not test my patience

Before passing out

Decided to crack open the first episode of Devilman: Crybaby

The artstyle and presentation in the first episode makes me think of sloppy attempts at anime on early Newgrounds simply because the artist had to draw with a mouse as tablets weren’t mainstream or affordable yet.

There’s not a single clean line to be found anywhere, and especially in scenes that are slower paced you may even mistake the presentation as a teenager on DeviantArt taking their first crack at animation with full figures while attempting an anime look. Especially during the Track and Field scenes and the sinners club, there is just some straight up crude artwork and even cruder animation going on that seems like it’s deliberately trying to test my patience with how much I’m willing to accept shitty looking drawings.

But then moments of artistic brilliance shine through in spectacular ways, and sometimes out of actually nowhere. But in the last 10% of the first episode, the crude renditions of what appear only passingly as humans start to make sense when everything goes into full free form “what are model sheets, even?” hell. It’s fascinating.

There’s only 10 episodes so I think I’ll stick it through. The dialogue is great and the soundtrack is very Hotline Miami, which is the furthest thing from a bad thing. But the thing that really slays me is the wildly inconsistent art direction.

Its hard to demonstrate the worst of the worst when I can’t find it Tumblr’s gif library , but I think even these, most of them from the same episode, should give a general clue of what I’m getting at. It’s like there was no art director, this looks like a newgrounds collab, every scene looks vastly different from the last.

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just saw somebody say “yall remember the discourse about q*eer being a slur????? how ridiculous is that LOL its obvs not”

like…………………….. i try not to involve myself in post fights but ppl on this site are testing my patience. oh my god dude

ishqbaaz 15.01.18 lb

henlo children!!!!!!!!!!


  • random rambling about last week’s episodes in the mini lb tag.
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  • song of the day: 

(because first official post of new year and all. also, aamir may now be a “legit” srs-business actor and all, but his non-obnoxious pre-lagaan era remains MY fav era of his career.) 

ok let’s get back on this horse. this slow, stupid, stubborn horse that refuses to move, but i still keep around for some reason??? (ok idk where i’m going with this metaphor)

  • okay, the “kuch samay pehle” thingy has changed. not sure i like it. also the graphics look like they stole it from the dhoom movies or some shit. 
  • right away starting off with nonsense naach gaana. already testing my damn patience.
  • aaaaaaaand the over-acting has started. ugh.
  • lmao shivaay so allergic to middle-class-ness, that harkatein such as thook se note ginnnna will LITERALLY kill him. 😂😂😂

^^^^ an accurate depiction of what watching this show makes me feel like.

