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Up Close and Personal

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Title: Up Close and Personal

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1,238

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This was requested by @mylittlesupertimewolf! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3

While Sam and Dean were at another location on a hunt, you and Castiel were doing the dirty work.  Which meant that you had to dig up a body and salt and burn it.  You had only known Castiel for a few weeks.  You still felt awkward around the angel, but to be fair, he felt the same way around you.  He never had the chance to acquaint himself with you, since you spent most of your time hunting.

“Are you sure this is the right grave Castiel,” you asked, setting the shovel down on the grass next to the six foot deep hole.  Castiel grabbed onto your arm, hoisting you out of the grave.  “I don’t wanna get this one wrong.”

“I’m sure,” Castiel affirmed.  “This is the man’s grave we are looking for.”  Castiel did a double take towards the grave.  The body you and him were supposed to salt and burn was gone, and the casket was open.

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Hi. Do you think that harry's singing voice has improved since then? I know we only have one song, but how is it different frm before? I am not really a fan of his voice, or singin style. In the first two or three 1d albums esp. In the last two, it seemed that he always was grasping for air? I am not a voice expert, but just my observation. In sott though, it seems okay to me. It definitely was quite differnt from before. But i want to hear your technical take on it. Thanks.


@itwilltoteshappen has some great posts on Harry’s vocal technique, in particular his recording of SOTT. You might search her “vocal technique” tags.

Harry’s voice in SOTT is definitely WAY better than just “okay.” It’s vastly improved over his voice on MITAM, which, although strong and beautiful in some songs (If I Could Fly) with a surprisingly well-controlled falsetto (Home), had some moments of slippage in technique/ demonstrations of vocal strain (End of the Day). MITAM sounds surprisingly good, in my opinion, considering how much the boys must have pushed their voices with concert performances 3-5 days per week, poor sleep and eating habits, jet lag, secondhand or firsthand smoke, acid reflux, etc.

Harry has an amazingly versatile vocal foundation. You could already hear that potential in his X-Factor audition piece, “Isn’t She Lovely,” which required a steady, supported high baritone chest voice. Harry needed training to develop his professional voice. He did improve during his 1D years, but he’s progressed way beyond that now.

In SOTT, his voice has been beautifully, professionally trained. Vocal cords are muscles, and professional singers are professional vocal athletes. They have to be able to produce exactly the sound they want, on command. Nothing can be accidental. This is the reason that Adele was so disgruntled during her Grammy performance that she had to start over– she was more than a ½-tone off key. She was enough of a pro that even though the general public might not have heard it, other singers did, and she had the honesty and perfectionism to start over. She was singing to a bare instrumental accompaniment, almost à cappella, the hardest live singing one could do.

SOTT is challenging to perform live, because the song starts high in Harry’s tessatura, and needs a well-supported, medium-dynamic chest voice that has to be exactly on pitch, with minimal accompaniment, with a beautiful jewel tone– almost the same challenge Adele faced. In addition, the switch to falsetto has to be seamless, and the falsetto has to convey a different texture and emotion, but keep the same dynamic. The song is long and requires a controlled, slow, dramatic build. When done well, it is a showcase piece.

And to do all of this live and solo–it’s nerve-wracking– like playing the finals at center court, Wimbledon.

Since it’s Harry’s first solo performance, it’s a really ballsy move, since basically the entire entertainment industry will be watching.

However, Harry has always had great performances on SNL. “Through the Dark” wasn’t perfect (somewhere on Tumblr there’s a post floating around with just the miked voices); parts of his solos were off pitch. But the performance was notable in that the singing got better and better as the performance went on, for all of them. They were already seasoned performers and could perform to a live audience.

Harry’s interviews so far have shown a really good speaking voice. He’s keeping his vocal training intact, not straining at all. I don’t think he would strain his voice during the skits either– he’s sounded good in the promo clips so far, and avoided talking unnecessarily. He doesn’t look even the tiniest bit nervous.

Imho, after tomorrow night, it’s going to be Harry’s world, and we will all just live in it.

This Time

Peter Parker (Marvel):

Part 1

Summary: Peter and Y/N meet again and somehow end up crossing the line accidently, even tough they partly tried sticking to Tony’s rules.

A/N: I know, I know. I should be writing the requests first… but I’m having major Peter Parker feels at the moment. So, I wrote a second part. Sorry!


I looked at my door instinctively after waking up to a knock. I saw Spiderman, like so often in the middle of the night. Sighing, I stood up and opened the door for him as he took off his mask.

“Again, Peter?”, I sighed as he entered my room the bruises still visible on his face as well as his black eye.
“No, I’m not hurt. Well, at least i didn’t get into a fight this time….”, he laughed softly, a hand running through his messy hair before he gave me one of his loving hugs.

“Mr. Stark said that hanging out is fine.”, he explained, reaviling a backpack filled with his comfy clothes. “If it’s fine with you?”

“Of course it is.”, I chuckled and playfully hit his chest. A huge smile formed on my lips as he pressed the metal spider on his chest that hid his godlike body from me.

I blushed and quickly turned around, snuggling back into my bed, covering myself with my blanket and I couldn’t help but staring at his bare back while he changed his clothes. He turned around, gave me a cheeky smile and came over to my bed after putting on a dark blue shirt.

“Scoot!”, he chuckled and I did, giving him enough space to sit beside me. He sat down right next to the edge of the bed, his back leaning against the bed headboard.
There was so much space between us, which was somehow challenging me to close the space. But maybe my dad was right, I shouldn’t fall in love with Peter. But maybe I already have. I mean, how could I only resist him? Impossible.

His brown eyes softly stared down at me and his lips were formed into a little smile as he watched me snuggling deeper into my pillow. “You’re not very talkative tonight, are you?”, he asked and I shrugged, before I sat up, as well.
“Just tired.”, I mumbled, my head banging against the wall as it fell back.

He chuckled and started rambling on about school and how he had so much homework but so less time. He was under so much pressure, not only ordinary life pressure but also his superhero life was putting a lot of weight on his shoulders.

I sat there, my bare legs close to my chest and my head laying on my knees, as I listened to him.

“Why are you only wearing your father’s shirt when you go to sleep? Are you trying to tease me?”, he laughed softly, leaning in closer to me. I only shook my head, laughing and responded, “No, it’s just comfy.”

“It’s killing me.”, he admitted, “I’d rather see you in only my shirt though.” His words made my heart stop and I only looked away, avoiding eye contact while I was trying to find some words. My mind was blank and it made me even more nervous, but I managed to say the first words that came into my head, “Maybe you should take off your shirt then.”

My lips formed to a flirty smile while I tried to hide my nervousness and now it was his turn to stutter over some words.

“I’m pretty sure it’s against the rules.”, he tilted his head, a cheeky smile on his lips.
“So, you care about the rules?”, I wanted to know, giving him a cocky smile and nuging him.

A low chuckle escaped his lips, “Tony would kill me…”

“Yeah, probably…”, I nodded, thinking about it again: Why did I care so much about my father’s rules? This was my life, I could decide wether I want Peter to be my boyfriend or not.

“I’m… cold.”, I started quietly, getting Peter’s attention in a millisecond. He just looked at me, an inner battle being visible in his eyes.

“This time it’s me who needs cuddles.”, I smiled innocently and Peter chuckled, looking to the side to avoid eye contact.
“I don’t know if cuddling is allowed.”, he sighed and deeply inside I wished that he didn’t care about my father’s rules so much.
“Technically… it’s just, uh, a long hug.”, I mumbled, grinning before Peter approached me slowly.

“Yeah, you’re right. Besides I’m saving your life… I keep you safe from the terrible power of the freezing air.”, he said dramatically and I nodded vigorously, showing my agreement.

We laid down on our shoulders, facing each other and his hands pulling me closer to his body. Our foreheads leaned against each others and he closed his eyes before Sighing. “You shouldn’t fall asleep this time.”, I reminded him and he nodded tiredly. “I’m just… enjoying the moment.”, he breathed against my lips, my heart racing in my chest.

I couldn’t help it. I had to kiss him.

And so I did. I just leaned forward, pressing my lips onto his softly and he hummed in surprise. As my hands slowly reached up to his face his lips started to move against mine and all I remember is my mind going mushy while his intoxicating scent surrounded me.

“You kissed me!”, he stated, as he pulled back, his lips only a centimeter away from mine. After that a huge smile appeared on his face and he looked at me with so much love in his eyes that I found myself falling in love with him even more. “Yeah, I did.”, I only mumbled before his lips met mine again.

This kiss was filled with so much passion. He turned us, hovering above me as he tilted his head. While he propped himself up with his fore arms which were right next to my face my hands wandered up to his hair, my fingers wandering through his brown curls. Heavy breathing filled the air while our make out session continued and it didn’t seem to stop. His tounge traced over my upper lip before I parted my lips even more and our tounges touched, sending shivers down my spine and all the blood to my face.
I heard him moaning into the kiss when I tugged at some strands before my hands started to run down over his back and then over his sides to his abs. My fingers tugged at the hem of his shirt before they went over his stomach and then again up over his back, his hot skin warming me up.

Laying on my bed, Peter above me and snogging him was like a dream to me and I couldn’t believe that it was happening.

“Wait.”, I interrupted, Peter looking at me with a sad expression, probably expecting a rejection. “Is this really happening?”, I continued and Peter chuckled, his head falling on my shoulder. “This question is in my head since I first saw you.”

“You are such a romantic.”, I  chuckled before I felt his head move next to me, snuggling his face into the crook of my neck before starting to pepper it with a lot of sweet kisses.

“Maybe I am.”, he only said between a few kisses and after I turned my head away to give him more space, I clearly felt that typical smile on his face.

His kisses got wetter and while I found myself getting weaker and weaker every second, I tried to suppress a moan. But I failed horribly as he sucked on a spot right under my ear. After a small moan escaped my lips, I pushed him up slightly and looked at him with a serious expression. “I don’t need a hickey. My dad will kill you.”, I reminded him and he rolled his eyes.

He shifted, holding himself up with his right arm now and his left arm tracing down my side before stopping above my waist.
I stared into his eyes and I knew that I needed him, I knew that I loved him.

