not teated on animals

i fuckin love milk but the fact that we drink it is so weird actually like and i kno other ppl have made this point but im just sayin human beings across multiple cultures looked at their domesticated animals babies sucklin on a teat and were like yea.. i’ll have what hes having

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Ah I was wondering what happened I guess it got eaten. anyway onto the M!A : char is now female for fives days ~FEA

“Wait, what?!”

A few robotic arms dropped down from the ceiling of his lab, grabbing him by the shoulders and hoisting him into the air. “Wait… No, what? Stop!” 

Another arm dropped down, bearing a needle for a hand. It approached him slowly, and Char could see the liquid sloshing around inside. Straining to move away from it, the needle caught him in the neck as he felt the nanobots drain into his system. “Wait, wait, lets not get hasty here…”

“Oh for the love of Mendel…”

He looked down to see his figure curve up a bit. A weight began to swell up in his chest and he soon couldn’t see past the cleavage that invaded his lab coat. 

“Please be only one set…” Foxes, like many animals had several sets of teats. Luckily for him, this was not the case. 

Seconds later though, he felt the space between his knees become a bit… Empty.

“Well shit." 

The machine let him down. 

"DAMN YOU FEA, WHOEVER YOU ARE!” He shouted at one of the cameras in his lab, shaking an angry fist.

“Please don’t have any visitors, please don’t have any visitors…”