “These three are like the kids I never had…which is why I never had kids.”

“How about some ramen you guys? I’m starving?” 

“Sure - uh, maybe you should ask Hinata too.


Sakura pointed; “She’s over there, she’s been watching you for the last twenty minutes.” 

“Seriously? Twenty minutes? That long? I didn’t see. Maybe she wanted to train with us.” 

“Not with us, with you …ugh, nevermind…”


Hinata actually shrieked in terror at being outed and threw a hand against a tree for support. Naruto was by her side in an instant. “Sorry for scaring you - but yeah why dont just say if you wanna hang out? Ramen?…I’ll take that as a yes.”  

“Ramen?” Iruka, the Konoha teams and Konohamaru all simultaneously appear, because of course.   

“Hey the more people the better Dattebayo!” 

Kurama speaks softly to Naruto. “You have so many friends now - a lot to look after, think you can do it?”

“Sure I can do it, I am doing it!”

Konohamaru’s voice breaks through; “Naruto said he’s paying, thanks Naruto!” 

“WHAAAA!!?” Naruto passes out with Kurama laughing at him.

A few days later and Sasuke is leaving on his journey. 

“Sasuke,” Sakura stammers a little, looking down. “I’d like to go with you - but I’m needed here.” 

“Yes. Your idea for the kid’s centre is genius.” 

Sakura looks up, speechless. 

“I want you to show me around it when I get back.” Sasuke pokes her on the forehead, “Until next time.” 

Sasuke nods at Kakashi and reluctantly accepts a fistbump from Naruto before leaving. 

Epilogue has the same Narrator from episode 1. The boy with a fox inside him  overcame many obstacles with the help of his friends and is now known as the Seventh . 

I’m not good at writing but this is how I wish the ending had gone

my angel @chickenwangsims tagged me in this a few days ago and i really love doing this tag a lot so thank u bby ♡

as always, i shuffle my ipod which has 1.3k songs on it, so these kind of get a bit messy for me. i skipped a few to avoid duplicate artists [with the exception of all time low hehe] and a few Strange songs.

she’s got you high // mumm-ra 
uprising // muse
truce // twenty one pilots
if these sheets were the states // all time low
falling asleep on a stranger // pierce the veil
life of the party // all time low
wolf like me // tv on the radio 
chocolate // knuckle puck 
remains // bastille 
tonight tonight // hot chelle rae 

i’ll tag @soleilsim, @felicitum, @keysims, @ratboysims and @ridgeport. if you’ve done it already, just do it again lmao :,) 

anonymous asked:

My issue or concern with tagging is for ppl who make gifsets basically (I hope that's OK for me to say) I don't want to go in the hookedit tag and see wish hook taking over the tag, I still want to find killian Jones gifsets. So I am hoping people come up with another tagging for their gifsets. (I have no problem what they use in reblogs on their own blog it's the tagging of gif makers I'm worried for, that I hope their is a new tag for wish hook)

Yup, I know what you mean. 

We had this in S5 when the Merlin fandom politely asked us to tag differently because our Merlin edits had taken over their usual tag. And everyone changed their tag to #ouatmerlinedit. I’m not sure why it’s such an issue for some people now.

And, for the record, I won’t be tagging Wish Hook in the hookedit tag, he’s getting wishhookedit. 


“Can we check out some other rooms here?”

(The Ghosts and Demons of Bobby Mackey’s    a.k.a that episode where Shane outed himself as both a demon and a walking meme)

“She joined the others at the table and for an hour they played Monopoly. Stan was the big winner.”