I wanted to tell him but all I did in this moment was grabbing his face to smash my lips onto his once again, not being able to think properly.

“You are kidding me, aren’t you?”, I heard my father’s voice, calm but strict, as the light turned on and I pushed Peter off of me.

“Dad, look, we…”, I started and of course, got interrupted. “There was a line, sweetheart. I thought it was pretty clear.”

“But we only crossed it accidently.”, Peter defended us but my dad only held his head after looking at him with a confused expression.

“At least you’re not wearing my shirt this time…”, my father sighed and I couldn’t help but laugh softly.

“Okay, Spiderboy, we’ll discuss this tomorrow.”, he mumbled, “I’m too tired now but watch your hands, kid. God, I don’t want to hear another sound…”

On the Brink - Chapter 7

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6

Pairings: Lucifer x You

Warnings: Mild swearing. A little bit of angst. 

Author’s Note: I got a little carried away with this one. Special thanks to @dekahg for the idea for this chapter. Enjoy!

Tags: @krysta1kitkat @caffeine-nights@dekahg @capsofwinchesters @casteelle @tolieboy @xmaspumpkin @amyapathetic @littlepandadreamer @only-a-nerd @uruburock13 @teamfreewilllovesyou @supernatural-everyday @queen-of-the-lost-ones @jezzula @fangirl1855 @sympathyforluci @fromhellswithlove @youraveragespaceprincess @messengerofdark @imagesforfandoms @extreme-supernatural-lover @graysonatbest @kcam16201 @shadypeachrunaway @uzum4k1-uch1h4  @depravedandwickedchild @extreme-supernatural-lover @just-a-bit-evil @wayward-hell @wearealltalesintheend @nicowhereinhadesareyou @pineapplesbelongonpizza @imincastiels @stillnotginger2294 @weirdlyobsessedreader @saltyasshxe @fandom-planet-lover @cozyjaws @wait-what5 @cloudyaries

Originally posted by lucifersagents

A week later, the big SUV rolled into a small Alaskan town just over the border. You were going stir crazy having been in the vehicle for 8 days now and wanted nothing more than to never see the inside of a car again. You jumped out before the wheels stopped turning and walked a few paces away. You studied the small, rundown motel you all were going to be staying at while you hunted the alpha werewolf. You had stayed in some shoddy places before, but you thought this really took the cake. You vaguely wondered if it was vacant and if you were going to be squatting there before you saw the one light on in the dingy office. It shined dully in the dark night.

Mick stepped up next to you and smiled. You smiled back at him. True to his word, Mick had been the perfect gentleman on your second date. And on your third and fourth one as well. You were genuinely having fun with the British man. He was a nice break from the hustle and bustle of everything else.

“Some help would be nice.” Dean’s gruff voice cut through the night.

You turned to see him and Ketch grabbing some bags out of the SUV’s trunk. Sam was trudging towards the office and Lucifer was just leaning against the vehicle, looking off into the distance. You sighed and went to help your brother.

The archangel hadn’t changed his mind at all in the week since he said he was done with you. He wouldn’t speak to you or even look in your direction. It was like you didn’t exist to him and it was starting to get under your skin. You hadn’t done anything wrong, but you knew that didn’t really matter. Angels were hard to figure out at the best of times, and Lucifer was especially complicated. If he wanted to be done with you, so be it. You had better things to do than worry about a moody archangel.

The research began as soon as all the bags were moved into the rooms. The whole group was gathered in the room you were sharing with Sam and Dean (they wouldn’t pay for you to have your own room - dicks), and everyone had their laptops out, or were looking through books.

You were sitting on your bed, a book opened on your lap while Mick reclined next to you with his laptop. Even so often while he was thinking, he would absent-mindedly rub your leg or your arm. You didn’t think he meant anything by it as he just naturally just seemed to be very touchy-feely, but it was driving you crazy, and not in a good way You had a thing about personal space and while you could technically be termed as “dating”, you still didn’t like it. Eventually, after one long moment where his hand had just rested on your leg before he began to type again, you hopped to your feet.

“I need some air,” You stated as four pairs of eyes looked up at you. You noticed Lucifer’s icy gaze was looking out the window, purposefully avoiding you, but you didn’t care. You had to get out of that room.

You stepped out into the chilly Alaskan night and closed the door tightly behind you. The parking lot was deserted except for the SUV and there was no one on the road. The tiny town all seemed to sleeping, which was appropriate considering it was about 2 in the morning. That’s when you realized you were finally alone. A smile broke out on your face. You hadn’t been alone in over a week and it felt so freeing.

Still grinning, you set off down the road, just reveling in the fact that you were finally alone. You walked about a mile down the road before turning off on a trailhead that would run a loop through the forest according to the map on a sign at the turnoff. The trail ran about 3 miles and was very clearly marked, so it was easy going. You figured you had gone about 2 miles down the trail when a chilly breeze began to blow. The forest was dark and silent, so there was no mistaking the voice that spoke out from behind you.

“Now what would a Winchester be doing here?”

You whirled around to see a tall woman standing about fifteen feet away, dressed in business casual attire. Her eyes flashed blue.

“Going for a walk, what’s it look like?” You asked, your tone lazy. “The real question is, what is an angel doing out here?”

She chuckled. “The name is Serus. And I’m hunting, much like you.”

“I very much doubt that you and I are hunting the same thing, Serus.” You said gruffly. “Why don’t you cut the bullshit and tell me what you want.”

She crossed her arms. “Lucifer.”

Your head cocked to the side. “Huh?”

“You heard me.” She scowled. “I want Lucifer.”

“What for?”

“He belongs in the Cage. My brethren and I are going to make sure he goes back there.”

“And what makes you think I know where he is?” You asked.

She rolled her eyes. “Please. We caught one of Crowley’s dogs. We know about the two of you.”

You shook your head. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t know where Lucifer is. You’re barking up the wrong tree here.”

“So what happened after your brothers freed you then? They just let him go?”

“I don’t know.” You shrugged. “I didn’t ask, they didn’t tell.”

“Oh how militant of you.” She said, her eyes narrowing. “Too bad. I was planning on letting you go, but now I think I’ll take you hostage. Maybe the brothers Winchester will be willing to trade.”

You shrugged and pulled an angel blade out of your jacket pocket, where you always kept it. “You can try, Serus, but I don’t think it’ll go very well for you.”

She cocked an eyebrow, her own blade sliding out of her sleeve. “Or maybe I’ll just kill you instead.”

Serus took a step towards you and your grip tightened on your blade.

“Or,” A voice rang out. “We could all just get along.”

Serus whirled around and you could see Lucifer standing several feet behind her. The moonlight cut through the trees, giving his hair a silvery glow. The sight of him bathed in the glowing light took your breath away despite the circumstances. He was truly beautiful.

Serus didn’t waste any time. She leapt towards him swiftly and silently, her lips peeled back in a terrible sneer. Lucifer was quicker though, despite not having access to his powers. A second later, he was in between you and Serus, facing the latter.

“Let’s talk about this, Serus.” He said calmly.

“There’s nothing to talk about,” She snarled. “You’re going back where you belong, Deceiver.”

“Nope. I’m not. But I’m giving you the chance to walk away. I suggest you take it.”

She flung herself at him again, her blade flying through the air. Lucifer went to sidestep her again, but this time she was expecting it and changed her angle of attack. You moved without conscious thought, stepping quickly in front of the archangel and shoving him backwards. You brought up your blade in an underhand arc, plunging the tip into her ribcage. At the same time, her blade plunged downwards right under your left shoulder. You screamed as the blade went all the way through and ripped out the other side.

Serus was screaming too, blue light pouring from every orifice as she died. Her vessel dropped to the ground and you dimly recognized the dark shadow of wings spreading out from her back across the ground.

Bitch, you thought.

Your knees buckled and you sank to the ground. The angel blade was burning in your shoulder and you knew that if it had gone any lower, you would have been dead immediately. You grasped the handle protruding from your body, steeled yourself, and yanked. The blade was firmly lodged and didn’t budge, but you almost immediately passed out from the pain. You fell onto your side, feeling your strength starting to fade. You had felt this before, many times, in Crowley’s dungeon. You would be blacking out any second now.

“Y/N!” You heard a frantic cry, but you were fading fast. Your vision began to darken and the last thing you saw before slipping into unconsciousness was a pair of icy blue eyes looking down at you with all the fear in the world.

The first thing you noticed was that your mouth felt like cotton. The second thing was that your head was pounding.

“Water,” You croaked.

You felt a cup being held up to your lips a second later and you drank the cool liquid greedily. Once you had quenched your thirst, you opened your eyes.

You were in a hospital, hooked up to at least a billion different machines. Sam, who had given you the water, sat by your side. The lines in his face were deep and you could tell he hadn’t been sleeping. Dean stood leaning against the wall a few feet away, his arms crossed over his chest. He looked even worse than Sam.

You smiled at the two of them. “Hey.”

Dean scowled. “What the hell were you doing in the middle of the damn woods, Y/N?”

Sam scowled at him, but you answered.

“Just taking a walk, Dean.” Your voice was raspy, but strong. “That’s all.”

He clenched his jaw and stalked out of the room angrily. Sam watched him go, then looked back at you.

“He’ll be okay.” He said.

“I know.” You gave him a small smile. “He’s just angry because he couldn’t help me.”

Sam took a deep breath. “That, and we just got you back, Y/N. I know we haven’t talked about it much, but we were both really worried about you for that year. We had no idea where you were, we thought you had just run off somewhere to live a normal life. You talked about it sometimes and we thought that’s what had happened. But…then we found out you had been tortured the whole time. And we hadn’t been looking for you. I know you’re going to say that it’s not our fault, but it’s still a weight we carry around every day. You’re our little sister. We’re supposed to protect you and we’ve failed twice now.”

“Sam. I’m a Hunter. Torture and angel blades in the shoulder are occupational hazards that I’ve accepted.”

He gave a small nod. “That doesn’t mean we’ve accepted them for you, Y/N.”

You pushed the button on your bed so that you were sitting up. “You don’t have to,” You said kindly. “It’s my life, you big bozo.”

