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gklgkldfklgd This is a little late, but I can’t stop thinking about Pike/Ashley’s face transformation in Race to the Tower (102) when Travis jumped in front of her.

Like she goes from FEAR as Vecna turns to her (with Travis noticing)

And then Travis puts his arms in front of her and just….::

She’s so touched!!

And then she’s the lil sibling pointing out which school bully took her pocket money to her big brother, knowing she will be safe and the bully will be showed what’s what.

This got me dying tbh.  Grog’s technically not there, so this is more of an Ashley and Travis interaction, but Pike and Grog are so good and I love them.  Best buddies!!

Why is no one talking about MBLAQ’s current situation?!

It really is quite surprising to me that NO ONE has reported on what’s happening with MBLAQ right now. Like, it’s been several days since G.O spilled everything about the company just up and fucking disappearing on them, but I’ve seen not a word on any international KPop “news” outlets. Not even trash allkpop has made a post about it and they fucking LOVE anything that will cause drama…


A KPop idol revealing that their company screwed them over so badly that he doesn’t even want to be a singer anymore and that “You guys will have to prepare for a handkerchief when you guys learn that how much all three of us got hurt in the future“ is apparently not news??!?! A big name KPop group has been technically disbanded (a regrouping after military service seems likely, but it’s still unclear at this point) and no one even says anything?!?!!

This is equally the weirdest (no one is talking about it) and saddest (what actually happened) KPop situation I’ve seen in awhile. Ugh… I was never an A+, but I have always liked MBLAQ. I hope they serve well (G.O and Mir are enlisted now, Seungho will join them soon) and come back stronger. JTC never did right by them and everyone knows it; they deserve a new start.


I’m already looking forward to season 2

Instagram AU

Okay but imagine best friends Keith and Shiro, they love messing around online on Instagram when someone posts and the other comments. They’re not together but everyone thinks they are.

[photo of Keith sprawled on a sofa]
RedRanger Too tired to do anything at the mo. :/
BlackRanger Do you want me to massage you, babe? ❤️

Only close friends know nothing’s going on, but is there really nothing? 

[photo of Shiro climbing his bed]
BlackRanger Time for bed!
RedRanger I’m ready. 😘
Pidgeon GET A ROOM.
Hunkules @Pidgeon they kinda are.
Lancelot Disgusting. BUt cute. lmao

However, their friends play along.

[photo of Keith holding a cup of coffee]
RedRanger Always yours. ☕️
BlackRanger I already know that, baby. 😏
PinkAllura Awww, you two are so sweet. 😊
Lancelot Sweet? I’d say Keith is fucking bitter. GET IT?
BlackRanger Don’t be mean to my bae @Lancelot ☹️

But later on… it turns into something more and their friends see it unfold.

[photo of Keith’s pinky caressing Shiro’s knuckles]
RedRanger Why are your hands so big?
Pidgeon Why are you holding his hand?
Lancelot Technically he’s NOT holding it.
BlackRanger He’s holding it. 

[photo of Keith in class giving a peace sign]
BlackRanger Isn’t he the most beautiful? ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lancelot NO.
BlackRanger @Lancelot YES.

People started noticing that Keith stopped posting photos and that Shiro’s account is full of nothing but photos of Keith.

[photo of Keith asleep]
BlackRanger God. I love him so much. Just the cutest and most adorable thing in the world. I’m so happy he said yes. We’re officially #boyfriends.
Pidgeon HELL YASSS! @Lancelot OWES ME 100 BUCKS!
Hunkules I always knew there was something fishy going on. You can’t just fake those thirsty comments. 😏
Slavalicious 👀  Whose bed is that?
RedRanger I swear to god Mr @Slavalicious NOTHING IS GOING ON.
BlackRanger BABE ☹️  You telling me last night meant nothing?
RedRanger DON’T MAKE IT SEEM LIKE WE DID SOMETHING! We just played Snake and Ladders! 
Lancelot Snake and Ladders, huh? 😏  

Late nights- Bucky Barnes

Bucky x reader

Let me know if you’d liked to be tagged in this series of late nights with the avengers. Tomorrow I will be posting a Peter Parker Late nights so stay tuned for that. (Yes he may not be a technical avenger but he’s still amazing and adorable and I love him)


Another day, another HYDRA base. Another Hydra base, another successful mission. Another successful mission, another one of Tony’s infamous parties, because you guys just “had to celebrate.” according to him.

