not that anyone said he didn't

can we talk about how Katara willingly opened up to Zuko and no one else about the traumatic events of her mother’s murder


There are more reasons why he’s unobtainable


Scott and Tessa exchanging looks when asked about Marina being both their coach and the Americans’ coach. (x)

My Mom and me watching movie
  • me:gay
  • mom:*sigh* I know you're obsessed with gay people, but this lady is about to get married with a MAN
  • movie:girl kisses other girl
  • me:HA!
  • mom:oh

“But it wasn’t till Peeta hit the force field and nearly died that I–that I knew I misjudged you.  That you do love him.  I’m not saying in what way.  Maybe you don’t know yourself.  But anyone paying attention could see how much you care about him.” ~ Finnick (Mockingjay)

Anyone? On Snow’s visit before the Victory Tour, he challenged me to erase any doubts of my love for Peeta. “Convince me,” Snow said. It seems, under that hot pink sky with Peeta’s life in limbo, I finally did. And in doing so, I gave him the weapon he needed to break me. (Mockingjay)

Wilderness || Vincent Corvidae

Draco moved through his room without seeing, waving his wand here and there to direct whatever happened to be in front of him at the time into his trunk, not caring what he packed or left behind. It didn’t matter. Nothing was his anymore; anything that held value had been carted off to the Ministry as evidence, and that was what had made it through two years of living with the Dark Lord and, perhaps most destructively, Aunt Bella.

He threw a furious glare at the scorch mark on his dresser where his owl’s cage had once sat. Gone now, cage and bird alike. The scorch mark still festered quietly, occasionally sending up a tendril of smoke or glowing the dark red of burning wood despite both his parents’ efforts at putting it out.

There was a quiet knock on the door and before he could respond, his mother came in. She no longer swept regally about the Manor but entered silently, robes still and shoes enchanted against the stone floors.

“Are you ready?”

Draco glanced at his trunk. There was an empty picture frame–he’d set fire to everything with Goyle’s face on it and forced himself to watch it burn–and a pair of dragonhide gloves peppered with holes on top of a pile of unfolded clothes.


Narcissa sighed quietly, took out the trinkets, and began folding. “Draco–”

“Don’t talk to me,” he snapped, which wasn’t what he wanted to say at all. “You’re sending me away like I’m a child. I know how to take care of myself. As the only one not on Trial in this house, I’d think that obvious.”

Her jaw clenched, and Draco wished he could take it back, but he couldn’t, and she kept folding.

“It’s for your own safety.”

“I’m safe enough,” he spat. “I don’t even know whoever this is you’re sending me to live with. Not even a proper witch, is she? You won’t say a word on her blood status or family name, she’s not from here, nobody’s heard of her, not even Father, and she’s buggering some bird? I hardly see how any of that’s better than the house I grew up in.”

“You are a fool,” Narcissa said. Her voice was quiet and ice, and goosebumps broke out along Draco’s arms. He waited for her to elaborate and when she didn’t, the hair on the back of his neck stood up as well.

She finished with the clothes, closed the trunk, and pulled a silver spoon out of her pocket. One of the good ones, from the wedding silver. Draco suddenly found himself blinking back tears.

“That’s it, then?” he asked coolly.

Narcissa nodded. “I’ll send word as often as I can.”


She held out the spoon. Draco took a deep breath, grabbed his trunk in one hand, patted his cloak to make absolutely certain his wand was there, and met his mother’s eyes. “Good luck,” he said, and grasped the spoon. The familiar, horrid feeling of being yanked by his bellybutton, and then the world spun away into darkness.

Can I just talk about how he’d just scoop her up like whatever when they ran to the chill zone and how much that pleases my hopeless romantic heart forever💛💚

okay but guys

okay but guys sollux’s is a mutant. In the update it said

‘ VRISKA: She’s spent centuries upgrading her a8ilities which now include 8OTH kinds of telekinesis. The simpler variety more common to rust 8loods, and the nasty kind which sometimes yellow 8looded mutants have involving all the fucking eye lasers and shit. ‘   

Sollux is a mutant. 
And maybe him having 4 horns is a mutation too? But still 
But still Sollux is a mutant. 


one of the questions tyler answered in his q and slay was “marry date kill: connor, alfie, and caspar.” tyler said he would kill alfie, date caspar and marry connor.




i’m not really sure why people are upset or confused that the doctor didn’t say ‘i love you’ to clara

he’s literally never said i love you to anyone in 52 years of the show

he doesn’t say ‘i love you’. he says ‘we had the best of times’, and ‘i’ve got a duty of care’, and ‘you were seared onto my hearts’, and ‘i shall miss them, silly old fusspots’, and ‘martha jones, you’re a star’, and ‘just go forward in all your beliefs, and prove to me that i am not mistaken in mine’

he doesn’t need to say ‘i love you’. his companions know.

Captivated: Chapter Five

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“But why me?” Elena finally managed to squeak out as the seriousness of his words—of what he was offering her—finally sunk in.

Cullen shifted a little, so that he was more comfortably sprawled on top of her, though most of his weight rested on his forearms. He loomed over her in the darkness, his golden curls catching the moonlight to form a silver halo as his thumb stroked over her cheekbone.

“Because, lass, you’re a lowlander,” he said; when he saw a slight frown furrow her brow, he continued. “Generally, Avvar men take their brides from neighboring clans—to help keep the blood from thinning; too much intermarriage within a clan is bad for blood and breeding. The farther away a woman’s clan, the more prized she is, since she’s not likely to be related to anyone. And you, lass, you’re from about as far away as possible. It’s a mark of pride and something worthy of respect to take a foreign wife. Not to mention the goods you brought with you will help the entire holdfast prosper. If Skinchanger had followed tradition, all your belongings would be mine, to give out and form bonds of loyalty with. Unfortunately, he’s taken everything, save you. And if the Elder Women aren’t satisfied that I’ve fully claimed you tomorrow, he’ll take you too.”

Elena swallowed hard, taking in everything he was telling her. Finally, she was getting some real answers, but the way his voice wavered ever so slightly with his last words made her sad.

“Why don’t you claim me, then?” She asked, tentatively.

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Saitama: “That’s not what I meant when I said it’s going to rain ‘cats and dogs’…”

Genos: “Don’t worry Sensei, this umbrella will be strong enough to withstand them. I added a pillow so they won’t get hurt.”


“It’s raining cats and dogs!”

hc that Genos takes everything Saitama says literally because he’s not familiar with sayings…

i meant to say something about this earlier, but there was a post that was going around that had an old picture of jeonghan and a recent one and it said something like “thank god for puberty lol” and it just made me super uncomfortable because he literally looked the same except in the older picture he was overweight?? and it just seemed like “haha he used to be fat (and therefore ugly) but now he’s skinny so he’s cute” and honestly that’s so shitty please cut that shit out