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Broke My Dream

Characters: Sam x Reader

Word count: 4442 - sorry not sorry blame @a-sea-of-fandoms

Warnings: fluffy fluff, smutty smut, a bit of angst if you squint

A/N: Anon Requested: “Can you write one about Sam x reader. Reader is shy quiet bookworm who is in love with Sam. She knows he would never feel the same way. So she fantasizes about him seducing her. Then it really happens. Thank you” Hope this is OK!

You couldn’t focus on the book in front of you. The bunker was quiet enough, the light warm enough, your legs comfortably resting over the arm of the armchair you were laid in, but you just couldn’t stop thinking about him. It was an uncharacteristically quiet day, and it was supposed to be the day you finished this book you’d been trying to finish for weeks. But every time the main character was mentioned, your mind wandered and you thought back to the tall, long haired, broad shouldered man you knew in real life. You weren’t even halfway through this thing, but you wouldn’t give up on it. You’d never given up halfway through a book and you didn’t plan on starting now.

Clearing your throat, you tried to refocus.

You felt your eyes growing heavy and before you knew it you were drifting off to sleep, your head resting on the other arm of the chair, the book still open and perched against your thighs. You felt yourself smile as you saw Sam move towards you, his hand coming up to hold your face before he crashed his lips to yours. You were suddenly against a wall, his hands on your waist holding you in place as he deepened the kiss. You gripped the fabric of his shirt as he let his hands wander down, his lips moving to suck a mark under your ear.

A moan rumbled past your lips as you felt his fingers slip under the top of your jeans and you suddenly started awake.

You jumped up, sitting up in the chair, realising you’d fallen asleep and were having one of your not-so-infrequent fantasies about the younger Winchester. It had been a long couple of weeks and sleep had been severely lacking for all of you as you worked the case.

“Dude you were out,” you heard Dean’s voice and laughed. “And making some serious happy noises,” he winked, and you instantly cringed, your cheeks flushing pink.

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Scorbus Coming Out rec list

So last Tuesday was National Coming Out Day and I didn’t really do anything to mark the occasion. I came out to my friends and family when I was 13 and I’m about to turn 31. Being in a monogamous relationship with a man gives the illusion that I am heterosexual, but I was once very open about my bisexuality, I even founded our high school’s GSA. However this post isn’t about me, it’s to celebrate the wonderful Scorbus coming out stories that have come out post Cursed Child.

Most of these are one shots but there are a few chaptered stories at the bottom. If you know of any other Scorbus fics that feature coming out as an important part of the plot please reblog to add on to this list. While I personally see Albus and Scorpius’ coming out to their families as a pretty easy process (I assume the parents figured it out before they did) I like that authors have explored different dynamics. I hope that anyone struggling with coming out themselves can take courage from these stories. I’m also always available to chat.

Albus Severus Potter/Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy 

Coming Out Stories 

*Coming Out- rainystreetlights
Scorpius and Albus have been going out for a few months now. It’s probably time Draco knew. Scorpius, however, would be happy to put it off forever.

*Albus Comes Out- albvsxscorpy
Short, sweet and funny. Hopefully a sequel will be coming soon :)

*Coming Out to Ginny- torestoreamends
Albus comes out to his mum. Short sweet ficlet.

*Best Mates- picascribit
Part 1 of Pica’s Scorbus Arc (G)
Albus comes out to Scorpius. Confessions, realizations and getting together.

*Hogsmeade Outing- picascribit
Part 2 of the Scorbus Arc series (G)
First date and coming out to the school.

*Protego Club- picascribit

Part 3 of the Scorbus Arc series (G)

Hogwarts’ own LGBTQ club and it is amazing!

*Albus Day- picascribit
Part 4 of the Scorbus Arc series (Teen and up)

It’s Albus’s birthday! Lot’s of cousins, cuddling and kissing. Plus Protego Club, LGBTQ themes and conversations about consent and waiting. This is so rich and wonderful!

