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Humans are weird- Sunburns

I´m at the beach, like most people, and sadly, I got really sunburnt *fml*  Anyway, imagine aliens not knowing that we can get sunburnt because we forget to put protection on and our own sun burns our skin. 


They entered the common room. Everyones eyes were on them. Their hair had lightened and their eyes glistened a brighter color, and somehow, their skin was different….

Commander Trif shuffled past the crowd surrounding them, not knowing what all the fuss was about..then he knew.

“ What has happened to you?! Is this a medical situation?" he demanded. He was beyond worried.

The Humans looked at each other for a few seconds, which seemed everlasting. Then, they bursted out laughing, making it look like they were choking. 

"Oh don’t worry about us sir" managed to say Human-Layla

"Well, I’m not so sure about that. Poor Loki here got a dreadful sunburn.” said Human-James in a playful tone. 


"Yeah you know, when our own sun burns our skin because we don’t put protection on. But I mean, just look at Loki, he looks like a damn cherrie” answered Human-Layla while laughing.  

“Hey you lot, don´t make fun of me. Y'all managed to get tanned, but soon enough I´m going to start to peel like those bloody lizards."  

Only one thought popped up in the Commanders head;

‘He’s going to die.’

Club Fighting Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Requester: isthecomet

Prompt: Maybe one where bill got into a fight in the club and you take care of his wounds

Warning: slightlg minor rape attempt if you squint

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You huffed frustratedly as you looked at the two dresses in the mirror. Bill decided to have some fun and take you out to the local club to dance. You weren’t much into drinking or dancing but it was a night with Bill so you didn’t mind.

However the one part was that you couldn’t pick out the two dresses you were holding up. One was tight fitting and black with two crossing straps that showed off your cleavage as it went around the neck and the other was a beautiful shimmering mini dress that reminded you of an ocean had slits up the side.

You held the black one up to your body and examined yourself before doing the same with the other dress. You continuously switched between both but you couldn’t tell which one you should wear.

This was your first time going out to a club too—and you were 26.

Bill came in wearing black pants with a white graphic shirt and black blazer looking young yet elegant as always.

“You aren’t dressed yet?” He teased.

“I’m stuck between these two dresses.” You said revealing them to Bill.

He stepped closer and looked at them carefully before deciding, “I like the shimmery one. It matches your beautiful personality well.”

Bill pinched your chin and you blushed before leaving his grasp taking your dress into the bathroom. You fumbled with the zipper for a little bit but eventually you got the dress on.

You noticed it had a low scoop top in the front to reveal some of your cleavage and dipped down way low in the back. The sleeves went down to just above your elbow and you slipped on black converses and styled your hair into a braid style.

You put very light makeup on since you didn’t like to wear a lot of that gunk and stepped out to Bill who was sitting on the bed on his phone. When he heard the door squeak open though he turned to look and his jaw dropped.

You looked so beautiful to him, almost as beautiful as the first time he had talked to you. You walked towards him and Bill noticed that when you walked in the light the dress seemed to move like an ocean.

“Do I look okay?” You asked twirling around clumsily since you weren’t exactly a ballerina, much less graceful, but that’s what Bill loved about you.

“Bill?” You asked noticing him staring.

You tugged down at the bottom of the dress self consciously and Bill didn’t close his mouth until he nearly started drooling. He played it off by coughing once into his fist and wiping the drool off of his face with his blazer sleeve.

“Is it bad?” You asked softly.

“N-No not at all. In fact the complete opposite really.” Bill replied definitely eyeing the cut outs showing even more skin.

He reached out and pulled you towards him wrapping his arms around your hips. You blushed as he nuzzled against your stomach.

“Bill! I’m not pregnant!”

“I just love you so much.” He replied before standing up to kiss you tasting your vanilla flavored lip gloss.

“Now c'mon let’s go.” The man said taking your hand and leading you away.

“Let me grab my coat first!”

You arrived to the club and you couldn’t help but shift nervously. This was your first time ever going to a club. As soon as your feet stepped onto the cement you could feel the heavy beat coming from inside already.

Neon lights decorated the sides of the building showing off alcoholic drinks and the clubs name Neon Moon, which was the most highly exclusive club.

“Bill you got us into Neon Moon?” You asked your eyes wide.

“I may have pulled a few strings and got us in.” He replied.

“Thank you so much!” You said giving him a tight hug.