Bucky wasn’t big on parties. Although Tony claims he’s forgiven him, there’s still some obvious tension and a sense of hatred when they’re around each other. He also felt that the rest of the team were always ready to fight him, as if they always had their guard up. Although T’challa got most of the winter soldier out of him, something could always trigger him and once he’s been set off it’s hard to get him back.The only people that treated him “normal” were Steve, Sam and Natasha. They would joke around with him and they were easier to talk to than the others but they babied him a lot. The only person who truly let him be, who wasn’t afraid or hated him was you

Bucky tried everything to get out of this party, but Tony said it was mandatory (after Steve told him to say so). Once the Quinjet landed everyone went to their rooms to get dressed. Bucky took the longest to get downstairs, feeling awkward in the modern style suit Steve got for him. When he went downstairs he was greeted with the sight of hundreds of guest dressed in their fanciest attire.

He walked through the crowd looking for you, not wanting to hear people ask if he’s alright or any stupid jokes about hm finally being social. Once he came to the conclusion that he wasn’t going to find you he decided to go to his usual spot during parties like this. The balcony.

When he opened the door he sighed in releif at the feeling of the cool night air on his face. He grinned at the sound of New York and… crackling fire?

He quickly turned his head in the direction of where the heat was coming from and saw you, wrapped up in a blanket holding a mug in hand.

“Y/N?” He said confused. You turned your head and gave him a small smile.

“What are you doing at my spot James?” You said jokingly (which he didn’t get).

“Your spot? This is my spot. I mean I can leave if you want, it’s just that this is where I normally end up during these ‘mandatory’ parties.” He said while looking down at the floor, afraid you’d judge him although you both know you’d never do that.

“Well no wonder we’ve never crossed path’s. I come to every party but I normally stay inside during the ‘mandatory’ ones. Come on sit, I keep a stache of blankets and hoodies in that bin if you need one.” Bucky goes and gets a blanket and sits next to you. When he sits down he notices the sparkly blue dress, that fits your frame perfectly.

“I don’t know why your out here. You look beautiful, you should go show off.” He said with his signature, playful smirk that only you would get to normally see.

“I don’t do parties, but thanks Buck. Your lookin’ pretty handsome yourself.”

“Thanks doll.” 

As the night went on this party became more bearable for the both of you. You were both cracking up about stories from your childhoods, or stories you told him about Steve and how frustrated he’d get learning how to use technology from Tony. As you two sat outside more the party was not dying down. It was getting colder and Bucky could tell.

“Hey doll, you wanna continue our party inside?” You simply nodded. You both put away your blankets and snuck through the party going unnoticed. You  went upstairs to Bucky’s room. He gave you a shirt of his, it being way to big for your body and he changed out of his suit into some sweats. You both climbed into his bed (eventually snuggling up to each other) as you watched movies like emperors new groove, making you both laugh and feel like care free children. This is a party you both preferred any day.


@mo0nchxldc                                                                                                         @buckyappreciationsociety

Heroes Of Olympus ~ Pirate AU

- Annabeth is head of the ship, obviously 

- Nico and Hazel, the siblings, are her shared 1st mates 

- Jason is the scout. Loves heights and lives up in the bird’s nest. 

- Frank is the soft but buff dude. Mans the cannons, god bless his non-violent heart and sensitive ears. Him and Hazel are openly together, lucky them. 