(Note that Part 5, ‘No Distractions’ isn’t really a coming out story so I haven’t included it on the list, but if you haven’t read it by all means do, just a warning that there is a mature sex scene at the end.)

*The Talk-picascribit
Part 6 of the Scorbus Arc series (Warning Rated Mature)
Harry and Albus have “the talk” and it’s awkward and wonderful and hilarious

*Missing Pieces- picascribit
Part 7 of the Scorbus Arc series (Teen and up)
Scorpius comes out to his father and it *hurts* but it gets better.

*In Spades- Jillian Bowes
‘When Scorpius learns he may be asexual, he worries he will never get to be in love. Albus is determined to convince him otherwise.’ Wonderful fic exploring sexual and romantic identity, and of course love.

*Coming Out to You- scorbus394
Two boys. One closet. And the cutest way to come out of that closet. 

*Studying- writeitininkorinblood
“So, this is what the kids mean when they say ‘studying’ nowadays, is it?” Ginny finds Albus and Scorpius kissing and it’s more than a little awkward.

*Talking- writeitininkorinblood
Ginny is pretty determined that Harry talk to his son about his relationship. Harry is less convinced but Ginny is in charge so here he was, sat on the edge of Albus’ bed and trying to make an awkward conversation as non-awkward as possible.

*The Potter Thing- writeitininkorinblood
Scorpius knows he has to come out to his father eventually. It wasn’t the male thing Scorpius thought his father would be mad about, it was the Albus Potter thing. The /Potter/ thing in particular.

*We’ll Be Okay- c_hristine_s 

‘Albus’s embarrassment always seems to rub off on Scorpius.’ 
End of six year, planning to come out over summer break.

*After Breakfast- BookofSpells
‘Albus is nervous about he and Scorp’s first night alone in their new flat. Harry is clueless’. Cute and funny.

*pride- nova of scorbusdrabbles
‘Harry discovered that Albus is gay when Ministry business led him to Hogwarts on what was coincidentally the school’s Pride Day’. Short, slightly crack-ish drabble.

*Firewhisky- amorae
‘Albus Severus Potter isn’t nearly as dense as his father, but if there were a competition for “The Densest Potter Boys Alive”, it would be a very, very close call.’ This quite long, but full of supportive characters and one very clueless Albus.

*When did that start?- smolbirbplant

‘Albus and Scorpius have been keeping their relationship a secret all year. As they get off the Hogwarts express Scorpius decides that he wants to share that secret with their families.’ 
Short, cute, easy. Supportive, yet teasing James.

*Buried Memory- ssJono
‘Albus is fed up with his Dad’s attempt at setting him up and comes to a realisation.’ Featuring Fantastic and fierce Ginny.

*The Unfortunate Consequences of Talking to Oneself in the Mirror- TheRogueHuntress
'In which Scorpius attempts to tell his grandfather he’s dating Albus Potter.’ Probably not CC compliant, probably don’t care. It’s short and funny.

*One Beat- threebroomstickz
'Scorpius released a long, defeated sigh. It was true, he had insisted that they keep their relationship secret. For the sake of their families. The media would have a ball when they find out about the gay sons of the savior of the wizarding world, and ex-death eater.’

*Together- KillianJones32
Well, preparing to come out anyway

*talk to me for hours-clohvers
Perhaps more of a confessional than a coming out, but it has a similar nervous energy.

*Albus Potter and the Crush on His Best Friend- ablondeweasley
‘Harry’s battles, in the original seven books, were always simple, and with two outcomes: beat Voldemort or die. Albus struggles with something much more complicated…’ Veritaserum, confessions, rainbow cupcakes and Poppy Pomfrey, oh my! 

*Only Love- cinderblocklynn
‘Albus doesn’t have much interest in girls and he doesn’t feel like he needs to, he has Scorpius and he’s more than enough for him’. Getting together then coming out to the Potters.

