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Up Close and Personal

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Title: Up Close and Personal

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1,238

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This was requested by @mylittlesupertimewolf! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3

While Sam and Dean were at another location on a hunt, you and Castiel were doing the dirty work.  Which meant that you had to dig up a body and salt and burn it.  You had only known Castiel for a few weeks.  You still felt awkward around the angel, but to be fair, he felt the same way around you.  He never had the chance to acquaint himself with you, since you spent most of your time hunting.

“Are you sure this is the right grave Castiel,” you asked, setting the shovel down on the grass next to the six foot deep hole.  Castiel grabbed onto your arm, hoisting you out of the grave.  “I don’t wanna get this one wrong.”

“I’m sure,” Castiel affirmed.  “This is the man’s grave we are looking for.”  Castiel did a double take towards the grave.  The body you and him were supposed to salt and burn was gone, and the casket was open.

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This Time

Peter Parker (Marvel):

Part 1

Summary: Peter and Y/N meet again and somehow end up crossing the line accidently, even tough they partly tried sticking to Tony’s rules.

A/N: I know, I know. I should be writing the requests first… but I’m having major Peter Parker feels at the moment. So, I wrote a second part. Sorry!


I looked at my door instinctively after waking up to a knock. I saw Spiderman, like so often in the middle of the night. Sighing, I stood up and opened the door for him as he took off his mask.

“Again, Peter?”, I sighed as he entered my room the bruises still visible on his face as well as his black eye.
“No, I’m not hurt. Well, at least i didn’t get into a fight this time….”, he laughed softly, a hand running through his messy hair before he gave me one of his loving hugs.

“Mr. Stark said that hanging out is fine.”, he explained, reaviling a backpack filled with his comfy clothes. “If it’s fine with you?”

“Of course it is.”, I chuckled and playfully hit his chest. A huge smile formed on my lips as he pressed the metal spider on his chest that hid his godlike body from me.

I blushed and quickly turned around, snuggling back into my bed, covering myself with my blanket and I couldn’t help but staring at his bare back while he changed his clothes. He turned around, gave me a cheeky smile and came over to my bed after putting on a dark blue shirt.

“Scoot!”, he chuckled and I did, giving him enough space to sit beside me. He sat down right next to the edge of the bed, his back leaning against the bed headboard.
There was so much space between us, which was somehow challenging me to close the space. But maybe my dad was right, I shouldn’t fall in love with Peter. But maybe I already have. I mean, how could I only resist him? Impossible.

His brown eyes softly stared down at me and his lips were formed into a little smile as he watched me snuggling deeper into my pillow. “You’re not very talkative tonight, are you?”, he asked and I shrugged, before I sat up, as well.
“Just tired.”, I mumbled, my head banging against the wall as it fell back.

He chuckled and started rambling on about school and how he had so much homework but so less time. He was under so much pressure, not only ordinary life pressure but also his superhero life was putting a lot of weight on his shoulders.

I sat there, my bare legs close to my chest and my head laying on my knees, as I listened to him.

“Why are you only wearing your father’s shirt when you go to sleep? Are you trying to tease me?”, he laughed softly, leaning in closer to me. I only shook my head, laughing and responded, “No, it’s just comfy.”

“It’s killing me.”, he admitted, “I’d rather see you in only my shirt though.” His words made my heart stop and I only looked away, avoiding eye contact while I was trying to find some words. My mind was blank and it made me even more nervous, but I managed to say the first words that came into my head, “Maybe you should take off your shirt then.”

My lips formed to a flirty smile while I tried to hide my nervousness and now it was his turn to stutter over some words.

“I’m pretty sure it’s against the rules.”, he tilted his head, a cheeky smile on his lips.
“So, you care about the rules?”, I wanted to know, giving him a cocky smile and nuging him.

A low chuckle escaped his lips, “Tony would kill me…”

“Yeah, probably…”, I nodded, thinking about it again: Why did I care so much about my father’s rules? This was my life, I could decide wether I want Peter to be my boyfriend or not.

“I’m… cold.”, I started quietly, getting Peter’s attention in a millisecond. He just looked at me, an inner battle being visible in his eyes.

“This time it’s me who needs cuddles.”, I smiled innocently and Peter chuckled, looking to the side to avoid eye contact.
“I don’t know if cuddling is allowed.”, he sighed and deeply inside I wished that he didn’t care about my father’s rules so much.
“Technically… it’s just, uh, a long hug.”, I mumbled, grinning before Peter approached me slowly.

“Yeah, you’re right. Besides I’m saving your life… I keep you safe from the terrible power of the freezing air.”, he said dramatically and I nodded vigorously, showing my agreement.

We laid down on our shoulders, facing each other and his hands pulling me closer to his body. Our foreheads leaned against each others and he closed his eyes before Sighing. “You shouldn’t fall asleep this time.”, I reminded him and he nodded tiredly. “I’m just… enjoying the moment.”, he breathed against my lips, my heart racing in my chest.

I couldn’t help it. I had to kiss him.

And so I did. I just leaned forward, pressing my lips onto his softly and he hummed in surprise. As my hands slowly reached up to his face his lips started to move against mine and all I remember is my mind going mushy while his intoxicating scent surrounded me.

“You kissed me!”, he stated, as he pulled back, his lips only a centimeter away from mine. After that a huge smile appeared on his face and he looked at me with so much love in his eyes that I found myself falling in love with him even more. “Yeah, I did.”, I only mumbled before his lips met mine again.

This kiss was filled with so much passion. He turned us, hovering above me as he tilted his head. While he propped himself up with his fore arms which were right next to my face my hands wandered up to his hair, my fingers wandering through his brown curls. Heavy breathing filled the air while our make out session continued and it didn’t seem to stop. His tounge traced over my upper lip before I parted my lips even more and our tounges touched, sending shivers down my spine and all the blood to my face.
I heard him moaning into the kiss when I tugged at some strands before my hands started to run down over his back and then over his sides to his abs. My fingers tugged at the hem of his shirt before they went over his stomach and then again up over his back, his hot skin warming me up.

Laying on my bed, Peter above me and snogging him was like a dream to me and I couldn’t believe that it was happening.

“Wait.”, I interrupted, Peter looking at me with a sad expression, probably expecting a rejection. “Is this really happening?”, I continued and Peter chuckled, his head falling on my shoulder. “This question is in my head since I first saw you.”

“You are such a romantic.”, I  chuckled before I felt his head move next to me, snuggling his face into the crook of my neck before starting to pepper it with a lot of sweet kisses.

“Maybe I am.”, he only said between a few kisses and after I turned my head away to give him more space, I clearly felt that typical smile on his face.

His kisses got wetter and while I found myself getting weaker and weaker every second, I tried to suppress a moan. But I failed horribly as he sucked on a spot right under my ear. After a small moan escaped my lips, I pushed him up slightly and looked at him with a serious expression. “I don’t need a hickey. My dad will kill you.”, I reminded him and he rolled his eyes.

He shifted, holding himself up with his right arm now and his left arm tracing down my side before stopping above my waist.
I stared into his eyes and I knew that I needed him, I knew that I loved him.

I wanted to tell him but all I did in this moment was grabbing his face to smash my lips onto his once again, not being able to think properly.

“You are kidding me, aren’t you?”, I heard my father’s voice, calm but strict, as the light turned on and I pushed Peter off of me.

“Dad, look, we…”, I started and of course, got interrupted. “There was a line, sweetheart. I thought it was pretty clear.”

“But we only crossed it accidently.”, Peter defended us but my dad only held his head after looking at him with a confused expression.

“At least you’re not wearing my shirt this time…”, my father sighed and I couldn’t help but laugh softly.

“Okay, Spiderboy, we’ll discuss this tomorrow.”, he mumbled, “I’m too tired now but watch your hands, kid. God, I don’t want to hear another sound…”

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does yuzu have a different technique for the salchow? or does it just look different on a quad? he doesn't seem to have that distinct / \ shape to his legs on takeoff or is there different ways to do it? sorry I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to jumps 😅

Nah, his Salchow technique is pretty standard, insofar as anything Yuzuru Hanyu performs on the ice can ever be called standard. He does pull his knees together to form that distinct / \ shape before launch, only it’s rather hard to notice in real time because he is ridiculously fast at it (which, incidentally, is a statement that is applicable to the majority of things he does on ice). See below a slow-mo comparison with one of Javi’s Salchows, note the way Javi took a fraction of a second more to bring his knees in and snap into the takeoff:

The thing with Yuzu’s jumps is that he relies almost exclusively on entry speed for momentum and lower body to initiate rotation. His upper body is very relaxed throughout the duration of his jump and only adds real value during the rotation phase via aerodynamics, i.e. when he pulls his arms in to reduce moment of inertia and thus increase rotational speed. That is why his jumps always give off that vibe of effortlessness and appear to materialize out of nowhere. This is not the case for many other skaters, whom you’d see using, to a greater extent, their arms and shoulders to kick-start their rotation and give their takeoff an extra boost of angular momentum. 

