not that confident

How nice of the cover to make it look like Donald was the only one scared while Scrooge was ready to fight, when in reality Scrooge is scared too. And look, Della is once again the one saving their butts. 

On the bright side, they finally walked into a trap that wasn’t Donald’s fault.

Imagine Woozi spending the last hours of his birthday, feeling absolutely grateful for all the love he received from family, friends and fans.

i fucking hate social media!!! so much!!!!! i wish i didn’t use it so much in middle school!

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Today I felt proud, because i stood up for myself when this guy who tries to scare me into doing things for him kept messing with my best friend. I shut him up, told him I wasn’t afraid of him. He got all mad at me cause I wasn’t afraid anymore.

You should be very proud of yourself!!!

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How do I become comfortable with dressing up? I get uncomfortable like I'm trying too hard and I start to feel like people are staring or they think I'm trying to be better than them. I hope that's a normal thought

I’m going to be making a video all about confidence or even a series of videos about confidence at some point, I’m still working on writing them so please stay tuned ^_^

Short answer, there will always be people who think negatively of what you are wearing - and there will always be people who think positively. if you wear it with confidence and with a smile, it’s very unlikely somebody would stare and think anything negative. most people will stare thinking you look great and may even be inspired to dress up more themselves. people who judge and look down on it are sad or insecure within themselves. in the end, how you choose to feel about it is all in your mind, as I’ve said before it’s mind over matter. what helps me ignore what people think is the reminder that you only have 1 life, you only have 1 time of your life being young, and you don’t want to regret not wearing the things you love. so make the most of it. also - practice makes perfect! put on the outfit and get yourself out the door, that’s half the challenge. the next time it will be much easier :) x

Loving yourself

Body positivity isn’t for a certain group, it’s for everyone. It’s for you! Body positivity is about learning to love yourself the way you are currently and embracing every little part of yourself. It’s about cultivating confidence and being comfortable in your own skin.

Everyone has parts of themselves that they feel are flawed, but love the flaws too.

Loving yourself means treating yourself well, and taking care of yourself like a good friend.

Embracing your body and loving yourself is a process, and you can love the body you have and still decide to make changes. Whether you want to add to your body with a tattoo or decide to get surgery, just make sure those decisions are for yourself and not to fit into society’s strict version of beauty standards.

Why are men™ so put off by male kpop idols wearing makeup like yeah Josh that’s a smokey eye shadow and it makes their eyes look great on the other hand your crusty ass hasn’t even heard of chapstick bye