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okay since i haven’t seen anyone make this post im going to do it myself. i give you: the foxes playing ‘get down mr. president’

- more often than not nicky is the one who starts the game

- the only reason the foxes play is because they’d probably love having an excuse to tackle one of their teammates

- the only downside is that 99% of the time andrew will refuse to play and since none of the foxes want to die the game usually ends there

- except when neil is around

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yes hello it is time for me to be VERY OBNOXIOUS about one of my final projects. please look at it.

Shoutout to tumblr users @Mahnoor, @anythingtomakeyoustay, and @captainwalrus, (even though two of their tags won’t take?) for providing the blurbs on the back! And also shoutout to @glitzandshadows, or possibly @bluelikesmoke? I’m pretty sure I borrowed the term “conclave” from one of your sci fi snippets when i did these at 3 am last week ?

(fun fact: these books are actually Red Queen, The Glittering Court, and And I Darken)

Okay, if I don’t post this now I never will! Anyway, @arcanebarrage (not letting me tag you), just wanna saw I love your fantastic fic and I’m looking forward to reading more of your writing! c:

i mean sure its fun to think about and technically there are 14 classes to 16 types in MBTI (16 Classes if you count my two joke classes, Waste and Matter)

and then 12 zodiacs for 12 aspects

but it’d be about as informative and accurate as those facebook memes where you tag your friends, as well as the actual zodiac memes here on tumblr

but i love those anyway, so fuck it why not

INTJ = Seer, INTP = Mage, ENTJ = Prince, ENTP = Thief, INFJ = Muse, INFP = Maid, ENFJ = Matter, ENFP = Heir, ISTJ = Knight, ISFJ = Rogue, ESTJ = Sylph, ESFJ = Page, ISTP = Waste, ISFP = Witch, ESTP = Lord, ESFP = Bard

(if wondering what Matter and Waste are, see here:

then the zodiacs = aspects I think I did actually do before in a semi serious attempt to match the meanings here:

but basically they were

Aries = Life, Taurus = Rage, Gemini = Breath, Cancer = Void, Leo = Light, Virgo = Mind, Libra = Doom, Scorpio = Heart, Saggitarius = Hope, Capricorn = Blood, Aquarius = Time, Pisces = Space

so if you are an INTP Saggitarius like me, then this way states that you would be a Mage of Hope lol

(obviously I prefer my actual god tier, Witch of Light much better lol)

(*edit* note, this is not me actually endorsing an actual way to find out your god tier, this is pure meme fun and not reflective of my actual classpecting methods whatsoever lol. So if you like your actual god tier better, like me, obvs, dont think you have to change anything, this is just for fun. like it includes non canon joke classes that i made up that should be the first hint lol)

20 Question Tag Game

So @screamingatanemptyroom did another one of these things and they technically didn’t tag me, but these are fun so I’m doing it anyway!

Rules: Answer twenty questions about yourself, and then tag twenty of your favourite followers to do the same.
Name: Isobel
Nickname: Izzy, or TPOL (I prefer TPOL)
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Height: 5′3
Nationality: Welsh
Favourite fruit?: Grapes or strawberries.
Favourite Season?: Autumn
Favourite Flowers?: I have a pollen allergy. Keep the devil plants away from me
Favourite Scent: Coconut
Favourite Colour: Purple, black or blue
Favourite Animals: Owls and Tigers.
Coffee, tea or hot chocolate: Hot chocolate! I’m drinking one right now.
Average hours of sleep: Not enough, probably. 6 or 7 depending on how much time I spend on Tumblr that evening
Favourite Fictional Character: How dare you ask me an impossible question
Number of Blankets You Sleep With: Just one
Dream Trip: Lanzarote (again)
Blog Created: Sometime in 2016. Probably around a year ago by now
I tag: Anyone who wants to do it!


The Hobbit | Jurassic World AU

“I need you. I need your help, Thorin. My nephew and his friend, they’re out in the valley, please, if anything happens to them…”

When a genetically modified asset manages to escape containment, Jurassic World executive Bilbo Baggins believes the worst has happened to his young visitors. However, he knows the only person on the island that can help save them is Thorin Oakenshield, the raptor trainer he just so happens to have a history with. Between the two of them, they’ll have the best chance to find the boys, sway the odds with a few extra sets of teeth, and perhaps put an end to this greatest of calamities.

Requested by hobbitunderthemountain


Couldn’t shake this idea, although I’m sure someone’s done something similar to it before. I really enjoyed this, Marco is so much fun to draw. This is the first time in a while that I’ve done a finished drawing that fills up the whole page, not just a sketch.