Top 6 comparison again for reference, this time with the quad toe, recycled from an old post because I’m too lazy to go out in search of different footage. Note the way everyone except Yuzu visibly tightened their upper body and twisted their shoulder before takeoff, while Yuzu mostly just straightened out his arms to align them in the rotational direction.

But well, don’t be too harsh in using Yuzuru as a yardstick for the rest of the circuit, because while his light and airy jumps do demonstrate the highest level of technical excellence, a not insignificant part of the reason why he’s able to jump that way has to do with his physique. Quote Kurt Browning: “he was built to spin in the air”, quote Carol Lane: “he is almost the perfectly designed figure skating machine”. They were not kidding, I tell you. You can’t jump the way Yuzu does without immense strength concentrated in your legs, golden-ratio-ish leg-to-torso proportion, great flexibility in your muscles, AND a light, aerodynamically ideal body frame overall. Basically, let’s take a moment to appreciate how incredibly fortunate we are that, out of the many things he could easily become in life with his intelligence, his charisma, his drive, and his angelic face, this extraordinary human being named Yuzuru Hanyu has chosen, against all odds, to become a figure skater :)

The Waiting Game

Based on that Tumblr prompt found here. I’m sorry. This is essentially crack. Please don’t hate me.

Tommie Oliver once thought they were a patient person. They’ve dealt with enough bullshit in their life to know when to just take a few deep breaths and bite their tongue, and only seldom do they lay they’re foot down to swing a few punches. You’ve still got to stand up for yourself some of the time, otherwise who will?

“Billy, dude, you’re cheating! Where did you learn all those combos?”

“I figured them out by myself. This one is double jump, left punch, right punch, squat, circle, circle, jump, roll, left, roll, double backflip.”

“…Okay. What comes after ‘left punch’?”

Tommie smiles at the two boys relaxing on their couch, all of their focus dedicated to the game they’re playing on Jason’s Xbox.

Well maybe they can think of a few people who would stand up for them.

Jason reaches over Billy to grab a handful of popcorn, stuffing half of it in his mouth and throwing the other half at Tommie lounging in the recliner. “Dude will you text Kimberly? She was supposed to be here like an hour ago.”

“Didn’t she say she was stopping by Krispy Kreme for a coffee? Maybe it’s busy.”

“It doesn’t take that long to get a coffee Billy.”

“Relax Jase,” Tommie says, pulling their phone out of their pocket and clicking on Kim’s contact. “I’ll text her now. No need to get your jockstrap in a twist.” This earns Tommie another shower of popcorn.

“Yo dude where ya at? Guys are gettin antsy and Jasons being momish again”

“Also if youre still at krispy kreme get me a donut”

“Billy too”

“HEY YOU GUYS!” Billy and Jason groan as Zack throws himself over the back of the couch, kicking Jason’s stomach and elbowing Billy in the thigh. Surprisingly he doesn’t spill a single drop of his soda, which is good because Tommie’s certain their mother would murder them if anyone got a stain on the couch. “What level are you guys on?” He asks, taking a sip of his drink, still casually sprawled out on both the boys’ laps. Jason shoves him off and Zack manages to hold the can upright, even as his face kisses the floor. A scuffle ensues between the two (after Zack puts his drink down) and Jason’s controller gets lost in the cushions.

Billy pauses the game and turns to Tommie. “Has you’re cousin texted you yet?”

Tommie shakes their head. “Not yet.”

“Wait, cousin?” Zack gasps from Jason’s headlock, grinning. “Is this the hot one that lives in Texas?”

“Yes, my hot, very gay, cousin from Texas,” Tommie clarifies, rolling their eyes as Zack shrugs and twists out of Jason’s hold. They settle back into the couch, Zack picking at the popcorn while Jason steals a sip from his soda. “She’s been having troubles with her family since she came out to them, but her parents finally agreed to let her come up to Angel Grove to live with me and my parents for a while. She texted me yesterday when she was at the airport but I think her flight got delayed or something. She’s supposed to text me when she lands in Arcata.”

Just then Tommie’s phone beeps.

Zack laughs. “Speak of the Devil and he shall appear.”

Tommie shakes their head. “Nah it’s just Kim.”

KimPossible: “Sorry, got caught up in somethin”

Tommie frowns a little but before they have a chance to ask where Kim actually is another message comes through from their best friend.

KimPossible: “So I think I’m bi”

Tommie’s eyes widen and their jaw drops a little. “Holy fuck!”

“What? Is it Kim?”

“Uh… yeah. Dudes, she just texted me saying she’s bi.”

Jason jumps up cheering, punching the air a few times before holding out his hand to Zack who grumbles and digs into his wallet, forking over a twenty. Tommie ignores the boys as they start to argue who technically called Kim’s sexuality first and types a message back to Kim.

“DUDE! Fur realzzz?”

“Just like all the sudden right this moment? hell yeah do it!”

“I said I thought she was a lesbian and since lesbians are into women, I was half right so technically I only owe you ten bucks.”

“Zack that’s not how this works.”

“It’s kind of how it works.”

“Actually Zack, bisexuality is being sexually attracted to both genders, female and male, while homosexuality is strictly being sexually attracted to the same sex.”

“Thank-you Billy.”

“Yeah, thanks.”

Tommie’s phone beeps and everyone goes quite, leaning towards Tommie expectantly.

KimPossible: “like as in I was just with a girl and iiii”


“Zack! Language!”


Tommie shushes them and types back, “like WITH a girl or like with a girl and you looked at her and realized wow lets have sex and get married”

It takes a minute. A long, excruciating, bickering-boys filled minute, before Tommie’s phone beeps once more.

KimPossible: “like as in I PRETTY much just had sex with a girl”

For a long minute, no one says anything. They all just stare at one another with their mouths open and catching flies. And suddenly they’re all talking at once.


“She blew us off-”


“Jesus Zack, chill.”

“No! You know what, gimme the phone!”

“Wha- Zack! Hey! No stop!”






“Sorry Kimberly that was Zack. This is Billy. Tommie currently has Zack pinned to the ground.”

“Ouch. That looked painful.”

“Yo Kim its Jazon. Thank you for coming out cuz I won twenty bucks from Za”

“PLe asE”




“Fucking Zack keeps stealing my phone and running away”

“But seriously??? Dude like what!!”




“Hi Kim. It’s Billy again. Jason’s holding Zack hostage in the bathroom. Tommie’s nose is bleeding which is why I’m texting you. Just wondering where you are.”

“Uh oh”

“Zack broke down the door. Tommie’s pissed.”




“Kimberly its Jase. Dude please text back zacks gone nutzo”

“and wed all like details ;)”

“Okay it’s me again. so like whatisgoing on!! please just answere”

“dude don’t make us come over there”

“*sighs* we’ll wait”


“Alrigt done waiting what is the deal whats goinf on I s2g Kimberly”

“why are you doing this to us??”

“Did you fuck your phone into nonexistence”

“did you tumble headfirst into a black hole of bisexuality”

“and if you did can me and Zack join i”


“Well technically Zack’s pan so I gue”



“Fucking zack”


“Oh My God for Fuckks sake KIM”

“Okay you bitch its been almost an hour and we’re all dying what the hell”


“Jason 1 moree, seriously holy shit where did you GO”

“You cant just sAy that and then disappear????”

“Kim these boys are killing me pppuuuleeaseeee!!”

An hour later and they’re all lying on the living room floor. Jason’s got a bag of peas pressed against his left eye and Tommie’s got a wad of toilet paper shoved up their nose. Zack has too many battle wounds to count. He might also be unconscious but the excitement from Kim’s first message has waned and left all of them too drained to check.

“When was the last time you texted her?” Jason whines. Billy walks into the room carrying two zip-lock baggies filled with ice; one he switches out for the peas and the other he lays across Zack’s back. Both boys grumble their thanks.

“Fifteen minutes ago.” They all groan in unison but it’s cut short when Tommie’s pocket dings.

KimPossible: “46 TEXTS”

“Finally! The pillow princess has arisen!”

Tommie rolls their eyes and frantically asks said ‘princess’ where she’s been. “Zack don’t make me pin you again.”