- Leo is the ship’s repairman. He built the thing from scratch. 

- Will Solace and Piper are both prisoners from Reyna and Octavian’s ship. They’re escorting Princess Dare and Duchess Calypso (This is just random for the sakes of it)

- There’s this big fight between them, and Will and Piper are taken among others as prisoners. 

- Leo was taken by the other crew. 

- Piper uses her crazy love-voodoo magic to keep them alive because the lot of them are dead weights. She barely gets herself pulled back on board, and doesn’t save everyone. 

- Jason isn’t fooled. He sees right through it, but he can’t bring himself to call her out. 

- Nico’s technically always in charge of their cargo, like prisoners and such, whilst Hazel helps Annabeth keep the ship in order. 

- You can see where this is going: prompted by this post

- He’s kind of like “who the fuck is this guy. He’s so hot. I mean stubborn. Thinks he’s the captain. I think he’s gorgeous an idiot.”

- And will just wants to stay alive so he tries to work the angle he has

- Ends up falling head over heels finding himself slightly attracted to Nico. More than he bargained. 

- Meanwhile, Jason confronts Piper. She basically says “and?” And they move on, falling in love and all things sappy. 

- Meanwhile, Annabeth is trying to ask Reyna for their forces to join, giving back what (Or who) was stolen from each other and standing together against Gaia, of whom Reyna’s crew would be outnumbered against. 

- Gaia had an armada of ships. They needed to stand together if they want to survive

- Percy our main man, he’s Annabeth’s secret merman lover. Annabeth had met him when she was little and they had been close ever since. She roamed the seas and he roamed right behind her. 

- Just? Frank? Finding a black haired, green eyed boy with their captain as she’s steering, late at night? He’s wearing a tightly woven fishing net around his waist but nothing else? 

- He tells Hazel and Hazel is like Frank that’s a merman oh god Annabeth is with a merman?

- Meanwhile Jason and Piper hide up in the bird’s nest because no one but him likes it there 

- And Will is driving Nico mad but he refuses to let himself fall for a prisoner 

- And Annabeth’s boyfriend is a merman. 

- And Leo falls in love with Calypso. He’s technically a stow away, but bothers Calypso so much that she falls for him (Sound familiar?)

- Octavian gets eaten by sharks. Oops. Annabeth suspects Percy. Percy is indifferent, as usual but it was definitely him

I just love this au

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Okay I'm glad I saw that post! Because Louis still hasn't technically put out solo music I am still wanting and hoping when it's just him he'll have a slow song on piano cause we know he can play 👀👀👀👀👀 also I just wanna hear him do that

I would love him to make a super varied album. Have some amazing dance/EDM tracks (a la Steve, of course), have some more clipped, beat driven mid-tempos, a few acoustic moments, some Big Pop songs and maybe a straight forward piano ballad just to prove to everyone who still thinks he can’t sing that they’re fucking morons. 

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how do you square elphaba with the rather blatant antisemitic undertones to her design? From the sharp teeth, monstrous appearance, green skin, and the sexualized revulsion from her peers, there are very strong overtones of antisemitic tropes present in everything about her, even if the point of the character is to subvert the value of appearances and initial reactions? an aside, do you have any Jewish analog peoples/characters in any of your fics? any knowledge valuing very old ethnoreligions?

Hey! super long answer, putting it under the cut. Nice ask, dude. Let’s go.

Keep reading

Otayuri Mermaid Fic

Hi! Im a big fan of your YOI mermaid AU and after I stumbled across the picture of mermaid Otayuri hugging, I just had to write a fanfic based off of that. I hope you like it :) 

Otabek huffed, his tail a blur as he sped away from the competition grounds, marked out by the glowing coral. He wasn’t usually this moody but had lost to Phichit in a simple practice round. If he accounted for all the deductions and technical scores, Phichit would have beaten Otabek by 20 points. He didn’t have anything against Phichit, it was just that his performance was in his own eyes, sub-par. Phichit had executed all his spins and twirls, even completing a quadruple fin twirl without missing a beat. Meanwhile, Otabek stumbled on almost every one, his arms always slightly out of position or his fins pressed a little too tight against his body. Whatever it was, his rotations were all lacking his usual grace and poise he was known for.

