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The creators of PaRappa and Gitaroo Man are making a new music game together
Designers Masaya Matsuura, best known for the iconic PlayStation game PaRappa the Rapper, and Keiichi Yano, who created cult hit Gitaroo Man, announced today that they’re working on a new title called Project Rap Rabbit. The game will be co-developed by Matsuura’s NanaOn-Sha studio, and Yano’s iNiS. NanaOn-Sha developed PlayStation-era titles UmJammer Lammy and Vib-Ribbon, before experimenting with new platforms, including the iPod game Musika, Major Minor’s Majestic March on Wii, and Beat Sports on Apple TV. Read more
This Week @ NASA

Astronauts conduct a spacewalk on the International Space Station to prepare it for future activities. Peggy Whitson became the new women’s record holder for number of spacewalks and more!

International Space Station

Work continued aboard the International Space Station. Spacewalkers Shane Kimbrough and Peggy Whitson used the station’s robotic arm to move the Pressurized Mating Adapter-3 on March 24 to move a module to accommodate U.S. commercial spacecraft carrying astronauts on future missions. They continued this work on March 30. Another spacewalk to complete the work is slated for April.

James Webb Space Telescope

Engineers at our Goddard Space Flight Center Center complete vibration and acoustic tesing on the James Webb Space Telescope, which was subjected to earsplitting noice and shaken 50-100 times per second to simulate the rigors of launch.


Data from our MAVEN, our Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN, and published in the journal Science, concludes that solar wind and radiation are responsible for stripping Mars of its atmosphere and turning it into the frigid desert world it is today.

Most of the gas ever in the Red Planet’s atmosphere has been lost to space. The MAVEN team focused on the gas argon, estimating that 65% of it has been stripped from the planet. In 2015, the science team determined that atmospheric gas continues to be lost to space.

STEM Education

We participated in a Women’s History Month celebration and the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. The program feature NASA astronauts and engineers. The were also projects to get girls interested in sciene, technology, engineering and math, or STEM, education. There was also a screening of the film ‘Hidden Figures,’ which relates the story of African-American female mathematicians who were instrumental in the agency’s efforts to launch humans to space.

NASA App on Fire TV

We’ve released our latest free NASA app on a whole new platform–Amazon Fire TV! The app is already available for Apple TV, iOS, and Android.Viewers can stream NASA TV, access 16,000+, download video and more!

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Autumn Asks

Hot Chocolate: What is your favorite dessert?

Knee Socks: If you were starring in a movie, who would you want as your co star?

Bonfires: What’s your favorite TV show?

Apple Picking: What’s something you’ve done that you’re really proud of?

Cinnamon: What makes you laugh the most?

Oktoberfest: Have you thought about going on exchange? Where would you want to go?

Pumpkin Spice: Do you have a favorite coffee place? Why is it your favorite?

Hay Rides: What fictional world would you want to live in?

Cozy Sweaters: Is there anything you wish would come back into fashion?

Halloween: If you went to Hogwarts, what house would you be in?

Rainy Afternoons: What is the last book you read for fun?

Scary Movies: Would you rather be a character in a thriller or a rom com?

Yellow Leaves: What color best corresponds with your personality?

Caramel Apples: What is your favorite class you’re in right now? Why?

S’mores: What are you most excited for about this year?

Carving Pumpkins: Do you have any unusual talents?

Beanies: What is your most prized possession?

Thanksgiving: Would you rather speak all languages or be able to talk to animals?

Cider: What would you title your autobiography?

Frost: Are you a morning person or a night person?


Summary: Your cousin needs help with her adorable 2-year-old.

Words: 1533

Paring: Steve x Reader

Warnings: Kids and loads and loads of fuffly

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“Are you sure that you three are going to be okay?” You look into your cousins’ eyes and nod. You understand that she is worried about leaving her daughter with you and Steve for the whole afternoon, it’s the first time since her divorce that she is going out and she is looking for excuses not to “Of course, how many times have I watched Kate? Go have fun on your date.”

“It is not a date and are you sure that Steve is not gonna mind? He works so much and this is his free time…” You don’t let her finish “Of course it is a date, he asked you for coffee and cake, and in my book that is a date. About Steve, don’t worry he loves kids.”

You are not sure if this is true, you and Steve never talked about having kids or even kids in general in your eight-month relationship. But how bad can it be? In the worst case, he spends all day locked in the room while you play with a toddler.

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