Zack snickers. “You know I don’t think that’s as punishing as you’re hoping for m’lady.”

Another ding. Tommie reads the message before bursting into laughter. Billy asks what she said and Tommie merely holds their phone out for the others to read.

KimPossible: “I was… SHE WAS STILL HERE”

Jason groans again as Zack holds up a finger, face pressed into the carpet, huffing out something that sounds similar to “called it, that bitch”.

“Laughing now cause I was right you were still banging her omg”

KimPossible: “a black hole of bisexuality?! haha”

KimPossible: “yes”

Jason groans again, tossing his ice bag on the coffee table. “Tell her to cart her glowing arse over here so we can tell her how much we hate her right now.”

Tommie salutes him but just as they finish relaying the message, another one comes through.

Baby T: “Hey Cuz! How surprised would you be if I suddenly showed up at your doorstep in the next, say, five seconds?”

Tommie gasps. “No way!” The boys look up at them just as the doorbell rings and Tommie’s sprinting for the front door. And when they open it they squeal. “Trini!”

“Hey!” Trini drops her bag as Tommie pulls her in for a hug, rocking back and forth in place and giggling.

“What the hell dude, I thought you were gonna text me when you got in? And I thought your flight got delayed? Bitch how are you?!”

Trini scoffs, pushing Tommie away to glare at them with mock anger. “Ay, hermana, give me a second to breathe. Geez you’re almost as bad as my mother.”

Tommie winces and tries for an endearing smile. “Sorry. How did that go anyways?”

Trini shrugs, picking imaginary lint off the leather jacket that seems oddly familiar but Tommie doesn’t know why because they’ve never seen Trini wearing it before. But then Trini sighs and says, “Eh, you know how my parents are. Angry they don’t get to control me anymore, but glad I’m out of their life,” and then Tommie’s too focused on wrapping their cousin up in a tight hug.

“Well you’re here now, that’s what matters.”

Someone coughs behind them and Tommie smiles before pulling back. “Oh yeah, my friends are here. They’ve been dying to meet you.” Trini picks up her suitcase and follows Tommie through the doorway into the living room. “Trin, these are the boys: Jason, Zack, and Billy. Boys, this is my cousin Trini.”

Zack jumps up from the floor with newfound energy and vaults over the couch again, bowing before the two of them. “Enchanté mademoiselle Trini,” he says, looking up at her and winking.

Trini’s brow raises. “Yeah that ain’t gonna work on me homeboy.”

“Yes, he knows that but he’s also an idiot so you’ll have to excuse him,” Tommie sighs, shoving past Zack and nearly knocking the lanky boy off balance. “We can throw your stuff upstairs in your new room later. Right now, I wanna know how you’re doing. Why didn’t you text me when you got to Cali?”

“Well you know my flight got delayed yesterday afternoon and we didn’t board until practically three a.m. this morning, so I basically slept the entire plane ride to Arcata. And then I wanted to surprise you so I grabbed a cab and got a ride up to Angel Grove and here I am.”

“So where have you been?” Trini freezes and everyone looks over at Billy who blushes sheepishly. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be nosy.”

Tommie smiles. “That’s okay B. Did you want to ask something?”

Billy fidgets a little in his seat before starting one of his long winded spiels. “Well a flight from Dallas, Texas to Arcata, California, is approximately 1,590 miles—or 2560 kilometers if you prefer metric—and depending on airline, departure time, and air turbulence, the flight time should have been six hours and eighteen minutes—twenty-two to twenty-five if you include actually getting off the plane. And then the ride from Arcata to Angel Grove is approximately seventy miles—one-hundred and twelve in kilometers—and then depending on traffic and the speed of the vehicle you traveled in, it would have been another hour and twenty-nine minutes to Angel Grove from Arcata airport. So combining all those times and estimating your plane left Dallas at four this morning, you should have arrived at Tommie’s house,” Billy pauses to look at his watch and mumbles a few numbers, “three hours, forty-six minutes, and thirteen seconds ago.”

Tommie glances at their cousin, confused yet intrigued. Trini laughs, an awkward sound that comes out pitchy and painful. “Smart one, isn’t he?” She clears her throat and wipes her hands on her jeans. “Well I did get here a few hours ago but I stopped downtown for some food annnd…” she drags out, peeking over at Tommie, “may have shared a coffee with someone.”

Tommie gasps. “Nuh uh! Dude you’re not here a full day and you’re already hooking up with some chick?! Fucking hell dude! Do I know her? Please tell me I don’t know her. What was her name? Ah! It better not have been Samantha Brow, that girl is super trashy. Or was it Eliza Fitzwilliam… wait is she gay? She’s gay right? Oh hell, If you say ‘Amanda Clark’ I might cut a mother-”

There’s a knock before the sound of the front door opening. “Guys?”

It’s Kim.

Tommie’s brow furrows for a second as Jason calls to Kim, watching as Trini’s face tinges red, fiddling with the leather jacket she’s wearing that Tommie knows they’ve seen before but on someone else, someone taller, with shorter hair…

The alarm bells begin to ring along with the sound of Kimberly making her way into the living room, saying, “Okay before anyone says anything, I just want to say-” And it’s like the oxygen gets sucked out of the room and everyone’s holding their breath as Kim notices the girl sitting beside Tommie. The girl currently wearing her leather jacket.

“Hi,” Trini says with a gentle smile.

And Kim laughs a little breathlessly. “H-hi.”

The moment lies on a tipping point, silence encompassing the room as everyone suddenly connects all the dots, and then…


On the Brink - Chapter 7

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6

Pairings: Lucifer x You

Warnings: Mild swearing. A little bit of angst. 

Author’s Note: I got a little carried away with this one. Special thanks to @dekahg for the idea for this chapter. Enjoy!

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Originally posted by lucifersagents

A week later, the big SUV rolled into a small Alaskan town just over the border. You were going stir crazy having been in the vehicle for 8 days now and wanted nothing more than to never see the inside of a car again. You jumped out before the wheels stopped turning and walked a few paces away. You studied the small, rundown motel you all were going to be staying at while you hunted the alpha werewolf. You had stayed in some shoddy places before, but you thought this really took the cake. You vaguely wondered if it was vacant and if you were going to be squatting there before you saw the one light on in the dingy office. It shined dully in the dark night.

Mick stepped up next to you and smiled. You smiled back at him. True to his word, Mick had been the perfect gentleman on your second date. And on your third and fourth one as well. You were genuinely having fun with the British man. He was a nice break from the hustle and bustle of everything else.

“Some help would be nice.” Dean’s gruff voice cut through the night.

You turned to see him and Ketch grabbing some bags out of the SUV’s trunk. Sam was trudging towards the office and Lucifer was just leaning against the vehicle, looking off into the distance. You sighed and went to help your brother.

The archangel hadn’t changed his mind at all in the week since he said he was done with you. He wouldn’t speak to you or even look in your direction. It was like you didn’t exist to him and it was starting to get under your skin. You hadn’t done anything wrong, but you knew that didn’t really matter. Angels were hard to figure out at the best of times, and Lucifer was especially complicated. If he wanted to be done with you, so be it. You had better things to do than worry about a moody archangel.

The research began as soon as all the bags were moved into the rooms. The whole group was gathered in the room you were sharing with Sam and Dean (they wouldn’t pay for you to have your own room - dicks), and everyone had their laptops out, or were looking through books.

You were sitting on your bed, a book opened on your lap while Mick reclined next to you with his laptop. Even so often while he was thinking, he would absent-mindedly rub your leg or your arm. You didn’t think he meant anything by it as he just naturally just seemed to be very touchy-feely, but it was driving you crazy, and not in a good way You had a thing about personal space and while you could technically be termed as “dating”, you still didn’t like it. Eventually, after one long moment where his hand had just rested on your leg before he began to type again, you hopped to your feet.

“I need some air,” You stated as four pairs of eyes looked up at you. You noticed Lucifer’s icy gaze was looking out the window, purposefully avoiding you, but you didn’t care. You had to get out of that room.

You stepped out into the chilly Alaskan night and closed the door tightly behind you. The parking lot was deserted except for the SUV and there was no one on the road. The tiny town all seemed to sleeping, which was appropriate considering it was about 2 in the morning. That’s when you realized you were finally alone. A smile broke out on your face. You hadn’t been alone in over a week and it felt so freeing.

Still grinning, you set off down the road, just reveling in the fact that you were finally alone. You walked about a mile down the road before turning off on a trailhead that would run a loop through the forest according to the map on a sign at the turnoff. The trail ran about 3 miles and was very clearly marked, so it was easy going. You figured you had gone about 2 miles down the trail when a chilly breeze began to blow. The forest was dark and silent, so there was no mistaking the voice that spoke out from behind you.

