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wbu!! Who's your best internet friend!!!

yall cannot come at me and make me choose one so Ill choose a few (and im v rushed so I knOW ill forget someone im SO SORRY so this are just the people I talk to the most)

@ndbrt6 because shes just like!! my favorite person in the entire world and I have so much love for her

@dotsandstars because we talk so fucking much and I can tell her almost anything and Im just out here lovin her with all my heart

@highfives-all-around literally,,,,,,,,,,my angel I love her so fucking much and we talk so much and Im so needy and clingy but I love her a Lot

@blinkbacktoletmeknow because shes been one of my best friends for over a year now and I just have so many memories with her and we talk so much and i love her SO MUCH

@perxu is so good to me?? like she came into my life at such a Bad point and has helped me through so much shit and I cant tell yall how much I love her

@vdwthmp ven is my Hero and just amazing and I dont even know how to express how much I love her and our conversations

@realaspluto moe aka my the sweetest person in the entire world?? moe just makes my day and is so fucking talented and Im so blessed by their presence all the time

@nopemerci literally the best person in my whole life yall dont even know

@fragilecapricorn maggie is my mom and I never get tired of talking with her or watching shows with her and she makes me feel so!!! happy!! i feel warm and sunny and shes just amazing

@a-wild-ant-has-appeared anthony,,,,,my space boy,,,,,,,I have so much love in my heart for this nerd boy

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One thing that bugs me about this fandom is that Mani can't have one thing for herself. For example dwts the girls already performed yet some want them to again and I'm like why it's not needed. Chrissy followed Mani on Twitter and someone is talking about hope Mani can get the group a collab with John. Lastly Nicki maybe Nicki wants to collab with Mani who said it has to be the group if it is ok cool.when the other girls get their follows/connection no one says it has to be for the group.

Normani is highly scrutinized and criticized. It’s minute details that send this fandom off the deep end, like a follow or interaction on social media. Now if we were discussing concrete things like pictures or videos then maybe, just maybe –you know what no it wouldn’t. The group has already said that they plan on partaking in solo endeavors. She has already shown, more than anyone else, that she has the ability to multitask like no other. Most people don’t respect her position or existence in this group thus they don’t think that she deserves anything else let alone respect as a member. She’s doing exactly what every one else is doing. Who else can make everyone mad purely based off of speculation? A legend in the making.

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Ahh i went back like a week on your blog because i havent been catching up ahhhhhh....but anyway when i saw zenny's reference sheet thing the first thing i thought was "wow tattoos so pretty i wanna touch" anD IM WONDERING DOES GENJI EVER THINK THAT? like whenever i see really beautiful or cool tattoos i wanna touch and trace them with my fingers (but im too shy to actually do that and it might create an """atmosphere"""" ohohohooo how nsfw).. ahem sorry anyway...

Aahaha sorry about that!
I do post a lot daily since I get some really good asks :’D   ♡
So some stuff gets kinda buried between those-

And I mean…yEAH, I’ve always pictured Genji as a very touchy-feely person. Zenyatta being a little more reserved but…you know, exceptions  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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3, 6 (jb) , 8

3: favorite color scheme

ooooo! okay so this usually is based on my mood but right now, i’m really feeling spring palettes! like apricot, light blues, colors that make me think of spring

6: who are your favorite (jb) bloggers? 

@db5kjjgot7, @jaebumiie, @19940106, @jbsfroot, @ult2jae, @okjb, @gotchicken, @officialjjproject, @leaderbum heres a couple!

8: tag your favorite blogs! 

@yugyeomish, @ilovejackson@imarkson, @yugy, @poeticyoungjae, @jacksontienemicorazon, @cutepimook, @youngjai, @bubblejoy, @angel7net, @jaqscn, @yugyeim everyone on my following list are my favorite blogs but these happen to be the blogs i check more often especially when i haven’t been active

thanks for sending some anon 💘💓💘💓💘  i lov u


Behold! The protagonists for a story I’m working on! (click for better view!)

Elijah manages to bind a demon from Hell to his soul on accident, which causes an old rival of said demon to act up and endanger their world. Taking responsibility, he begrudgingly decides to team up with Malphas to stop his country and possibly his planet from being thrown into chaos. By their sides are Elijah’s best friends Sofía, a talented programmer, and Vikram, an expert when it comes to the occult and supernatural, who will help their friend correct his mistake!

I’ll post more about them as I write the story, content about that will be tagged with their respective names, #ocs and #originalstory

the purpose of this poc meetup is to give representation to the people of color in this fandom. the majority of people seen in meetups are white and i’m just trying to show the other side of this group. so if you are really unsure whether or not you “belong” in this meetup send me an ask but otherwise just make a judgement call. if you were to post during this day meant to celebrate people of color, would you overshadow them? or would you be adding to this cool meetup?

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hey dee idk if youve been feeling this way too but im falling out of voltron mainly bc season 2 was shit and it makes me sad because the characters deserve better (lance and hunk. they deserve better.)

no ive definitely been feeling the same way. 

idk what it is but season 2 just lacked whatever spark the first season had. It wasn’t the same keith and focused waaay too much on him to the point the other paladins ( cough lance and hunk coughcough ) hardly had any screen time. I miss the season 1 era, before the discourses and before the excitement died down. 

an anxious boyo

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have u ever thought about what evan would look like if he dressed like connor

WELL YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY, its the clothes that make the man

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can I just say that I love you like seriously

you can say that

you know what I love like seriously? These porcelain seals I’ve been looking at on ebay 





this last one scares me and I feel almost unnerving levels of affinity for her