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“I found some bird eggs up here. Just dropped em into the door mechanism, shut it right down!”

Happy Easter everyone! Here are the eggs I painted, all Portal-themed due to… recent events, hehe. Have a blessed Easter, love you all!!

jaksandrow  asked:

It might just be me, but I think that Wheatley sounds twice as old as Virgil, in-game. :/

In my horrible AU headcanon, Virgil was transferred into his body at a younger age than Wheatley (about 27-28 years old), but he is technically older. Wheatley is a “more recent” model, whereas Virgil was the prototype. 

anonymous asked:

I've got a question about three of your fake units: Annette, Aya, and Ota. Who exactly are they, and why do the classes of Aya and Ota differ between games?

Annette is just one of my MUs. She’s not as special to me as Lumina/Seraphina, but I thought she deserved a spot on my unit portal. I technically have three more MUs which are Lumir, Selpher, and Claesys, but Claesys is most likely the only one that is going to end up on the unit portal when I’m done with him.

Aya and Ota are a children of Corrin. They act like Kana(and Corrin’s potential other child), but they can still be recruited if Corrin s-supports someone of the same sex. Aya would be female Corrin’s daughter while Ota would be male Corrin’s son.

The reason why I wanted to do them was because I wanted Corrin to have a specific child that wasn’t necessarily a mirror image(so male Kana vs. female Kana as well as male Morgan vs. female Morgan). Aya and Ota are completely different so they are supposed to feel like individuals.

At the time, I thought it was interesting that their class would be different depending on which alignment you chose because neither Aya or Ota are supposed to take after their mother or father biologically(the dragon ears were an exception, but I’ve taken those out of their designs since). This was because of the fact they could be recruited under a same sex marriage, so they would be adopted in that sense.

Trying to come up with a redo of Aya’s design as well as actually make Ota’s sprites, I’ve(as I said) removed the dragon ears, as charming as they are. I do like the idea of Aya and Ota having different classes still, but I’ve considered if I’m going to do that, they might as well have a custom DLC class from the couple I’ve been planing.

Otherwise, I thought making them the villager class would be interesting with the option to reclass to your spouse’s class. Really, I just don’t want to make them the same class as Kana because the whole point was to be different than Kana, haha.

I think this wound up being the final form?  If anyone has a cleaner version, let me know!  

So this was my request!  OMG!!!  For the NRDC Alex & Dana & Ghost_Satellite  livestream.

(Technically, the request was, “Portal Ford fighting a video game thing of your choice, OR, Stan and Ford sea grunks fighting a cryptid of your choice”.  I knew there was a high probability it would involve Mario, if I left it up to Alex and if he went with the video game thing.  I am more than content.)