*One Step at a Time- teenagewasteland
Pure Scorbus fluff because we can never have too much of that
Part one is getting together, part two is coming out

*In Which Scorpius Malfoy and Albus Potter Come Out- Ravenclaw Scientist
Part 1 of ‘In which… Scorbus is cannon’ series (Teen and Up)
This is a bit all over the place, but as the title suggests… Scorpius comes out to Albus is chapter one, Scorpius comes out to his dad in chapter 3 and Albus comes out to his parents in chapter 6. In between there are drunken house parties and weirdness.

*A very important conversation- Ravenclaw Scientist
Part 4 of 'In which… Scorbus is cannon’ series (rated Mature)
Harry and Draco sit Albus and Scorpius down for “the talk” *together*. Much awkwardness ensues. Scorpius is adorable. Warning for well you know, wizard sex education. Works as a stand alone.

*Love Dorks- pommedeplume
Part 4 of the Albus and Scorpius Series
Albus Potter discusses his gender with his boyfriend. Kissing and dorkiness ensues.

*Someone My Mother Would Be Proud Of- ScorbusDeservesBetter 
Note that I have only read the first three chapters (Scorpius comes out to his dad in the third) but it is a complete story.

*A Knack for Trouble- CoronaAustralis
This is a WIP and promises to have a rather complex and intriguing plot. The boys come out in chapter 2 or rather Scorpius comes out and Albus makes a muddle of it.

*Adventures of a Transgendered Wizard
Note that this is a WIP. It’s written in first person, and while it is not really my thing, I thought it should be included here.

Korrasami Analysis: Relationship "Health"

Anon ask #1: In your opinion, what makes Korrasami a healthier ship in general than Makorra/Masami? I have no hate for Mako but it was pretty clear that his relationships with Korra and Asami were unhealthy. What do you think sets Korrasami apart from that to make it a healthier relationship?

Anon ask #2: I saw a post somewhere saying that Korra and Asami doesn’t work because Korra let Asami to yell at her and she didn’t do anything and saying it wasn’t Korra. Saying that they don’t have conflict like mako and Korra (even katara and Aang argue) did where after they argue they get over it and saying Asami takes grudges and stuff and I’m like what. Do they know that Korra need one thing that doesn’t bring conflict to her life like being an avatar is? And that’s Asami who supportive all the way.

These two are very much related, because the “issue” raised with Korrasami in ask#2 gets at why it is that they work so well. I can’t believe anyone would view that argument as a bad sign for a relationship.

Before I jump into this, I will say I’m hardly the arbiter of what makes a happy, healthy relationship. But what I can do is look at characterization and hopefully explain how certain dynamics play into the emotional needs of the individuals.

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swiftlyromantic  asked:

What are your thoughts on Willas Tyrell and the future of the Reach? TBH I'm pretty sold on the guy due to not only his family's praise, but the fact that even Oberyn and TYWIN have only good things to say about him. Sorry if you've already talked about him before, but I can't search through your blog since I'm on mobile rn :)

I’m extremely bullish on Willas Tyrell. GRRM has said he’s got significant plans in store for him and Garlan, his praises have been sung in every corner as you say, and I suspect he’ll prove to be one of the most important figures in post-Dawn Westeros. I think that where Renly was a deconstruction of the classic fantasy Good King, Willas is secretly the real deal, hidden from us for so long to increase the impact of his introduction.

Specifically, I think that Willas will lead the resistance to this: 

“I saw towers by the sea, submerged beneath a black and bloody tide. That is where the heaviest blow will fall.”