He smiled and kissed your head, “Your welcome baby. Now c'mon.”

Bill gave his keys to the valet before leading you past the line of people behind a velvet rope. Most of them squealed and fangirled loudly making your ears hurt as the gushed and swooned and screamed at their top of their shrill lungs.

You felt a little undressed noticing them all wearing their thousand dollar jewelry well you had on for jewelry was a black velvet choked and a coiled necklace with a star pendant. You weren’t much into the “bling-bling” since you didn’t want to be one of those high maintenance girls that go every week to get botox injected.

You felt self conscious when you noticed several of them were glaring flaming daggers towards you because you were his girlfriend. Bill distracted you though by taking your hand and helping to hurry you past the line.

At the front was a woman who looked like her daddy was a rich millionaire. She had a real diamond crown and bachelorette sash, enough diamond jewelry to weigh as much as a small sized dog, a short and very, VERY revealing diamond coated dress, fake orange tan, enough makeup to make your eyes water, and long ass fake nails that looked like they could gouge someone’s eyes out without trying.

How was she even able to stand on those 7 inch stilettos covered in, of course, diamonds. Bill payed no attention to her and walked up to the the burly guard who looked like he only ate raw steaks and protein shakes daily.

Just standing right outside the door you could feel the thudding even more. You could literally feel the music cause the bones in your feet to rumble with the heavy beat. The bodyguard nodded without Bill or you needing to say anything and unclipped the red velvet rope in front of the door.

Bill waved to his fangirls which caused them to squeal and shriek one last time before he lead you in. You walked down a short hallway before arriving to the actual club. As soon as you entered there was a metal railing in front with two curved stair cases on both sides around it.

Around the sides of the upper floor was tables lit with fluorescent lanterns for people who wanted to dine more than dance. If you went down the stairs you could arrive to the dance floor that was was full of people.

There was a bar on the left and a dj booth up front where a well known dj was playing the sick beats. You awed as you walked over to the railing looking at all the people. Bill grinned and took your hand from the railing leading you down into the dance floor.

Bill quickly joined in dancing and you looked around timidly before dancing along. Gradually you got into it and were laughing as you danced with Bill who was smiling because you were having fun.

You especially looked beautiful under the black lighting so the ocean dress looked more planet or a galaxy themed. Eventually Bill lead you over to the bar and you held your breath noticing the bar tender was smoking.

It was already hot and hard to breath as is but the choking smell of the burning cigarette made you want to run outside to at least get a gasp of air.

“How can I help you?” He yelled over the music blowing cigarette smoke in your direction which you waved away not caring if it was a rude gesture.

“I’ll have a shot of whiskey and the lady would like a Pineapple Sunrise.” Bill said.

He knew you too well. The bartender nodded and walked away allowing you to breath.

“You okay?” Bill asked over the music.

You nodded well pressing your hand to your chest, “Yeah just the cigarette smoke…”

“I understand.” He replied nodding.

The bartender returned with your drinks and you thanked him before taking a sip. You didn’t drink alcohol often so when you did you liked to get ones with barely any or else you’d be on the floor rolling around and giggling like last time.

After you finished your drinks you went back into the dance floor a little buzzed. Well you were dancing you noticed a man at the bar who kept staring at you. Judging by his expensive looking suit was a millionaire who came here often.

“Hey I’m gonna go to the bathroom. I’ll be right back.” Bill announced before walking off.

You nodded and joined in with a group of older woman who were loud and clearly intoxicated but clearly they did like you. You danced with them for a bit until you felt a hand grab your arm.

You quickly turned around expecting Bill only to see it was the man who’d been eyeing you for the past 15 minutes. You had to admit he was kind of handsome but not as handsome as Bill.

You felt sick noticing him seemingly trace your curves taking in your smooth legs and especially taking interest in how short your dress was. You tried to tug arm away but his grip was tight and he only squeezed harder.

“Let go!” You snapped finally ripping your arm away.

“Sorry baby, but you look mighty fine.” He commented running his hand down your neck.

You slapped him hard enough to cause a few people in the crowd to stare. He chuckled and only grinned, “I like the feisty ones.”

You squeaked as he suddenly pulled you to his chest and you could smell alcohol radiating off of him like week old trash. You gagged and tried to get away but he only grabbed your hand you were shoving his shoulder with and sloppily danced around like he was at a ballroom.

“Let me go!” You struggled before eventually kneeing him straight in the nuts.