Sam smiled and some of the cloud over his eyes seemed to dissipate. “I better go check on Dean.”

You watched as he left, then laid your head back on your pillow and closed your eyes. You weren’t sure how long you were out before the change in temperature woke you. The room was suddenly ice cold. You shivered and pulled the flimsy hospital blanket up to your chin. You opened your eyes a crack and saw Lucifer’s form sitting next to you in the chair that Sam had vacated.

“It’s a little cold in here,” You said, your teeth chattering.

He said nothing, but the room heated up quickly. You opened your eyes and looked at him. He sat there hunched over, his hooded gaze on you. It was a little unnerving.

“Um…hi.” You said. He still said nothing, merely stared at you. “Staring is rude, you know.”

His gaze finally dropped and he took a deep breath. He whispered something.

“What?” You asked.

“An inch.” He said, raising his voice. “An inch from your heart. That’s how close the blade was.”

“Ah, well, guess I can say it literally missed it by an inch.” You quipped, trying to hide how much that information shook you.

His gaze snapped back up to you. “You’re making jokes?” He asked in a low voice.

You lifted your good shoulder in a half shrug. “What else can I do?”

“How about not leap in front of a blade that was meant for me?” He shouted, startling you.

“You would rather I let you die?” You asked incredulously. “Are you serious?”

“I had a plan!” He said, leaping to his feet.

“Did your plan include getting stabbed to death with an angel blade?” You shot back angrily. “Because that’s what was going to happen!”

He glared at you, breathing heavily, his hands on his hips. “So you getting stabbed instead was better?”

“Uh, yeah!” You said pointedly. “In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m not dead!”

“But you could have been,” He said, clearly frustrated. “One inch lower-”

“But I’m not.” You said firmly, interrupting him. “And neither are you. That’s a win in my book.”

He clenched his jaw, but sat back down in the chair. All the fight seemed to go out of him in an instant. He leaned against the bed, his arm and hand resting lightly on the mattress.

You studied him for a moment before asking the question you really wanted to know the answer to. “So what were you doing out there? Were you following me?”

“I was just out for a walk.” He said, not looking at you.

“You stalker.” You said, a little playfully. “You think I can’t handle myself?”

He looked at you and cocked an eyebrow. “Apparently not.”

“Pfft I had her handled. Piece of cake. Until you showed up.”

“You were outside alone at night in an area where the alpha werewolf is running around murdering people. You really think I’d let you wander off alone?”

“Aha! So you were following me!”

He sighed. “You’re impossible.”

You merely smiled. You were beginning to feel sleepy again. “I knew you still cared about me.”

He looked startled. “Who said that?”

You rolled your eyes. “Please.”

He was silent a moment and you could feel sleep dragging you ever closer.

“You’re right.” He said lowly. “I do still care.”

A funny warmth began to spread through your body, making you giddy and content all at the same time. You didn’t think it had to do with the pain meds they were giving you.

“It’s okay,” You said, peaking at him from the corner of your eye. You couldn’t open them fully anymore. “I still care about you too.”

You moved your hand over to where his was resting and squeezed it lightly. He looked up at you in surprise. You thought you could see something else there too, something that looked like…hope? But that could have been the meds. Either way, you felt his cool hand turn and clasp yours tightly, as if he were afraid you would float away. And in a way, you were floating.

“Don’t leave me again,” You mumbled, hardly aware of what you were saying.

His other hand wrapped around yours and you felt his cool lips touch your fingers. You heard him whisper, “Never.”

And the blackness took you once more.

The next time you opened your eyes, your mind felt clearer. You knew the doctors were beginning to cut back on the meds. Hopefully you would be discharged soon.

Mick sat next to your bed, reading a lore book.

“You shouldn’t really be reading that in public.” You said.

He looked up at you and grinned. “You’re awake.”

“How astute of you.” You said, grinning back.

“Well, darling, my astuteness is what I’m known for.” He stood and leaned over to kiss you. He straightened afterwards and looked down at you. “I was worried about you.”

“I’m a hunter, Mick. This sort of thing comes with the territory.”

He nodded, but still looked a little forlorn.

You smiled up at him. “Think about this way. Now I have to stay back at the motel HQ with you instead of going after the alpha.”

He gave you a small smile. “I’d rather you were whole again, dear.”

“And I will be.” You said. “It’ll just take some time. I’ve had worse than this, believe me.”

“If you say so.”

“I do. Now, when am I being discharged?”

“Doctor said today. If you were feeling up to it.”

“Thank goodness.” You said. “I am more than feeling up to it. Is everyone else back at the motel?”

He nodded, then looked away. You knew something was bothering him.

“Out with it.” You said. “Spill it, Mick.”

He looked at you and sighed. “It’s mad.”

“Just ask.”

He sat back down and looked at you with apprehension. His voice was soft when he spoke. “Why were you and Lucifer out there alone?”

“We weren’t. Well, I mean, we were, but I thought I was alone.”

“So you didn’t plan it then?” You could see he wasn’t being accusatory. You could also see that he was afraid of the answer.

“No,” You said. “I didn’t plan alone time with Lucifer. I went for a walk and he followed me. That’s all.”

Mick gave a small nod. “Okay. Sure, okay.”

You cocked your head, curious. “Why would you think we had planned it?”

“I’m not sure.” He said, shrugging. “It just has seemed to me that you two have some sort of…connection, I suppose, and I was worried about it.”

Maybe he should be worried about it, a small voice inside your head said.

“I’m not going to deny that there’s a connection between us,” You said kindly, ignoring the stupid voice. “We shared the same cell for months. But that’s all it is. Mick, I’m dating you. No one else.”

He didn’t look completely convinced though and you couldn’t blame him. There was something between you and the archangel that you couldn’t identify. The more you wanted to pull away from him, the more you were pushed back towards him. And apparently it was the same for him.

You were discharged from the hospital, your arm in a sling to keep you from moving it, and Mick drove you back to the motel. You walked in to your room to find your brothers, Ketch, and Lucifer all sprawled out around the room. Ketch was sleeping on the couch while your brothers were sleeping on one of the beds. Lucifer was reclined lazily on the other bed and he cracked an eye as you walked in.

“About time.” He said dryly.

“Sorry, the doctors were really busy today,” You said sarcastically. “Something about having other patients.”

His mouth quirked up slightly in the corner and you knew he was happy you were back. You walked over and sat down on the edge of the bed. Lucifer quickly moved over so that there was more room on the blanket and you leaned back against the pillows gratefully. It was the same as before, in the cell. The cooler air around the archangel seemed to soothe your throbbing shoulder.

“Ahhhh,” You breathed, closing your eyes.

“Can I get you anything, love?” Mick asked. You opened your eyes to see Mick eyeing Lucifer. But the archangel’s gaze was on you.

“No, I’m fine. I just need to rest a bit more.”

“Alright.” Mick sat at the small table in the corner of the room. Its surface was littered with lore books and newspaper clippings. “I’ll be right here if you need anything.”

You snuggled down further into the bed and felt the temperature around Lucifer drop a few more degrees. The throbbing in your shoulder subsided even more and you sighed in relief.

“I’ll be right here too,” Lucifer said lowly, so that only you could hear.

You smiled and drifted off to sleep.

Never Say Never (Part 10)

Pairing: Arthur (Mr.) Ketch x Reader
Word Count: 1,431
Warnings: Cussing. Violence.  
Sequel: Part 10/? of  Never Say Never

Special thanks to @lucis-unicorn because she’s the bestest and did the beta and idea-bouncer thing again for me !

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BTS Reactions~ TH~ You try to take it TOO far~ Flawless:

Feeling the warm, summer air against your face, you walked slowly along the pathway. The sky was painted with a beautiful orange gradient, and breeze dusted the hair from your face. You took a deep, fresh breath of the warm air, and sighed contently, glancing up at his face.


He was staring off into the distance, like always. Even when he went off into his daydream state, he still looked flawless. Everything about him was perfect, and in that moment you were the happiest you had ever been. Your hand gripped his, and as you walked, you fell more and more in love. The way he just had so many different sides to his personality- it was fun to explore. Just: Flawless.

You’d finally made your way to the dorm room. You technically didn’t live there, but it seemed as if you did. It was far better than living alone, living with your boyfriend and his group members. Every day was new, and exciting.

“And the couple of the evening have finally arrived!” You heard a loud voice shout. It was none other than Hobi, the ball of sunshine himself. You giggled, and struck a pose. Tae did the same.

“Hyung is strange…” You heard Kookie mutter.

All the members were sat around the TV, Jin and Jimin engrossed in a game of Mario Kart, the rest just conversing amongst themselves.

“I’m gonna win this round, watch me.” teased Jimin, as you and Tae went to sit down. With all the boys sat- well, slouching- on the couch, there was barely any room at all for you. You shrugged it off, lowering yourself to sit on the floor, but before you do, Tae gestures for you to sit on his lap. It was innocent at first.

“HA. You, win against me? I think you’re forgetting how much I love Mario- by the time we’re done, you’ll be seeing coins!” Jin laughs, with his weird window-washer sound.

“Dorks.” Tae whispers to you, and you giggle at his remark.

“You two are no different.” Yoongi whispers back, before shouting, “WHO WANTS PIZZA?! I want pizza.”

Namjoon sighed, “God, Hyung, don’t shout. But yeah, I want pizza.” 

“Me tooooooo” You whined, slapping Jungkook’s shoulder a little. “Order some for us, Kookie? I know you have a thing for the delivery girl~”

He blushed, but nonetheless called the pizza place, and shortly after, it arrived.

“THAT’S THE PIZZA!” Squealed Hobi, “Jungkookie~”

Opening the door, Jungkook went to pay, but was running short on change at hand. You rushed over to the girl, handing her some coins from your coat, which was hanging by the door.

“Here you go. Oh and, I love your hair!” You complemented her, Jungkook giving you a ‘what are you up to’ glare.

“Thanks, Y/N, right? I just had it dyed yesterday, but I’m thinking of going back to the salon after this shift. I don’t know whether it suits me really…” She mumbles shyly.

I think it looks great on you.” he blurts out, still blushing like mad.

She giggles, passing him the change. “Thank you.”