  • and dowwwwwwwwn he goes. 
    • OH NOT YET APPARENTLY. abhi 5 min of reaction shots jo baaki hai.
  • now 40 minutes for these 5 to fucking cross a distance of like, 50 meters. kyaaaa bakchodi hai yaar. 
  • god the editing and “episode ko lamba kheenchne waale tactics” have gotten waaaaay worse since i last watched. 
  • has anika always been this bloody useless in a crisis? i can’t remember. my brain seems to have formatted itself and erased many a memory of this show in a self-preservation attempt.
  • a group of 5 grownass, reasonably intelligent people, yet their MO in this situation is to just waste time YELLING in the face of behosh person, instead of you know… calling an ambulance. 
  • kunal’s hair is looking fucking amaaaazing man. so shiny and smooth and fulla volume. pls to leak his routine and list of products. 
  • sharifuddiiiiin!!!!!!! (i’m sorry, that’s all i can hear when i see nikitin dheer. and so it’s what i’m going to call him. bolding and exclamation marks included.) ke imagination mein anika looks happier than she has ever been in 450 episodes of this fucking show. maybe she SHOULD just go with him???
  • cannot able to stop loffing at the juxtaposition of the scary villain music with this wholesome, lovesick expression.
  • dude, this man is…. gigantic. like… how tall is he irl???? forget tall, HOW FUCKING WIDE IS HE? 
  • lmao @ anika yelling “shivaay uthiye, dekhiye veer aa gaye!” 
    • because she knows the extent of shivaay’s crush on veer. 
  • is this guy really even a doctor or…….???
  • TF you mean he’s no more. matlab, kuch bhiiiiii, ainvayiiii. like, at least make some cpr efforts for dikhaava purposes? 
  • ok the oberois would be the worst ppl to deal with in an actual medical crisis. especially anika and her nonsense. 
  • ok shariffuddin!!!!! gonna get hurt real bad for just delivering the bad news.
    • also lolololol, dude so massive, the slap had zeeeeeero effect on him. it was like a random gust of wind in his direction, that’s all. 
  • god anika is so fucking unbearable with this garbage. someone ghumaaofy the camera to shrenu/kunal so i can at least appreciate their other-worldly beauty while this nonsense goes on in bg. 
  • time for rudra to put in his piece. which is just screaming “BHAIYYYAAAAAA!!!!!!!”
    • yes, very compelling argument. thx for that vital contribution. 😒😒😒😒🙄🙄🙄
  • as always, magical phoenix tears to rescue. fuck you science and shariffuddiiiiiiiiin!!!!!!!!’s medical degree! 
  • those chest compressions seem too slow to me? they need to be to the beat of stayin’ alive! 
  • this switching between haryanvi and just… standard hindi waala thing is just so confusing to me???? like, at least keep it standard in the guy’s internal monologues. why did you make the character of a certain ethnicity if he just drops the characteristics willy nilly???? 
  • did shivaay and anika only bring this one set of night clothes from mumbai????? har roz inhi kaale kapdon mein dikhaayi dete hai???
    • or do anika’s GL duties not include doing the damn laundry?????
  • 450 episodes ho gaye yaaaar, someone buy leenesh some new pants. he’s been wearing these saaaaame ones since episode 1. 
  • “agar shivaay ko SACH MEIN kuch ho jaata toh????”
    • behen, doesn’t something or the other “ho jaata” to shivaay every 2 weeks? at this point just accept that this is your life now. and take out some tagdaaaaa insurance. 
  • ugh, anika and her shivaay gun-gaan. that too to omru of all people. such preaching to the choir. 🙄🙄🙄
  • oh look shivaay’s up and at it. 
    • i love how these ppl didn’t even see the need to like, maybe go get some bloodwork or something done, just to investigate why he actually FUCKING DIEDDDDDD for a minute or two there. 
  • gotta say, this shade of green is really working on him. nice. 😚😚😚😚
  • shariffudddiiiin!!!!! be like ‘oh my tiny innocent, you underestimate my level of creepy. i don’t need no cameras to keep an eye on your hotass wife.’
  • lololololol at anika being all awks and trying to avoid telling hubs that she slapped the f outta his crush. 
  • god, look at them laughing it up over this. what rudeass fuckers. this is exaaaaactly why noone likes you oberois, and is constantly trying to murder your asses. you ppl fullly deserve it.
  • “respect” my ass. what you have is a hugeassssss crush on him. you think he’s gorrrrjussss, you want to kisssss him, you want to hugggggggggg him, you want to lurrrrrrrve him. 
  • who this rando child that shariffudddin!!!! is threatening with kheer?? 
    • god i want kheer now. 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

An open letter to my husband

by reddit user VenomousHeroine

A friend of mine recently bought a second hand laptop from a busy garage sale, the seller said that the thing won’t turn on. Being the nerd that he is, my friend got it working and found a strange letter saved on it. He mailed it to me after I asked him if I could share it here. So here goes:

“Dear Matthew,

I’m writing to you to tell you that I know everything that you do not want me to know. I know you must dread hearing this- especially coming from me, but I really need you to listen to what I have to say.

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Bts sexually punishing their baby girl for being pouty

Seokjin: “Don’t test my patience, princess or do you really want to explain all of your coworkers why you’re walking kinda funny?” Rough sex

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Namjoon: Are you for real? Say one more thing and I’m gonna slap that sexy ass so hard, you could see the imprint of my hand for weeks.” Spanking

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Yoongi: He just watches you calmely and says: “It seems like you never learn. Get on your knees and don’t you dare making a sound.” Moaning Denial

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Hoseok: “Please behave. I really don’t wanna punish you” you don’t listen to him. “Okay, I have no other choice” Overstimulation!

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Taehyung: “I’ll give you 3 seconds to change your mind and apologize…3..2..1.. Okay so if you insist on staying bratty-” Rough Doggy Style while pulling your hair

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Jimin: “You little brat. I’d reccomend an apology. No?! Well than that’s your own fault.” Choking!!

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Jungkook: “Say ‘I’m sorry, daddy’… What? You don’t want to? I warned you!” Ties you to the bed while eating you out. Orgasm Denial

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Tim Drake: School doesn’t even test your intelligence it tests your memory.

Jason Todd: It tests my patience.

Dick Grayson: It tests my ability to hold my pee.

Damian Wayne: It tests my ability to keep calm and not slap a bitch.


Bruce Wayne: All of you are correct.  The school system is rigged.  But you will graduate if I have to tie you to chairs.

  • Haru: School doesn't even test your intelligence, it tests your memory.
  • Ann: It tests my patience
  • Morgana: it tests my ability to hold my pee
  • Ryuji: it tests my ability to keep calm and not slap a bitch
  • Akira: sometimes it tests my ability to make lockpicks?
  • Makoto: ...please just pay attention in class.