“Ow! I love you.” He commented.

You looked around frantically for Bill or at least a bouncer but you couldn’t find anyone. He grinned and you slapped his hands away trying to walk off only for him to pull you back towards him.

“Get away from me you fucking pervert!” You spat.

You noticed Bill coming out of the restroom and frantically called for him which equally just as quickly got his attention. He saw you and noticed the man trying to pull you to his chest.

He stormed over and quickly shouted, “Hey dude what the hell do you think your doing?!”

The millionaire snorted at Bill and replied, “What do you think I’m doing? She’s a might fine bitch.”

You raised your fist about to punch him but Bill stopped you, “C'mon let’s go.”

“Your just gonna leave? Huh? Pussy!”

Bill continued to walk on with you until the man attacked and grabbed Bill by the shoulder before landing a heavy blow to his face. The crowd dispersed and you took a couple steps back yourself nearly tripping over your own feet.

The man grinned feeling victorious but Bill was from Sweden. He revealed his bruised cheek and bloody nose to the crowd before attacking the man as well making them awe as if this was from a movie.

You watched concerned as they fought mostly Bill just trying to protect himself. Eventually the man pushed Bill onto the bar and began to repeatedly punch him in the face. You knew you couldn’t be a bystander anymore.

“GET OFF OF HIM!” You screamed running over and ripped the man off of Bill throwing him onto the floor.

“Bill are you okay?” You asked concerned cupping his face.

His nose was definitely broken and his face was swollen and bruised in some places.

“Yeah I’m fine.” He grunted.

Before you could speak again the drunk man attacked you this time grabbing you by your hair and yanking you away from him and punched you in the face feeling the force itself. Despite how much pain you were feeling you stomped on his foot making him cry out and let you go.

He slapped you and you fell to the floor your cheek bleeding from his ring scratching against it. Bouncers finally arrived just as the man was about to attack you again and tackled him to the ground before man handling him outside.

You stumbled over to Bill and saw he was standing up just fine despite his face being covered in blood and bruises.

“You okay?” You asked again.

He nodded, “Yeah I just think we should head home now.”

“You might wanna wash off though.”

You lead Bill to the women’s bathroom and with a wet paper towel gently helped him clean all the blood off. His nose was thankfully not broken—at least not enough to notice but he did have a few noticeable scratches and bruises on his face.

“Do I still look handsome?” He asked.

“Even if your face gets smashed in you’ll still always be handsome.” You replied kissing his bruised cheek.

He chuckled softly you continued to wipe off the blood knowing when you went home you needed to clean his wounds more throughly.

You had driven the way home since you were sure Bill had a minor concussion and was very obviously in no condition to drive. You had just gotten a minor cut and a bloody nose with a bruised cheek but otherwise you were perfectly fine.

Not so much the same for Bill.

You had to lead him to the bathroom pulling out your first aid kit to address his wounds. You hummed as you carefully dabbed a cotton ball with disinfectant on a small cut on his cheek.

He hissed lightly and squinted but otherwise was mostly quiet which clearly concerned you. When you were bandaging his knuckles you finally asked, “Why are you so quiet?”

“What are you talking about?” Bill asked.

“You’ve been quiet for so long it’s concerning. Do you feel bad for leaving me?”

The man shifted and you could tell you had hit the nail on the head.

“You feel guilty for leaving me?” You repeated.

“Yeah…” He sighed.

After finishing bandaging his knuckles you gently kissed each one making him smile softly, “Why do you feel like your to blame?

"Because when I walked away that predator attacked and…ya know. I lost.”

“Trust me Bill you didn’t lose. Cuz you still got the girl.” You said kissing him on the lips.

He smiled and pulled you onto his lap making you giggle, “That is true.”

He leaned in for another kiss and you accepted. He reached for the back of your dress and you slapped his hands away, “Careful cowboy your already going to be feeling it in the morning.”

“Taking you out the club and seeing you dirty dancing in a sexy dress was so worth it though.”

“(Name) do we have anymore Advil?”

“Told ya you were going to feel your pain in the morning.”

“I didn’t think it’d hurt this bad!”

“Well it does and because you left me now you get to experience the karma.”

“What karma? I saved you.”

“You lost the fight. Well, partially lost.”

“I did it because I love you.”

“Don’t worry baby I love you too~ but we ain’t going out to another club for a while.”

“Ow. Agreed….”