“Say, when does your shift end? If you don’t need to go back to the salon, how about hanging out with us? We’re not creeps, I swear.” You laugh.

“Oh! Thanks for the invite, I’d love to! My shift actually ends after this… I think I can get one of my coworkers to clock out for me, so is it alright if I join you now?”

You invite her in, giving Kookie a thumbs up, as you introduce her to everyone, before slumping yourself back on Tae’s lap. 

“Babe, pass me a slice.” he says, and you wriggle forwards to do just that. Then you wriggle backwards to pass it to him, and over the course of the meal, you just can’t seem to stop wriggling, not realizing the effect this had on Tae.

He was struggling to keep it together, as every time you move you brushed against his crotch. He grit his teeth, trying to distract himself with conversation with others, but he just can’t get the thought of you off his mind. His mind wandered places it shouldn’t, and he was getting hard. He didn’t want to ask anything from you, as you were clearly too busy making friends with the girl from earlier and hanging out with the members. Besides, you’d never even had sex together yet. 

But somehow, he needed to escape and relieve himself before you noticed anything.

Too late.

You felt something poking your thigh. Instantly, you knew what it was, and you turned to Tae, your face red.

“I’m sorry, it’s just… you’re moving too much.” He covered his face with his hands, embarrassed.

“Just sitting and talking is boring. Let’s go somewhere!” Jimin exclaims.

“But it’s dark out.” Namjoon facepalms.

“Well we could go to that club downtown. I heard they have firework shows!” 

“Sure!” The pizza girl agrees. “I’d love to go somewhere with you guys, but I call seat next to Kookie in the car. We need to talk more about Overwatch!” she giggles, and Jungkook looks over the moon that he shares interests with her.

Everyone agrees, except you and Tae. You don’t want to move an inch, because you know that if you do, a moan might escape your lips.

“How about you two?” Asks Yoongi, as everyone puts on their jackets.

“I.. think we’ll stay here, and have a movie night or something. I’m not a big fan of clubs, really.” You manage to say, giving him a fake smile. All of that was pure lies- you didn’t want a movie night at all.

They all leave, and you stare at Tae in silence.


You mumble, “you’re still…?”


More awkwardness silence.

You can’t help yourself. You grit your teeth, and move slightly to the left, centering his member between your thighs. A muffled moan from you both.

You edge yourself forward. He grunts, and you can feel yourself getting wetter by the second.

“Y/N, turn around.” His raspy, low voice seductively luring you in .

You turn as he said, and gently rock your hips from side to side. It feels so good.

“Fuck. Are you sure you wanna do this? Now? I mean I’m fine with it-”

You cut him off, with a kiss to the lips. He grasps your waist, helping you move.

“Ahh~” He grunts again, this time into the kiss. His slender fingers trail up your shirt, pullng it off, and round to your back, unclasping your bra. He held one of your breasts, circling it round.

You hands found their way to his belt, and you lightly tugged, teasing him more than you already had. He began to use tongue, exploring the wet caverns of your mouth. it was intense, but it was Heaven; it was flawless.

He whispered:

“Let’s make this a night to remember~” 

~ahhhhh i’m blushing so hard >_<  as a tae stan I now feel weak

Let me know if You want a part 2? Idk when I’ll do it but hey-ho

Guide to Produce 101

(based on s1)

This is generally how Produce 101 season 1 went. Season 2 will most likely have a few changes and probably some improvements (or quite possibly some downgrades), so don’t take this as a guide to how season 2 will run. This is just for anybody curious about how the show went down.

I would recommend watching Season 1, as it was really good and emotional, and I.O.I are actual treasures on this earth.

If I am missing something, let me know! If anybody has any questions too, I will definitely answer them! I love Produce 101 so much, and I’m hoping for this season’s success as well!

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Prompt: Batmom gets turned into a kitten

Words: 400

          “Father is not going to be happy.”

          “Maybe he won’t notice?”

          “Yes Dick, I’m sure Bruce won’t notice that our mother, his wife, has turned into a kitten!” Jason snarls.

          You want to comfort your sons, but all that comes out is this little mew. Dick grins as he picks bends and picks you up. He scratches behind your ears. “She’s pretty adorable though, and her fur is so soft.”

          Damian quickly snatches you from Dick’s hands. He cuddles you close “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you from Grayson.” You rub your cheek against his to reassure him that you’re okay.

          A moment later Jason’s hands wrap around you, and he lifts you out of a now glaring Damian’s hands. He scratches your head before going, “Wow, you’re right, she is soft.”

          Tim reaches over and pets you as well. You allow yourself to purr. The boys’ attention becomes so focused on you that they don’t notice Bruce come up behind them.

          “Where’d the cat come from?” He asks.

          Your sons go stiff as a board, and Tim is the first to speak, “Technically she’s a kitten.”

          Bruce just stares at Tim, before his arms crossed against his chest, “What’s going on?”

          Jason smiles, “You’re not going to like the answer.”

          His voice rises a bit in volume, “What is going on?”

          Dick cracks like an egg, “Mom got turned into a kitten.”

          Damian just holds you up for Bruce to see. You meow at him, and wave one paw in the air.

          There’s a moment of silence before his jaw drops, and he takes a step forward, and takes you out of Damian’s hands. “Y/N?” He whispers.

          You meow a yes, and touch a paw to his nose.

          He stares for a moment more before his eyes shift back to the boys, and in his angry voice he asks, “What the hell happened?”

          Tim grimaces, “We don’t exactly know.”

          “But we called Zatara and he’s on his way, with Dr. Fate. We’re hoping they can turn her back into her herself.”

          Bruce’s eye starts twitching, “Well start figuring it out. Now GO!”

          The boys scatter and Bruce holds you up so that you’re at eye level. “We’ll fix this sweetheart I promise.” You rub your cheek against his and purr. He just sinks down in the chair in front of the bat computer, and says, “You are pretty cute though.”

anonymous asked:

(this was an idea mentioned on @i-love-glados 's blog) whenever Chell goes to hug Glados, she lifts up just to mess with her and make her hug tighter and Chell is like "not again"

(( Here you are. I believe @i-love-glados wished to be tagged? ))

GLaDOS was NOT huggable. She was the queen of Aperture, she was the ice cold ruler of an underground, morally corrupt science facility. She was the opposite of cuddly.

But… if someone was going to hug her, they might as well actually commit.

Chell had taken to hugging the central core as her main form of physical affection, as it was relatively easy, despite the AI’s bulky chassis.  However more frequently than not, she’d simply come in for a quick gentle squeeze, and then she’d pull away. That was fine every once and awhile, but if you asked GLaDOS, it was just getting lazy.

So, she had found herself a new way of having some fun with this.

Chell came up, wrapping her arms around GLaDOS’s faceplate, and was about to pull away, when GLaDOS moved her head. She raised it while the girl was still holding on, causing her to let out a small squeak of surprise, and to suddenly tighten her grip on the core.

GLaDOS, if she had a mouth, would’ve been grinning like the Cheshire cat. That worked better than expected.

Chell looked down at her, partly stunned, partly questioning. Her gaze alone making her question quite clear.

‘Are you gonna let me down?’

The answer was no. Not right away anyway.

Instead, GLaDOS shifted her head a little, nuzzling Chell in the process.

And, to her credit, Chell seemed to relax somewhat after a few minutes.  She was about fifteen feet off the ground, but she had a firm grip on GLaDOS, and had faith that the core wouldn’t let her fall.

A few more moments passed, before GLaDOS slowly lowered Chell back down to the ground. She was satisfied with the amount of affection she had received.

“Don’t look at me like that, you started this.”

Chell raised an eyebrow in response, as if debating if she wanted to argue that no, technically she didn’t, it was GLaDOS’s idea to hold Chell in the air for a few minutes so she would hug her a little bit tighter.

‘I think you’re just needy.’

Chell signed this with a smirk, her eyes sparkling with amusement.  GLaDOS would protest all day that she had NO interest in cuddling of any sort, and she definitely DIDN’T enjoy hugs, but her actions spoke otherwise.

“Wha- N-No I’m not! I am anything but! I was just trying to get you to… to fall off! Yes, that was it. I wanted you to fall and break your legs. Hpmh.”

The core turned her head away from Chell, as if trying to further make her point. But the soft humming that came from her now slightly overheated processors gave Chell more than enough information.

She got the feeling that this wasn’t going to be a one-time thing.

DAY 3251

Jalsa, Mumbai                  Feb 21,  2017                  Tue 11:50 pm

बाबूजी ने सिखाया किसी भी समारोह में जाओ तो last row में बैठना . …
क्योंकि वहां से उठाये गए, तो आगे की seat पे ही जाओगे ~

My Father always taught me that whenever you got to a function or an event, sit on the last row .. because if you are asked to be moved from there, you shall only go forward - a forward seat ..

This always happens on such occasions - you occupy a seat in the front row, at a function and then the organisers come and shift you back because someone more important than you has arrived and he or she needs to be seated ahead of you .. or there are occasions when, to accommodate the VIP, an extra row of chairs is put in front of where you are sitting .. so you start of being in the front row and end up being in the 2nd or 3rd row .. looked upon by some as a bit insulting, or being demeaned of your position or status  .. yes .. some guests and invitees, consider it to be of lesser importance to the host, if NOT placed or seated in the front row ..

The front row is that ego boosting self aggrandised totally unnecessary belief that being in the front row is like the General of the Armed Forces - in command … and one that is seated in pride of place .. protocol .. or whatever it be called .. formalities of the day or the event .. !!

And never overlook the folded hand ‘namaskaar’ .. servile, obedient, respectful and not too difficult to execute … the Western greeting of the hand shake, is more physical .. holding a hard hand shows strength of character, a message sent quite unobtrusively of one’s own power .. unbending and strong .. the soft hand shake defines weakness and uncertainty .. without any character of strength .. 

OR so they say .. ‘they’ say so much ..

Back from the sands and the sea and the palms, with not a moment spent in their proximity. A distant gaze, a few balcony moments as the setting sun disappears over the Arabian Sea, and back to the air cooled environ of the inner walls of the room ..

