not that he's not hot in pics but

D-Agency Instagrams

So I finally got around to another post…..yeah! and the tag has been kinda slow of late. Since the ‘Gram is of modern times you can expect some modern hcs…….yeah!

Amari- Animals. Like if he sees a dog, he’s going to pet it and take a photo. Generally no theme to it but: animals, Emma pictures, candid pics of the other boys cause he loves his little bros. Sometimes will post totally hot single dad shots like an open book with a glass of wine by the fireplace after putting the kid to bed. So many female followers like when he does a selfie omg notifications forever. 

Odagiri- he’s a good boy but he has some pretty fuck boi like pictures. Gym shots, memes, Fukumoto’s food. His gym pics sometimes include Sakuma cause they are gym buddies. Sporting events like matches and marathons and stuff always got to get the group photo! You’re so flexing in that picture don’t even pretend dude. He adds those emoji filled motivation captions almost ironically. Good boys set their account on private.

Tazaki- Nature photos, animals( uh duh y'all know which is the most common), magic stuff. All have some chill feel with relaxed lighting. Altogether good cohesion without a true theme. His nature pics are stunning, none of the guys know where he gets these shots at. When and where is he getting these. Hardly ever writes on the post maybe a few words for the mood sometimes a winking emoji, his followers write more on the post than he does. Responses all polite.

Jitsui- seems like there was a theme but he says there is none cause a theme seems too time consuming. Got them book photos and journaling posts(his hand writing is so beautiful omg), dark lighting, sometimes clothes. Almost looks like a Slytherin moodboard. The others think he might have OCD cause of his Instagram. Blocks people all the time sometimes cause he doesn’t like the number of followers or likes or he doesn’t like their posts or their face. Has a second account for his manga. Pastel asf.

Fukumoto- cooking/food instagram mostly. Never captions, he will response to his dms about what it is or how he made it. Old recipe cards. Yoru is sometimes spotted in the background, its almost a game for his followers to spot Yoru. Has one of the like 3 pictures that have Yuki at least partially in them. Likes the shit out of Idol photos. Aesthetically pleasing market/shopping shots. kinda rarely posts though, so he floods feeds when he usually does. 

Miyoshi- how the fuck does he do it they ask. Every single photo is flawless. So aesthetic, so pretty, so natural. Never filters not even his selfies. The others are dumbfounded by the fact all he does is take out his iPhone and bam his got this professional asf photo of anything. Selfies, art, landscapes, selfies, clothes, books like anything he thinks reflects his sense of beauty. Never likes anyone else posts unlike he is basically bribed. Private account likes to control who sees his “thoughts”. Blocked Kaminaga, only kaminaga, he doesn’t know what he did. 

Sakuma- is a good boy but not on private, cause he is like your grandma and doesn’t know how to change it. Similar to Odagiri’s gram but less gym flexing mirror shots. has a shit ton of followers because of a few beach shots and them abs make people double tap all his shit. Always sliding into his dms is cute and stupid so always says that you if its so type of compliment. His selfies are cute though the others were kinda surprised that he would even take them and then that they would be cute. Lots of military photos from training and memes about it( like you can always tell whose military some dumb shit you gotta share). Always smiling cause when he’s in a picture with someone its cause he happy and friendly with them.

Hatano- refuses to smile in any of his photos expect the ones his gram is known for. Its a picture of him smiling and laughing but shit is always going down in the background. Once you think you see everything there is always something else that makes it even more hilarious. Masterpieces of the current age. Where does he find these cute cats. Videos of him pulling pranks on people. Another one of the sporty guys but never writes anything on his posts. Post everything and is random as hell but has the 2nd most followers, probably cause some of his selfies are thirst traps and his other post are so funny. Everyone thinks he secretly runs this fire meme page.