Epilogue: Yaaaaaay I’m done with this request! I know I say this about all my requests but I like this one. I like all of them I’m sorry I can’t pick just one to like XD! Thanx for reading! :D!


Well technically I I did a LawMari thing on the first page >//////< like a short comic T////T but it got messed up cuz i decided to color my new markers right on the back of it x//////////x --BAD MISTAKE–

So anyways– first 5 I drew on it WAS!!!!

– i’m not doing this in order HAHAHAH oh oops my hair’s supposed to be red ewe –

[ me trying so hard to draw his hawtness x////////x;; *sweats* I COULDN’T EVEN DRAW HIS ARMS *SOBS* NEXT TIME BBY, NEXT TIME X/////////X ]

[ Good luck to your studiessss~!! <3 I AM SO SORRY FOR THE ARMS I’M EMBARRASSED WHEN I LOOK AT IT AGAIN ;//////////; THE SHOULDERS TOO OMG… ]

[ OHH HOW I HAD FUN WITH THIS. EVERYONE CAN TELL X//////X It’s always fun drawing Mahiru!! x//////x <3 I messed the colors up on his pants, so i blocked it off, even though i was proud of drawing legs for once ;w; it was too bad </3 –FRICKKK MEE– ]

He finally got his role as a prince! <3 Ever since he was little, he was appointed as a tree. Not that he didn’t mind since his classmates needed a replacements for the role as a tree…. he was glad he could help. Not to mention, Kuro was always watching him cheering him on, so MahiMahi would always get excited to play as the tree waving his tree branches towards Kuro, trying to get his attention even though the only one Kuro looks at is Little Mahiru ;D <3 <3 x/////x <3





In early 2016, a pair of Brazilian bank robbers faced a conundrum. They needed to hide the waves of heat radiating from their impeccably tanned bodies long enough to fool the security systems and abscond with the entirety of Banco de Brasil’s valuables. The solution they came up with? The very same one Elmer Fudd would use: They covered themselves head-to-toe in aluminum foil.

Here’s the most amazing part: It worked! The foil successfully shielded the thieves’ presence from the bank’s heat sensors. But there was one tiny problem with the unorthodox scheme: No secure installation outside of a Mission: Impossible film uses only heat sensors. 

Somehow the security guards watching this unfold live on camera managed to stop laughing long enough to phone the police, and the robbery was thwarted. Though if the thieves wanted to try the scheme again, it should stay fresh for the next week or so.

5 Criminal Schemes That Seem Too Ridiculous To Be True


Interviewer: You’re in Hawaii, if there gonna be some shirts off actions?

Lucas Till: No no, because I haven’t, uh, I’m not tan enough to

George Eads: And I don’t know too many people who want to see a 50 year old with his shirt off.

Lucas Till and George Eads on-set interview about the Hawaii five-0/MacGyver crossover.

So, unfortunately, we will not be getting another shirtless Mac scene in this next episode.


Why do Antis act like having a problem with the brownface and bindi mean you’re lesbophobic?

Like…I’m an equal opportunity brownface/bindi hater. 

Clarke in 3A with her ugly ass Grounder makeup that took her from this:

to this:

in 2 episodes (even though during this time period she spent an entire week trapped inside Polis refusing to speak to L/xa and therefore received no sun and certainly not enough to tan this much in 7 days and anyone as pale as Clarke would absolutely burn before they tanned this evenly, but I digress)?

Hate it. 

L/xa’s entire aesthetic because ADC normally looks like this:

and L/xa looks like this?:

Hate it. 

Octavia going from this:

to this:

Hate it. 

That Tristan guy from Season 1/Season 2 going from this in real life:

to this on the show?:

Ty Olsson looking like this:

and Nyko looking like this?:

Of these examples only three (3) are women, only two (2) are (canon confirmed) WLW and only one (1) is a lesbian. 

Repeat after me: Brownface and religious appropriation are always bad, no matter who is wearing it and the sexuality of the person wearing these things doesn’t give them a free pass from fair and true criticism. 

DA2 Character Hands

Aveline’s hands are not special at a glance. Average, but perhaps broader than you would assume a woman’s to be. At a closer look they are lined, dry, discolored by bruises and calluses that are years old. Her nails are broken, ragged and one is an off colour. The veins show in the back of her hands and when she makes a fist you can see the muscles flex. When the hand is brought up for an arm wrestle you can sense the history and training in the palm stretched challengingly towards you.