‘Maybe it was the seal I ate the other day…’ Otabek contemplated but grew even more frustrated at himself for looking for an excuse for his poor performance. He muttered and swore under his breath, absentmindedly swimming. He wasn’t planning to go anywhere, in particular, it was a habit of his, to swim when he was distracted or irritated.

‘If I waited a little bit more before starting that spin I could’ve- wait…where am I?’ The water was cold, too cold. His tail flicked about as surprised jolted through him. ‘I swam all the way to the Abyssal Zone?’ He hadn’t realised how dark it had gotten. Suddenly, the ocean felt way more empty.

“Oh well, might as well do some hunting while I’m here.” Otabek heard his stomach growl and laughed to himself. He broke off a piece of nearby coral, testing the jagged end to see if it could serve as a spear.

'There’s one!’ He spotted an angler fish swimming around a rock formation and sped up. With a burst of energy, he flipped over the fish and threw the spear. It pierced through the fish, granting it a quick and relatively painless death.

As he chewed on a piece of meat, he realised that this was the hungriest he had been in a long time, ever since he had started courting Yurio. The merman’s heart warmed as he thought about the Russian Catfish Punk. He may seem like a shark to strangers or the media but in front of Otabek, Yurio was all smiles and happy tail flips. He chuckled as he imagined Yurio’s reaction to Otabek being hungry. 'He would hunt all the fish in the entire Eastern Bay…wait, dang it I forgot to tell Yura where I we-’

“Beeeeeeekaaaaaaaa!” Otabek felt his senses sharpen at the sudden sharp, head turning towards the source. 'Speak of the devilfish…’ he smirked, the familiar orange striped tail flicking above him. He flipped his tail and shot upwards. With the help of his auxiliary fins, he rotated behind Yurio and hugged him, spinning them around. His arms rested above Yurio’s flippers and he smoothed them with his fingers.

“Beka!” Yurio cheered, the shock quickly subsiding and was replaced by joy. “There you are! I’ve been looking for you,”

“I know Yura, jeez you’re shivering a little, you shouldn’t come down here,” Otabek chided. He wrapped his arms even tighter around the other merman in an attempt to transfer more warmth to him.

“I know but I was a little worried when you took off like that, what happened Bek- achoo!” Yurio sneezed, his tail swished a bit as he steadied himself. Wordlessly, Otabek guided Yurio back up towards warmer waters and didn’t pause to look at Yurio until he had stopped shivering.

“I was angry and ashamed, I know I could’ve done much better but I ended up missing all my twirls and spins. I have to be the best for you Yuratchka…” Otabek sucked in a breath, he always thought that Yurio was too good for him, as such, he pushed himself to do everything perfectly, for the sake of Yurio. Yurio smiled, he didn’t agree that Otabek didn’t deserve him, in fact, he thought the opposite, he gave a small smile. He had to convince him, but how?

“Beka…You know we’re equals, right? If I thought you weren’t worthy of dating me, I wouldn’t have initiated the courting process right?” Otabek agreed but still looked away from the blond, blushing. Yurio reached out his hand and stroked Otabek’s face, pushing it so that they were face to face.

“Yura…” Otabek breathed, embarrassed that Yurio had seen the weak side of him. What he didn’t know was that Yurio loved this side of him. Yes, it was nice when Otabek was the strong pillar that supported him during hard times, but, seeing the soft side of Otabek made his heart swell. Knowing that he was the handful of people that Otabek let his guard down to made him happy beyond bliss.

