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Domesticated animals

((Various domesticated animals [excluding pets] in the Nebula Galaxy))

((Humpdrinks are domesticated animals that provide delicious milk from the teats that are on their humps. Their young can easily up due to the foothold their mother has. Male Humpdrinks have smaller humps. Their meat is of the required taste as it quite tough to chew and quite tasteless.))

((Woolihulk: Gigantic domesticated animals that are used for their wool. Their meat is usually eaten during special festivals as it is believed being eaten on those days will grant longevity.))

((Gaggleskreem: Domesticated animals that lay eggs. Their meat is considered the best-tasting out of the domesticated animals. It is advised to not keep them as pets as their calls and screams are ear-splitting.))

((Gallopitrot: Beautiful creatures that used to be used for travel. They are now used for racing and Gallopitrot shows. The extremely rich often have one for show.))