Aveline’s hands twist in her lap worriedly, tap against the table impatiently, they soothe over the back of a guard recruit who has just experienced his first loss. They smell of affordable lotions made from elfroot, used to ease the sore skin and muscles, and they smell of armour polish and fresh baked bread. Her hands are generous and loving but shy and awkward, all at once. And yet, her hands seem just as comfortable embraced with her lover’s as they do holding a blade.

Merrill’s hands are small, her fingers thin and long. Bird-like somehow especially when she folds them to her chest or lips, fans her fingers in the air as mana whisps around them. They are soft, touches fluttering and short-lived, her palm closes before you can see the scar that no magic will lift from her skin. She won’t open her hand while you are looking, not ashamed, but unwilling to have misunderstanding looks cast upon it.

There is dirt under her finger nails, her hands smell of earth no matter how long she lives in the alienage. They are marked with ink, with a droplet of dried jam, a finger cut from when she pricked it against something sharp and only sucked on the wound mindlessly as she continued. She touches everything, her own skin, her clothes, her staff, she fidgets with a coin in her hand and folds a piece of found paper over and over again until its soft as cotton. Her fingers transform, rendering things into something new, they never mend. She shies from touching others, worried she will break them too.

Isabella’s hands are generous, friendly, they touch at your shoulder, your back, your arm before you notice her moving. She caresses and squeezes as she talks, her hands expressive in their pressure and how they slip away from you easily. They are not too small or too big, nothing particularly remarkable at a glance, forgettable if it wasn’t for the touching. Her nails are long, clean, suspiciously so, formed into soft points that occasionally tear from her prying at things.

She will give you her hand, palm up with curling fingers inviting. The skin on her palms is rough, callused, even though you can tell from their scent that they are treated with softening creams often, the flowery smell only just covering the copper and sea salt beneath. Dried brown blood is collected in the lines on her hand, caught against the raised scar on the back of her hand and when asked she tilts her gaze at it and wonders aloud who exactly it came from.

Anders’ hands are healers hands, mages hands, but they do not match the descriptions and expectations attached to those labels. His fingers are long, knuckles knobbed awkwardly, his skin is dry, the veins in the back of his hands dark once they are close and bunching under his pale skin. A finger on his left hand seems out of place, out of line somehow, and when asked he explains how it was broken and set wrong. His hands are warm until healing magic glows from his palms, cool and soothing as the mana collects and heals.

His finger nails are chewed, the back of his hand marked with small scratches and small bruises. They fidget and rest on surfaces, walls, objects, as if their touch tells Anders something that you do not know. He stretches his fingers and cracks knuckles and you can see the colour in them shift as the air around Anders changes, static over his skin as the fair hair on the back of his hands stand and they change. Somehow his hands are no longer his, void of the softness and history they held only a moment ago.

Fenris’ hands are long and narrow, as most elves are, but like Fenris they are completely unique. Few people see his hands, and those that do may only have a glimpse before they vanish under a tavern table, fall to his sides, or are tucked back into the gauntlets that armour and hide them. His hands feel vulnerable, too soft and thin for a strong warrior, but when held they reveal their history all too quickly. The lyrium lines running along his fingers are raised, sensitive, they bulge slightly when Fenris closes his hand. The bones underneath the lyrium have slight ridges in places, tell tale signs of magic healing bones that broke and strained.

Fenris’ hands smell like leather, sweat and blood on a bad day. On the better days they smell of fireplaces, red wine and the citrus soaps he prefers. Fenris’ hands are tensed and prepared when outside, slack and unfeeling when he feels safe. They stay on his lap, at his sides, the gestures say I cannot touch.When he speaks they move freely, easier to express with them than with words. When he finally touches he hesitates, then lingers, soft, his hands were once only weapons and now he tries to reclaim them.

Varric’s hands are broad, his palms lined deeply with an untold history, the back of his hands tanned and scarred just enough to catch in low tavern lights. They are never dirty, not really, although they almost always smell of wood polish and iron. His right index finger is calloused from nights of writing and Bianca’s trigger, ink catches in the cracks no matter how much he washes. His nails are blunt, one or two are torn and catch on the silky texture of his shirts.

He is always expressive and affectionate with them, all his friends are familiar with its weight upon their backs or shoulders. Varric drums his fingers on table tops, rubs condensation on his tankard mindlessly, runs them along the familiar planes of Bianca’s frame. He crushes his fingers when he clasps his hands together thoughtfully, makes himself jump when he accidentally cracks a knuckle.