…which I believe to be Euron’s apocalyptic assault on Oldtown, culminating in him blowing the Horn of Joramun and bringing down the Wall, hence Mel describing it as the “heaviest blow” in the Second Battle for the Dawn. (The classic GRRM-irony being that both she and Jon assume it must be a castle at the Wall, their eyes trained north even as the end of the world sneaks up behind them.) Sam escapes Oldtown (hopefully along with Sarella) to continue as our POV in the region, and hightails it to Highgarden to warn Willas and Garlan that “these are no mere reavers,” that Euron is not just Iron King but would-be Night’s King. They rally the Reach and (heh) reach out to the anti-Euron elements on the Iron Islands and anyone else left in the south who can fight. I see a parallel struggle coming in ADOS: Stannis holds Winterfell against the army of the dead, while Willas holds Highgarden against the man who would lead said army. After both Euron and the Others have been fried to a crisp, Highgarden and Willas the Wise are natural pillars for the reconstruction in the south, every bit as much as Winterfell and the Starklings in the North. 

anonymous asked:

i'm still here for little emperor hux never seeing a person like kylo dressed so plainly before because he grew up incredibly sheltered (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ also i 'm here for little emperor hux being carried around on this lofted bed by his guards (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ i'm ALSO here for little emperor hux wearing makeup and kylo making fun of it like a little jerk when the boys are having an argument (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ BUT I'M REALLY HERE FOR KYLO LIKING HOW PRETTY HIS BOY EMPEROR IS FUCKING ALRIGHT?!?!? (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

AaaaHHHHHhhh yes! Yes indeed.

Normally, the emperor Brendol did not approve of his son staying up so late, but for the yearly tribute banquet, an exception could be made, just for the one night. It was the second year Ren had been in the service of the Empire–he had just passed his twelfth birthday, and Armitage was thirteen–but he had never attended because Armitage had not been old enough to attend until this year. In the years before, Armitage would stay in his chambers, and Ren would show him new Force tricks he had learned in his training, or they would play strategy games on Armitage’s holopad, and nobody bothered to make sure they were sleeping so they could stay up as long as they liked, making fun of the guests somewhere they wouldn’t be heard. 

But this year, Armitage was of an age to begin learning how to attend Imperial functions, and where Armitage went, Ren went, too. Now, the little emperor was dressed up in all the gaudy, overdone finery that he and Ren had spent the previous years mocking, and it was lucky for him that the pale base coat that had been painted onto his face concealed his irritated blushing.

“You look like a cake topper,” Ren said to him, low, trying to hide his grin as they entered the hall. “You look like a doll that fell into a makeup drawer.”

“Shut up,” Armitage hissed. 

“You look like a coloring page.”

“Shut up,” Armitage said again, working as hard as possible to keep his voice down. “Do you think I’m kidding when I say I’ll have you murdered?”

“You have to find someone who’s good enough to, first.”

Armitage snorted, and then they were seated and Ren kept silent, mostly out of a healthy respect for the Emperor Brendol. Brendol had never exactly been unkind to him, but it was clear that Brendol saw him as a tool, a useful item that would keep his son safe, and every show of kindness that Brendol had given to him had been with some ulterior purpose–to make him stronger, smarter, better, more suited to the task he was to devote his life to. There had been a brief ceremony in which the Emperor had officially decreed that little Ben Solo would be a lifelong servant of the Imperial Family, and would be known forever after as Kylo Ren, Personal Guardsman of the heir, Armitage. He was given a lightsaber of his very own. He was given a seal of his own, that no one else could use. And with that he was given to Armitage. He didn’t even have to say anything, only bend his knee.

How scared he’d been, though he’d done his very best not to show it. But he’d only been a kid then, ten years old. He had trained so intensely, become such an important part of the Imperial Family already. He felt much older now, much more mature. Even if he didn’t always act it. 

When Brendol’s attention was occupied by a sommelier who wanted to know if the Emperor would prefer red or white wine, Ren breathed in Armitage’s ear.

“You look like a Life Day decoration.”

Armitage’s eyes flicked over to his father, to see if it was safe to respond. Brendol was explaining the exact vintage he needed to have delivered to the table if the sommelier intended on having a job this time tomorrow. It was safe. 