“Now what would a Winchester be doing here?”

You whirled around to see a tall woman standing about fifteen feet away, dressed in business casual attire. Her eyes flashed blue.

“Going for a walk, what’s it look like?” You asked, your tone lazy. “The real question is, what is an angel doing out here?”

She chuckled. “The name is Serus. And I’m hunting, much like you.”

“I very much doubt that you and I are hunting the same thing, Serus.” You said gruffly. “Why don’t you cut the bullshit and tell me what you want.”

She crossed her arms. “Lucifer.”

Your head cocked to the side. “Huh?”

“You heard me.” She scowled. “I want Lucifer.”

“What for?”

“He belongs in the Cage. My brethren and I are going to make sure he goes back there.”

“And what makes you think I know where he is?” You asked.

She rolled her eyes. “Please. We caught one of Crowley’s dogs. We know about the two of you.”

You shook your head. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t know where Lucifer is. You’re barking up the wrong tree here.”

“So what happened after your brothers freed you then? They just let him go?”

“I don’t know.” You shrugged. “I didn’t ask, they didn’t tell.”

“Oh how militant of you.” She said, her eyes narrowing. “Too bad. I was planning on letting you go, but now I think I’ll take you hostage. Maybe the brothers Winchester will be willing to trade.”

You shrugged and pulled an angel blade out of your jacket pocket, where you always kept it. “You can try, Serus, but I don’t think it’ll go very well for you.”

She cocked an eyebrow, her own blade sliding out of her sleeve. “Or maybe I’ll just kill you instead.”

Serus took a step towards you and your grip tightened on your blade.

“Or,” A voice rang out. “We could all just get along.”

Serus whirled around and you could see Lucifer standing several feet behind her. The moonlight cut through the trees, giving his hair a silvery glow. The sight of him bathed in the glowing light took your breath away despite the circumstances. He was truly beautiful.

Serus didn’t waste any time. She leapt towards him swiftly and silently, her lips peeled back in a terrible sneer. Lucifer was quicker though, despite not having access to his powers. A second later, he was in between you and Serus, facing the latter.

“Let’s talk about this, Serus.” He said calmly.

“There’s nothing to talk about,” She snarled. “You’re going back where you belong, Deceiver.”

“Nope. I’m not. But I’m giving you the chance to walk away. I suggest you take it.”

She flung herself at him again, her blade flying through the air. Lucifer went to sidestep her again, but this time she was expecting it and changed her angle of attack. You moved without conscious thought, stepping quickly in front of the archangel and shoving him backwards. You brought up your blade in an underhand arc, plunging the tip into her ribcage. At the same time, her blade plunged downwards right under your left shoulder. You screamed as the blade went all the way through and ripped out the other side.

Serus was screaming too, blue light pouring from every orifice as she died. Her vessel dropped to the ground and you dimly recognized the dark shadow of wings spreading out from her back across the ground.

Bitch, you thought.

Your knees buckled and you sank to the ground. The angel blade was burning in your shoulder and you knew that if it had gone any lower, you would have been dead immediately. You grasped the handle protruding from your body, steeled yourself, and yanked. The blade was firmly lodged and didn’t budge, but you almost immediately passed out from the pain. You fell onto your side, feeling your strength starting to fade. You had felt this before, many times, in Crowley’s dungeon. You would be blacking out any second now.

“Y/N!” You heard a frantic cry, but you were fading fast. Your vision began to darken and the last thing you saw before slipping into unconsciousness was a pair of icy blue eyes looking down at you with all the fear in the world.

The first thing you noticed was that your mouth felt like cotton. The second thing was that your head was pounding.

“Water,” You croaked.

You felt a cup being held up to your lips a second later and you drank the cool liquid greedily. Once you had quenched your thirst, you opened your eyes.

You were in a hospital, hooked up to at least a billion different machines. Sam, who had given you the water, sat by your side. The lines in his face were deep and you could tell he hadn’t been sleeping. Dean stood leaning against the wall a few feet away, his arms crossed over his chest. He looked even worse than Sam.

You smiled at the two of them. “Hey.”

Dean scowled. “What the hell were you doing in the middle of the damn woods, Y/N?”

Sam scowled at him, but you answered.

“Just taking a walk, Dean.” Your voice was raspy, but strong. “That’s all.”

He clenched his jaw and stalked out of the room angrily. Sam watched him go, then looked back at you.

“He’ll be okay.” He said.

“I know.” You gave him a small smile. “He’s just angry because he couldn’t help me.”

Sam took a deep breath. “That, and we just got you back, Y/N. I know we haven’t talked about it much, but we were both really worried about you for that year. We had no idea where you were, we thought you had just run off somewhere to live a normal life. You talked about it sometimes and we thought that’s what had happened. But…then we found out you had been tortured the whole time. And we hadn’t been looking for you. I know you’re going to say that it’s not our fault, but it’s still a weight we carry around every day. You’re our little sister. We’re supposed to protect you and we’ve failed twice now.”

“Sam. I’m a Hunter. Torture and angel blades in the shoulder are occupational hazards that I’ve accepted.”

He gave a small nod. “That doesn’t mean we’ve accepted them for you, Y/N.”

You pushed the button on your bed so that you were sitting up. “You don’t have to,” You said kindly. “It’s my life, you big bozo.”

Sam smiled and some of the cloud over his eyes seemed to dissipate. “I better go check on Dean.”

You watched as he left, then laid your head back on your pillow and closed your eyes. You weren’t sure how long you were out before the change in temperature woke you. The room was suddenly ice cold. You shivered and pulled the flimsy hospital blanket up to your chin. You opened your eyes a crack and saw Lucifer’s form sitting next to you in the chair that Sam had vacated.

“It’s a little cold in here,” You said, your teeth chattering.

He said nothing, but the room heated up quickly. You opened your eyes and looked at him. He sat there hunched over, his hooded gaze on you. It was a little unnerving.

“Um…hi.” You said. He still said nothing, merely stared at you. “Staring is rude, you know.”

His gaze finally dropped and he took a deep breath. He whispered something.

“What?” You asked.

“An inch.” He said, raising his voice. “An inch from your heart. That’s how close the blade was.”

“Ah, well, guess I can say it literally missed it by an inch.” You quipped, trying to hide how much that information shook you.

His gaze snapped back up to you. “You’re making jokes?” He asked in a low voice.

You lifted your good shoulder in a half shrug. “What else can I do?”

“How about not leap in front of a blade that was meant for me?” He shouted, startling you.

“You would rather I let you die?” You asked incredulously. “Are you serious?”

“I had a plan!” He said, leaping to his feet.

“Did your plan include getting stabbed to death with an angel blade?” You shot back angrily. “Because that’s what was going to happen!”

He glared at you, breathing heavily, his hands on his hips. “So you getting stabbed instead was better?”

“Uh, yeah!” You said pointedly. “In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m not dead!”

“But you could have been,” He said, clearly frustrated. “One inch lower-”

“But I’m not.” You said firmly, interrupting him. “And neither are you. That’s a win in my book.”

He clenched his jaw, but sat back down in the chair. All the fight seemed to go out of him in an instant. He leaned against the bed, his arm and hand resting lightly on the mattress.

You studied him for a moment before asking the question you really wanted to know the answer to. “So what were you doing out there? Were you following me?”

“I was just out for a walk.” He said, not looking at you.

“You stalker.” You said, a little playfully. “You think I can’t handle myself?”

He looked at you and cocked an eyebrow. “Apparently not.”

“Pfft I had her handled. Piece of cake. Until you showed up.”

“You were outside alone at night in an area where the alpha werewolf is running around murdering people. You really think I’d let you wander off alone?”

“Aha! So you were following me!”

He sighed. “You’re impossible.”

You merely smiled. You were beginning to feel sleepy again. “I knew you still cared about me.”

He looked startled. “Who said that?”

You rolled your eyes. “Please.”

He was silent a moment and you could feel sleep dragging you ever closer.

“You’re right.” He said lowly. “I do still care.”

A funny warmth began to spread through your body, making you giddy and content all at the same time. You didn’t think it had to do with the pain meds they were giving you.

“It’s okay,” You said, peaking at him from the corner of your eye. You couldn’t open them fully anymore. “I still care about you too.”

You moved your hand over to where his was resting and squeezed it lightly. He looked up at you in surprise. You thought you could see something else there too, something that looked like…hope? But that could have been the meds. Either way, you felt his cool hand turn and clasp yours tightly, as if he were afraid you would float away. And in a way, you were floating.

