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sometimes an angel is found in the dark


no way. not funny.

Ambrollins goes for furniture shopping and Roman is tagging along...

Seth [to Roman] : See, I told ya. My boy is serious in our purchase.

Dean : Daddy!

Seth : What is it puppy? What’s going on? You like it. You want it?

Dean : *bouncing* want want want

Seth : Alright! My baby’s gonna get what he want I am…WOAH WHAT ARE YOU DOING

Dean : WANT TO GET POUNDED OVER IT! That’s how we gonna test its sturdiness duh!

Seth : BABY, wait! Roman is still here!

Dean : *bends over regardless*

Seth : *burning red*

Roman : *amused af* Go on. Imma watch.

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Head canon that Mari could get into music but she would want something small, just to play for fun when she’s bored. Chat finds her playing on the balcony one day and she serenades him with “What’s New Pussycat” and he absolutely dies of amazement. 

Then she’d play the Twenty One Pilots cover of Can’t Help Falling in Love With You and he would fall head over heels in that moment.

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The Wheelers Politics and It’s Potential Ramifications

So I was doing the whole rewatch today and this really jumped out at me.

Now we all know that the Wheelers support Reagan for the election. He was a Republican, and though not as batshit crazy as conservatives seem to be now, he wasn’t exactly a progressive. The fact him and his administration did nothing for the AIDS crisis for eons speaks volumes.

So the Wheelers are Republicans, or at least support Reagan for reelection. Not a big shocker there. But surely that doesn’t mean that they would be conservative in every matter, does it? 

Then I saw this.

Mrs.. Wheeler is talking on the phone to someone and says “I know Kath, maybe if it was Margaret Thatcher that would be another story.”

OK so I am DYING to know the context of this conversation. Why? Because if you don’t know who Margaret Thatcher was, whooboy. She was the Prime Minister in England in the 1980′s, was super conservative, and her stance on the LGBT community was pretty damn bad, putting it lightly. Google it for a more in depth look at how horrible she was.

Sadly, as Prime Minister, she would squander much of that credit lending her support to one of the nastiest anti-gay measures of modern times: the infamous Section 28 of the Local Government Act 1988, which forbade schools from teaching “the acceptability of homosexuality as a pretended family relationship”. This was despite the open secret (among Westminster insiders, at least) that several prominent members of her government were themselves gay, albeit in reinforced-steel closets. It remains one of the darkest spots on her legacy

–The Daily Beast

The way Mrs. Wheeler says this, with that knowing smirk, combined with the Wheeler’s apparent conservatism, makes me sit up a bit straighter. If Will is gay, how would they react? Badly? What if Mike wasn’t straight either? How could this family environment have shaped himself? It seems like such a throw away line but woooo it is telling. Is this possible foreshadowing of some sort? I do find it very interesting.

Karen Wheeler I am side eyeing your ass so hard rn

“Walk tall my friends”

Insert ugly sobbing here

I actually cried when Tony sent me this photo. He did such an incredible job and captured the feeling that stood out to me in this game, the bonds you make with those important to you. If you ever get the chance to work with him, please do he has helped me bring every visionI’ve brought to him to life.

The cool thing about this is we found the PERFECT road going to Meteor Crater, so even though the crazy rocks and the signs are photoshopped, the side of the road blended so well into the actual in game shot, we were blown away. We had to shoot here! Even if that meant jumping off the road as cars passed in between shots 😂

Incoming long sappy post.
I am so incredibly thankful for our life, for these wonderful people in these photos that make my crazy dreams come true, for the friends that we’ve made along the way, and for our supportive family. I am so impressed with the amount of incredibly talented and creative people we’ve met along the way and can call friends. There are so many of you and we love you all and are so lucky to create and spend time with you. I couldn’t imagine a different life. Making art and wonderful memories with all of you has meant more than I can express. I am thankful for this life and all of you. I hope you get to spend time, not only today, but in your life with those that make your life worth living.

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Noct/Iggy us

Prompto, Ignis, Noctis by @ardawigs

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You went to Goldie's for one of Clay's late night shows. You took your usual booth in the front row, chin rested in your palms as you gazed lovingly up at him with adoration. You'd blush like crazy when he had a few bits like you. Though you couldn't fight the tiredness pulling at your eyelids. The next time Clay looked over, you were curled up, fast asleep and he smiled softly, patting at the velvet box in his pocket. He knew you were the one, and there was no way he was gonna let you go.


Fluffy Friday™


Every year I work thanksgiving and black Friday, I make sure I dress obnoxiously so that everyone has to laugh or be in a good mood.

I also did my makeup wonderful tonight so there’s that. I had a lot of customers ask about my sweater and headband though so I sold quite a bit of that tonight 😸😸😸👌

Was a decent night. Gonna be a shit crazy Friday though…

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how much do you love kyla

kyla? whom?

I’m kidding a whole lot - not that calling her my sunshine or universe or my remus lupin (she’s the true furry :///) gave it away, I understand we barely talk online and it seems almost as though I don’t even follow her. Crazy!

(I’m so sorry that this is so sarcastic usjsjsj)

Because it’s thanksgiving, I want to mention some people that I’m truly thankful that they are in my life. (Totally did not steal this from Kristin, nope)

@autumnalexistence My darling Precious. You are my partner in sin, a member of our mutual admiration society, and love of my life. I’m so thankful for you and your presence in my life. I’m so glad that we can share everything with each other and I love sharing ideas together! 😘

@trickyarchangel Jo, my love. You’re my favorite and I love you so much that I read your McKirk/Spones fic even though I’m a crazy person. You send me Sterek things because you know I’ll love them and we bond over our mutual horrible-ness. I love you forever. ❤️

@mymcdanno Kristin, you gorgeous human. I’m so glad we’re friends and I adore talking to you. You’re adorable and sweet and encouraging. I love sharing things with you and you’ve encouraged my McDanno-ness to possibly dangerous levels. We will be friends forever (you’re never getting rid of me). 💖😊

There are so many other people that have been a positive and loving influence here and wow I love all of you so much!! As I give thanks for so many things in my life, you are all high up on that list. Though this website can be frustrating and bring anger and annoyance, I will never regret meeting all of you and making you my friends.

Love you all forever. 💕

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Good frickin luck. If the stories are anything to go by, you're gonna need it (please stay safe)~sweets

If I’m lucky, I get to cut the wrap and make a break for it for lunch and miss most of the crazy! Right now it’s just really chill even though the store mananger just got here hnnnngh


Jane the Virgin

Life is full of tough moments, you have to fight for what you want.


So here’s the izuocha stuff that I promised… a little messy since they’re hand drawn but they’re better than nothing right? :3

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