“As soon as we get back to my quarters I’m going to punch you in the face.”


But of course, Armitage is too tired to do any such thing by the time they are returned to his quarters. There was reason that only now was Armitage able to attend; the formalities go on until nearly two in the morning, and it takes every ounce of effort for Armitage, who is naturally an early riser and who has trouble staying awake past midnight, to not nod off. By this point, Ren was nagging at him just to keep him from falling asleep, but he started running out of things to compare Armitage to. 

Armitage was so tired that he merely crumpled onto his bed, his breath soft and steady, like one already asleep. “Armitage,” Ren called. “You still look like a princess doll. You still look like an embroidered napkin.”

“I don’t even care…”Armitage grumbled. 

“You have to wash up.”

Armitage grunted, ninety percent asleep. 

“Do I have to do everything?” Ren asked, mock-annoyed.

“I’m the Emperor,” Armitage said. “Yes, you do.”

Ren went into Armitage’s refresher and dampened a cloth, brought it out, dripping. “Hold still,” he said, wiping away the cosmetics with a forceful but careful hand. Armitage winced but let him, said nothing as Ren made sure everything was gone. “Okay. Go to sleep now.”

This sort of thing seemed to happen a lot. Any time Armitage needed a little extra help, or care, there didn’t seem to be anyone else around but Ren to make sure it happened. Not as far as education, or duties, or being given any object he wanted, or things like that. Armitage had the best teachers, and clothes, and gifts, and food, and hopefully, if he did not have the best guard just yet, Ren would grow to become the best guard. But things like making sure Armitage was happy or attended to in his private moments….Ren assumed that that was what he had been given to Armitage for, when he knelt before Brendol two years ago and accepted his new name and new life. 

Armitage looked so gentle and happy and clean that it made Ren’s heart melt a little. Was this what it was like to have a brother you loved? That was what the Emperor had wanted, and Ren supposed that it had come true. He gave Armitage’s face one last swipe with the cloth, to make sure, and then climbed into his own bed, happy. 


Actors are not their characters. As actors, this is their job, this is their profession. They could have been doctors, police, bakers, whatever, but they chose to become actors. This isn’t just a hobby, this is their lively hood. This is how they support themselves and their families. They are paid to assume the role of the characters they play. Yes, hopefully they enjoy what they do, as we would hope anyone would their job. But it is still just that - a job like any other.

Would you start shipping the checkers at the grocery store? Would you start researching every minute detail of a dentist and his assistant’s life? Would you INSIST that the accountant and bank teller are destined to be together when you only know them from a great distance? Of course not! It is ridiculous, uncanny, and certainly unnerving enough to be considered stalking. These people are co-workers simply going about their day. They are here to make an income by serving you. That is all. Actors are just regular people doing the exact same thing.

As much as you may think you know about an actor, you do not know them on a personal level. You are not their peer, you are not their close family, nor their close friend. You do not know what is best for them because you only see them from a distance. You have no idea what their life is like from the inside, for you, like it or not, are only seeing them from the outside as through a clouded window pane. You don’t know where they are in life except that which you can see, and you certainly don’t know but the very slightest of their feelings and emotions. To hail yourself as author to their fate is horribly arrogant.

Beyond that, these are not fictional entities who, at the end of the day, have no feelings and emotions; who, at the end of the day don’t truly exist. These are real people, with real lives. These people have feelings and emotions. They are not toys for your to play with, they are not figurines for you to position, they do not exist purely for your amusement. They create fictional characters to inspire and entertain, but the actors are their own people. They do not belong to you and they are not subject to your whims. When you start shipping actors, you are discounting their emotions and feelings. You are inconsiderate and willfully ignorant to the fact that they are their own people and should not have to feel invaded, manipulated, or harassed by you and your delusions. They have a world apart from the television screen. And you? You are not apart of it. That’s just the truth.