“Don’t leave me again,” You mumbled, hardly aware of what you were saying.

His other hand wrapped around yours and you felt his cool lips touch your fingers. You heard him whisper, “Never.”

And the blackness took you once more.

The next time you opened your eyes, your mind felt clearer. You knew the doctors were beginning to cut back on the meds. Hopefully you would be discharged soon.

Mick sat next to your bed, reading a lore book.

“You shouldn’t really be reading that in public.” You said.

He looked up at you and grinned. “You’re awake.”

“How astute of you.” You said, grinning back.

“Well, darling, my astuteness is what I’m known for.” He stood and leaned over to kiss you. He straightened afterwards and looked down at you. “I was worried about you.”

“I’m a hunter, Mick. This sort of thing comes with the territory.”

He nodded, but still looked a little forlorn.

You smiled up at him. “Think about this way. Now I have to stay back at the motel HQ with you instead of going after the alpha.”

He gave you a small smile. “I’d rather you were whole again, dear.”

“And I will be.” You said. “It’ll just take some time. I’ve had worse than this, believe me.”

“If you say so.”

“I do. Now, when am I being discharged?”

“Doctor said today. If you were feeling up to it.”

“Thank goodness.” You said. “I am more than feeling up to it. Is everyone else back at the motel?”

He nodded, then looked away. You knew something was bothering him.

“Out with it.” You said. “Spill it, Mick.”

He looked at you and sighed. “It’s mad.”

“Just ask.”

He sat back down and looked at you with apprehension. His voice was soft when he spoke. “Why were you and Lucifer out there alone?”

“We weren’t. Well, I mean, we were, but I thought I was alone.”

“So you didn’t plan it then?” You could see he wasn’t being accusatory. You could also see that he was afraid of the answer.

“No,” You said. “I didn’t plan alone time with Lucifer. I went for a walk and he followed me. That’s all.”

Mick gave a small nod. “Okay. Sure, okay.”

You cocked your head, curious. “Why would you think we had planned it?”

“I’m not sure.” He said, shrugging. “It just has seemed to me that you two have some sort of…connection, I suppose, and I was worried about it.”

Maybe he should be worried about it, a small voice inside your head said.

“I’m not going to deny that there’s a connection between us,” You said kindly, ignoring the stupid voice. “We shared the same cell for months. But that’s all it is. Mick, I’m dating you. No one else.”

He didn’t look completely convinced though and you couldn’t blame him. There was something between you and the archangel that you couldn’t identify. The more you wanted to pull away from him, the more you were pushed back towards him. And apparently it was the same for him.

You were discharged from the hospital, your arm in a sling to keep you from moving it, and Mick drove you back to the motel. You walked in to your room to find your brothers, Ketch, and Lucifer all sprawled out around the room. Ketch was sleeping on the couch while your brothers were sleeping on one of the beds. Lucifer was reclined lazily on the other bed and he cracked an eye as you walked in.

“About time.” He said dryly.

“Sorry, the doctors were really busy today,” You said sarcastically. “Something about having other patients.”

His mouth quirked up slightly in the corner and you knew he was happy you were back. You walked over and sat down on the edge of the bed. Lucifer quickly moved over so that there was more room on the blanket and you leaned back against the pillows gratefully. It was the same as before, in the cell. The cooler air around the archangel seemed to soothe your throbbing shoulder.

“Ahhhh,” You breathed, closing your eyes.

“Can I get you anything, love?” Mick asked. You opened your eyes to see Mick eyeing Lucifer. But the archangel’s gaze was on you.

“No, I’m fine. I just need to rest a bit more.”

“Alright.” Mick sat at the small table in the corner of the room. Its surface was littered with lore books and newspaper clippings. “I’ll be right here if you need anything.”

You snuggled down further into the bed and felt the temperature around Lucifer drop a few more degrees. The throbbing in your shoulder subsided even more and you sighed in relief.

“I’ll be right here too,” Lucifer said lowly, so that only you could hear.

You smiled and drifted off to sleep.

anonymous asked:

Hi. Do you think that harry's singing voice has improved since then? I know we only have one song, but how is it different frm before? I am not really a fan of his voice, or singin style. In the first two or three 1d albums esp. In the last two, it seemed that he always was grasping for air? I am not a voice expert, but just my observation. In sott though, it seems okay to me. It definitely was quite differnt from before. But i want to hear your technical take on it. Thanks.


@itwilltoteshappen has some great posts on Harry’s vocal technique, in particular his recording of SOTT. You might search her “vocal technique” tags.

Harry’s voice in SOTT is definitely WAY better than just “okay.” It’s vastly improved over his voice on MITAM, which, although strong and beautiful in some songs (If I Could Fly) with a surprisingly well-controlled falsetto (Home), had some moments of slippage in technique/ demonstrations of vocal strain (End of the Day). MITAM sounds surprisingly good, in my opinion, considering how much the boys must have pushed their voices with concert performances 3-5 days per week, poor sleep and eating habits, jet lag, secondhand or firsthand smoke, acid reflux, etc.

Harry has an amazingly versatile vocal foundation. You could already hear that potential in his X-Factor audition piece, “Isn’t She Lovely,” which required a steady, supported high baritone chest voice. Harry needed training to develop his professional voice. He did improve during his 1D years, but he’s progressed way beyond that now.

In SOTT, his voice has been beautifully, professionally trained. Vocal cords are muscles, and professional singers are professional vocal athletes. They have to be able to produce exactly the sound they want, on command. Nothing can be accidental. This is the reason that Adele was so disgruntled during her Grammy performance that she had to start over– she was more than a ½-tone off key. She was enough of a pro that even though the general public might not have heard it, other singers did, and she had the honesty and perfectionism to start over. She was singing to a bare instrumental accompaniment, almost à cappella, the hardest live singing one could do.

SOTT is challenging to perform live, because the song starts high in Harry’s tessatura, and needs a well-supported, medium-dynamic chest voice that has to be exactly on pitch, with minimal accompaniment, with a beautiful jewel tone– almost the same challenge Adele faced. In addition, the switch to falsetto has to be seamless, and the falsetto has to convey a different texture and emotion, but keep the same dynamic. The song is long and requires a controlled, slow, dramatic build. When done well, it is a showcase piece.

And to do all of this live and solo–it’s nerve-wracking– like playing the finals at center court, Wimbledon.

Since it’s Harry’s first solo performance, it’s a really ballsy move, since basically the entire entertainment industry will be watching.

However, Harry has always had great performances on SNL. “Through the Dark” wasn’t perfect (somewhere on Tumblr there’s a post floating around with just the miked voices); parts of his solos were off pitch. But the performance was notable in that the singing got better and better as the performance went on, for all of them. They were already seasoned performers and could perform to a live audience.

Harry’s interviews so far have shown a really good speaking voice. He’s keeping his vocal training intact, not straining at all. I don’t think he would strain his voice during the skits either– he’s sounded good in the promo clips so far, and avoided talking unnecessarily. He doesn’t look even the tiniest bit nervous.

Imho, after tomorrow night, it’s going to be Harry’s world, and we will all just live in it.

My Darling [Harry Hook Imagine] [Request]

My Darling

Harry Hook Imagine; Disney Descendants

Requested by @janell-122201 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“This place is horrible,” you said, glancing around the Isle.

“Well, this is the Isle of the Lost,” replied Jay.

You rolled your eyes, “Yeah, thanks for clarifying that, Jay… I just wish Ben would hurry.”

As soon as you said that, Ben came stomping down the stairs of Mal’s hideout. You, Evie, Jay, and Carlos looked at him. Ben only shook his head sadly before he proceeded to walk away.

“I’ll go with him while you three get Mal,” you said, following after Ben.

The three villain kids sighed simultaneously, watching you go around a corner. They all entered Mal’s hideout. Each of them hoped to return to Auradon soon.

- - -

“Ben!” you shouted. “Ben, where are you?”

You heard a muffled exclamation from behind you. Ben was standing there, surrounded by a group of sneering villains. Ben’s eyes widened, his eyes set on something behind you.

You turned, pulling a dagger from your belt. The person in front of you was incredibly tall; he held a silver hook, one you had heard so much about, in one of his hands.

“Who are you, darling?” he asked.

You rolled your eyes, and sneered, “You just said it. I’m Darling. The child of one anyway.”

“And I’m Hook,” he introduced, sarcastically tipping his hat.

“It seems we both have family heirlooms then.”

A smirk grew on his face, “So it seems… Tell me, Darling, would you deliver a message for me?”