“Oh, Beka…” Yurio leaned in and kissed Otabek, their lips moving in perfect tandem. They brushed against each other at first, innocent and slow. Yurio’s hand rested below his ear, caressing his cheek as their breaths mingled. Otabek responded by pulling Yurio closer to him, wrapping their tails together. They were so close that they could feel each other’s racing heart beats, both swore that the water around them was charged with electricity.

As they pulled apart, Yurio moved his lips down, sucking on the sensitive spots along his jaw and neck. Otabek gasped and tilted his head sideways, granting Yurio more access. Yurio nibbled at the skin surrounding his

gills, causing Otabek’s body to tremble at the sensations that were racing through his body.

“Yura-a!” Otabek whispered, suppressing a moan as Yurio sucked a particularly sensitive spot. Yurio hummed at his gill opening before murmuring sweet nothings against them. Otabek’s heart fluttered inside his chest, surprised at Yurio’s confidence, usually, he was the one that led their kisses. Well, he wasn’t complaining either way, especially when Yurio set his very nerves on fire.

Yurio pulled away and rested his forehead on the older merman’s, a smirk on his face as he gazed at Otabek’s breathless reaction.

“I. Love. You" he said, punctuating his words with kisses between each word. Otabek chuckled, wrapping his arms around Yurio. He used his tail to spin them around as they locked in an embrace and nuzzled his head against Yurio’s.

“Alright, alright, I get it. Thank you, Yura, for this and for everything so far,”

“Of course Beka, you are my everything!” He stated in a matter-of-fact tone. “Let’s go back now, okay?”

Otabek smiled and untangled their tails, both swimming back towards their home, but not without stopping to kiss each other all the way back.

I also posted this on my Tumblr @sippiganxietea so do check it out if you wan :) Once again, I love your artwork and I hope this gets noticed hehe.


IT’S GREAT AAAHHH <3<3<3 Beka why are you eating angler fishes those are too tiny to feed a big guy like you

I really like how you described the water dancing technical stuff, such as quadruple fin twirl! Amazing!

aaaaaa i love this so much!! ;w; I’m so happy, thank you thank you!! <3

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I was wondering if I could ask ur opinion about bakugo. Tbh I see him as a huge dick and a bully to izuku and I'm really struggling with his character because I cannot fathom how exactly 1 person can be such an angry ass. I've only seen the anime so I don't know if there's some character backstory I'm missing in the manga. I want to like him, I really do but he keeps giving me more reasons to punch him. So I really would like someone who has a positive view of him to give me some feedback

I mean, I think its the whole bad boy complex? Hes strong, handsome, demands authority and in the end is sometimes looks like a big dork in the process. I mean thats what I think, I’m sure my followers have their own reasons.

If we are getting technical, which I do because I love diving head first into my fictional obsessions, then I would like to refer you to this little post I find interesting concerning Bakugou’s possible mental health issues. HERE! Its quite interesting.

My opinion of Bakugou? Yeah, hes a big dick and a bully and nothing about that is okay. He has some serious anger issues and a warped perception on what a hero is, or at least what kind of hero he wants to be. The best. And honestly I say thats warped becasue thats not what being a hero is about. Its about helping others and doing your best to be the best for the good of others.

I brought up his possible mental issues becasue it explains a great deal of why he acts the way he does. Really, hes just a kid who has a certain mind set of who he is and that causes him to act out in aggressive and disrespectful ways but as the manga continues you see him slowly growing. His insecurities start to show, he starts doubting himself and having break downs. And honestly thats why I love him. Just like a lot of the other BNHA characters, hes relatable.

He wants to be a hero. I believe, deep down, hes a good kid. I have no doubts thats as the manga continues we are going to see some great progress with him. So for now I will keep writing him in fluffy, humorous scenarios and watch as his character develops!