The devouring of the sharp green chillies has become almost a norm with the meals these days … and I remember those moments spent with Homeopathic Doctors, when some of the more frequent questions they put to you before administering those sweet balls of sugar, was : ‘do you like eating chilli spiced food , or without the spice and the chilli ..’

Apparently it is a form, a technical medical form in Homeopathy, to decipher the nature of the treatment to be meeted out to you ..

Many have sworn by this medical wonder .. many have carried no belief, and the allopathic doctors have sniggered and dismissed its very existence ..

OKAAY … !!! so did a bit of bravado/ antics and suffered .. hehe aha ..

Nothing to be of any alarm, but just one of those days ..

I have been used to opening bottle tops with my teeth, when they have refused to open with the hands .. and today quite surprisingly when I tried it .. a chip of the tooth broke off ..

Its all repaired and done to normal again .. but .. yaaa .. it happened ..

The Dentist and his entire staff, had laughed throughout my short stay on the chair .. sorry .. THE CHAIR .. !!! 

The body tells you when you are going wrong …

But damn it never told me all these 75 years .. !! 

Good night and love ..

Amitabh Bachchan

Little Holmes Part 2 - Moriarty x reader

Originally posted by thekillersboy-blog

AN: Highly requested by many of you lovelies. I will probably be writing one more part after this one. It’s a little messy but I hope you still enjoy it!

Previous chapters: Part 1

Overall Summary: Moriarty teases Sherlock because he slept with you. Sherlock’s little sister. 

In this chapter: Sherlock confronts you on Moriarty which erupts a flood of memories to how it got to this moment.

Word count: 1,736

Warnings: None really, some hints of smut

“Honestly (Y/n), out of every single person on this entire planet you had to go for him! The man who tried to blow me and your brother up! The one who want us dead!” John threw his arms up in the air as he paced in front of you. You stared blankly at the wall behind him, you knew something like this would happen if they ever found out about your love life. 

“Technically, he only wants Sherlock dead.” You corrected him. 

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You Pull Me In

He didn’t expect to meet so intriguing woman. But what he learnt about her surprised him a lot. Will it be only one time meeting or something more?

Warnings: Language 


Oliver was sitting at the bar looking down at the glass of  scotch in his hand. He was slowly moving the glass in a circle looking how the alcohol swirled inside the glass.

He was so disappointed in himself. And he was tired. Maybe he was even more exhausted than he thought because when he moved his back his sore muscles let him know about his failure.

He heard the whispers. He knew people were talking about him, but he honestly didn’t care.

He should be upstairs in his room being yelled at by every person in his life but instead of that he was sitting down here drinking, well technically he was just holding the glass because he didn’t drink at all.

He has been sober for 5 years and he decided to stay that way.

But he liked to look at the brownish liquid and imagine how it would taste on his tongue.

For some it would be a torture but not for him. He was well trained to deny himself a lot of things.

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Short story- The End

To tide people over while I work on personal matters (writing’s had to wait a tiny bit, working out stuff for moving out), I’m posting a short story/ first chapter I wrote a while back. Technically I could elaborate on it, but this is what I have at the time. I hope you guys like it!

The door to the roof was locked. Rick would smash it down with the axe, but he’d need both hands for that. Instead, he kicked it just under the doorknob, and light streamed into the dark staircase as the door swung open. Jason took his hand off of his side, just for a moment, and put on the pair of sunglasses from his jacket pocket. He grunted as him and Rick stepped out onto the roof, and the sensation of fresh air filled his nostrils. Sure, it smelled a little like ash and sulfur, but it was better than in that dreadful place. They stumbled towards the edge of the roof, and settled down on the edge, with their feet dangling off of the roof. Rick tossed the massive gilded battleaxe down next to him, and let out a chuckle as he carefully placed the plastic bag down as well. A whole lot of good that thing was, he didn’t even get to properly use it.

The afternoon light felt strained and weak, as if the sun was being pulled into the swirling whirlwind of pure terror and chaotic energy that was manifesting downtown. They stared at it in awe for a few seconds, watching all the people in a panic. People running and screaming, heavy traffic on every block, even a few looters added to the pandemonium unfolding before them. Luckily Rick had managed to get some last minute shopping done before all hell broke loose. Metaphorically and literally, by the looks of it. He hoped that none of the blood, sweat and other various fluids that currently decorated the plain plastic bag had gotten inside it as well. Now that would be a shame.

“Are you gonna be alright?” said Rick, as Jason pulled his coat back a little to inspect the crude bandages around his side.

“Bad choice of words, considering the situation, but at least this won’t kill me.” Jason pulled his satchel onto his lap, and rummaged in it for a second before pulling out the roughly carved totem that had started all of this. Rick still didn’t think it looked all that much like the monstrosity it was depicting, but he supposed the artist had to take some creative liberties. Jason tossed it off of the roof, and they both watched in silence as it fell and shattered on the pavement below. Rick leaned back, and adjusted the tie he had to repurpose as a bandana to stop the bleeding. Unfortunately, headbutting cultists was not half as fun as it looked in movies. Pity, it was his favorite tie too. At least he wouldn’t have to wash it for work tomorrow.

They sat there for several minutes in pure silence. Well, it would have been silence if not for the whirling wind, the cars honking and the sound that sounded eerily similar to a screech coming from far away and yet right behind you as well. Finally, Jason broke the silence.

“So, what now?” he said as he leaned back on his elbow, with one arm still clutching the place where his spleen used to be a few hours ago.

“What do you mean?” Rick responded.

“Well this is it, right? The Apocalypse? The end of days? Humanity’s great quelling? So is this all, just some terror tornado and poof, everyone’s dead? That feels like a bit of a cop-out.“

Rick gave a short grunt of agreement, and Jason continued. “I mean, it’d just feel wrong if it ended here. For a being of chaos, total annihilation almost feels out of character. Wouldn’t it be more fun for a higher being to see us struggle than to just end it here? I bet he’s going to keep some people alive, just to toy with them.”

Rick stared off into the distance and nodded. “I still can’t believe that those crazy bastards managed to achieve total chaos with only a sweater vest, a human spleen and a plate of Chicken Parmesan.”

“Don’t you go insulting my spleen, I grew it myself.”, said Jason. “Sometimes you don’t notice how much you love some things until they’re gone.”

Rick chuckled and reached into the bag, producing a couple cans of soda. They weren’t ice cold anymore, but at least they had stayed safe from what they had just faced. He tossed one to Jason, and then opened his and took a long sip from it. He stared at the massive eye forming in the sky above the storm as his feet dangled over the side. He didn’t know if he would see tomorrow, or if it would be a tomorrow worth seeing. In any case, he had tried his hardest, and isn’t that what really matters? Maybe not, he thought to himself as he saw a news chopper get swept up and consumed by the swirling void. Oh well, in any case there probably wouldn’t be a lot of people to reprimand him after all was said and done. He turned to Jason again. “I’ll bet you ten bucks that money will be worthless after this.”

Jason laughed. “I’ll bet you ten bucks we won’t survive this.”

“I’ll take that bet”, Rick responded.”If you win I won’t be able to pay you back, it’s a win-win situation for me.”

They sat in silence for a while longer, watching the storm continue to grow as the eye looked on from above. They both knew that there was no point in running. They were both too exhausted to deal with the tragedy that was unfolding in front of them, so their minds wandered, focusing on the little things. Rick wouldn’t have to listen to another complaint from his hair-brained boss. Jason wouldn’t have to mow Mrs. Custer’s lawn next Tuesday, and he could keep the stake launcher he’d borrowed from Eugene as long as he wanted. They were both terrified about what the future might hold for them if it held anything at all, and they both couldn’t wait to see what it would all be like.

I found his jumper 15 || D.H.

First Part, Second Part, Third Part, Fourth Part, Fifth Part, Sixth Part, Seventh Part,Eighth Part, Ninth Part, Tenth Part, Eleventh Part, Twelfth Part, Thirteenth Part, Fourteenth Part

A/N: I want to apologize for this part in advance. It was planned like this from the beginning (check part 1). This is the end of the IFHJ series. Thank you for reading it. x

Word Count: 2.1K


Originally posted by penguinoinahat

“When’s dad going to be home?” Jacob asked, pulling at my shirt with his small hand to get my attention.

“I don’t know, honey. But he should be back any minute.” I answered the dark haired 5-year-old. He had clearly inherited Dan’s hair colour, that looked like milk chocolate.

“Daddy said he’d play with me tonight.” Jake told me, and his eyes started glowing at the thought of all the Lego and games he could play with Dan.

We had just eaten dinner and I was in the kitchen, putting the dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

“Can I watch TV until he comes back?” my son looked at me with puppy dog eyes and it was so hard to say no.

“Okay, just today. But don’t be too loud your little sister needs her sleep, right?” I gave in and before I had even finished my sentence the little man had already sprinted into the living room and jumped onto the couch.

I laughed at his enthusiasm and turned the TV on for him since he couldn’t handle the remote control very well. He made me zap through all kids channels we had until he discovered that they were showing his favourite show on nickelodeon. He shouted for me to stop and seconds later his eyes were glued onto the screen.

“I’m going to check on your sister, honey. Tell me if you need me for anything.” I said softly, while ruffling through his hair.

I walked up the stairs of the house me and Dan had bought four years ago. Jake was one year old when we moved in and it was a pretty hectic time for both of us back then. I slowly opened the door to our daughter’s room. She was now 11 months old and the whole family loved her to bits. I had expected that Jake would be a bit jealous of her, like all kids were when they got siblings, but he wasn’t. Jake was a typical older brother figure, he wanted to protect the little thing and he always asked me if he could hold her. I had put Ava to bed right after dinner and just wanted to check if she had already fallen asleep.

I was careful not to make any noise when I walked up to her cradle. Ava was already sound asleep. Her tiny body was hidden behind a little blanket that she held onto with her little hands. One could only see her round head. She looked like an angel and her and Jake made me proudest mother in the world.

Dan had finished studying law at university a long time ago and took over his dad’s law firm. That’s why he wasn’t home for dinner tonight. He had crazy working hours and was very successful, but he also loved what he was doing. He had been in New York for the last three days for a business meeting and I had already started to miss him dearly. He had called me in the late afternoon, telling me that he couldn’t wait to be home and spent time with me and the kids.