“Why would I ever leave Ben with you?” you asked.

Harry laughed, “Because there’s twenty-eight of us and only one of you, and your friends are quite a distance away, a couple of streets even.”

You glanced at Ben, who nodded, and sighed, “Fine, what’s the message?”

Harry smirked again.

- - -

“Are you sure this is the best way to get Ben back?” you asked, looking around Ursula’s Fish and Chips.

“We need to know what Uma wants,” replied Mal. “This might be the only way.”

“Exactly! Might be, so let’s just go back to your ‘villain-kid-hipster-clubhouse’ thing and come up with another plan,” you said.

Mal rolled her eyes at you. She left you by the door once she spotted Uma across the room. You sighed in annoyance, obviously wanting to go back to your friends.

“What’s wrong, Darling?”

You turned at the sound of Harry’s voice: “Nothing that concerns you, Hook.”

He gave you a fake pout. You only scoffed and rolled your eyes in response.

“But I’m curious!” exclaimed Harry.

“Too bad,” you replied.

Harry’s next words were interrupted by cheers. Uma had one of Mal’s hands against a table, seemingly to win an arm wrestling contest. Harry smirked at you: “Looks like I’ll be seeing you again soon, love.”

- - -

“Do you ever stop talking?”


Everyone stared at you, but you ignored them. Your eyes were set on Harry. You noticed Gil grinning widely, trying to hide his laughter. Uma could only glare at you.

Suddenly, Uma tried to use Fairy Godmother’s magic wand to open the magic barrier. You smirked at her when she realized the wand was a copy.

You joined Jay on one side of the deck. You blocked Harry’s sword with your own, giving Jay an opportunity to go help Carlos.

“Good to see you again, Darling,” grinned Harry.

“Hook,” you greeted, giving him a sarcastic smile, “how have you been?”

“Better now that you’re here,” he said.

As the two of you began walking around each other, you replied, “That’s so sweet.”

“I try.”

Harry gasped when the silver hook disappeared from his hand. You caught it with one of your own. Harry dropped his sword and extended his hand.

“What’s wrong?” you asked.

Please, give it back,” begged Harry. “It’s important to me.”

You could see worry in his eyes, and asked, “Do you want to come to Auradon?”

Harry visibly froze. He couldn’t fathom how different Auradon could be from the Isle. Despite what he had told Uma before, he had always wanted to go to Auradon.

He looked up at you.

- - -

Two months later, a sign that read ‘Family Day!!!’ directed people to Auradon’s gardens. You stood next to Harry, both of you looking over the crowd of people.

“[Y/N]!” shouted a voice.

Wendy Darling and Peter Pan both appeared in the crowd. The two approached, smiling widely at you.

“Who is this?” asked Wendy, gesturing to Harry.

“This is Harry. Harry Hook,” you said, linking your arm with Harry’s own arm.

There was a pause as Wendy and Peter both stared at Harry. You could practically see them thinking of what to do.

Suddenly, Wendy smiled, “Wonderful to meet you, Harry!”

“Nice sword you’ve got there,” said Peter, gesturing to the sword Harry had on his belt. “Fancy a spar one day?”

Harry nodded, a grin slipping onto his face. Wendy waved to someone–(“We’ll be back in a moment, [Y/N]!”)–before she and Peter left.

“So, when do we tell them that we’re together?” asked Harry.

“How about next month’s Family Day? I don’t know if they’re quite prepared for that one yet,” you smiled.

Harry brought one of your hands up to kiss it, and laughed at your statement, “Whatever you say, my Darling.”

You paused, “You know my last name is technically Pan, right?”

Harry waved his free hand in the air, and gave you a flirtatious grin, “Not for long.”

Oh! We’ll just see about that, Hook!” you laughed.

“Whatever you say, love,” smiled Harry. “Whatever you say.”

Move A Mountain add-ons  →  #eternalmam
 ↳ first drive

Finley Quaye, Beth Orton - Dice

Stiles gets his license at the end of the summer, only a few weeks short from the anniversary of his move to New York.

There’s a mountain outside the city with the perfect view to watch the sunset. They’ve been there several times before on Derek’s Harley and it quickly became Stiles’ favorite spot. Back when they first started the driving lessons they had made a promise: that once he got his license, Stiles would come pick Derek up at the shop and they’d drive up there.

It’s late afternoon by the time Derek picks up the sound of Stiles’ engine: lighter and faster than his own. He looks over his shoulder from where he’s kneeling next to the Yamaha he’s working on, gazing out towards the street until the bike rolls into view when Stiles parks it on the drive in. He leaves the engine running as he jumps off, practically tearing off the helmet before rushing inside the garage with a blinding smile.

“I did it!” He exclaims, as if anything about his arrival hints otherwise.

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Dancing with the Devil (Entry)

Originally posted by henricavill

Prompts: “You’re the Devil.” “Please, I taught the devil everything he knows.”

Note: Fluff, slight playful touching

Pairing: Tony Stark x Wife!Reader

Author’s Note: Here’s my entry for @violentlybarnes‘ 500 followers challenge! Hope you enjoyed love! I rewrote this so many times XD (I don’t own the gif)

(Y/N) was sitting in the communal living room with sweatpants and a long sweater on due to it been in the colder part of November. She enjoyed overlooking the City of New York, because it was so beautiful and almost peaceful during this time of year.

She held a cup of hot chocolate in her hands to warm them up as she stood up and walked over to the window. She had been up all night after she had a nightmare from her form life before being an Avengers. She wanted Tony, but he had been down in the workshop that night and she hated to disturb him.

She had come up to the communal room and stayed there while everyone else was doing something in the tower. She enjoyed the quiet, considering the Avengers were always so loud and obnoxious all the time. Now I’m not saying she didn’t like watching everyone act like idiots all the time.

It was just nice to have a little relaxation time. She was watching the snow gently fall from the sky down onto the buildings and people while she had christmas music playing in the background. She hums softly to the Jingle bells song while she swayed back and forth with a smile.

She turned back when she heard the elevator doors open and in stepped Tony looked utterly exhausted. She quirked an eyebrow at his grease stained shirt and the look of death plastered across his face as she covered her mouth, giggling.

“There’s a fresh pot out there already. Mug’s sitting beside it.” She answered before he said anything. “You’re an Angel.” He grins tiredly before trudging into the kitchen as she smiles for a moment before looking back outside to the winter wonderland. “So how did you sleep last night?” Tony asked pouring himself a cup of coffee.

“I didn’t.” She murmured as he frowned before coming out to the living room. “Why not?” He questioned as she shrugged. “Just… nightmares.” She replied as he nods before setting his cup onto the coffee table and walked over to her.

He wrapped his arms around her waist as she smiled, placing her left hand over his own as their wedding rings glittered in the sunlight. Yes, they had been married for a few years now almost seven and they were the happiest years of both their lives. “I’m sorry, I wasn’t there. I was modifying my suit.” He sighs in slight anger.

“There’s nothing to be sorry for. I shouldn’t depend on you whenever I have bad dreams my love.” She said, turning around to face him when he took her cup and set it on the table. She wraps her arms around his neck as he smiles to her before their foreheads pressed together.

“I know you don’t depend on me, but I want to be there when you are scared. I want to make sure everything is okay.” He answered as she leans in and kisses him gently. “Why didn’t you come get me?” He asked, quirking an eyebrow. “Well I didn’t want to disturb you.” She murmured.

“(Y/N), we’re married. If you need me my work should never make you hesitate to come to me. My door is always open.” He said, cupping her chin so she didn’t look away like she always does. “I know, but I just..” She trailed off when he rolled his eyes.

“You’re a pain in the ass, but you’re my pain in the ass.” He smiled as her face heated up a little before she stuck her tongue at him. “We should go to bed.” Tony suggested when she frowns. “I have a better idea.” She said before his eyes widened when her hands slid down and groped his butt as he yelped.

“What if someone comes?” He asked when she grins, resting her chin onto his shoulder. “Guess they’ll be in for a real treat.” She murmured as he laughs. “Yes, yes they would me” He comments as she pulls back with a smirk dancing across her lips.

“That being said, if Steve came we’d never hear the end of it.” She placed her hands onto her hips with a pout like face causing him to throw his head back and laughed. “How about…” Tony trails off before picking up the remote and turning up the music up when he looked back to see her smiling at him. She wrapped her arms back around his neck as his fell on her waist.

“I like this idea better.” She grins happily at him while they swayed together in the living room. She laid her forehead against his again as he pulled her closer to him before they both started to laugh. “You complete me.” He murmured to her as she smiles softly.