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A mutual with every single member of bts and WHY! :D OFC you don’t have to do it!

hoooooo boy im a shy bitch im not friends with most of my mutuals jfrwjhoaw 

namjoon: @namjoon-is-a-bitch shes hilarious n also i love her aes posts a lot jfshk    

jin: @eomuk1e​ marion makes the best jin loveposts theyre all such big moods. relatable content all the time

yoongi: @9yoong i love jazz with my whole hort n she makes the funniest posts abt yoongi . also a source of big moods

hoseok: most of my close friends on this shitsite are hobi bias blogs… bc i too am a hobi blog technically…………….. @eatsjins nina is makes me laugh all the time n she makes good (bad) puns n we’re always soft abt hobi together also cant 4 get my gorls @hobiolidays and @brightjoon i want 2 give all 3 of u the world

jimin: @bwisan mel is so cute i lov her even tho shes never active on the gc,,, she was ready to give up mangoes for jimin once and i admire her for that

taehyung: @btsmicdrop soph’s tags are the reason im alive she singlehandedly saves my life with every post she makes and @vampytae  everything on jo’s blog is such a moode from the tags to the posts. ur tag for taehyung makes me laugh every time i see it

jungkook: @christmasyoong sarah is technically a yoongi bloag but shes also a jk blog anyway shes so sweet and adorable and she knows so much abt astrology i loaf her

This is not a drill.

We have the finished product RIGHT HERE.

It’s been a grueling… tedious several weeks since our ORIGINAL release date. We’ve had technical difficulties and real life baggage galore preventing us from wrapping this up, but with the support of you lovely followers, we were able to pull through. Thank you all so much who contributed and sent us words of encouragement. Special thanks to you guys!

We hope you enjoy Renaissance and we’d love to hear your comments on it afterwards!

Also, those who participated in the project are allowed to post their submissions at this very late time as well. Make sure to use the tags #makorraspringproject and/or #mspp so we can see it and reblog it!

Again, we give a big thank you to everyone who contributed and we’re glad to present to you the Makorra Spring Project!

And as always: keep luxury cruising!

~The mods

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Could you do bunnribrat with Junrkat eating dVa out as Lucio pounds into him, or dVa riding someone's face as they get railed, or something super sweet'n'sappy? do you think dva ever lets them try to pilot the mech? or lucio lets them fiddle with his sonic amplifier? or junkrat lets them use his concussion mines to blast off? how did they get together like whats your headcanon for it? how did they react the first time they saw one or both of the others die in training?

Boy, you guys sure do love bunnyribrat lmao, gonna have to plan on making that my next post. Well then:

- I imagine because her MEKA is technically a military-grade weapon, tries to take care of it as much as possible. She probably doesn’t let anyone besides her pilot it, but she’s more than happy when her boyfriends help her clean it. It’s like a big fun car wash! Same with Lucio. His tech is far from fragile but there really isn’t much to fiddle with since it’s customized for him. He probably lets his partners shoot the gun or put on his gloves so they can control his tech with their movement but nothing much besides that. Junkrat definitely hoists his partners into his arms and launches them across wherever they are just for laughs. Hana and Lucio are terrified of this though… so Junk doesn’t get to fly with his partners as often as he’d like. 
- Well, I suppose they got together like anyone would imagine: through Overwatch. Hana and Lucio were ecstatic to find they were working in the same organization, and then when Jamie and Mako were hired, Lu reached out to them and became good friends with Jamie soon enough. Then I guess it just kinda went on from there, really haven’t put much thought into how they ended up together.
- Die? I think the game is non-canonical and also nonsensical lmao. But when they get hurt in battle during missions or whatever, they obviously respond like how anyone else would see their loved one hurt: they immediately get super protective and angry at the enemy. does her tank thing, often sitting her mech in front of her boyfriends until danger can be minimized. Junkrat goes all-out, flinging his grenades and mines everywhere (as a junk main I try to protect my healers as much as possible like this hahaha). Lucio obviously tries to amp his healing up as much as possible around them, even happening to solo-ult when things get really hairy


Alright friends, since you may or may not have read in this post, I’ve reached 1000 followers! Once again, thank you to everyone who supported me, and in general to everyone who makes Tumblr such a great place with all your love and kindness.