Dan was a great daddy. He played games with Jake whenever he managed to have some free time. They went to football games together on the weekends and Jake was already on a junior football team because he wanted to be as good as his dad. Dan loved his son and daughter equally and he was the one who fed Ava her baby food and read her good night stories. The cutest thing was that whenever Dan got home late from work he’d give me a peck on the lips as soon as he returned and then he’d sneak up to the rooms our kids were sleeping in to give them a little good night kiss on the forehead.

I watched Ava sleep for a minute or two just because she was a tiny bundle of cuteness and looking at her made me feel all warm inside. I checked if the baby alarm was turned on before I left the room and closed the door behind me. Shortly before I was about to walk downstairs my phone started ringing. It was Dan.

“Hi, baby.” I answered and walked into my bedroom so I wouldn’t wake up Ava.

I had expected that Dan just wanted to let me know that he had safely arrived at the airport and that he was going to be home in half an hour, but it wasn’t Dan who was on the telephone.

“Who am I talking to?” the person on the other line asked. She sounded like a middle-aged lady.

“Rose Howell.” I answered, confusion in my voice.

“Is Daniel Howell your husband?” the woman wanted to know, sounding concerned.

“I am his wife, yes. What happened?” I asked and suddenly my heart was racing.

“Mrs. Howell, I am calling because you are your husband’s emergency contact.”

The word emergency contact started ringing in my ears and I sat down on the edge of the bed I shared with Dan. I swallowed hard to prepare myself for what the lady was going to say. I nervously kept fiddling with my wedding ring.

“I don’t know if it’s already on the news, but the New Yorker aircraft had serious technical difficulties during the landing. Mrs. Howell it breaks my heart to tell you that, but I’m afraid that your husband didn’t make it.”

And in that moment the world stopped turning.

My phone hit the ground after I had dropped it out of shock, but I couldn’t hear the loud thud it made. Somehow the whole world went quiet, deathly quiet. All air had left my lungs and I had troubles breathing, unable to comprehend that Dan wouldn’t return home in twenty minutes. We had hung up a huge picture from our wedding day above our bed. I couldn’t help but stare at the dark-haired beauty who stood next to me and smiled into the camera. The thought that I would never be able to see that smile again send waves of endless pain through my body. Never before had I ever felt such hurt. The feeling was unbearable and indescribable at the same time. I thought I’d sink to the ground but in reality I was just sitting on the bed, unable to move and stared into the void. It was surreal.

There couldn’t be a world without Dan Howell. I sat there on my bed, swallowed by horror and sadness and I didn’t understand why time hadn’t stopped ticking. It was just a simple phone call and suddenly my live was turned upside down. There were no goodbyes, just a ‘see you in three days’ and maybe that’s why it was so hard for me to understand that 3 days would pass without him coming back.  

I remember the time I broke my arm when I fell out of a tree. It hurt like hell and Dan ran back to my house to get my mum. Later he signed my cast and told me that everything was going to be alright. That wouldn’t happen this time. There were no casts for broken hearts. And Dan was gone. Forever.

“Mummy, why are you crying?”

I removed my hands from over my eyes. My face was drowned in tears and snot. My whole body was shaking with sobs. I wanted to shout and cry out in misery but Ava, our daughter, was still sleeping next doors. She and Jake would have to grow up without their father.  

Jake had walked up to me. There was a sad look on his normally so happy face. He examined his mother’s tears. I took him into my arms and pressed his little head against my heaving chest. I caressed his chocolate brown hair and held him as close as possible.

“When is daddy going to be back?” he asked.

When I started sobbing heavier instead of saying ‘soon’ he started crying too.

“Mum, we are going to be late for my football game.” Jake whined. He was all dressed and ready to head out, but stared at the staircase with an annoyed and awaiting look on his face. Jake grew up to be a very handsome teenager, just like his father. The similarity was striking. He was the quarterback of his high school football team and I was sure that Dan would be very proud of him.  

“Ava, please hurry up.” I shouted and seconds later my daughter came running down the stairs.

“Why do you always have to take hours to get ready?!” Jacob complained as his little sister put on her jacket and shoes.

She stuck his tongue out at him as a response.

“If you two don’t behave, uncle Phil will not take you to another game.” I threatened. They groaned but didn’t keep fighting.

Phil was patiently waiting for the kids to get ready. He was taking them to Jake’s game today since I didn’t have time to do it myself. Over the past couple of years he had visited us a lot on the weekends. Phil barely missed one of Jake’s games, being a football player himself he loved to support his godchild. He was always there to help when times were rough and I could tell that he always enjoyed spending time with the kids since he didn’t have his own family.

“Good luck, honey.” I said and kissed Jake’s left cheek.

“Ew, mum!” he protested and wiped over his cheek with the sleeve of his sweater.

I shook my head laughing. “Have fun.” I shouted and waved as the kids hopped into Phil’s car.

“Thank you for taking them.” I told Phil, giving him a quick hug.

 “No problem, Rose. You know how much I love those little bugs.”

The reason why I didn’t have time to attend Jake’s match today was that our house was being renovated on Monday and the attic had to be empty till then. I hadn’t been in the attic for years. It wasn’t big and we still had unopened boxes from when we moved into the house fifteen years ago up there. I wasn’t really a fan of spiders or small rooms, but the work had to be done. After I had climbed the foldable attic stairs I found myself in a crammed room filled with boxes and spider webs.

 I had cleared out most of the cartons when I discovered a box that somebody had written “important” on. It must have accidentally ended up here along with all the other useless stuff. I carefully tore it open and found a few pictures that we took in college. There were Phil, Caleb, Hayley and I and of course Dan. We were laughing in most of the pictures. There was a picture of Dan, smiling so wide that his dimples were showing and a picture of me sleeping that he must have taken without me noticing. I also found Dan’s old football jersey and on the bottom of the box there was something soft and dark grey. I pulled it out and before I had even realized what it was my heart had started racing and I was crying again for the first time in a few months.

“Hello, my name is Rose and I found his jumper” I said, my voice trembling.

“Hello, Rose. It’s nice to meet you.” All members of the self-help group replied.

And then I started telling them my story. I told them about my childhood best friend, who I watched the sunset with. I told them about the jock that I hated in high school. I told them about finally being with the boy I had loved for years in college. I told them about our ups and downs and the first time he told me he loved me. I told them how we finally got married. I told them about our two beautiful kids. Then I told them about the plane crash and the day he didn’t return from work. I told them about the love of my life, knowing that he was long gone. And I told them about the jumper that he gave to me, that I cuddled with whenever I missed him or I when was sad. I told them it was the same jumper I found in the attic and the one I couldn’t fall asleep without now.  

“I will never forget about you. You will always be my best friend. I promise.”

Dan whispered and smiled at me gently. There was only one last glimmer of the sun left and just as that vanished as well I felt Dan’s hand on top of mine.  

Dan, do you remember the one time we watched the sunset on the last day of our summer break before you started high school?

I asked you how long forever is and you said:

“Forever is the amount of time I want to spend with you.”  

On The Curb Here With You

Friday night, new bar, no more work. It was the perfect night to just hang out with your buddies and catch up with all the chaos that’s been going on in everyone’s lives. But after a, erm, few drinks, you decide to get some fresh air and step outside. By now you’re buzzing from the alcohol you’ve consumed in the last hour, but you know how to handle yourself. 

When you push the door open and step outside, a gust of fresh air hits you. It’s a nice change from the stuffy pub you just emerged from. Without thinking, you close your eyes and take a deep breath, listening. You hear the muffled sound of people’s chatter from the pub, the sound of the wind as it cuts through the small trees that line the sidewalk. 

It’s a beautiful night, you think to yourself. 

It isn’t until you hear someone clear their throat next to you that you realise you aren’t alone. You duck your head in embarrassment; you’ve just been caught in your little moment and now they probably think you’re some drunk loon.

You slowly open your eyes to see who the person is. To your surprise you find a young guy staring at you intently with the prettiest blue eyes you’ve ever seen. His lips carry a small smile.

“Beautiful night, isn’t it?” he says as he stuffs his hands in his pockets.

“Funny, I was just thinking that,” you respond with a small chuckle. He politely smiles at you. You weren’t expecting such a good looking guy. He’s wearing a Twin Peaks t-shirt, black jeans, and a hoodie, which is all topped off with a pair of white Converse. It’s a casual look that he carries well. 

After a moment of silence, he takes a step closer and gives you his hand to shake. “I’m Dan,” he offers. “What were you out here doing?”

You shake his hand, introducing yourself before giving an embarrassed laugh. “I uh, like to close my eyes sometimes when I’m outside and just, I dunno, take in my surroundings,” you explain with an apologetic look. 

His smile widens as his eyes gaze at the light blush spreading across your cheeks. “No no, you don’t have to explain yourself, we all do funny things like that.” His response eases the worry in your gut.

“So what’s your reason for being out here then?” you ask with a curious look.

“I’m supposed to meet my mate here, but it seems he’s running a bit late,” he says as he takes out his phone to check for new messages. None. He puts his phone back in his pocket.  

“And what’s got you out here with me instead of back there with your friends?” His eyes seem to pierce right through you, giving you chills. Did you really just get chills? 

You think about his question for a moment. Why are you out here with a complete stranger and not inside with your friends? You were only supposed to come out for a moment to get some air and then head back inside but instead, you are outside on a cold night having a conversation with a random guy you just met.

“Maybe I like to talk to strangers,” you say, half-teasing, half-challenging. He grins and puts his hands up in fake surrender.

“Hey, technically we aren’t strangers. I’ve told you my name and you told me yours, so we’re basically friends now.” You laugh at his statement, and Dan cocks his head with a contemplative smirk. “Well, at least mild acquaintances.”

Your laughter dies down when you notice the way Dan gazes at you. It’s a critical look, a puncturing look, and you shuffle under it. Instead, you try to ease the tension with a joke:

“What, is there something on my face?” You raise your hand to your face, wiping away any possible marks or lint that shouldn’t be there. 

The look in his eyes remains as he responds with an answer that catches you off guard:

“No, I… it’s just… well, you have a lovely laugh.” 