Once again sorry for the really crappy picture quality, I had to use my cell phone.

There’s been a few rumors and posts with misinformation about Inkstand floating around, and we’ve been receiving asks about them, so let’s clear those up.

First, no, Inkstand hasn’t been in development for “years”. We started working on Inkstand at the beginning of November, 2014. Jessica asked me if I’d like to get in as a dev, and I said yes.

All three of us at Inkstand know how to program. Jessica is a web developer and has worked with Sass, CSS, PHP and various other web development technologies for several years. I (Pastry) have worked primarily in desktop applications programming, and I know C#, C and Ruby the best. Alice has worked on applications of this scale in the past, and is the one that’s leading our deployment and software design.

We were told in an ask that the xkit guy might not be the best person to have on our team. The ask said that he was racist, transmisogynistic and ableist. I investigated, and found no evidence for transmisogyny, and found that the racism is his complaining about his country (people had assumed he was American, but is in fact Turkish, so his complaints about Turkey were interpreted as such). We already knew of the issues post-Tumblr Pro (where he reblogged a post making fun of people asking others to tag the tumblr pro video because it contained various triggers). We also understand that he made an apology and we do not wish to hold it against him anyway. Besides that point, we still do not think he would be of much help to us at this time. Xkit is a fantastic program for tumblr, we don’t need anything like it at this time.

On the technical front, we understand that there are a lot of people who want in. We can see the number of emails that we’re getting for the mailing list, and we can see the number of notes and followers we’re getting on this blog. We know that this will be a big thing, and I’ve raised the question of scaling Inkstand to immense numbers. Alice says that if we get too large, we can add more servers to handle the load. We won’t be having a massive crush of users accessing our servers at once. Alpha is going to be run in stages, with batches of 100 emails sent out at a time, as we need more users to test. Our current configuration can handle between 10 and 15 thousand users.

Importing tumblr posts will have more than likely the same load as a single user posting the contents of a blog very quickly. If we find that the load is too much, we can simply delay the posting of each imported post. We’re not working on importing posts yet, and we haven’t even started to design the program to do that.

Video and image hosting will be taken care of off-site so we can cut down on costs and complexity for now. We want to host images on Inkstand eventually, but at the moment, we don’t have the money. Shunting image hosting off-site reduces the load we have to deal with and makes Inkstand cheaper and lighter. Our plan right now is to encourage uploading to imgur first, since they can handle the massive amount of images. When we’re stable, we’ll get a system in place to take image hosting onboard (presumably a CDN), and then we can host images directly from Inkstand.

We aren’t trying to be a scam. We’re trying to avoid being a scam. We’re not going to ask for money until we can build Inkstand to such a degree that it functions.

I know that we’re being slow and we’ve made a lot of promises, but we absolutely plan on delivering. I’m sorry we took so long to address this.

~ Pastry

                            CAPTAIN SWAN DIVERSITY WEEK
                                            6 - 12 of JULY

We all love Captain Swan, but our worlds - both real and fairy tale - are worlds of endless cultural possibilities, far beyond the confines of the show and the ethnic representations on the show. So the proposition is to use this week to delve into the canon/fantasy/modern au possibilities that can be inspired by those many cultures. We are a ridiculously wonderful and diverse fandom after all!

Okay, so here’s the run down.


  • Create something - fan fiction, drawings, graphics, gifsets, playlists, videos, etc.
  • Use something cultural as your inspiration - whether it be CS going out for Korean instead of Granny’s, a holiday in South Africa, a non-US school system, one of your favourite festivals. Or, if you’d prefer the fairy tale route, feel free to delve into a myth or story from any and every culture available - How The Birds Got Their Colours, Laila and Majnu, etc. What you choose to make of it is entirely up to you.

    Make sure you cite or refer to the culture or its element you have chosen.

  • Colin and Jen are absurdly gorgeous, I know, and I love looking at them as much as you do, but racial bending is also encouraged.
  • Please be mindful of the cultures which you are inspired by. There will be no tolerance for appropriation or blackface (and other variations). Be respectful.
    (I know you will be anyway, because you’re all precious human dandelions, but you know.)
  • Use the following tag - #CS Diversity Week - in addition to your normal tags.
  • The point is to learn and embrace and have fun. So make sure you do that, okay?
  • Please remember to flail and wallow over the perfection that is Captain Swan. No buts, no exceptions, no regrets.
  • Reblog to spread the word :)