To celebrate this, I wanted to make a small challenge. Nothing big or complicated, and there aren’t many rules. Just one, technically: Pass it on.

Maybe you’ve already done something similar in school, with friends, or as a writing exercise. The concept is pretty simple: Someone (in this case me) writes the beginning of a story and passes it on to another person. This person picks up where the writer before left off and keeps writing until they give it to the next person who continues the story.

It doesn’t matter if you write a sentence, a few paragraphs or a whole novel, and you can either tag some of your friends so they can continue what you wrote or you can finish the story. (If you do this, please make sure to tag me so I can see the results, but I’m gonna try to follow the stories anyway!)

You don’t have to be tagged to be allowed to write, if this inspires you just do it like the tagged people, PLEASE feel free to reblog and write your part of the story. Also, you can write multiple parts and for different versions of the story, for example, give it back and forth with friends. As I said, be creative, there are not many rules. I just hope you all have fun doing this, and maybe, with this awesome community, we can create some amazing stories; some SPN Family stories.

This is the beginning I’m giving you (pairings, settings, fluff, angst, crack, whatever; it’s all up to you):

SPN Family Story

“Sam? Dean?” you shouted as you left the bathroom. Hot showers always let you think a lot better, and this time you finally had the perfect idea on how to solve the case. Naturally, you were dying to tell the brothers. You would win the bet you had with Dean.

When you stepped into the kitchen where the two had been just a few minutes ago, it was empty. Confused, you took the towel turban from your head and put it on a chair. If Dean had been here he would have made a snarky comment about how ridiculous it looked, but instead, everything left with you in the kitchen was a cardboard box.

Carefully, you stepped towards it. You’d had enough experience to know that this was probably a prank, and you’d just been a victim to one the other day.

You looked around, trying to see if someone was watching you. Maybe it was something private, or just some books from Sam that came in the mail. When you were sure that no-one else was there who was waiting for you to step into the trap, you opened the box.

This left you even more confused than before. In it were two small dolls, made out of some rough, dark brown fabric and big, messy stitches that reminded you of some voodoo dolls that were involved in a recent case.. The faces, on the other hand, had neatly sewed features, and you couldn’t decide whether the hair was real or not.

Suddenly, you let the doll fall back into the box. The hair, the thin, pink lips and the eyes made of some shimmering, hazel thread, the tiny flannel and the dirty jeans, all the details gave away that this wasn’t a usual toy. It was Sam. And the moment you realized that it occurred to you that the other one looked exactly like a fabric version of Dean…

For the beginning, I’m tagging some very talented and lovely writers that came to my mind (in case you have the time and inspiration):

@nickiwinchester97 @trexrambling @assbutt-still-in-hell @dreamin-of-somewhere-else @straightasdeanwinchester @queen-of-deans-booty @super100012

I know I’ve made several posts on why I dislike 13 reasons why before but it hit me just now that a show that is technically meant to prevent suicide actually has quotes in it such as:

- You can’t love somebody back to life.

- You can try.”

I cost a girl a life because I was afraid to love her.

and obviously our lovely straight white boy having a whole conversation with an asian lesbian on why coming out is not a big deal

if that ain’t scary, then I don’t know what is.


Karamel Appreciation Week Day 4: Physical contact

One of the things I love the most about Mon-El is how big he is on physical intimacy. Not only does he just go to town with verbally expressing his feelings but physically he’s just such a soft, intimate, cuddly and handsy boyfriend. 

I have a headcanon that he’s the partner who insists on drawing out foreplay, is into sweet and tender lovemaking and is big on post coital cuddling and Kara is totally the impatient and sexually aggressive partner who needs her space while sleeping. Can the dark side recommend any fanfics that have this dynamic? 

Also Day 4 technically started here in India so I’m not going to wait for a more internationally appropriate time! 