I don’t care how benign you think it is, shipping affects peoples’ lives. It makes them uncomfortable, whether they are just friends, already have families of their own, or just work together. If you haven’t seen Singing in the Rain, that is literally 50% of the plot - fans were just like “aww they’re cute together” and it took the whole movie to fix all the drama that happened as a result and some people were still mad at the end. The point? Shipping real people seriously hecks up lives. It can create awkward situations, lead to miscommunications, form rifts between coworkers, and damage real relationships. By shipping real people you are showing blatant disrespect for their personal lives and the lives of those around them. Whether or not they have specifically spoken against it, DO NOT DO IT. Have you ever had a friend try and set you up with someone against your wishes? Maybe you weren’t into them, maybe you were just friends, but friend #1 was doing everything in their power to get you two together. Well, take that awful situation and multiply it by millions of people who don’t know you at all. Think about how that would feel. Pretty darn rotten, if you ask me. Listen. Even if they are actually in a relationship, your inserting your own thoughts and ideas into a relationship you know nothing about is rude. Keep your opinions to yourself, and know that things are not always what they seem. But especially if they’re not romantically involved, stop saying that they should be. Just stop. Literally nobody asked your advice; certainly not the people you’re shipping.

Ship fictional character to your heart’s content, but leave the actors out of it. You might want them together in real life, but that is you. It is repulsively selfish to start insisting that they are, and the audacity that some people would directly confront them, telling them they need to be together, asking when they’re going to be a couple, appalls me. And for goodness sake, stop writing fanfiction of real people, that is seriously creepy. Stay out of people’s lives when it does not concern you. It is an invasion of their privacy, and dishonours the actors. Even if you think it is no big deal, these sorts of things get out of hand way too fast. And you think it doesn’t get to the actors? Newsflash, it does. You don’t live under a rock in a cave, the actors aren’t stupid; this is the internet and this sort of thing ALWAYS makes its way to the actors. So please, don’t fool yourself into thinking this is harmless. You are playing with lives that you have no part in, you have no right to treat them with such careless flippancy. Let them decide what is best for themselves. Their lives are theirs, not yours. Stopping treating them like they are play things at your disposal, and give them the courtesy they deserve. Common respect is not that much to ask.

Let me guess, you’re here for one of two reasons… you’re having some kind car troubles and you’re wondering if I could give you a hand because you see a toolbox and a car then automatically assume I’m a mechanic, or you’re here to ask me to write up your next assignment and have it to you by Wednesday? Or it’s neither of the above, and you just want to annoy me. So, which one is it?”

18 Hours

Title: 18 Hours

Word Count: 2110

Characters: Dean x Reader

Theme Song: Angel in blue jeans - Train

Request: Hi Fenja, I was wondering, could you please make a dean x reader one-shot inspired on train’s “angel in blue jeans”? I can’t get that song out of my head without thinking of him <3

Warnings: light smut?, lightly drunk reader 

A/N: This is the first time I ever got that close to writing smut and this is definitely the closest I’ll ever go. So please tell me what ou think :) Also sorry that it took me so long to write it!

Your name: submit What is this?


*Dean’s POV*

Monday, 5:15 PM
His head hurt. He never had felt so much pain in his head and it made him truly worry about his condition. Where was Sam?, he asked himself and tried to roll to the side, which made the pain only worse. It was like a wave of pain that flooded through his body. Into his bones and into every single muscle. Into his veins and nerves.

The pain was so present, that he almost hadn’t noticed the girl. She was sitting on the ground, several meters away from him and was checking her phone all few seconds. It was absurd that she was sitting there. He was bleeding to death over here and she didn’t even seemed to notice that she wasn’t alone. Dean closed his eyes for a quick moment and when he opened them again, the girl was gone. He blinked a few times but nothing changed. The girl with the phone, his only way to get help and to somehow contact Sammy, was gone. 

