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Dramione, Stuck in a lift

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10.  Stuck in a lift

“Fix it…” Draco stammered, his hand shaking as he pointed to the buttons.  “Granger, I’m begging you, fix it.”  

“It’s some kind of technical problem, I don’t know how to fix it,” she confessed.  She looked over at him.  “Are you alright, Malfoy?”  

“No, I’m not bloody alright!  We’re stuck in a lift that could fall at any moment, plummeting us to our deaths.  And it’s too cramped.  Not enough air…” His face was more pale than normal.  

Hermione pressed the red emergency button and crossed over to where he was.  She grabbed his hand and pulled him down to the floor with her.  “Deep breaths, Draco.”  

He yanked his hand away.  “I don’t need deep breaths.”  

“Well, Maybe I do.  So…placate me?”  She reached for his hand again, keeping it this time.  

Breathe Again

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Description: I’ve become reobsessed with Sara Barielles’ Kaleidoscope Heart album and Breathe Again in particular.  I was singing along and crying on my way to work (I know) and this kind of popped in my head.  Technically Bucky reader.  Some angst.  Song lyrics in italics. 

Word Count: 516

Warnings: None

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“All the male characters in RWBY are weak and useless and never get to have badass moments (except Qrow).”

Let me tell you why that’s bullshit.

I’m really tired of people having this attitude and complaining that all the male characters ever do is either not fight or suck at fighting. And then, when Qrow fought Winter, people were saying “Finally, the first badass male character!”

Technically, the first badass male character is Adam.

What just happened in the above gif: Adam shoots his sword at the robot’s face, catches his sword in mid-air, shoots the robot’s head off, then cuts the robot in half.

When the Black Trailer came out, people felt disappointed that Adam outshined Blake.

People were also disappointed that Adam was the one who had a power-up moment in the Black Trailer, instead of Blake. He completely destroyed a giant robot that Blake couldn’t even leave a scratch on.

Adam and Qrow are not the only male characters who have proven themselves not to be weak or incompetent, though.

Remember when Ren took on a King Taijitu (two-headed snake Grimm) all on his own and blew up one of its heads with his bare hands?

Remember Sun’s awesome gunchuck skills in V1E16: Black and White? Note: The writers originally planned for Sun and Neptune to actually help fight the Paladin in V2E4: Painting the Town, evidenced by them stating in the Director’s Commentary that Ruby was originally going to explain Yang’s Semblance to Neptune during that fight. However, Sun’s weapon was using a very old, complicated rig, and Monty had reused an old animation from a previous project for Sun’s fight in Volume 1. Once they finished production on Volume 2, Monty made a new easier-to-use rig for Sun’s weapon.

Moving on… Mercury has consistently proven himself to be anything but weak or incompetent. When he sparred Pyrrha in V2E5: Extracurricular, he put Pyrrha on the defensive. After the very beginning of their spar, he got her to where she was almost constantly blocking. When she tried to get into a position where she could start attacking again, he put a stop to it and even knocked her weapon out of her hand!

Pyrrha is a four-time winner of the Mistral Region Tournament. She’s celebrated as a highly skilled superstar. But Mercury put her on the defensive, and when she moved away and tried to get into the offensive, he stopped her and disarmed her.

In V3E4: Lessons Learned, while Emerald got into position in the forest biome, Mercury faced Coco and Yatsuhashi alone. He managed to dodge and block their attacks and kicked the hell out of both of them.

Mercury withstood an incredibly powerful attack from Yatsuhashi that blasted all of the water out of the geyser biome and shattered the entire biome.

Speaking of which: Yatsuhashi used an attack so powerful that it blasted away all the water and shattered an entire biome made of rock! Yatsuhashi’s attacks may be slow, but he is a serious heavy-hitter. And this isn’t the first time we’ve seen him shatter the ground with one attack. Last time, he shattered cement:

So, please, stop saying that all the male characters suck, are weak and incompetent, and never get to have badass moments.

And remember, the first badass male character in RWBY was Adam, not Qrow.

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are we saying this was the last opportunity for even to be main because he's gonna graduate this year? well, if we're standing by that then there isn't gonna be a new season of skam next year cause everyone will be out of school by then...I think they might keep going after high school, this show is too big to only get 5 seasons

Technically there would be other 2 seasons next year with a total of 6 seasons but if the show will keep being successful as it is now, they could decide to air it in the following years and cover their post graduation lives but i think it is too soon to talk about this at the moment..that’s why i’m saying this was the last chance for even…because this is his last year at school

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he’s had NIGHTMARES before, but NEVER one of THAT moment.  brief as it WAS, the memory of the PAIN is etched on his very SOUL.  he SHOOTS upright, clutching as his SHIRT and gasping for AIR, eyes WIDE and panicked.  he feels SICK to his stomach, can feel NAUSEA clawing up his throat and he DOESN’T know how to stop it.  the blonde swallows THICKLY, nervously SCANNING the darkened room and nearly PANICKING again when he hears movement.

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Do you plan on getting back to organizinghsmusic? Or is it up in the air for the moment?

i know i WANT to get back to it, but that’ll most likely be a problem for the summer. college is busy, and even though i technically do have time, i’m not the kind of person who is able to use that time constructively, for the most part. So, I guess it’s up in the air? I’d love to get a new mod, but last time I tried that they ended up being a trump supporter so like

[Ronan] demonstrated it again, that quick tap, that burst of brilliant orbs. He tipped [the washer] into Declan’s hand, and before Declan could say anything, jabbed it to activate it once more.
Orbs gasped up into the air. For a moment, he saw how his brother was caught inside them, watching them soar furiously around his face, each gold sun firing gold and white…
“Declan?” asked Ronan.
Declan’s face cleared. “This is the most useful thing you’ve ever dreamt. You should name it.”
“I have. ORBMASTER. All caps.”
“Technically you’re the orbmaster, though, right? And that’s just an orb.”
“Anyone who holds it becomes an ORBMASTER. You’re an ORBMASTER right now. There, keep it, put it in your pocket. D.C. ORBMASTER.”
Declan reached out and scuffed Ronan’s shaved head. “You’re such a little asshole.”

The Raven King, page 246 (hardcover)

Three things:

  1. I love Maggie’s Stiefvater’s writing so much
  2. I love these two assholes so much
  3. I haven’t finished the book yet so please don’t spoil anything for me

Remember that Office AU I said I was gonna write? 

Happy Hartwin Week

Off the Record

Eggsy had no idea the air of a place could change so quickly. One moment, he and Harry were having a laugh over the rather unfortunate circumstance of fellow co-worker Charlie’s personalized ring tone going off in a meeting, and the next, it was silent, both parties visibly tensing and scooting away from each other. And the only thing that happened to have changed is the lift they were in coming to a shuddering stop.

Hartwin Office AU.

technically it’s for AU day but i can’t wait that long oops