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Hi i was thinking of selling my own yoi prints and so on and I was wondering if you could describe the legal stuff in short? Love your art btw, especially the shading!

Ayt im not rly sure about it either since im not big on legal stuff. Selling fanart is technically copyright infringement but whether or not you come across any problems w it depends on the original creator. Most creators turn a blind eye but there are some who explicitly state that you cant sell anything w their work so just watch out for that. Generally its not something u should rly worry about (There are actually some posts that have a better grasp on this. . You can still look it up)

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Have any pets?

^sophie is technically my parents dog, but whatever. she’s adorable, loves giving kisses n cuddles, and thinks she’s as big as a great dane. also a v good alert dog 10/10

^soldier is my kitty! he’s a bobtail who’s rlly good at mousing and he’s even caught a couple bats! loves hair ties, licking plastic bags, and kissing people on the nose. 10/10

The Hunter and the Pirate

An OUAT/Supernatural Imagine

Summary: The reader is Captain Hook’s sister (OUAT), and one day the Winchesters show up in Storybrooke.

Reader Gender: Female

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word count: 2185

Warnings: Fluff, maybe some violence, Hook being and overprotective big brother, some flirting (if that even counts)

A/N: I am planning on doing more parts, and will probably post them no matter what because I hate to leave a story unfinished, but let me know what you guys think of the beginning. Love you all! Enjoy!


You were a bit of a weird one. Although you were a pirate, you had never really been in a relationship, serious or otherwise. You hadn’t even really been kissed. Well, technically you had been, but you didn’t count it. Despite having lived in Neverland on the Jolly Roger for as long as you did, there weren’t many really viable options, and, when there occasionally were, you were never really interested, and even if you were, you older brother, Killian would probably have scared them off. He was really protective, sometimes overly so.

The one time you had been kissed, your brother had almost killed someone. Not that he really would have had to, you were just as furious. It was in Neverland. Peter Pan was in a particularly bad mood, especially with Hook. He decided to kidnap you to get at him, and tried to get you to join him. He sweet talked, bribed, and threatened you. Eventually, Pan knew that Killian was close; he had been looking for you relentlessly. So, Pan tried to make it seem like you had joined him by kissing you when Hook would see. His plan backfired though, because you fought against him, and eventually got hold of his dagger and stabbed him in the side.. While it didn’t kill him, it still hurt. You ran to Killian, and you got away, but he was fuming.

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The love of my life, my darling beautiful @fille-lioncelle, tagged me in a meme to talk about the WIPs I’m currently working on. Which. Lol. ‘Working on’. Anyway, here’s everything I currently have in my WIP folder:

1) tender (is the night) - currently I have a fragment of chapter 8 and everything else from ch6-10 left to write.

2) the boundaries of propriety - technically a WIP, though I’m just posting this whenever I’m in the mood for regency fluff

3) my Big Bang fic, which I ruined the anonymity of by choosing to write something I’d already posted about here a lot. Oops.

4) my Secret Santa fic, which is a secret because it’s a secret. ;)

5) my Evakteket Christmas Challenge fic, for which I got ‘fake dating for the holidays’, ‘holiday baking’, and ‘gingerbread’ (for real, I got those together)

6) a smutty autumnal AU with @nofeartina with MUD

7) both those fics with you, @fille-lioncelle. WE WILL FINISH THEM.

8) a cracky smutfic entitled Loch Ness Monster that I started when I was feeling particularly petty

9) an outline for the rest of go and ride the sun away, which I fear I may never get around to

10) a lo menos amenos, a fic about Evak meeting in Spain at Noora’s wedding, which I started in the summer and abandoned once it ceased to be summery here

11) the Potterverse Quidditch rivals AU. *shrugs*

Yikes. I hereby tag @nofeartina @branstark @junkshop-disco @boxesfullofthoughts @call-this-a-mask and @vanqoh <3