»Do you want to stay there the whole day?«, a voice suddenly asked him and Dean flinched, because he hadn’t heard nor seen anyone enter the abandoned hall where he was lying on the ground. He also recognized that voice. His head turned slowly around and he squeezed his eyes shut as a flashlight got pointed right into his face.

»Son of a bitch«, he growled and the stranger chuckled. The voice wasn’t really deep so Dean assumed that it was the voice of a girl. Hopefully human but in his case, it could’ve been anything. Dean Winchester wasn’t quite the luckiest man in the world. If someone would met the devil by accident, it would probably be him.

»I take it as a good sign that you can still curse, Winchester«, the female voice said and Dean opened his eyes again. The light of the flash light was gone and now he was staring at a pair of stunning long legs in blue jeans.

»Are you an angel?«, he heard himself ask and the girl started laughing. She kneeled next to him and her cold fingers brushed over his cheek.

»I’m not Dean and you know that. Can you keep your eyes open for me? Help’s on the way.« She gave him a sad smile and he immediately felt the need to smirk at her.

»I keep ‘em open but only if my Angel in blue jeans stays with me.« She laughed again, louder this time and Dean wanted to laugh too, which only caused him to flinch once more.

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Secrets Better Revealed

Summery: While attending Vidcon 2015, Dan and Phil (especially Dan) are having a bit trouble keeping their relationship under wraps. While Phil wants it to stay that way, Dan decided to take matters into his own hands.

Word count (chapter 1): 1.7k

tws:unless you count like one or two swear words, none that I can think of!

tags: very fluff. much cute. Also coming out?? (is that even a tag?? idk)

pov: 1st person Dan

author’s note: This is my first fanfiction, so just bear with me ok. I am not the best writer, I just did this for fun. Also this happened forever ago, so I don’t know if she even remembers, but my friend attackonmylife12321 proof read this first chapter a while back and made a few minor changes with wording and phrasing and such, so thanks for that Megan! (you guys should go hop over to her blog when your done reading this little chapter K? K.) Hope you guys enjoy!

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One thing I don’t really get

People say Olicity can’t be together because Lauriver is together in the comics, but I’ve looked it up and it says Laurel & Oliver are divorced? So why do people always use that argument? 

Also I’m sorry to post it in the Lauriver tag; I hope I’m not offending anyone - I just figured since Lauriver fans use the argument you guys would be better able to answer me. It says they’re divorced in New Earth but I assume there are different versions and that’s why people use the argument or…?

anonymous asked:

The kid wears all white, kinda like a white military uniform, a single green glove on their left hand and the hair is green. He looks up at Skippy. "You like to write talk and float. A white kitty told me so. I'm supposed to see you."(Anon muse child

Go anon and pretend to be my character’s child.

The witch had to think a moment. What white cat could he possibly know that would know this about him? Let alone tell it to a child. Then he figured it out, Cait Sith. He could have sword he told that cat to him his existence a secret to anyone. Including Kagami. A quill wrote on a paper, no sense in hiding his use of magic. The paper floated over to the child. Hopefully the could read.

Cait Sith I’m assuming? Only white Cat that I know of. Nice to meet you, I’m Skippy The Overlords Underling. What’s your name small child?

anonymous asked:

Artie! I havent seen anyone post about it but theres a new SU game that was put up on the CN site a couple weeks ago called "sword dancers" and you badically fight as Connie against holo pearls and other enemies, then Pearl is the (impossible) final

ah, most likely reason you haven’t seen people post about it is that it isn’t available on the CN US site, where I’d wager most people tend to check for these things (I mean, I do, because I live in the US). Near as I can tell, its only available on the UK site. Hopefully it will get released on the US site eventually, though its a tie-in to “Sworn to the Sword” so I’d assume it would be meant to be released around that episode (did it just recently air a month or so ago in the UK?) so maybe not.

Thank you for letting me know about this!

Here’s a link, for anyone who wants to try it out. It’s pretty neat