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I found this reply on the big thread about the treaties - what do you make of it? I don’t know if you saw it but yeah it found it really interesting. Hmmmm

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AlltheCanadianPolitics: Its pure bull shit. I blocked that user from this blog for his anti-native racism.

If you’re buying into arguments like this you’re eating up capitalist and white supremacist arguments that aim to convince people that Native people don’t deserve the land they’ve always lived on.

It doesn’t matter whether Indigenous people had a concept of private ownership, they all have had established territories where they have lived for tens of thousands of years. Saying that because indigenous people did not develop a capitalististic economy, that land left is ok is extremely harmful.

These traditional territories of indigenous people in North America have been removed from the original inhabitants. They have been forceably relocated to tiny reserves, sometimes not even near where their original territory existed. 

Please stop buying into these gross dehumanizing arguments.

maria-the-witch  asked:

Why do you assume all females fetishise gay characters?

I don’t assume that! None of my queer female friends have ever fetishized me or queer male characters to my knowledge. Many, many straight women and girls do, though, and it caused a lot of issues for me as a gay (trans) man in discovering and coming to terms with my identity. 

I would direct your attention to the culture of prioritizing “top or bottom” as the most important aspect of a gay character, the tens of thousands of pornographic fics on AO3 written by straight women about male characters, and the constant deluge of headcanons about girls’ favourite *gay babies* struggling with their orientations (inspiration porn! ~angst!~) and, of course, how they’d have sex. Usually when I see posts about the frustration Achillean men feel around not having must representation in the media we consume, they’re being reblogged by straight girls who use it as an opportunity to complain about how their OTPs aren’t canon (which, to be frank, we don’t care about. We want representation. We don’t want those girls to have their moment to *squee* as men they think are attractive kiss on-screen).

And honestly, before you come at me with the fact that I’m a man and I’m somehow oppressing women by speaking out about this–I’ve been on the other side! I’m a trans man, and when I entered fandom as an obnoxious 14 year old, I identified as a straight girl. I obsessed over Johnlock and Drarry just as much as any of my straight female friends, I went to comicon as (gay!!!) Remus wishing I had someone to be Sirius with me because how cute would that be? And I thought that I was an Amazing Ally because of all this. But when I realized I was a man, and specifically a man who is attracted to other men, a huge part of my struggle was with figuring out how I fit in the structure of gay masculinity that women in fandom have created. It fucked me up, and I’m still unlearning it. 

I have no issue with women participating in fandom, shipping men with each other, or creating and consuming content for that. But those women MUST be responsible for that content, and for how they affect actual queer men. Just like I as a white person need to sit back and listen to POC if they have something to say about my portrayal of or attitude toward a character of colour, straight women in fandom need to listen to the voices of the people they are portraying and watching. Ask yourself:

Why are gay men such an attractive subject to me?

For me, it was because the stories about them resonated–I didn’t realize it, but I was seeing myself in them. But for a lot of girls, it’s the perceived angst and drama of queerness which can be used as a cheap plot device, or else some creepy obsession with gay sex. If that’s your reason for liking queer male characters, then you are fetishizing us.

It’s always a good idea to ask yourself to think critically about why the kinds of media you consume are attractive to you; but when that media is almost always centred around a group of people you’re not a member of, you need to be especially critical so as not to make that group feel uncomfortable or unsafe in a space which should prioritize them.


Mod: HEY GUYS!! remember that wip animatic of sincerely me that i was meaning to show yall?? well here it is after ten thousand years!!

forgive me, this is my first time making an animatic so please have mercy on my poor soul and also keep in mind that this is kleinsen based! and its just a wip thats why its pretty short sobs,

Okay, so in this AU, Blaytz is with Blue when she reaches Earth. Injured, he goes into a cryopod… and Blue doesn’t let him out until nearly ten thousand years later. He is found by a human woman who nurses him back to health, and they fall in love. For the sake of this AU, Blaytz is bi. Anyway, they have kids and eventually one of them is Lance. The most human looking of his siblings, he can cover up his markings and whatnot with make up and pass off his gills as a birth defect. Then, he goes to the Garrison and eventually finds the Blue Lion like in canon.

I did my best to mix the human and Nalquodian traits in the siblings, I really did.


Doc hissing back at Mercedesface is the best thing he’s done maybe ever

Aww it’s not Champ it’s Perry! I’m actually glad, in that she’s not totally miserable and Perry is actually a good person.

Waverly’s hat!!! Also Bobo is the worst.

  • Draco: *points* Is this seat taken?
  • Harry: ... You're pointing to my lap
  • Draco: Oh, right
  • Draco: *points to Harry's chest* Are you taken?