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protective/jealous Jungkook, a highschool au would be even better and smut would be 100% loved, thank you <3

Hi! Here you go, it was surprisingly difficult to find stories that have all of the above criteria (college!AU seems to be a lot more common). Ahh I’m sorry if some of the stories here don’t include smut or protective/jealous jungkook but I hope you’ll still like them!

Title: Baby Boom
Author: heyhosam
Rating: Teen
Genre: Angst, Fluff, Mpreg
Summary: The doctor didn’t stop putting pressure on his tummy, turning her head to see Jimin’s wide eyes fixed on the screen at his side that showed a little curled up form that was supposed to be his baby. He swallowed harshly, the lump on his throat barely allowing him do much as breath. Jimin was so fucked.
Warning: Mentions of abortion

Title: Chocolate Milk
Author: dyegu
Rating: Teen
Genre: Fluff, Slight Angst
Summary: The one time Jungkook yelled at Jimin and the four times Jungkook tried to win him back with chocolate milk.

Title: Ethereal
Author: BangtanLoyalty
Rating: Teen
Genre: Fluff
Summary: In which Park Jimin is a work of beauty. (or in which Jungkook thinks Min Yoongi should back off what’s obviously Jungkook’s and Taehyung should stop acting like he just knows everything. Jungkook isn’t jealous. Nope, he isn’t.)

Title: Expiration Date
Author: ERRwriting
Rating: Mature
Genre: Angst, Fluff
Summary: Have you ever heard of that one love story about the lovers that are brought back to life repeatedly because of their love for each other? You know, “the love that outlasted time”. Two people that love each other so much, they just can’t live without them. It’s the same thing with Jungkook and Jimin - except there’s one small difference. They don’t love each other. They hate each other. Jungkook and Jimin are over 400 years old and every single time they die, they’re reborn without any knowledge of their past lives. That is, until they see each other again for the first time in their current one. Once they make eye contact, they’re reminded of everything they’ve seen, done, said - but most of all, they’re reminded of how much they hate each other. After that, they have three months to live before they lose everything and are thrown into another cycle.

Title: Let’s Not Fall In Love
Author: jungkoojk
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Slow Burn, Angst, Fluff, Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Smut
Summary: In which Jungkook is the popular kid, Jimin is shy, and a game of spin the bottle at a party brings them way closer together than they ever wanted to be.

Title: Risk Management
Author: atechamcham
Rating: Not Rated
Genre: Fluff, Slight Angst
Summary: jimin really needs to pass economics this year and being partners with his long-time crush jeongguk for the class’ most important project isn’t going to do anything but guarantee him a big fat F. so when jeongguk asks to be his partner, jimin says no.

Title: Shall Ever Be
Author: flitter
Rating: Teen
Genre: Pining, Romance, Fluff
Summary: After summer break, Jungkook comes back from a trip with gorgeously tanned skin, more than enough muscle, and a newfound, smug confidence. The first two things, Jimin can handle in his childhood best friend. The last thing might very well change their entire friendship.

Title: Slut Like You
Author: Bandit4Life
Rating: Mature
Genre: Pining, Romance, Fluff
Summary: Park Jimin and Jeon Jungkook - polar opposites. Getting together through the most natural thing possible - sex. Mind blowing sex. Jungkook is the Bad Boy and Jimin is the cutest senior ever. After a one night stand Jungkook finds out how sinful Jimin can be and wants more but the other can be a little stubborn. Because just sex isn’t what he wants from the younger.

Title: Wait
Author: YannaB
Rating: Mature
Genre: Fluff, Angst, Romance, Humor, Smut
Summary: Jungkook blames Jimin. He blames him for making him feel this weird yet nice warm feeling in the pit of his stomach. He blames him for making him feel jealous whenever Jimin didn’t talk to him for days on end or when he didn’t hang out with him after school at their local corner store. Jungkook blames Jimin. He blames him for making his heart race when Jimin holds his hand or ruffles his hair. He blames him for having dreams where himself and his best friend do very explicit things. He blames him for getting more hurt when Jimin says things he doesn’t like compared to his mother. He blames him for making him feel this way. Jungkook blames Jimin.

Title: Your Face
Author: mixersmove
Rating: Mature
Genre: Angst, Fluff, Smut
Summary: Blindfolds are supposed to cover things up, but in this story they help uncover the truth.