That was technically his way of saying ‘I love you’ without actually saying the words, because he wasn’t someone to always say I love you to her. Despite being married, however she could live with that. At the end of the day she was the one Tony laid down beside, laughed with, and always leaned on her when he wasn’t strong.

She loved having moments like these with Tony. With just them being in each other’s space. They didn’t need words to express how they felt, nor gestures. Just standing here, standing close to where they shared each other’s air made everything for her melt. They weren’t Avengers here, they were simply… Tony and (Y/N) Stark.

“Sir, I would like to inform you that the other Avengers have returned home.” Friday called as Tony looks to her. “Come my little Devilish Angel. We should go to our room so we can actually sleep.” He grins as she laughs softly before he offered out his hand to her.

“Lead the way.” She said when he shut off the stereo and grabbed his mug and handed hers to her as she smiles. She smirked as he quirked an eyebrow when a swipe crack to his ass made him jump before the elevator’s open. She laughed before running away when he went after her.

You’re the devil!!” He exclaimed as everyone watched them run towards the penthouse. “Please, I taught the devil everything he knows!” She called back to him before shutting the door in front of him as he huffs playfully. Oh, she was definitely the Devil alright.

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Little Holmes Part 2 - Moriarty x reader

Originally posted by thekillersboy-blog

AN: Highly requested by many of you lovelies. I will probably be writing one more part after this one. It’s a little messy but I hope you still enjoy it!

Previous chapters: Part 1

Overall Summary: Moriarty teases Sherlock because he slept with you. Sherlock’s little sister. 

In this chapter: Sherlock confronts you on Moriarty which erupts a flood of memories to how it got to this moment.

Word count: 1,736

Warnings: None really, some hints of smut

“Honestly (Y/n), out of every single person on this entire planet you had to go for him! The man who tried to blow me and your brother up! The one who want us dead!” John threw his arms up in the air as he paced in front of you. You stared blankly at the wall behind him, you knew something like this would happen if they ever found out about your love life. 

“Technically, he only wants Sherlock dead.” You corrected him. 

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Prompt: Batmom gets turned into a kitten

Words: 400

          “Father is not going to be happy.”

          “Maybe he won’t notice?”

          “Yes Dick, I’m sure Bruce won’t notice that our mother, his wife, has turned into a kitten!” Jason snarls.

          You want to comfort your sons, but all that comes out is this little mew. Dick grins as he picks bends and picks you up. He scratches behind your ears. “She’s pretty adorable though, and her fur is so soft.”

          Damian quickly snatches you from Dick’s hands. He cuddles you close “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you from Grayson.” You rub your cheek against his to reassure him that you’re okay.

          A moment later Jason’s hands wrap around you, and he lifts you out of a now glaring Damian’s hands. He scratches your head before going, “Wow, you’re right, she is soft.”

          Tim reaches over and pets you as well. You allow yourself to purr. The boys’ attention becomes so focused on you that they don’t notice Bruce come up behind them.

          “Where’d the cat come from?” He asks.

          Your sons go stiff as a board, and Tim is the first to speak, “Technically she’s a kitten.”

          Bruce just stares at Tim, before his arms crossed against his chest, “What’s going on?”

          Jason smiles, “You’re not going to like the answer.”

          His voice rises a bit in volume, “What is going on?”

          Dick cracks like an egg, “Mom got turned into a kitten.”

          Damian just holds you up for Bruce to see. You meow at him, and wave one paw in the air.

          There’s a moment of silence before his jaw drops, and he takes a step forward, and takes you out of Damian’s hands. “Y/N?” He whispers.

          You meow a yes, and touch a paw to his nose.

          He stares for a moment more before his eyes shift back to the boys, and in his angry voice he asks, “What the hell happened?”

          Tim grimaces, “We don’t exactly know.”

          “But we called Zatara and he’s on his way, with Dr. Fate. We’re hoping they can turn her back into her herself.”

          Bruce’s eye starts twitching, “Well start figuring it out. Now GO!”

          The boys scatter and Bruce holds you up so that you’re at eye level. “We’ll fix this sweetheart I promise.” You rub your cheek against his and purr. He just sinks down in the chair in front of the bat computer, and says, “You are pretty cute though.”

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Recently you talked about reflex sights - what are the differences/pros and cons of reflex vs red dot vs holo sights?

The short, slightly sarcastic, and not completely inaccurate answer would be, holo sights cost a lot more.

Reflex sights are optics that use a semi-reflective surface to provide targeting information. These will bounce a light off said surface, usually a red or green LED, which when viewed from the appropriate position, will tell you roughly where the object is pointed. I’m phrasing it like this because reflex sights are actually used for a lot of different things, including nautical navigation tools, telescopes, and even some disposable cameras.

The advantages for reflex sights are that they’re relatively cheap, and they usually have a fairly substantial battery life. The internals are just an LED and a reflective glass layer. (Technically, there are a few variations of the technology; for convenience I’m describing the one used with firearms.)

Holo sights are, as the name suggests, actually holographic. They use a laser diode to create the targeting reticle in three dimensional space. This opens up some additional functionality that’s either difficult or impossible to obtain with a reflex sight. The big feature is the ability to adjust for range and windage. Finally, unlike reflex sights, they don’t need to have a tinted layer to catch the reflected light, so the optics are slightly clearer.

The most common firearm reflex sights are red or green dot sights. These use a red or green LED to create the targeting point. That said, some holo sights use a dot aim point. In that sense a red dot sight is more descriptive than an identifier.

Picking a color comes down to user preference. In general, red light has the least affect on night vision. Also because of the prevalence of ruby lasers and red LEDs, some people do approach firearms with the feeling that red is the “right” color.

The human eye is more sensitive to subtle differences in green than any other color. This is part of why some night vision setups display their feedback in green monochrome. In theory, this makes green dot sights easier to see. For some people this honestly seems to be the case. Also why you’ll sometimes see green lasers used as targeters on firearms.

Red and green aren’t the only options. Common LEDs include blue, white, and yellow, so if someone wanted an amber dot sight, that is an option. (Though, you’re going to be paying extra.)

There are other factors. Red was used because red LEDs were very cheap to produce until relatively recently. Blue LEDs only date back to the 1990s. There’s also the direct physiological factors. Historically red light has been believed to produce limited or no eye adaptation, and had the least effect on night vision. My understanding is, that’s not really true, and that green/blue light actually interferes less with night vision, but this is a discussion I’m not fully versed in.

The idea of a dot sight, as opposed to other reticles is purely preference. A dot has a cleaner profile, but provides less information to the user. Just a simple, “bullets go here (we think).” Ring sights, or lines can be useful for judging drift, and can help the user adjust their aim. Alternately, the reticle selected may simply be to speed up target acquisition. This one really is about personal preference. A ring sight isn’t better than a dot sight, it’s about which works for the user.

On more expensive reflex sights (and most holo sights) it’s fairly common to have the ability to switch out the reticle on the fly. So, picking the right one is sometimes about choosing what’s right for this moment, not just picking one and sticking with it.

I will say, video games tend to gloss over these things. I can’t remember the last time I played a game that actually tinted the window for a reflex sight (maybe Far Cry 4), and I don’t think I’ve ever played one that attempted to display a holo sight properly.

Incidentally, some stuff that you can, technically do, includes open reflex sights, where the glass layer exposed to the air. You probably wouldn’t want to do this, because of the potential for damage, but it is a real option, and (partially) open reflex sights do exist. Ultimately reflex sights do need a surface to bounce off of. The name “reflex,” is a shortening of, “reflective,” not a reference to the user’s ability to react quickly.

One thing you can’t do is have a free floating hologram over the weapon. Existing technology doesn’t really allow for this, so you can’t have those neat holographic heads up displays you’ll occasionally see in sci-fi. That said, it’s just not something we can do today, not something that’s impossible.


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(this was an idea mentioned on @i-love-glados 's blog) whenever Chell goes to hug Glados, she lifts up just to mess with her and make her hug tighter and Chell is like "not again"

(( Here you are. I believe @i-love-glados wished to be tagged? ))

GLaDOS was NOT huggable. She was the queen of Aperture, she was the ice cold ruler of an underground, morally corrupt science facility. She was the opposite of cuddly.

But… if someone was going to hug her, they might as well actually commit.

Chell had taken to hugging the central core as her main form of physical affection, as it was relatively easy, despite the AI’s bulky chassis.  However more frequently than not, she’d simply come in for a quick gentle squeeze, and then she’d pull away. That was fine every once and awhile, but if you asked GLaDOS, it was just getting lazy.

So, she had found herself a new way of having some fun with this.