Kaminaga- his instagram is awesome looks like the dude travels the world and gets paid to enjoy himself. Sufing, travel, selfies, beautiful women, food, tourist spots, sports, videos not just pics too, really anything and everything. Has the most followers. You can tell when he really is going for it and uses his fancy cameras cause the posts are amazing and its like a national geo of some sort of remote hawaiian glass cave place and everyone is like dammmnnn. Somehow is still sober enough to capture the antics of the night but isn’t a dick about it and won’t post something unflattening thats what snapchat is for.

Yuki- didn’t have a gram till he got the boys so he has it just to see his grandsons photos and what they are up to, no one ever knows what to do if he writes on there posts cause they can’t tell if they are in trouble or how to response to some savage ass comment he has made. Hatano is usually in trouble. The other sporty boys usually receive the savage comments. Yuki has the fire secret meme page. 

hope y'all enjoyed…..yeah!


i was tagged in “favorite bias, favorite photo"  by @nerdtasticawkwardpenguin and @ninis-chicken-soo . Thank you so much <33333

Since i’m a bias hoe, my current bias is minseok. It was so hard choosing only a few pics cause i love every single picture of this amazing person. He’s cute and funny(picture number one is evidence), hot (picture number 2 is evidence) and he has the voice of an angel (if only picture number 3 had volume). 

I’ll tag @amerikaikong @achenlove @perfectkimjongin @detectivetrabula @kais-daddy @xiuminel @xiubaek13

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Excuse me but if you see a dog in a hot car and wait around for a while and you take pics on your phone and document the time the police are ok with you breaking the window but I'm not sure about the timeframe

Car and dog are gone so hopefully he was only in there for a little bit. Still feel badly for the dog who has to deal with neglectful shitty owners. The car was directly in the sun in 85deg weather and the window was cracked literally just a quarter inch and the poor dog kept putting his snout in the crack bc it was so hot.

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My judgment of him won't change bc of him "supporting" her things. I still think he's an idiot and that she's not happy around him. And I feel sad bc we gonna see that jerk everytime now. I miss looking for new pics of Gillian.

I know. I really don’t even want to see her anymore with him as a side-kick. It’s like smelling a steaming pile of shit every time you eat a hot, fresh pizza.


Some of my faves from Aaron’s House of Blues: San Diego concert (more pics here)

S3 predictions !

* we have no idea how the team reacts to losing shiro, this scene is never shown

* despite all keith and red went thru last season he still becomes the black paladin, red lion who???? Don’t know her

* allura has to Learn to Respect Keith’s Leadership Skills because Not All Galra ™. She probably has to apologize to him too and even though she’s obviously a more experienced and capable leader than he is she takes a backseat while Keith leads the team

* hunk saves the day by eating in one episode

* lance flirts with every Girl in the show (none of these girls have names or speaking lines except the one who kisses him)

* they each get like 2 minutes of development in the whole season

* staff makes it seem as if they’re a way bigger deal than they actually are, getting us all hyped up for the new season and then… it’s season 2 again

* Keith’s mom shows up in a flashback, turns out she’s dead. Her whole personality is being beautiful and dead that’s it that’s all we’re given

* but Keith’s dad is still alive !!!1 and he’s a fully fledged character with a detailed backstory and interesting motivations

(* Fandom ships him with everyone)

* speaking of

* lotor

* he’s there

* he’s fuckin horrible. Murders someone every episode. Fandom uses the “you’re doing amazing sweetie” reaction pic endlessly for each of these. Everyone thinks he’s gay because he has long hair, is evil, and is (god help me) Hot

* he’s also shipped with Everyone

* naturally he gets more development and screen time than hunk and lance put together I mean like that’s even a question

* turns out he was betrothed to allura before Altea fell and he Never Got Over It

* it’s creepy as shit but we have no idea how allura takes it because this is used to further Keith’s character development not hers

* pidge finds Matt, this either takes a single episode or half the season, and now the two of them have to find their father. He’s probably wherever lance and hunks characterization went.

* there’s a couple in the background of one scene and it’s implied they’re a Gay. This is the LGBT rep they were talking about. They pat themselves on the back for this and never bring up LGBT rep again.