Title: Light a Fire in Me, Baby
Author: mintsugakookies
Rating: Mature
Genre: Fluff, Smut, Slight Angst
Summary: Basically, Jimin has had enough of seeing Jungkook in another man’s arms and his jealously gets the best of him.

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I need some advice. My gf desperately wants me to cosplay lance with her, (klance it up man) BUT I'm as white as paper. I've tried to argue with her about it but she insists its fine. I mean I can get tan but not tan enough, yknow? I just don't want to upset someone with my pasty ass cosplaying our bootiful brown boy. Do you have any tips on how to go about cosplaying him, or to be able to get up the courage to not disappoint the fandom? Thank you and ily aaahh qvq

I’m pale as hell and I cosplay him!      I just say go for it!  don’t alter your skin for cosplay though.  If you happen to get tan (because hey man its basically summer now and you can’t help it if you go outside on a sunny day) then that’s fine, but I wouldn’t do its specifically for cosplay. and absolutely do not use makeup to make your skin darker! that ain’t cool. 

honestly, don’t pay attention to the fandom.  do this for yourself. This fandom is really toxic and you shouldn’t look for its approval.   If you love lance then go ahead and cosplay him, show your love for him! because he’s a great character and cosplay is literally for being able to have fun and dress up like your favorite characters, it shouldn’t matter what other people think. 

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Summary - According to the myth of the Red String, the gods tie an invisible red cord around the ankles of those that are destined to meet one another. On the ground, everything is different and the rules are non existent. In the midst of a war, this is how Bellamy Blake discovered that red string

Words - 2.2k

Song - Black Water Lilies - AURORA


Almost immediately, you get up quickly stepping away from him in fear. Regret instantly fills you and you wonder why you ever thought it was a good idea to wander this far into the wild. You can’t imagine the lengths Bellamy is willing to go just to ‘keep you quiet’

You decide you don’t want to stick around to find out and as you begin to walk, he speaks, “Y/N.“ You stop and look at him. It sounds so foreign hearing a stranger say your name. With furrowed brows you watch the childish looking boy, “What do you think I’m gonna do? Kill you?” He questions with sass as he crosses his legs, his lips almost forming into a smile as he hides his laugh.

“Yes.” You reply way too quick and sharp, without thinking. You hear him snicker and you decide to look at the scene in front of you - Bellamy sat down in the midst of bright green plants and trees in the background. 

He looks at peace, relaxed, almost as if he’s been here before. Then, he stands up tall. Maybe he’s not here to kill you but it doesn’t matter, you still don’t trust him. 

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REQUEST: My man… My dude… I just had a dream where Vic loved for his hair to be played with, like to the point where he would get kinda pouty if his s/o wouldn’t do it. Can you maybe cook some short fic up for this (vic/gender neutral reader,) please??

Victor takes a deep breath, eyes closing, and he exhales. There is purification in your touches. With Patrick home sick, he’s able to lay out across the back seat with his head nuzzle in your lap and you stroking a gentle hand over his hair. He soaks in the sun, confident in knowing it won’t be enough to tan him let alone burn him.

You absentmindedly rake your hand through his hair, trading words with Belch and Henry in the front seat. Every now and again you’ll shift your body forward, disturbing the peaceful state he’s in and he’ll shoot you a look accompanied with a Hey, Fuckface.

You roll your eyes at the endearing pet name, leaning back and speed up your petting for only a bit until he was appeased. Belch and Henry get a laugh out of it, “huyy fuukface.” they mock. Victor, always known for being the being the smartest and most reasonable one out of the group, lives up to his reputation and ignores them.

“He’s like a cat.” You laugh, carding fingers gently against his scalp in a soothing fashion, threading his bangs away from his face. 

“Hear that?” Henry turns around. “They called ya a pussy.”

The car bursts out in hysterical laughter, Victor even joining with a dry laugh of his own before flipping them all the bird, raising it high so Belch could see it through the rear view mirror. “Go to hell.”

At least then they’d be as far away from him, for now—with your hands in his hair, he was in heaven.

Vacation, Joe Sugg

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-No requests, just can’t wait for summer-

-You meet Joe while on vacation-


The wind blew through your hair as you laid out on your towel listening to the ocean waves crashing into the sandy beach.

You were at your regular vacation spot in Hawaii. You came here every summer to get away from your boring life at home.