Chell came up, wrapping her arms around GLaDOS’s faceplate, and was about to pull away, when GLaDOS moved her head. She raised it while the girl was still holding on, causing her to let out a small squeak of surprise, and to suddenly tighten her grip on the core.

GLaDOS, if she had a mouth, would’ve been grinning like the Cheshire cat. That worked better than expected.

Chell looked down at her, partly stunned, partly questioning. Her gaze alone making her question quite clear.

‘Are you gonna let me down?’

The answer was no. Not right away anyway.

Instead, GLaDOS shifted her head a little, nuzzling Chell in the process.

And, to her credit, Chell seemed to relax somewhat after a few minutes.  She was about fifteen feet off the ground, but she had a firm grip on GLaDOS, and had faith that the core wouldn’t let her fall.

A few more moments passed, before GLaDOS slowly lowered Chell back down to the ground. She was satisfied with the amount of affection she had received.

“Don’t look at me like that, you started this.”

Chell raised an eyebrow in response, as if debating if she wanted to argue that no, technically she didn’t, it was GLaDOS’s idea to hold Chell in the air for a few minutes so she would hug her a little bit tighter.

‘I think you’re just needy.’

Chell signed this with a smirk, her eyes sparkling with amusement.  GLaDOS would protest all day that she had NO interest in cuddling of any sort, and she definitely DIDN’T enjoy hugs, but her actions spoke otherwise.

“Wha- N-No I’m not! I am anything but! I was just trying to get you to… to fall off! Yes, that was it. I wanted you to fall and break your legs. Hpmh.”

The core turned her head away from Chell, as if trying to further make her point. But the soft humming that came from her now slightly overheated processors gave Chell more than enough information.

She got the feeling that this wasn’t going to be a one-time thing.

Guide to Produce 101

(based on s1)

This is generally how Produce 101 season 1 went. Season 2 will most likely have a few changes and probably some improvements (or quite possibly some downgrades), so don’t take this as a guide to how season 2 will run. This is just for anybody curious about how the show went down.

I would recommend watching Season 1, as it was really good and emotional, and I.O.I are actual treasures on this earth.

If I am missing something, let me know! If anybody has any questions too, I will definitely answer them! I love Produce 101 so much, and I’m hoping for this season’s success as well!

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Love you nonetheless

Title: Love you nonetheless

Pairing: Joffrey Baratheon x female!Reader

Word Count: ~2.1k

Warnings: h/c (Joff’s an ass as always)

Request: Hey! If it’s not too much trouble, could I request a jealous/protective Joffrey? Maybe like the reader likes Joffrey but thinks he likes someone else/deserves better, so they back off and eventually try to move on with someone else (despite still loving Joffrey) and he gets really jealous? Thank you so much 😊❤ ((sorry if that’s too specific))

A/n: Don’t know if I really fulfilled the request. If you aren’t happy just message me and I try again J

Despite knowing the young king and his obvious flaws you had fallen for him. You couldn’t point the exact moment or what it was, you only knew there was no way back. The way your heart beat a little faster at the sight of him or the way your eyes would always scan the room to find him, you wouldn’t change it. Even though it rationally wasn’t smart. Loving a spoiled, cruel boy like your king wasn’t wise or even rational, but your heart wouldn’t have it any other way. The heart wants what the heart wants, you mother always used to say. She had been a smart woman even though you could barely remember her. She passed away when you were quite young.

Loving Joffrey confronted you with all the struggles life could throw at a young girl. He wasn’t just any boy, not just a prince, Joffrey was king. And technically engaged. You hadn’t like Sansa Stark the moment you met her. She was pretty and all ladylike, but you also found her pretty stupid and dull at the same time. Sure it was probably jealously, but you couldn’t help it.

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ich-versteh-euch-nicht  asked:

If you’re still looking for drabble requests, what about Julian being really sweet to MC? Because soft and loving Jules makes me die from sheer joy.

Can we uh, get something sweet and comfy and mushy with Julian? Or even just a tender moment giving him some love?

hell yeah

“Oh,” they say, pleasantly surprised, “you actually can dance.”

Julian pouts, feigning offense at their teasing remark. “Do you mean to imply that you doubted me?”

They giggle, the sound of it mingling with the distant music that drifts through the night air. The two of them waltz through the trees near the palace under the cover of darkness, unwelcome to the festivities inside. 

“I can’t believe you’d risk showing your face around here,” they sigh.

“Technically,” Julian argues, a gloved finger tapping the elongated beak of his mask, “I’m not.”

“You are the epitome of subtlety, Dr. Devorak.” They roll their eyes.

“And,” he adds, “I would never forgive myself if I didn’t dance with you tonight. You’re breathtaking, my dear.”

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number 40 from your writing prompts list with jack frost?

Originally posted by everheardofasnowday

Title: Immortal.
Pairing: Jack Frost x Reader.
Words: 537
Rating: T(Sort of angsty)

Jack felt his eyebrows furrow together as he looked down at you. It was a peaceful evening, or at least he thought so. Laying down on top of you in bed, the reminder that he wasn’t the same as you coming in the form of how hot you felt against his freezing body.

It was moments like this that made you think back to the day you met Jack Frost. Met a myth, in all technicality. The cold air was biting your cheeks that day, the snow falling and clinging to your eyelashes desperately. The way your mitten covered hands would reach up, wiping a bit of melted snow off your cheeks. The sky was a pale grey, accompanied by low hanging clouds of darkness as a storm blew in. Jack had met you that day. And you’d never forget it.

 His eyes were striking, the sort of blue that would send an involuntary shiver down your spine. Which, it did. It started at the base of your neck the moment he caught eyes with you and danced its way down to your tail bone. He was beautiful. With an angular face, sharp features and expressions… Silver white hair, that was soft to the literal touch, and you found yourself digging your fingers into it, relishing in how his hair would tangle around your touch. These were all things that left you constantly breathless. 

“What are you thinking about?” Jack asked, his breath visible in the air as he craned his head down to kiss your lips slowly. It was simple, but the contrast of heat and cold left his lips sticking to yours ever so slightly.

“Just… Stuff…” You shrugged your shoulders, feeling goosebumps rise onto your skin as he peppered small kisses to your forehead lovingly.

“Do you wanna tell me?” He offered, not wanting to push you into a conversation you weren’t comfortable with. Despite his cold nature, his voice was warm and deep. He himself, was a contradiction. 

I love you,” You said. It wasn’t the first time those three words came tumbling from your mouth, but Jack still found himself warming up inside at the sound of your voice telling him that. It was like a dream, “And it’s a bit scary…”

“Yeah, it is.” He agreed with you without a second thought. “I’ve spent so many years alone, and I ended up falling in love with a human…” He swallowed softly, cupping the side of your head. He rubbed your scalp slowly, taking a slow intake of air into his lungs. Licking his bottom lip didn’t seem to help, for it was frozen over within seconds. You could feel the frost on his fingertips building up in your hair, but it didn’t worry you. It actually felt good. “What’ll happen when you’re gone?”

“That’s the scary part….” You whispered, your voice nothing more than a small peep, “I’m going to get older, Jack… And you-you’re going to stay the same…”

He nodded, as if to say ‘I know’.

“Will you still love me?” You inquired in a shaky voice, “Even wh-when I’m…?”

“Nothing in the world is going to make me stop, (Name).” Jack smiled gently at you, kissing your nose.

Suits & Ties

Modern AU

Main Pairings - CEO!Poe x Stylist/Tailor!Reader

Warnings: None.

Summary: You’re a one-of-a-kind tailor, you prod on that title, however, some would simply call you a stylist. And, of course, your keen eye and sense of fashion has turned a few heads towards your direction. Poe enjoys your companionship although word slowly starts to spread that you’ve been eyed by Armitage Hux.

Your loyalties secretly lie with Dameron, Inc. though since you work through an agency they typically send you off to where your services are needed… 

AN: This branches off from an ask I sent Iylla ( @propertyofpoeandbucky ) over here

Originally posted by bibliophilebunny

“L/N,” Poe said softly as you closed the door in his office. You walk to him carrying a few garment bags and a small little train case with additional accessories and sewing items.

“Mr. Dameron,” you tucked your head avoiding his gaze and gave a small smile. You walk to a nearby closet and start opening the garment bags, pulling a different suit each time.

Poe walks over to you, hands in his pocket, you hear him chuckle behind you. “Five this time?” His brow arches, slightly amused.

“Well…” You giggle, still facing the suits, “You’re being paired up with one of the Senator’s daughters, gotta make sure you look good.” You inspected each one, ensuring not a hair or thread was seen. 

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