You feel yourself start to blush even harder, and you shake your head to hide partially behind your curtain of hair. “Do you use that line on all the girls?” you retort, rolling your eyes. 

He shyly looks at his feet. “I’m too socially awkward to even try pickup lines on girls,” he mumbles with a self-deprecating laugh.

You take a good look at him as he stares at his shoes; he really doesn’t seem like the type of guy who picks up chicks at the local pub. Something’s different about him, which makes you want to know him all the more.

“It seems like your mate might be a no show. You’re welcome to come back with me and I can introduce you to my mates.” You nod back at the pub. He checks his phone once again, which hasn’t received any messages since the last time he checked. His gaze moves from his phone to you before he accepts your offer with a sweet smile.

“Alright then let’s go,” you chirp sunnily. You surprise yourself by grabbing his hand and leading him back in the pub toward your mates. 

All the while you try to ignore how perfectly your hand fits in his… 

~~~~~ anonymous ~~~~~

Our True Love - Bonus Chapter

A/N: Bonus chapter! Yay! From Bucky’s point of view. I wrote this just for fun. I do hope that you enjoy this! <3 I have decided to write the sequel to this story, so if you’d like for me to tag you in the future when I post the sequel, inbox me and let me know! Thank you so much and enjoy! (Sorry in advance for any grammatical errors in my stories!)

Previous Chapter(s): Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5| Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10 | Chapter 11 | Chapter 12 | Chapter 13 | Chapter 14 | Chapter 15

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Sad, sweet, happy
Word count: 3,795
Summary: Reader and Bucky doesn’t get along well after his marriage to Rosaline. Will her friendship with Bucky last or will they crumble and fade?

★ ★ ★

Watching her sleeping face always makes me feel so peaceful. Even though there’s sometimes a little bit of drool involved, but I couldn’t explain it. I suppose finally sharing the bed with her, holding her close and loving her more than just a friend offered the peace that I’ve spent looking for the past few years.

It’s hard to believe that she’s mine now. Even after all of the horrible things I put her through. How often do you find a woman who’s willing to sacrifice her needs just to keep the man she loves happy? All in the while continuing to stay sane and not try to ruin my own happiness.

Not just that. Knowing that I am about 104 years old, an ex-HYDRA assassin who has done terrible things in the past, with rugged and hobo-like features and done so many mistakes to her; she still accepts me.

This time, it is my turn to make her happy. To make up all of my past mistakes to her. To make up for all of the time lost due to my terrible memory.

I thought that having Steve, my only best friend, in my life was enough. But when I met her, I never would have thought that she would be an important role in keeping my sanity. Both Steve and Y/N are the very pillars of my life.

I love them both equally.

I brush my fingers over her face, tucking the loose strand of hair away. She moves a little to my touch. I rest my hand on her arm, brushing over it to wake her up.

“Y/N…” I call out softly while brushing my lips over her forehead.

Her arms snake around my waist, pulling herself closer into me. I watch her eyes flutter open. The beautiful eyes I’ve always loved staring into. Her smile was so sweet.

“Good morning, Sergeant.” Her gentle voice finally says. I’ve yet processed the fact that she is my very own wife. I smile in return.

“Slept well, darling?” I ask, keeping my arms wrapped tight around her.

She nods slowly while burying her face into my chest. A little gesture she does that always makes my heart race. It is adorable of her. I let out a small chuckle. I truly felt like myself as Bucky again with her. Not a confused soul with two different people within one body.

“Let’s get breakfast outside.” Her muffled voice says from the fabric of my shirt. I can feel the vibration of it against my ribcage. I kiss the top of her head.

“Sure, doll.” I say.

My hand snaking down her body to find that familiar hand of hers. The softness of her skin, the warmth of her palm and the loving touches of her fingertips always gives me even more peace at heart. I grip it tightly in mine. She returns the grip just as tightly, like we always do.

• • •

I sip on the coffee, watching her eating on a piece of bagel. She’s shining a lot more now that we are married. Her eyes sparkle like the stars and her happiness is quite vibrant. She looks so beautiful, even with the half bed hair. I let out a chuckle. Her eyes looking up at me.

“What is it?” She asks me with her mouth a little full. I smile.

“That’s cute, doll.” I say quietly, watching her. Her face flushes a little. That is such a cute trait of hers.

“Yeah, yeah. You’re just saying that.” She says back. I sense a little hint of tease in her voice. I raise an eyebrow.

“When do I ever just say things I don’t mean, Y/N?” I ask her back with a small laugh. I watch her think for a moment. Her face looks like she’s about to list out many different incidents.

“Do you want me to say all of them?” She says. I smile, reaching over for her hand, holding it tightly.

“I made mistakes in the past. But now that we started a new life together, I don’t plan on hiding anything anymore. All right?” That seems to make her feel relieved. She brushes her thumb over mine.

“All right, Bucky.”

“Y/N?” A man’s voice comes from next to us. I look up to see a man in a suit standing next to Y/N. I’ve seen him around at the Avengers headquarters before.

“Oh. Morning, Matt. Didn’t think I’d see you here!” She says a little cheerfully. Why does that tone of voice sting me so much just now?

I furrow my eyebrows, watching the man carefully. His pupils are a little dilated. Y/N’s personal space compromised to about 30%. A little hint of excitement from his body movement. He likes Y/N. But then, it might also be from the coffee.

“Grabbed a coffee. You know how we all need strength in the morning. You said it yourself coffee is a great fuel for humans. Are you on your way to work?” He asks cheerfully, not acknowledging me. Seems to be talkative. Yup, he likes her. That really burns my soul. I rap my metal fingers on the table a little loudly.

“No. I have two weeks off. I’m heading back to my hometown tonight with Bucky.” She says finally pointing at me. The man, Matt, looks at me. The little hint of fear in his eyes is satisfying.

“Oh, yeah. I’ve seen you around. The well-known best friend to Captain Steve Rogers, Mr. James ‘Bucky’ Barnes.” Matt says reaching over to shake my hand. I’m not about to shake hands with this guy. Not after the kind of look he gave to Y/N. He gets the idea and retrieves his hand back.

“So, uh, why are you guys going together? Is there some kind of mission there?” He asks, turning his attention back towards Y/N. My fingers rap a little faster.

“No, visiting my parents. Just going to spend a few nights there.” She answers simply. He’s moving closer into her. Y/N’s personal space compromised to about 50% now. 70% and you’re dead, Matt.

“Oh? Are you guys dating?” He says in a joking manner. But there’s hurt in his eyes, pain in his tone. That confirms it. He fancies her.

Y/N blushes and chuckles. Ach. Don’t do that when another guy is around. I don’t like it when other guys see you being so adorable, Y/N.

“I’m her husband.” I say quickly, still keeping my stare on him. Fear is growing in his eyes. He swallows before looking at her.

“Oh, I… I see. Congratulations, Y/N. I didn’t even know.” Matt says. I look over at Y/N, hoping she would see how much I want this guy to get lost. I’d like to have my private time with her while we can. When we start working again, I won’t have much time to see her.  

“It was a small ceremony. We kept it formal. Anyways, Matt. We need to go and visit someone right now. So, we’ll talk more when I get back?” Y/N says finally. Matt nods understandably. I never took off my glare from the guy.

“All right, you two. Have a safe journey.” He says, giving me a nod before making his way. My fingers continue to rap on the table.

“He seems to like you.” I say. I don’t know why, but that guy just makes me so uncomfortable. I know I’ve been like this before when she was Richard, but with her now as my own wife, why do I still get feelings like these? Y/N looks up at me before smiling. Her smile put out the fire of my anger a little.

“I know. He told me before and kept on trying to get me on a date. I refused, but after today, I doubt he’ll try to flirt with me anymore.” She says finishing her cup of tea. I sigh out, continuing to tap my fingers on the table. Her gentle hands brushes over my metal fingers. I look at her.

“Bucky. I’m your wife now. You don’t have to worry about any other guy trying to flirt with me, okay?” Her sweet voice makes the anger in my chest evaporate. But it’s not guys flirting with her that bothers me. I’m just afraid of losing her again, that is all. I run my thumb against hers.

“Okay, doll.” I say instead.

 • • •

My metal arm whirs a little as I hold up the heavy pole. Y/N’s dad is trying to fix the tangled up flag at the top. I watch him detangle the rope from the flag before giving me the thumbs up. I push the pole back up into the ground, making sure that it fits into the pieces on the ground. He walks over to screw the nuts and bolts back into the base.

“Thanks, James. It has been tangled for a couple of days. I wanted to call someone, but since you and Y/N were coming over, I figured I wait instead.” He says. I hear the familiar laughter coming in from the house. Y/N is sitting with her mother on the couch, watching TV together.

“Of course, sir. Anything to help out around while we stay here.” I say, watching him screw in the last nut. I let go of the pole. It looks good. He looks up at me while dusting his hands off.

“So, how is your head? Still having problems from before?” He asks, a little cautious in his tone. But his eyes are telling me that he is still a little sceptical about me being his son-in-law. I am technically older than the guy.

“No, sir. It has been doing well. The specialist I’ve been seeing helped me a lot.” I say. He nods.

“Good. Do you have to take any medications for it?” I can see he is a little cold from the autumn air. There’s something in his tone of voice that seems to make me feel a little uncomfortable.

“No, sir. When it comes to my mind, it’s different.” He looks inside the house.

“I see. All right then.” A few moments of silence. He looks at me.

“It is odd for me. My father fought in the war with you. Now you’re here, married to my daughter, I can’t get over that.” He says laughing a little. Don’t remind me. If I think about it, I’ll end up getting weirded out.

“What can I say, sir? Time may have made me old, but physically I’m still that 28 year old guy who fell off the train.” I say trying to ease up that tension. He looks at me a little horrified. Wrong thing to say apparently.

“Anyways, don’t think too much about it, sir. I’ll still respect you like my own father.” He is the father of the woman I love. Of course I will respect him like a father, despite being over 50 years older than him.

“Okay, well, I’ll try not to think about it then, ‘son’.” He forced out that word, I know. He pats my shoulder so casually before heading back inside the house.

I look up at the sky. It is getting dark.

Reality is, I am an old guy. Someone who was born before World War 2. I’m lucky to still have the physical appearance of a young man. If I had looked older, would Y/N have treated me any differently? If I had looked older, would I even be able to live this life that I have now? I had always wanted a family of mine. If I had aged physically, then I might have missed that chance completely.