You could hear the people around you laughing and having fun in the waves, but you wanted to get your tan sooner rather than later. After a few minutes of laying on your back, you decide to flip over and lay on your stomach. You became oblivious to your surroundings and began to daydream of what it would be like back at home right now.

Suddenly you were brought back from your thought when a gigantic beach ball falls and hits you right on your butt. You jump up surprised and see a bunch of young, attractive men crowded around a volley ball net motioning an apology with their hands. You laugh at their apologetic faces and grab their ball to throw it back towards them.

By this time, you figured you had done enough tanning so you got up to go grab yourself an ice cream cone from the trolly near by.  You throw on your flip flops and hop up to begin your journey.  You were in nothing but your red bikini and you could tell all the men around you were checking you out. Including the ones who had accidentally hit you with their beach ball not to long ago.

You walk slowly so you have the chance to enjoy the scenery on the beach. When you arrive you order yourself a two scoop of strawberry ice cream and they grab it for you right away.

“Mmmm, strawberry” you hear a man say from right behind you. You grab your cone and turn around to see one of the guys from earlier. “Oh hey, its my favourite” you say smiling to the stranger. “Mine too, the names Joe” he says moving ahead of you to order the same thing as you. “Hi Joe” you say nicely, “I’m Y/N”. “What a pretty name” he says charmingly. You blush at his compliment and he smiles.

“So, I was wondering if you would like to join me and my friends for a game of beach ball” Joe asks kindly. “I mean, only if you promise the team I’m against wont cry when i beat them” you say competitively. “Woah-ho-ho, you’re very competitive, aren’t you?” Joe says laughing. “I guess you could say that” you say smirking. “Well, i cant promise they wont cry but i promise i won’t" Joe says reassuring you of how tough he is. You both laugh as you finish off your ice creams, slowly arriving to the net where his friends were.

“Guys I’ve got another player” Joe says excitedly to all of his friends. The teams were uneven  so you were the one who helped to even the teams out. “By player he means girlfriend” one of his friends joke. “Oh shut up Mikey” Joe says laughing. He sends you to the opposing team where there was a blonde, a ginger, and a guy with clearly dyed blonde hair. “Y/N” you say smiling at your team. “Jack, Caspar, Josh” they all say their names at the same time.

The game began and you showed off your skills along with your surprisingly good team. Mid way through the game, your team was winning by a lot of points and the other team was frustrated every time they lost. “Come on Joe, you promised you wouldn’t cry” you say winking at Joe. “Oh come on, I’m not crying” Joe says laughing. You laugh and carry on with the game.

When your team won the game they cheered and picked you up to hold you over their heads. You laughed and were clearly having a good time. When they placed you back down you went under the net to greet Joe on the other side, sticking your tongue out at him. “I must say, good game” Joe says smiling at how happy you were. “It was an awesome game” you say lightly punching his shoulder. The rest of the boys began to pack up all of their stuff as the sun was setting quickly.

“Would you like to come get some drinks with us?” Joe asks. You look to his friends as they all nod their heads and you smile. “Yeah sure, let me just grab my stuff.” you say quickly running to your towel to gather your items.

When you return to the group, they take you to a near by bar that they had gone to every night. “You have to try this” Joe says ordering you a weird sounding drink. The bartender hands you a bright red drink and you weren’t sure if you wanted to try it or not. “Come on, try it” Joe says nodding his head. The rest of the boys had gone off talking to random girls and Joe stayed with you.

You take a sip out of the risky drink and are instantly surprised by the strawberry and alcohol mixture. “This is delicious” you say taking an even bigger sip right after. “Told you so” Joe says laughing.

For the rest of the night, the two of you hit it off really well. He showed you some of his dance skills and impressions and everything about them made you smile or laugh.

By the end of the night Joe walked with you back to your beachfront hotel. “I had fun” you say smiling at Joe. “I did too” he responds biting his lip. You lean in and kiss him lightly causing him to kiss back. Joe puts his hand on your hip and pulls you in closer kissing your forehead. “If you hadn’t been drinking, love, i would’ve made sure you didn’t end up alone tonight” Joe says in a romantic voice. “Can we meet somewhere tomorrow?” you ask sounding a bit desperate.

“Lets meet at the beach tomorrow at 4” Joe responds kissing you one last time before walking away from your hotel.

When you enter your hotel, you close your door behind you smiling. You couldn’t wait for the day to come tomorrow.