* allura has to keep dealing with the not all galra storyline, she has to learn to accept them and love them ™ because all hate is Bad… live and let live… imagine all the people living life in peace…

* the last episode is a cliffhanger but this time it’s shiro who has returned, only when he opens his eyes they’re yellow like in that vision he had with Hagar back in s1

Steven Yeun is really really hot and deserves to be a leading man. Enough with the Chris Evans Pratt Pine Hemsworthlesses.

Look at him.

 AND ANOTHER THING. LETS TALK ABOUT YOUSEF FOLLOWING SANA ON INSTA AND NOTICING HER LIKE (brought to you by the naggings of the lovely @softestisak who buzzed me in class until i did this.)

so im thinking yousef is really fucking down at the moment. like laying around his room, staring up at the ceiling, ignoring his friends wanting to hang out- you know,  wallowing in self pity and all that shit. So he is mindlessly scrolling on instagram when he notices Sana’s like. And he almost scrolls right over it, because who the fuck actually looks at what their friends like on instagram? (but he’s kind of starved for sana content at the moment since she’s frozen him out for the time being.) So he clicks on it and the picture pulls up from some kid named isakyaki. and… what the fuck? He blinks and squints at the screen because that- that’s fucking Even? FUCKING EVEN? and it takes him a second to realize that Even is currently laying shirtless in bed with another boy (isakyaki, he presumes? what kind of stupid fucking name…) And they’re holding hands…. naked in bed…..                        

then he sees the caption and he just clicks off his phone and starts laughing his ass off for a hot sec. Just in disbelief. So he clicks on this isakyaki’s profile. And it’s filled with Even. brimming with a grinning, healthy happy looking even. And yousef has half a mind to start screenshotting the pics and sending them to the other boys. but not right now. he clicks through the images (trying not to feel like a stalker, fuck) and when he’s gone through them all he hits the follow button on isak. the kid won’t know him right? he doesn’t think so, so what would be the harm in just checking up on even through his isakyaki boyfriend?

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so i showed my sister one of your Remus cosplays (background info about my sis: shes a homophobe/transphobe/anything-that-isnt-cis-straight-phobe) AAANYwho so she was all "hes hot id date him" THEEEEN i showed her one of ur femme pics and LET ME TELL U A THING I THINK I CONFUSED MY SISTERS SEXUALITY AND LIKE BROKE HER BC AT FIRST SHE STARTED LAUGHING AND THEN CRYING???? BUT IT WAS FUNNY AND ANYWAY I LOVE YOU AND YOUR BLOG KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK IN RP-ING AND CONFUSING EVERYONES SEXUALITY MY SON

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Maybe I'm dumb come if the paps are stalking Louis' LA house they only snap him when he's with his kid or his non famous gf? Niall told us that he lives close to Louis and sees him (and Freddie, apparently)...I would think pics of Niall visiting Louis would be much more in demand. I dunno that's just me. Plus if paps are trying to sell pics by stalking 1D members wouldn't a pic of Bear with Liam and Cheryl be a hot commodity? Just wondering that's all...

Just a little something to heat up you’re morning, afternoon, evening, late night…just any old time ;)! 

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Memorable Moments from the Parade

- Hags and Cole egging the crowd on

- Someone throwing a beer to Bones and him catching it, then draining it to the cheers of the crowd

- Schultz seeing us on the roof, points, lifts his fist, and chugs his beer before tossing it on the crowd while still looking at us

- “One More Year” chants to Cullen

- Olli running after his truck like a lost baby duckling

- Guenz just riding in the truck with his arms outspread and his face upturned

- Fleury looking emotional while people chanted his name and continued the “one more year” chants

- About 1000 people all screaming “HORNY” at the same time

- G looking hot ‘n tired and not getting out the truck while Ana laughs

- Cannons shooting out mass amounts of yellow and black confetti 

-The media people helping people with faux cups to get them signed

- Sidney looking way too happy as he carted the cup from one side of the road to the other