When I have children of mine own, how am I going to explain it to them?

“I hope you’re okay with roasted chicken, mashed potato, baked vegetables and corn for dinner, Sergeant.” Y/N says before wrapping her arms around me. I look at her surprised. The expression of my face must’ve made her surprised too.

“Bucky, what’s wrong? Did my dad say something to you?” She asks. I smile, tucking her hair behind her ear. I leave a small kiss against her temple.

“No. Just thinking to myself. Let’s go in. It’s cold.” I say as I lead us back inside the house.

I don’t want to say it. If I do, I might lose her again. She might think about it and be weirded out. For now, I’d like to live in this happiness that I’ve been craving for years.

But it’s hard to do that when reality continues to bite me at the thought.

• • •

I wipe the last bit of stain from my metal arm. It looks shiny now. I needed to do something to distract myself from my own thoughts.

I’ve talked to Steve about this before. How we are so old and young at the same time. We joked about it, didn’t make a big deal out of it. But now that I have my own wife, I couldn’t find the humour in that fact anymore.  

Ever since that evening when I talked with Y/N’s dad, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I am old, that is true. And I can’t shake it off. I knew Y/N’s grandfather too at one point when we fought together. The photo albums had pictures of him and I knew him. I used to drink with him. It doesn’t feel normal.

I love Y/N with all of my heart. I do, but just the thought of how different we really are, it just makes me feel guilty. There are no more women of my era. All of them are gone. Only Steve and I are the ones from then. I had lost that chance of having my own family after working for HYDRA in all of that time.

Don’t I just deserve that chance like everyone else did? My chance at living life was taken away so forcefully when I was brainwashed. Did I completely lose that chance? Am I doing the wrong thing for marrying Y/N? Do I not deserve that chance anymore after all of that?

What about Steve? How did Sharon cope with it? Knowing that Steve is over a hundred years old and had feelings for her aunt? Does she not think about it? Does she accept it? I don’t know. I never thought about asking Steve. I wanted a family and nothing else. But now that I have one, it made me think about the cold bitter reality.

The swing moves as Y/N sits herself next to me. Concern in her eyes.

“Bucky. You’ve been too quiet lately. What’s going on?” She asks. I can feel my heart melt at her tone. She’s truly concerned about me. I shake my head. I still don’t want to. I can’t. If she thinks about it and rejects me, how am I going to live with that? I can’t. I need her in my life.

“No, I’ve just been thinking about the peace here. It feels nice.” I tell her instead.

True, I’ve been feeling so peaceful since I came here. We’re only staying for a couple of more days. Her gentle hands finding their way to mine. I pull my hands away rather too quickly. It felt so wrong suddenly. The surprised look on her face makes me feel even guiltier. I can see the pain in her eyes.

“Bucky… talk to me.” She pleads. I shake my head again before getting off the swing. I toss the cloth on the swing. She grabs onto my hand again, keeping me still. The gentle hands I loved holding and caressing felt so wrong in my own hands.

“Stop it! We promised no more secrets from each other, James!” She says angrily. I know that she is very serious if she calls me by that name. I look at her. I know she wants to know what I’m thinking, but how could I? How could I if I know that I can lose her at any moment?

I pull my hand away and let my hair cover my face. I can’t. I can’t bring myself to say it to her.

“Are you bothered by your age, Bucky?” She says to me. I stop in my tracks. Surprised that she can tell what I’m feeling. I look at her with widened eyes. Her expression softens.

“How did you know?” I ask, surprised. She approaches me, taking my hands in hers again. She looks down at them.

“When dad showed you pictures of grandpa, I knew.” She says quietly. I watch her, reading her expression. She pulls me back over to the bench swing. We sit down but I couldn’t look at her now. Embarrassed that she knows me so well.

“I know you knew the man. Grandpa used to talk about a sergeant he liked drinking with. He gave tips on how to attract ladies and what not. I know. I didn’t put two and two together until I saw your expression when you saw his pictures.” She explains. I lace my fingers together.

“Bucky, I know you feel out of place after that. But really, your story is different. You were forced to be an assassin for HYDRA. You didn’t get the chance to live life like grandpa did. But you shouldn’t think about the past. Right now you get to do whatever you want. The things you missed out, you can experience them right here right now.” Her words were reassuring me. But those aren’t really the things I was bothered by. I rest my forehead against my knuckles.

“And you?” I ask simply.

“What about me?”

“You’re not bothered that I’m as old as your grandpa?” I ask again. The silence is heavy between us. I’m just waiting for her to say the words. The words of rejection, pain and bitter reality.

“Well, I was.” That’s the first one. Now the second sentence may lead to what I’ve been fearing.

“Who wouldn’t? You’re an old man after all, Bucky. That’s the truth.” My heart breaks at the statement. It was the truth, but it hurt to hear from her. I look at her with the corner of my eyes. I can sense a bit of joke in her tone, but I was in the mood for none. She must’ve sensed it too.

“Bucky, listen to me.” She says while pulling my face up to look at hers. Her eyes were fierce and her face is serious.

“Yes, you are old. Yes, you came from an era where my grandpa did. But you never experienced life the way you should. Your past was taken away by force. But now that you are in control of your life again, don’t let the past take it away. This time you are in control of your own thoughts, feelings and mind. If you want a family? You got one. You got me. You want to make friends? You have Steve, Tony, Sam and others. You want to go out on an adventure? Pack up your bags and let’s get on a flight. We’ll go and have it. As long as you are still strong and healthy, you can do what you want. I fell in love with you because of who you are. Not because of what you were. I want to put an end to your suffering. I want to make you happy. Give you the life and love you deserve after decades of receiving neither. I love you, Bucky Barnes. With all of my heart. Don’t you ever forget that.”

What she said felt like a slap. She is right. I wanted a family. I wanted to live my life as the James Buchanan Barnes I was. Maybe I didn’t get to live it the way my old self would, but now that I get a chance at fresh new start as the person I am today, I shouldn’t waste it.

I press my lips against Y/N’s. I couldn’t keep myself away from her. This is why I love her. She reminds me that there is good in everything that happened. She reminds me that loneliness can fade away. She reminds me that I can control my own life now. I can sense a bit of shock in her body when I kissed her so suddenly. When she returns it, I wrap my arms around her so tightly.

My mind can be my very own enemy. Even after I gain control over it. I shouldn’t assume things until I hear her own voice say it. I need to remember that.

“I love you, Mrs. Barnes.” I whisper against her lips. Her cute chuckle feels so warm and sweet against my lips. I kiss her one more time before wrapping my arms around her. She’s right. I should live the life that I have now.

“We got some apple pie!” Her mom calls out from front door but stops cold when she saw us.

“Oh, I’m sorry if I interrupted something.” Y/N’s laughter brings back that life within my heart.

“No, mom. We’ll be right in.” She says. I bring her lips back against mine. I love her. I really do. She’s everything to me. I can feel the love she’s pouring right into my broken soul. Slowly fixing every wrongs within me.

“Come, let’s nourish that soul of yours with my mom’s homemade apple pie. It’s the best thing on the planet, trust me.” Her hand wraps around in mine, pulling me off the bench swing. She leads me into the house where that heavenly scent was coming from.

It was indeed the best pie I’ve ever tasted. But the best part was being surrounded by a family that I can call on my own. To see such a strong bond between Y/N and her parents makes me happy. There are no words to describe the love they share among one and another. A bond between parents and child I never truly get to experience.

In time, I will experience it. But as a father to my own child. I kept my eyes on Y/N. To think that in the future we are going to raise a child together brings me an unspoken joy. I’ve left a mark in history. But now, I want to leave a physical mark as James Buchanan Barnes in my own history.

I know that the bitter reality is there. That I am old and very late in building my own family. That I have a terrible past of crimes I never wished to commit. That I am not a perfect human being.

But I also know that I deserve a chance to enjoy life like anyone else would.

★ ★ ★

A/N: All right! That’s the end of this series. <3 I will make a sequel of it, I promise. (Actually, I have planned it out already. I’m that excited to write about it) So, as mentioned before, if you’re interested to be tagged in the future sequel to this story, message me personally or comment on this post and let me know! Thank you so much for those who have been following my story throughout. I truly appreciate every single one of your supports. Thank you very much. 

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Ladies and gentlemen, today marks the 185th year since the crushing of the 1832 Paris Rebellion and the seventy-third year since the D-Day seaborne landings that opened the way for the Allied liberation of western parts of Europe from German occupation, simultaneous with the then already ongoing Allied offensive for the liberation of parts of Italy from Fascist government and collaboration with the pro-Allied national government in Rome.

It was on this day in two different years in two different centuries that saw the courage, veracity, determination and strength of our people.These moments were for us are moments wherein humanity showed hope in the future and a tomorrow waiting for our generations. For the students of Paris who died on this day, it was a battle to show the world and to the French people that the ideals of the Revolution of 1789 had never disappered. And for the millions of Allied paratroopers, infantrymen, gunners, tankers, machine gunners, medical personnel and servicemen of the logistics and technical services, together with their counterparts in the naval and air services, the landings conducted today in the shores of Normandy opened the way for the liberation of western parts of the European continent under Nazi occupation, and laid up the road that would lead towards the victory won against the Axis Powers in Europe in May of 1945, with Easy Company being part of the airborne vanguard that on this day in 1944 broke open the hope of so many in Europe that the dawn of liberation had finally come.

Today, as we mark these two great anniversaries of our history may we never forget to honor the memory that these two events brought to us all, and promise to maintain forever the legacy these moments of our history brought into the world. May we always remember the cost paid by the lives of these men in the building up of our better and brighter world of tomorrow. May we strive to honor the sacrifices they made and to be worthy to carry on to the future what they fought for.

Eternal glory to the fallen of the 1832 Paris Rebellion and the D-Day Landings of 1944!

John Ramos